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Honorary That’s some Cactus!
Membership Indeed!!
Watton Rotary News
Every so often something happens in Rotary when, for
all the right reasons, something cries out to be
publicised as widely as possible. We judge that the
acceptance by George Wilson of honorary membership
of our club is just such a moment.
George is a still-vigorous Yorkshireman who married
into Norfolk. Brought low by persistent illness which he
struggles against to this day, he has been
uncharacteristically quiet lately, to the concern of his
friends, who leap to describe how his kindness won
them over, or his genuine, ready welcome drew them in.
George has been a Rotarian for forty-five years. He
taught for many years at Wayland High, taking an
active part in things like the Duke of Edinburgh
award scheme, spreading a wonderful camaraderie
among the young people he met and taught, many of
whom are firm friends today. He has put into practice
simply and in so many of his activities the Rotary
motto, ‘Service above Self’.
His was the inspiration behind ‘Rotaboards’ - thus
giving local schools the opportunity to showcase
students’ work prominently in the community.
He was the secretary of the Breckland Show, a
hugely-successful undertaking over many years. The
size and difficulty of the job did not deter him. As a
former Rotaract member......a junior branch of
Rotary...... said, ‘His can-do attitude has always
been an example to us all!’
But there was never anything staid or static about
George. He was renowned for breaking the ice at
Loch Newton for the Christmas swim, to the
accompaniment of a primal scream! Life around him
could be guaranteed not to be dull!
The same member continues,’ We think it’s really
appropriate that he’s getting this award, as we know
him as a friend to all and team player who would
always pitch in and get involved.’
Surely the admiration of so many deserves warm
and wide recognition.
Prue & Edward Szczepanowski have grown this cactus which is 4.5 metres tall
from a pot plant gift from Ed’s mother!
Grand Second Hand See the Great Hockham Gardening Club Corona Diary inside on page 7.

