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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Aqeel Imran

Saudi Arabia

Mobile: 050 532 7775


Date of Birth: 4th May 1976

Valid Iqama and driving License

Looking for the opportunity in the fields of IT, TELECOM, IP
communication (in particular) MANAGMENT . Believe in achieving goals by
hard work and positive attitude. Excel with the associated
employer/company to the highest market place in innovative and custom
solutions. Integrating the existing and new technologies to deliver higher
than expected results.

Technical skills
• Cisco Networks
• Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, Susie, Ubunto)
• Microsoft ( XP pro, Vista, server 2003, 2008 , exchange server,
proxy server, DNS,etc.)
• Wireless networking ( short and long range up 65km)
• Satellite dish based networking (VSAT) different vender solution
• VOIP Commercial ( Calling card and carrier class and terminal )
multi vender
• VoIP Enterprise level ( Branch exchange, inter branch and
international branch office, voice recognition, call centre,
conference call queues, ring group, call hunt and help desk) Soft
and embedded solution
• SMS solution
• Unified massaging (web and mobile integration for voice and text)
• Office automation ( Soft and hardware solution )
• Remote power management
• Secure networking (VPN)
• Security ( Remote surveillance and access control)over mobile
phone and PC
• Web development (Complete)
• Software development ( Database )
• Telecommunication (STC, Mobily)
• Clouded Computing
• SAN and NAS Solution
• And so many custom Solutions

Basic Skills

• Advanced File Management • Problem Solving Skills

• Advanced Internet & Email Skills • Basic Cash Handling Skills
• Text Processing Skills • Researching Skills
• Computer Networking skills • Corporate representation skills
• Organizational Skills • Presentation skills
• Leadership skills • Interpersonal Communication Skills

High school Pakistan
Embassy school
Passed my high school with science subjects “A” grade

FSc. Intermediate (After High school 10+2) Pakistan

High school.
Passed . With “A” grade in Pre-Medical subjects


Diploma in Computer networking and administration MCSE

Compete Collage
Did my MCSE (Microsoft certified System Engineer) Training and passed in
test and practical with first position in class held by collage throughout the
course tenure till final.

Diploma in Cisco networking CCNA

Passban Collage
Did my Cisco Training and passed in test and practical with first position in
class held by collage throughout the course tenure till final.

Diploma in Linux administration

Passban Collage
Did my Linux Training and passed, in tests and practical held by collage
throughout the course tenure till final.

Software Experience

MS Access
Have good knowledge of software development in MS access
database which enabled me to successfully develop custom requirements
by clients worldwide using multiple languages. Integrated database with
corporate intranet portal for file and resources management accounting,
time inventory etc.


Developed websites for company’s internet and intranet websites

for public and private use managed web and ftp server including Cassini.
Developed cms portals on famous industry renowned cms Joomla drupl
and cushcms to name a few. some java, Dhtml etc.

Hobbies & Other Interests.

• Technical experiments

• Swimming

• Cricket

• music

Work History

Network Admin Aims Arabia/Riyadh, Saudi

Jan 2004 – Feb 2006
Maintaining the network of 30+ computes on windows 2000 server,
troubleshoot all problems of network and computers

Emedia, Manager Commea group/ Riyadh, Saudi

Feb 2006 – May 2009
I was responsible for developing web portals for company’s intranet
and internet corporate site, to ease the process of managing the business
remotely and from co-locations.and for the public part

Having experience in and professional expertise in not just the

hardware and software, it did not take long for the management to
recognise my abilities, and I was promoted to the position of manager
after only second month.
Network Administrator Chenab Fabrics,
Faisalabad, Pakistan
May 2009 – Aug 2009
Linux server and Cisco based network infrastructure company, was in
need for a professional, having skills for both the standard to manage 5
company’s co-locations in nearby cities and towns, with about 300+
workstations each. Interconnected by long range 2.4 Ghz license free
spectrum point to point wireless bridges. I was given the opportunity to
serve and administer the whole scenario.

I successfully achieved smooth network flow of communication without

any loner downtimes. later added the 5th co-location successfully without
any problems over wireless.
Also introduced and deployed VOIP to the company for it’s over flowing
telephone and cell phone bills. Deployment of VoIP Was Over Linux Based
IPPBX SIP Trixbox With digium Voice Card Trunks. Linksys Phone ATAs.
Hard and soft ip phones and about 500 Extension at 5 Location. Linksys
Wireless access points for Mobile and laptop users about 17 at each
location .

IT. Manager Dewaan Co. Riyadh

Sep2009 – dec 2009
Administer a network of 400+ computers and going to deploy VoIP for
branch and inter-branch office communications. Managing Network
storages, file server, tftp computer hard wear and peripherals and wireless
networks and consider latest solutions etc.

Business Development Manager Shirqa Tameer Al-

watan Riyadh
Jan2010 – till date
Shirqa tamer Al-watan For IT. And Telecom deals in the IT and Telecom
niche of the market.
I was responsible to develop the company’s TELECOM DIVSION and lead it
to new business opportunities. Developing clients and looking after the
partnership programs inward and outward.

During the Job I Achieved handshakes with huge telecom companies and
partnered for projects which included TELECOM (FIBER Copper AND GSM)
and CIVIL contracts for the STC and MOBILY, worth several millions all
around the kingdom.

This is a brief of me but I would strongly recommend at your kind

convenience to meet in person as this would facilitate in knowing more about me
and my potential to your valued business and about the things which I cannot
state or express in this document.

Aqeel Imran

00966 505 32 7775