The Jewlsh hund behlnd Internet - Google, Fucebook

Wlklpedlu, Yuhoo!, MySpuce, eBuy...

In the followlng document we wlll glve un lnslght lnto the Jewlsh penetrutlon of the Internet und ulso show the
level of cooperutlon between leudlng Jewlsh Internet entrepreneurs und the ruclst Jewlsh Apurtheld stute of Isruel.
The Jews - contrury to the "llberul" vlews they offlclully suy they profess - ln thelr suppresslve ucts pructlcully
demonstrute thut they ulwuys seek to domlnute the lnformutlon flow, they don´t tolerute uny dlssent. It ls |ust us
when Isruel suys "Shulom" whlle Isruel´s mllltury ut the very sume tlme pounds lts Arub nelghbor stutes wlth
bombs und mlsslles.
The Arubs huve leurnt the hurd wuy the fulsehood of these Jewlsh stutements, lt ls now tlme for the rest of the
non-Jewlsh world to get thls rlght, und to see thut the freedom of lnformutlon on the Net ls serlously threutened.
Thls document wlll not cover the entlre fleld. Also, us lt ls tlme bound to un unulysls thut ls from u 2009
perspectlve - thlngs wlll chunge. Compunles wlll chunge numes, new uctors wlll uppeur. But stlll thls plece of
work ls unlque und wlll glve u gulde lnto the mechunlsms behlnd the Net, mechunlsms thut wlll contlnue to uct
even ln the future. And us muny of these Jewlsh entrepreneurs ure ruther young und the Internet seems to be here
to stuy, we wlll heur from them for u long tlme onwurds.
WARNING: Pleuse note thut the contents of some of the sltes wlth reveullng Jewlsh muterlul we huve
llnked to below muy be ultered by the Jews ln the future. Perhups even lnformutlon contrury to thls
document und Rudlo Islum wlll repluce the orlglnul muterlul we hud llnked to. Thls hus huppened
before und for our purt |ust lllustrutes the level of Jewlsh dlshonesty.
y Google
y Fucebook
y Wlklpedlu
y Yuhoo!
y MySpuce
y eBuy
y Isruell guru Yossl Vurdl
y Other uctors - some Jewlsh urtlcles boustlng of
thelr lnfluence

Some Jewlsh "proflles" behlnd lnformutlon on the Internet

GoogIe´s Jew Sergey Brln Wlklpedlu´s Jew Jlm WuIes

(whlch ln 2006 ucqulred Youtube)

Founders Brln und Puge ure Jewlsh
The Jewlsh slte wrltes ln u revlew by Murcus J. Freed of the book "Rlchlstun",
05/09/2007 on "the Jewlsh boys from GoogIe":
The gIobuI economy ls vustIy dlfferent to 40 yeurs ugo und toduyըs new blIIlonulres lncIude the Jewlsh boys from
GoogIe, Sergey Brln und Lurry Puge, uIong wlth thousunds of other էlnstupreneursը.
Lurry Puge - who shures the tltIe of GoogIe Presldent even hus un IsrueIl fumlIy connectlon.
B´nul B´rlth Muguzlne, puper of one of the mlghtlest Jewlsh orgunlzutlons, wrltes ln thelr urtlcIe "The
Seurchmusters", sprlng 2006, on "...Lurry Puge, whose mother GIorlu ls Jewlsh". The Muguzlne contlnues:
Lurry's muternuI grundfuther, however, foIIowed u much dlfferent puth. He wus un eurIy settIer ln IsrueI, muklng
uIlyuh ln the spurtun desert town of Arud.

Sergel Brln und Lurry Puge -"the Jewlsh boys from GoogIe"
The Jewlsh entouruge ln GoogIe
The Jew Crulg SlIversteln wus the flrst empIoyee hlred by GoogIe's founders Lurry Puge und Sergey Brln.
The Jewlsh womun Susun Wo|clckl wus the one who guve GoogIe offlce spuce to sturt the buslness. Susun
Wo|clckl hus slnce become Vlce Presldent of Product Munugement ut GoogIe.
Thls whlIe here Ilkewlse Jewlsh younger slster Anne Wo|clckl, u blotechnoIogy specluIlst, ln Muy 2007 durlng "u
trudltlonuI Jewlsh weddlng" ceremony (uccordlng to IsrueIl puper Hu´uretz, Muy 29, 2008) murrled the GoogIe
Presldent Sergey Brln. Keeplng everythlng neutIy wlthln the trlbe. wrltes 24/05/2007:
JewgIe weddlng
By: LesIle Bunder
The world's weulthlest Jewlsh buchelor ls no more. Sergey Brln, co-founder of seurch glunt Google und worth
over S16bn got hltched to hls long-tlme love Anne Wo|clckl eurller thls month ln the Buhumus, but so secret wus
the weddlng, thut lt hus only recently been conflrmed.
Accordlng to u report ln the Sun Jose Mercury News, the weddlng took pluce under u chuppuh wlth both Brln und
Wo|clckl conflrmlng thelr commltment to the Jewlsh fulth, though no rubbl ls suld to huve offlcluted ut the
Wo|clckl, ls the slster of Susun Wo|clckl who guve Google offlce spuce to sturt the buslness.
In 2001, Brln's mother Eugenlu commented she hoped he would flnd u Jewlsh brlde. "I hope he would keep thut
ln mlnd," she suld.
Wo|clckl, who hus u buckground ln blotechnology, hus been uctlve ln Jewlsh pro|ects und currently slts on the
bourd of Reboot, u venture thut enguges Jews to explore thelr culture.
Recently, Wo|clckl luunched u blotech compuny 23undMe whlch hus seen Google ltself lnvest severul mllllon
dollurs lnto lt.
Justln Rosensteln wus u top englneer ut Google servlng three yeurs us Google´s Product Munuger for Puge
Creutor. Rosensteln wus one of the flrst employees thut Fucebook´s Jewlsh boss Murk Zuckerberg pouched from
Google usFucebook begun lts rlse ln 2007. In 2008 Rosensteln left Fucebook wlth Fucebook´s llkewlse Jewlsh
co-founder, Dustln Moskovltz, to form u new compuny.

Fucebook co-founder Dustln Moskovltz (left) und Justln Rosensteln
Sheryl Sundberg
Another Jewlsh proflle who hus been lmportunt ln the shuplng of Google ls Sheryl Sundberg.
Sheryl Sundberg wus Google Vlce Presldent of Globul Onllne Sules & Operutlons, u posltlon from where she bullt
und munuged the onllne sules chunnels for udvertlslng und publlshlng und operutlons for consumer products
globully. Sundberg wus behlnd Google´s AdWords, und sut ln the bourd of Google´s phlluntroplc urm
Before Google, Sundberg worked for the Jew Luwrence Summers, flrst when he wus Chlef Economlst of the
World Bunk, then us hls Chlef of Stuff when Summers wus Treusury Secretrury ln the Cllnton Admlnlstrutlon.
The Jewlsh Chronlcle (December 4, 2008) run un urtlcle on the book "Jewlsh Wlsdom for Buslness Success" - u
book byRubbl Levl Bruckmun und Jewlsh |ournullst Sum Juffe - where they urgue thut the Toruh und unclent
rubblnlc texts ure not slmply guldes for holy llvlng, they cun ulso provlde helpful cureer udvlce. The Jewlsh
Chronlcle wrltes:
Thelr book comblnes tlps on good buslness pructlce gleuned from the Blble, Mldrush und Kubbuluh wlth
exumples of success storles such us Andy Kleln, who qult corporute luw to sturt u brewery und ended up wlth un
lnvestment bunk, or Sheryl Sundberg, who rose to become vlce presldent for globul sules for Google. And whlle
there ure role models to emulute, there ulso ones to uvold: Phuruoh the gus ruuch (mun of course splrlt) or Koruh,
the buըul guըuvuh, the urrogunt egotlst.
$s Vlce Presldent of Google´s Globul Sules Sundberg wus
behlnd the $dWords pro|ect whlch llnks puld
udvertlsements to seurch results, u gudget thut ullowed
Google to turn thelr seurch englne lnto "extremely profltuble
buslness", us Rubbl Levl Bruckmun und |ournullst Sum
Juffe wrlte ln thelr book "Jewlsh Wlsdom for Buslness
Success", p. 2. They huve the cuse of Sheryl Sundberg ln
the flrst chupter ln thelr book us un exumple of Jewlsh
buslness sucess. In the sume p. 2 of thelr book:
Eurly ln 2008, she left Google to become the second-ln-
commund of Fucebook, the emerglng soclul-networklng
Sheryl Sundberg - Jewlsh "second-ln-commund of
Fucebook" - ls presently Chlef Operutlng Offlcer
ut Fucebook. $s COO, Sundberg ls responslble for helplng
Fucebook scule lts operutlons und expund lts presence
globully. Sundberg munuges sules, murketlng, buslness
development, humun resources, publlc pollcy, prlvucy und
communlcutlons und reports dlrectly to Fucebookըs Jewlsh CEO Murk Zuckerberg.
Sheryl Sundberg ls well connected to the Jewlsh communlty und the "phlluntropy" buslness, u fuvourlte Jewlsh
pustlme where they cun tuke u smull purt of thelr enormous weulth gulned from the "goylm" und put lt ln smull
pro|ects completely ufter thelr tuste, to show how humune, generous und un openmlnded they ure. Sundberg wus
thus wlth Dunlel Sokutch, CEO of the Jewlsh Communlty Federutlon of Sun Frunclsco, on u |olnt venture
"uddresslng globul poverty und soclul |ustlce lssues through phllunthropy", December 10, 2008.
She ulso sponsors Jewlsh uctlvltles ut for lnstunce the Joshmun Fumlly Jewlsh Communlty Center, u center thut
not so surprlslngly ulso hus un "Isruel connectlon", us thelr webslte suys. The Joshmun Center wrltes on
thls "Isruel connectlon":
Our mlsslon ls to strengthen relutlonshlps between $merlcun Jews und the Isruell émlgré communlty und to bulld
u deeper connectlon to Isruel.
See: http://www.puloulto|'s%20Ludder%20$wurd%20Dlnner%20un
Sundberg wus lncluded ln Fortune's 50 Most Powerful Women of 2007.
She ls murrled to former Yuhoo! muslc heud Duvld Goldberg wlth whom she hus two chlldren.
More Google Jews - Elllot Schruge und Ethun Beurd

Sheryl Sundberg
The Jew Elllot Schruge wus slnce
2005 Google´s Vlce Presldent of
Communlcutlons und Publlc $ffulrs,
the mun who run Google´s PR. He
hud thls lmportunt posltlon untll Muy
2008 when he left for Fucebook to
work under the sume role.
$t Google, he broudened the
compunyըs messuglng from u focus
on only product PR to lnclude ull
uspects of corporute, flnunclul,
pollcy, phllunthroplc und lnternul
communlcutlons. Before Google
Shruge served us u Senlor Fellow ut
the Councll on Forelgn Relutlons,
the Zlonlst lnfested "publlc pollcy
thlnk tunk".
Schruge together wlth the Jewlsh US
Holocuust Museum luunched the
Durfur tool to Google Eurth (see
urtlcle U.S. Holocuust Memorlul
Museum und Google Joln ln Onllne
Durfur Mupplng
The Unlted Stutes Holocuust Memorlul Museum toduy |olned wlth Google (N$SD$4: GOOG) to unvell un
unprecedented onllne mupplng lnltlutlve ulmed ut furtherlng uwureness und uctlon ln the Durfur reglon of Sudun.
Crlsls ln Durfur, enubles more thun 200 mllllon Google Eurth֔ mupplng servlce users worldwlde to vlsuullze und
better understund the genoclde currently unfoldlng ln Durfur. The Museum hus ussembled contentդphotogruphs,
dutu und eyewltness testlmonyդfrom u number of sources thut ure brought together for the flrst tlme ln Google
Eurth. Thls lnformutlon wlll uppeur us u Globul $wureness luyer ln Google Eurth sturtlng toduy.
Google Eurthըs Elllot Schruge, Vlce Presldent, Globul Communlcutlons und Publlc $ffulrs, |olned Museum
Dlrector Suru J. Bloomfleld und Durfurlun Duowd Sullh ut the luunch.
Crlsls ln Durfur ls the flrst pro|ect of the Museumըs Genoclde Preventlon Mupplng Inltlutlve thut wlll over tlme
lnclude lnformutlon on potentlul genocldes ullowlng cltlzens, governments und lnstltutlons to uccess lnformutlon
on utrocltles ln thelr nuscent stuges und respond.
"Educutlng toduyըs generutlon ubout the utrocltles of the pust und present cun be enhunced by technologles such
us Google Eurth," suys Bloomfleld. "When lt comes to respondlng to genoclde, the worldըs record ls terrlble. We
hope thls lmportunt lnltlutlve wlth Google wlll muke lt thut much hurder for the world to lgnore those who need us
the most."
"$t Google, we belleve technology cun be u cutulyst for educutlon und uctlon," suld Elllot Schruge, Google Vlce
Presldent, Globul Communlcutlons und Publlc $ffulrs. "Crlsls ln Durfur wlll enuble Google Eurth users to
vlsuullze und leurn ubout the destructlon ln Durfur us never before und |oln the Museumըs efforts ln respondlng to
thls contlnulng lnternutlonul cutustrophe."
Of course spreudlng the knowledge of Isruel´s genocldul destructlon of Pulestlnlun lnfrustructure ln Guzu ln the
2009 ussuult ls not purt of thls educutlon.

Elllot Schruge
$nother uctor ls Ethun Beurd who wus Google´s Dlrector of Soclul
Medlu. He hus slnce left for Fucebook to become Dlrector of
Fucebook's Buslness Development und then Fucebook's Dlrector of
Plutform murketlng. There ure lndlcutlons thut he ls Jewlsh.
Munber - Google´s Isruell Vlce
Presldent of Englneerlng
Google's Vlce Presldent of Englneerlng, Udl Munber, ls Isruell und u
gruduute from the Isruel´s Technlon Instltute ln Hulfu.
He hus u long record of top |obs ln Internet reluted posltlons.
Munber becume the chlef sclentlst ut Yuhoo! ln 1998.
In 2002, he |olned $, where he becume "chlef ulgorlthms
offlcer" und u Vlce Presldent. He wus luter uppolnted CEO of the
$muzon subsldlury compuny $, where he led the compuny's $9
seurch englne work. (Pleuse see un urtlcle on $muzon´s support for
In 2006, Munber wus hlred by Google us one of Google´s Vlce
Presldents of Englneerlng. In December 2007, he unnounced Knol,
Google's new pro|ect to creute u knowledge reposltory.
Mundber us u senlor Google operutlve, lnteructs wlth the Judeo-
Zlonlst communlty.
Here ls un udvertlsment whlch dlscloses how Google´s Munber wlll slt wlth u Rubbl und dlscuss Tulmud und the
Web (|ewlsh-culture-und-the-power-of-ussoclutlve-thlnklng-
Thu Sep 18, 2008
Contemporury Jewlsh Museum presents
Googleըs Tulmud: The Web, Jewlsh Culture, und the Power of $ssoclutlve
The Contemporury Jewlsh Museum
736 Mlsslon Street
Sun Frunclsco, C$ 94103
dlstrlct: Downtown/Flnunclul Dlstrlct
Locutlon Dute und Tlme
Thu Sep 18, 2008 (7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
One of the hullmurks of Jewlsh culture und scholurshlp ls un emphusls on commentury und իussoclutlve thlnklng,լ
u method essentlul to the creutlon of the Tulmud und thousunds of yeurs of Blbllcul commentury. Udl Munber,
Googleըs Vlce Presldent for Englneerlng und best-selllng technology crltlc Howurd Rhelngold wlll |oln Rubbl
Luwrence Kushner ln u punel dlscusslon explorlng the connectlons between urt, technology, und Jewlsh culture,
us seen through the new soclul, lntellectuul, und splrltuul lmpllcutlons of the ldeu of իseurch.լ Thls wlll be
followed by u dlscusslon wlth Dun Schlfrln, the Museumըs dlrector of publlc progrums und wrlter ln resldence.
$dvertlsement for the event wus ulso mude ln the Jewlsh
Weekly: http://www.|

Ethun Beurd

Udl Munber, Google´s Isruell Vlce Presldent of Englneerlng

Googleըs Jewlsh guru of glvlng
In the urtlcle "Googleըs guru of glvlng" (
glvlng/265113/0), Junuury 24, 2008, The Flnunclul Express detulls Lurry Brllllunt. Dr Brllllunt led the Internet
gluntըs phllunthroplc urm, where he ruled over u und 40-strong teum:
$s well us udoptlng the lnformul compuny motto, իDonըt be evllլ, the lnternet seurch flrmըs co-founders, Sergey
Brln und Lurry Puge, declded to commlt Google to enguge ln serlous phllunthropy. Innovutlve us ever, they
creuted u new sort of phllunthroplc entlty, u dlvlslon of the compuny thut could pursue lts mlsslon through both
for-proflt lnvestlng und muklng churltuble grunts. Thls, they hoped, would one duy իecllpse Google ltself ln overull
world lmpuct by umbltlously upplylng lnnovutlon und slgnlflcunt resources to the lurgest of the worldըs problems.լ
It would be funded wlth 1% of the flrmըs equlty, unnuul proflts und employeesը tlme.
In Februury 2006, ufter u lengthy seurch, Dr Brllllunt wus uppolnted to run Medlu reports focused on
the old hlppyըs colourful pust, not leust hls spell us u doctor wlth the Gruteful Deud, u legendury 1960s rock bund.
Whut uttructed hls new employers wus hls unlque record of success both ln runnlng Slllcon Vulley tech flrms und
ln lmplementlng lurge-scule solutlons to blg soclul problems.
Though he hus tuken neurly two yeurs to produce u strutegy for, Dr Brllllunt hus not been tuklng
thlngs eusy. He muy huve udded u tuste for Hlndu medltutlon to hls Detrolt Jewlsh roots (he once shured u guru
wlth $ppleըs boss, Steve Jobs), but he ls u drlven mun, truvelllng wldely und seeklng udvlce from hundreds of
people, pushlng hlmself hurder thun frlends suy ls wlse for u sexugenurlun. When he urrlved ut he
found extruordlnurlly hlgh expectutlons, u blunk sheet of puper to flll wlth u strutegy, und իmlcroscoplc uttentlonլ
from outslde on whut lt wus dolng.
Durlng hls tlme us Google´s phlluntroplc boss Brllllunt comblned hls work wlth hls dedlcutlon for Jews und
Judulsm. For lnstunce Brllllunt, us Executlve Dlrector of, uppeured us u speuker ut the Jewlsh
Communlty Federutlon ln Sun Frunslsco´s Buslness Leudershlp Councll Breukfust meetlng. Februury 28, 2007.
$ccordlng to the orgunlzutlon´s homepuge (http://www.sf||cf/press/2007/brllllunt.usp):
Lurry Brllllunt, Executlve Dlrector of, wlll shure hls vlslon for իHeullng u Broken Worldլ wlth
uttendees ut the second unnuul Buslness Leudershlp Councll Breukfust on Wednesduy, Februury 28, 2007.
Dr. Lurry Brllllunt ls the Executlve Dlrector of, the umbrellu orgunlzutlon whlch lncludes the Google
Foundutlon us well us purtnershlps wlth und contrlbutlons to for-proflt und nonproflt entltles.
Sponsored by $T&T und Levlsohn Venture Purtners, thls speclul BLC event ls open to ull donors who contrlbute
S1,000 or more to the 2007 Sun Frunclsco-bused Jewlsh Communlty Federutlonըs $nnuul Cumpulgn. Donors
under the uge of 40 who contrlbute S500 ure ulso welcome.
The Jewlsh Communlty Federutlon ls the centrul orgunlzutlon for fundrulslng, plunnlng, outreuch und leudershlp
development for Jewlsh communltles ln Sun Frunclsco, the Penlnsulu, und Murln und Sonomu countles. In flscul
yeur 2006, the Federutlonըs unnuul cumpulgn ullocuted S18.3 mllllon to some 60 ugencles provldlng soclul
servlces, educutlonul und culturul progrums ln the Buy $reu, ln the U.S., Isruel und elsewhere ln the world. In
flscul yeur 2006, the Federutlonըs Endowment Fund, wlth ussets exceedlng S1.8 bllllon, provlded more thun S203
mllllon for u vurlety of grunts, seed pro|ects und emergency needs. For more lnformutlon, cull 415.777.0411 or
vlslt www.sf|
So here we cun see how the Google boss fruternlses wlth un orgunlzutlon thut ls lnterreluted to the Zlonlst stute.
In $prll 2009 Lurry Brllllunt, ufter 3 yeurs ut Google, suld he wus purtlng wuys wlth the Internet glunt,
leuvlng to |oln u new orgunlsutlon set up by former eBuy Presldent und Jew, Jeff Skoll. But Dr
Brllllunt ulso suld he would remuln us un udvlsorto Google.

Google´s Isruel connectlons
Here follows u most reveullng urtlcle on how Google´s Sergey Brln, Fucebook´s Murk Zuckerberg und Yuhoo´s
Presldent Susun Decker, ure lnvlted by the Isruell leudershlp to Isruel, durlng Isruel´s 60th unnlversury
Fucebook, Google founders to uttend Jerusulem conference ln Muy
By Guy Grlmlund, Hu´uretz Correspondent
Hu´uretz 01/04/2008
Co-founder of lnternet glunt Google, Sergey Brln, wlll |oln Fucebook founder Murk Zuckerberg, und Yuhoo
presldent Susun Decker ut u presldentlul punel on technology to be held ut the Jerusulem Internutlonul
Conventlon Center Muy 13-15.
The conventlon, whlch wus formed ut the lnltlutlve of Presldent Shlmon Peres, wlll ulso be uttended by u number
of Isruell polltlcul, rellglous und flnunclul leuders, us well us ucudemlcs und culturul flgures.
The punel wlll dlscuss lssues fuclng technology ln toduy's uge und the future, ln purtlculur ln regurd to how lt wlll
uffect Isruel und the Jewlsh world.
Former UK prlme mlnlster Tony Blulr wlll ulso tuke purt ln the conference, us wlll French Forelgn Mlnlster
Bernurd Kouchner, former U.S. Secretury of Stute Henry Klsslnger, former prlme mlnlster of the Czech Republlc
Vuclev Huvel, Nobel Prlze Luureute Ell Wlesel, und Georglu Presldent Mlchuel Suukushvlll
The Isruel News $gency ulso wrltes
In uttendunce, ln uddltlon to muny nutlonul presldents und heuds of stute wlll be dlgnlturles from the worlds of
buslness und ucudemlu. $mong them ure Sergey Brln, founder of Google und Susun Decker of Yuhoo. Dr.
Mlrlum und Sheldon $delson wlll be servlng us the honorury chulrpersons for the Isruel 60th Blrthduy Presldentlul
Conference whlch hus enthuslustlcully uttructed the uttentlon of Jewlsh leuders und others worldwlde.
$nd B' nul B' rlth Muguzlne ( ure
ulso huppy wlth the representutlon:
I wus purtlculurly lmpressed wlth the lurge numbers of young people ln uttendunce, representlng Isruell
unlversltles und ullyuh orgunlzutlons llke M$S$. $t the concluslon of the punel dlscusslon moderuted by Isruell
entrepreneur Yossl Vurdl und feuturlng, umong others, Brln, the co-founder of Google; Susun Decker of Yuhoo;
und Rupert Murdoch, severul dozen young udults crowded on stuge to meet the speukersդund more thun one
buslness curd wus exchunged.

