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Kishor Shah Participant Observation:

Qualitative Research

It's a day time, crowded place in somewhere in china, white guy wearing white shirt & cream trouser is searching for acupuncture clinic having a visiting card in hand .finally after searching for a clinic at last he gets it. Dr. asks him to take off his clothes .the doctor’s clinic is in a flat .two clothes (one jeans and one t-shirt) are hanging. Dr. is old Chinese man is wearing a cream shirt and a glass. The color of wall is blue and cream and there is dust on the wall. After taking off his shirt the white man stares at Dr. with weird look because he asks him to take off his pants. The Dr. is wearing a gold ring in his left middle finger.) The Dr. Starts his medication service by pinching lots of needles in the body of the patient. The patient is not very comfortable with the therapy. The Dr. is sweating pretty hard. Afterwards he increases the sound of the radio which is placed in the top of the blue table. The radio is black in color with silver border with 1 large knob and to small knobs. Dr. rotates the small knob voice of the song increased. After increasing, the sound of the song, he started humming the song. And then he goes back to his work. Suddenly some smoke started leaking from the gap of the door and floor. The door is dark brown in color. There is blossom on the left side of the road, a pot and a pot which contains something. There is a rat which started running here and there. While treating the patient the Dr. realizes that the smoke is coming from somewhere. After seeing the smoke the Dr. opened the door to see actual reason for smoke. After opening the door he sees the whole building is on fire, the staircase was burning, the dustbin was burning. After seeing he started shouting and running for his life. After listening him the patient giving the weird looks as he was not aware of fire. The Dr. entered his bedroom having a bed, two pillows and some clothes hanging on the rope. The patient gets down from his bed asking the Dr. what he was doing and was pretty conscious to know why the Dr. was behaving like that.

Submitted By Poonam Kukreja


PGDHR - 1 Roll no 14 IMDR

Now patient is looking to himself and saw niddles in whole body. he became more anxious and looking here and there. Netherlands which tries to show from his ad that you can insure yourself for just a phone call at any time. yellow helmet and gloves.Submitted To Prof. Fire men were wearing complete blue dress. then he gave a much wearied look. Kishor Shah Qualitative Research Patient became even more conscious and he was looking afraid then he saw fire in the flat. Submitted By Poonam Kukreja 2 PGDHR . "Centraal Beheer" is an insurance company that's located in Apeldoorn. One of the firemen asks him to jump on the life saver plank. After looking he saw 25 fire men with a life saver plank (white in color at the center there is an orange circle). He moved to window to save his life. Phenomenology: According to ad there may be situation in once life where he is sure of dieing. There is mob around fire men and watching eagerly what will happen next.1 Roll no 14 IMDR .

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