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Welcome Contributors

Origin Psychics
Founder &
Here at Origin Psychics, we are proud to ness we are Lead Psychic
be a genuinely international business - our very committed
readers and our clients are based all over to our personal
the world. But perhaps not all of our cli- service, and
ents would realize that our business office, naturally, this MICHELLE WALTER
and with it, our reception, is located on the begins from the
Isle of Skye, off the west coast of Scot- moment you
land. Skye is a very magical place - in the pick up the Origin Psychics
words of Rod Nicholson, our Managing phone to call us. Senior Reader &
Director, We’re very proud of our reception team,
Psychic Life
and so I’m going to be introducing them
‘The Isle of Skye is a place where the to you properly in the coming months. Coach
aliveness of nature is sti! palpable. This month, I’m beginning with Lynne
Everyone who comes here feels its special Leslie.
energies immediately. It is so wonderful
Born and brought up in the North East of
to move out of the mechanical time-bound
world of modern life, %om a world Scotland, Lynne moved to the Isle of Skye Origin Psychics
in 2009 to join the Origin team. As well as Senior Reader &
where most things are dead, to a world
being a vital part of our reception team,
where you can feel the magical energies Lynne is also a psychic and a holistic Relationship
of revival and connection a! around you.’ therapist. But something you wouldn’t Expert
necessarily know - Lynne is a great animal
lover! She has two spaniels, who you can
This reality here on Skye is one of the rea- see with Lynne in the photo below -
sons we have based ourselves here. Our CATHY COX
Candy & Millie. They are often to be found
property is called ‘Caladh’, which means in our reception office, waiting ‘patiently‘
‘Haven; place of peace’ in Gaelic. And for a pat and a cuddle. Origin Psychics
here, nestled in our haven, something
special is going on. We believe that our Next month, find out who among our re-
Senior Reader &
Reception Team is something quite unique ception staff is a secret Star Trek fan! Change Expert
in the psychic business world. As a busi-
In all seriousness though, our Reception
Team is here to support
you, just as much as our
readers. If you have any KIM THOMAS
Lynne, Candy & Millie questions, or would like
further information about Origin Educere
any of our products or
services, please don’t
Centre Retreat
hesitate to call - they’ll be Assistant &
only too happy to help Astrologer

Until next month,


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Welcome to my birthday month! the negative.
Wherever it
I know it sounds rather egocentric of me to make a comes from, it’s
fuss about my birthday, especially at my age, but there is something we
something special about our birthday. It’s our name day, have been
the day we entered into this life and a story began: our conditioned into,
story. Why do children love hearing stories in which the from a belief
prince or princess have the same names as them? Well, if system where the truth is irrelevant. We live in an
you think about it, that is still the same for us at any age. interactive universe, where what you think, feel, and do,
I like a good story as much as the next person, and if affects me in some way or another. It has been called the
that story is about me, even better! They say that any Butterfly Effect, because it operates at more and more
publicity is good publicity! I am not advocating that you subtle levels of interaction around the universe. But on a
go around trying to get people to focus on you just for day to day level, between you and me, it means this: if I
the sake of it. But when someone does tell a good story refuse to accept a compliment you pay to me, I am not
about you, it’s good for them if you acknowledge it. I only undermining my own self worth, but undermining
found this out at an early age, when I was just becoming yours as well.
a teenager, embarrassed about everything. I had a
compliment paid to me and in the usual awkward style of Acknowledgement is the foundation of how we
the embarrassed teenager, I protested and tried to make confirm each other’s identity.
out it was not true, or not me. If you’ve ever been a
teenager, you would know what I am talking about.
When someone pays you a compliment, don’t think
Actually, it might still be happening to you and you
about whether or not you think it’s true. Don’t take away
might still be reacting in the same pattern of denial.
their right to an opinion. Instead, think about how
Anyway, getting back to my story, what happened wonderful it is to be seen for who you really are. In your
was that this other girl, the same age as me, turned to heart of hearts, you know you are a good person. That is
me and said, “When someone says something nice about what the other person is complimenting you for being.
you, you should say ‘Thank you’.” I’ve never forgotten it. So why would you deny something that you also know to
be true? In thanking them you will feel much better and
Are there things you remember from a long time ago, so will they. It can even have the effect of inspiring you
things that really stayed in your mind as worth re- to start giving regular compliments yourself, to yourself,
membering? Why do some things stay stuck in our and to others. It makes for a much more generous heart
mind when other things pass through and are for- and helps to create a much more generous world.
gotten in an instant?

