Conference call with Justin 9/18/09 11:30 AM Meeting Agenda


1. Our chapter activities
a. University Affliated b. Build Session i. Kits for officially are $2 off per kit. ii. Corporate relations 1. How to track build kits: not really an effort to let the people know where it builds. Tanzania/ Nicaragua/ Honduras. Looking for places to send some kits. Don't really know where the build kits are being sent to, identifying where they should be sent. Can try to make an effort of keeping track of them and get back to us. 25-30 hospitals for summer program, not enough hospitals get 100s of build kits. Not immediate, because some time between receiving and giving. c. Repair Sessions materials from mission outreach i. Equipment bring it back to them and give it to them so they can send it back. Get out of equipment donation focus on engineering. d. Trimedx shadowing e. High school outreach

2. More about sending things and shipping a. Groups just ship them with their own shipping and shipping
materials, boxes can be sent back, not really implanted funding, but haven t really gotten to it. maybe

3. Things that he did when he was a startup a. Same like Tulane local ones, mission trips worked with them.
Should be able to figure out whether or not its functioning which is a huge service, because 50% of donated equipment doesn t even work. Don't really need to be tearing them apart, etc. A lot of equipment don't have probes or something, that you could make sure it has all the components. i. Repairing technically Professor Malcolm published medical equipment repair book on the new website. Really useful. 20 common pieces of equipment and 3-4 pages on how it works, what it does, etc. Common modes of failure.

4. Corporate or relations that they would have in the Chicago/Midwest region?

EWH summer institute can say that you worked on it. Network. Submit a design proposal for competition so you clearly define the project/ why you re doing it in the papers. Have an annual list based on students from summer program add and remove thing each year not necessarily all things. Go around in communities b. Developing country global health care technologies: Chair of BME department couple of products teams have worked on.. 6. Conference a lot of organizations. Don't require to design something on list. 8. Totally fine. that would be better. Midwest UW Madison. Sept 30th will have annual renewal annual deadline put up contacts for all the chapters. Kits program easily made local manufacturer. . Don't have anything right now Keep note of who chapters have worked with. Discuss design a. b.totally fine to build for them. How do we deal with Mission Outreach?Can send it through them. University project a really good idea. c. 5. and especially if university project already in place.a. see who would be interested. 7. (at the hospital that needs it).

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