SMOKE OF DESTRUCTION DRAMA PERSONAE OLDER ATHENA : An older version of Athena, narrator ATHENA : A well educated teenager who

have problems with smoking VICTORIA : Athena’s mom, suffering from a lung cancer, an active smoker, dying PEI CHIT : An instant best friend to Athena, a bad influence towards the others JOHN DELTION : Have the biggest crush on Athena, prefect, blabber mouth, nerd NURSE : Athena’s assistant. SYNOPSIS This story unfolds about a journey of well educated girl, Athena Jackson, a girl with good grades, popular and what every teenager’s ever wish for except for a family. Without everybody putting such a high hopes on her, she’s beginning to feel stress out and silently she’s battling with an addiction towards smoking, after Pei Chit influences her to. Her mother, Victoria is a very proud single mother and a been suffering lung cancer who only have short amounts of time to live. Victoria who have a very high hopes towards Athena beginning to discovered that she changed, because of smoking. Could Victoria help her one and only daughter to fight before it’s too late? Or could she help herself?

FIRST PEOPLE : Each day, 3,000 children smoke their first cigarette SECOND PEOPLE : Roughly 6 millions teen in the world today smoke despite the knowledge THIRD PEOPLE : Teenagers who smoke were three times more likely to use alcohol. FOURTH PEOPLE : If your child best friends smoke, then your youngster is 13 times more likely to smoke than if his or her friends did not smoke FIFTH PEOPLE : Of the 3,000 teens that started smoking today, nearly 1,000 will eventually die as a result from smoking EVERYONE : <MURMURING GETTING LOUDER> WHY! OLDER ATHENA : Before you talk, listen, before you react, think, before you spend, earn, before you criticize, wait, before you pray, forgive and before you quit, try. But have you? What if you failed? EVERYONE : Its okay, everybody done it before, its fine. OLDER ATHENA : Do you really think they’ll said like that? Million saw the apples fall, but Newton was the one who asked why. Have you asked them why? But what will they said? EVERYONE : It’s your fault, it’s your entire fault! If you didn’t do that, we won’t be like this! OLDER ATHENA : Stop, stop instantly! I wish words weren’t so powerful. They can change lives, hurt people and even bring hope to someone. They are just words, but why are they so scary? ATHENA AND VICTORIA: There will always be ‘lie’ in believe, ‘over’ in ‘lover’, an ‘end’ in ‘friend’, an ‘us’ in trust and ‘if’ in life.

strong. she was no longer the little girl I remembered she is. I thought I did. I realized. you won’t be the third. expecting more. you should start studying for your last exam. at least. But you know what she said? VICTORIA : Athena. I’m going out. I’m not even near. VICTORIA : A mom is a hard job. You think all those successful have the third place in their resume? Do you? ATHENA : No mom. RAN THROUGH PEI CHIT> PEI CHIT : Oh hello liang moi. How I wish to be her. but being a single mom is another level. and still. fair and merciful. VICTORIA : Where are you going? ATHENA : I’m leaving you. I received my mid term report card. the third. ATHENA : But…. VICTORIA : I won’t say that myself is a perfect mom. but people look up to you. I made you proud. do you want to see magic? . too bad. making that simple smile when every part of you dies VICTORIA : I feel like every time I find the key to happiness. someone always change the lock ATHENA : My name is Athena. you are raised to be the first.ATHENA : Pretending to be happy when you’re in pain is just another example of how strong you are as a person. but I did raised my daughter to be the way I wanted her to be. My name is Victoria. VICTORIA : If you really did tried. VICTORIA : No you won’t. VICTORIA : Go! Don’t be a disappointment anymore! ATHENA : Yes mom. ATHENA : Have you ever wish. Third out of 35 students. I did it mom. you stop caring others so much and start caring yourself? Two days ago. and raised a daughter by myself. ATHENA : Mom. named after the Great Greek Goddess Athena. But one day. you probably be number 1 now! ATHENA : But… VICTORIA : Enough is enough Athena. come back! Athena! Athena! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PEI CHIT : <TALKING ON THE PHONE> <ATHENA WALKS OUT. but I tried…. but I know how it feels like. I’m not sure I was named after what but I was strong enough to prove them wrong. I can’t tell you what it really is.

Now. well. it’s Athena. there’s nothing you can do to help me. Scary right? ATHENA : No. did u just said. <ATHENA DID WHAT PEI CHIT TOLD> PEI CHIT : Now. You are Athena? ATHENA : Yes. PEI CHIT : Hey. ATHENA : What do you want from me? PEI CHIT : Easy one. it’s…. U what? Here. what do actually happened to you. Pei Chit. I was about to say that lorh. PEI CHIT : Moymoy? Bei Ling? Siti Katijah? ATHENA : No. ATHENA : Yeap. it was supposed to be like freaky psychic thing. you are too young to die! ATHENA : What? Its not like I’m going to die or something.ATHENA : Are you talking to me? PEI CHIT : Is there any liang moi around you? Haiyah. you seem down. of course I’m talking to you lah. yes I’m Athena. PEI CHIT : Oh. your name is Derek right? ATHENA : No. PEI CHIT : Pfft. PEI CHIT : Hey. you want to see live street magic? ATHENA : Me? PEI CHIT : Yah lah. Wong Pei Chit. Mind freak! Wait. ATHENA : No. be happy! ATHENA : It’s easy for you to say…. don’t worry. buddy? . PEI CHIT : Athena! Don’t go to the light. I don’t know what happened to you but I wish I can help. <PEI CHIT BURNT DOWN THE PAPER> PEI CHIT : Now. PEI CHIT : Pei Chit. watch this as I burn down the paper and I’ll rub some on my arm. what’s up with you Athena. do you know me? PEI CHIT : No. write your name on this piece of paper. we have other solution other than this.