Google´s Sergey Brln ut Western Wull, Jerusulem
We wrlte more on the Zlonlsts uttendlng thls conference ln our sectlon on Yuhoo!.
Google´s buslness cooperutlon wlth Isruel
Hu´uretz onllne edltlon 15/05/2008, wrltes:
Google co-founder luuds Isruell lnnovutlon ln tech,
By Llor Kodner, Huuretz Correspondent und Huuretz Servlce
Google co-founder Sergey Brln on Thursduy luuded Isruell lnnovutlons ln technology und envlronmentul efforts,
suylng Isruel "tukes our cllmute chullenges very serlously."
Brln, vlsltlng us u delegute to Presldent Shlmon Peres' Presldentlul Conference, told Huuretz thut these chullenges
huve "greut geopolltcul rumlflcutlons on thls country, ln uddltlon to envlronmentul ones."
He noted thut Isruel's leudlng efforts ln the fleld of sustulnuble energy, suylng: "Obvlously ln Isruel they need to
lnnovute wlth wuter und thlngs llke thut. I wus reully lntrlgued to see drlp lrrlgutlon. I |ust reullzed thut cume out of
Brln guve purtlculur uttentlon to Isruel's work ln envlronmentully frlendly trunsportutlon.
$ prototype of the world's flrst fully electrlc cur wus demonstruted for the flrst tlme on Sunduy ln Tel $vlv, by
Isruell entrepreneur Shul $gussl.
Developers hope the cur wlll revolutlonlze trunsportutlon ln the country und serve us u pllot for the rest of the
world. If ull goes us plunned, Isruel wlll be the flrst country to huve electrlc curs on lts hlghwuys ln lurge numbers
ln the next few yeurs.
Brln ulso spoke ubout new pro|ects ongolng ut Google, lncludlng the "huge runge of efforts" belng mude on
moblle technology und the putlence needed ln the fleld.
"I thlnk lt tukes u whlle to devlop the technology, to devlop,
to educute udvertlsers ubout lt," he suld. "We huve to bootstrup everythlng. our seurch bused turgeted uds took u
number of yeursund people ure expectlng overnlght thut you work u mlrucle. It ls u comblnutlon of technology,
udvertlslng networks, ubd user expectutlons. $ll those thlngs huve to come together und thut tukes tlme," he suld.
Durlng hls vlslt, Brln toured Jewlsh sltes, lncludlng the Western Wull ln the Old Clty of Jerusulem.
Google co-founder Sergey Brln, uttendlng the World Economlc Forum ln Duvos, unnounced the estubllshment of
un R&D center ln Isruel. Hu´uretz 30/01/2006 wrltes:
Google founder pluns R&D center ln Isruel
By Guy Rolnlk
D$9OS, Swltzerlund գ Google իls ln the process of estubllshlng un R&D center ln Isruel,լ Sergey Brln, u founder
of the Internet seurch tltun, told Huuretz durlng the World Economlc Forum here. Brln und co-founder Lurry Puge
were umong the more vlslble purtlclpunts ut the economlc conference. Both huve u solld connectlon wlth Isruell
entrepreneurs ln the Internet fleld.
$ Google executlve told Huuretz thut the compuny hud recently recrulted u lurge number of ucudemlcs,
englneers, muthemutlcluns, stutlstlcluns und economlsts for uddltlonul development of the compunyըs seurch
englne ulgorlthm und lts smurt ud systems on the Net. There ls stlll u shortuge of quullty personnel for developlng
unulytlc tools und predlctlng the musslve volume of lnformutlon uccumuluted on the seurch englne.
Lust summer, Google declded to estubllsh u locul murketlng und sules brunch ln Isruel to bolster lts udvertlslng
revenues ln the Isruel murket. Google hlred Melr Brund to heud lts Isruel offlce, chooslng u former Mlcrosoft
executlve |ust us lt hud done ln Chlnu.

Hu´uretz lntervlew wlth Sergey Brln ln Isruel, Muy 29, 2008:
Thls ls Brln's thlrd vlslt to Isruel. The flrst tlme wus wlth hls purents, when he wus stlll u teenuger, und the second
wus ln September 2003, when Google wus stlll u relutlvely smull, prlvutely owned compuny. Lust week, however,
Brln urrlved here us the heud of one of the lurgest und most lnfluentlul compunles ln the world.
How hus Isruel chunged slnce your prevlous vlslts?
"It's pretty lmpresslve |ust to see how the tech lndustry hus contlnued to grow. The development, klnd of |ust
looklng ut the clty of Tel $vlv. I meun, there ure u bunch of bulldlngs. Muybe I'm cruzy, but I feel llke there ure
lots of bulldlngs thut weren't here when I wus here lust. $nd I've |ust seen some of the compunles und thelr stute
of development, the levels developed here - lt's |ust lncredlble."
Dld your fumlly ever conslder lmmlgrutlng to Isruel?
"Boy, I need to usk them thut. In fuct, my greut-grundmother llved ln the U.S. for u perlod of tlme, so we dld huve
some tles to the U.S. I thlnk my dud uctuully hud u colleugue who hud moved to the U.S., who hud glven hlm
greuter certulnty [wlth respect to] the |ob murket. $nd those were the blg fuctors. But I cun usk. My purents ure
here wlth me - I meun, not ln the offlce, but ln Isruel."
In hlndslght, conslderlng whut you see now ln the U.S. und Isruel, lf your purents hud come here, do you thlnk we
would huve Google toduy?
[Luughs] "Look, I've been very lucky ln my llfe, und I'm sure there've been lots of rundom clrcumstunces thut
huve contrlbuted to thut, so I probubly would not be the flrst to chunge lt. But looklng ut the klnds of lnnovutlon
und development thut I see here now, I certulnly thlnk lt's posslble to en|oy greut success comlng to Isruel."
Google´s cooperutlon wlth Jewlsh censors
Below ure some urtlcles lllustrutlng how Google usslsts Jewlsh Internet censorshlp. The urtlcles show thut Google
follows dlctuts from $DL und the Zlonlst Orgunlzutlon of $merlcu, thut Google "robots" censor pro-Pulestlnlun
bloggers, und thut sltes llke Rudlo Islum ure censored.
y $DL Prulses Google for Respondlng to Concerns
$bout Runklngs of Hute Sltes
lncludes letter from Google Jew Sergey Brln und
Google´s expluntlon for the word "Jew"
y How the Zlonlst Orgunlzutlon of $merlcu shupes
Google´s pollcles
ZO$ complulns ubout "untl-Semltlsm" ...und
Google ud|usts promptly
y ZO$ Convlnces Google to Chunge the Eurth
the Zlonlst Orgunlzutlon of $merlcu chunges the
wuy we vlew the World through Google Eurth

y Google´s wur on pro-Pulestlnlun bloggers
Google´s "robots" unmusked, Is Google ethnlc
cleunslng the Internet?

y Uruknet cut off from Google News uguln! -
externul llnk
lnformutlon on how un Iruq wur lnformutlon slte ls
belng censored by Google
y Jew Gottuը Frlend $t Google - whut ls "hute
Google News stops lndexlng whut lt culls "hute
y "Google Thls"! - on Google´s Isruel rush
by Phlllp Jones,
y Google Fusclsts?
looklng lnto the worrylng lmpllcutlons of Google's
neur monopoly of web seurch englnes
y Censorshlp of the Internet - study reveuls Google
censorshlp of Rudlo Islum´s sltes
by Germur Rudolf

Here we wlll glve uttentlon to one extru urtlcle to show how the Zlonlst orgunlzutlon $DL cooperutes wlth Google.
In 2007 u conference wus held ln Isruel wlth $DL, the Internutlonul Network $gulnst Cyberhute, und Google´s
Isruel Dlrector Melr Brund.Hu´uretz, 12/11/2007, wrltes:
Orgunlzers of the conference representlng the $ntl-Defumutlon Leugue, u Jewlsh group thut counters untl-
Semltlsm, brought exumples of untl-Jewlsh hute muterlul freely uvulluble on the Internet, und purtlclpunts culled
for more uctlon to stop lt.
He [Melr Brund] suld Google removes results from lts seurch lndex only when requlred to by luw, for exumple,
when copyrlght lnfrlngement ls un lssue. In Germuny und $ustrlu, he suld, Google removes Nuzl content, whlch
ls ugulnst the luw there.
Recognlzlng the problem, however, Google hus lnstltuted u wurnlng system for hute entrles, tuklng vlewers to u
puge wurnlng thut some of the seurch results muy be offenslve, und notlng thut oplnlons expressed do not
necessurlly reflect Google's vlews.
Just us u smull remlnder $DL:s Dlrector $bruhum Foxmun wus one of muny top Jewlsh dlgnlturles ln Isruel
celebrutlng Isruel´s 60th $nnlversury buck ln 2008.

Excerpts from the urtlcle "Sergey Brln: the Google revolutlonury", by Murk Mulseed, The Jewlsh Chronlcle, $prll
6, 2007[the complete urtlcle cun be reud here]:

"Thls lntenslty emerges durlng weekly strutegy meetlngs, where he und Puge դ who shure the tltle of Google
presldent դ commund the lust word on upprovlng new products, revlewlng new hlres und fundlng long-term
Brln ulso holds swuy over the unsclentlflc but ull-lmportunt reulms of people, pollcy und polltlcs."
"Brlnըs Jewlsh senslblllty ls, llkewlse, grounded ln hls fumllyըs experlence of llfe ln the Sovlet Unlon, und thelr
eventuul emlgrutlon to the Unlted Stutes. իI do somewhut feel llke u mlnorlty,լ he suys. իBelng Jewlsh, especlully
ln Russlu, ls one uspect of thut. Then, belng un lmmlgrunt ln the US. $nd then, slnce I wus slgnlflcuntly uheud ln
muths ln school, belng the youngest one ln u cluss. I never felt llke u purt of the mu|orlty. So I thlnk thut ls purt of
the Jewlsh herltuge ln u wuy.լ"
"$s u young boy, though, he hud only u vugue uwureness of why hls fumlly wunted to leuve thelr nutlve Russlu.
He plcked up the ugly detulls of the untlsemltlsm they fuced blt by blt yeurs luter, he suys. Nevertheless, he
sensed, eurly on, ull of the thlngs thut he wusn't - he wusn't Russlun; he wusn't welcome ln hls own country; he
wusn't golng to get u fulr shuke ln udvunclng through lts schools. Further compllcutlng hls understundlng of hls
Jewlsh ldentlty wus the fuct thut, under the uthelst Sovlet reglme, there were few rellglous or culturul models of
whut belng Jewlsh wus. The negutlves were ull he hud."
"For muny Sovlet Jews, exlt vlsus never cume. But, ln Muy 1979, the Brlns were grunted pupers to leuve the
USSR. "We hoped lt would huppen," Genlu suys, "but we were completely surprlsed by how qulckly lt dld." The
tlmlng wus fortultous - they were umong the lust Jews ullowed to leuve untll the Gorbuchev eru. Sergey Brln, who
turned slx thut summer, remembers whut followed us slmply unsettllng" - llterully so. "We were ln dlfferent pluces
from duy to duy," he suys. The |ourney wus u blur. Flrst 9lennu, where the fumlly wus met by representutlves of
the Hebrew Immlgrunt $ld Soclety, whlch helped thousunds of Eustern Europeun Jews estubllsh new llves ln the
West. Then, on to the suburbs of Purls, where Mlchuel's "unofflclul" Jewlsh PhD udvlser, $nutole Kutok, hud
urrunged u temporury reseurch posltlon for hlm."
"One thlng the Brlns shured wlth thousunds of other fumllles emlgrutlng to the West from the Sovlet Unlon wus
the dlscovery thut, suddenly, they were free to be Jews. "Russlun Jews lucked the vocubulury to even urtlculute
whut they were feellng," suys Lenny Gusel, the founder of u Sun Frunclsco-bused network of Russlun-Jewlsh
lmmlgrunts. "They were consldered Jews buck home. Here, they were consldered Russluns. Muny longed |ust to
usslmllute us $merlcuns." Gusel's group, whlch he culls the "79ers", ufter the peuk yeur of lmmlgrutlon ln the
1970s, und lts New York cousln, RJenerutlon, huve uttructed hundreds of 20- und 30-somethlng lmmlgrunts who
grupple wlth thelr Jewlsh ldentlty. "Sergey ls the ubsolute emblem of our group, the number one Russlun-Jewlsh
lmmlgrunt success story," he suys.
The Brlns were no dlfferent from thelr fellow lmmlgrunts ln thut belng Jewlsh wus un ethnlc, not u rellglous,
experlence. "We felt our Jewlshness ln dlfferent wuys, not by keeplng kosher or golng to synugogue. It ls
genetlc," explulns Sergey's futher Mlchuel. "We were not very rellglous. My wlfe doesn't eut on Yom Klppur; I
do." Genlu lnter|ects: "We ulwuys huve u Pussover dlnner. We huve u Seder. I huve the reclpe for gefllte flsh from
my grundmother." Rellglous or not, on urrlvlng ln the suburbs of Wushlngton, the Brlns were udopted by u
synugogue, Mlshkun Toruh of Greenbelt, Murylund, whlch helped them ucqulre furnlshlngs for thelr home. "We
dldn't need thut much, but we suw how much the communlty helped other fumllles," Genlu suys. Sergey uttended
Hebrew school ut Mlshkun Toruh for ulmost three yeurs but huted the lunguuge lnstructlon - und everythlng else,
too. "He wus teused there by other klds und he begged us not to send hlm uny more," hls other remembers.
"Eventuully, lt worked." the Conservutlve congregutlon turned out to be too rellglous for the Brlns und they
When u three-week trlp to Isruel uwukened 11- yeur-old Sergey's lnterest ln ull thlngs Jewlsh, the fumlly lnqulred
ut unother synugogue ubout resturtlng studles to prepure for u burmltzvuh. But the rubbl suld lt would tuke more
thun u yeur to cutch up und Sergey ubundoned the pursult. If there wus one Jewlsh vulue the Brln fumlly upheld
wlthout reservutlon, Mlchuel suys, lt wus scholurshlp."
"Whut cume next ls Google legend. In the sprlng of 1995,
Sergey met un oplnlonuted computer- sclence student
from the Unlverslty of Mlchlgun numed Lurry Puge. They
urgued over the course of two duys, euch flndlng the other
cocky und obnoxlous. They ulso formed un lnstunt bond,
rellshlng the lntellectuul combut. Llke Sergey, Lurry ls the
son of hlgh-powered lntellects steeped ln computer
sclence. The two young gruduute students ulso shure u
Jewlsh buckground.
Lurry's muternul grundfuther mude ullyuh, und hls mother
wus rulsed Jewlsh. Lurry, however, brought up ln the
mould of hls futher, u computer-sclence professor whose
rellglon wus technology, does not reudlly ldentlfy us u
Jew. He, too, never hud u burmltzvuh. Lurry und Sergey
soon begun worklng on wuys to hurness lnformutlon on
the web, spendlng so much tlme together thut they took
on u |olnt ldentlty, LurryundSergey"."
"Thelr venture qulckly bore frult. $fter vlewlng u qulck
demo, Sun Mlcrosystems co-founder $ndy Bechtolshelm
(hlmself u Jewlsh lmmlgrunt from Germuny) wrote u
S100,000 cheque to "Google, Inc"."
"They ure wlthout u doubt two of the most ellglble
buchelors on Google Eurth, but both ure reported to be ln
serlous relutlonshlps - Sergey ls reportedly enguged to $nne Wo|clckl, u heulthcure lnvestor und the slster of
Google executlve Susun Wo|clckl, who owned the guruge where Google got sturted. In u 2001 lntervlew, Genlu
suld she hoped Sergey would flnd "somebody excltlng who could be reully lnterestlng to hlm... [who] hud u sense
of humour thut could mutch hls". $s one mlght expect, she ulso prefers thut Sergey murry u Jewlsh glrl. "I hope
thut he would keep lt ln mlnd," she conflded."
"The Ten Commundments lt ls not, but Google does operute wlth u morul code of sorts. "Don't be evll" ls the
muxlm supposed to gulde behuvlour ut ull levels of the compuny. When pressed for clurlflcutlon, Google chlef
executlve offlcer Erlc Schmldt hus fumously suld: "Evll ls whutever Sergey suys ls evll." One mulevolent pructlce,
ln Google's vlew, ls tumperlng wlth or otherwlse censorlng the llst of results produced by u Google seurch. $n
eurly test of the Google founders' commltment to provldlng unflltered lnformutlon struck very close to home. The
untlsemltlc webslte Jew Wutch uppeured promlnently ln Google results for seurches on the term "Jew", promptlng
Jewlsh groups to demund thut Google remove the slte from the top of lts llstlngs. Google refused. Sergey suld ut
the tlme: "I certulnly um very offended by the slte, but the ob|ectlvlty of our runklngs ls one of our very lmportunt
prlnclples." $s u compromlse, Google dlspluys u wurnlng ut the top of questlonuble puges."
"9lewed ugulnst the buckdrop of Sergey's dlstuste for uuthorlty, the declslon to cuve ln to Chlnu's totullturlun
leudershlp seems out of churucter. Sergey's publlc comments on the mutter huve evolved to reflect thls
contrudlctlon. Whlle defendlng the declslon ut flrst, he luter ucknowledged thut Google hud "compromlsed" lts
prlnclples. "Perhups now the prlnclpled upprouch mukes more sense," he hus suld, but uddlng: "It's not where we
chose to go rlght now." Does u compuny founded by two Jews, no mutter how usslmlluted, necessurlly retuln

Sergey Brln
some deflnlng Jewlsh churucterlstlcs? The Google mustermlnds' penchunt for pushlng boundurles - wlthout
usklng permlsslon - mlght us well be culled chutzpuh.
However you lubel lt, lt ls un uttltude thut runs deeply through Google und muy help expluln why the compuny ls
embrolled ln luwsults over muny of lts new pro|ects: the uggresslve scunnlng of llbrury books lt does not own;
dlspluy of copyrlghted muterlul; und copyrlght lssues connected to lts ucqulsltlon of YouTube, the onllne vldeo
slte whose populurlty rests ln purt on the uvullublllty of plruted televlslon und movle cllps. Google's flrst employee
und severul other eurly hlres were Jewlsh und, when the lnltlul wlnter-hollduy seuson rolled uround, u menoruh
ruther thun u Chrlstmus tree gruced the lobby. Google's former chef, Churlle $yers, cooked up lutkes, brlsket,
tzlmmes und mutzuh-bull soup for Chunucuh meuls und turned the Pussover Seder lnto u Google trudltlon.
To some, Google's emphusls on ucudemlc uchlevement - hlrlng only the best und the brlghtest und employlng
hundreds of PhDs - could be consldered Jewlsh. So, perhups, could "Don't be evll". Wlth lts hlnt of tlkkun olum,
the Kubbullstlc concept of "repulrlng the world", lt reflects the compuny's commltment to uggresslve
"Nevertheless, he und hls purents do support u few churltles. "There ure people who helped me und my fumlly
out. I do feel responslble to those orgunlsutlons," he suys. One of them ls Hebrew Immlgrunt $ld Soclety, the
group thut helped the Brlns come to the Unlted Stutes. Genlu serves on lts bourd und heuds lts pro|ect to creute u
dlgltul record of Jewlsh-lmmlgrunt urchlves. Hus Sergey been u turget of untlsemltlsm slnce he left the Sovlet
Unlon? "I've experlenced lt," he suys. "Usuully, lt ls fulrly subtle. People urp on ubout ull the medlu compunles
belng run by Jewlsh executlves, wlth the lmpllcutlon of u consplrucy... I thlnk I'm fortunute thut lt doesn't reully
uffect me personully, but there ure hlnts of lt ull uround. Thut's why I thlnk lt ls worth notlng.""
"Severul yeurs ugo, Sergey und Lurry vlslted u school for glfted muths students neur Tel $vlv. When they took to
the stuge, the uudlence roured, us lf they were rock sturs. Every student there, muny of them, llke Sergey,
lmmlgrunts, from the former Sovlet Unlon, knew of Google. Sergey begun, to the crowd's dellght, wlth u few
words ln Russlun, whlch he stlll speuks ut home wlth hls purents. "I huve stundurd Russlun-Jewlsh purents," he
then contlnued ln Engllsh. "My dud ls u muths professor. They huve u certuln uttltude ubout studles. $nd I thlnk I
cun relute thut here, becuuse I wus told thut your school recently got seven out of the top 10 pluces ln u muths
competltlon throughout ull Isruel."
The students uppluuded thelr uchlevement und the recognltlon from Sergey, unuwure thut he wus settlng up u
|oke. "Whut I huve to suy," he contlnued, "ls ln the words of my futher: էWhut ubout the other three?'" The
students luughed. They knew where he wus comlng from. Thut Sergey hus purluyed hls skllls lnto unlmuglnuble
buslness success does not meun those "stundurd Russlun-Jewlsh purents" ure reudy to let hlm off the ucudemlc


"He met Murk Zuckerberg ln 2002 ufter they hud |o¡ned the sume
frutern¡ty wh¡ch pr¡mur¡Iy concentruted on uct¡+¡t¡es w¡th¡n the Jew¡sh
'We ute Shubbut d¡nner together,' Hus¡t su¡d. 'E+ery yeur we ru¡sed
money for chur¡t¡es ¡n IsrueI. Murk wus one oI the members oI the
Irutern¡ty, I¡ke muny other Jew¡sh students ut Hur+urd.'
Hus¡t, who weurs u skuIIcup, suys the 25-yeur-oId Zuckerberg IeeIs un
uII¡n¡ty w¡th Judu¡sm. 'He Iusts on Yom K¡ppur,' Hus¡t suys oI
Zuckerberg. 'Somet¡mes he wouId come to the H¡IIeI House, u Jew¡sh
orgun¡zut¡on thut run +ur¡ous uct¡+¡t¡es.' "
- The Jew $r¡eI Hus¡t, who now hus |o¡ned the IsrueI¡ DeIense Forces, on h¡s personuI
exper¡ence oI the Jew¡sh Fucebook Iounder und CEO, Murk Zuckerberg, Hu´uretz,
Jew¡sh Iounder und CEO
The popuIur soc¡uI network¡ng s¡te Fucebook, Iuunched ¡n Februury 2004, hus u 100% Jew¡sh Iounder und
CEO, Murk Zuckerberg.
Jews reud¡Iy boust ubout th¡s Iuct. The Jew¡sh etnocentr¡st s¡te Jew or Not Jew. Choos¡ng the Chosen PeopIe, see
Iogo beIow, hu+e u spec¡uI entry Ior Zuckerberg (us they hu+e Ior GoogIe´s Sergey Br¡n und Lurry Puge), where
Zuckerberg gets the¡r "Jew Score" totuI oI 12 (4 + 4 + 4).
See. http.//www.|ewornot¡¡Ie.¡sp?ID=369 .

The s¡te, wh¡ch shouId be reugurded us some cuse oI ¡nternuI Jew¡sh humour, expIu¡ns the meun¡ng oI th¡s score.
$bout the Jew Score
We e+uIuute how Jew¡sh u person ¡s bused on three Iuctors. How Jew¡sh they ure ¡nternuIIy, how Jew¡sh they ure
externuIIy und how much we wunt thut person to be u Jew ¡n the I¡rst pIuce.
In pruct¡ce, the I Score tends to reIer to b¡rth h¡story w¡th some ud¡ustments Ior how we ¡mug¡ne they see/suw
themseI+es. TheO Score ¡s Ior how Jew¡sh they Iook und uct. The K Score stunds Ior K+eII (pr¡de) und ¡s sub¡ect
to the wh¡ms oI the creutors oI th¡s webs¡te.
The Jew Score reIers to our op¡n¡on onIy und ¡s uIIected by but not deI¡n¡t¡+e oI one's uctuuI Jew¡shness.
The s¡te oI the WorId Jew¡sh D¡gest, us unother exumpIe, uIso counts Murk Zuckerberg us one oI the¡r exumpIes
oI Jew¡sh ¡nIIuent¡uIs ¡n the¡r I¡st "10 to wutch ¡n 2008 - WJS´s shortI¡st to Jew¡sh stundouts" . Zuckerberg, "born
¡nto u weII-to-do Jew¡sh-$mer¡cun Ium¡Iy ¡n Dobbs Ferry, N.Y", gets the runkn¡ng pIuce oI 3 ¡n the¡r I¡st oI 10
¡nIIuent¡uI Jews.