Until next month, keep safe and be gracious.

As I got older and learnt more about myself, I
eventually worked out why this happened to me and why
I never forgot. It had to do with a pattern of denying my
own self-worth, of being stuck in a judgement of myself
that had nothing to do with my real identity. So many of
us have difficulty in accepting the good things others
have to say about us, but have less difficulty in accepting

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Readings, Feelings & Focus

by Origin Psychics Founder & Lead Psychic, Gaye Wright

If you’re wondering at the title, read on to discover person know that you are definitely interested by
what I discovered some years ago after thousands of focusing on the feeling of really liking their company
psychic readings, many of which were about the feelings and being interested in what they have to say. The
that were being expressed and experienced within important thing is to be genuinely interested and not
relationship. Even when a psychic is able to give you the feign interest as a means to an end. The let mother
good news that a relationship has potential, you can still nature play her part and be prepared to wait until the
feel as if things aren’t moving fast enough and then be feeling does its job. Focusing on the feeling is about
tempted to get on the phone, ask too many questions, intention, attention and timing.
or arrange a chance meeting (as if! ).
Fortunately there is another way to handle this
The hint of a feeling…
emotionally sensitive situation
and make good use of the So you haven’t been formally
insight that the psychic introduced and you are still playing
reading reveals. You focus on with eyes and mini-stares to attract
the feeling. attention. You can focus on the
feeling of liking the other person
What feeling you might
and sending out vibes that are
ask. Well, the one that expresses
meant to get them to look your
the real flow that’s between you
way. Rupert Sheldrake, a well-
and the other person.
known new-age author and
Sometimes it means focussing
speaker, wrote a book on the art
on the friendship until the
of being stared at and what that
feeling develops goes deeper.
means in terms of the laws of
Sometimes it means waiting until
vibration in the network of
a friendship begins and you focus
universal communication. He
on the smiling and being noticed
came to the conclusion that we
feeling. At other times it means
do know when we are being
focusing on the original feeling
stared at, and we are more likely
that brought the two of you
than not to turn our heads in
together in the first place. You
the direction of that stare from
have to work out where your
behind. Once you get the go
relationship is at and take it from
ahead from your intuition, ( or
your psychic’s intuition), that’s
all you need to know!
Initial feelings… Feelings that need a boost…
You’ve just met and gone out for a coffee or Sometimes our relationship has lost that loving
casual drinks, usually while it’s still light, when it’s feeling and we can start to jump to conclusions that
pretty harmless stuff. You like each other enough to do things are not good and even worse. Well, things might
this so you draw the conclusion that there is a chance not be as good as they used to be, but it might not be
for more. The psychic reading has indicated or time to throw the baby out with the bath water just
confirmed that attraction and now you want to find out because it’s not all passion and lust anymore. There are
where that can lead. Instead of pushing your luck for a plenty of other feelings that can take the place of the
dinner date in the dark, focus on how you can first have honeymoon period, and be every bit as passionate in
fun without too much physical contact. Let the other their own way. It’s all matter of perspective.

