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United States Department of State Washington, D.C. 20520 May 6, 2020 Case No. F-2020-00741 Mr. David N. Bossie Citizens United 1006 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.B. Washington, D.C. 20009 Dear Mr. David Bossie: ‘As we noted in our letter dated March 31, 2020, we are processing your request for material under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), 5 U.S.C. § $52. The Department has identified an additional two responsive records subject to the FOIA. We have determined that one may be release in full and one may be released in part. An enclosure explains the FOIA exemptions and other grounds for withholding material, Where wwe have made excisions, the applicable FOLA exemptions are marked on each document. All non-exempt material that is reasonably segregable from the exempt material has been released and is enclosed, We will keep you informed as your case progresses. If you have any questions, your attorney may contact Trial Attomey Liam Holland at Liam.Holland@usdoj.eov or 202-514-4964. Please refer to the case number, F-2020-00741 and the civil action number, 19-cv-03466, in all correspondence about this request. Sincerely, Swat 0 Wenn Susan C. Wetman Deputy Director Office of Information Programs and Services Enclosures: As stated. FL zazp onmns 060 + ‘Re: USAID/MERP cooperation w/energy firms ‘Sun, 4 Sep 2016 08:16:11 -0400 ‘The three mentioned don't ring any bells with me, and thus no alarm bells :). Thanks for sharing Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Original Message From: (a Sent: Sunday, Seplember 4, 2016 2:28 PM Tofeye) CofhXO) cep” likvivioka); Kent, George P Subject: Re: USAID/MERP cooperation w/energy firms Ok, thx. And re: DTEK, the autocorrect spelled out wayward instead of eastward. Sent from my iPhone >On Sep 4, 2016, at 14:26, [> wrote: > > Thanks, Fe Aso looping in George who was closely following this issue. I am not familiar with The other three companies. > > > This email is UNCLASSIFIED. > > zon > Sent: Sunday, DUT > Ce:fBx8y (Ee PORE TRYIV/OEG) > Subject FW USAID/MERP cooperation w/energy firms > > Happy weekend! > > As discussed in huddle, FYI and let us know if you have concerns with our engagement Fc-onzn.connsososame? with these firms through our municipal energy efficiency project (MERP). As we expand wayward, we're likely to engage with DTEK as well. > > Thanks! > > Sent from my iPhone > > Begin forwarded message: >From: Andriy Nesterenko Itt p://redirect.state.sbw/?url=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http:/ Tre direct. state, sbu/?url=mailt y > Te itect state sbu/?url=mailtp7——______] > Ce: [8 pe http://redirect.state.sbu/?urlmhttp:/redirect state.sbu/?url=hitp:/red irect state. sbu/?url=mailtof76)_____]Joel Sandefur ittp://redirect state sbu/Purl=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=I rect state.sbu/?url=mailto P% Laura Gonzales pe Jnuip 7 redirect.state.sbu/7urhttp://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://re direct state sbu/?url=mailto: PX Roman Woronowycz ittp://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect,state.sbu/?url=htt to: Rachel Roe :http://redirect state sbu/7url=htip:/redirect state sbu/?urt=hup:/rediree ‘tstate.sbu/?url=mailto} > Subject: Burisma >Ee ; > Burisma has been notified that MERP will be conducting the award ceremony without their participation. Everything went