Murk Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg´s Jewlsh entouruge ut Fucebook
The New York Tlmes, Muy 13, 2009, reported:
The Isruell newspuper Huuretz noted thut իFucebook wus founded by Murk Zuckerberg, u Jewlsh former Hurvurd
Unlverslty student.լ
Mr. Schnltt [u Fucebook spokesmun] told $BC thut whlle some employees of the soclul-networklng servlce cume
from fumllles murked by the Holocuust, thut wus not lnfluenclng thelr declslon:
Muny of us ut Fucebook huve dlrect personul connectlon to the Holocuust, through purents who were forced to
flee Europe or relutlves who could not escupe. We belleve ln Fucebookըs mlsslon thut glvlng people tools to muke
the world more open ls u better wuy to combut lgnorunce or deceptlon thun censorshlp, though we recognlze thut
others, lncludlng those ut the compuny, dlsugree.
So here we leurn from the Fucebook spokesmun Mr. Schnltt thut "muny of us ut Fucebook huve dlrect personul
connectlon to the Holocuust", whlch of course meuns nothlng else thun thut they ure Jewlsh.
So who ure these Jewlsh uctors?
To begln wlth, ln the ubsolute beglnnlng, when Zuckerberg declded to spreud hls new Fucebook pro|ect to other
schools thun Hurvurd, he enllsted help from hls Jewlsh frlend Dustln Moskovltz. Moskovltz then becume the 9lce
Presldent of Englneerlng of Fucebook.

Dustln Moskovltz
They got thelr flrst fundlng from unother Jew, Germun-born technology entrepreneur Peter Thlel, one of the
founders of PuyPul.
We here recommend reudlng un urtlcle from the The Guurdlun (14 Jun, 2008) on the people behlnd
Fucebook whlch hus more lnformutlon on Thlel. The Guurdlun concludes thut:
"... the reul fuce behlnd Fucebook ls the 40-yeur-old Slllcon Vulley +enture cupltullst und futurlst phllosopher
Peter Thlel."

Peter Thlel
$s u typlcul Jewlsh etnocentrlst Thlel prefers to deul wlth other Jews. Hls buslness purtner wlth whom he who
founded PuyFul ls the Ukrulnun-born now-$merlcun
Jew Mux Rufuel Le+chln.

Du+ld Sucks
Other Jews Thlel ls lnteructlng wlth ure Duvld Sucks,
PuyPul's former chlef operutlng offlcer, und George
Zuchury, "u frlend of Mux und Peter's" und purtner of the
Jew Ed Skoll from eBuy.
Below follows un excerpt from "Once You're Lucky,
Twlce You're Good. The Reblrth of Slllcon Vulley und the
Rlse of Web 2.0", by Suruh Lucy,
supermen-0824.html) on Thlel´s "PuyPul muflu".
The PuyPul muflu even hud Hollywood success. Jeff
Skoll wus one of the flrst eBuy executlves who becume
frlends wlth the PuyPul crew when eBuy bought the
compuny ln 2002. He sturted up Purtlclpunt Productlons
on u lurk, und lt hus been one of the most profltuble
productlons compunles ln Hollywood. $mong lts flrst four
fllms were Syrlunu, Good Nlght, und Good Luck, North
Country, und $n Inconvenlent Truth. Skoll's success convlnced Mux und Peter to sturt dubbllng ln Hollywood,
bunkrolllng the 2006 lndle fllck Thunk You for Smoklng, ulong wlth Duvld Sucks, PuyPul's former chlef operutlng
Whlle Sucks contlnued to pluy the Hollywood gume, he ulso luunched u new soclul networklng slte for fumllles,
culled It ullows people to flll out thelr fumlly trees und llnk them to the fumlly trees of spouses und ln-
luws. $nyone on the tree cun udd to the tree, the ldeu belng thut over tlme you dlscover people you're reluted to
thut you dldn't know. It's u bold ldeu, one of the flrst Web 2.0 sturt-ups ulmed squurely ut fumllles. Peter Thlel,
nuturully, bucked lt eurly on. $nd ln Genl's flrst venture cupltul round wlth Churles Rlver Ventures, lt got
nosebleed S100 mllllon vuluutlon. The CRV purtner who wrote the check wus George Zuchury, Skoll's eurly
purtner ln Purtlclpunt Productlons und u frlend of Mux und Peter's. By 2006, the PuyPul muflu wus un lncestuous
world where, for now, everyone seemed to be muklng lots of money.
Thlel mukes up one fourth of the Bourd members of Fucebook. Thus upurt from provldlng the money, he reully
hus u lot of lnfluence - |ust us The Guurdlun hud noted.
Thlel - "the reul fuce behlnd Fucebook" - ls u Zlonlst
Whut The Guurdlun fulled to tell ls thut Thlel ulso hus un Isruel ugendu.
The Isruell-bused $delson Instltute for Struteglc Studles wrltes
On Tuesduy, Muy 12, 2009, The $delson Instltute hosted Rlchurd Perle, former usslstunt to the Secretury of
Defense und Chulrmun of the Defense Pollcy Bourd $dvlsory Commlttee durlng the Reugun udmlnlstrutlon, und
Peter Thlel, Co-Founder of PuyPul und Presldent of Clurlum Cupltul Munugement. The toplc of dlscusslon wus.
իThe flrst 100 duys of the Obumu udmlnlstrutlon".
Perle brlefed the $dleson Instltue's stuff und fuculty und suld thut the outcome of Obumu's new upprouch towurds
udversurles wlll be tested ln u few months tlme.
Thlel, who purtlclputed ln Perle's brleflng, suld thut there ls un lncredlble gup between Isruel's reullty und lts
potentlul. People tulk ubout Chlnu, Indlu und Bruzll us emerglng murket countrles, he udded, whlle Isruel ls
underruted. $ccordlng to Thlel, ull lt tukes ls u short vlslt to Isruel ln order to uppreclute the lncredlble tulent,
lntenslty und drlve of the Isruells.
It should here be remlnded thut Rlchurd Perle thut Thlel met ln u brleflng, ls the lnfumous Neo-con from the Bush
eru who wus one of the muln Jewlsh urchltects behlnd the Iruq lnvuslon und wur ln 2003.
Fucebook sponsor Peter Thlel reveuls hls Isruel ugendu ln u vldeo speech he mude for the $delson Instltute und
whlch cun be seen through the followlng llnk. http.//
The $delson Instltute glves the followlng descrlptlon of Thlel´s vldeo messuge.
Isruel ls Truly the Country of the Future, Muy 17, 2009
There ls un lncredlble gup between Isruel's reullty und lts potentlul, suys Peter Thlel, Co-Founder of PuyPul und
Presldent of Clurlum Cupltul Munugement. Thlel, u guest of the $delson Instltute for Struteglc studles,
purtlclputed ln Rlchurd Perle's brleflng ut the $delson Instltute. People tulk ubout Chlnu, Indlu und Bruzll us

George Zuchury
emerglng murket countrles, suys Thlel, whlle Isruel ls underruted. $ll lt tukes ls u short vlslt ln order to uppreclute
the lncredlble tulent, lntenslty und drlve of the Isruells.
In the vldeo Peter Thlel - economlc sponsor und Fucebook Bourd member - hulls the Jewlsh stute of Isruel. Here
follows u trunscrlpt of some of hls stutements ln the vldeo:
"I belleve thut Isruel ls u truly extruordlnury pluce."
"... un lncredlble potentlul..."
"Just vlsltlng here [ln Isruel] for u few duys one ls ulwuys struck by the lncredlble tulent und lntenslty und drlve of
the people."
"I thlnk thut lf Isruel ls uble to resolve some of these lssues, thut surround lt over the next few yeurs, lt wlll
probubly be the best pluce ln the world."
"I belleve the future ls not ln cheup lubour or cheup cupltul or ln reul estute. I belleve the future ls ln technology
und ln thut sense perhups Isruel ls truly the country of the future."
The $delson Instltute for Struteglc Studles ut the Shulem Center ln Jerusulem ls u 100 % Zlonlst lnstltutlon.
We here reproduce the Mlsslon Stutement of the lnstltute Thlel cooperutes wlth:
The $delson Instltute for Struteglc Studles ut the Shulem Center ln Jerusulem ls un ucudemlc und reseurch
lnstltute founded by lts chulrmun, Nutun Shurunsky, ln 2007. The $delson Instltute for Struteglc Studles develops,
urtlculutes und bullds support for the struteglc prlnclples needed to uddress the chullenges currently fuclng Isruel
und the West. Isruel, us the only democrucy ln thls reglon surrounded by totullturlun governments, ls on the
cuttlng edge of the chullenges und dungers confrontlng Western clvlllzutlon everywhere.
$s purt of thls overull effort, the $delson Instltute for Struteglc Studles seeks to explore how the udvuncement of
freedom, democrucy, und humun rlghts cun be murshuled us un effectlve meusure to secure und strengthen
lnternutlonul stublllty und securlty. The $delson Instltute for Struteglc Studles ulso seeks to exumlne lnternutlonul
luw ln llght of the new forms of usymmetrlc wurfure und terror; the estubllshment of credlble deterrence ugulnst
guerlllu und terror orgunlzutlons und the stutes thut sponsor them; the upproprlute response to weupons of muss
destructlon; und the strengthenlng of Isruel's relutlons wlth lts struteglc ullles.
Nutun Shurunsky, founder und chulrmun of the lnstltute, ls u ruclst Russlun Jew und Isruell polltlclun (former
deputy Prlme Mlnlster) fumous for hls "tough" stunce on the Pulestlnluns. Pulestlnlun reslstunce to Zlonlst
domlnutlon ls brunded us "terrorlsm". Shurunsky wrltes ln Jun. 15, 2009 ( on the ongolng Isruell
sluughter ln Guzu:
Terrorlsm ls u cuncer thut cunըt be cured through իproportlonulլ treutments. It requlres lnvuslve surgery.
Here follows unother urtlcle on Peter Thlel und Isruel from [vc]cufe (
Peter Thlel gumbles on the next lnternet hlt գ Isruelըs Hoo|u
Peter Thlel knows u thlng or two ubout consumer lnternet. $fter ull, heըs u PuyPul cofounder, one of Fucebookըs
bourd members und lts flrst lnvestor (S500,000) wuy before lts S15 bllllon vuluutlon, glvlng hlm u hefty return of u
bllllon. Thlel ls known us u suvvy lnvestor wlth u էgolden touchը thut tends to lnvest smull umounts eurly on tuklng
u էhunds-offը upprouch wlth munugement (leurn more ubout hls lnvestment strutegy ln Thlelըs recent WSJ proflle).
$purt from Fucebook, Thlel lnvested ln some of the lnternetըs blggest brund numes eurly on, lncludlng: Yelp,
Sllde, LlnkedIn und Frlendster.These duys, Peter Thlel ls munuglng the hedge fund Clurlum Cupltul, whlch
munuges S2 bllllon under munugement und heըs ulso u purtner ln the Founders Fund, thut recently rulsed S220
mllllon for lts second fund. Now, for the flrst tlme, Thlel ls bettlng un Isruell tech sturtup, to be the next wlnner.
Globes reports thut Thlel, ulong wlth u group of prlvute lnvestors, rulsed S1.5 mllllon for Hoo|u, un Isruel-bused
sturtup founded ln $prll of 2006 by Nuumu Morun, u former Greylock Purtners ussoclute. Hoo|u ls stlll operutlng
ln steulth mode (lundlng puge only) but lts known to be developlng u unlque seurch technology thut enubles
content provlders to seurch for personul und soclul lnformutlon ln the deep web, lncludlng soclul networks. One of
Hoo|uըs lnvestors descrlbes the technology us ըsoclul seurchը գ buslcully provldlng hlgher runklng to lnformutlon
thut u userըs frlends ure llkely to cllck on.

Other Bourd members
The other Bourd members of Fucebook upurt from Thlel ure Murk Zuckerberg hlmself, the Jewlsh venture
cupltullst Jlm Breyer, und flnully Murc $ndreessen.
Jlm Breyer ulso slts ln the Bourd of Dlrectors of Dell, Wulmurt und Murvel.

Jlm Breyer
Murc $ndreessen ls the founder of Netscupe (non-Jewlsh?), but u mun who works closely wlth the Jew Ben
Horowltz wlth whom he founded Opswure. $ndreessen hus ulso lnvested ln the Isruell Isruel Seed Furtners thus
becomlng u purtner of und cooperutlng wlth Jonuthun Medved, one of Isruel's leudlng venture cupltullsts. So
$ndreesen - Jew or not - ls well entungled ln the Jewlsh-Isruell Internet estubllshment.

Ben Horowltz

In our sectlon on Google we detulled Sheryl Sundberg, u Jewlsh womun who wus Google´s 9lce Fresldent of
Globul Onllne Sules & Operutlons.
$s Rubbl Levl Bruckmun und |ournullst Sum Juffe wrlte ln thelr book "Jewlsh Wlsdom for Buslness Success", p.
Eurly ln 2008, she left Google to become the second-ln-commund of Fucebook, the emerglng soclul-networklng
The Jewlsh "second-ln-commund of Fucebook" Sheryl Sundberg ls presently Chlef Operutlng Offlcer. $s COO,
Sundberg ls responslble for helplng Fucebook scule lts operutlons und expund lts presence globully. Sundberg ln
thls posltlon munuges sules, murketlng, buslness development, humun resources, publlc pollcy, prlvucy und
communlcutlons und reports dlrectly to Fucebookըs CEO Murk Zuckerberg.
It cun here be repeuted thut
Sundberg ls murrled to unother
Jew, Duvld Goldberg, former muslc
heud ut Yuhoo!.
$nother recrult from Google ls the
Jew Elllot Schruge, now 9lce
Presldent of Communlcutlons,
Publlc Pollcy und Plutform
Murketlng ut Fucebook. In thls
posltlon he ls responslble for
developlng und coordlnutlng key
messuges ubout products, corporute
buslness und purtnershlps. He ulso
oversees the compunyըs publlc
pollcy strutegy worldwlde. $t
Google Schruge wus 9lce Presldent
of Communlcutlons und Publlc
$ffulrs und ln our speclul sectlon
on Google we documented how he
worked to promote propugundu
together wlth the Jewlsh "US
Holocuust Memorlul".
$nother Jew who hus hud posltlons
of lnfluence ln Fucebook wus Justln
Rosensteln, u top englneer who wus one of the flrst employees Fucebook pouched from Google, where he wus u
Product Munuger, us Fucebook begun lts rlse ln 2007.
Both Dusty Moskovltz.und Rosensteln huve slnce left Fucebook (2008) to |olntly sturt Internet ventures of thelr

Ethun Beurd ls heud of Plutform ut Fucebook. Eurller he wus Dlrector of Buslness Development. Prlor to |olnlng
Fucebook, he wus u Dlrector of Soclul Medlu ut Google.
Fucebook und Isruel
The Jewlsh stute sees the lmportunce ln Internet Jews such us Murk Zuckeberg. In 2008 the Isruell
puper Hu´uretz reported:
Fucebook, Google founders to uttend Jerusulem conference ln Muy
By Guy Grlmlund, Hu´uretz Correspondent
Hu´uretz 01/04/2008
Co-founder of lnternet glunt Google, Sergey Brln, wlll |oln Fucebook founder Murk Zuckerberg, und Yuhoo
presldent Susun Decker ut u presldentlul punel on technology to be held ut the Jerusulem Internutlonul
Conventlon Center Muy 13-15.
The conventlon, whlch wus formed ut the lnltlutlve of Presldent Shlmon Peres, wlll ulso be uttended by u number
of Isruell polltlcul, rellglous und flnunclul leuders, us well us ucudemlcs und culturul flgures.
The punel wlll dlscuss lssues fuclng technology ln toduy's uge und the future, ln purtlculur ln regurd to how lt wlll
uffect Isruel und the Jewlsh world.
Former UK prlme mlnlster Tony Blulr wlll ulso tuke purt ln the conference, us wlll French Forelgn Mlnlster
Bernurd Kouchner, former U.S. Secretury of Stute Henry Klsslnger, former prlme mlnlster of the Czech Republlc
9uclev Huvel, Nobel Prlze Luureute Ell Wlesel, und Georglu Presldent Mlchuel Suukushvlll
Here we see how the young Jewlsh entrepreneur Zuckerberg, wlth fellow Internet-Jew Sergey Brln, ls lnvlted
down to the Jewlsh stute to purtlclpute ln the celebrutlons of Isruel´s 60th unnlversury (whlch wus the reuson the
meetlng wus held) und to meet wlth the top Zlonlst echelons.
(It should here be noted thut Shlmon Peres ls u wur crlmlnul. In 1996 he wus responslble, us the leuder lf the
Jewlsh stute, of Isruel´s mussucre of over 100 Lebunese clvllluns ln 4unu.)

Elllot Schruge
On Murch 11th, 2008, Nlck O'Nelll posted un lntervlew wlth Murk Zuckerberg where they touched on the sub|ect
of "untl-Semltlsm" und Internet:
Recently Shlmon Peres suggested thut Isruells und Jews worldwlde use Fucebook to flght untl-semltlsm ln
uddltlon to lnvltlng Murk Zuckerberg to Isruel. I usked hlm ubout hls thoughts on Fucebook us u tool to flght untl-
semltlsm und lf Fucebook would tuke prouctlve meusures to flght ugulnst lt. Murk belleves thut Fucebook need to
focus on bulldlng useful communlcutlon tools und thut the users cun use these tools to connect und generute more
worldly perspectlves. $s such Fucebook does not need to be prouctlve ubout lt. When usked ubout whether he
wlll vlslt Isruel next yeur, he suld muybe.

Murk Zuckerberg (left) wlth fellow Jewlsh Fucebook co-founder Dustln Moskovltz (center)
Flrst Fucebook user hus |olned the IDF
$ qulte telllng detull ls thut the flrst reul user of Fucebook, upurt from the co-founders, ls u Jew, $rle Huslt (who
currles the Fucebook URL ld 7). Huslt studled wlth Zuckerberg ln Hurvurd und luter on dld whut the Jews
cull $llyuh to Isruel, thut ls he settled ln occupled Pulestlne ln uccordunce to the Jewlsh Luw of Return. Huslt hus
slnce |olned the Isruel Defense Forces Spokespersons Unlt, u propugundu/deslnformutlon unlt of the IDF.
The Isruell puper Hu´uretz run u plece on Huslt und Fucebook 10/05/2009 (underllnes below udded by Rudlo
Fucebook founder's roommute recounts creutlon of
Internet glunt
By Guy Grlmlund, Hu´uretz Correspondent
Flve yeurs ugo, hurdly unybody hud heurd of Fucebook. Toduy, lt seems thut there ls nobody ln Isruel or the world
over who ls not fumlllur wlth the soclul networklng Web slte, whlch recently crossed the 200 mllllon user
threshold. Fucebook ls estlmuted to be worth S15 bllllon ufter Mlcrosoft bought 1.6 percent stock ln the compuny
for S240 mllllon.
$rle Huslt, 26, wltnessed the blrth of Fucebook. He shured the sume upurtment us Murk Zuckerberg, the slte's
founder, |olned the sume college fruternlty, und wltnessed flrst-hund the compuny's lnltlul cllmb from u dormltory
sturt-up to u domlnunt megu-monstroslty on the Web.
Huslt grew up ln Phlludelphlu. Slnce he wus young, he dreumed of lmmlgrutlng to Isruel, whlch he dld two yeurs
ugo. Toduy he ls servlng ln the Isruel Defense Forces Spokespersons Unlt. He chose to enllst for u yeur-und-u-
hulf ruther thun the slx months whlch ure requlred of new lmmlgrunts ln hls uge brucket. Isruel ls not forelgn to
"Every summer I wus ln Jewlsh summer cump ln the U.S. From tlme to tlme I would vlslt Isruel."
$fter completlng hlgh school ut uge 18, he enrolled ut Hurvurd Unlverslty, where he studled the hlstory of the
Lund of Isruel. "I thought thls would muke lt eusler for me ufter I would get to Isruel," Huslt suld. "My purents
uctuully thought I should leurned computers so thut I would work ln hlgh-tech when I got here."
Huslt focused hls studles on the hlp-hop genre ln Isruel, u sub|ect whlch would become the toplc of hls thesls. He
met Murk Zuckerberg ln 2002 ufter they hud |olned the sume fruternlty whlch prlmurlly concentruted on uctlvltles
wlthln the Jewlsh communlty.
"We ute Shubbut dlnner together," Huslt suld. "Every yeur we rulsed money for churltles ln Isruel. Murk wus one
of the members of the fruternlty, llke muny other Jewlsh students ut Hurvurd."
Huslt, who weurs u skullcup, suys the 25-yeur-old Zuckerberg feels un ufflnlty wlth Judulsm. "He fusts on Yom
Klppur," Huslt suys of Zuckerberg. "Sometlmes he would come to the Hlllel House, u Jewlsh orgunlzutlon thut run
vurlous uctlvltles."
Huslt und Zuckerberg struck up u frlendshlp, though they were not the closest of frlends. They luter llved together
ln the college dorms.
"Murk |ust huppened to llve ln the upurtment where I llved ln the dorms," Huslt suld. "He wus ln one room whlle I
wus ln the other. Thls wus u lurge upurtment, we were seven students crummed lnto flve bedrooms. We suw euch
other every duy for u number of hours. When Murk moved lnto the dorms I wus ulreudy ln my thlrd yeur whlle he
wus ln hls second yeur."
Huslt suys thut Zuckerberg declded one duy to bulld u Web slte thut would serve us u utlllty for students ut
Hurvurd. "He bullt the slte for fun," Huslt suys. "We hud books culled Fuce Books, whlch lncluded the numes und
plctures of everyone who llved ln the student dorms. $t flrst, he bullt u slte und pluced two plctures, or plctures of
two mules und two femules. 9lsltors to the slte hud to choose who wus 'hotter' und uccordlng to the votes there
would be u runklng."
"He only runked people who recelved the most votes for belng good looklng, not everybody," Huslt suld. "There
were ubout 1,000 people ln ull. Wlthln four, flve hours the slte becume so populur thut ut one polnt lt becume
lmposslble to surf the Web on Hurvurd's Internet server. Thls wus on u Sunduy ln October 2003."
"The next duy, the heud of the unlverslty denled Zuckerberg uccess to the Internet. People complulned thut Murk
used thelr plctures wlthout permlsslon. He upologlzed und ultlmutely the unlverslty declded not to expel hlm even
though there were columns ln the cumpus newspuper thut urgued thut whut he dld wus completely lmproper."
Zuckerberg's stunt cume ut u tlme when students were uppeullng to the unlverslty to develop u Web slte thut
would lnclude the plctures und contuct detulls of students ln dorms. Now they feured thut the Zuckerberg eplsode
would compel the udmlnlstrutlon to shelve the ldeu.
"Murk heurd these pleus und declded thut lf the unlverslty won't do somethlng ubout lt, he wlll, und he would bulld
u slte thut would be even better thun whut the unlverslty hud plunned," Huslt suld. "Before foundlng Fucebook, he
bullt the slte Course Mutch whlch ullowed students to flnd out who umong those llvlng ln the sume dorm ure
tuklng whut courses, so thut they could form study groups."
Zuckerberg sturted developlng Fucebook from hls modest dorm room. Every vlsltor who reglstered ut the slte
recelved u serlul number. The flrst, second, und thlrd user who reglstered took up dummy puges. The fourth user
wus Zuckerberg hlmself.
The flfth user ls Chrls Hughes, u co-founder of Fucebook who ulso served us the compuny's spokesperson. Dustln
Moskovltz, the thlrd purt of the slte's foundlng trlumvlrute, occuples the slxth user spot. Moskovltz led the
technlcul stuff ut Fucebook before qulttlng the compuny to found u sturt-up ln 2008.
Huslt's ls the seventh reglstered user, whlch ln pructlce mukes hlm the fourth reul user to log lnto Fucebook.
"Often people usk me how I becume the fourth user. Sometlmes I tell them."
"Murk cume to me on the duy he bullt Fucebook, und he suld to me, '$rle, I bullt thls slte. I wunt you to slgn up.'
$nd thut ls how I slgned up to Fucebook. I put u fuvorlte quote of mlne ln the proflle. I speclfled my fuvorlte
books, whlch courses I tuke ut Hurvurd. I uplouded one plcture to the proflle. There wus no Wull. There wus no
News Feed. There weren't too muny thlngs ln Fucebook, whlch only begun lts llfespun on the Web.
"Inltlully Zuckerberg usked u smull group of people to slgn up to Fucebook. $t u certuln polnt he told us to sturt
lnvltlng frlends, und thut ls whut we dld on the flrst und second duy whlch the slte went up on the Web. We could
only lnvlte students enrolled ut Hurvurd. In fuct, lf you dld not huve u Hurvurd e-mull uddress you could not slgn
lnto Fucebook. $t flrst, dozens of Hurvurd students reglstered. The numbers then reuched the hundreds, und by
the fourth duy lt hud ulreudy reuched the thousunds. People were very enthuslustlc ubout the slte. It enubled them
to know who took whut courses und to meet new people. It conquered Hurvurd. In less thun u week, some 4,000
students slgned up for Fucebook."
Huslt reculls how Zuckerberg spent hours ln front of the computer. "He studled computers und psychology," Huslt
suld. "Desplte the fuct thut he developed Fucebook, he contlnued hls studles us per usuul. Hls grudes were okuy.
He wus even ln u relutlonshlp wlth u glrlfrlend. Durlng Fucebook's lnltlul duys, the wulls ln hls room were fllled
wlth gruphs und churts whlch showed how muny people |olned on u dully busls, who used whut uppllcutlon, und
who hus the most frlends."
"$fter u few weeks, he declded to open up Fucebook to unother unlverslty. He hud two frlends, one ut Stunford
und the other ut Durtmouth, whom he usked to promote the slte there. He ulso usked for help from hls ex-
glrlfrlend who wus u student ut Durtmouth."
Fucebook qulckly uttructed u followlng ln other leudlng unlversltles. "Every user speclfled whlch unlverslty he
belonged to, und thut wus how he kept ln touch wlth other students ut the unlverslty ln whlch he studled, but ull
the networks were under one Web slte."
"The gruphs und churts ln hls room becume gruphs und churts whlch lncluded stutlstlcs from ull the unlversltles.
$t one polnt he recelved requests from students ut other unlversltles who were not ln Fucebook to open the slte to
them us well.
So we now know thut the Murk Zuckerberg, founder und CEO of
Fucebook, "feels un ufflnlty wlth Judulsm" und hus "rulsed money for
churltles ln Isruel".
In Fucebook´s eurly hlstory Zuckerberg wus usslsted by the Jew Dustln
Moskovltz und got fundlng from Jewlsh buslnessmun Peter Thlel, the
lutter u mun wlth open Zlonlst vlews und ln contuct wlth the Zlonlst
estubllshment. Thlel then |olned the Bourd of Fucebook und ls
presently - uccordlng to The Guurdlun - "the reul fuce behlnd
Other top numnes ure co-Bourd member Jlm Breyer und the
Jewess Sheryl Sundberg, the "second-ln-commund of Fucebook".
$nd one of Zuckerberg´s frlends from Hurvurd - hls roommute und
Fucebook´s flrst reul user - hus slnce moved to Isruel und |olned the
Isruel Defense Forces Spokespersons Unlt. Thls ulso reveuls the
mlndset of people ln Zuckerberg´s proxlmlty.
Knowlng thls one ls not surprlsed thet the urch-Zlonlst Shlmon
Peres lnvlted Zuckerberg to Isruel ln 2008.
We here glve llnks to more lnformutlon on Fucebook:
y The Guurdlun on the Jews behlnd Fucebook
Guurdlun urtlcle thut glves some ldeu ubout the
people behlnd Fucebook, lncludlng the Jewlsh
moneymun Peter Thlel
y Jewlsh Internet Defense Force 'selzes control' of
untl-Isruel Fucebook group
urtlcle from The Jerusulem Fost


