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A tS », Qs Aen ae Po MX yrs SS i aot cA ar Ow NY Che Seneschats MASTER SCREEN www. SURPRISE & HESITATION TNS (pg. 75) 5 Purposely standing with no st {perhaps to invite an atack..) 7. Aware of opponent - Victim ofa ‘cheap shot’ of you hesitated 10. Unsuspecting or inattentive. 13. Blindsided! EVASION TNS (pg. 84) 4 Full evasion or retreat. No att possible for either parry on the next ack ‘exchange. This pause in combat call for anew initiative. Evasion may noc be attempted on an exchange immediately following one’s own attack 7 Partial evasion, May cake initiative as the aggressor on the next exchangs paying 2 CP dice, or if opponent fun ‘oF fails completly. e by mbles 9 "Duck & Weave” May attack on the next exchange as if opponent had botched his atack (he will be at a CP disadvantage) ARMOR & SHIELDS (pg, 85) “Type! Description ‘Armor Value™ Move Penalty Teather Jacket (wisleeves) Teather Jacket (w/o sleeves) Shirt (light, w/sleves) 3 Shire (ight, w/o sleeves) 34 ‘Shire (full sui) iecemeal plating (sample pieces) Bracers or well made Gaunlets Large Shoulder Cop Shoulder and whole Arm + = Knee Cop 1 Breast Plate (front and back) 1 late (fll suit, w/belm) 304 Plate (full suit, w/o helm Te 5 Chainmail Coit Toro ot Helm 1 Fall Helo 2 Buckler Sheild (hand) (TN 7) ‘Medium Round Sheild (TN 5) Medium ‘Heater’ Sheild (TNS) Large ‘Kite’ Sheild (TN 5) * Applies only to coverd and protected areas ** Applies when protecting sword or weapon arm. + When worn under any kind of h EFFECTS OF COUNTERS (pg. 64) Roll d6* Roll d10_ Effect Half-sword Normal 1 Slash at 1 Slash at IL ‘Slash a IIL Slash at IV Slash at V Pomel to XIII (DR-ST b) ‘Thrust to face (XIID| ‘Thrust to body (Xt or XII) Grapple ** Disarm *** * Roll on this colum when half-swording. ** See the Grappling Maneuver. Note that no Activation cost is necessary for this Grapple *** Succes results in no damage, but rather ‘one's opponent loses hi weapon. 1 or 2 succeses result in the weapon landing within 3 feet, 3 to 4 succeses send the weapon flying in a random direction 146+1 yards, 5 succeses put the weapon in your hand, if you want it (otherwise it flies 1410 yards in a random direction). OPTIONAL MODIFIERS FOR STRIKING AT DIFFERENT ZONES (pg, 234) These may be appli to the atacer’s ll ‘when king atthe fllowing arcs, ‘Thrusts (including punches) co the Head (XU): -1. CP Thrusts to Lower Legs (VII): 2 CP ‘Thrusts to Arms & Hands (XIV): -1 CP Cuts (including blunt swung attacks) o the Lower Legs (0) vs. shields: «1 CP Cuts/Bashes to Arms & Hands (VID): +1 CP. Missile attack to the Head (XIII) -2 MP Missile attack to Lower Legs or Arms (VIIUXIV): 3 MP Misi attach that nis de oie may sre another, neuby eegion ofthe body at dhe Sens s discretion. "TARGET NUMBERS DERIVED ATTRIBUTES (pg. 19) (pg. 6) SUCCESS (PG. 6) Reflex = (AG + Wit)/2 Knockdown = (ST + AG)/2 2. Foolproof Aim = (AG + Per)/2 Knockout = To + 1/2WP 4 Easy # or Margin Result Me (ST + AG + EN)/2 aca of success ee oe 7. Challengin, ae Zero Failure ‘SKILL RATINGS (pg.7) oe (Ties) Results Vary 3 Master: well known & soughe after vue One Narrow Success ]} 5 adept a shilled & respected veteran M4 Amaring The Sonfoe 7 Proficient: a trained