well. " >In addition to Burisma, MERP has MOUs with the following private companies: : > Ne > Organization / Date : > Contact person > Contacts > tpfre redirect states > =k > FL 20zo.oopos esos > LLC “HENKEL BAUTECHNIK (UKRAINE)” > 2014-11-27 > > Volodymyr Sokha, General Director > Anna Bortyana, Media Manager > > 2 Novopromyslova Str., Vyshhorod, Ukraine 07300 18) > exe) Hhttp://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect state.sbu/?url=http fredirect.state.sbu/?url ‘mailto foye)_——SSCSCS—~*d > >2, > > LLC “REHAU” > 2015-08-20 > > Vergunenko M.V., Director of finance and administration > Binkowskyj LA., Director of marketing and sales > > Kyiv, Chabany village, 08162 Ukraine, 1A Mashynobudivnykiv Str. > per > > > > > 33. > > LLC “DANFOSS” > 2016-02-15 > > Nataliia Batina, General Manager > > hitp://redicect.state.sbu/? > Fe 20z0.on008 0582020 + > > > Regards, > > Andriy > "Sender: |'Kent, George P* r Recipient: FL-2020-00008 05/06/2020 5 MEMOPAHJLYM IPO. MEMORANDUM OF B3A€MOPO3YMIHHA UNDERSTANDING Mn BETWEEN MIPOEKTOM «MYHILMMAJIBHA THE MUNICIPAL ENERGY REFORM, EHEPPETH4HA PE®OPMA B YKPATHI» PROJECT IN UKRAINE (IPOEKT MEP) (MERP) TA AND. BYPI3MA XOJHES SUMITE BURISMA HOLDINGS LIMITED WOO ON CIIBPOBITHHLTBA Y MPOBEEHHI = COOPERATION IN IMPLEMENTATION IHOOPMALIMHO! KAMIIAHII 3 4HCTOL OF INFORMATION CAMPAIGN WITHIN EHEPTETHKH TA ‘THE FRAMEWORK OF CLEAN ENERGY EHEPPOE@EKTHBHOCTI ¥ MICTAX AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE YKPAIHU CITIES OF UKRAINE Kunis KYIV «13> xoprus 2014p. October 13, 2014 Mero unore— Mewopanayaty —npo The purpose of this Memorandum of ssacmoposysinus (MB) € nusnaventia nanpasikis Understanding (MOU) is to define the terms and chiinpodimuirrea aie Mpoexrom conditions of the cooperation between the «Myniuumanona Exeprerisna Pespopaa (itaxani Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine «fipocer MEP»). mio. hintancycrnes (hereinafter referred to as “MERP") funded by Arenrersom CLA a Miaarapoanoro possirrky the United States Agency for Intemational (USAID) ta aziiicmocriea —_xoxmanieio Development (USAID) and implemented by Intemational Resources Group (IRG). axy Intemational Resources Group (IRG). represented tipexcramixe mpescrasnux 3a xosipenicrio by the MERP Chief of Party. and BURISMA Aupexrop Upoexty MEP, ta 6YPI3MA HOLDINGS LIMITED (hereinafier referred to as XONMHP3 AIMITEA (Kowttania). 8 oco6i Company”). represented by Andrii Kicha, who yonnosaxenoro npeactaswitka, Kivi Audpie, axitit acts pursuant to Poser of Atiomey as of October 09, aic 1a niacrani Hosipeniocti vix 09 xxourim 2014p... 2014. with Apostille of October 09, 2014 under acocnans No 86289/14 sia 09 xxomrim 20l4p. 3 number 86289/14. fo promote municipal energy MeO! cHpwiatnux imhopMautii rponwacsKoeti reform in Ukraine. oxo mynininasot eneprenirauol pespopam » Sorasay 1a suuesanarente, Mpoekr MEP ta In consideration of the foregoing, MERP and the Koxenautis («Croposit») aomownanen npo rake: Company (the Parties) hereby agree as follows: Kosnania : ‘The Company sh: 1. Cnpustune posnoncioxsentno nalixpauux 1. Support dissemination of the best practices npaktux 3 exeprocibexrmanocri ta in energy efficiency and implementation of Rnposamxeua sucro’ exeprif, saaysrenito clean energy, involvement of experts. in excrepris .20 poSorw texaTnunux poSounx work of the special task forces. round rpyn. Kpyrsx crostin, oGrosopenb ta tables. discussions and conferences with Va FL-2020-00008 05/06/2020 6 xonpepenuili + yuacnio wieokux rosin Ta inums mpeactasiinkis scicnKoF aaa, Cnpuse npoxopocti mpoutecy peopsysanns MyHimmaeuol exeprernkn B xpafiti maxon cnimspinancyoanns Ta poweaerts inpopwanitinnx ra nySaivnns saxoais. 