1. Fold the paper in half downwards to make a triangle.

2. Fold in half again horizontally, and unfold right away.

3. Fold the two corners down, making sure to begin from the top of the crease in the middle of your paper.

4. Fold the top and bottom corners to the back.

5. Draw a dog face and you're done!

Fold the top corner down so that the edges meet. 2. .1. Fold the paper in half upwards to make a triangle. and unfold after making a line.

Fold the top flap down toward you. fold the other tip up so it meets the corner you just created. Open the top and you have a cup ready to hold water! .3. 5. Fold the other flap down to the back side of the figure. Fold the corner up so its tip meets the edge of the paper at the line you made. 4. Next.

Fold the paper in half downwards to make a triangle. Fold the corners down to meet at the bottom tip. and unfold right away. fold in half again horizontally. . 2. Next.1.

Fold the front of the bottom corner up. . 6.3. but don't make it go all the way to the top. 4. Fold the two corners outward just a bit. Fold the remaining edge upward to form an extra strip at the center of the figure. 5. Fold the two tips up to meet at the top.

At this point you have completed one origami figure. Now insert your fingers into the helmet and fold it so the two side corners meet. Don't cut all the way to the side corner! . the soldier's helmet. Fold the bottom of the paper back behind the figure. 9. Cut an opening along the bottom right of the figure.7. 8.

10. Make a line by folding and then unfolding. 11. Fold the flap on the right side down to form the tail fin of the fish Your goldfish is complete! .

1. Fold both sides in to meet at the center line. . Make a line in the center of the paper by folding and then unfolding. 3. 2. Fold the paper in half downwards to make a rectangle.

4. opening the flap with your finger and folding it down to make a shape like the roof on a house. 7. Swing one side of the paper out. Fold the sides inward to meet at the middle. . 5. Fold the rectangular flap upward to meet the top edge. 6. Repeat for the other side.

There's your piano! .8. and fold down the "keyboard" into position 9. Open the sides again. making right angles with them.

to get this 3.. Start with a perfectly square sheet of paper Paper made specifically for origami can be found at most craft stores.. Now repeat step 2 in the other direction. Open up the paper and lay it flat. Begin by folding one edge to meet to other. and open up it up again.. 2. . . I used a sheet that was colored on both sides.How to make an ORIGAMI CRANE 1. with the colored side outward. . It is usually colored only on one side.

like this. ..to get this. and open up the paper again. Fold it diagonally with the white side out (pink here). 6... Lay the paper with the white side up.... while bringing the top corner down. repeat step 4 in the other direction..4.  .        ... Open up the paper. 5.. Line it up corner to corner. (pink here) Bring in the side corners.

7.. .... fold one corner of the square so that the edge is lined up with the center line.. 9. With the open side pointing towards the left in this picture.to get this..to get this.  Repeat step 7 with the other flap..  8. Flip the paper over and repeat step 7 for the other two flaps. .

..like this. Open up one side. Lift the top flap on the open end (the lower end in this picture) and fold it upwards.to get this. and lay it flat..10.... bringing in the sides..... . . Now fold it the same way in the opposite direction. . Fold the top flap down and crease        hard. 12. 11.

.... 14.. Repeat step 14 for the other flap. Flip the paper over and repeat steps 11 & 12 for the other side.. 13. 15. . With the open end towards the left in the picture. fold in one flap in so that the edge lines up with the center line.to get this. and lay flat to get this. ....

 Fold over one side. like this.like this. so that 18..... 17.. and lay flat to get this...    .. .16. . Flip the paper over and repeat steps 14 & 15 for the flaps on the other side.  the tip of the lower flap reaches the tip of upper flap. Fold up the top flap on the open end.

. Fold two of the flaps over and repeat step 18 for the other lower flap.... Fold the top flap down.19. 20. .. 21. .. Fold one flap over and lay flat.to get this.

. 23. Invert fold one of the upper tips like this.. Flip the paper over and repeat step 21 for the other side. 22.to get this.. . .to form the head...

 Pull back the other tip like this... ! .24..to form the tail. Gently pull the wings apart to form the body.. 25. .

And now it is complete .

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