Basic Parts of a House


Boards or plywood lay directly on the joist.Two 2x4’s nailed together to reinforce the corners of a frame structure. The finished flooring is laid over the sub-flooring. which is less than a full story in height. FOOTING . CORNER STUDS . 2. 10. DRAIN TILE . placed directly on the foundation. (Continued) 3 . 3.The lowest wooden part of a structure. MUDSILL . or by applying a compound to the surface of the wall. 12. BRIDGING . SUB-FLOOR . by mixing a compound with cement. 14. between the floor joist for the purpose of bracing the joists against spreading and warping. MUD SLAB (or Crawl Space) . 13. DAMPPROOFING . FOUNDATION WALL . 5. FLOOR GIRDER . FRAMING STUDS . or other structural parts of a building. usually in a diagonal position. JACK STUD .Pipe which carries away ground water from around the foundation of a building.Gives direct support to headers (nailed to framing studs and to header).The horizontal member placed on the sub-flooring upon which the studs rest. 6.Glossary of Building Terms 1. 8. which provides support for exterior walls.The various supporting parts of a building fitted together into a skeleton form.Making walls impervious to water.Construction. 11. or dampness.A heavy piece of horizontal timber to which the boards of a floor are nailed. 7. 4.An accessible space below the first floor. 9.Wood or metal members that are installed.Gives physical support to floor joists. BOTTOM PLATE (or Sole Plate) . primarily below grade. FLOOR JOIST .That portion of a foundation of a structure which spreads and transmits loads directly to the soil.

WINDOW CASING . 19. CEILING POST . flake-board.The underside surfaces of an arch or overhang.Boards or plywood that are nailed on roof rafters and over which shingles or other roof covering is laid. CRIPPLE STUDS . 21.. nailed to studding. 25. SOFFIT .The trimming around a window either outside or inside.A board nailed to the ends of the rafters. SIDING . 18. such as a door or window. which is integral with the wall or ceiling material. 20. FASCIA (or Gutter Board) . 22. 28. INTERIOR FINISH . 26. 17. 27. RAFTER .The sides and top of an opening used in the framing of a doorway or window.A heavy piece of horizontal timber to which the ceiling is supported. 16. 23. plywood.One of a series of structural members of a roof designed to support roof loads. GUTTERS .Glossary of Building Terms 15. ROOF SHEATHING . TOP PLATE . HEADER .Wide boards. 29. 24. 4 .The surface finishes of an interior wall or ceiling and includes finish.Studding cut short to be used over and under a door or window opening. WALL SHEATHING . FINISH ROOF .Two 2x4’s placed on top of the framing studs. etc.The material applied to the roof sheathing to make it waterproof.The finish covering of the outside walls of a frame building.A trough attached to the edge of a roof to collect and conduct water from rain or melting snow.Horizontal structural member that supports the load over an opening. that gives the gutter physical support. DOORJAMB .

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