8 Tomy neat ins opmauiiinux spwapok. — kpyranx —cTosin, —mpec- kondepenuiit, tpeninris axa 3MI Ta poseaeina Komkypcy cepea axyprasicrin ‘Ha xpauunii antanirustusi sarepiaa (crarra, apie, xypHatictebke poscaiaynania) no ‘Temi cueproedexranocti, ausrepuaruBinx sokepen eneprii, Tapuduol nonirinr, ime. ULixon — cnis-ivancynanus — cupuse pospoditi Hoax Ta posnowcromKeHHs icuyiownx —inbopwauitivux — watepiatin W020 eneprosbepexens. snponaypKeHHA anprepiaruaunx axcpen eneprii, mnrate rapirHoi pedopatt. a came vixeo/pario poaukie, Gin Gopaip. citi naiitin, merpo sraifrin, Gpomyp Ta nocrepis A3 opmary. ingorpudixn, pxsiawox 40 paxyukie 34 xoMytianbii noezyrn). Cpnac posnonciowxeniio inopsanii npo saxon —ittbopsanifino’ — Kamau, MecesDkH, racsia, BAAH imopsauifiuns Matepiatin uepes cooi kantaan KomyHixauil, B TOMY SNeHI BeG-caitr Konami ta cropitiKu 6 conianbimx mepexax. participation of the city mayors and other Tepresentatives of the cily authorities. Promote transparency of municipal energy reform process in the country through co- financing and conducting public information _ activities. including information fairs. roundtables. press conferences. trainings for media. ‘competition among journalists for the best analytical material (articles. essays and investigation) related to themes of ener efficiency, altemative energy sources, tariff reform. other). By co-financing promote the development of new and dissemination of existing formation materials on energy efficiency. alternative energy sources. tarifY reform, such as video/radio public service advertisements (PSAs). bill board posters, ity light posters. metro light posters. infographics, brochures and A3_ format posters, communal services bill ete.). about activities carried information campaign: its slogans. types of informational materials through its communication channels, including the company's website and pages in social networks. Mpoesr «Myrirmmasena Eneprerwana Pesopaia 8 Ypaitin (Fpoexr MEP): al Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (MERP) shall: Hanacts —Konnani? —nopnnii Gear inopwanii moro xowuennii saranbHol cxparerii — ingopwauitiver — xananil Tipoeery = MEP, a Tako ciisnpaiiosarune Ta saqyarume wens Konan KoMttanii 20 o6ronopentia KOKHOTO OKPeMOrO saXomY. HaNpAMKY, cermenty inhopsantitiuor xaumanit 1a sianoniannx itbopwanitinns sarepianis, avi Gyxe crtie-sbitrancywatn xoxtianis. Badesnewnrs Ko-Gpenawur ra nySaisne 1, Provide the company with complete information regarding the concept of MERP information campaign strategy. as well as cooperate and engage the ‘company team into discussions of each separate event, direction, and segment of information campaign and relevant information materials that will be co- financed by the compan: 2. Ensure co-branding and public recognition of company's financial FL-2020-00008 05/06/2020 7 susnantia ysacti Kownawi y cnis- ivaneysanni infbopsauitinns saxoria, HOBHX Ta se ieHYONN iKopmaLiiN sarepianis, ski Oyayts pukoprerani B saxouia sore wemopanaymy cpopsauitinot kaxarantit, Mpoexr nanasavuse Kosmanii gani 3 Monivopuary = 3MI.pesyaisrarn onutysanb Ta ouiNKH doxycuux rpyn ‘miox0 esbextuanoeri bnuimay inbopwauifinms —saxoutis, sci