What is your system landscape? What are you roles and responsibilities in your company?

What are versions of SAP & R/3, Oracle you are using? Patch numbers of SAP kernel & Oracle you are using If a user wants to execute a background job immediately but there is no Background work process available. How u will do? What is common House keeping background jobs that run in your system? What are common transport errors u faced while transporting? How you will do client copy? If SAP * user is not available at all in your system then how u will do client copy? How u will apply OCS patches? What is the database backup strategy in your company? What is upgrade process? And how u will do that? How u will give new authorizations? How to adjust user master records? If user master record doesn t adjust what will you do? How to check Kernel, tp versions? Briefly explain a recent problem you faced, which u felt proud by solving that? And ho u solved? How you will rate your self in SAP, Oracle from a scale 1 10? What are your daily activities in your company? What are you roles and responsibilities in your company? What are common background jobs that will run in your system? If a background job runs more than the time it should be completed normally then what actions will u take? How to schedule background jobs at OS level? How to add authorizations, how you will maintain profiles? What are common transport errors and their codes? Transport request types and its syntax Where will u find transport error logs? How to do transport at OS level? How to transport objects from Production to Development? How to define instances and operation modes? What are Homogenous system copy and Heterogeneous system copy and how you will do that? What is oracle Architecture? At OS level in which directory oracle alerts are stored? If a lock entry is holding more than 24 hours then what will you do? If another user wants to share that lock but the user using that lock haven t released lock he went for holiday what will u do? This user wants lock ASAP then what will u do? What will you do if u got Update failure? What will you observe in System log (SM21)? How to increase tables space, resizing, backups and when will you do? Various client copy methods and how you will do them? How you will get help from OSS notes? What is the need of having Development system? Difference between Application server and Central Instance? How you will check whether database is active or not from OS level?

Oracle from a scale 1 10? What are you roles and responsibilities in your company? How you will do client copy? If SAP* is not available then how u will do? After client copy is table space and database sizes will be increased or not? How to do client copy fast? What are various profiles available for client copy? How to do transport s between Production and Development? How to apply OCS Patches? What are you roles and responsibilities in your company? How to do client copy? How to do transports from OS level? Where the transport data files will be placed? How to make security authorization reports? In which table failed user login attempts will be there? How to see the t able entry values? How you will give new authorizations? Have you participated in Kernel upgrading and OCS Patches? Have you done any up gradations? How to configure TMS? What is transport domain? What is Consolidation route and delivery routes? How you will identify them? Transport error codes and their description? The transaction should not be displayed in User Easy access menu but he must execute that transaction how to do that? .What is Transport domain and Domain controller? What is Consolidation route and delivery routes? How to lock a client? How to delete a client? How to login in to SAP from command level? How to define Logon groups? And what is Logon load balancing? How you will rate your self in SAP.

There is no "half data transfer". What is osp$ mean? What if user is given with this authorisation? OPS$ is the mechanism the <SID>adm users uses to connect to the database . Copy DDIC to a separate user and use that user to apply them. In what situation it is good to go for Trusted system ? . do SAPCAR -xvf $i.SM37 . I know that there is no need of UID and PWD to communicate with partner system. Can you kill a Job? Yes .select . done When we should use Transactional RFC ? A "transactional RFC" means.SAR. how do you analyse? Use transaction SE30.or not. This happens when your extended memory is exhausted. that either both parties agree that the data was correctly transfered . How to uncar car/sar files in a single shot? on Unix: $ for i in *. Why do you use DDIC user not SAP* for Support Packs and SPam? Do _NOT_ use neither DDIC nor SAP* for applying support packages.Interview Questions for SAP Basis What is private mode? When does user switch to user mode? Private mode is a mode where the heap data is getting exclusively allocated by the user and is no more shared across the system. What is the use of Trusted system.kill If you have a long running Job.