PEI CHIT : Ahh here comes the blabber mouth. ATHENA : Exactly. JOHN DELTON WALKS IN> JOHN DELTON : I just need somebody to love. so it doesn’t harm you. ATHENA : You’re right. ATHENA : At all? PEI CHIT : EVER! You want to try one? ATHENA : No. you don’t have to pick the wrong one. PEI CHIT : Come on Athena. PEI CHIT : And one of the way. everybody done it. try this. ATHENA : Well.ATHENA : I don’t know. try. Whoa! Athena! Is it you I’m seeing? ATHENA : John! PEI CHIT : Wait you know this kid? . thought you always been mine. PEI CHIT : Athena. This is amazing. I probably be dead by now. plus I’m just a passive smoker. it takes you to the other side of world. PEI CHIT : Have I ever been wrong. JOHN DELTON : Baby. it’s just… PEI CHIT : You can trust me. because we’re best friend. I will never do anything bad to you. I never smoke. she… PEI CHIT : I see. now I am gone. quick. ATHENA : Are you sure it safe? PEI CHIT : Athena. <ATHENA ABOUT TO LIGHT THE CIGARATTE. ATHENA : You’re right. mine. it seems like no one get it. you’re having one of the day where no one get you. are you smoking? PEI CHIT : Yeah. are these. EVER. <SHOWING CIGARATTE BOX> ATHENA : Cigarette. Including my mom. nahh. throw them out. ATHENA : I… PEI CHIT : Come on Athena. love ohhh. there’s thousand ways to forget them. if this is the silent killer that everyone talked about.

John! JOHN DELTON : Baby. don’t do this. PEI CHIT : Are you sure. You probably have couple of months or so. no.JOHN DELTON : Wong Pei Pei? What are you doing here? With Athena? PEI CHIT : It’s Wong Pei Chit. Athena and I are best friend. surgeries. by the way. I am not ready to…. how many months? OLDER ATHENA : It depends. your world. VICTORIA : It’s longer than I thought. there will be one less lonely girl! ATHENA : Leave me alone. she have too. my breath. lasers? Anything. PEI CHIT : Oh how adorkable <PUSH JOHN DELTON TO THE GROUND> JOHN DELTON : Justin Bieber! <RUN> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VICTORIA : So. baby. do your kids know about this? VICTORIA : Athena? My daughter. the one who… PEI CHIT : Don’t let me <TALKING IN CHINESE> JOHN DELTON : Oh Athena. OLDER ATHENA : Sooner or later. JOHN DELTON : All by myselft…. hey. I hate Justin Bieber. no she doesn’t. OLDER ATHENA : Mrs. your lung cancer spread. dorkten? JOHN DELTON : Oh man. ouh! Thought you always be mine! Athena! Me plus you! I’m gonna tell you one time! Let me tell you one time! ATHENA : Leave me alone! JOHN DELTON : My world. baby. Victoria. your breath! Imma tell you one time! ATHENA : <WALKS OUT> By the way. . VICTORIA : Aren’t there anything you can do? Chemo. what type of kids are you talking about huh dork? JOHN DELTON : Like you lah. EVER! JOHN DELTON : Athena? Are you serious? These types of kids are not for you! PEI CHIT : Hey. If you let me inside your world.

There’s too much to handle. but nobody wants to die. OLDER ATHENA : Mrs. VICTORIA : So. when Jack left. Victoria. a minute. not with your smoking habit. I know I’m not helpful as I can be. a day or even a month! VICTORIA : I can’t. but I know by cutting your intake of cigarettes can help. OLDER ATHENA : There’s a choice we’re making. to love you.OLDER ATHENA : Everybody wants to go to heaven. <ATHENA LEFT> . there nothing you can do? OLDER ATHENA : No. I’m going out tonight. VICTORIA : I cut down the amount of smoking. You could save a second. I’m home! VICTORIA : Athena. when you wake up and realized that your entire dream are gone. OLDER ATHENA : We all need somebody that we can lean on. Mrs. Victoria. so let’s stop. you probably have a short time in front of you. VICTORIA : I don’t know how to start but… ATHENA : Then don’t. Someone help move your obstacles you stumbles on. VICTORIA : I got the light dark on the road I’m walking one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OLDER ATHENA : Life doesn’t give you the people you want. to leave you. but life is too short to wake up with regrets. I have to go now. It gives you the people you need. I can’t help it doctor. ATHENA : Mom. everything falls apart. to hurt you. it’s true we’re making a brighter day. OLDER ATHENA : But it does to someone. someone that help you rebuild after the rumbles are gone. Things happen for a reason. VICTORIA : Again? But you’ve been going out… ATHENA : You always complain on how I don’t do anything. how’s your day in school? ATHENA : Fine. but how can I do something if you don’t let me go anywhere? VICTORIA : There’s something I want to tell you. VICTORIA : But. bye. I’m late. ATHENA : Spill. to help you. and to make you into the person you were meant to be. we’re saving our life. a month won’t change a thing.