Book Sales If you oppose the Plan: As above, if

Well, the good news is that the governmental Saham Toney you let us know why, we may be able
restrictions are gradually being lifted; it seems almost to do something about it, but we can’t
on a weekly basis. So more good news; we are still
Neighbourhood do that if we don’t know what you
taking donations for the book sales! Our own Plan Update object to;
restrictions, as outlined below, will remain in place If you don’t have time to read the
Shaping the future of
for the moment, but as things continue to improve we Plan: As well as the leaflet you
Saham Toney!
hope to be able to change that soon. Please remember received last month, there’s a 16-
that: The latest consultation on the plan page pamphlet available on our
 We will only accept delivery to us here in Griston, started on 24th June and runs until website or in paper form on request.
not at Thompson Community Hall. Friday 14th August, so as you read You can also call us with any
 People must call first to arrange a delivery slot, so this, villagers still have time to questions you have or email them to
that no more than one vehicle is here at any one time. participate. You might ask, “why is us.
 We can only accept donations from households not that important?” We would answer as There are more than 700 households
exhibiting any symptoms of the virus. follows: in Saham. While it may not seem so,
 We are currently only taking books, anything else If you support the Plan, but don’t the Plan will affect every one of those
by prior arrangement. wish to make any comments: Simply in some way. But not having a Plan at
 The health and wellbeing of everyone involved is letting us know of your support will all would affect the whole village far
important to us; we ask you to bear with us as we add strength to the Plan when efforts more, and not for the better. That’s
take tentative steps towards “normal service”. to dilute it are made by planners or why it is important for every villager
I’m sure lots of you have taken the opportunity of developers; to have their say. Naturally we’d like
having a “covid clear-out”, so will be pleased to If you support the Plan in general, to have your support, but comments
know that we are happy to take your items! but there are some things you have and objections are also welcomed
The situation with regards to our next sale, booked for concerns about: Tell us what those because they help us make sure we’re
October 10th, is still uncertain. However, whatever concerns are, and we’ll try to address providing the Plan that villagers
happens with that one, we are continuing the sales next them. That might be by providing you want.
year and are grateful for your continuing support. with more information to allay your Everyone who lives, works or runs a
Thank you and we wish you, our friends, volunteers concerns; it might be by amending business in the Parish can participate.
and customers, good health. the Plan: in either case you will get a (Continued on page 3)
Keith and Caroline 880153. clear response from us;
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 2
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 3
(Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan from page 1) questions you have about the Plan;
All members of a household may take Arrange delivery of a paper copy of the The Ovington Private Prayer at St Mary’s
part, either individually or by giving a 16-page pamphlet St. Mary's is open for private prayer every Wednesday between 10-
combined response.
To participate, go to
The next, and final consultation on the Plan
will be organised by Breckland Council
Crower 12 and we are carefully and prayerfully preparing for opening safely
for public worship. In the meantime, we are still online with our
By the Boy Sid
On the home page or https:// and you will have far more limited services and with reflections. See the website for details opportunity to comment, so please take the Evenin tew yew orl, har yew gittin on with or find us on Facebook @stmaryswatton
consultation-june-2020.html you will chance now. Support the Plan and help orl this here Virus thing. Co blarst thas bin But we are also church outdoors! Please come and enjoy our Prayer
find a simple form. Just fill in your name safeguard the future of Saham. suffin of a rummin hent it, I rekkun harf Labyrinth on the Church Green and outdoor Prayer Trail. A map and
and email address and click on the ‘I Help make sure that permission to tha willage hev hid up cos thas bin everso instructions is available on the church railings. There are seven
support the Plan’ button. develop the village is granted as a kwiet, hent sin enny wun tew hev a mardle stations in total to encourage you to slow down and connect with
Download a simple comments form from controlled privilege and not as a right. with fer sum time. yourself, nature and with God. Help ensure that all that is good about the So far I hent hard If you would like prayer for anything please send your prayer
3-consultation-june-2020.html village is preserved and enhanced. of ennywun in request to
Fill it in and email it to us at Your voice matters, please let us know tha willage Many thanks. Best wishes to you all: Gerry what you think. gittin this virus
Simply email any comments to us at As usual, if you have any comments or so praps tha questions on any of this, or the hidin away hev
Call us on 01953 884759 on weekdays Neighbourhood Plan in general, or if you worked, less
between 9am and 8pm to: would like to be added to our mailing hoop so.
Borrow a paper copy of the Plan; Make list, please get in touch with Chris Blow Larst time I writ
comments, or objections, or simply at I sed how tha ole
confirm support for the Plan; Ask any Most importantly, stay healthy and safe! farmer he say thet he
thort I wos a key
disinfecting after every user, which worker, so I dint hefta stay hoom, but hed
A Quick Look would cause a problem.
But things seem to be improving daily,
tew git back tew work on tha land. He wos
rite, cos a week later he hossed orf tew tha
Round although blips, such as in Leicester
have shown that all is not yet back to
surgery tew put a scripshun in for his
missus, cos she has orl sorts of things
By Orbiter normal. Unfortunately the virus is wrong with har. Well,a young mawtha sed
Here we go with another look at life unseen, so we do not know if wearing “ I hevta teark yore temprature afore I let
from behind the doors of Lockdown masks, keeping apart, or distancing is yew in here” so she stuck this thing in his
which has kept me prisoner for the last being successful, the only positive lughole and sed “Yew hev got a high temp
two or three months Actually that has results are the failures. Like allegedly my gud man, dew yew hev a corf?” “Yis”
not been too great a punishment as for burglar-proof locks, you never know if he say “I’me allus corfin cos of tha dust
a change I have been able to relax and they worked – only if you were orfa tha farm, combining an tha like” “Oh
enjoy the summer sunshine, which in burgled, when you realised they have dear” she say. “Hold yew hard I’ll be back
May was the best the country has failed. in a jif” Orf she went an cum back with a
enjoyed for well over a hundred years But, as I write, things are showing gret ole nurse who sed tew tha farmer
while a few days in June provided signs of getting back to normal, with “Yew are a risk tew orl tha people rownd
some of the warmest of this century. pubs and restaurants re-opening, albeit yew and yew orta lock yoreself down fer a
And being what is sometimes termed a with certain restrictions, and football cuppla weeks or more tew see how yew
senior citizen my kind neighbours have has resumed behind closed doors. But goo. Gis a corl iffen yew feel wus an weel
taken care of my shopping one game seemed to have a small git yew orf tew tha horsepiddle—rite!”
requirements and making me feel crowd., although from the lack of Well thet put tha cat among tha pigeons,
almost redundant. interest they displayed, they might cos I wos left in charge an orl on me own.
As the weeks have gone by various have been cardboard cut-outs ! I hed a word arownd but thar warnt
amendments have come into force And Norwich City seem to be doing nobuddy who wanted tew work alonga me
regarding social distancing and self well being back at the top of the cos the ole farmer wos suspected of heving
isolation, but it is difficult to know just Championship. orl sorts o things wrong wi him an orl the
what I am allowed to do or not, but I With all the different companies and blooks who often give us a hand wos tew
have tried to follow Mr. Johnson’s organisations suffering severe financial sceart tew even git on tha farm.
advice, and I think I have been a fairly deficits due to the covid emergency, Horry hent kwite finished orf his hoom
good boy and have confined my the Chancellor makes almost daily meard wine yit so he warnt an optshun.
outings to special treats, such as being announcements that so many millions Sort of a larst resort, I corled on the
driven by my wife to various luxurious of pounds have been allocated to this Cowncil Chairmawtha, she cum tew har
destinations such as the local Tescos, or that cause, but where are all these upstairs winder an sed “Wot dew yew
where I have enjoyed a nice sit in the trillions coming from ? Surely we do want, goo away afore I corl tha law” She
car park. But it makes a change I am not have an in-exhaustible supply of hed a gret ole sheet orl ova har hed an
told, which must be good for me. funds ! looked a bit like a ghost an she kep shuttin
In the last couple of weeks restrictions No doubt we are in for some very bad tha winda wen she stopped torkin. Cor this
have been relaxed to allow people to news some time in the not too distant is wus than work I thort, but she did say
visit famous beauty spots and seaside future, when the days of reckoning that nowun wos gooin tew cum near tha
resorts, and our newspapers have arrive. farm an orl the cowncillers wos locked
shown pictures of overcrowded But while all these things are the down tew meark sure they wos ready tew
beaches, suggesting that the crowds worries of the government, we can look teark oova iffen the govmint packed it in.
have taken the authorities by surprise, on what has been a great summer Gawd help us I thort.
when what else could have been weather-wise, though no doubt we We only hev tew cows left untill tha searls
expected when the easing of lockdown shall soon be hearing that hose-pipe start up agin so tha farmer sez he kin dew
coincided with the hottest weather of bans will be necessary. But tha milkin, so we sharn’t gew short o a
the year and folks had been cooped up meanwhile , if my own garden is a pint moost days.
for so long? reflection of others, we have a Well I run tha tractor hoe over tha beet
The seemingly excess crowds were wonderful selection of shrubs and wot wos just comin thru, an got tha hay
partly caused by the number of extra flowers, all seemingly in bloom at the cutter and baler orl reddy fer hay harvist
folks who would normally have been same time. later on.
holidaying abroad, and in spite of the They say that every bad situation has a I did hev a bit o gud luck tho, tha landlord
fears about the lack of social distancing good side, and so it seems with of tha pub rang up an sed he wos hevvin
I think that worries on that score were television. Programmes have been tew git rid of some of his beer as it wos
unfounded as the British are natural disrupted, but in compensation some of gooin orf, an if I hed suffin clean tew put
distancers’, since as far back as I can the best documentaries from a dozen or sum in I cud hev it fer nex tew nuffin.
remember whenever I went to a beach more years ago have made their re- Orl I hed tew dew was goo rownd tha back
every family parked themselves at a appearance, some that we enjoyed door an give it a good bang leave my
respectful distance from the next and when they were first shown ,and others ‘tainers on tha step an cum back in harf
anyone coming too close would earn that we may have missed first time hour an they wood be reddy for me, I can
some very black looks. And if the tide round. settle up learta.
came in to reduce the size of the beach And so, as I come to the end of being a Thas wot I did an I wos able tew enjoy a
and over-crowding became inevitable it Norfolk boy (adopted) for over 30 pint or three, espeshly wen I was
was time to go home or retire to a local years I can look back on many happy haymaking cos thet wos suffin hot thet
refreshment bar. times, and even on the current ones, week. I dint rekkun thet wos gooin orf cos
So I think we can be relied upon to be things have not been more than a thet tearsted the searm as yewshul. Don’t
sensible on that score, the main trouble severe inconvenience. And fingers tell Horry. My granma sez. “ A chicken
with visiting our coastline is the lack of crossed things will only get better. crossing the road is poultry in motion”
toilet facilities, due to the need for Good afternoon. Fare ye well an dew yew keep a troshin.
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 4
can be useful, even sometimes showing home-based shoemakers so a incorporating two stories, one of a have taken the opportunity during the
A Fresh Look up some less savoury items, like one of
my great uncles being prosecuted for
workforce was available. One of
those former silk manufacturers still
modern couple trying to set up a
restaurant on the island, the other about
Lock Down to read it for the second (or
finish it for the first), time, several
At Family poaching, but reading his excuses to
what otherwise makes it a bland story is
exists in the town as a noted maker of
high-quality shoes with an
a Jewish family in 1944, the interesting
part in the eyes of the reader. Two
having been to the launch of the book
in Norwich Cathedral in 2018. I was
History what makes it interesting. Apparently,
he was showing a gentlemen bird
international reputation. I can also try
to empathise with the harshness of
children from the Jewish family had
beeen hidden while the rest of the
tempted to send this material for
publication but it would be better after
With Bronwen Tyler watcher some interesting species of bird life as I uncover the trail of women family were sent to their deaths. The discussion at a meeting, assuming we
Many of us have been pursuing new life – at night. There are also a lot of dying from the effects of childbirth, stories came together satisfactorily in eventually have one. Good Health and
hobbies or activities during free searchable places online. If your babies in infancy and others from the end. good reading. Sue Hart
lockdown, or perhaps taking up past ancestors were victims of war then the diseases like TB and typhoid. TB in A member read ‘Broken Ground’ by
interests again. One of mine is family Commonwealth War Graves particular found an easy transmission Val McDermid as she fancied a
history. As a keen family historian, I Commission website is invaluable. in the factories. whodunit for a change.The story is set Watton Medical
not only have all my own research Other records often pop up with a I may also have become a little in Edinburgh and one of a series
papers but I get to inherit other random online search, especially superstitious. When you find a few featuring DCI Karen Pirie of the Practice Patient
people’s too! My mother and I did a military ones or people searching the named Henry of successive generation Scotland Historical Crime Unit. She
lot of research together and spent same family. all killed in mining accidents, and more finds herself trying to investigate two Participation
many happy hours visiting churches, My mother relied on frequent visits to than one cousin called Charles killed in unsolved muders from 25 and 40 years
villages and other places associated the record offices in various counties, WWI it makes you want to advise ago respectively but finds herself Group
with our ancestors. Mother’s work poring over registers and old avoiding those names for the next personally involved in a current As part of the Watton Medical
was recorded by hand and by documents. I can sit at home to do generations! murder. The reader found the story Practice Patient Participation Group’s
typewriter so, when she died, I much of it and save record office So, technology has definitely helped interesting, liked the characters from all (PPG) continued support to the
inherited a lot of paperwork, some of visits for really focussed work on me, but it isn’t the be all and end all. three story lines and couldn’t stop Practice and patients during these
which is a bit dog-eared and faint – specific documents. I can also Sometimes the more distant past can be reading until she found who did what, difficult times, we have some updates
she didn’t always replace the digitally photograph those documents almost impossible to research with any definitely recommended as a ‘light regarding the Practice.
typewriter ribbon soon enough. for a small fee and study them more method. My cousin resorted to DNA! read’. As we are all aware, what we know
Lockdown prompted me to go back closely at home, so saving time on the Official records of birth marriage and A husband and wife both read ‘The as normal will change following the
over what we had found, with the day. She would have loved the ability death only began in 1837 so we are Second Sleep’ by Robert Harris which COVID-19 pandemic and the PPG is
intent of sorting it out and writing up to do this. The other advantage is reliant on old parish records. A great they both enjoyed and would open to supporting the Practice in any
the story. that she often hit a brick wall by not many have been uploaded on to the recommend. It begins ‘what if your way it can, to continue providing a
In order to help the process, I have knowing where a relative had moved internet, and there are more available future lies in the past’ which they safe and inclusive service for the
used more modern methods than my to or, for instance, they married in a all the time, but many are still not thought very poignant in the current residents of Watton and surrounding
mother’s paper files and thought that an different parish but which one? A available. Some records just no longer climate. She also read’The Hypnotist’s villages. As a result we are providing
article about my journey of discovery digital search can pull up all sorts of exist. One particular family line of mine love Story’ by Liane Moriarty, a few updates from our last PPG
might prompt those of you with an unexpected places and people. How were Baptists in the very early days of excellent as the hypnotist’s boyfriend meeting on the 8th of June 2020.
interest to dust off those old documents I wish she could know that I have the movement, so finding infant has a stalker. Currently she is reading We have been informed that the
and see what new discoveries you been on a new voyage of discovery. baptism is impossible due to adult ‘The Light in the Hallway’ by Amanda Practice opening times will remain
could make. Picking up where she left off, I have baptism; while many of their other Prowse. the same as they have been