Which table contains the details related to Q defined in SPAM? Is there a way to revert back the Q defined? If yes. which facilitates interaction between diverse operating systems and applications across internal and external networked computer systems. your license key (that you get from http://service. How to see when were the optimizer stats last time run? We are using win2k. sapr346c. SAP XI is compatible with software products of other companies. if you have an R/3 system and a BW system and don't want to maintain passwords.E. What is a developer key? and how to generate a developer key? The developer key is a combination of you installation number. Let me know if my understanding below is correct: 1) By default the RFC destination is synchronous 2) Asynchronous RFC is used incase if the system initiated the RFC call no need to wait for the response before it proceeds to something else. oracle 9. What is XI3. The application must also be able to handle that correctly. Assumed DB=Oracle Select any table lets take MARA here but you should do the same for MSEG and few others to see whether the dates match or not. You need this for each person that will make changes (Dictionary or programs) in the system.sap. SAP calls XI an integration broker because it mediates between entities with varying requirements in terms of connectivity.com/licensekey) and the user name. SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is SAP's enterprise application integration (EAI) software.0 ? EXPLAIN XI = Exchange Infrastructure . Same goes for CRM and a lot of other systems/applications. If you already started the import it's no more possible since the system will become inconsistent. and protocols. Yes . g.that's right. XI reduces integration costs by providing a common repository for interfaces. But keep in mind. Like other NetWeaver components. that it's not only a technical issue whether to switch to asynchronous.Part of Netweaver 2004. According to SAP. The central component of SAP XI is the SAP Integration Server.Run the following command on the command prompt:- . How? There is a "delete" button when you define the queue. a component of the NetWeaver product group used to facilitate the exchange of information among a company's internal software and systems and those of external parties. format.

This gives you a straight answer .. due to power failure sysetm restarts all the tables are in be ... 2.. like BW.. y what is sapinit why to stop during mopatch ?what is sapinit why to stop during mopatch ? . how to solve the issue ? 2) during online back on oracle database. y What is a developer key? and how to generate a developer key?What is a developer key? and how to generate a developer key? .Else you can always fish around in DB14 for seeing when the optimzer stats were updated.How the average values for peak workload is calculated from Os06 and what is the maximum cutoff cpu value recommended .......0 i . *-. Patch AdministrationPatch Administration ***************** When you will apply patches? Give short of examples the situation. .. y What are the prerequisite for before applying support packs?Hi Gurus. Now my question is while creating the profit centre in ecc 6. earlier it was the part of controlling. Da . CPU utilization..0 we see that the profit center is in the financials node.. y SAP BASIS Intervew QuestionsHow to do the client copy with out getting the down time. y How to set env variables for Oracle in AIX ?how to set env variables for oracle in AIX ? how to check the existing env varaibles of ORACLE in AIX os and how to set the variables please advice . y SAP RFC Interview Questions1.. where to troubleshoot you have applied patches! Why it`s required to shutdown all SAP. logon system settings. How to stop one particular rfc? . y Which Report check.. etc? .. passwords for SAP*What is the name of the report which will check / show following : a) Lists logon system settings b) Reports if passwords for SAP* accounts have not changed c) Reports if passwords for DDIC are tri . 06071992 is the default username and password for basis login accou .how to monitor the system trace of application servers... In ECC 6..0Dear All. y SAP BASIS Interview Questions.Ankan y SAP BASIS interview questions1) RFC Conn between two ABAP Systems is RFC Rfc Conn between Java and ABAP IS jco rfc Communction between two java systems??????????? 2) what is archived log mode and non archived log mo .... HR.select last_analyzed from dba_tables where table_name like '%MARA%'. y Is there a difference between user DDIC and SAP_ALL/SAP_NEW ?Yes. y SAP BASIS Interview Questions1) one of the transport is in import mode from last 20 hours .. . passwords for DDIC. ABAP.. DDIC is hard coded to do some things other IDs cannot... y how to monitor the system trace of application servers. y SAP BASIS Administration Interview QuestionsFrom where you have done your SAP BASIS Administration and is it necessary to have SAP certification to get a job? If any institute in CANADA offer me the SAP BASIS Administration course then what wi .. y Interview question .ECC 6. How to trace what rfc's running? 2. Please tell me what are the prerequisite for before applying support packs? Shall I apply sap basis patch to all the system. But you should be able to activate tables in SE11 using a SAP_ALL user.