ATHENA : Thanks. OLDER ATHENA : Aren’t you afraid of that. OLDER ATHENA : Hey. these are just pictures who got Photoshop. don’t you have something better to lecture about? How about the global warming? OLDER ATHENA : Remember. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say.VICTORIA : I’m dying. ATHENA : Nahh. ATHENA : Well. happened to you? ATHENA : Aunty busybody. ATHENA : Oh my. I need to buy a new one from Aih Chun. new box. PEI CHIT : Fine? Take this. PEI CHIT : How was your day? ATHENA : Fine. some freaky old woman talked to me. be right back. OLDER ATHENA : Oh my. when your generation raised us. Why? You seems like you saw a ghost or the future. that was the last one. crickets. ATHENA : Hey. ATHENA : And it’s never too late to go now. stop complaining on how these new generations of kids are bad. there are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. it’s not always too late to change. PEI CHIT : Ahh. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OLDER ATHENA : If you want your life to be a magnificent story then begin by realizing that you are the author and every day you have the opportunity to write a new page. don’t you think. agree? OLDER ATHENA : Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something. Athena. . “Watch me” PEI CHIT : Hey. PEI CHIT : <SINGING IN CHINESE> Ahh Athena! ATHENA : Hey. and it will change your fine day into a great one. you seem too young to smoke. you seem old to be a busybody. <VICTORIA WALKS IN AND RAN INTO OLDER ATHENA> VICTORIA : Oh hey doctor. don’t you think? Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better. OLDER ATHENA : New generation of kids.

Victoria. OLDER ATHENA : Do your daughter already know about this? VICTORIA : No. she will never smoke. did you smoke? <SNIFFING> VICTORIA : I…I… OLDER ATHENA : <SIGHS> Mrs. . I always smoke. Victoria.OLDER ATHENA : Oh hello Mrs. VICTORIA : She never skipped school. ATHENA : A goody two shoes? Hey. VICTORIA : My Athena? Doctor. be reassured that a beautiful picture is being prepared. She’s a goody two shoes. Wong Pei Chit. OLDER ATHENA : Aren’t you afraid that she might get into smoking as well? PEI CHIT : Hey. ATHENA : Moving on is not about never looking back. right? Looks like the world is turning upside down. sometimes I smoke two boxes a day. ATHENA AND VICTORIA SAID THE SAME TIME : What a wonderful world! ATHENA : Mom? VICTORIA : Athena? And what’s that on your hand? Are you smoking? ATHENA : I’m dead man! VICTORIA : You are so into big trouble now! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OLDER ATHENA : Beautiful pictures are developed from negative in a dark room. I’m basically a hometown boy in White Room. Who’s your goody two shoes now? VICTORIA : She’s my goody two shoes. a goody two shoes can start smoking. Mrs. So if you see darkness in your life. It’s taking a glance at yesterday and noticing much you’ve grown since then. VICTORIA : She never run away from home. ATHENA : I sneaked out late night everyday. it’s weird that you. Victoria. we talked about this. VICTORIA : I just couldn’t help myself. ATHENA : I never go to school. nice to meet you.

If it changes your life. <NURSE WALKS IN> NURSE : Doc Athena. As for Athena…. let it. aren’t you proud of me mom? Finally. -THE END- . I was the girl who’ll run to the corner of the street. OLDER ATHENA : Thank you. Please ask them to wait for a moment. it would be worth it. But I moved on. didn’t you? Thank you mom. VICTORIA : My girl. NURSE : Sure doc.VICTORIA : If you get a second chance. you never really gave up on me. her cancer spread and as for Athena. every minute and hour passed. ATHENA : Two months ago. especially my mom. I let down a lot of people. <COUGHING HEAVILY> ATHENA : Mom? Mom? Mom. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful. but it beautiful to love the ordinary. OLDER ATHENA : Time ticks. look what I got. but it takes a great deal to love a leaf. after all the hard works. every second. I finally can be proud of myself. mom. They just promised. grab with both hands. to start over and make her mom proud. and you can be as well. she’s been working really hard to achieve her goal. So does Victoria. you’ll land among the stars. Mom. first place out of the whole 35 students. cause if you fall. are you okay? Mom? MOM! MOM! MOM! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OLDER ATHENA : Anyone can love a rose. OLDER ATHENA : I grew up to be the way my mom taught me to. nobody said life would be easy. and started smoking. I love you. you have patients waiting for you outside. keep on reaching the moon. my little girl. By simply.

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