My mother’s work was copious to say been able to trace people she was records did not survive. So, for my One person read ‘Letter to Louis’by throughout the pandemic. The
the least so I use a family history unable to find and unravel stories she further back family, what has proved Alison White, the moving account of Practice opens Monday to Thursday
program on my computer to record the never knew. I found some tragedy - the most valuable source of all? The life with a disabled son from birth until 8.30am to 6.30pm, with a closure for
generations and to get it in some sort of such as the men of the family killed old family Bible. I am fortunate to the day he is able to move into training between 1pm and 2pm every
order. They are not particularly in WWI, cousins she never knew; or, have two, from different branches. independent living. It made her very Tuesday. On Friday the Practice is
expensive to download. I think I paid on my father’s side, a great great Here I can find the exact dates of birth angry at the lack of compassion and open from 8.30am to 4.30pm. The
about £40 to put a new version on my uncle who was nine years old, one of and death and some marriages back intrangience of some social workers, Practice will continue to provide face
laptop fairly recently. The beauty of 40 in total, killed in a pit accident long before 1837, not just the baptisms but it was a lovely story of a mother’s to face consultations where
these programs is that they show up while working in a mine in and burials, written by people who love. She is currently reading ‘The appropriate. However, there will be
links I may have missed, errors too, and Pembrokeshire. Among them was a were there at the time. Technology is Lake House’ by Kate Morton. an increase in virtual consultations
exactly what relationship each has to four year old child. I have also been indeed useful, but in the end, you just Two members read books by Marian (telephone and video consulting) as
me – Great grandmother X 2 or second able to put right a few family myths can’t beat writing it down. If you can’t Keyes. One was ‘The Break’ which appropriate for each patient. In
cousin twice removed and so on. It and solve a few mysteries. manage the research why not use concerns a lady with the three children, addition to this, the Practice is
takes a lot of legwork at first typing in One interesting side effect of family lockdown to write down a few one with a footballer who left her, pleased to announce that it has
all the details but beats what’s on the history is the broader picture, and memories to leave for future another with her present seemingly implemented a new online queries
box as an evening or wet day understanding the times in which they generations who might want to learn ‘perfect’ husband and another who is a and appointment system on the
occupation. I soon began to see gaps in lived. I can see all sides of my family more? Dates and places are all very neice . The lovely husband suddenly Practice website,
the information which needed extra being affected by both the well, but what were the people like? announces he wants a ‘Gap six months’
research. agricultural and industrial Did they have funny sayings or odd but the wife, not given to watching This new system allows patients to
I use several online research sites. I revolutions. The pushes and pulls of a habits? My mother wrote a slightly television reality shows spots him on make contact with the Practice
appreciate this can be expensive for changing world saw them leaving warts and all memory of those family one in the bed of another female. The electronically, at their convenience,
some but you can use free trials or a villages they had lived in for members she had known as she grew other by this author was ‘The as the first point of call. So far, this
month only payment to see if it is for generations (and in more than one up, which I was not allowed to see in GrownUps’ featuring Johnny Casey, new system has proved very popular
you. If I think I am not going to use a case hundreds of years) to seek work. her lifetime. I can see why and it makes his two brothers Ed and Liam, their with the patients that have used it.
site much I take a non-renewable one Better transport such as railways made me chuckle every time I read it. beautiful, talented wives and all their The PPG has been assured that
month subscription and save up all the this possible. Some gained a better life. If you would like any help getting children who spend a lot of time patients without internet access can
things I want to find and hit it all over However, it also showed how some started contact the Wayland News to be together at birthday parties, anniversary still contact the Practice directly and
that month. However, it is my hobby became the victims of change. One put in touch with me. celebrations, weekends and holidays their needs will still be met.
and the subscriptions cost a lot less than great, great grandfather was a weaver, away. They're a happy family because The Practice has also provided an
the motorbike insurance for my once a respected village trade, forced to Johnny's wife, Jessie, who has the most update on staffing, with a new
husband’s hobby so I don’t feel all that
guilty about paying out. The main sites
move north to factory weaving only to
find his skills didn’t transfer and the
Shipdham & money,insists on it.Under the surface,
though, conditions are murkier. While
Diabetes and Respiratory Nurse
already in post prior to the lockdown.
I use are and Find My
Past. One note of caution with
living conditions were quite squalid.
He returned to his home village to
District Book some people clash, other people like
each other far too much.Everything
Dr Tissa Weeratunge who started at
the Practice in March as a Locum, has
spend the rest of his life going from one stays under control until Ed's wife Cara, now joined the team permanently as a
Ancestry is not to take the many family
trees on there, which may have unskilled labouring job to another. Group gets concussion and blurts out her GP Partner, supporting the current
members of your family in them, at Some found their home area change Thank you to all who have replied to thoughts. One careless remark at team of GPs and Allied Health
face value. I have seen so many and had to adapt with it. I knew that my requests and supplied the material Johnny's birthday party, with the entire Professionals.
assumptions and errors, some quite my area of Northamptonshire had once for this article and more. family present, starts Cara spilling out The PPG have also adapted to this
funny – like the daughter listed who been a silk weaving area but had not Some samples of our recent personal all their secrets.In the subsequent new way of life by continuing our
was born 50 years before her mother. appreciated the short time in which it reading: unravelling, every one of the adults PPG meetings via video
They are a useful guide but always try existed. It took over from woollen A member has now read all 16 of the finds themselves wondering if it's time conferencing. Looking forward, all
to view an original document such as a weaving in about 1820 and the first silk DCI Ryan books over a longer period to grow up. This all makes sense if you our events planned for 2020 have
census or parish record. I still can’t weavers used to walk from Coventry to and thoroughly enjoyed them. The last have the relationships sorted and have been postponed indefinitely with
quite work out why my cousin decided my home town 37 miles away to one ended on a cliff hanger as they the book with a family tree, not the further details to be provided in the
on a particular candidate as a 3x great work! Eventually they built factories often do so she is eagerly awaiting the Kindle version without! It does provide near future. The PPG are committed
grandfather when I can clearly find this in the town, but changes in fashion next, possibly in September. She also some interesting information on to being the voice of patients for the
man in a different family. But there he taste saw the silk industry die in a read ‘Bury Your Past’ by JM Dalgliesh, bulimia. Practice, so, if you have any issues
is, now published in her book as fact, relatively short time and the boom the third of a detective series set in For the last year and a half most you think the PPG might be able to
meaning I also have an erroneous set of was over by the 1860s. The ability to Norfolk, in this case around members have been reading, or support you with, do not hesitate to
however, many times great mechanise and change saw the former Sheringham, the comment was planning to read ‘Tombland’ by contact them at
grandparents. I take less frequent silk manufacturers use the factories, ‘interesting because of the location but CJSansom featuring Shardlake, the or in
subscriptions to Forces War Records changing the machinery to produce not a patch on Ryan’. The same hunchback detective and set in and writing to Mr Tom Thurston,
and British Newspaper Archive online. factory made shoes. There was member read ‘Burning Island’ by around Norwich. I have received some Chair Watton Medical Practice PPG
But if you want the back story the latter already a strong local base of skilled Suzanne Goldring. This is set on Corfu wonderful comments on this and some c/o Watton Surgery.
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 5
they were sleeping on their side. seemed most likely to be of Roman
Enjoy Your Museum 4 The skeleton, which had been buried date.
into a sandy soil, was around 75 Why this man was buried in what
Blooming Watton percent complete, although many of was to become, many hundreds of
the long bones were missing their years later, RAF Watton, is difficult
Harvest In December 2010, Northamptonshire joint surfaces and the pelvis was to know. It is likely that when he was
Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Archaeology were commissioned to fragmentary. The skull was nearer to buried, the earlier barrow was still
Club undertake the excavation of an early 90 percent complete, although this visible. Barrows were sometimes
While the gardening club is Bronze Age barrow site at the old RAF was fragmentary too. The damage to built in visible places in the
currently not able to hold Radar station in Watton, now re- the skeleton had occurred after it had landscape, perhaps marking
monthly meetings we are developed as The Signals on Norwich been interred. boundaries between different groups
providing gardening advice via Road. As expected, an excellent Without good preservation of the or communities, and it may be that
newsletters and our website example of a barrow was discovered, pelvis, it becomes quite difficult to this burial was reflecting the earlier
(address below) to keep complete with a central cremation determine the sex of a skeleton, marker, particularly as the man was
everyone active with gardening burial and five satellite cremations. however, the robustness of the skull laid to rest facing the barrow.
tomatoes as they begin to ripen on
tasks. The RHS website ( However, more unexpected was the suggests that the individual buried in Museum 4 Watton asked the
their trusses. A good watering twice
is also a good source of jobs you discovery of a single inhumation the grave was an adult male. Wear developers, Messrs Bennett Homes,
a week is usually suffice unless very
should do each month in your burial, probably of Roman date. patterns on the teeth also suggest that if they would be prepared to fund the
hot weather. From mid-July onwards
garden, as is the BBC’s Gardeners The inhumation burial was located the man was getting on in age – a manufacture of a full model of the
you should be harvesting ripe
World on a Friday evening on around seven metres south-west of number of his teeth were worn down inhumation, we were pleasantly
tomatoes to enjoy.
BBC2. Summer is a time to enjoy the barrow. The grave, an elongated and it seems that some were missing surprised when they agreed. The real
If you have not already, now is the
your garden with many flowers in oval aligned north-west to south-east, before he died. There was also some skeleton and associated finds are
time to harvest autumn planted
bloom and your vegetable garden contained a single adult burial. This evidence of osteoarthritis in the stored with awaiting further
garlic. Ease bulbs gently out of soil
starting to provide you with lovely person had been interred with their man’s spine, although any signs of investigation. The full sized model
so as not to damage basal plate so
home grown produce. head at the southern end of the grave, other diseases were not obvious. can be seen at our Museum when we
they will store well. Later this month
Gardening jobs for July and early and their face turned to the east, Dating this burial was not easy, there re-open.
your autumn planted onion sets
August looking towards the barrow. They were very few items in the fill of the Museum 4 Watton, Wayland Hall,
should also be ready to harvest once
Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs: Check were in a crouched position with grave. Two small sherds of pottery Middle Street, Watton IP25 6AG.
you see foliage turn yellow. Place
your fruit trees such as apples, pears their legs and arms drawn up as if were recovered, however, and these
them in a dry sunny spot to allow
and plums after the June drop, wherethem to ripen.
trees naturally discard excess fruit.
First early potatoes should have been
However, it may still be necessary to
harvested by now. These do not store
thin small fruits further to improvewell so enjoy them when they are in
the size and quality of remaining good condition. By the end of July
fruit. Ideally no more that two fruits
your 2nd early potatoes (e.g.
per stem. Charlottes) should be about ready to
Continue to provide a high harvest.
potassium feed once a week to your If you want salad leaves all summer
Club Website: through you need to successionally sow seeds about every two weeks to
Contact Email: keep a good supply ready to eat. In addition to lettuces why not try some
oriental leaves like Mizuna or
Mustard or the peppery
flavoured wild Rocket.
Now is a good time to sow reading up all the gardening books Then he went inside his shed to
turnips, spring cabbage, fennel
and autumn/winter salad crops.
Ones The to find out the best way to
collect his own monster, with
Tommy looking over his shoulder
One evening, in the local pub, in amazement at the dimensions.
Trees Shrubs and Flowers: If
you have newly planted trees Size Of Tommy was approached by a man
who said he had a friend up at the
“Yes”, said Fred, “It is almost a
perfect sphere, and I measured the
keep them regularly watered
about once a week.
To encourage more blooms on
Your Head Agri/Horticultural Institute) where
they were conducting experiments
diameter to be almost four feet
across, so you see you wouldn't
repeat flowering roses prune By Ken Knowles with genetically modified plants, have stood much of a chance
off faded heads regularly. During the year 1977, as part of and for twenty quid he could obtain anyway”.
With roses that flower only their plan for celebrating the some pumpkin seeds that were “Yes”, replied Tommy, “it really is
once, leave them unpruned if Queen's Silver Jubilee, the guaranteed to produce giants. a whopper”, and then he burst out
you want colourful rosehips Yorkshire village of Clinton-by-the Tommy paid up without hesitation. laughing.
later. -Eckerslike decided that one of the Next evening the same chap made “What's so funny ?”, asked Fred
For late season colour, plant events should be a Flower/ the same offer to Fred. Fred paid “How wide is your shed door - 2ft..
autumn flowering bulbs such Vegetable Show, and this proved to up without hesitation. 6ins ?” laughed Tommy.
as Nerine, Colchicum and be so popular that it was kept as an The winter and spring passed with
Sternbergia. annual feature. both contestants secretly nurturing
Increase your stocks of All entries had to be from folks
actually residing in the village, and
their charges, both finding that the
plants were growing to record
July Winners
evergreen shrubs, trees and
conifers, as well as hardy
climbers by taking semi-ripe
it soon became obvious that
amongst them were two men who
proportions. They both realised
that, on the day, there would most
of St Mary's
were in the way of being experts,
cuttings. These can be taken
from July to early autumn with fingers of the greenest hue.
likely be problems caused by the
weight of the pumpkins, so they 150 Draw
from growth that has begun to These two, Tommy “Wainwright had both installed hoists inside 1st prize. £50 - Ticket no 141 Jill
harden at the base. and Fred Boycott, always seemed their growing rooms, and sure Lorne, 2nd prize. £25 - Ticket no
Wisteria is best pruned twice a to be able to grow the biggest enough when the big day dawned 126 Mick Selvey.
year to control its size and vegetables, and it became a point these hoists proved essential. Well done!
promote flowering. Summer of pride to choose a different item Tommy, who had grown his entry
prune by shortening long, to grow each year, and then in the confines of his garage) his
whippy, current-season growth challenge each other to what soon car being relegated to the street, PLEASE
to five or six leaves, or became a private match within the hauled his monster. with the aid of
roughly the length of your actual show.
First it was potatoes, when Tommy
a few friends, on to a low trailer MENTION
forearm. which they pushed into the street.
Wildlife Gardening: To stop produced a real giant. Then
parsnips, when the honours went to
Unfortunately as the wheels struck
the kerb the pumpkin shot forward,
birds getting caught and
injured in netting, such as that Fred. Then leeks, carrots, lettuces,
cabbages, beans, both runner and
and it became apparent why the
genetic experiments were still not
over soft-fruit, make sure it is
taut, well secured and checked broad, marrows, artichokes - all
had their turn.
finished, because the rope that held
the exhibit found a weakness in the
If you have a wildlife pond do
not worry about removing
Then, after the 1997 show, when
the scores were just about even, it
skin and sliced right through,
cutting the giant in two. Fred, who
every last pond weed. Around
25% - 35% open water is
was suggested that if they were
thinking big) they should have a go
was watching, could hardly contain
his mirth, but contented himself
at something really big like
optimum. Many pond creatures
actually benefit from a pumpkins. So the theme for 1998
with a few choice remarks) such as
“It's a game of two halves,
was agreed as 'Pumpkins for Tommy”! and “No prizes for
vegetation layer for protection,
hunting and breeding. Britain' and the two men began by SLICED pumpkin”.
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 6
introduced a few years ago and looks and regal lilies are at their best now but that the seeds are cheap enough (true I something of a learning curve, the
In Your Garden remarkably like fuchsia from a distance need lifting before the frosts. The bought a packet of seed and there will weather was wet so this restricted our
With Lotta Potts or even a very large penstemon. banana trees that were very fashionable be enough for years) and even if you freedom in the garden, holding a