. then it is called Client Refresh. y How do you Disable Multiple Logins in the Same Client?To disable multiple user logins within the same client implement this parameter in the instance profile: login/disable_multi_gui_login = 1 If you do not use this parameter in your system.. y What is the purpose of table T000?Table T000 contains a list of defined clients. y We want to install another new instance on same development box. For example. .. which you can maintain with transaction SCC4...g.. and hit Alt-F12 -> About .. . . y What are the transaction codes associated with changing requests. .. . But. y How can you tell if a transport entry is in the process of being imported?Check table TRBAT . y How can you find a list of objects that have been repaired in the system?ADIRACCESS List of repaired objects and their access keys .. request headers. if you are performing a copy to an existing client for the express purpose of updating the data.. It is also important to note that for a 64 bit SAP kernel.. and Spool(S). y What are the different types of work processes in R/3?Dialog (D). you can lock/unlock transaction codes via SM01. If you are copying to a .. Enqueue (E). y How can you View Locked Transactions?As you know. y How can you confirm the patch level for SAP GUI?Log into SAPGUI.. or request object lists?The following tables hold information about change requesets.. y Why can web help be considered easier to install than CHM. and . The field UFLAG det .. y What is the difference between a client copy and client refresh?Some times these are the same... like r3trans but also e.. Answers. The key is to use a different SID and a different system number... the standard delivered SAP help?Web help is easier than trying to get every remote user connected to a network share.. y When you are Locking/Unlocking accounts what happens behind the scenes?User accounts can be locked/unlocked via SU01 (User Maintenance... table TSTC.. users hav . y What is the purpose of table USR02?This table stores User IDs and passwords. y What is the purpose of table TDEVC?Table TDEVC contains development classes and packages. DDIC-Activation. SAP re . .... Within SAP... it is possible to have more than one instance on a single box. Update (U)... ..y What is the difference between TP and R3TRANSTP controls the process and calls several tools. how do you go about viewing the transactions that are locked in the system? You need to look in field CINFO. y SAP Basis Interview Questions. E070 Change request headers E071 Change request object lists .. The best route depends on your .. y What is the purpose of table TADIR?Table TADIR contains object directory entries .) But.... Is this possible? What are some of the important considerations?Yes. Background(B). y How do you create a password exception list?Place the answers in table USR40. what goes on behind the scenes? What does the system do to actually set this? The table USR02 gets updated.. If you don't want to use SAP's help site. you can setup your own website to do it. y Where can you find a list of object keys included in a transport?E071K Object keys contained within transports . . y How can you get a list of the users with development access on a particular system?Table DEVACCESS .

...What is Users Information System in Sap.. and finally . please update the answers and replay to all. It is really very help to all sap basis consultant. What is GUI patchs?What is the need to applay?wHAT IS THE PROCEDURE TO APPLAY? BYE . y BASIS Interview Questions part2BASIS Interview Questions What are Homogeno .ExplanationsSAP BASIS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Introduction This book is divided into three parts ± configuration related questions.... what all checks will you perform when SAP is down? 2..... y SAP BASIS Interview QuestionsI am unable to give the answer for following questions. y Database Sizehai.. y What is Oracle Home in SAP?Hi Friends.. y what is the difference between mount point backup and root backup?Hai.. y How to stop all the apps server separetlyI have the system irpit contain 6 apps server..What is the dif .. What is use of it. y how to restrict multi log in to single user how to restrict multi log in to single user .. what is the difference between mount point backup and root backup? bye .. ... y What is Users Information System in Sap. How do assure all SAP application servers are up and running? 3. Can anybody please let me know wat is the purpose of oracle home in sap thanks and regards . Please help me for this one .. y Basis Interview Questions1. How will you switch archive llog? What all steps are required for the sa . Kindly send me some study material on it .what is the command? Bye . y How to check the trace files in os level? How to check the trace files in os level? . This type of RFC executes the function call based on synchronous communication. What is difference between Ketnal upgrade and Kernal Patching. a very long list of t . 1.... I want to check the database size at command level... I need to stop the irp system. which means that the systems involved must both be . technical and troubleshooting questions.. y what is the difference between stopsap and stopsap r3?what is the difference between stopsap and stopsap r3? .. If anybody knows the answer.. y What is difference between Ketnal upgrade and Kernal PatchingHi All. y What is the down time in sap system?What is the down time in sap system? . y Types of RFC connectionsSynchronous RFC The first version of RFC is synchronous RFC (sRFC). Regards . y Gui PatchsHai..Stopsap command stops all the apps server or i need to stop all the apps server separetly.

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