UK 0844 704 5868 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

Special Offer
Gaye Wright’s Meditations on the
Power of Mind
Meditation is about going down into deeper and deeper
states of relaxation and receptivity so that you enter a
flow of communication that escapes your everyday
think-about mind.
Gaye Wright’s Deep Body Relaxation, and her
So what’s to focus on now? Reflections on Light Meditation CDs teach your
Well, if you want to give your relationship a fresh body to accept effortlessness as a natural way of being.
start, and there are still times when you sense the old
feelings are still there somewhere, start by The gap between what you want in your mind and
remembering what you were like when you first met. what happens in your body dissolves when you realize
Not how young and un-wrinkly you were but how your
that all you have to do is speak with authority and your
personality was still your own, before you started to
vibrate to your partner’s habits and routines and they body follows.’
to yours, before you began to lose yourself and your These CDs will release stress, restore healthy sleep pat-
individuality. It happens in relationship that you merge
so much with your partner and you gradually become terns, and help you to harness the power of your mind -
so entangled in each other’s conditioning that you the key to a healthy body and a happy life!
forget what it was like to be just you. Stop! Focus on
the feeling of being you and who you are, and allow the UK - £9.95, Normally £15.95
creative power of that flow into your relationship. You
might be very surprised at how much flavour that USA - $12.95, Normally $19.95
brings back into your relationship.
UK - $14.95, Normally $22.95
By now you have the message. When you know
there’s a feeling worth focusing on, go ahead, turn it
on, focus on that feeling, and sit back and relax and

Gaye Wright is the founder and lead

psychic of Origin Psychics and the
author of a variety of workshops,
courses, and books on the psychic and
healing arts. Gaye has also channelled
Origin Dynamics exercises and medita-
tions for refining the senses and in-
creasing body confidence.
For a reading with Gaye, call
the free call numbers below...
UK 0844 704 5868 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

Dream Weaver
by Kim Thomas, Origin Astrologer & Team Psychic

As part of our aim to develop a more in-

teractive aspect to our magazine, we are
introducing a monthly ‘Dreaming’ column.
Kim Thomas, one of the professional
team here at Origin Psychics, has a real
passion for dreams and dream analysis.
So send your dreams to and you
could win a complimentary email dream
analysis. Here, to get the ball rolling, we
have an entry from Jan.

Dear Kim,
Me (37) + Paul (10)+ Harry (19) were driving in a blue transit
van. (Harry driving), although it was my van. We had suc- I feel the van is of importance, the idea of ownership feels sig-
cessfu!y driven across the sea before. We drove down the slip- nificant especially as you are not actually driving, not in control.
way into the sea, ( the sky was getting quite dark), we didn’t Perhaps, there are feelings of ambivalence about being an adult
get very far as the van began to sink and flipped over whilst or the only adult, while allowing someone else to take the lead
under the water. I was watching %om above sea-level although for once may relieve the pressure. Your partner although men-
I was sti! in the van at the same time. tioned in your dream is emphasised by his absence, is his sup-
port absent in daily life too? Your belief that he would be more
I dived under and pu!ed out Paul and revived him and told concerned about the van, than the life changing event you had
him to stay on the bonnet of the van. In the dream the van had just been through, is very telling.
sank to the bottom of the sea but there was no water around
the van: (like it was in a square of air???) Keeping us safe. This dream does seem to predict a change in your life, the dark-
ening sky, reliable vehicles (or people) no longer being there for
Paul couldn’t understand what was happening. I went back to you. As the van begins to sink, you witness yourself from the
the van. I was there, sti! unconscious, and so was Harry. I shore. Being able to connect with this part of ourselves in diffi-
dra*ed my body out of the way and went to revive Harry, but cult times is essential if we are to literally keep our heads above
he burst out laughing as he just wanted me to kiss him. So al- water and save ourselves from drowning in the sea of emotions.
though I was annoyed at that, I thought 'Why pretend to be Your inner guides are sending you a message regarding your
unconscious and not revive me?' inner strength. The breathing space underwater is quite literal
and further reassurance that in difficult times you are protected.
Can’t remember reviving myself but I do remember thinking
'Mike is going to ki! us for wrecking the van.' (That’s my boy- As you are on the Pisces/Aquarius cusp, the idea of the sea as
%iend) universal consciousness, the Piscean nature sacrificing itself for
Jan humanity comes to mind. Your spiritual nature feels well devel-
oped - I feel you are a warm and loving person who cares a
great deal about others. Within you now is a growing under-
Dear Jan standing of your inner strength and your ability to survive with or
without others. Being immersed in the water, will bring healing,
I feel your dream with its setting by, on and in the water holds
like a baptism, you bring yourself back to a new life.
great symbolic potential to explore your world of emotions and
feelings. The different way the sea is experienced in your dream Blessings
holds a key to understanding the depths and intensity of your
emotions. I sense this dream is about emotional maturity and
your feelings about looking after others and your responsibilities
towards them.