I don’t know what we can make of the Although very attractive and comes in a few years ago are showing their huge get lots of beans from this sowing conversation through a face mask can
weather since June. We seem to have many colours it isn't a herbaceous leaves now but the hardiest, musa (hello freezer) there will be a good be a bit of a challenge but you get used
had winter, spring, autumn, unseasonal perennial but a shrub with tender stems basjoo, can be left out over winter amount of leaf and stem, plus the roots. to it, hearing aids have a habit of getting
gales and monsoon but not necessarily that die down in winter like hardy provided it has lots of protection. The As with all legumes the roots have caught up in the face mask elastic! a bit
in that order. In the past August has fuchsias do but it can go to six feet by best way is to pack the centre with nodules containing bacteria that fix of a nuisance for those that need
seemed to be dusty somehow with the two. The perovskia (Russian sage) has a bracken or straw, fold over the leaves nitrogen from the atmoshere. So, free hearing aids, wearing glasses is also a
leaves on the trees looking a bit jaded cloud of blue flowers on barely visible and cover the lot with polythene fertilizer as well as organic matter can’t small problem as they tend to mist up
and the garden plants mostly fading silvery stems. The foliage smells just sheeting. There is a risk of rotting if the be bad. Unlike most green manures when having a chat so lip reading can
with some definitely having a last like our culinary sage but I doubt it’s leaves are covered wet but the grower French beans can be used in even small be problem. but in the scheme of things
hurrah before going into a decline. It’s edible. It needs to be planted where should help with better advice than I patches. these are all little niggles that can be
all dead-heading and cutting back as other plants will support it or use can give. I tried once and failed, at least Following the lockdown from July the overcome in this world of our new,
well. All flowering plants benefit from twiggy sticks. Again, this is quite partially because the poor thing didn’t government is encouraging as many normal! .
dead-heading (even ‘live heading’ if spectacular but a smaller one has been have enough room. A frequent mistake attractions as possible to open. This It now been nearly five years since I
you grow for the vase) as this developed so it might be as well to look on my part. includes gardens so as we are blessed became Founding Chairman of
encourages them to have another go at for Little Spire rather than the original If you didn’t prune the wisteria last with a good choice of gardens in this "Wayland Mens Shed" and together
setting seed. If we get a wet August all Blue Spire, which Mr T used a lot on month, it should be done this. area try and find time to visit a few. with a handful of other members put in
the plants will flop miserably and it’s a Ground Force. Looked lovely on Apparently it’s straightforward. All you This will help their income and as they a lot of hard work to become one of the
rotten job having to tidy up. There’s planting but I wonder how the owners do is shorten the whippy new stems to will have kept the gardens going even most successful Shed in the East of
also the ongoing risk of blight on the coped the following spring. Japanese 35cm/6inches. This stops it going without visitors it’s interesting to get a England, and for the last five years we
potatoes and tomatoes. I mentioned this anemones start flowering in July and completely mad and promotes the few tips on looking good in August. have continued to flourish, sadly Covid
in July and hope that if blight struck keep going till October. These need a flowering spurs for next year. At the Many of them sell plants as well should -19 and the issues it has brought about
you managed to spot it in time and deal bit of understanding as they tend to take same time cut the main stems back to you have the odd gap or two. is likely to mean unwelcome changes,
with the foliage. On my potato bed the a while to settle in. Unfortunately this within their bounds. It is possible to If the summer keeps going there are Men's Shed has always been about the
plants at both ends got very yellowed can mean you think they've died so get train this vigorous plant to form a two ‘keeps’ - watering as well as Health and Wellbeing of our members
and dead by early July. I removed the removed. Let them be but once they standard, which, if achieved, would cut weeding. but the present restrictions are making
affected foliage which appeared to have like their surroundings they will down the need to be climbing up the this a difficult task but I very much
suffered old age and too much heat become invasive or space-filling front of the house or the pergola. I have hope that we can look forward to better
rather than blight. The plants in the depending on how much room you are to say this looks ambitious to me. On Wayland Men’s and safer days in the not too distant
middle of the bed appeared to be prepared to let them have. They are the other hand anything that looks like future. Richard Adams.
perfectly all right so I shall investigate shallow-rooted so excess can be avoiding ladders looks very attractive. Shed
when the crop is due in August. removed quite easily. I can vouch from Too late, they’re on the pergola now Social Group, Church Walk, Watton,
The plants that flower best this month experience that if you think they’ve and that’s about eight feet high. Tel: 01953 881004 Watton Rotary
and go on until the first frost include died and remove them they do come Fruit, apart from harvesting, is another As always during this time of
hardy fuchsias, Phlox which doesn't out very easily. It took me two lots to pruning area for gooseberries (watch restrictions it is difficult to find much to Roundup
start until well into the summer and will get the message that they can be a bit out for those thorns), black currant and talk about, but there is still some life out My first Rotary Roundup, as the newly
stand out when most other perennials sulky until they decide to like where red currant and summer fruiting there. Usually this is the time of year released ex-President of the Watton
are coming to an end. The phygelius they are. They have a habit of facing raspberry canes. These are a bit more when the "UK Men's Shed club, sees me reporting that, against the
capenensis (Cape figwort) was the sun so bear this in mind as well complicated than the autumn-fruiting Association" hold their annual odds, we are endeavouring NOT to
when planting. varieties. Take out the fruited canes to "Shedfest" get-together for Sheds stand still or mark time. So I am
We can't leave the subject of the ground and tie in new ones. The throughout the country, due to the pleased to say that so far ,in the past
flowers for August without autumn varieties are just cut right down dreaded Covid-19 out beak this has not several weeks, the club has donated
mentioning the showstopper in winter. That’s it and my kind of been possible, but thanks to the modern over £1200 to the local foodbank . This
dahlias. Classic late summer pruning. Trained fruit trees such as Technical wonders of the likes of is money that we would normally have
flowers that aren't completely cordon apples and fan-trained stone Zoom, Facebook this has been spent on having a meal together, as part
hardy. There are so many fruit should be pruned now. It mainly streamed throughout this past week in of our regular programme, designed to
varieties, shapes and sizes involves shortening new growth and the form of Zoom chats, Woodworking, build and maintain a working
available that if you like them removing shoots that have appeared this Metalworking and numerous other friendship, from which everything else
there’s at least one for you. season in the wrong place, eg growing Demonstration's, Talks and Discussions flows......
The downside – earwigs love straight out from the main stem. of interest to members and general I don’t know how many of our worthy
them. People decorate their August may be hot and humid with public alike. For me One of the most readers understand how Rotary
areas with upturned plant pots extra pests so vigilant is the word. The interesting was the Woodturning ‘works’ : I didn’t , because I was
filled with straw or newspaper advantage of hot weather is that the Demonstrations by a gentleman named looking in a different direction during
or whatever trapping material lawn slows down and doesn’t need Chris Fisher, amazingly Chris is Blind! my career,, I suppose. But the
they fancy and put the pots on cutting so often if at all. On the other how I ask myself can a gentleman who Coronavirus has struck hard at the
sticks. The idea is that you hand you may come home from holiday in 2008 suffered the complete loss of togetherness of all of us, and it is this
empty the pots the following to a hay meadow. The only thing to do sight in the prime of his life, (I believe we would like to do something about if
day and the one after that is start with the mower blades as high he was in his thirties when this we can....despite the fact that we cannot
and… I'm not sure how you as possible and lower each cut until the happened), become a skilled hold proper meetings ourselves.
empty a straw-filled pot that lawn is back to normal. Trim up the Woodturner. over the past few years, he You will therefore see, elsewhere in
has a population of lively edges as this instantly makes the garden has managed to adapt to using a wood your Wayland News, that we have set
earwigs in it. Still, I suppose look a lot better. If you can face it walk lathe to such a high level of competence aside a sum of £1200 in our charity
the enthusiastic growers know round the whole patch to see what that he is now employed as official account, which we are offering to
exactly how to get rid of them. needs immediate treatment. The weeds demonstrator for one of the leading clubs .....youth groups or special
I do like the looks of the will have survived if not thrived so if Woodturning Lathe manufacturers, So, interest clubs of all kinds.....who may
modern dahlias, particularly there’s no time to pull them out just for all those of us who thought that be having difficulty re-starting after the
the single-flowered varieties remove their flowers so they can’t set Woodturning was a dangerous hobby prolonged lockdown. Our wish is that
and those developed from seed. The stems will look OK until you and should be avoided at all cost why our feeling of community ends up being
Bishop of Llandaff with dark can get back to them. no go to "You Tube", type in "Chris greater, after all our experiences
red leaves and stems. Then I If you grow veg now is the time to Fisher the Blind Woodturner", a watch together, than it was before.
remember the earwigs. enjoy the harvest and realise that all that how a professional does it!. Our gift of Usborne dictionaries to
Just about all the plants that back-ache in the winter was really I'm sure I speak for many of us, when I the junior schools has just arrived,
come into their own in late worth it and of course if you are really say that this imposed restriction of ready to be distributed in the coming
summer are pretty tough and organised you can fill the spaces caused freedom we are having to put up with is few days.
will grow in any soil as long by the harvesting with seedlings beginning to wear a bit thin, when will Some members were able to take
as it’s well-drained in sun or coming on in pots. If this isn’t possible it ever end, will it ever end? or are we advantage of the loosening of
light shade. Bulbs can be get out to a garden centre or nursery as just going to have to learn to adapt to a restrictions just announced this last
planted now as well. Not the they will probably have winter veg different way of living with it, I think weekend, by endeavouring to track
spring variety but summer- seedlings for sale. You can also sow changes are inevitable. With a little down the best crab sandwich on the
and autumn-flowering. I seeds of quick-growing crops such as apprehension and frowned upon by coast, and exploring some more
suppose the best known are radish, lettuce and peas. Other crops to some, I organised a coffee morning in hidden parts of Norfolk, by means of
the colchicums and autumn sow this month are spring cabbage and my back garden with some of my cars. And we are doing our best with
crocus. Most people Chinese cabbage and hardy lettuce. I willing Gentlemen friends from WMS, ‘zoom’, to replace after a fashion our
(including me) thought they have never tried this but under a cloche and following the guidelines; Social normal get-together.
are the same but apparently or in the greenhouse a winter salad is distancing, face masks, No self-service, All the while we get the feeling that
not. Either way they are very possible. That would beat that flavour- disposable cups, hand gel, antiseptic the slowing down of our way of
showy and the colchicum can free stuff imported from goodness wipes, and a list of those participants, I living , with immediate benefits to
be put on a window-sill and knows where. Having a look at a veg sent out the invitations, five gentlemen wildlife, contains important lessons
will grow and flower. expert’s book a suggestion I think I attended plus myself, numbers were that we have not learned, and our new
Obviously it has to be planted might try once the second early spuds restricted due to distancing restrictions team of officers in the club see this as
after flowering but it’s a neat are up is to sow some dwarf French but everyone seemed to have an a challenge and huge opportunity.
trick. The exotics like canna beans as a green manure. The theory is enjoyable hour and a half. I think it was Peter Cowling.
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 7
George Ross talked me through the
Great Hockham Gardening philosophy of websites and Brian Brooker,
one of our ex members and the man who
Club Corona Diary, July originally set up the site, explained how to
(Front page picture) Secretary, Edward Szczepanowski writes: Prue and make some worthwhile changes. My
I have two cactuses. They were a present from my mother when they thanks to both of them. You can find the
were potted plants. I can’t remember where she got them, but they must new-look website at the old address:
have been kept in darkness for a while, as they had become a little
yellow. But with a little TLC they perked up and reached a couple of feet Jane Dalton writes: Lockdown times – at
in height. During the summer we would take them outside into the last things feel like they are beginning to
garden, then bring them in before the first frost. Eventually we finished ease. We are able to see family again and
building our conservatory and they found their permanent home. It was be in small ‘bubbles’, whatever that’s
extremely rewarding to see them thrive, growing ever higher each year. supposed to mean. Goodness knows when
They have now become very impressive indeed, but it has to be said, village halls will open. It would be possible
that at four and a half meters tall they have become dangerous. But how to visit one another’s gardens maybe at
to get them down? I can’t just fell them like a tree. Enclosed within the timed intervals or keeping distanced; that
conservatory there is nowhere for them to fall. We also have two yuccas: would be good. Maybe we can arrange that
it’s the same story with them except they are a little higher. I am hearing as a committee meeting first and then for
a voice: “I’ve just got hold of the estate agent.”We have revamped the the rest of club to join in, weather
appearance of the Club's website. The story of why and how this permitting. I feel I am getting less focused
happened is long and boring, but visiting our site should now be a more and more lazy – I was keen to get all the
pleasurable experience. These improvements would not have been jobs done when it all started – now they
possible without the help of people far more knowledgeable than myself. seem to need doing again and I really can’t
be bothered… anyone feel the same?
The garden is running away with me fledged – which has been very exciting. veg. and find there are too few to go round
(picture) – the rain then sun bringing on the Now I have grandchildren to stay (one at a the family or too many, you have to eat
weeds quicker than I can cope with them. time) and educate again which eases the them until you are sick of them. (I can't
We are beginning to harvest some of the tension in their home and increases it in waste a thing!!) Which is probably why
rewards from our labour over the spring. ours! Hey–ho, the fun of Lockdown!! I'm a couple of stone over weight. Now
The strawberries have never been better… Oh, and Chris was 70 last week – just picking beans from the poly tunnel, but as
The red currants are ready to pick. This thought I’d pop that in … he hates it! We expected, due to lack of pollinating insects,
week I have picked my first runner and booked to go to N.T. Anglesey Abbey, met not such a great crop! Another rule learnt,
French beans, first tomatoes, courgettes some friends from long ago, which was but have just read an article on 'self
and beetroot. We have had a good crop of lovely and we had a very posh afternoon pollinating' runner beans, so will try those
spinach and my new potatoes, mange-tout tea picnic with Champagne and all the next year. Have 24 tomato plants in the poly
peas, lettuce and rocket are in full flood. works. We only went 100 yds. into the tunnel, so hope the produce from these will
Soon we will be harvesting cucumbers and grounds on the hottest day of the year, but be enough to see me through to next year for
as I have 7 plants in the polytunnel – I for our first venture out in months it was all my soups, stews, spag bols and lasagnas!!
reckon I will be able to keep the whole of truly lovely! Jane. Everything in the garden is so early this year;
Hockham supplied! Sue Thomas writes: Hi Ed, Very exciting apples are nearly the size of tennis balls,
The flower garden has looked so colourful month, have picked (and probably eaten), plums are so weighty we have had to support
this year and on the allotment I am picking over 55lb of strawberries, and the late some of the branches they are so heavy. We
Sweet Williams, Scabious, Dalias, Roses, fruiting 'Florence' variety are now coming have eaten all the red gooseberries already,
Lilies Alstromeria and now sweet peas, my into flower. The roses have been divine and the only bushes which seem to be lagging
favourite! The sunflowers are growing dead heading seems to be a full time job. It behind are the black currants, still as green as
nicely. So the house is cheerful and friends is so wonderful to pick as many or as few grass!!! Roll on the raspberries is all I can
in the village have welcomed bunches of as you want, of produce such as beetroot, say. Cheers, Sue.
them, too. lettuce leaves, spring onions and radish. So Edward Szczepanowski: Secretary, Great
The house Martins have bred, fed and much better than having to buy a packet of Hockhan Gardening Club.

