Catching Fire

By Suzanne Collins Noah Kayser-Hirsh Period F 12/18/10

The book Catching Fire is the second book in a trilogy by Suzanne Collins published by Scholastic Press. The main ideas of this book are rebellion, loyalty, and government control. I thought that this book was overall very good. People should read it not only because it is a great action-packed novel but it also deals with ideas and themes that aren t very apparent in our literature but are very apparent in our society and history. It deals with these themes not only directly but also subtly, keeping you on the lookout for what the author is portraying. In the prequel to Catching Fire, The Hunger Games, there is a girl named Katniss Everdeen. She lives in a country called Panem that is ruled by a place called the Capitol. Every year the Capitol holds a Hunger Games , where 24 tributes , two from each of the twelve districts, are thrown into an arena and forced to fight until there is only one left standing. Katniss is picked for the games along with a boy named Peeta from their district, district 12. They end up being the last two tributes and are forced to kill each other. Having grown fond, very fond, of each other they decide to kill themselves spontaneously. Instead

However the Capitol. Katniss and Peeta team up with a previous victor named Finnick. They go on to be in the final 8 of the very exciting games. Spurred by a direct threat from President Snow. are angry about the two trying to kill themselves and upstage the Games. They believe that this will cause a second rebellion. There they discover that since it is the 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games the president plans to take 24 of the previous victors from the Games and have a Hunger Games involving them. Katniss. lead by President Snow. They make it through most of the districts with little trouble and then arrive at the Capitol. decide to take a stand and go to kill of the other 3 tributes. Peeta and their allies. and Beetee. from district 4. Then once there are only 8 left. Finnick.the games are stopped abruptly and they are both crowned victors. they are forced to watch their every action as to not upset the Capitol. Johanna. In the second book Katniss and Peeta go on their victory tour around all the districts and to the Capitol. .

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