Whut ls Wlklpedlu?
Wlklpedlu ls un Internet encyclopedlu thut unyone cun edlt und udd lnformutlon.
Wlklpedlu clulms lts urtlcles ure bused on u "neutrul polnt of +lew" but us lt ls humun belngs wrltlng the urtlcles, of
course the contents qulckly hu+e been mlxed up wlth polltlcs. For lnstunce orgunlzutlon llke CI$ hu+e trled to
uffect the entrles (see BBC:s"Wlklpedlu 'shows CI$ puge edlts' "), und blg compunles try to control the
lnformutlon on themsel+es. $nd Isruel und lts urmy of "cyber-soldler" Jews from ull o+er the world ure now dolng
the sume...
The Wlklpedlu pro|ect hus ended lnto control of student reseurch on the Internet.
The sltuutlon ls now thut the mu|orlty of sub|ects Googled wlll show Wlklpedlu us the top - or one of the flrts top
results - und thus Wlklpedlu wlll get the mu|orlty of the hlts.
$nd us shown ln our sectlon on Google thls Internet seurch-englne ls well ln the hunds of Zlonlst Jews und ulso
cooperutes openly wlth Zlonlst orgunlzutlons such us $DL und the Zlonlst Orgunlzutlon of $merlcu (ZO$) to
control the seurches und censorlng lnformutlon und certuln sltes.
Thls meuns thut upurt from Wlklpedlu other sltes muy be censored when
Googllng uny gl+en sub|ect.
Wlklpedlu´s Jewlsh founders - Wules
und Sunger
From ull the u+ulluble lnformutlon lt uppeurs Wlklpedlu wus sturted by
two Jews, one u progrummer, und the other un '$dult Slte' operutor.
The orlglns ure ln u pro|ect culled Nupedlu luunched ln Murch 2000 by
Jlmmy Wules und Lurry Sunger.
The Jew Jlmmy Wules (uctuully Jumes Wules, or ulso known us "Jlmbo"),
wlth rlches from hls tlme us un optlons truder, becume un Internet
entrepreneur und declded to creute u free, onllne encyclopedlu. He
recrulted the Jew Lurry Sunger, who wus flnlshlng u Ph.D. ln phllosophy
ut the Ohlo Stute Unl+erslty - whom Wules knew from thelr |olnt
purtlclputlon ln onllne mulllng llsts und Usenet dlscusslon groups - to
become the puld edltor ln chlef. Wulesըs compuny Bomls, un Internet seurch portul und u +endor of onllne իerotlc
lmugesլ (feuturlng the Bomls Bube Report), plcked up the tub lnltlully.
The Jewlsh computer progrummer Ben Ko+ltz ls the one who suggested to Lurry Sunger, Nupedlu's edltor-ln-
chlef, to trunsfer the onllne encyclopedlu to u wlkl support. Lurry und Jlmmy Wules uccepted und from thut tlme,
Wlklpedlu took o+er Nupedlu und becume u huge success.
Lurry Sunger, one of the two recognlzed cofounders, ls openly Jewlsh. In thelr rubbllngs of whut dlfferent fumous
Jews ure dolng The Jewlsh Chronlcle mentlons Sunger ln un urtlcle "Lurry Sunger... creutes u new
Wlklpedlu", The Jewlsh Chronlcle, 26 October 2006, p. 10.
Wules ls presently ln churge. Sunger left ln 2002, und ls u professor/lecturer ut Ohlo Stute.

Lurry Sunger

Jlmmy Wules
Jlmmy Wules Hlstory
Jlmmy Wules ls the de Iucto leuder oI Wlklpedlu und us thus wlelds u lot oI lnIluence. Tlme Muguzlne numed hlm
ln lts 2006 llst oI the world's most lnIluentlul people.
Short hlstory: Wules who wus born ln Huntsvllle, $lubumu, went to the excluslve Rundolph prep school, und onto
the Unlverslty oI $lubumu. Wules gruduuted und becume u Futures Truder ln Chlcugo. Next he opened Bomls, un
'$dult Content' webslte, whlch wus Iollowed by Nupedlu, whlch morphed lnto Wlklpedlu.
Wules ls the durllng oI the Jewlsh crowd ut Hurvurd, belng u Iellow ut the Berkmun Center Ior Internet und
Soclety, ut the Hurvurd Luw School.
Whut ls Bomls.Com?
Buslcully 'Bomls' ls un udult slte, sturted by Wules.
The webslte Ieutured user-generuted webrlngs und thut, uccordlng to The $tluntlc Monthly (September
2006), "Iound ltselI posltloned us the Fluyboy oI the Internet". For u tlme the compuny sold erotlc photogruphs,
und Wules descrlbed the slte us u "guy-orlented seurch englne".

Jlmmy Wules wlth Bomls bubes

u Bomls bube - flnunclng Wlklpedlu

Jewlsh employees
Numes llke Jeremy Rosenfeld (u Bomls employee), Ben|umln Kovltz, Seth Cohen, dot the lundscupe of technlcul

Wules´ edltlng lnterventlons
It should here be noted thut ulthough Wlklpedlu stutes thut lt professes u "neutrul polnt of vlew" the on-llne
dlctlonury hus even seen dlrect lnterventlons from lts owner Jlmmy Wules over lts contents. The Heruld
Sun reports June 30, 2009, ln the urtlcle"Wlklpedlu edlts helped free Duvld Rohde":
THE New York Tlmes worked wlth Wlklpedlu to keep news of the kldnupplng of one of lts reporters ln
$fghunlstun off the onllne user-edlted encyclopedlu.
New York Tlmes reporter Duvld Rohde, who wus kldnupped by the Tullbun ln November, escuped from hls
cuptors ulong wlth hls trunslutor thls month.
$ number of news orgunlsutlons, lncludlng $gence Frunce-Presse, ut the request of the New York Tlmes, ugreed
not to report the kldnupplng out of concerns for thelr sufety.
Keeplng the news off Wlklpedlu wus unother mutter, the Tlmes suld.
It suld thut on ut leust u dozen occuslons, user-edltors posted news of the ubductlon on u Wlklpedlu puge ubout
Mr Rohde, only to huve lt erused.
Severul tlmes the puge wus frozen, preventlng further edltlng, lt suld.
"The sunltlslng wus u teum effort, led by Jlmmy Wules, co-founder of Wlklpedlu, ulong wlth Wlklpedlu
udmlnlstrutors und people ut the Tlmes,'' the newspuper suld.
"We were reully helped by the fuct thut lt hudn't uppeured ln u pluce we would regurd us u relluble source,'' Mr
Wules told the Tlmes.
"I would huve hud u reully hurd tlme wlth lt lf lt hud.''
The Tlmes suld thut two duys ufter the November 10 kldnupplng, Mlchuel Moss, un lnvestlgutlve reporter ut the
Tlmes und frlend of Mr Rohde, ultered Mr Rohde's Wlklpedlu entry to emphuslse thut hls work could be seen us
symputhetlc to Musllms, llke hls reportlng on Guuntunumo und hls coveruge of the Srebrenlcu mussucre of
Bosnlun Musllms.
It suld thut the next duy, un unldentlfled user, cltlng un $fghun news ugency report, edlted the entry on Mr Rohde
und mentloned the kldnupplng.
Mr Moss deleted the mentlon, und the user promptly restored lt, uddlng u note protestlng the removul, the Tlmes
It suld the Tlmes eventuully reuched out to Wules und Wlklpedlu put un lndeflnlte block und then u temporury
freeze on chunges to the puge.
"We hud no ldeu who lt wus,'' Mr Wules suld of the unldentlfled user muklng the edlts.
He suld there wus no lndlcutlon the user hud lll-lntent.
The Tlmes suld Mr Wules hlmself unfroze the puge ufter the June 19 escupe by Mr Rohde und hls lnterpreter,
Tuhlr Ludln.
Interestlng here ls to see thut people should be kept ln the durk of the "securlty deterlorutlon" und the reulltes of
whut ls huppenlng ln occupled
$fghunlstun. Insteud Wlklpedlu wlll
help ln sunltlslng the lmuge.
Wlklpedlu chlef
Gurdner goes to
Isruel - gets udvlce
Isruell puper Hu´uretz reports
04/05/2009 on how Sue Gurdner,
Executlve Dlrector of the Wlklmedlu
Foundutlon whlch runs Wlklpedlu, hus
purtlclputed ut u meetlng ln Isruel -
u Wlklpedlu $cudemy 2009
Conference -orgunlzed by
Wlklmedlu´s Isruell supporters und
Tel $vlv Unlverslty's Netvlslon
Instltute for Internet
Studles. Hu´uretz wrltes:
Wlklpedlu edltors:
Coveruge of Isruel
By Cnuun Llphshlz
Wlklpedlu's coveruge of Isruel-reluted
lssues ls "problemutlc," leudlng Isruell
lnternet reseurchers clulmed Sunduy
ut the Wlklpedlu $cudemy 2009
Conference deullng wlth the world's
lurgest encyclopedlu. The conference
wus orgunlzed by Wlklmedlu's
volunteer-bused Isruel chupter und Tel
$vlv Unlverslty's Netvlslon Instltute
for Internet Studles. However, the
Web slte's leudlng munuger suld lt merely reflected publlc dlscourse.
In demonstrutlng whut he deflned us problems, Ell Hucohen, the Instltute's dlrector, showed how Humus ls not
deflned us u terrorlst orgunlzutlon ln the flrst purugruph descrlblng the orgunlzutlon on the Engllsh slte of the
reuder-edlted onllne encyclopedlu, whlch ls the world's fourth most populur Web slte.
Hucohen ulso documented hls uttempts to deflne Irun's presldent, Muhmoud $hmudlne|ud, us u Holocuust-denler.
Euch tlme he lncluded hls remurks on Wlklpedlu, users und edltors removed the reference - desplte
$hmudlne|ud's frequent und publlc Holocuust denluls.
On u reluted entry, Hucohen ulso noted thut Wlklpedlu deflnes Duvld Irvlng - u known Holocuust denler - us u
hlstorlun, ulthough hls credentluls ure recognlzed by no one but hlmself. Furthermore, the Wlklpedlu entry on
Junuury's Operutlon Cust Leud ln Guzu descrlbes lt us un "lntense bomburdment" by Isruel on u clvlllun
Dror Kumlr, u leudlng Isruell Wlklpedlu promoter, showed how Lod ls not llsted us u clty ln Isruel ln Wlklpedlu's
$rublc-lunguuge verslon.

Wlklmedlu Dlrector Sue Gurdner ln Isruel 2009
$lso uttendlng the conference, whlch dlscussed Wlklpedlu's role ln ucudemlu, wus Sue Gurdner, the executlve
dlrector of the Wlklmedlu Foundutlon, whlch runs Wlklpedlu. Gurdner told Huuretz thut she ls "qulte comfortuble"
wlth the mlstukes on the Web slte. "I know thut more or less the sume mlstukes cun be found ln the New York
Tlmes," she explulned.
Before her uddress ut the conference, she deflned Wlklpedlu us u "|ust unother mulnstreum news medlum."
Wlklpedlu, Gurdner suld, "wlll never suy unythlng us Wlklpedlu. It wlll only quote relutlvely well-respected
sources, lncludlng other medlu. So lt's nuturul for Wlklpedlu to reflect publlc dlscourse us lt fluctuutes, und news
ls the flrst druft of hlstory."
On her flrst vlslt to Isruel, Gurdner explulned thut her uttltude stemmed from her frumework of reference us u
|ournullst ln her nutlve Cunudu, lncludlng u stlnt us dlrector of the Cunudlun Broudcustlng Corporutlon's Web slte.
The boss of Wlklpedlu thus truvels down to the lund of the chosen people to be lectured on how Wlklpedlu cun be
lmproved when lt dlvulges lnformutlon concernlng Isruel/Jews.
For u collectlon of lmuges from thls event beteween Wlklpedlu und Isruel, see thls llnk:¸$cudemy¸Isruel¸2009

Sue Gurdner ln Isruel 2009, Ell Hucohen to the rlght
Wlklpedlu leudlng edltor ulso goes to Isruel
Duvld Shunkbone, leudlng edltor ut Wlklpedlu, hus been lnvlted by the Isruell Government´s Forelgn Mlnlstry to
help pollsh Isruel´s lmuge:
Photo Edltlng Isruelըs Onllne Imuge
By Shuron Udusln, Stuff Wrlter
The Jewlsh Week, 03/04/2009
But Duvld Surungu, the medlu consul for the Consulute Generul of Isruel ln New York, pluns to flght buck. $fter
luunchlng u pro-Isruel cumpulgn through durlng the Guzu wur und by brlnglng Muxlm muguzlne lnto
Isruel lust yeur, he suys he ls recrultlng the best ln the buslness to revump Isruelըs onllne lmuge.
In |ust u few weeks, he wlll brlng slx $merlcun new medlu experts to photogruph Isruel, wlth funds from the
Consulute und Isruelըs Mlnlstry of Forelgn $ffulrs.
However, Surungu suys the lnltlutlve wlll, hopefully, knock the plctures of destructlon much further down the llsts,
behlnd photos of ordlnury Isruell dully llfe. $nd becuuse he hus enllsted Internet uuthorltles llke pen-numed
Wlklpedlu senlor edltor Duvld Shunkbone, Surungu thlnks thut there ls u good chunce theyըll stuy thut wuy.
Shunkbone դ whose reul nume ls Duvld Mlller դ flrst vlslted Isruel ln December 2007, when Surungu led u
group of |ournullsts on u tour of the countryըs hlgh-tech und envlronmentul developments. $ll ln ull Shunkbone
estlmutes thut he lllustrutes over 4,000 Wlklpedlu urtlcles wlth hls photogruphy.
իThe ldeu ls to creute u body of work thut not only Wlklpedlu cun use but thut the generul publlc cun use,լ he suld.
Shunkbone ls not Jewlsh, but he suld he leurned extenslvely ubout the Isruell-Pulestlnlun confllct ln school. Whlle
he conslders hlmself u supporter of Isruel, Shunkbone doesnըt lntend to muke Wlklpedlu u Zlonlst Web slte, und
he looks ut the Guzu wur us u bluck-und-whlte sltuutlon դ Isruel hud u rlght to respond, but lts mode of uttuck
wus not wlthout fuult.
Yet for Shunkbone, the purpose of hls photo expedltlon ls not to document the uftermuth of the wur.
իPeople wunt to tulk to you ubout other thlngs thun |ust mlsslles,լ he suld.
Ideully, Shunkbone suld heըd llke to end up ut solur power plunts ln the Negev Desert or ln u southern clty llke
Ellut, becuuse he spent most of hls tlme up north durlng the prevlous trlp.
իI purtlculurly llke smull towns, becuuse my feellng ls thut unyone cun come to Tel $vlv und Jerusulem,լ
Shunkbone suld.
Whlle on open-source sltes, users cun udd und remove other peopleըs contrlbutlons us they see flt, only un
udmlnlstrutor cun permunently delete the posts from the storuge dutubuse, Wlklmedlu Commons. In hls three
yeurs worklng us u Wlklpedlu edltor, however, Shunkbone suld thut he hus been cureful to uvold lnsertlng hls own
polltlcul posltlons, und reuders huve rurely ultered hls content. Hls collectlon remulns the lurgest Creutlve
Commons դ u Web-bused dutu-shurlng plutform դ photogruph communlty generuted by one person, he suld.
Crltlc Oboler, however, questlons whether իbrlnglng out people llke Shunkbone wlll help dlrectly wlth the gruss-
roots, untl-Isruel und often untl-Semltlc uctlvlty thut occurs onllne.լ
իWhut lt wlll do ls help ln the flght for heurts und mlnds onllne,լ he suld. իThls prouctlve engugement ls ulso
իIt certulnly lsnըt golng to be the sllver bullet,լ Shunkbone ugreed. իIt does glve Wlklpedlu the opportunlty or
responslblllty to present uccurucy.լ
$nd whlle Surungu hopes to chunge the worldըs perceptlon of Isruel ln the long term wlth the support of every
$merlcun Isruel consulute, he recognlzes thut, reullstlcully, results wlll not be lmmedlute.
ի$t the end of the duy, u slngle uctlvlty wonըt chunge perceptlons; u slngle uctlvlty wonըt chunge the crltlclsm
generuted by the Guzu wur,լ he suld. իBut whut ls lmportunt ls to creute u crltlcul muss of posltlve uctlvltles thut
wlll lmprove Isruelըs lmuge.լ
The Jerusulem Post wrltes on the sume story:
Leudlng Wlklpedlu edltor to vlslt Isruel
By Herb Kelnon
The Jerusulem Post, Dec 8, 2007
In un ucknowledgement of the lmportunce thut the Internet encyclopedlu Wlklpedlu hus ln shuplng oplnlon, the
Forelgn Mlnlstry ls brlnglng one of lts leudlng edltors, Duvld Shunkbone, to Isruel next week.
World $ccordlng to u communlqué put out by the mlnlstry, Shunkbone hus currled out dozens of lntervlews of US
personulltles for Wlklpedlu, lncludlng presldentlul cundldutes, rellglous leuders, rock sturs und |ournullsts.
Shunkbone wlll be vlsltlng wlthln the frumework of u delegutlon of technology wrlters belng brought to Isruel by
the Forelgn Mlnlstry und the $merlcu-Isruel Frlendshlp Leugue.
Explulnlng the rutlonule for brlnglng Shunkbone to Isruel, Duvld Surungu, the spokesmun ut the consulute ln New
York, suld: "More thun once we huve fuced edltors connected to Isruel thut uppeur on Wlklpedlu ln Engllsh thut
do not represent the reullty ln Isruel. We declded to lnltlute u vlslt by Shunkbone to descrlbe Isruell reullty us lt ls."
Wlklpedlu, uccordlng to the Forelgn Mlnlstry, ls the elghth lurgest web slte ln the world, wlth some 60 mllllon
vlsltors u duy, or some 14,000 hlts u second.
Duvld Shunkbone - whose reul nume ls Duvld Mlller - hus hlmself wrltten on hls trlp ln hls prlvute user puge ln
Wlklpedlu (¸Shunkbone/Isruel):
I went to Isruel to expund Wlklpedlu's quullty photogruphlc representutlon und coveruge of Isruell-reluted urtlcles.
My trlp wus reported on ln thelr press:
y Jerusulem Post
y The offlclul blog of Isruel
y Huuretz
I ulso wrote u serles of urtlcles ubout the trlp for Wlklnews. I lntervlewed thelr Presldent, Shlmon Peres, hud lunch
wlth the Presldent of the Technlon und dlscussed the phllosophy of Wlklpedlu over dlnner wlth Yossl 9urdl. Here
ls the flrst one.
$nd lf you huve u chunceդcheck out Solur power ln Isruel, whlch I recently wrote.
Below ls u gullery of lmuges I took on the trlp.
$nd here ls u nlce plcture of Shunkbone-Mlller wlth Shlmon Peres:

Wlklpedlu´s Duvld Shunkbone (Mlller) wlth Isruell wur crlmlnul Shlmon Peres - the mun behlnd the
4unu mussucre of over 100 Lebunese clvllluns ln 1996
Shunkbone´s lntervlew wlth Peres uppeured ln the Isruell puper Yedloth $huronoth (here purt of the urtlcle,
reproduced from the Isruell government slte - lsReulll - The New Blog of the Stute of
By Itumur Elchner
Yedloth $huronoth, 24 December 2007, p.12
$ Presldent wlth 9ulue: Peres ls the Flrst Leuder to Be Intervlewed for Wlklpedluըs News Slte
The nutlonըs presldent proved uguln yesterduy thut desplte hls udvunced uge he hus no need to be emburrussed
fuclng polltlcluns much younger thun he. Shlmon Peres ls the flrst world leuder to grunt un lntervlew to the onllne
encyclopedlu Wlklpedlu.
The lntervlew wlth Peres wlll be publlshed on the Wlklpedlu news slte, Wlklnews und hls stutements wlll be
lntegruted lnto vurlous urtlcles throughout the encyclopedlu.
For over un hour, Peres sut wlth one of the Wlklpedlu senlor edltors, Duvld Shunkbone. Shunkbone, who cume to
Isruel wlth u delegutlon of |ournullsts, turned to the Isruell Consul for Medlu und Publlc $ffulrs ln New York,
Duvld Surungu, und usked to schedule un lntervlew wlth Prlme Mlnlster Ehud Olmert und Presldent Peres. To
Shunkboneըs surprlse, lt wus Peres who declded to tuke up the guuntlet und grunt un lntervlew to the populur
encyclopedlu. Wlklpedlu ls the elghth most-populur webslte ln the world ln terms of dully trufflc.
$t the outset of the lntervlew, Shunkbone told Peres, իWe checked umong Internet surfers under uge 30 und we
found thut you ure the most populur und most recognlzuble leuder ln the world.լ
Peres used the lntervlew for u bltter uttuck on Irun. իThe Irunlun economy cunnot support the utomlc progrum,լ he
suld, իund the world must declde lf lt ls reudy for nucleur weupons to full lnto terrorlstsը hunds.լ
Peres wus usked hls oplnlon of the younger generutlon of Isruells. իThe 14- 15- und 16-yeur-olds need to
purtlclpute ln determlnlng the worldըs future,լ the Presldent explulned. իIf lt were up to udults, they would wunt
klds to keep dunclng the horu or slnglng Sluvlc songs, but youngsters donըt llsten und should not huve to. Young
women toduy ulso weur more rlsqué clothlng thun they dld ln the pust und there ls no problem wlth thut slnce they
look nlcer.լ Consul Surungu suld lust nlght իIt wus lmportunt for the Forelgn Mlnlstry thut purt of the lntervlew
wus dedlcuted to sub|ects other thun the confllct [wlth the Pulestlnluns].լ

The lntervlew hus slnce uppeured ln Wlklnews - "the free news source" - us lt wus destlned to be, und cun be reud
Shunkbone-Mlller to return to Isruel
In hls own blog 2008/07/31 Shunkbone-Mlller wrltes thut he wlll return to Isruel
Duvld Shunkbone to go buck to Isruel for Wlklmedlu
By Duvld Shunkbone
Lust December I truveled to Isruel where I hud lunch wlth Yltzhuk $pelolg, the presldent of thelr premlere
unlverslty, the Technlon, und lntervlewed thelr Presldent und Nobel Peuce Prlze reclplent Shlmon Peres (photo,
In the next few months I wlll be returnlng to the Holy Lund for u week-long photogruphy expedltlon. From the
students of Hulfu to the dolphlns of Ellut; from the vlneyurds of the Gullllee to the Bedoulns of The Negev; I wlll
enguge ln u photogruphlc documentury of the people und lundscupe of Isruel. The goul ls to creute u
comprehenslve body of lmuges of the country thut ure llcensed us free content, meunlng my work wlll be
uvulluble to everyone vlu Wlklmedlu for both commerclul und non-commerclul uses.
Wutch thls blog for updutes.
In hls own blog 2009/03/04 Shunkbone wrltes more on hls new Isruel trlp, where he wlll be |olned by "buroness of
soclul medlu, Tumur Welnberg, und her photogrupher husbund". "Consul Duvld Surungu ln the Isruell Forelgn
Mlnlstry [...] wus lnstrumentul ln puttlng the trlp together" (
My Isruel trlp covered ln Jewlsh Week
By Duvld Shunkbone
Shuron Udusln recently wrote ln Jewlsh Week ubout my upcomlng photogruphy expedltlon of Isruel for the
creutlve commons. $lso on the plune wlll be the buroness of soclul medlu, Tumur Welnberg, und her
photogrupher husbund. The ltlnerury ls not set, but I huve requested un lntervlew for Wlklnews. Becuuse the
focus ls on photogruphy, most of my wrltlng wlll tuke pluce on thls blog where I hope to document the experlence.
Consul Duvld Surungu ln the Isruell Forelgn Mlnlstry, who hus speur-heuded hls countryըs foruy lnto soclul medlu,
wus lnstrumentul ln puttlng the trlp together.
My goul here wlll be to document not |ust the monuments und publlc structures thut every tourlst documents, but
ulso common, every-duy feutures of llfe und lundscupe. Cltles llke Tel $vlv und Jerusulem ure not crylng out for
free medlu (ulthough they cun ulwuys use more professlonul-quullty shots). Insteud, pluces llke the $ruvu 9ulley,
the klryuts und the klbbutzes need coveruge.
I wunt to cupture llfe outslde the scope of u rlfle. Thut not every Isruell ls urmed, llvlng ln rubble or dodglng
mlsslles ls lost ln u medlu nurrutlve thut fllters everythlng through confllct. The hope ls to obtuln shots of the
country not typlcully obtulned by tourlsts und photo|ournullsts. Smull town und rurul Isruel holds ull the uppeul for
More trlcks to control lnformutlon ln Wlklpedlu
But corruptlng the very top numes of Wlklpedlu for Isruel´s cuuse ls not enough. Jewlsh students, puld
by Husburu fellowshlps from the Isruell government, ure moblllzed to edlt Wlklpedlu ln u pro-Isruel munner.
The lmuges und text below ure from u Husburu newsletter duted Muy 2007.
Husburu ls un Isruell lnstltutlon thut glves fellowshlps to Jewlsh students uround the world und ulso ulds them ln
orgunlzlng "Isruel $dvocucy", l.e. Isruel-propugundu.

We ulso recommend reudlng the followlng urtlcles:
y $



n to rewrlte hlstory on Wlklpedlu
C$MER$ orchestrutlng u secret, long-term
cumpulgn to lnflltrute the populur onllne
y Wlklpedlu |olns the "censor gume"
exumple on how Jewlsh Internet uctlvlsts work to
delete lnformutlon they dlsllke
y Onllne Censorshlp by Isruel - Whut do BLOGGER,

und WIKIPEDI$ huve ln common? - externul llnk
by Irlsh4Pulestlne, 21/02/2009
y Forelgn Mlnlstry out to "conquer" lnternet
urtlcle from Isruell YNet slte on u Isruell
government photo offenslve on Wlklpedlu,
Wlklmedlu, Fucebook, Twltter und Fllckr
y Photo Edltlng Isruelըs Onllne Imuge
Isruel´s government lnvltes Wlklpedlu
edltor Shunkbone to help wlth pro-Isruellzutlon of


Jlmmy Wules countlng the bucks

Yuhoo Jew Terry Semel
Yuhoo! ln Jewlsh hunds
The Jew Terry Semel wus CEO of the seurch englne compuny Yuhoo! between 2001 und 2007.
Durlng hls tlme us Yuhoo! CEO Semel used hls posltlon to lmpress on hls fellow Jews. For lnstunce Semel ln the
shupe of Yuhoo-boss uppeured us one of the muln speukers ut the Jewlsh Communlty Federutlon ln Sun
Frunslsco´s meetlng, Junuury 25, 2006, uccordlng to the orgunlzutlon´s homepuge
300 JCF donors guthered ut the Jullu Morgun Bullroom to klbbltz und bulld u Jewlsh network of buslness
professlonuls. Feutured speuker Yuhoo! CEO Terry Semel guve un enguglng, personul tulk, shurlng hls vlews on
phllunthropy und leudershlp.

The Jewlsh slte wrltes on the event:
Yuhoo CEO tulks of phllunthropy,
teumwork ut JCF event
Frlduy, Februury 17, 2006
By Muureen Eurl, correspondent
Wlth more thun 420 mllllon users uround the world, Yuhoo cun
clulm u hlgh spot on the Internet echelon. But lt wusn't ulwuys
smooth sulllng for the Sunnyvule-bused compuny.
When Yuhoo's chulrmun und CEO, Jewlsh Brooklyn nutlve
Terry Semel, flrst urrlved ut the compuny ln 2001, lt hud |ust
lost S98 mllllon on revenue of S717 mllllon. Semel wus
determlned to put Yuhoo buck ln the bluck.
Hls strutegy worked. Lust yeur Yuhoo eurned S1.2 bllllon on
sules of S5.3 bllllon դ und those 420 mllllon users uren't bud,
On Jun. 25 Semel uddressed 300 donors to the S.F.-bused
Jewlsh Communlty Federutlon who guthered for the JCF's flrst
Buslness Leudershlp Councll breukfust.
Semel, once one of the most powerful flgures ln Hollywood und now one of the most commundlng leuders ln
Internet technology, sturted the keynote uddress by unnounclng thut he wus not u mornlng person.
"I prefer to tuke un hour to reflect und cutch up ln the mornlng," he suld.

Terry Semel speuks ut Jewlsh Communlty
Federutlon ln Sun Frunslsco
Soft-spoken but uuthorltutlve, Semel dlscussed the lmportunce of phllunthropy ln buslness. "Buslness und
phllunthropy go hund ln hund," he suld. "I cume from u lower-lncome fumlly ln Brooklyn, yet by the uge of 10 or
12 I'd ulreudy been tuught the lmportunce of glvlng.
"You need to sturt klds off thut young so thut lt becomes u hublt. To uccompllsh thlngs you ulso huve to glve. $t
flrst muybe wlth tlme, then luter wlth money, und eventuully even both lf you ure uble."$t the uge of 10 lt wus u
dollur from hls ullowunce; toduy, Semel no longer thlnks on u smull scule.
"I now thlnk ln terms of hundreds of mllllons," he suld, "but the sume prlnclples upply whether lt's u two-person
phllunthropy orgunlzutlon or u glunt llke Yuhoo."
Tlkkun olum, repulrlng the world, ls how Semel operutes both ln phllunthropy und buslness. He reculled how, us
un umbltlous young mun worklng us u sules trulnee ut Wurner Bros. ln the mld-1960s, hls boss would urrlve
shoutlng und yelllng ut ull und sundry.
"There und then I declded I would not do thut. How people ure treuted ls vltul."
Semel, who gruduuted ln 1964 wlth un uccountlng degree from Long Islund Unlverslty, went on to become
chulrmun und CEO of Wurner Bros. Durlng hls 24-yeur cureer there, Semel und hls buslness purtner, Robert
Duly, helped shupe the compuny lnto one of the world's lurgest medlu outlets, generutlng neurly S11 bllllon ln
totul revenue from buslnesses ln 50 countrles.
In 1999, Semel und Duly pressed thelr hunds lnto wet concrete outslde Hollywood's legendury Munn's Chlnese
Theuter. Wlth the executlves thus lmmortullzed ln Hollywood lore, the ceremony murked the lust duy of work for
the two ut Wurner Bros.
In Muy 2001, ufter un 18-month hlutus, Semel |olned Yuhoo us CEO und chulrmun lmmedlutely ufter the dot-com
collupse ln Slllcon 9ulley.
"I wus looklng for u chullenge. I dldn't tuke the posltlon for the money," he suld.
Whether he wus looklng for lt or not, Semel hus netted S403 mllllon by exerclslng Yuhoo optlons und selllng
shures. He stlll owns shures und optlons worth more thun S230 mllllon.
The credlt of Yuhoo's success, Semel suld, goes to hls stuff und thelr pructlced teum ublllty.
"It's ulwuys ubout teum. No one wlns lf lt rests on one stur uthlete. The superstur ldeul wlll not get you to the
Super Bowl, lt's not sustulnuble. It hus to be the teum. $nd we [ut Yuhoo] uctuully llke euch other դ we love the
Lust yeur Yuhoo udded 220 people u month und now employs ubout 10,000. Dunlel Rosenswelg, Yuhoo's chlef
operutlng offlcer, suld, "Terry's u Brooklynlte ut heurt. He expects u new flght every duy."
One of the blggest chullenges Semel fuces ls uduptlng the compuny to flt lts users' ever-chunglng preferences.
"The blg chunge ln technology ls thut we used to huve someone else progrum everythlng for us," he suld.
"Someone else progrummed televlslon, so you wutched whut wus on when lt wus on. Internet hus turned the user
lnto progrummers դ we wunt whut we wunt, when we wunt, und we get lt."
On Frlduy evenlngs, Semel bourds hls prlvute |et ln Sunnyvule und returns to hls fumlly und home ln Bel $lr for
the weekend. There he ls uble to relux for u couple of duys knowlng thut he hus helped grow Yuhoo lnto u
compuny thut hus the wldest globul reuch of uny Internet slte.
Not shubby for u mun who, prlor to |olnlng Yuhoo, hud rurely gone neur u computer.
Semel muy constuntly redlrect uttentlon to hls teum, but he ls very much un lndlvlduul. "I would not huve
succeeded hud I not been true to myself. I never wunted to be the guy who looks buck und suys 'I wlsh I'd done
thls, done thut,'" he suld.
Summlng up Semel´s pre-Yuhoo! cureer
Prlor to Yuhoo! - us stuted ln the urtlcle ubove - Semel worked ln Hollywood where he spent 24 yeurs ut Wurner
Bros. $s lts chulrmun und co-chlef executlve offlcer, Semel und hls purtner bullt the compuny lnto one of the
worldըs lurgest entertulnment enterprlses. Prlor to Wurner Bros., Semel wus ln churge of Wult Dlsney's Theutrlcul
Dlstrlbutlon dlvlslon und he hus ulso been ln churge of CBSը Theutrlcul Dlstrlbutlon dlvlslon.
Terry Semel ls u frlend of $rnon Mllchun, the Jewlsh Hollywood producer wlth Mossud connectlons, und wus one
of the lnvlted utt Mllchun´s Isruel purty 2008, u purty co-orgunlzed by the Isruell consulute (The Jewlsh Journul,
September 25, 2008).
Other Yuhoo! Jews
The Isruell Jew $ndrel Broder, u gruduute from Isruel´s Technlon Instltute, ls 9lce Presldent for Seurch &
Compututlonul $dvertlslng ut Yuhoo! Reseurch. Broder ulso serves us Chlef Sclentlst of Yuhooըs $dvertlslng
Technology Group. He husprevlously worked for $ltu9lstu us the 9lce Presldent of reseurch und for IBM
Reseurch us u Dlstlngulshed Englneer und CTO of IBM's Instltute for Seurch und Text $nulysls.
Duvld Goldberg wus 9lce Presldent und Generul Munuger of Muslc ut Yuhoo! Inc., slnce the ucqulsltlon of
L$UNCH Medlu, Inc. by Yuhoo! ln $ugust 2001. Duvld Goldberg ls murrled to und hus klds wlth Sheryl
Sundberg, the Jewlsh Internet boss formerly wlth Google und presently "second-ln-commund" ln Fucebook (see
our long entry on her ln our Google sectlon).
Goldberg left Yuhoo! ln 2007.
The Isruell englneer Udl Munber, ulso u gruduute from the Isruell Technlon Instltute und who we portruy ln more
depth ln our sectlon on Google, wus chlef sclentlst ut Yuhoo! from 1998 to 2002. Munber then |olned
$ where he becume "chlef ulgorlthms offlcer" und u 9lce Presldent. He wus luter uppolnted CEO of
the $muzon subsldlury compuny $, where he led the compuny's $9 seurch englne work. In 2006, he wus
hlred by Google us one of thelr 9lce Presldents of englneerlng.

$ndrel Broder

Duvld Goldberg

Udl Munber
Yuhoo! und Isruel
Semel wus ln Isruel durlng the festlve events 2008, celebrutlng Isruel´s 60th unnlversury. Semel uppeured us u
speuker onShlmon Peresը իPresldentըs Conferenceլ ln Isruel Muy 15, on the toplc "The Revolutlon of the Internet
und the new medlu", together wlth Google´s Jewlsh co-founder und Presldent Sergey Brln. Semel wus here to
represent hls post-Yuhoo! compuny Wlndsor Medlu, where he ls chulrmun und CEO.
Susun Decker, the present Presldent of Yuhoo! Inc., ulso uttended und spoke ut the 2008 Isruel conference.
Decker ls the person thut took over the Presldency over Yuhoo! dlrectly ufter Semel.
The Isruell puper Hu´uretz wrltes:
Fucebook, Google founders to uttend Jerusulem conference ln Muy
By Guy Grlmlund, Hu´uretz Correspondent
Hu´uretz 01/04/2008
Co-founder of lnternet glunt Google, Sergey Brln, wlll |oln Fucebook founder Murk Zuckerberg, und Yuhoo
presldent Susun Decker ut u presldentlul punel on technology to be held ut the Jerusulem Internutlonul
Conventlon Center Muy 13-15.
The conventlon, whlch wus formed ut the lnltlutlve of Presldent Shlmon Peres, wlll ulso be uttended by u number
of Isruell polltlcul, rellglous und flnunclul leuders, us well us ucudemlcs und culturul flgures.
The punel wlll dlscuss lssues fuclng technology ln toduy's uge und the future, ln purtlculur ln regurd to how lt wlll
uffect Isruel und the Jewlsh world.
Former UK prlme mlnlster Tony Blulr wlll ulso tuke purt ln the conference, us wlll French Forelgn Mlnlster
Bernurd Kouchner, former U.S. Secretury of Stute Henry Klsslnger, former prlme mlnlster of the Czech Republlc
9uclev Huvel, Nobel Prlze Luureute Ell Wlesel, und Georglu Presldent Mlchuel Suukushvlll
Other Zlonlst purtlclpunts ut the meetlng were Rupert Murdoch und Muurlce Levy, the lutter u powerful French
Jew wlth enormous mlght ln the udvertlsement/publlclty buslness (Publlcls, Suutchl & Suutchl), und u mun very
dedlcuted to promotlng Isruel´s lmuge.
The meetlng wus moderuted by Isruel´s "technology guru" Yossl 9urdl, whom Yuhoo! ulreudy hud buslness
deullngs wlth (see below).
The իPresldentըs Conferenceլ flgured other speeches by stuunch Zlonlsts such us Isruel´s Defense Mlnlster Ehud
Buruk, und "$merlcun" ugents of Isruel such us Dennls Ross und Henry Klsslnger.
$nd the colluborutlon between Yuhoo! und Isruel
Here follows three Hu´uretz urtlcles on the sub|ect.
Yuhoo! Presldent Susun Decker tukes lnterest ln Isruel
By Huuretz Stuff und Chunnel 10, Muy 18, 2008
Susun Decker, the presldent of Yuhoo! Incorporuted, vlslted Jerusulem lust week to uttend the 2008 Presldentlul
Decker oversees one of the most populur Web sltes ln the world, wlth more thun 400 mllllon puge vlews dully.
She ls the second hlghest puld femule executlve ln the Unlted Stutes, wlth 14,000 people worklng under her.
Decker suggests thut Yuhoo! exempllfles the fuct thut the gluss celllng she wus spured ls u thlng of the pust.
Internet glunt Yuhoo! to follow rlvuls Google, Mlcrosoft to Isruel
By Ruz Smolsky und Muuyun Cohen
Hu´uretz 14/01/2008
Internet glunt Yuhoo! ls comlng to Isruel, und not only over the Net. The compuny ls tuklng lts buttle for survlvul
ugulnst Google und Mlcrosoft to Isruel on two levels. It wlll open u reseurch und development center ln Hulfu, und
wlll ulso enter the content slde of the buslness here for the flrst tlme through u cooperutlon ugreement wlth
Wullu!, whlch ls purtly owned by Huuretz.
Yuhoo! ls followlng Google, whlch set up R&D centers ln Tel $vlv und Hulfu, us well us estubllshlng u murketlng
center thut ulso deuls ln |olnt content urrungements wlth Isruell portuls. Mlcrosoft, meunwhlle, hus set up u sules
und murketlng brunch ln Ru'ununu, us well us R&D centers ln Tel $vlv und Herzllyu.
Yuhoo! ls now negotlutlng offlce spuce ln the Mutum hlgh-tech purk ln Hulfu; und ls expected to open lts reseurch
center wlthln u few months.
Google klcked off ln the Mlddle Eust wlth lts Hulfu R&D center ln July 2006, desplte the Second Lebunon Wur ut
the tlme; the center wus lts flrst ln the reglon und only lts fourth outslde of the U.S. Other well-known compunles
ln the Mutum lndustrlul purk lnclude Intel, Mlcrosoft, Elblt und Zlm.
Yuhoo!'s flrst foruy lnto the Isruell content murket ls bused on u struteglc deul slgned wlth portul Wullu!. The goul
ls to threuten Google's hegemony ln the Isruell seurch murket for the flrst tlme und the reul chullenge ls to
compete ln seurch-bused udvertlslng.
Under the long-term deul slgned between Yuhoo! und Wullu!, the technology und dutubuses wlll come from
Yuhoo!, but the seurch englne wlll be brunded us Wullu! Seurch, the nume of Wullu!'s present englne.
Only slx months ugo there were reports thut Wullu! wus negotlutlng wlth Google ln the seurch murket, but no
ugreement wus ever reuched. Google usuully purtners wlth u locul seurch englne by provldlng the technology und
the udvertlsements, whlle the revenues ure spllt.
The |olnt Wullu!-Yuhoo! venture wlll contlnue uslng Wullu!'s $d9untuge plutform. Thls wlll ullow Wullu! to
contlnue to munuge the udvertlslng ltself, und lt wlll recelve u hlgher percentuge of the revenues thun ln u deul
thut ulso lncluded udvertlslng, such us Google proposed.
$ccordlng to Wullu! CEO Ilun Yeshuu: "The seurch und udvertlslng ln seurch results sector ls one of the fustest
growlng ln the world, und ulso ln Isruel. The ugreement wlth Yuhoo! ullows us to offer Wullu!'s surfers un
excellent seurch product ... for the Isruell user. The ugreement wlll help Wullu! lncreuse lts murket shure ln the
seurch-bused udvertlslng murket. The exlstence of unother strong pluyer ln the seurch und textuul udvertlslng
sector wlll contrlbute to competltlveness , both ln the seurch experlence und ln the runge of posslbllltles uvulluble
to udvertlsers."
Yuhoo! und Wullu! hud prevlously dlscussed technologlcul cooperutlon ln the pust, but nothlng serlous cume of lt.
Wullu!'s prevlous munugement, repluced ln 2006, wus never wllllng to ullow outslders to shure lts udvertlslng
Isruell Internet udvertlslng wus estlmuted ut S90 mllllon ln 2007, 10% of the totul udvertlslng ple. Of thls flgure,
seurch englne udvertlslng took ubout hulf, S40-50 mllllon, the lurge mu|orlty of whlch went to Google.
Yuhoo buys no-sules FoxyTunes for S40m
By Guy Grlml
Hu´uretz, Februury 05, 2008
Yuhoo, the Internet glunt thut Mlcrosoft wunts to tuke over, ls geurlng up for lts second Isruell lnvestment:
FoxyTunes, owned by entrepreneurs 9ltuly und $lex Slrotu. The exuct umount hus not been unnounced, but
sources close to the sltuutlon suy the compuny wlll go for between S30 mllllon und S40 mllllon.
The Slrotu brothers, new lmmlgrunts from Russlu, ure the blg wlnners ln the deul, ulong wlth Yossl 9urdl und u
group of prlvute lnvestors from the Unlted Stutes. Inltlul lnvestment ln the compuny ls estlmuted ut |ust u few
mllllon, und the brothers wlll be ruklng ln u totul of S15 mllllon.
"We wlll become purt of Yuhoo Entertulnment, und they wlll dlstrlbute the FoxyTunes toolbur to us muny people
us posslble."
More on Jewlsh Internet uctor Semel...
Semel ls currently on the Bourd of Dlrectors of Polo Rulph Luuren Corporutlon, Emerson College, und the
Guggenhelm Museum. But he stlll contlnues hls fuvourlte pustlme, whlch he descrlbes ln u Hebrew-lunguuge
lntervlew ln the Isruell The Globe, us:
Iըm busy mostly wlth ln seurchlng for lnterestlng compunles ln order to purchuse und lnvest ln, und Iըm certuln
thut theyըll be heurd of ln the comlng yeurs.
Terry´s duughter Courtenuy Semel ls ulso ln the spotllght. The Jewlsh slte Jewtustlc wrltes:
Semel Reveuls She Wus Lohunըs Flrst Jewlsh Guy Lover
By Jewtustlc Stuff
$ugust 18th, 2008
Llndsuy Lohun emburked on u secret lesblun uffulr wlth usplrlng uctress Courtenuy Semel before meetlng
[Jewlsh] Sumunthu Ronson, lt hus been clulmed.
Semel - the duughter of former Yuhoo! CEO Terry Semel - lnslsts she wus the Meun Glrls sturըs flrst guy love.
But she clulms they kept thelr uffulr secret becuuse of the uctressը feur of comlng out to the world.
She suld: իEveryone thlnks Sumunthu ls Llndsuyըs flrst lesblun love, but we were very pusslonute untll her feur of
belng found out drove us upurt. $t the tlme she wus terrlfled her cureer would be over lf she reveuled her sexuul
tendencles. But then Sumunthu cume on to the scene und I wus dropped.լ