Norfolk Church
By Alan Porter LRPS
In my village of Caston in Norfolk, there
is one of a very fine collection of 6
medieval churches all within a 4 mile
radius, each one dating back to the
1300’s, but our church The Holy Cross is
different, why?, because it’s thatched.
Norfolk is a dryer climate than most of
the other counties in the UK therefore the
thatch lasts longer, having a life span of
40-50 years, the previous thatch was £1.70 I can be contacted by one the
done during the 1960’s.
Every 5 years there is an inspection of
following methods: The Shepherd
the church by the diocese, and in 2014 it mobile: 07970 837615 I wandered lonely with my flocks that
was deemed that the thatch had run its landline: 01953 483899 graze all day o’er vales and hills,
course. Therefore, without much ado, When all at once I spied a tin of
quotes were sought, not an easy job Carter’s Little Liver Pills.
given the small number of thatcher’s The price tag said just One and Four,
available in Norfolk. There were other Must have been there since before the
elements needing renovating, internal war.
roof, exterior stone work, renew drains
amongst all which needed doing. Quote’s And now when on my couch I lay, in
obtained, money was raised, all of which Vacant or in pensive mode.
took quite a while and then eventually My thoughts return to that happy day
work was started in April 2018, which When I found that parcel in the road
continued throughout the year. And I ask Carter the answer to deliver
As I live near the church I was able to Was it the pills that were so small, or
record the project from first inspection, Was it just your liver?
through to completion. It was not an easy
task as at one stage the church was KK
totally covered in scaffolding and
personally suffering from vertigo, I took
all of the pictures from terra firma.
I took a great many pictures during the
renovations a decided to put the whole
process into a book which is now
The book is available from me at a cost
of £10.50 and if P&P is required add
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 8