profesional hice ‘oom to Spare} 9 Some Training: a good beginner 3 Neg Impewite |] Four xpery Done P10 eginner mst sadn & some dfs 22. Unbelievable Five Flawless +m hohe PERTNs FOR AGING AND SICKNESS TNs (pg. 98) SEACHING OUT Character's Age ‘Age Catagory Aging TNvs HT CAMOFLAGED 10-44 Mae z : 1549 Early mille years 8 (CHARACTERS (pg. 33) 50-54 Tate middle years 9% Day 4 55.59 Silver 10 Dusk/Dawn 7 ons (Old timer 2 ee a Sickness or Disease Sickness TN vs. HT No Cover ‘Mild (erious colds and the like) 5 Light Cover — ‘Moderate (flu, mumps) 8 Heavy Cover +2 Serious (pneumonia, the plauge) 13 Pexrooxervs ‘AGING BONUS DICE BY RACE (pg 9) PER ‘TNs (pg. 38) AGING OR SICKNESS (pg. 98) Bonus Dice # of Successes Lost Points Outin the open 5 fumble fail Moderate crowd 6 ageless) Heavy crowd or Lesser seihe Good distraction 9 Dwarf (Siche) Proximity to body +/-2 Halfling SNEAK VS. PER TNs T REWARDS (pg. 68) RAISING ATTRIBUTES (pg. 69) (BASED ON SURROUNDINGS) Bonus Prioites 1 Garon aribate Cost to Raise (pg. 40) 1-15, E to Next Level 1630 a SAS @ 46-60. Mild noise 6175 (edge of camp) 76-90 91-105 106-125 126-150 151-200 201+ Loud noise (crowds) ‘TEMPORAL, | SCULPTURE: CHANGES THE PHYSICAL| SHAPE OR FORM OF MATTER Intricacy: level of detail 1) basic geomeri shapes 2) complex polygons 3) can replicate realty Composition: number and type 1) 2 pes of objects 2) 10 pes of plants 3) 100 types of animals Concept: complexity of creation 1) currently viewing 2) hasbeen sen or described 3) from the imagination MOVEMENT: THE BEAT'N' DOWN OF NEWTON'S LAWS Speed: acceleration - deceleration 1) L0yps- 1/100b 2) Imps -10yps 3) instantaneous - "Frozen Maneuverability: changing of dicecsion 1) single direction change 2) swift on all three planes 3) instant and revere Life elevation of eargees 1) wp 1010 yds 2) up to 100 yards 3) up wo 1 mile (GROWTH: EFFECTS THE SPACE & TIME OF MATTER Expanding/Contracting: changes size but nor weight 1) double of halfsize 2) by 10 3) by 100 Maturing: grows living, decomposes if dead, corrode ian object (not reversable) 1) ages I month 2) ager I year 3) ager I decade Dividing: causes reproduction of smaller duplicate 1) divides on ome ais 2) cell division 3) molecular division MENTAL. GLAMOUR: MAGIC OF ILLUSIONS Realism: measure of duplication 1) augue or blurry wi fw details 2) recognizable but lacking sincerity perfce simulation liry: measure of tactilcy 1) no form, can be pased through 2)solid wl mumbled sounds, but ‘has na thermal or tactile components 3) thermal and tactile components Interactivity: measure of animacion 1) cannot be moved or fle 2) interaction required 3) full independanty animate CONQUER: CONTROL AND MANIPULATION OF THE MIND Implant: placing into the mind 1) short ought or simple image 2) an experience or emarion 3) spirit, demon, or dormant spell Control: degree of influence 1) force simple ation 2) as shough a puppet, bur aware 3) domination of wil and desires Repress climination of memory 1) recent occurance, up 101 day 2) all information by asociation 3) mind wipe, revers to infant sate VISION: SEE OTHER PLACES & TIMES, OR INTO THE MINDS OF OTHERS Divination: viewing the past & furure Lup 01 day 2) up to I year 3) as far reaching as one's lifesime Clairvoyance: remote viewing 1) up to 1 muile/10x magnification 2) np to 100 miles/100% mag 3) view any event worldwide or tmolecular magnification ‘Telepathy: reading of thoughts 1) sean the "surf 2) sense needs and desires 3) experience memories SPIRITUAL SUMMONING: CALLING OF MAGICAL BEINGS OR FORGES INTO THE WORLD] Spirits: echoes of the onee-lving 1) minor sprit costa service) 2) sprit (cot: an extensive service) 3) major sprit (co: epic ques) Demons: crearures of belt 1) minor demon (cost: 8 SAPS) 2) demon (cot: 16 SAPS) 3) major demon (cst: 24 SAPS) ‘Magic: life force without direction 1) sustain novice spells (age 1 month) 2) sustain apprenice spells (age 2 months) 3) sustain master pels (age 3 months) BANISHIMENT: EXILING UNWANTED (MAGICAL BEINGS FROM THE PHYSICAL PLANE Spirits: echoes of the once-lving. 1) banish a minor spr 2) banish a spirit 3) banish « major spire Demons: creatures of belie 1) banish a minor demon 2) banish a demon 3) banish a major demon ‘Magic lif Force without direction 1) hamish a novice spell 2) banish a apprentice spell: 3) banish a master spells IMPRISONMENT: TRAPPING MAGICAL BEINGS AND FORCES Spirits: echoes of the one-lving 1) minor sprit (cose: by spirit) 2) sprie (os: by spirit) 23) major spirit (cou: by spire) Demons: creatures of bel 1) minor demon (cst: 10 SAPS) 2) demon (cot: 20 SAPS) 3) major demon (cost: 30 SAPS) Magic: life force without diretion 1) rap novice spells (1 SP die) 2) arap apprentice spells (2 SP die) 3) rap master spells (3 SP die) SPELL CASTING TARGET NUMBERS (pg. 115) Spells of One T+RsVeDeL Formalized Spells of One (T+ R+V+DeL-2 Spells of Three T+R+V+DeL, (41 per additional vagary used) Formalized Spells of Thrce T+R+V+DeL, Spells of Many T+R+V+D+LG I per additional vagary used) - 2 D = Duration L= Level of Vagary Effect CTN VARIABLES AND VALUES (pg. 116) Variable Value Targets: Multiple targets may be specified, provided they are withing the current volume constraint. ‘Objects on someone other than an enchanted creature can be effected without a spell resistance test. A player may split his targets in a number of ways equal to the character's MA. (©) incorporeal (A “target” of zero is possible if che spell effects only the caster.) (1) inanimate objects (2) plane life ) animals including humans) ‘Range: The caster must have access to Vision to designate ranges beyond line of sight. (0) sak (elfecting only the easter) () touch (2) line of sight 3) unlimited Volume: Any valuc ofa target's composition may not exceed any one of the three variables by any amount withour raising the CT. (0) incorporeal (1) 3 gallons / 20 pounds / 1 yard (2) 30 gallons / 200 pounds / 10 yards (3) 300 gallons / 2000 pounds / 100 yards Duration: Giving a spell a duration can be accomplished in three ways, but the given values are the units in which a spell's duration is factored. (eg, Ifthe duration chosen was I for a spell with a CIN of 6, and 7 successes were rolled in casting, it would only last 2 minutes.) (OP instane (instantaneous spells have a value of ero, even when constant) (1) one minute (2) one hour (3) one day “A spell’ variables are calculated independendy ofeach other For instance, a opal that directly floats an ‘opponent requires a Target of "Animal" (3 