UK 0844 704 5868 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

It’s complicated...
by Michelle Walter, Senior Origin Psychic

Being in a love triangle is not a situation anyone

chooses for themselves. In fact, in many situations this
can occur unwittingly. You may not even know that there
is a third party involved before you fall in love.
Sometimes a person from the past can return and
complicate matters - especially if your loved one has
been married, or is separated and there are children
It can be hard to understand why the person you
love chooses to stay in an unhappy relationship when the
opportunity for real happiness in a new relationship with
you awaits them. There are many reasons why people
stay stuck in a relationship that in many respects is dead.
Money, children, guilt, security, or even just the security
of staying in a comfort zone can cause someone to
choose to cling to a dead relationship rather than take
the risk of a new relationship. These fears can outweigh
the passions and strength of a new bond and eventually
paralyze the developing relationship. 
a stand; waiting for him to face up to his real feelings;
Case Study - Andrew and Sarah's Whirlwind waiting for him to be strong enough to make the break. 
Sarah's situation was a common one. The scenario My Prediction...
goes something like this: you meet fantastic man who Usually this kind of conflict will make him cut off
ticks all the boxes. He is full-on at the beginning, even more. Not many people can live with the
pursuing a relationship with you, focusing a lot of contradiction of having feelings for two people, and very
attention on you. Persistent phone calls and texts few men can successfully pull off a double life for years.
eventually give way to a meeting and then the Eventually, something has to give, and usually it is the
consummation of the relationship. He may even talk, new relationship. Well, at the beginning it is. I definitely
prematurely, about a future together - children, holidays, felt this in Sarah's case. She had a passionate and
marriage. romantic relationship with Andrew for 5 months and
Then all of sudden, the contact dries up. He can only then he cut off contact with her. I felt that he would
see you occasionally, and spends a lot of time making stand by this choice until he had got a clear taste of what
excuses about why he can't answer the phone and can't 'reality' was like back at home with his then estranged
see you on weekends. If he is an honest person, you will wife.
find out the reason pretty quickly. If not, you could be at In a way, he could not commit to moving forward in
the receiving end of this treatment for months or even the new relationship with Sarah, regardless of how happy
years in some cases. Inevitably, his 'escape' into a he had been in the 5 months he spent with her, because
romantic idealized life is called short as 'reality' kicks in. he did not feel that he deserved to be happy. It was not
However the power of the feelings that have been reality. Because Sarah was not something Andrew was
created in the blissful time spent together rarely looking for, it just happened spontaneously, he had not
disappear just because he has other responsibilities. laid down the necessary framework in his mind to move
Then comes the waiting game. Waiting for him to make on. Although he had already separated from his wife, it
was her choice not his, so when she wanted to try again

UK 0844 704 5868 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

tears, threats, arguments he will have the 5 months as a

life raft to help him leave his sinking ship. 
The important point in all of this is acknowledging
the process of change and having the courage to put
the choice into someone else's hands. This is always the
risk in the triangle - the truth is that someone is going
to lose out. Will it be you? Will it be her? Will it be all
of you? If you can learn to balance the head and the
heart, then at least you will feel that the right choice
has been made because it has been a conscious choice,
even if you don't agree with it. 