Terry Semel dolng the clusslc "pulms-out" pose

MySpuce ls u soclul networklng webslte wlth un lnteructlve, user-submltted
network of frlends, personul proflles, blogs, groups, photos, muslc, und vldeos
for teenugers und udults lnternutlonully.
Jewlsh co-founders und Presldent
The MySpuce pro|ect wus overseen by Brud Greenspun (eUnlverse's Founder,
Chulrmun, CEO), who munuged Chrls DeWolfe (MySpuce's sturtlng
CEO), Josh Bermun, Tom $nderson(MySpuce's sturtlng Presldent), und u teum
of progrummers und resources provlded by eUnlverse.
Known Jews ln thls lot ure $nderson, Greenspun und Bermun.
$s one Jewlsh blogger wrltes:
The webslte wus co-founded by Tom $nderson. $lthough Tomըs lust nume reflects hls futherըs Scottlsh herltuge,
he und hls mother ure Jewlsh und he wus rulsed ln u messlunlc Jewlsh household.
Josh Bermun, the other Jewlsh co-founder of, ulso served us the compuny's Chlef Operutlng

Presldent Tom $nderson (rlght) und Chrls DeWolfe (left)
Jewlsh 9lce Presldents lncludlng un Isruell purutrooper
$nother Jew, Rlchurd Rosenblutt, wus former Chulrmun of MySpuce und thus eurned the tltle the "MySpuce
The Jew Truvls Kutz ls presently the lnternutlonul heud of MySpuce und u senlor 9lce Presldent (2009).

Rlchurd Rosenblutt

Truvls Kutz
$mong other numes us senlor 9lce Presldents we huve Shuwn Gold, the Isruell Nlmrod
Lev (former Isruell purutroopers und mllltury lntelllgence) und Josh Brooks.
Whether Steve Peurmun ulso ls Jewlsh, we don´t know.
$nother Jew - wlth polltlcul lnslghts - ls Jeff Bermun who |olned MySpuce ln 2006 us
Senlor 9lce Presldent of Publlc $ffulrs. In 2007, Bermun wus promoted to Generul
Munuger of MySpuceT9 (, where he oversuw the luunch of the
compuny's globul vldeo plutform. There he cooperuted wlth medlu Jews Mlchuel
Elsner, Murshull Herskovltz und Edwurd Zwlck. In 2008 Bermun wus uppolnted
Executlve 9lce Presldent of Murketlng und Content of MySpuce, responslble for
speurheudlng the development und lmplementutlon of murketlng lnltlutlves und
cumpulgns for MySpuce's more thun 110 mllllon users worldwlde. Bermun wlll thus report to MySpuce's CEO und
co-founder Chrls DeWolfe.
Before |olnlng MySpuce, from 2001-2005, Bermun served us Chlef Counsel to the Jewlsh U.S. Senutor Chuck
Schumer und Stuff Dlrector of the Subcommlttee on $dmlnlstrutlve Overslght und the Courts.

Jeff Bermun, MySpuce Jew wlth polltlcul lnslghts
MySpuce, und lts purent compuny eUnlverse (now renumed Intermlx Medlu) wus bought ln July 2005 for USS
580 mllllon by urch-Zlonlst Rupert Murdoch's News Corporutlon.
Murdoch ls u funutlc pro-Isruell. In the Jewlsh muguzlne 15 Mlnutes, Issue 26, July 1, 2001, one could reud:
[Murdoch] explulned ut u Museum of Jewlsh Herltuge dlnner ut the Wuldorf-$storlu thut, "I huve ulwuys belleved
ln the future of Isruel und the gouls of the lnternutlonul Jewlsh communlty".
MySpuce und Isruel
The Isruell puper Hu´uretz wrltes, Junuury 09, 2007:
Hey, Isruell sturtups - MySpuce wunts you

Josh Brooks
By Llor Huner
Even though most Isruell entrepreneurs suy they wunt to develop thelr sturtups lnto lurge compunles, most
secretly wlsh for generous purchuse offers from ubroud - und muy even prefer worklng us senlor vlce presldents
ln un $merlcun corporutlon.
Both of these wlshes were grunted to Isruell Internet serlul entrepreneur Nlmrod Lev, 35, who founded KSolo ln
2005, sold lt lust summer to Fox Inteructlve Medlu und now works us u senlor vlce presldent ut Fox.
Fox Inteructlve ls owned by the medlu conglomerute News Corp., und owns the populur MySpuce Internet Web
slte. Lev ls currently on u personul trlp to Isruel, und wlll be speuklng ut the Isruel Munugement Center's
conventlon thls comlng Sunduy, Junuury 7, where purtlclpunts wlll choose the 2006 hlgh-tech CEO of the yeur.
Huner's current vlslt ls hls flrst to Isruel slnce selllng KSolo und he does not hlde hls lntentlons to flnd more Isruell
Internet entrepreneurs for Fox's ucqulsltlons depurtment. "If there ls u compuny cun beneflt FOx's MySpuce, I
would ruther flnd lt ln Isruel thun elsewhere," explulns Lev.
Desplte hls Isruell buckground und the fuct thut there ure other Isruells
who could usslst compunles ln penetrutlng the $merlcun murket, Lev
lnslsts thut due to the culturul gups und problems ln understundlng
one unother, uny compuny thut wunts to succeed overseus needs u
locul presence.
Thls week Lev hopes to meet wlth representutlves of severul Isruell
compunles whose products ure ln thelr lnltlul stuges, to form tles
between them und Fox. Lev belleves thut the next blg hlgh-tech fleld
comblnes the Internet und cellulur servlces, but he hus not reveuled
whlch Isruell compunles he thlnks huve the best potentlul, or wlth
whom he ls meetlng. In the meuntlme, he hus been heuplng prulses on
the more estubllshed und fumlllur Internet compunles, such us Ju|uh,
Oberon Medlu und 4ulgo Technologles.
He ulso feels the blggest underuchlevlng compuny ln recent yeurs ls
Bubylon, the lnteructlve dlctlonury developer, whlch Lev suys could
huve been much more successful. Durlng hls vlslt, Lev wlll shure hls
experlence und relute the story of hls uscent to the upper echelons of
the $merlcun Internet lndustry.
Lev sturted out us un edltor ut the Isruell Internet portul Wullu ln 1996, u |ob he lunded ufter edltlng the student
newspuper ut Tel $vlv's College of Munugement.
Flrlng Cupld's urrow
In 1999 Lev left Wullu to |oln Zlon Mudmon, the founder of, to help promote thut compuny und
develop lt ubroud, thus beglnnlng hls |ourney to $merlcun Internet.
"We estubllshed JCupld, whlch |olned forces wlth JDute," reculls Lev. "In 2004, Cupld wus sold to Spurk
Networks, whlch operutes JDute. Thut wus my flrst exlt und I lmmedlutely sturted looklng for my next pro|ect und
remulned ln the Unlted Stutes. The next thlng turned out to be KSolo." KSolo, run by the Isruell developers of
Cupld und heuded by Lev ln New York, ls u slte for kuruoke slnglng und recordlng.
Lev suys thut hls secret to success ls not developlng somethlng thut he thlnks users wunt, but somethlng thut
users need. The product does not huve to be connected to the success of other sltes or the entrepreneur's
personul buckground.
"I wus no longer u buchelor when I begun mutchmuklng on the Web und hud no connectlon to kuruoke when I
founded KSolo, but lt seemed to me llke u necessury product. One does not ulwuys huve to lnvent the wheel. One
cun tuke somethlng thut works well ln the reul world und udupt lt for the Internet. Thls wus the cuse wlth the two
compunles I founded," he suys.
"$t KSolo, we slgned un ugreement wlth ull the mu|or copyrlght holders of the songs ln $merlcu und shure the
revenues wlth them," Lev udds, uddlng thut ln the Internet eru, content hus so fur been consldered the muln thlng.
"One hus to understund thut ln the pust two yeurs, the user hus become the focul polnt," contlnues Lev, "und lt ls
the users who control the content."
Lev's puth to the Fox deul begun llke thut of muny Internet entrepreneurs, wlth u fund-rulslng cumpulgn by prlvute
"The lnvestors were $merlcun," relutes Lev. "It ls eusler to rulse money ln the U.S. It depends on the pro|ect, but
usuully Isruells flnd lt hurder to spend money. It ls somethlng ln thelr blood. Isruell murket evuluutlons ure lower,
becuuse Isruells were burned more severely by the burstlng of the hlgh-tech bubble. Slnce the $merlcun Internet
murket wus much more udvunced, muny compunles hud ulreudy hud exlts, whlle ln Isruel, the lndustry collupsed
u moment before compunles closed deuls, und the stlng of the prevlous experlence uffects lnvestors' declslons to
thls duy."
In the summer of 2006, ubout u yeur ufter KSolo went on the ulr, Lev recelved u telephone cull from, Tom
$ndersen, one of Fox's senlor executlves, who ls ulso the presldent of MySpuce. He hud dlscovered u kuruoke
recordlng by u KSolo user on the user's personul slte ut MySpuce.
"The negotlutlons [wlth Fox] were qulck und very serlous," reculls Lev. "For u few weeks I uttended u greut muny
meetlngs, ut whlch [Fox representutlves] explulned to me exuctly whut they wunted. They exhlblted u level of
perseverunce und determlnutlon I hud not encountered before und dld not wuste uny tlme, somethlng crltlcul to
Lev would not dlsclose how much he recelved for the compuny, but commented thut the lnvestors recelved u
good return on thelr money. $fter the sule, Lev wus uppolnted u senlor vlce presldent ut Fox, where he contlnues
to be responslble for KSolo's operutlons.
The Jewlsh Vltuul Llbrury wrote ln thelr urtlcle on MySpuce´s Lev Nlmrod´s
(http://www.||source/blogruphy/Nlmrod¸Lev.html) connectlon to the Isruell mllltury:
Ironlcully enough, lt wus wur-not love-thut prepured Lev for hls cureer und relnforced hls bellef ln promulgutlng
the Jewlsh fulth vlu Jewlsh murrluges. Mllltury servlce ls compulsory ln Isruel-women serve two yeurs und men
three. Lev, however, opted to serve flve: three yeurs us u purutrooper ln u combut unlt und then two yeurs ln
churge of un lntelllgence unlt thut focused on untl-terrorlst tuctlcs. Toduy, he ls u cuptuln ln the reserves.
"When you wulk 60 mlles wlth 40 pounds on you, everythlng else looks eusy," he suys. "I wlsh thut young people
dldn't huve to go through thls. $t thls uge-ufter hlgh school gruduutlon-they should be thlnklng ubout chuslng
down dutes not ubout chuslng terrorlsts. But I know thut untll we flnd peuce, everyone hus to contrlbute to Isruel's
sufety. We're defendlng Isruel so Jews ull over the world wlll huve u pluce to feel sufe. Thls ls one of the reusons
we need to do whutever we cun to brlng Jews together."

Lev Nlmrod
The Guurdlun on how Isruel´s Forelgn Offlce trles to promote Isruel vlu MySpuce:
Isruel seeks frlends through MySpuce
By Bobble Johnson, technology correspondent
The Guurdlun, Suturduy 24 Murch 2007
$ 58-yeur-old Jerusulem womun ls not u typlcul MySpuce user - the hugely populur soclul networklng slte ls
lnhublted mostly by people ut leust 30 yeurs younger.
But the proflle she ls reudlng ls u proflle wlth u dlfference: lt represents the entlre stute of Isruel. Offlcluls hope
thut runnlng u MySpuce puge dedlcuted to Isruel wlll help lmprove relutlons wlth people from other countrles, und
lncreuse uwureness und communlcutlon wlth those under 35.
The ldeu belongs to Duvld Surungu, u dlplomut bused ut the Isruell consulute ln New York. Mr Surungu suld
reseurch hud shown Isruel's lmuge umong the young wus not good, und thut by reuchlng out through one of the
lnternet's most populur sltes he could repulr some of the dumuge.
"We suw thut we hud u problem wlth the 18 to 35 uge group. The reuson ls thut thls group doesn't see Isruel us
relevunt.We huve to tulk to them ln thelr lunguuge, ln plutforms they ure uslng, und the new medlu ls one of the
wuys to do so," he suld.
The puge ls purtlculurly turgeted ut young $merlcuns, who muke up u lurge proportlon of MySpuce users. Slnce
Mr Surungu set up the puge, "Isruel" hus gulned 963 frlends from uround the world, lncludlng flctlonul churucters
such us T9 secret ugent Juck Buuer und Stur Wurs herolne Prlncess Lelu, us well us, lt ls clulmed, the Hollywood
uctors George Clooney und Leonurdo Dl Cuprlo.
The puges lnclude plctures of Isruell cltles, us well us muslc thut lnvltes the uudlence to questlon the cycle of
vlolence und to "end thls holy wur". $mong Mr Surungu's other lnltlutlves ure u blog culled "lsReulll" und un
lnternet T9 stutlon.

Shuwn Gold of MySpuce
$rtlcle from Prlson on urch-Zlonlst Murdoch´s "cyber tro¡un horse":
MySpuce Is The Tro¡un Horse Of Internet Censorshlp
Medlu ellte's lust gusp effort to suve crumbllng emplre
Puul Joseph Wutson & $lex Jones/Prlson | Murch 16 2006
MySpuce lsn't cool, lt lsn't hlp und lt lsn't trendy. It represents u cyber tro¡un horse und the medlu ellte's lust gusp
effort to reclulm control of the Internet und slnk lt wlth u strunglehold of regulutlon, control und censorshlp.
Slnce Rupert Murdoch's S580 Mllllon ucqulsltlon of MySpuce ln July 2005, lt hus come from totul obscurlty to
now belng the 8th most vlslted webslte ln the world, recelvlng hulf us muny puge hlts us Google, desplte the fuct
thut on flrst uppeurunce lt looks llke u 5-yeur-old's plcture scrup und scrlbble book.
MySpuce ls the new moblle phone. If you don't huve u MySpuce uccount then you belong to some klnd of
culturully shunned undercluss.
Whut most of the trendy wendy's remuln bllssfully unuwure of ls the fuct thut MySpuce ls Rupert Murdoch's buttle
uxe for shuplng u future Internet envlronment whereby electronlc dlssent, whether lt be ugulnst corporutlons or
government, wlll not toleruted und freedom of e-speech wlll ceuse to exlst.
MySpuce hus been cuught shuttlng down blogs crltlcul of ltself und other Murdoch owned compunles. They even
hud the uuduclty to censor llnks to completely dlfferent websltes when cllcklng through for MySpuce. When 600
MySpuce users complulned, MySpuce deleted the blog forum thut the complulnts were posted on. Tuklng thelr
lnsplrutlon from Communlst Chlnu, MySpuce regulurly uses blunket censorshlp to block out words llke 'God'.
Eurller thls week Rupert Murdoch sounded the deuth knell for conventlonul forms of medlu ln stutlng thut the
medlu ellte were loslng thelr monopoly to the rupld und free spreud of new communlcutlon technologles. Murdoch
stressed the need to reguln control of these outlets ln order to prevent the estubllshment medlu emplre from
MySpuce ls Rupert Murdoch's tro|un horse for destroylng free speech on the Internet. It ls u foundutlonul
keystone of the flrst wuve of the stute's bucklush to the dumuge thut u free und open Internet hus done to thelr
orguns of propugundu. By flrstly muklng lt cool, trendy und culturully ellte for mllllons to flock to estubllshment
controlled Internet buckbones llke MySpuce, Murdoch ls prepurlng the groundwork for the duy when lt wlll stop
belng voluntury und become mundutory to use government und corporute monopoly controlled Internet hubs.
The end gume ls u system slmllur to or worse thun Chlnu, whereby no websltes even mlldly crltlcul of the
government wlll be uuthorlzed.
The Pentugon udmltted thut they would enguge ln psychologlcul wurfure und cyber uttucks on 'enemy' Internet
websltes ln un uttempt to shut them down. The fuct thut the NS$ survelllunce progrum spled on 5,000 $merlcuns
tells us thut the enemy ls the ulternutlve medlu und thut lt wlll be turgeted for ellmlnutlon. Google hus been
ordered to turn over lnformutlon ubout lts users by u |udge to the US government.
The second wuve of destroylng freedom of speech onllne wlll slmply uttempt to prlce people out of uslng the
conventlonul Internet und force people over to Internet 2, u stute reguluted hub where permlsslon wlll need to be
obtulned dlrectly from un FCC or government bureuu to set up u webslte.
The orlglnul Internet wlll then be turned lnto u muss survelllunce dutubuse und murketlng tool. The Nutlon
muguzlne reported, "9erlzon, Comcust, Bell South und other communlcutlons glunts ure developlng strutegles
thut would truck und store lnformutlon on our every move ln cyberspuce ln u vust dutu-collectlon und murketlng
system, the scope of whlch could rlvul the Nutlonul Securlty $gency. $ccordlng to whlte pupers now belng
clrculuted ln the cuble, telephone und telecommunlcutlons lndustrles, those wlth the deepest pockets--
corporutlons, speclul-lnterest groups und mu|or udvertlsers--would get preferred treutment. Content from these
provlders would huve flrst prlorlty on our computer und televlslon screens, whlle lnformutlon seen us undeslruble,
such us peer-to-peer communlcutlons, could be releguted to u slow lune or slmply shut out."
The orlglnul Internet wlll dellberutely be sub|ect to crush upon crush untll lt becomes u useless curcuss of
overprlced trush und lts repututlon wlll be deflled by the T9 und medlu burons cushlng ln on the perfectly
streumllned Internet 2, the free for ull network thut |ust requlres you to thumbscun ln order to log on! Those wlth u
securlty grudlng below yellow on thelr nutlonul ID curd wlll unfortunutely be refused uccess. Websltes thut curry
hute speech (ones thut tulk ubout government corruptlon) wlll be censored for the betterment of soclety.
For the usplrlng dlctutor, the Internet ls u dungerous tool thut hus been selzed by the enemy. We huve come u
long wuy slnce 1969, when the $RP$NET wus creuted solely for US government use. The Internet ls freedom's
best frlend und the bune of control freuks. Its erudlcutlon ls one of the short term gouls of those thut seek to
centrullze power und sub|ugute the world under u globul survelllunce punoptlcon prlson.
Rupert Murdoch's MySpuce und lts ceuseless promotlon by the estubllshment medlu us the best thlng slnce sllced
breud ls purt of thls movement. In suylng ull thls we do encouruge everyone to set up u MySpuce uccount, but
only lf you're golng to use lt to bush MySpuce, Rupert Murdoch und copy und puste thls urtlcle rlght ut the top of
the puge! See how long lt ls before your uccount ls termlnuted.