points to the CTN, but deper ing on the Vagary used, may have a Volume less than that of the target's weight. IF the spell was comprised of the Conquer Vagary, and only effected the target's mind, the Volume would be 0. This principe is true forall var when creating a spel ivis important to condense the spell’ effect into the smallest area possible. CTN MODIFIERS (pg. 117) EVENT ROLL TE SUCCESSFUL TE FAILED. NOTES Dialogue during casting Form/CIN, =I CIN, +1 CIN ‘No Bonus if used wich Gestures during casting. Form/CTN| =LCTN, +1 CIN Spells of One Meditation before casting Discipline/ Meditation [- CIN 41 CIN. Ritual Spells Only ‘Symbol drawing in the area ofa ritual spell ‘AniCIN $I Targets Resistance TN =I Targets Resistance TN Noisy enviroment WP /Meditation No Change 41 CIN Tncerupted WPICTN, No Change 41 CIN, Wounded No Roll NIA N/A “Apply Shock And Pain Modifiers to Spell Pool Tore: These bonuses apply only vo the CIN for purposes of casting the spell, Aging Rolls are made without these bonuses. | DERIVED SORCERY ATTRIBUTES (TO + HIT + WP)/2. Kaa is the amount of raw energy a May is capable of producin Sorcery Pool = KAA + Form the Mi (WT + PER)/2. Form swratifies 's skill to cast spells. (MA + ENV/2. Art messures the Mage’s competence resisting magical effect. Spells OF Thece or Spells OF Many. forscirtine| (OWP + EN)/2. How cautious & uals are performed Spells of One = Sorcery Pool DRAW (ST + WP)? The rate a Mage can replenish his Spell Pool Spells of Three Spells of Many = Sorcery Pool + Art SORCERY POOL & IT'S BONUSES (pg. 113)] Provided there is at least one die in the Sorcery Pool, additional bonus dice are added when casting either Sorcery Pool + Art + Discipline AGING & OVERDRAW KNOCKOUT TNs (pg. 119) Spell CTN = Aging TN Aging TN - # of Successes = Aging, jn months (marked of in the boxes ‘on the character sheet). Knockout TN = 5 + # of months aged. Failure results in 1d10 soc. ‘of unconsciousness. OVERLAND TRAVEL (IN MILES PER DAY) (pg. 92) MOVE SCORE s [9 [i [Tu [2 "Fall Path 24_| 27 [30 | 33 | 36 Poor Road 46 [40 | 45 | 4954 ‘Good Road 48 [54 | 0 | 66 | 72 ‘Open Phi 20 | 22 | 25_[27 [30 Forest 2 [3 | 15 [16 | 18 Hills 1 [18_| 20 [22 [24 Mountains 39 fo fo Terrain TERRAIN MODIFIERS “Terrain Stand/Grawl Cautious Sprinting Solid la o [Narrow (edges, wall, roo) Swampy of Rocky Tight spaces (o get stuck) 2 opponents 3.5 opponents 5-10 opponents 10+ opponents ENCUMBRANCE MODIFIERS (pg. 94) Encumbrance Level Move Modifier Combat Pool Modifier Description ‘Unencumbered 0 clothing, scabbard, light bag Midly Eneumbered =I 7 robes, pack, seabbard & bag “Moderately Encumbered = weak ‘several bags or weapons Heavily Encumbered =I woral Targe bags, back-worn weapons Overburdened 3H toxal Tots of stuff. LIFTING (pg. 94) ]]_ JUMPING (pg.95) LEAPING DISTANCES FALLING (pg. 96) Weight | Tn/ Jump Height] TN/Auto]| (ADDED TO HEIGHT)(pg, 95)_||Tanding Surface [Damage Rating (in Ibs.) | Auto-Lift || (inches) Jump _ |] Move/Autol Leap Modifier (fees) | [Sy masuesss 7 50 r -Leap/TN [Standing] Running |['vinmingcid. | 75 o Fard ground, sone, armored people, water 100 2 Jona filed swim roll) 1S 18 150 24" 1 per 5 fallen 175 30" 200 36" 225 a 10 roll 250 48° 12 275, 5a 34 300 0" 325 a 350. 2 Each