The Ovington Heinkel 111 - A Memory of 1941

At 0755 on February 18th. 1941 a Heinkel HE111 not Occupied Europe, a fact they soon realised Gunpost “F Freddy” located just behind what is for her to telephone the police and as we waited for
H3 of 4/KG 53, The Condor Legion, Work No. when an unfamiliar landscape appeared and anti- now the Aerolite Garage . It was said locally that a the authorities to take control of the situation.
3349 attacked RAF Watton from the South aircraft guns started firing at them. The rest, as thunderstorm in the vicinity would often result in “Two of the crew could speak English and they
(Griston) side of the airfield travelling North. The they say, is history.” random firing of the rockets causing quite some told me they had come from a French aerodrome
aircraft strafed the airfield, hangar line and The Parachute and Cable system took the form of spectacular displays. and had hoped to return to it. They still had some
technical site and then flew into the forest of cables incendiary bombs on the plane and said they had
that had been sent up by Parachute and Cable dropped high explosives a short time before.
defence system. The aircraft was so damaged by “The rear gunner had bullet wounds on the face
this that it came down about 1.5 miles North of the and a bullett had ripped through the shoulder of the
camp at Ovington. pilot’s tunic and scraped the flesh which was
Local historian, Robin Brown, in an article in bleeding. These were the only injuries the men had
Saham Saga around 2000, told how the crew – suffered.
“Pilot; Feldwebel Heinrich Busch under the “I drove three of the Germans and a Policeman to
command of of Oberleutnant Erich Langrach, with the Police-station and the sergeant and the other
Unteroffizier Werner Schmoll as radio operator constable took the other two.”
and two others as air gunners were based at Lille in Mr Bowes also said that while they were waiting
occupied France; they had been ordered to attack a for the Police to arrive he had a chat with the two
convoy in the mouth of the Wash at dawn. Germans who could speak English. One, who
After one change of aircraft due to could speak it quite well, said he had learned it at
unserviceability, more bad luck befell them when school. They seemed honestly to believe that
shortly after the start of the mission the Germany would win the war and said that, like our
replacement aircraft’s radio and radio compass ‘boys’ they were only fighting for their country.
became unserviceable. In these circumstances they green boxes about 2 feet square placed on stilts First hand accounts have told us that the gunpost Mr Bowes said “I offered them a cigarette each
should have returned to base but decided to carry about 2 feet above the ground arranged in lines crew were having breakfast on the roof that and while they accepted they asked me to have one
on. This was a bad decision as there was a lot of with 60ft between each. The boxes contained a morning when the Heinkel attacked and it was of theirs. They had a generous supply of Turkish,
cloud, most of it down to ground level and very rocket, known by locals somewhat disparagingly only in their hurry to get out of the way of the but I told them to keep them as they might want
little chance of seeing where they were. as “Fizzing Onions”, and fired a 480ft length of shooting and under the cover afforded by the post, them and anyhow it would be a treat for them to
Navigating by gyro compass and dead reckoning steel cable to 600ft height in the path of any low that the firing button was accidentally pressed!! As smoke an English one. And evidently it was”
they flew until they supposed they were over the flying aircraft. far as we know this is the only aircraft to have For their bravery in apprehending the crew, Bowes
Wash but still there was no break in the cloud so, Once at the correct height a parachute would open been brought down by the Parachute and Cable and Warnes received recognition from the King,
at about 7 o’clock, they decided to return to base. slowing the descent of the cable so that it system in East Anglia. and in June 1941 the following notice appeared in
They altered course for Lille, steering 120 degrees effectively ‘hung in the air’ for some time hoping The crew of 5 were taken prisoner by farmer, the London Gazette:-
and flying at about 3,000 feet, When they enemy aircraft would fly into the forest of cables, Dudley Bowes, and one of his employees, Frank
estimated they were over Belgium they descended when the increased drag on the aircraft would put Warnes, using a shotgun and pitchfork. Gerald
to 900 feet and broke cloud and saw the coast the aircraft out of control. Warnes, son of Frank, has traced the story through
ahead. Unfortunately this was the coast of Norfolk, The whole system was fired electrically from newspaper archives of the time. This is how Mr
Dudley Bowes related the story to an EDP
“It happened in the morning as I was getting my
breakfast when I heard a shrieking noise of aircraft
and saw a German bomber coming down in one of
my wheat fields.
“I ran out towards it carrying my 12 bore gun, and
called to those of my men who could hear me to
follow. Warnes was soon on my heels. We went
across one field and then through a hedge into the
wheatfield where we saw the German plane, the
crew of which had tried to set it on fire. Their ages
ranged from about 21 to 30, and one of them, not The two senior officers from the crew were taken
the pilot, was wearing an Iron Cross. to RAF Watton’s SHQ where they were met by
“The pilot was a man of about 25. The other men the CO. The CO’s secretary, Audrey Ranyard, at
had taken off their parachutes and these were lying one of the reunions in 1989, remembered their
on the ground. Warnes and I got near and I fired arrival at Watton. “One of the men was very tall
my gun into the air. That stopped them doing and stern looking” she said, “I was quite frightened
anything but throwing their arms up. of him”
“They surrounded to Warnes and me and then my “They were taken into the CO’s office and were
wife and boys came on the scene. She had heard offered tea and some cake. They were quite
my 12 bore fired and was afraid it was the shocked at this and made it clear they had been
Gunpost F - Freddie Germans firing at me. As I left the house, she had,
however, acted immediately on the request I made
told that Britain was on its knees with no food. It
was odd seeing their reaction when they
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 9