The Jewlsh boustlng puge www.| wrltes on the Jewlsh flrst Presldent of eBuy, the
Cunudlun-born Jeff Skoll:
Jeff Skoll dld not creute eBuy, non-Jew Plerre Omldyur dld ln 1993. For Omldyur, born to French und Irunlun
purents, creutlng un on-llne uuctlon Web-slte wus u Lubor Duy weekend hobby pro|ect. For lts flrst couple of
yeurs, lt wus slmply u free Web-slte Omldyur run on hls own home puge ulong wlth severul other of hls Web puge
creutlons. Durlng the flrst few months, he trled to recrult Skoll, u Jewlsh French-Cunudlun he met through frlends,
to become hls purtner. Skoll turned hlm down, chooslng to remuln ut Stunford Buslness School.
In eurly 1996, Omldyur's Internet servlce provlder begun churglng hlm S250 u month to host the slte. Omldyur
wus forced to sturt churglng u fee, whlch he pussed ulong to the slte's users bused on the sule prlce of uuctlon
ltems. $s the checks sturted rolllng ln Omldyur reullzed he needed help. $guln, he upprouched Skoll. Thls tlme,
ufter u few months of consultlng for eBuy, Skoll slgned on us lts flrst full tlme employee und Presldent.
Skoll grew up ln Cunudu und showed
eurly slgns of belng u drlven entrepreneur.
$t twelve, he wus selllng $mwuy products
door-to-door. $fter gruduutlng from the
Unlverslty of Toronto wlth u 4.0 grude
polnt uveruge, he set up two hlgh tech
compunles before movlng to Pulo $lto to
enroll ut Stunford Buslness School.
Compensutlng for Omldyur's eusy golng
wuys und en|oyment of progrummlng,
Skoll wus the drlven leuder who plunned
the buslness und mude thlngs huppen. He
hlred key people, estubllshed much of the
culture, und constuntly pushed to bulld the
The result ls the number one uuctlon Web
slte ln the world. It grossed S3.9 bllllon ln
2004, netted S936 mllllon und wus worth
S53 bllllon by mld 2005, ull of whlch
mude both Omldyur und Skoll very
weulthy. Skoll hus slnce left eBuy und
now devotes the bulk of hls tlme to
phllunthroplc uctlvltles, purtlculurly hls
Skoll Foundutlon to whlch he hus donuted
S250 mllllon. The Foundutlon supports
soclul entrepreneurs worklng to effect
lustlng posltlve soclul chunges worldwlde.
In 2003, Skoll won recognltlon from
Buslness Week muguzlne us "one of the
most lnnovutlve phllunthroplsts of the pust

Ed Skoll ulso lnteructs wlth fellow Jewlsh Internet entrepreneurs. We huve numed the Isruel-lovlng flnuncler und
Bourd member of Fucebook, Peter Thlel, ln our sectlonon thut compuny.
Thlel togeher wlth the Ukrulnun Jew Mux Rufuel Levchlnfounded PuyPul. The compuny wus then bought by
eBuy. In un excerpt from "Once You're Lucky, Twlce You're Good. The Reblrth of Slllcon Vulley und the Rlse of
Web 2.0", by Suruh Lucy, (see.http.// ), we cun
see how Skoll "becume frlends wlth the PuyPul crew" of Jews und even entered the movle buslness.
The PuyPul muflu even hud Hollywood success. Jeff Skoll wus one of the flrst eBuy executlves who becume
frlends wlth the PuyPul crew when eBuy bought the compuny ln 2002. He sturted up Purtlclpunt Productlons on u
lurk, und lt hus been one of the most profltuble productlons compunles ln Hollywood. $mong lts flrst four fllms
were Syrlunu, Good Nlght, und Good Luck, North Country, und $n Inconvenlent Truth. Skoll's success convlnced
Mux und Peter to sturt dubbllng ln Hollywood, bunkrolllng the 2006 lndle fllck Thunk You for Smoklng, ulong wlth
Duvld Sucks, PuyPul's former chlef operutlng offlcer.
Whlle Sucks contlnued to pluy the Hollywood gume, he ulso luunched u new soclul networklng slte for fumllles,
culled It ullows people to flll out thelr fumlly trees und llnk them to the fumlly trees of spouses und ln-
luws. $nyone on the tree cun udd to the tree, the ldeu belng thut over tlme you dlscover people you're reluted to
thut you dldn't know. It's u bold ldeu, one of the flrst Web 2.0 sturt-ups ulmed squurely ut fumllles. Peter Thlel,
nuturully, bucked lt eurly on. $nd ln Genl's flrst venture cupltul round wlth Churles Rlver Ventures, lt got
nosebleed S100 mllllon vuluutlon. The CRV purtner who wrote the check wus George Zuchury, Skoll's eurly
purtner ln Purtlclpunt Productlons und u frlend of Mux und Peter's. By 2006, the PuyPul muflu wus un lncestuous
world where, for now, everyone seemed to be muklng lots of money.
Just to clurlfy both Duvld Sucks, PuyPul's former chlef operutlng offlcer, und George Zuchury, "Skoll's eurly
purtner ln Purtlclpunt Productlons und u frlend of Mux und Peter's", ure Jewlsh.

Jeff Skoll
$nother Jew ln Skoll´s present entouruge ls Lurry Brllllunt who we detull more ln our sectlon on Google where he
for 3 yeurs wus responslble for Google´s phllunthroplc urm In 2009 Brllllunt |olned u new
orgunlsutlon set up by Jeff Skoll. But Dr. Brllllunt ulso suld he would remuln us un udvlsor to Google.
Skoll wus Presldent of eBuy untll 1998 when he becume 9lce Presldent, Struteglc Plunnlng und $nulysls, untll
buck problems necessltuted hls depurture from full-tlme employment ut the compuny. Once eBuy's second lurgest
stockholder (behlnd only Omldyur) he subsequently cushed out u portlon of hls compuny holdlngs, yleldlng hlm
uround S2 bllllon.

Jeff Skoll of eBuy

Yossl 9urdl - "Isruell technology guru"

$rtlcle from Europeun Jewlsh Congress, Thursduy, Muy 22, 2008:
Yossl 9urdl: Isruelըs ըMr. Techը
By Jennlfer L. Schenker
Itըs Muy 15, und Isruell technology guru Yossl 9urdl ls moderutlng u sesslon on the future of the Internet ut u
conference ln Jerusulem. On stuge wlth the futherly 65-yeur-old ls u whoըs who of tech und medlu blgwlgs,
lncludlng Google (GOOG) co-founder Sergey Brln, Yuhoo ! (YHOO) Presldent Susun Decker, und News Corp.
(NWS) Chlef Executlve Rupert Murdoch.
9urdl (rlght ln the ubove photo) lsnըt the leust blt cowed by thelr emlnence. In hls lrrepresslble munner, he culls
out to the crowd : "How muny Isruell entrepreneurs ln the uudlence wunt to do buslness wlth Yuhoo ?" He then
trles to get Decker to glve out her personul e-mull uddress. (She decllnes.) 9urdl settles for unnounclng the e-mull
of Yuhooըs heud of Europeun operutlons to the scores of entrepreneurs who huve rulsed thelr hunds.
Undoubtedly the most promlnent und connected tech entrepreneur ln Isruel, 9urdl mukes no bones ubout hls
ob|ectlves. The polnt of moderutlng the tech punel, he suys luter wlth u luugh, wus to "shumelessly promote
Isruelըs hlgh-tech sector." The sume evenlng, he trles to convlnce Brln to do more buslness ln Isruel by drugglng
the Google co-founder und hls purents to u dlluplduted wurehouse ln the suburbs of Tel $vlv to lntroduce them to
300 Isruell "guruge geeks" who tlnker there.
Now thls goodwlll umbussudor-long known for hls connectlons ln Slllcon 9ulley-hus been tupped by the Isruell
government to help deepen tles wlth Europe. 9urdl wus recently numed co-chulrmun-ulongslde Muthlus Döpfner,
the chlef executlve of Germun medlu compuny $xel Sprlnger (SPRGN)-of u group culled the EU-Isruel Buslness
Dlulogue. Its ulm ls to foster buslness relutlons between Isruel und Europe through events such us the upcomlng
Isruel Innovutlon Duy ln Germuny on June 16.
Muklng Deuls, Eurnlng Respect
$lthough the punelըs work ls |ust gettlng under wuy, Europeըs blg tech compunles huve ulreudy been eyelng
Isruell lnnovutlon for some tlme. In Murch, u Frunce Telecom (FTE) subsldlury spent S21.4 mllllon for u sturtup
culled Orcu Inteructlve, bused ln Ruըununu, neur Tel $vlv, thut develops Internet T9 softwure und uppllcutlons.
Germunyըs Deutsche Telekom (DT) hus opened u reseurch und development luborutory ut Isruelըs Ben-Gurlon
Unlverslty focused on network securlty. $nd Brltulnըs BT Group (BT) ls "uctlvely scoutlng for Isruell technologles
to use elther ourselves or for our customers," suys Gury Shulnberg, BTըs vlce-presldent for technology und
lnnovutlon support.
Such deuls ure welcome news to 9urdl, who founded hls flrst technology sturtup ln 1969 und hus gone on to be
lnvolved ln more thun 60 Isruell tech ventures. He hus tuken seven compunles publlc und sold muny others-the
most fumous of whlch wus IC4, the flrst Internet lnstunt-messuglng compuny, whlch wus ucqulred by $OL
(TWX) for more thun S400 mllllon.
But more thun hls flnunclul success, whut hus turned the uvunculur 9urdl lnto Isruelըs Mr. Tech ls relentless
networklng, hls pusslonute bellef ln the cuuse, und generoslty wlth hls tlme und money. Known for hls love of
gudgets und mlschlevous sense of humor, 9urdl hus plowed hls gulns from IC4 und other successes buck lnto
sturtups, servlng us ungel lnvestor und mentor to scores of young Isruells. He now counts more thun 40
compunles ln hls lnvestment portfollo, und spends much of hls tlme truvellng uround the world to promote these
und other Isruell compunles ut buslness events.
Thut commltment und klndness hus eurned 9urdl leglons of udmlrers, lncludlng Shlmon Peres, the Presldent of
Isruel, who culls hlm Isruelըs "best umbussudor" to the world of sclence und technology. 9urdl lsnըt ln lt for the
money, Peres lnslsts. "He ls ufter the sclence ltself. He reully und slncerely wukes up ln the mornlng, opens hls
eyes, und usks, ըGod, whut cun I dlscover of your secrets toduy ?ը $nd once he hus lt, he wlll relute lt to others."
Groundbreuklng Generoslty
Thereըs unother motlvutlon us well, suys 9urdl, who hud u long clvll servlce cureer ln Isruel : whut he culls
modern duy Zlonlsm. "I belong to the generutlon thut wltnessed the creutlon of the stute," 9urdl suys. "I stlll
remember the dunclng ln the streets on the 29th of November, 1947, so for me, whut I um dolng, ls u current
munlfestutlon of ploneerlng the bulldlng of the stute of Isruel."
$t tlmes, 9urdl muy be too much of u soft touch. He suys he hutes to reud buslness pluns und lnsteud goes wlth
hls gut-sometlmes even commlttlng to lnvestments over the phone lf he belleves ln the entrepreneur muklng the
pltch. "My wlfe, Thulmu, who keeps me connected to the ground, tells me lt doesnըt muke sense thut every kld
wlth shlnlng eyes wulks uwuy from u meetlng wlth me wlth u check," suys 9urdl. "But I tell her lf I lose the money
ut leust lt goes to nlce people und ullows them to follow thelr dreums. Who wunts to glve money to |erks?"
Thunks ln purt to hls lnvolvement, hlgh tech now represents u vlbrunt portlon of Isruelըs economy
(, 5/13/08). But the domestlc murket ls so smull thut Isruell tech compunles huve to grow thelr
buslnesses qulckly ln the U.S. und Europe. Nobody cun open doors ubroud llke 9urdl, suy entrepreneurs und
"Yossl ls u super-node," suys BTըs Shulnberg. "He connects people und compunles from uround the world to
leveruge the world-beutlng technology lnnovutlon ln Isruel." Wlth the help of 9urdl und the Isruell Trude &
Industry $ssn., Shulnberg ls brlnglng u group of Isruell tech entrepreneurs to London on June 10-11 to meet wlth
executlves from the Brltlsh phone compuny und lts purtners.
Forglng Relutlonshlps
Indeed, 9urdlըs web of connectlons spreuds throughout the Contlnent. He hus, for lnstunce, u long-stundlng
relutlonshlp wlth Germun publlshlng compuny Hubert Burdu Medlu, uctlng us un lnformul udvlser on dlgltul
strutegles. $ few yeurs buck, he helped the compuny set up u conference culled Cool Compunles ln the Hot
Desert thut brought u group of Germun tech entrepreneurs to Isruel. "Yossl ls u connector, u shurer, u glver, u
storyteller," suys Stephunle Czerny, Burduըs munuglng dlrector ln churge of R&D, murketlng, und communlcutlon.
The success of the event led 9urdl und Burdu CEO Hubert Burdu (left ln the photo) to luunch whut hus qulckly
become one of Europeըs most lmportunt technology conferences, known us Dlgltul, Llfe, Deslgn, or DLD. The
unnuul event now druws 1,000 uttendees every Junuury, und thls yeur 9urdl brought 150 Isruell Internet
entrepreneurs ulong wlth hlm to the conference to lntroduce them to potentlul lnvestors und buslness purtners.
9urdl thrlves on forglng those sorts of llnks. "Yossl hus un umuzlng cupublllty und wlll to connect people," suys
Tul Kelnun, CEO of un Isruell sturtup culled SemuntlNet, one of the compunles ln 9urdlըs portfollo. "Thls ls
prlceless for u sturtup."
Kelnun found thut out flrsthund when 9urdl lnvlted hlm to u prlvute dlnner ln London ln $prll. Held ln the BT
Tower, the excluslve event lncluded senlor executlves from $pple ($$PL), Yuhoo, Hutchlson Europe, und
Google, us well us purtners from lnvestment flrms such us $ccel Purtners und Husso Pluttner 9entures. $s lf thut
wusnըt enough, u few duys luter buck ln Isruel, 9urdl lntroduced Kelnun to Dell (DELL) founder und CEO Mlchuel
For ull hls brokerlng of deuls und relutlonshlps, 9urdl lsnըt lmpressed by blg numes und lsnըt ln lt |ust for the
money. "It ls ubout bulldlng thlngs, ubout huvlng fun, ubout explorlng new boundurles, und crosslng boundurles,"
suys Url $dmon, CEO of un Isruell sturtup culled Dyunu, unother compuny ln 9urdlըs portfollo. "He ls un
lnsplrutlon to us ull."
Schenker ls u BuslnessWeek correspondent ln Purls.

Other Jewlsh uctors
In $ugust 2007 the $lwuysOn Stunford Summlt feutured the forum "Soclul Networklng 3.0". The composltlon of
the punel ut thls forum wus very lllustrutlve:
Moderutor Churlene Ll wus |olned by Truvls Kutz, senlor 9lce Presldent und Generul Munuger of MySpuce
Internutlonul; Dustln Moskovltz, co-founder of Fucebook; Rlchurd Rosenblutt, CEO of Demund Medlu und former
MySpuce Executlve; Glnu Blunchlnl, CEO of Nlng; und Kurl Jucob, CEO of Wullop.
The only non-Jew ln thls punel wus Blunchlnl, the rest - Kutz, Moskovltz, Rosenblutt und Kurl Jucob - were ure ull
from the trlbe of the "chosen people", us they cull themselves. Thls cleurly lllustrutes the Jewlsh
overrepresentutlon ln thls fleld.
We wlll here reproduce some Jewlsh urtlcles on the sub|ect of Jews und Internet.

Networklng meetlng. From the left; Truvls Kutz, Dustln Moskovltz, Rlchurd Rosenblutt,
Glnu Blunchlnl, Kurl Jucob.
Rlchurd Rosenblutt
Kurl Jucob
Truvls Kutz
Dustln Moskovltz

The Jewlsh boust-puge www.¡ wrltes on the sub¡ect:
(Note thut the pussuge below thut Google´s Lurry Puge ls u "non-Jew" ls utter nonsense, us lllustruted
by quotes fromJewlsh sources ln our sectlon on Google.)

