INT-POW Brawler Before anything else, you will be needing the following items: 1. Beidas Necklace 2.

Rings [120] - Silver Ring [120] x2 - Alloy Ring [120] x2 - Jade Ring [120] x2 3. Gaunts [2nd elem] with +5 stat: - Heavy Iron Gaunt [LIGHTNING/GLACIER/VENOM/FLINT/BLAZE] w/ +5 POW - Iron Gaunt [LIGHTNING/GLACIER/VENOM/FLINT/BLAZE] w/ +5 DEX - *Any INT Gaunt [LIGHTNING/GLACIER/VENOM/FLINT/BLAZE] w/ +5 INT would do as lon g as it's wearable 4. Enhanced Set w/ +20DEX in total (in case your DEX stat is not enough to maste r WEAPON MASTERY) *UPDATE 5. Elite Uniform Set [120] w/ +17INT in total (to save more stat pts) To begin: 1. Equip the ff: - Beidas Necklace - Alloy Rings [120] x2 - Heavy Iron Gaunt [LIGHTNING/GLACIER/VENOM/FLINT/BLAZE] w/ +5 POW 2. Then, pump your POW stat to 225 (enough to master POWER KICK) 3. Finally, learn POWER KICK (under POW TAB) and master it *CONCENTRATION skill will no longer be needed because INT types use MAGIC ATTACK S therefore accuracy is useless After dealing with you POW stat: 1. Replace Alloy Rings [120] with Silver Rings [120] *you should have the ff items equipped: - Beidas Necklace - Silver Rings [120] x2 - any INT Gaunt [LIGHTNING/GLACIER/VENOM/FLINT/BLAZE] w/ +5 INT - *Elite Uniform Set [120] (equip if in case you would want to save more stat pt s either for more HP/DEF, but this is OPTIONAL.) 2. Decide which gaunt will you be using... if: a. PERMANENT Lite White Tiger [ELEC/ICE/POISON/STONE/FIRE] = 511 INT Requirement *Pump your INT to (511 - 15 = ) 496 (exactly enough to equip this kind of gaunt with 'insufficient 15') b. PERMANENT Lite White Tiger [LIGHTNING/GLACIER/VENOM/FLINT/BLAZE] = 531 INT Re quirement *Pump your INT to (531 - 15 = ) 516 (exactly enough to equip this kind of gaunt with 'insufficient 15') c. EP Lite White Tiger = 466 INT Requirement *Pump your INT to 466 or (466 - 15 = ) 451 depending on your STAT POINT availabi lity LEGEND: Yellow = Skill Points Needed Red = POW skills Blue = DEX skills Green = INT skills Orange = ETC skills *SKILL POINTS FORMULA: (special thanks to ate skyhiker (IMG:style_emoticons/defa ult/youdaman.gif) ) CODE

MEDITATION (LVL 3) [4 SKILL POINTS] .POWER UP (MASTER) [13 SKILL POINTS] .POWER KICK (MASTER) [16 SKILL POINTS] SUBTOTAL: 16 SKILL POINTS DEX TAB: .WEAPON MASTERY (MASTER) [9 SKILL POINTS] *Do not add STAT POINT(s) to your DEX if you are planning to go for INT-POW-VIT Build SUBTOTAL: 9 SKILL POINTS INT TAB: .TITAN FORCE (MASTER @199) [0 SKILL POINTS] .CHI FINGER (LVL 2 or MASTER) [10 SKILL POINTS or 17 SKILL POINTS] *MASTER this skill if you have spare SKILL POINTS for a higher chance of faintin g .Nevermiss .1 + 30 + 22 = Total # of Skill Points Note: If you have already accomplished all the 2nd Extra Skill Point Quests: add 25 Skill Points to your Total # of Skill Points For those who transferred school or availed the [PS] School Transfer. ENERGY VALUE.BLOOD LUST (MASTER) [14 SKILL POINTS] .Bonafide Killer .SOUL DESTROYER (MASTER) *if possible [23 SKILL POINTS] .AEGIS OF ARTIFICE (MASTER @199) [0 SKILL POINTS] .FORCE PUSH (LVL 3 or MASTER) [15 SKILL POINTS or 21 SKILL POINTS] .SONIC CRAZE (MASTER @190) [1 SKILL POINT] . and finish ed the quests: add 7 Skill Points to your Total # of Skill Points (add 14 skill pts if transfer red school twice or more) Now learn the ff skills: POW TAB: .HEAD CRUSH (LVL 4) [4 SKILL POINTS] . decide whether invest them in your VIT (for HP) or DEX (for DEFENSE.EVASION (MASTER) [15 SKILL POINTS] .ELBOW CRUSH (LVL 4) [6 SKILL POINTS] .DEMON PALM (MASTER) *if possible [24 SKILL POINTS] SUBTOTAL: 160/180 SKILL POINTS ETC TAB: .To compute for you Total Skill Points: Current Level .FORCE ROAR (LVL 2 or MASTER) [13 SKILL POINTS or 20 SKILL POINTS] .*LIGHTSPEED (MASTER) [20 SKILL POINTS] *if in case you have extra SKILL POINTS SUBTOTAL: 25/45 (45 if LIGHTSPEED is learned) SKILL POINTS Note: If there are still remaining STAT POINTS.Mob Killer CONS: .DRAGON RISING (MASTER) [22 SKILL POINTS] .TITAN WILL (MASTER @190) [0 SKILL POINTS] .DYNAMITE PUNCH (LVL 2) [12 SKILL POINTS] . and ATTACK) PROS: .FIST MASTERY (MASTER) [9 SKILL POINTS] .

Low Evasion nikkicsantos pin: B403E4 ..Low Defense .

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