Give your love life a boost

with a Relationship Reading
with one of Origin Psychics’
for the kids, he found it hard to say no to something he most sought after readers -
had been wishing for, for a long time. The thought of
falling in love with someone new and starting again was Michelle Walter MA, BA
not on the agenda for Andrew, so when it happened to
him, it was like a dream - a fantasy that belonged in
someone else's life - not his. He did not plan for this. 
• Are you feeling stuck in a relationship rut?
My Advice... • Are you sti! waiting for something to happen in your
So as amazing as the universe can be at times, love life?
throwing us a lifeline when all we are expecting in • Do you find it hard to let go and let yourself fa! in
another kick, if you haven't made up your mind and love?
decided to change then it won't happen. My advice to
• Do your lovers run away %om commitment?
Sarah was to keep channels of communication open as
friends. I know it’s virtually impossible when you are
madly in love with someone and want to rip their These are common feelings that are linked to
clothes off as soon as you see them. But remember the bonding. Michelle Walter can support you to let go
wife's face and this should kill the passion pretty of your fears and clear out the baggage from the
past. You can develop the relationship life you
Sarah has changed Andrew’s heart but can she really want!
change his mind? The only way for her to know what
he wants for himself is to be there as a supportive
friend whilst he catches up with all the new
developments in his destiny path. Changing your idea “Thank you for all your support over these past years.
about where you thought you would be for the rest of Your insights have provided unique and valuable wisdom
your life is not a simple thing. It takes time and it also that has allowed me to grow and understand myself. Par-
takes courage to believe that someone else and another ticularly outstanding has been your guidance on building
loving, quality relationships with others, of which the re-
relationship will be different from how things have
sults have added enormous quality to my life…..”
been in the past. Of course in Sarah and Andrew's case,
Christina, England
he had had a taste of how things could be, and if that
can be preserved and not destroyed by subsequent

UK 0844 704 5868 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

Ritual to give someone the courage to hart. You might like to close
follow their real feelings. your eyes at this point to
focus more. 

By focusing the power of your mind and intention, you can See the colour dissolving
send someone you love powerful energy to support them. and becoming white light.
This is similar to what happens in distance healing. You focus Visualize your heart chakra
on the sick person with prayer, meditation and positive inten- being filled with white light.
tions, and this energy can help them to improve their health, Allow yourself to spend a few minutes feeling the light, its
whether or not they are aware you are meditating on them.  qualities, its power, its clarity, strength and purity. Name the
qualities of this light that you would like your loved one to
To start with, you will need 20 minutes of uninterrupted time.
receive: courage, strength, honesty, awareness etc. 
A candle, a photograph of the person are positive elements
to incorporate. If you don't have a photograph, use a drawing Then imagine this feeling as a bubble expanding from your
or symbolic item to remind them of you (a card they have heart chakra. You might like to open your eyes and focus on
written to you or a picture of someone who reminds you of the picture or symbolic item associated with your loved one.
them). Have some incense or oil burning and some medita- Imagine the bubble growing and growing until it encom-
tion music (Indian, instrumental, classical) passes your whole body and then also grows to include the
picture. Stay for 5 minutes in this bubble, breathing and fo-
The incense, candle and soft music all contribute to help you
cusing on sharing the energy with your lover that he or she
move into an altered state of consciousness.
needs right now. 
Spend a few minutes relaxing down and focusing on your
You might like to say a few words to him about how you feel
breathing. As you do, imagine going through every part of
or a few words of support to help him or her in their current
your body and telling it to relax. Start at your head and finish
with your toes. 
When you feel ready, say good-bye. 
When you feel completely relaxed, focus your attention on
your heart and the area around your heart called your heart Take three deep relaxing breaths and return to your normal,
chakra. Imagine a colour around this chakra. Breathe in and everyday consciousness. 
out, and focus in your mind’s eye on this color around your


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Your Origin Horoscopes for June

Light, bright and chatty, an airy, Comfort loving Taurus is intent
flirty energy in your on building greater security early
communications may see you away month; rewards come with creative
on short trips or laughing down financial thinking and negotiations. The Moon in your
memory lane with siblings. Working seems a struggle sign on the 8th and 9th favours a time for relaxing and
as you crave for some thrilling event to break up the enjoying oneself so if you can mix business with
monotony of daily life. June brings hope and pleasure all the better. The feathering of ones nest
enthusiasm with Jupiter’s benevolent energy from the continues as luxury loving Venus moves into your house
6th showering you with confidence, take care not to act of Home from the 14th, with family relations feeling
reckless or arrogant though. The cold light of day is that little bit closer and more important than usual.
never far away with Saturn’s energy staring you in the The Full Moon in fellow earth sign, Capricorn on the
face, temper your need for the new and novel with 26th sheds light and finalises a family issue.
realism, stay grounded as this is a time of great change.