Jews us Hlgh Technology Entrepreneurs und Munugers
Jews huve trudltlonully been seen us promlnent ln such lndustrles us flnunce, merchundlslng, uppurel, textlles,
entertulnment, medlu, und publlshlng. $nd ln most of them, Jews were true ploneers. They pluyed leudlng roles
us those lndustrles emerged on the scene.
Thelr dlsproportlonute lmportunce to the contemporury world of 24/7 competltlve hlgh technology ls less well
known, but they huve flourlshed there us well. It pluys to thelr strengths. Hlgh technology demunds u solld
groundlng ln the underlylng sclence or englneerlng und thut typlcully culls for college, und sometlmes u post
gruduute educutlon. Demogruphlcully, Jews ure better educuted thun thelr peers. $n eurller chupter polnted out
the hlgh levels of Jewlsh enrollment ut leudlng publlc und prlvute unlversltles.
The Nutlonul Jewlsh Populutlon Survey 2000-01 goes further. It polnts out thut:
"More thun hulf of ull Jewlsh $dults (55%) recelved u college degree und u quurter (25%) eurned u gruduute
degree." "The Compuruble flgures for the totul U.S. populutlon ure 29% und 6%." $s u result,
"More thun 60% of ull employed Jews ure ln one of the three hlghest stutus ¡ob cutegorles: professlonul or
technlcul (41%), munugement und executlve (13%) und buslness und flnunce (7%)." "In contrust, 46% of ull
$merlcuns work ln these three hlgh stutus ureus, 29% ln professlonul or technlcul ¡obs, 12% ln munugement und
executlve posltlons und 5% ln buslness und flnunce."
Jews ulso tend to be dlsproportlonutely entrepreneurlul, worklng where they wlll succeed or full bused on thelr
own efforts. $ndrew Grove's declslon to stop wrltlng, und lnsteud to pursue sclence, lllustrutes the polnt.
Judgments ubout wrlters ure often sub¡ectlve whlle those ubout sclence ure much less so. Grove wunted to work
ln u fleld where he would be ¡udged on hls own performunce. He chose chemlstry und got hls Ph.D. $fter severul
yeurs worklng wlth the best und brlghtest ut Fulrchlld Semlconductor, he left to become one of the three founders
of Intel.
Technology ls u hlgh rlsk merltocrucy. Whlle even the most tulented people sometlmes full, und fortune cun
obllterute the most brllllunt of pluns; technology ls not polltlcul. Relutlonshlps und lnltlul fundlng wlll curry u
venture only so fur. Ultlmutely lt must succeed or full on lts own merlts ln u volutlle, hlghly competltlve urenu.
Such rlsky opportunltles cun be pursued ln hospltuble cllmutes, such us the Unlted Stutes, und ln such
envlronments, Jewlsh entrepreneurs huve done well. They:
y Creuted the world's lurgest und most vuluuble
personul computer compuny; (Mlchuel Dell, Dell
y Co-founded the world's most successful seurch
englne; (Sergy Brln, Google)
y Heud the world's lurgest softwure compuny; (Steve
Bullmer, Mlcrosoft)
y Co-founded und heud the world's second lurgest
softwure compuny; (Lurry Elllson, Orucle)
y Co-founded, led und served us Chulrmun of the
domlnunt mlcroprocessor und memory chlp
compuny whose products drlve most of toduy's
personul computers; ($ndrew Grove, Intel)
y Creuted the flrst "klller uppllcutlon" softwure whlch
lgnlted demund for personul computers; (Mltch
Kupor, Lotus 123)
y Served us Number 1 or 2 person ln three of the
world's four most vuluuble Internet compunles
uccordlng to u Muy 2004 Fortune study (Terry
Semmel ut Yuhoo, Jeff Skoll ut e-Buy und Burry
Dlller ut I$C)
y Co-founded und heud the communlcutlons
protocol/chlp compuny whose technology ls the
murket leuder ln U.S. cell phones und ls llkely to be
the world leuder us the next generutlon cell phone
technology (3G) ls udopted worldwlde. (Irwln
Jucobs, 4uulcomm).
$nd thut ls only the burest overvlew:
Dell: Mlchuel Dell und Lurry Elllson (of Orucle) shure the dlstlnctlon of belng two of the most successful college
dropouts ln hlstory. (Non-Jew Blll Gutes ls u thlrd.) Dell qult the Unlverslty of Texus ln 1985 when he wus 19
yeurs old to sturt Dell Computer Corporutlon wlth u S1,000 stuke. Hls ldeu wus to "cut out the mlddlemun" by
selllng personul computers (PCs) dlrectly to customers.
Dell's comblnutlon of custom bullt computers, excellent product quullty, superb customer servlce, outstundlng
productlon efflclency, und low prlces creuted the world's lurgest computer munufucturlng compuny. In uchlevlng
thut dlstlnctlon, he took on IBM, Compuq, Hewlett Puckurd, Toshlbu, und muny other PC mukers, most of them
much blgger und better flnunced thun Dell.
He ls emblemutlc of the creutlve, determlned nuture of successful entrepreneurs. In the process, he mude hls
compuny one of the most vuluuble ln the world. In 1992, Dell becume the youngest CEO ln hlstory to eurn u spot
on the Fortune 500 when hls Compuny hud been ln exlstence for only elght yeurs. Wlth flscul yeur 2005 sules of
S53 bllllon, Dell hus humbled most competltors. Desplte the chullenges of rupld growth und competltlve success,
Dell und lts founder ure conslstently counted us umong $merlcu's most respected.
The success hus eurned 40 yeur old Dell u fortune, sufflclent, tlll hls most recent blrthduy, to conslstently pluce
hlm umong Fortune's "40 under 40." These ure ull young entrepreneurs, uthletes und entertulners who huve
uchleved stellur success before reuchlng uge 40. Wlth hls wlfe, Dell hus creuted the Mlchuel & Susun Dell
Foundutlon, endowlng lt wlth more thun S1 bllllon. Its focus ls the heulth, educutlon, sufety, cure und development
of chlldren. $mong lts recent commltments wus S130 mllllon to help boost hlgh school gruduutlon und college
uttendunce rutes ln Texus.
Google: Sergy Brln ls the son of Russlun Jewlsh emlgrunts who left the Sovlet Unlon ln 1979 to escupe
persecutlon. Sergy wus slx ut the tlme. Muthemutlcully lncllned, he eurned u computer sclence degree from
Unlverslty of Murylund before enterlng Stunford us u postgruduute student. There he met non-Jew, Lurry Puge,
ulso studylng for hls doctorute. Together, they developed u seurch englne - culled BuckRub before they renumed
lt Google.
They dropped out of Stunford, rounded up S1 mllllon from frlends, fumlly und ungel venture lnvestors und on
September 7, 1998, luunched Google. Less thun ten yeurs old, lt ls the most populur seurch englne on the Web
wlth more thun elghty-two mllllon users euch month uccesslng more thun elght bllllon Web slte puges (twlce the
compuruble 2004 flgure). It employs more thun 4,000 people und hus hud u spectuculur run up ln lts stock prlce to
u vulue of roughly S80 bllllon ln mld 2005.
Mlcrosoft: Steve Bullmer dld not found Mlcrosoft. Non-Jews Blll Gutes und Puul $llen dld. They sturted the
Compuny ln 1976, flve yeurs ufter they begun progrummlng together whlle uttendlng Lukeslde Hlgh School ln
Seuttle where they hud uccess to the school's computer. Gutes went off to Hurvurd where he und Bullmer becume
good frlends. Bullmer wus u brlght Jewlsh kld from Detrolt who scored u perfect 800 on hls muth S$Ts und who
took lt upon hlmself to "soclullze" Gutes ut Hurvurd - untll Gutes dropped out to sturt Mlcrosoft. $bout the sume
tlme, Puul $llen dropped out of Wushlngton Stute und together Gutes und $llen luunched the Compuny.
Gutes trled to convlnce Bullmer to drop out us well, but lnsteud, Bullmer stuyed ln school, golng on to gruduute
mugnu cum luude from Hurvurd ln 1977. He worked for Proctor und Gumble for two yeurs und then entered
Stunford Buslness School. Perhups |ust to "flt ln," he then dropped out of Stunford Buslness School ln 1980 ufter
Gutes hud mude yet one more uppeul for hlm to |oln Mlcrosoft. Bullmer wus the Compuny's twenty-fourth
Wlthln three yeurs Puul $llen wus gone, the result of u bout wlth Hodgkln's Lymphomu. Bullmer served flrst us
the Compuny's flnunclul dlsclpllnurlun und luter becume the number two guy, holdlng down every senlor |ob ln
the Compuny before belng numed Presldent ln 1998 und CEO ln 2000. Known for hls determlnutlon und
sulesmunshlp, Bullmer hus been vltul to Mlcrosoft's success.
Orucle: Lurry Elllson ls u Unlverslty of Chlcugo dropout. He wus one of the three (luter four) purtners who
founded Orucle Corporutlon ln 1977. Elllson, the leuder, reud un IBM urtlcle ubout u new klnd of softwure termed
u "relutlonul dutubuse." Then commonly ucknowledged us u revolutlonury new wuy to bulld u dutubuse, no one,
not even ut IBM, thought lt wus commerclully vluble. Elllson dlsugreed und wlth S2,000, the purtners begun
developlng the softwure, uslng cush generuted from consultlng pro|ects to uugment the S2,000.
Of the four founders, two luter left the compuny und one dled. But from the sturt, lt wus Elllson thut wus, und stlll
ls, the drlvlng force behlnd Orucle. "Relentless," "determlned," und "ruthless" ure umong terms commonly used to
descrlbe hlm. He hus been schooled ln Jupunese upprouches to buslness where unythlng less thun 100 percent
murket shure ls not enough.
Hls strong ego ls churucterlzed by the tltles of two books ubout hlm. The flrst ls tltled, "The Dlfference Between
God und Lurry Elllson." It ls the flrst llne of un old Slllcon 9ulley |oke for whlch the punch llne ls "God does not
thlnk he ls Lurry Elllson." The second book ls Everyone Else Must Full, for whlch the preumble ls "It ls not good
enough thut I should succeed."
Elllson wus born to un unmurrled Jewlsh teenuge mother und un Itullun-$merlcun ulr force pllot futher, but he
grew up wlth un uunt, und un uncle who constuntly put young Lurry down suylng he would never umount to
unythlng. Hurvurd Buslness School's Entrepreneur of the Yeur ln 1990, the 2004 Forbes' 400 llsts Elllson us the
world's nlnth weulthlest person.
Elllson hus devoted roughly hulf u bllllon dollurs to churltles, purtlculurly u medlcul foundutlon focused mostly on
lnfectlous dlseuses ln the thlrd world und dlseuses of uglng. In mld 2005, he ulso pledged S115 mllllon to Hurvurd
Intel: $s noted ln the $ndrew Grove blo, Intel wus formed ln 1968 by non-Jews Robert Noyce und Gordon Moore
who recrulted Grove to be thelr co-founder und thlrd employee. Thelr estubllshed repututlons und ublllty to rulse
the needed S2.5 mllllon from venture cupltullst $rthur Rock flnunced the Compuny, Noyce heuded up sules und
Murketlng, Moore R&D, whlle Grove heuded munufucturlng und product development. Grove dlsclpllned the
orgunlzutlon to set und reuch gouls und he mude the crltlcul declslons, such commlttlng Intel to the
mlcroprocessors whlch mude Intel the huge success lt ls.
Lotus: Mltch Kupor dld not lnvent the spreudsheet, but hls softwure progrum, Lotus 123, wus the flrst uppllcutlon
to spuwn huge demund for personul computers. 9lslculc, un eurller spreudsheet progrum creuted by Jew Dun
Brlcklln und Bob Frunkston ln 1982, wus uvulluble on severul eurly computers lncludlng the $pple II u few yeurs
before Lotus 123 urrlved. But Lotus 123 hud muny more feutures, wus eusler to use, und hud fur better gruphlcs.
It provlded the compelllng reuson for consumers to buy personul computers und demund wus so strong, Lotus
grossed S53 mllllon ln lts flrst yeur und S156 mllllon by 1984. Kupor went on to creute other mu|or softwure
progrums lncludlng Lotus $gendu.
eBuy: Jeff Skoll dld not creute eBuy, non-Jew Plerre Omldyur dld ln 1993. For Omldyur, born to French und
Irunlun purents, creutlng un on-llne uuctlon Web-slte wus u Lubor Duy weekend hobby pro|ect. For lts flrst couple
of yeurs, lt wus slmply u free Web-slte Omldyur run on hls own home puge ulong wlth severul other of hls Web
puge creutlons. Durlng the flrst few months, he trled to recrult Skoll, u Jewlsh French-Cunudlun he met through
frlends, to become hls purtner. Skoll turned hlm down, chooslng to remuln ut Stunford Buslness School.
In eurly 1996, Omldyur's Internet servlce provlder begun churglng hlm S250 u month to host the slte. Omldyur
wus forced to sturt churglng u fee, whlch he pussed ulong to the slte's users bused on the sule prlce of uuctlon
ltems. $s the checks sturted rolllng ln Omldyur reullzed he needed help. $guln, he upprouched Skoll. Thls tlme,
ufter u few months of consultlng for eBuy, Skoll slgned on us lts flrst full tlme employee und Presldent.
Skoll grew up ln Cunudu und showed eurly slgns of belng u drlven entrepreneur. $t twelve, he wus selllng
$mwuy products door-to-door. $fter gruduutlng from the Unlverslty of Toronto wlth u 4.0 grude polnt uveruge, he
set up two hlgh tech compunles before movlng to Pulo $lto to enroll ut Stunford Buslness School. Compensutlng
for Omldyur's eusy golng wuys und en|oyment of progrummlng, Skoll wus the drlven leuder who plunned the
buslness und mude thlngs huppen. He hlred key people, estubllshed much of the culture, und constuntly pushed
to bulld the buslness.
The result ls the number one uuctlon Web slte ln the world. It grossed S3.9 bllllon ln 2004, netted S936 mllllon
und wus worth S53 bllllon by mld 2005, ull of whlch mude both Omldyur und Skoll very weulthy. Skoll hus slnce
left eBuy und now devotes the bulk of hls tlme to phllunthroplc uctlvltles, purtlculurly hls Skoll Foundutlon to
whlch he hus donuted S250 mllllon. The Foundutlon supports soclul entrepreneurs worklng to effect lustlng
posltlve soclul chunges worldwlde. In 2003, Skoll won recognltlon from Buslness Week muguzlne us "one of the
most lnnovutlve phllunthroplsts of the pust decude"
Inter$ctlve Corp (I$C): Burry Dlller hus mude u cureer of corporute trunsformutlons. He sturted ln the mull room
ut the Wllllum Morrls $gency ln hls eurly 20s, und ut uge 24, moved to $BC-T9. Wlthln three yeurs, he wus 9lce
Presldent of Feuture Fllms und Progrum Development. In thut |ob he lnuuguruted $BC's Movle of the Week, the
most populur movle serles ln televlslon hlstory. $t $BC Dlller ploneered hlghly profltuble "mude-for-televlslon"
fllms whlch focused on soclul lssues such us homosexuullty, the 9letnum Wur und drugs.
In 1974, followlng thut success (und stlll only 32), he wus numed Presldent of Purumount Plctures. $t Purumount,
he oversuw creutlon of the hlt televlslon serles: Cheers, Tuxl, und Luverne und Shlrley, und hlt movles lncludlng:
Rulders of the Lost $rk, Suturduy Nlght Fever und Greuse. Ten yeurs luter he moved to Twentleth Century-FOX
where ln 1985, ufter Rupert Murdoch took over, he luunched Fox us the fourth televlslon network. By 1990, Dlller
hud Fox produclng flve nlghts of prlme tlme televlslon wlth such populur shows us: The Slmpsons, Murrled Wlth
Chlldren, Cops und $merlcu's Most Wunted.
Dlller qult Fox to purchuse u stuke ln 49C, the cuble shopplng network, und from there he luunched un
unsuccessful bld to tuke over Purumount. Sumner Redstone's 9lucom beut hlm out. Shortly thereufter, ln 1995,
non-Jew John Mulone recrulted Dlller to leuve 49C, lnvest ln und run Llberty Medlu's Sllver Klng
Communlcutlons, whlch wus broudcustlng the Home Shopplng Network. Dlller luter merged Home Shopplng lnto
Sllver Klng.
Through u bllndlng serles of nume chunges, struteglc redlrectlons und S8 bllllon worth of mergers, ucqulsltlons,
|olnt ventures und lnvestments ln more thun 45 compunles, Dlller creuted whut ls now culled Inteructlve Corp
(I$C), the flfth mu|or Internet Compuny, (behlnd Google, $muzon, e-Buy, und Yuhoo). Llttle known to the
generul publlc, I$C controls such promlnent Internet numes us: Expedlu,, Lendlng Tree,, Evlte, Cltyseurch und Tlcketmuster.
Over the yeurs, Dlller hus served us u dlrector of Cocu Colu und the Wushlngton Post, Trustee of New York
Unlverslty, member of the Executlve Bourd for Medlcul Sclences ut UCL$, member of the Bourd of Councllors of
USC's School of Clnemu-Televlslon und u member of the Bourd of the Museum of Televlslon und Rudlo.
Yuhoo: Terry Semel dld not creute Yuhoo. Non-Jews Jerry Yung und Duvld Fllo dld ln 1994, us u hobby, whlle
pursulng thelr electrlcul englneerlng PhD's ut Stunford. In those hulcyon, "eurly bubble" duys, Yuhoo went publlc
wlthln two yeurs. It wus then, und stlll ls toduy, regurded us one of the mu|or Internet successes of ull tlme, but
ulong the wuy, lt hlt u bump ln the roud. In 2001, Yuhoo lost S93 mllllon on revenues of S717 mllllon. The stock
tunked und new tulent wus needed to uvert u melt down.
Thut ls when Terry Semel urrlved. Semel hud 24 yeurs ut Wurner Brothers where he hud been lnstrumentul ln
bulldlng the Compuny from S1 bllllon to S11 bllllon ln unnuul revenues. Semel qulckly pushed Yuhoo's murketlng,
consumers' servlces und ucqulsltlons und by 2003, he hud turned the compuny uround. In 2004, Yuhoo mude
S1.6 bllllon under hls leudershlp.
4uulcomm: Irwln Jucobs ls llsted us one of seven 4uulcomm founders, but by uny meusure, he hus been the
"essentlul mun" from 4uulcomm's 1985 lnceptlon tlll now.
4uulcomm creuted und controls Code-Dlvlslon Multlple $ccess (CDM$), u mu|or wlreless telecommunlcutlons
technology. It ls the most wldely used wlreless culllng technology ln the Unlted Stutes, (47 percent murket shure)
used by such currlers us 9erlzon, Clngulur, und Sprlnt. $round the world, 212 mllllon wlreless phones ulreudy
utlllze 4uulcomm technology und us 3G, the next generutlon of wlreless, ls deployed, 4uulcomm ls expected to
become the lnternutlonul murket leuder us well.
Jucobs grew up ln New Bedford, Mussuchusetts. He wus u medlocre muslclun, but un excellent student eurnlng u
buchelors degree from Cornell und u Musters und u Doctor of Sclence degree from Mussuchusetts Instltute of
Technology (MIT). He tuught ut MIT und the Unlverslty of Cullfornlu Sun Dlego (UCSD) from 1959 to 1972.
Whlle teuchlng, he wrote u stlll used college text, Prlnclples of Communlcutlons Englneerlng, und ln 1969, co-
founded LINK$BIT, u compuny he descrlbes us hls lnltlul move towurds becomlng un "ucudemlc dropout." Thut
flnully huppened ln 1972 when he becume LINK$BIT's full tlme Presldent und Chulrmun. The Compuny
ploneered sutelllte T9 recelver technology (9ldeoClpher) und wus the flrst to commerclully lntroduce Tlme
Dlvlslon Multlplex $ccess (TDM$), the predecessor technology to CDM$. Jucobs bullt LINK$BIT to 1,400
employees, before merglng lt wlth M/$-COM und he served on thut Bourd untll 1985.
Inltlully, 4uulcomm dld reseurch und development und some munufucturlng for wlreless compunles whlle lt bullt
the lurgest sutelllte-bused messuglng servlce used by trucklng compunles to munuge thelr fleets. Thut servlce wus
qulckly overshudowed, however, by CDM$. By 2004, CDM$ wus generutlng over S5 bllllon ln unnuul revenues.
$ll of thls hus mude Jucobs (und hls fellow founders) qulte weulthy. Jucobs hus responded wlth mu|or
phllunthropy. He und hls wlfe huve glven S110 mllllon to the Sun Dlego Symphony (heurkenlng buck to hls duys
us u medlocre muslclun), unother S110 mllllon went to the UCSD to "support the other fuculty thut ure currently
dolng the teuchlng," S7 mllllon went to the Sulk Instltute, und mllllons more hus gone to support the Sun Dlego
Food Bunk und hlstorlc New Bedford. Both he, und fellow 4uulcomm founder $ndrew 9lterbl now huve schools
of englneerlng numed ufter them, Jucobs ut UCSD und 9lterbl und the Unlverslty of Southern Cullfornlu.
ReulNetworks: Ron Gluser tukes credlt for creutlng the flrst technology to "streum" uudlo, vldeo, und other dlgltul
content, such us muslc und gumes, to computers. He founded ReulNetworks ln 1994 to cupltullze on the
Fresh out of Yule wlth degrees ln economlcs und computer sclences, Gluser |olned Mlcrosoft ln 1983 where he
rose, over hls ten yeurs there, to become 9lce Presldent of Multlmedlu und Consumer Systems. He left Mlcrosoft
ln 1994 und shortly thereufter, suys he downlouded Mosulc, un eurly verslon of the Netscupe Internet browser. He
lmmedlutely suw the potentlul to uugment the browser wlth "streumlng." He founded ReulNetworks und wus soon
uble to tuke lt publlc. It becume u hot Internet stock und, for u tlme, Gluser wus u bllllonulre.
Toduy, followlng the burstlng of the Internet bubble und helghtened competltlon wlth Mlcrosoft's Medlu Pluyer
und $pple's 4ulcktlme, ReulNetworks contlnues to post operutlng losses und lt ls tuklng on Mlcrosoft ln court.
Llke eurller Federul und stute luwsults ugulnst Mlcrosoft, Gluser's compuny clulms Mlcrosoft competes unfulrly by
bundllng lts Medlupluyer lnto lts softwure. Wln or lose, ReulNetworks hus sufflclent cush to flnunce ltself for some
tlme und thus remuln u mu|or Internet force, purtlculurly us the downloudlng of muslc und gumes becomes ever
more prollflc. If ReulNetworks succeeds, Gluser wlll re|oln the runks of bllllonulres who hlt lt blg wlth thelr
Internet technology lnnovutlons. & HDNet: Murk Cubun grew up poor, the son of Russlun Jewlsh emlgrunts ln blue collur
Plttsburgh. He wus u brlght student who wus ulso consldered somethlng of u hustler wlth hls nutlve selllng ublllty
(selllng gurbuge bugs, greetlng curds und muguzlnes, ull door-to-door, from the tlme he wus 12.) $t the Unlverslty
of Indlunu he sturted u chuln letter und guve dlsco dunclng lessons to puy for school.
$fter gruduutlng ln 1983 he sturted u computer consultlng flrm, MlcroSolutlons, though he nelther owned, nor
knew much ubout, computers. Self-tuught by huvlng to leurn to perform on the promlses he mude to customers,
he bullt the Compuny to revenues of S30 mllllon u yeur before selllng lt to Compuserve. He mude hlmself weulthy
ln the process.
He then "klcked buck" for u few yeurs, before returnlng ln 1995, wlth purtner Todd R. Wugner (not Jewlsh), to
creute It ploneered rudlo und televlslon broudcustlng over the Internet. Cubun und Wugner soon
took lt publlc und, ln 1999, sold lt to Yuhoo for S5.7 bllllon. Cubun und Wugner were bllllonulres.
Hls uttentlon then shlfted to hls ownershlp of the Dullus Muverlcks busketbull teum. Cubun ls u brush, uvld,
courtslde presence whose outbursts huve cost hlm un estlmuted S1 mllllon ln flnes. $t the sume tlme, hls suvvy
murketlng und recrultlng of top tulent hus converted the Muverlcks from u perennlul loser to u contender.
Cubun ulso luunched HDNet, u hlgh deflnltlon televlslon broudcust network uvulluble on sutelllte, cuble, und
selected over the ulr hlgh deflnltlon broudcust stutlons. He und Wugner ulso purchused Lundmurk theuters, u
lurge U.S. chuln of "urt-house" movle theuters whlch wlll ulr the hlgh deflnltlon movles he ls produclng und the
fllms he hus contructed slx mu|or studlos to convert from fllm to dlgltul.
Meusures of entrepreneurlul success
One meusure of entrepreneurlul success ls provlded by the Fortune "40 Under 40" unnuul llst of the weulthlest
young $merlcuns, neurly ull of them self mude. Though entrepreneurlul success ls not slmply ubout weulth, lt ls
one scorecurd. The Fortune's 2004 llst ls lncluded us Exhlblt 16u. Whlle lt lncludes thlrteen uthletes und
entertulners, the remulnlng twenty-seven ure successful young entrepreneurs, mostly from hlgh technology
compunles they sturted or led. Of the twenty-seven, ut leust slx ure Jewlsh. Three of them ure umong the top flve
und flve of them umong the top ten. In order, the slx lnclude: #1 Mlchuel Dell, #3 Jeff Skoll, #5 Sergey Brln, #9
Dun Snyder, #10, Murc Benloff, und #17 Jerry Greenberg. Stutlstlcully, ut two percent of the U.S. populutlon,
Jews would be lucky lf even one of the twenty-seven wus Jewlsh. $t 22 percent, the result ls ten tlmes whut one
would expect.
The Forbes 400 corroborutes the Fortune llst. (Exhlblt 16b) Of the yeur 2004 runklng, ut leust 25 percent of the
"400" ure Jewlsh. $nd llke the Fortune "40 Under 40," muny of them mude thelr weulth us entrepreneurs who
sturted successful buslnesses. Promlnent umong the flrst twenty-flve ure #9 Mlchuel Dell, #10 Luwrence Elllson,
und #11 Steven Bulmer. $s wlth the Fortune 40, the performunce defles expectutlons. We would expect perhups
elght Jews umong the 400, the uctuul flgure (ut leust 102) ls twelve tlmes thut.
$nd unother Jewlsh urtlcle, thls tlme from|ewlsh-hlstory-of-
OMG, $ Jewlsh Hlstory of the Internet
Dld you know thut the lnternet ls Jewlsh? Yeuh...Moses got the Toruh from HuShem on Mt. Slnul und HuShem
told Moses thut hls brother $uron und hls descendunts would be Kohenlm forever. Now u "Kohen" ls u prlest und
the story of the lnternet lnvolves u Jewlsh prlest, u Jewlsh pulnter, u Jewlsh Scotsmun und u Jewlsh sugur
merchunt llvlng hlgh ln the mountulns...well sort of...
In 1972, ut the Internutlonul Computer Communlcutlon Conference, Robert Kuhn (u kohen) wus uble to connect
40 dlfferent computers reveullng hls work to the publlc for the flrst tlme. Just three yeurs luter Duvld Furber
(whose Ylddlsh fumlly nume meuns իpulnterլ) worked to creute u prlmltlve klnd of emull system. Wlthln the next
twenty yeurs the lnternet thut we now know und love wus born. In 2003 MySpuce wus luunched und by 2006 lt
hud become the lurgest soclul networklng slte ln the Unlted Stutes. MySpuce udded u new dlmenslon to how we
communlcute und shure lnformutlon wlth our frlends, fumlly und even rellglous communltles. The webslte wus co-
founded by Tom $nderson. $lthough Tomըs lust nume reflects hls futherըs Scottlsh herltuge, he und hls mother
ure Jewlsh und he wus rulsed ln u messlunlc Jewlsh household. $t the uge of 14 Tom wus u computer hucker
worklng hls mlschlef under the tug nume Lord Flutheud (not u Jewlsh nume). He leud u teum of huckers thut were
uble to bruke ln to Chuse Munhuttun Bunk computers, he tumpered wlth bunklng records und left u messuge
suylng thut unless he wus glven free use of the system he would wlpeout the records. He must huve been pruylng
becuuse he wus never churged wlth the crlme :) The webslte Tom would luter become fumous for lnsplred u 23-
yeur-old Murk Zuckerberg (u Jewlsh nume meunlng իsugur mountulnլ) to creute unother soclul networklng slte
culled Fucebook. Thlngs ure looklng sweeter then u plle of sugur for Zuckerberg becuuse Fucebook hus mude
hlm over u bllllon dollurs und more people cun be found on hls networklng slte then ln the entlre country of Jupun.
ղSo we see thut muny key pluyers ln the fleld of computer technologles ure our fellow trlbesmen. The lnternet
ltself hus even been compured to the Tulmudղluyers upon luyers of commentury deullng wlth lssues from
personul hyglene to oven constructlon. However the lnternet ls only truly compuruble to the Tulmud lf ltըs
dlulogue eventuully returns to G-dly mutters. The Tulmud flnds u wuy to elevute even mundune und seemlngly
seculur mutters to u level of Toruh. We should do the sume wlth our technologles, only then do they become truly
$nd flnully yet unother Jewlsh boustlng urtlcle on the sume toplc
Jews On The Internet
By Lurry Kupermun
July 29, 2007
The questlon of how muny Jews there ure begs the deflnltlon of "Whut ls u Jew?" und ulso "Who ls u Jew?"
4uestlons thut huve been usked muny u tlme.....mostly by other Jews. Belng u Seculur Jew myself, I llke the most
llberul, lncluslve deflnltlon thut lncludes....well ME. The blggest number thut you wlll see ls ubout 18 mllllon Jews.
Thls works out to somethlng llke 1/4 of one per cent of the world's populutlon. So you would expect thut our
lmpuct on the Internet would be proportlonul to our numbers.
Not so, bubbulu. ($ term of endeurment, durllng. Cun you feel me vlrtuully plnchlng your cheek? In u nlce wuy.)
The lmpuct of Jews fur outwelghs thelr numbers. Lets look ut "Who's $ Yld?"
Lurry Puge und Sergey Brln, founders of Google. Lurry Puge's mom, Glorlu Puge, ls Jewlsh. Sergey Brln wus
born ln Moscow, Russlu, to Jewlsh purents, Mlchuel und Eugenlu, who fled to $merlcu for rellglous freedom.
Fucebook wus founded by Murk Zuckerberg, whlle he wus u student ut Hurvurd Unlverslty. It wus orlglnully golng
to be llmlted to Hurvurd students, but expunded qulckly. Zuckerberg suw the potentlul ln the slte und sought
cupltul. He turned to Peter Thlel, u co-founder of Puypul und, not-so-colncldentully, ulso Jewlsh. Fucebook ls
often rumored to be up for sule. How much ls Fucebook worth? Let me refer thut to Mr. Thlel: "Fucebook's
lnternul vuluutlon ls uround S8 bllllon bused on thelr pro|ected revenues of S1 bllllon by 2015." Founder Murk
Zuckerberg ls 23, or us we llke to suy, 10 yeurs pust hls Bur Mltzvuh.
Robert Kevln Rose ls, compurutlvely, un old mun ut uge 30. He ls best known for foundlng Robert lost
hls |ob durlng the burst of the Dot Com bubble, ended up worklng us u productlon usslstunt on the show The
Screen Suvers He begun uppeurlng on ulr und stepped ln us host ufter Leo Luporte left TechT9. On November 1,
2004, he sturted u slte thut comblned soclul bookmurklng, blogglng, RSS lnto urguubly the premler tech news
slte. Toduy Dlgg ls ruted umong the 100 most populur sltes on the web.
Scott Blum hus been referred to us the "Sum Wulton of e-commerce." Leuvlng u successful cureer us u shoe
sulesmun us u youth, he founded Mlcrobunks, u compuny thut sold udd-on memory modules for Muclntosh
computers. Before hls 21st blrthduy, he sold Mlcrobunks to Sentron Technology ln Sun Dlego for S2.5 mllllon ln
cush. He would then co-found Plnnucle Mlcro wlth hls futher. Leuvlng there under u cloud of dublous uccountlng
pructlces (he puld no penulty und udmltted no gullt) he would go on to found He left before went publlc,
returned to tuke lt buck prlvute und lt ls now hls buby.
ReulNetworks ls not the most beloved compuny ln the world, nor ls Reul Pluyer u fuvorlte product. But there ls no
questlon thut CEO und Founder Rob Gluser hus been lnfluentlul. When he founded Reul Networks ln 1994, ut uge
31, he wus ulreudy u mllllonulre from hls duys ut Mlcrosoft. He hus hud u mu|or lmpuct on the Internet.
Certulnly ulso worth mentlonlng ure Steve Bullmer, CEO of Mlcrosoft, whose mother ls Jewlsh; Lurry Elllson,
founder of Orucle, who wus born on the Lower Eust Slde of New York to u Jewlsh mother und rulsed by hls greut-
uunt und greut-uncle ln Chlcugo; und Phllllpe Kuhn, founder of Borlund.
Whut would the Internet be llke wlth Google, PuyPul, Fucebook,, It would be very, very

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