crtin~ inancyiorses croponantt. Inuti aomon.zenocri: 1. Lei MB ne © niacragoio ra te erpopioc KOHN FOpUAUHIEX OCIS Ta cTocycTECA ame cniepoGirumirsa six Cropowastit AuI8 CHPHAHEA peopl myniuimarsHot cneprerkn & Yepaini. Korna Cropowa Ne KogHHHA npexerapnaTH cee arestroM inmoi cropow. %Koana Cropoua ue MaTHMe NoBWOBAKeHS Ye"s3yKETH iM ctopony soGos"wsainaNH y Gyatesinit cnoci6, Ueii MB scrynae 8 cay 3 ocrannot name uiigimcanus = Cropouast, Bin 3anmuiacTeca 8 cuai 0 08 »owTHA 2015. Bynn-aKa Cropowia moe posipsarn wo Yrouy. HaqaBUM HonepewxeLtA Mpo He 3a tpuausTs (30) ani 3. Bei nivanus nnachocti Ta pasa ia oGnagiaii Ta Matepian. wo 6ynK inpux6aiti Komnianicio IRG 8 xoai mpoekry MEP, sannuiaiotca nnactticrio npoexry MEP 10 xitmesot aa npoexry. Baacnicrs Ta npasa wa sraxawe mine oSuamanit Ta Marepiam — GyayTe nepeaai sit npoexry MEP 10 peunticeris nicna saxinuem mpoesry MEP ciao inctpyxuifi. AMP CIIA. Pospo6xit, niarotoaneni Komuanicio IRG '8 xoai npoexry MEP onxopacronyorca 8 itepecax peminicutis Tlpoexry, ‘Tomy seni sticr Vxpainn, 4. Ueii MB_ yxnaneno yxpaincnxowo 1a anrsilieexo1o —MOBaNI, sy aBOX contribution to information events, new and existing information materials that will be used within MOU activities during the information campaign. Provide company with data on media Provide monitoring, results of surveys and focus groups assessments with respect to effectiveness of information campaign activities. co-financed by parties. Further Understandit 1. This MOU shall not constitute or establish any legal entities and shall relate only to cooperation between the Parties to promote municipal energy reform in Ukraine, Neither Party shall hold itself out as an agent of the other Party. Neither Party shall have any authority to bind or obligate the other Party in any manner. This MOU shall be made efidetive as of the later date of signature by the Parties. I shall remain in effect until October 08, 2015. Either Party may terminate this agreement upon a thirty (30) - day notice. All issues of ownership and rights to equipment and materials purchased by IRG under the MER Project shall remain in MER Project ownership until the end date of the Project. The ownership and rights to mentioned above equipment and materials shall be transferred from the MER Project to the recipients upon completion of MER Project, pursuant to USAID instructions. Work products prepared by IRG under the MER Project shall be used in the interest of the Project recipients, including the cities of Ukraine. 4, This MOU is executed in the Ukrainian and English languages. in two copies each, both texts being equally binding. FL-2020-00008 05/06/2020 8 pintipHuKax KOXUOIO MovOID, OGwana reKeTHt pit uboMy —_30608"aay!0Tm ‘onttakoso. 5. Lei MB wicrurs nonny aonosnedicrs 5. This MOU contains the entire Cropin Ta santimye cooWw Gystt-aki understanding of the Parties and nonepeanti aomoatenocti y pianouesni supersedes any previous understanding nici Yrozu, nuctstosi a6o y related to this Agreement, whether written or oral. Ha niavseprxensia usoro Cropom. xoxtta 3 In witness whereof. the Parties, each a axnx atic seper caoix wanexnum ntiow through their duly authorized representatives. Younosaxenux mpeactasnucis, nigmicytors have caused this Memorandum of Understanding, elt Mesopanaym npo ssacoposywintia aia to be signed by their names. ‘esoro incen Biz BYP, Ze AEB o LHT3 JUMITEJ

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