The Ovington Heinkel 111 - A Memory of 1941

The Heinkel being removed - Picture via Richard Sample,

(taken by Jack Sample

The cockpit of the aircraft

discovered what they had been told was false.” suspected traitors was fellow prisoner Dr Uffz.
Local man, Ronnie Thompson, has also added his Karl Lehmann who is pictured here.
memories of the day. Ronnie was going to work on
the morning of the incident behind Westmere
House on Lord Walsingham’s estate. They were
just opening a five bar gate when all around them
was tracer fire hitting the ground which Ronnie
thinks came from the RAF station firing at the
Heinkel. How they weren’t hit he didn’t know
because it was all around him.
They heard that the aircraft had been brought down
and at 4pm he rushed over to Ovington to look at
the aircraft but the soldiers guarding it wouldn’t let
him near it; although during the day they had been
letting people close it and even sit in the cockpit
but bits were being lost to souvenir hunters. The
following Sunday Ronnie was out on his bike and Source:
cycling along and a despatch rider stopped him and memorial/41496308/uffz_karl-lehmann
told him to get off the road. Two Queen Mary’s At the Medicine Hat camp, four prisoners started
(large lorries) came along with the aircraft on making a plan. They were: Willi Mueller, a pilot
board, the first with fuselage and second with who had made 78 trips over enemy territory before
wings and engines (on its way to Farnborough). being shot down and captured by Allied troops
The Despatch rider gave him a Jubilee Clip marked north of Glasgow in May 1941; Heinrich Busch,
BRU GERMANY – since lost. Sometime later who had been shot down in England early in 1941;
Ronnie was in Watton and a Heinkel 111 painted Bruno Perzonowski, a navigator who was captured
all yellow passed low overhead as if it had just in North Wales; and Walter Wolf, a sergeant who
taken off from airfield – he is sure that was the had been captured in North Africa and brought to
Ovington A/C brought back here to teach aircraft Canada as a prisoner of war in 1942.
recognition. Watching Lehmann walk across the yard one day,
All of the crew eventually found themselves POW Wolf turned to a friend. “Whenever I see the fat The tail of the aircraft
in Canada but for one, the pilot, Heinrich Busch, one, I see a rope around his neck,” he said.
the story does not end as you might expect. Before the war, Dr. Lehmann had been a respected
academic, a professor of languages who taught at Right: The front
the University of Erlangen. During the war he page of the Daily
served with the Afrika Corps. The quiet, heavy-set Mirror of Saturday
German had first been suspected of revolutionary June 14th 1941
activity while being held at a PoW camp in telling the story of
England, and was now thought to be the leader of the Kings award to
the suspected uprising in the Medicine Hat camp. Dudley Bowes and
On the evening of Sept. 10, 1944, Mueller, Busch, Frank Warnes for
Perzonowski and Wolf asked Lehmann into one of their capture of the
the huts, saying they needed his help them with crew.
some papers. Below. The
Once inside, they ushered him to a bench. “Do you headstone of Dr
know anything about the communistic activities in Karl Lehman.
the camp?” they asked.
Heinrich Busch (National Archives of Canada via When Lehmann said no, they
Edmonton Journal) beat him and slipped the noose
The following is extracted from the Edmonton around his neck. The men left
Journal where you can read the full story Lehmann dead at the end of the
In 1944, like other prisoner of war camps in thin rope, his face swollen and
Canada, Medicine Hat camp No. 132 had its own battered, his knees bent, feet
internal police force, its own hierarchies and dragging on the floor. Dr Karl
government, its own systems of discipline. Though Lehman is buried at Woodland
the camp was guarded on the outside by Canadian Cemetery, Kitchener, Waterloo
soldiers, daily life inside the wire was entirely Regional Municipality, Ontario,
dictated by the German inmates themselves. Canada.
After an attempt was made on Nazi leader Adolf On December 18th 1946, for
Hitler’s life that July at his field headquarters in his part in this crime, 29 year
East Prussia, rumours circulated that a old Heinrich Busch, pilot of the
revolutionary movement was planning to take over aircraft shot down at Ovington,
the Medicine Hat camp by force. Canada’s highest- was hanged at Provincial Gaol,
ranking prisoner of war decreed from Ontario that Lethbridge in Canada. As were
anyone suspected of traitorous activities against the the other three German
German Army was to be identified and killed in a Prisoners involved in the
way that looked like a suicide. One of those murder of Dr Lehman.
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 10
helping with their financial affairs. out at Brunner Mond. The local Fire
David Sell He was a man of many talents. He was Station was alerted and a fire engine
It was with great sadness that we a proficient, self-taught organist, a with his grandfather on board travelled
learned of the death of David Sell in rather good cartoonist and was a regular the short distance of about 300 yards to
July. reader at St Mary's Church, Watton. the chemical works. The firemen had
David was well known locally for Jean and David were also breeders of hardly arrived and connected the hoses
many aspects of his involvement in poodles – a dog breed they both loved. before there was a rumbling roar and a
town life, but most will have come to And many happy hours were spent vast explosion as Brunner Mond blew
know David and his wife Jean through playing with puppies on the kitchen up.
his many years of work supporting The floor! The blast was the equivalent of 50 tons
Royal British Legion. Much of David's time was given over of TNT blowing up. The whole area for
David was born on 4th December, 1936 to the Citizen's Advice Bureau where miles around was devastated. The noise
in Great Yarmouth and spent his he helped many people recover control of the blast was heard across London
childhood and early years in that area of their finances with his experience and even heard in Norfolk and the West
before joining Barclays Bank where he and advice. Country. Two of the firemen on the
worked worked all his life apart from Despite his age, he was a keen user of appliance were killed outright, Firemen
National Service with the Royal Air modern technology and enjoyed using Sell (David's grandfather) and Vickers,
Force where he worked with aircraft his computer on Facebook. On first while the others were seriously injured.
radar equipment. being connected to the Internet, he used Considering the size of the explosion
David and Jean met relatively late in it to discover a most remarkable story only 74 people were killed outright but
life, both of them in their mid-30's. of his grandfather and grandmother and 1000's were maimed and injured.
Both were working for Barclays Bank, their family being caught in the The However, some people were never works. David related his story further in most. Together, they managed the
at Bank Plain in Norwich, although Silvertown Explosion in London, 1917. accounted for and had just disappeared. the October 2008 issue of The Wayland raising of well over £100,000 through
David later revealed that he had first They lived in a cottage just behind the Nearly a dozens factories and mills had News. the Poppy Appeal. That effort was
noticed Jean getting off a train at Silvertown Fire Station where his been destroyed and thousands of houses But if he is to be remembered for recognised when in May 2009, David
Yarmouth some years earlier. grandfather served as a fireman. were wiped out. Among these were the anything, it is David's commitment to was presented with a Royal British
Jean was very surprised when David In the midst of this tight knit firemen's cottages behind the the community in which he lived that Legion Gold Badge by Lord
first rang her and asked her to the community was Brunner Mond Silvertown Fire Station, which itself shines out. There are very few groups Walsingham (Picture).
cinema but it must have been meant to Chemical Works. It was here that the was destroyed with just the hose tower in the area who have not benefitted In his presentation speech Lord
be because they married in 1973 and refining of TNT for artillery shells used still standing. from his auditor and treasurer skills Walsingham stated the Gold Badge that
David spent what he described as the in the First World War was carried out. (Regular readers of 'The Wayland over the year. And this includes The had belonged to his late uncle, Richard
happiest years of his life with Jean. It was supposed to be secret but all the News' may recall David wrote about Wayland News. In the early years de Grey, was almost certainly first
David completed his working career at local population knew what went on this in the July 2006 edition of The before 2000, when Jan and Julian ran awarded to his late father who was one
Barclays, Watton, where he had risen to there as the workers at Brunner Mond Wayland News.) the paper as a community venture, Jean of the original founder members of the
the position of Chief Cashier. With the acquired a chalky pallor to their faces David was later filmed revisiting and David managed the paper's Royal British Legion.
Manager living some distance away from the chemical process. London by a Canadian company finances, collecting advertising money It was a distinguished honour for a man
David assumed the Manager's role in Early in the evening on Friday, 19th making a documentary which revealed and maintaining the accounts. of great character who cared about and
many aspects of the town's life and January 1917 there happened the one that not all was quite what it seemed But of all David and Jean's efforts, The for his community and David will be
worked with many of our organisations, thing that everyone feared. A fire broke within the management of the chemical Royal British Legion benefited the missed by many in the area.