With the Sun in your house of June begins with an ending of a
Self, you would expect to feel alive sort, you find yourself introspective and
and bright but other factors keep in need of space as you assimilate all
you pensive and thoughtful.  Your that has occurred over the last 12
drive to communicate your ideals is months.  From the Solstice on the 21st, your senses
somewhat clouded and unclear.  From the 10th your awaken to a new cycle, positive energy flows while
thought processes sharpen although take care you don’t unexpected changes in career bring recognition.  The
cut yourself or friends and family with your need to Eclipse on the 26th marks a shift of consciousness
assert yourself. Seeds of potential are sown with the within the arena of relating, your emotions run high as
New Moon on the 12th, this is personal to you and your your basic needs within relationships are challenged. 
sense of self, so anything new now will flourish in the Look back 18 years to understand a thread running
coming months.  The Full Moon on the 26th brings a through your life, creating a tapestry needs a steady
financial result. hand if it is to be something of worth.

More socialising and a sense of Your career and social standing are
community inspires your hopes the focus for the early part of the
and ideals for the future, the Sun month; work needs and ambition are in
reaches its highest point in the sky sync right now. From the 10th, your
in June, elevating and energising you. The need for a energy levels pick up and
dramatic outlet continues yet unrealistic demands on communications flow more readily. The New moon
relationships cause frustration. These energies are on the 12th announces a new beginning in business
better used within the context of your dreams where while opportunities in your daily life mean more
you can set your imagination free instead of projecting responsibility at work or regarding health, this may
a need for excitement on to others. feel like a burden but it is in fact an opportunity for
The Moon in your sign on the 15th and 16th greater autonomy and satisfaction. During this time
connects with Venus, symbolising a happy time to share your ability to adapt will be tested, keep calm, it will
with others while the powerful Full Moon Eclipse on eventually work to your advantage.
the 26th provokes deep philosophical musings.
UK 0844 704 5868 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

With Libran charm veritably Scorpio’s penetrating energy is
oozing out of you this month, well versed in the shadow aspects of
romantic and business opportunities life; this month sees you dealing with
pour forth. Socialising and the ins and outs of life, sex and money.
conversation feature with your tone taking on a Zen like Transformations at work may seem sudden, but the
quality as you dig deep for meaning in your life. This changes bring a certain order which enables you to deal
time of year is excellent for higher learning or travelling with your responsibilities more competently. Group
abroad. Recent developments with significant others projects are particularly well aspected. The Moon
may have taken you by surprise, further expansion of the around the 22nd pushes you to accept certain fears
situation now leads you towards change in your daily regarding work, this release of energy quickly firms your
life, communications or group projects. With the Full resolve to deal with any power issues. The Eclipse on
Moon eclipse on the 26th a family situation peaks the 26th combined with intense Pluto brings
regarding long-term security, try to stay on the higher revelations regarding communication.

The tension of previous months
This is an exciting time for you,
regarding career aspirations eases of
personal growth and expansion
as you focus on getting through the
dominate your sector of fun and
day, health and work. You are drawn
creativity, the next 3 months will be a
to understanding more about why these changes are
riotous time for you. Jupiter, your ruler
happening around you. Events at home alongside a
pushes head first into Aries signifying a time of
dash of Jupiter’s expansive energy prompt change. By
enhanced personal power and independence. Think of
creating some order and structure at home your sense
yourself as a pioneer of the new land of you, boldly
of personal power, values and finances are
expressing as yet unseen parts of yourself.
strengthened. The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the
Relationships are going to be taking up more time too,
26th sheds light on power issues within relationships.
as you recognise the truth of relationships as platforms
The key to working with these climactic energies with
for your own evolution. Financial tension culminates
friends or lovers is understanding your drives and
at the Eclipse on the 26th.
believing in your own self worth.