navigation to Cromer and Stowmarket and to get your card off as I was ready to go off. times before you find the place. Still we are still
The Letters of back, but got to about the centre of fenland,
and hit a lovely big snowstorm, which covered
Then when we arrived here, we had to start
unpacking, and since then we have been up in
keeping "happy", and again it is the outside
population that is worrying, but we all think that
Freddie Thripp the machine completely in ice, and smashed
my aerial, so we had to get down as quickly as
the hangars from 6am to 7.30pm, then after a
wash and a good feed in canteen, all we are fit
Hitler will get what he wants without any trouble,
even though things look black. We have all the
Julian: I am going to take advantage of the possible, because I thought the mast was going for is bed. Every body is tired out fed up and reserves, militia, and fighter escort here, and every
lack of events and thus copy, and tell a story I to hit me in the ear, but as luck would have it, every other complaint. To make matters other bomber squadron alike so any body who starts
have long wanted to relate in The Wayland Feltwell aerodrome was worse, we have had 10 new things, will soon get it in the neck. I have one of the
News. The story is of one young man, Freddie just below us, so we machines in and they have new machines to look after, and have 16
Thripp, who served at Watton in the first two dropped in, took the aerial had to be fitted out ammunition pegs so I feel quite safe. Perhaps.
years of the WW2. to bits, put it inside, and completely, and the sets Well dont worry too much and I will do my best to
I am going to do my very best to tell Fred’s had a look round, then recalibrated which is no write regularly now we have settled down.
story of those times month by month in the came back. It was jolly cold small job. We have gone Cheerio now. With Love, Fred
paper just as he recorded it in his letters home in the snowstorm though, back to normal routine To be continued . . .
to his Mum, Dad, sister Rene and Uncle Harry, because I was just changing today, so we can breathe
but this will be 81 years later to the month. stations, so had to take my more freely now. We are
They tell a unique story, sometimes humorous,
sometimes desperately sad. I consider myself
gloves off, and did they get
cold, my hands I mean, and
all waiting for further
orders to move again, but
Salec Travel Ltd -
the snow was coming we dont know where or
blessed to be the custodian of Fred’s memory
since all his family have passed away. through the gunhole in my when. The whole RAF has Excursion Update
Fred was born in London during October 1920. turret, in over me. But it moved, all the aircraft Firstly we hope you are all keeping well.
At the age of seven the family moved to was not so bad as when we markings changed, and our Following the cancellation of Thursford Christmas
Totternhoe, a small village in Bedfordshire, landed and the circulation call signs changed as well. Spectacular the management have made the
where Freddie attended the local village was returning to my hands. So we came here one day decision to cancel the rest of this year’s day
school, completed his education at Dunstable But all in the life of a W/ with our usual lettering, and excursions our priority is the safety of our
Grammar School and joined the Royal Air OP A.G. We all passed our took of the next with the employees and customers and we hope you will
Force in April 1938. A.G.'s course OK, as it has new ones. The station here understand this decision.
After initial training at Cardington he was been published on orders, is quite good, when you We are now busy planning for the 2021 season and
posted on, to the Electrical & Wireless School so we shall start receiving find it amongst the hope to see you all again then. We remain open for
at Cranwell for Wireless Training. He joined our extra pay this week. I am on guard Friday camouflage, but the surroundings are private hire taxis, minibuses and coaches. The
82 Squadron at RAF Cranfield in January of night, so I think I shall be able to get a short something terrible. There is one either small management team at Salec Travel Ltd.
1939 where qualified as a Wireless Operator/ weekend, so expect me home about the usual town or large village about 1/2 mile away, For more details please phone: 01953 881159
Air Gunner (WOp/AG) on the Blenheim time, somewhere about 2.00 P.M. (1400 Hrs.). with perhaps 20 shops and one small cinema. Email:
Aircraft. We pick up Fred’s story in Mid- Well goodbye for now. With love, Fred The rest of the "villages" consist of about a Website:
August 1939 . . . dozen houses, sometimes a church, but no
Postcard Dated 23rd. August 1939 posted pubs, so Uncle Frank would simply die of
611006 AC II, 'A' Flight, 82 B Squadron, home from Cranfield. thirst. We had our first night off last night, and
RAF Cranfield, Bletchley, Bucks Dear Mum & Dad we had a look round and that is what we
Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. There is quite a panic on here. We are going found. There are not even any decent
Well I arrived OK and got down to work right away today to WATTON. About 20 miles orchards. You know what the land is like
away Monday morning flying. On a formation from Norwich. The reports of the place are not when you went to Yarmouth, nothing but
flight or supposed to be. When we came to so hot. Will write as soon as we get settled straight roads and gorse.
starting up the engines things all went wrong, down now. Cheerio, We are off in about 1 By the way we all have to go out in uniform,
and 2 out of 3 in both flights took to the air. It hour. With Love Fred and the weather here is simply sweltering, and
had supposed to be high level consumption when we take our clothes off at night time,
test, but we only got up to 16,500 feet then Around 30th. August 1939 they nearly stand up on their own with sweat.
came down, and the whole formation got lost 611006, 'A' Flight, 82 B Sqdn, Watton, The army are doing our guards for us, so that
in the clouds, and came back independently, Thetford, Norfolk. is a load off of us. We are about 20 miles from
we were behind them when we lost them, but Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. Norwich, 40 from Yarmouth, 30 from Cromer,
arrived back before the others. Tuesday, I am very sorry for being so long but we have 30 from Kings Lynn, so you can imagine what
bombing, but it was rough, and as I had some had hardly 5 minutes to ourselves. I got back it is like. But dont come and look for us,
greasy fried bread for breakfast, and I did not OK Tuesday night, but did not unpack, instead because you wont find us, the men have been
enjoy that trip much. Had a good time today. I got everything together, and labelled, and working from early morning till after dark with
Supposed to have gone on above cloud helped pack up the squadron. I just managed paint and nets, and you have to look 2 or 3
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 11
in the pouring rain today! Inside church we people have been clicking on to our online
PLEASE MENTION Thought for the hope people find a space and a place to sit services on Sundays and reading the daily
quietly in the dry or the cool. Or outside there is Reflections, as indeed other churches are also
THE WAYLAND Month of August a Prayer Trail to follow or a Labyrinth mown on providing. We have the opportunity, technology
the Church Green opposite, for people to walk permitting, to worship in all different places,
NEWS Lockdown Easing at St Mary’s Church Watton . round on their own, with others (social outside or inside. God is outside, inside and
. . was the title in last month’s issue of our distancing), children or dogs! within us. When we choose for God to befriend
WHEN SHOPPING article in Wayland News. Labyrinths have existed for thousands of years; us, we discover an extra dimension in our lives
WITH OUR Well, at the time of writing this (8th July 2020), they appear in many faith and cultural traditions which takes us to a depth and breadth we didn’t
St Mary’s Church is now open to anyone to and in many parts of the world. The labyrinth know we had. We connect with the hope that
ADVERTISERS come in for Private Prayer on Wednesdays
between 10.00am till 12 noon. We are adhering
has a long, rich tradition of use within the not only God is there, but he wants to help us
Christian church. St. Mary’s labyrinth is a find our way on the journey of our lives.
to all the safeguarding guidelines. We classical three circuit. Psalm 33 verse 22 says: “May your unfailing
welcomed 29 people the first week and even 26 The space can be used for mindfulness; a way of love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our
calming, settling and learning to live in the hope in you”.
moment. It is a path of prayer. There is only one If a child is with you walking round the
path that leads from the outer edge in a circular Labyrinth, you might hold their hand. If a dog is
way toward the centre. It is not like a maze with you, you might have them on the lead.
where there are dead ends and you lose your Alternatively, they can run free, because they
way. A labyrinth is a spiritual tool that can help know and trust you are there. It’s the same for
you find your way. us physically, or metaphorically walking round.
Help us find our way? Ours and every nation is God is with us ready to put his hand in ours, as
needing to find its way …. And so are we as we reach out to Him in faith. We can ‘run’ free
communities and families and individuals or just know He is there within us and indeed
exiting lockdown…..or trying to do so with care. everywhere, outside or inside, through his
We watch and we wait and we wonder what is unfailing love. God bless you and keep you
going to happen next. We know that many safe: Revd Gerry Foster
The Wayland News August 2020 Page 12

Please support your Inner Wheel In Action Again!

local businesses as
we try and get back
to a new normal!

Like everyone, members of Watton Inner Hand sanitising at the entrance, face visors to meet again since club meetings in
Wheel have been observing the 'lockdown' for the ladies and social distancing markers members homes will not allow social
arrangements over the last 3 months and were all in place and we waited with bated distancing, maybe another outdoor
met only via telephone or social media breath to see if people would come. occasion in August will be possible. We all
interspersed by an allowed excursion to And they did! We were so pleased to see hope that our friendships will carry us
purchase necessities. It was with friends known and new and it was only an through until we'll all meet again.
considerable relief that with the arrival of a hour before virtually everything had been Brenda Davis Club Correspondent. 01953
lessening of restrictions plans could be sold. 881793 I am always pleased to hear from
made to work together on a new project. The pre packed Strawberry teas which anyone interested in finding out more about
June is always the time of year when a were the brainchild of member Lesley had Inner Wheel and it's activities.
Strawberry Tea is held in the garden of the been mostly pre ordered, but the few left
pink house in Thetford Road accordingly it disappeared in no time and may appear
seemed natural that something to do with
tea, strawberries and cakes should be
another year!
The total raised on the day and with the
Bonnie Robertson
It is with great sadness that I announce
chosen for the project. The result was a addition of some generous donations the death of Bonnie Robertson after a
Cake Stall, this time in the front garden of totaled £731. This will be sent to the prolonged illness in hospital.
the pink house and the ladies set to making charity chosen by the club as their overseas Bonnie will be remembered for the
cakes and jams and take away strawberry donation this year. energy and enthusiasm she brought to
teas for sale on Saturday, June 27th. Mary's Meals was set up in 2002 and many aspects of Watton life : as a
We watched the weather with a certain provides a school midday meal for children member of The Wayland Players; as a
apprehension but although the day was in a number of the poorest countries where volunteer at The Dragonfly Gallery and
cloudy rain did not happen. Gazebos were poverty and hunger prevent children from at The Watton Museum; as a steward at
put up, tables were laden with goods and all gaining an education, sadly programmes the Town Run, to name a few.
arrangements were made to ensure the have been needed in this country as well. Her love of singing took her beyond the
safety of the ladies and their customers. We do not know yet when we shall be able bounds of the town as she sang with The

Big Heart and Soul Choir and Swaffham

Rainbow Community Choir among
THE WAYLAND NEWS others and she travelled around the
country to participate in choir festivals.
PLEASE READ!!! Page space is allocated strictly on a first come, It was Bonnie’s drive and determination
first served basis. 12 Noon on the 15th of the month preceding which created The Norfolk Choir
Festival which is now in its 6th year.
publication is the last date and time that copy will be
Bonnie was sharp, witty, funny, quirky
CONSIDERED for inclusion. Arrival of your copy before deadline and sometimes vexing, but she was an
does not guarantee inclusion, if you wish to be certain your original whose smile lit up her face and
entry gets published, then please make sure it arrives in plenty the space around her.
of time otherwise you may still be disappointed. She will be missed.
You can contact Julian by ringing (01953) 858908. Jenny Mann
The e-mail address is now:
Views expressed in articles in The Wayland News are those
of the contributors and not the views of the publisher or
While every care and effort has been taken to ensure
accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for
errors or omissions.
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