June brings a celebratory feel where June brings with it an element of
fun and friendship reigns. Your creative responsibility: family, finance and friends.
juices are flowing too, particularly on the These areas of your life are highlighted for
level of imaginative and inspired you to take notice and by investing some time in them,
communications, perhaps now is the time to write that rewards will be plenty. From the 6th, your ruler
book you know is waiting to burst forth, certainly Jupiter, sends some much needed luck to your money
education and travel feature strongly for you. By the New sector, take care not to overspend though as these
Moon on the 12th your innovative ideas will be ready to energies can lead to overindulgence. The Full Moon
plant. The Eclipse on the 26th highlights tensions at works its magic on the 26th, bringing to a head any
work and with Pluto stirring things up you may become tension felt regarding hopes and dreams and your
aware of unconscious needs not being met within your creative process, by talking with friends or romantic
daily life, expressing how you feel brings resolution. partners opportunities for healing are revealed.

Kim Thomas is Retreat Assistant at the Origin Educere Retreat Centre on the Isle of Skye.
She is a degree trained Nutritional Therapist - her interests include gathering techniques to
develop awareness, consciousness and intuition, dream interpretation, Astrology and En-
ergy Medicine.

UK 0844 704 5868 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

The confidence to change.

by Rod Nicholson, Managing Director

fearful and anxious we become. It is very difficult to manage in a

universe of separation.

The way I have come to grips with this fear and anxiety is to un-
derstand that the belief in the separation is an illusion. It is simply
not true. The reality is that I live in a universe that is intercon-
nected - everything is part of everything. There is absolutely no
separation. Separation is absolutely impossible. We are all inter-
dependent and absolutely everything is related in one way or an-

I have built up over the years many habits and thought patterns
which come from my belief in separation. All those thought pat-
terns vibrate with some element of fear and anxiety. So, also, in
my life I have had many experiences of feeling connected: with
Confidence is something we all love to have. my friends, my family, with nature, with music and with many
Confidence is something that makes us feel good. other things. I also know that when I have had that experience of
connectedness there has been no fear and no anxiety. Confi-
dence in myself and in the universe has flowed freely and beauti-
However much we get into anxiety and fear, we never like it. All of
fully. My heart has been filled with peace and happiness.
us would like to live our life confidently. Confidence is a great
treasure that we all seek to find. We know that when confidence So in simple terms, I now know that the more I become con-
is flowing through us then everything fits into place. scious and aware of my interconnectedness, then the more con-
fident I become. So, how do we find the great treasure of confi-
You could say that confidence is the Holy Grail that we all seek.
dence. It is very simple: connect, merge, bond and become one
We know that confidence surrounds us with a certain kind of in-
with your life and with everything you experience.
vulnerable energy. We know that we can be like a mountain when
storms are raging around us. Confidence is the one thing that can Practise bonding and loving. Do it with the plant in your kitchen.
help us to pass through the trials and challenges of this life. Con- Do it with the air you breathe. Do it with the sun in the morning.
fidence is what enables us to carry on, to go forward, to make a See what a difference it makes to your heart and your life.
difference to ourselves and to those around us.

So, here we are, with something that we all want, something very
valuable, something that could make a really big difference to us.
Yet, the truth is that there are many things we can acquire far Book in for a Personalised Retreat during summer
more easily than confidence. You can be beautiful, clever or very and receive your initial consultation with Cathy FOR
rich, and, still have no confidence. FREE. Enquiries to

Why is it that confidence is such a scarce commodity? Why is it

‘Skye is a magical place. The gateways to other
that so many people find it difficult to live a confident life? I can
dimensions are so accessible here. You can feel it in
only write here about what I have learned in my life and about
what I am trying to do to enable me to live a more confident life.
the light; you can feel it in the earth; step into a forest
and you will believe you've stepped right into the
The way I see it is that many of us have come to believe that we pages of a fantasy movie! The reality of a living
are separate. Underneath everything we see ourselves locked in a universe is ever present here. You too can discover
bubble floating through space and time. We are looking out how very real the magical universe is. Come to the
through the bubble at what is around us, out there. We try to Educere Centre, and discover the gateways that the
contact and communicate with what is out there but we find it ancient shamans continue to hold open today.’  
Cathy Cox
We don't seem to get the response that we want. We get ignored,
we are not taken seriously. We can float through a day without Manager - Origin Retreat Centre
any real connection. The more we feel this way, then the more

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