United we stand; divided they will fall... "Escaping from Tihar was a cakewalk for Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj. Born to an Indian father and Vietnamese mother, Charles was implicated in more than 20 murders in various countries, including Thailand, Nepal and India. Lodged in Tihar, he ordered drug-laced sweets for the jail staff on March 16, 1986, on the pretext of birthday celebrations. When the security men collapsed under the influence of drugs, he simply took the keys and walked away." Patience. Meticulous planning. Cunning execution. Vigilant authorities. It takes all this and more to catch daring escapees. The fugitives wait for you to pounce. You can win only if your bots work as a team. They would be more in number but they stand alone. Your robot has to be quick and "brainy" in order to surround all the obstacles in minimum possible time. Running from the hands of the law just became tougher with technology finally on the right side.

Build two or more (at most four) autonomous bots that communicate and collaborate to locate and imprison objects placed in a 10X10 grid by surrounding them from two sides. The bots should be capable of traversing through the arena using the grid without hitting the walls. The bots have to collaborate so as to surround the stationary fugitives from any two sides in which case the fugitive is considered imprisoned.

1. Each team can consist of a maximum of 4 members. 2. Each team should have unique participants i.e. no two teams can have even a single participant common. 3. The team members can be from different institutes or colleges. 4. The right spirit of participation is expected from the participants. 5. The decision of the ROBOTIX team will be final and binding.

1. The bots have to surround stationary objects placed on the intersections in the grid. These objects are known as fugitives. 2. The fugitive is a cylindrical object of 10cm diameter and 25 cm height and is white in color. It has a band of IR emitters on top.

3. The fugitives will be kept on various intersections of the grid. The exact position of the fugitives would not be disclosed till the commencement of the event. 4. If a fugitive is surrounded from two sides (adjacent or opposite) by the participants bots then the fugitive is considered imprisoned. 5. Surrounding on one side means that the bot is facing any one side of the fugitive and the front of the bot is at a distance of 5cm to 15cm from that side of the fugitive. 6. If the bot stops at a distance less than 5cm from the fugitives side a penalty would be imposed on the team. 7. The bots should indicate that they have surrounded the fugitive by lighting an LED. The LED of the first bot should remain on as long as the bot is surrounding the fugitive waiting for the approach of the second bot. 8. Once the fugitive has been imprisoned and the indication has been given by the second bot both bots should take a 180 degree turn without hitting the fugitive and the fugitive would then be removed from the arena. 9. The bots should not harm the fugitives in any way. If it does so, a penalty will be imposed on the team. 10. When all the fugitives in the arena have been imprisoned the timer will be stopped at the time at which the indication is given by your second bot by lighting a visible LED mentioned in point 8. The scoring will be done taking into account the time elapsed till then. 11. The ROBOTIX team must be informed of the position of the LED on your bots which will give aforementioned indication before the commencement of the event. 12. The maximum time allowed for the bots to imprison the fugitives in the arena is 10 mins. This time may be lesser in the initial rounds. 13. The participant’s bots can have a maximum of three restarts. Restarts, if any, will apply to all the bots. A penalty will be imposed on the team for every restart that they take. 14. In case of a restart the fugitives and the participant's bots will be set to their initial positions. Timer will be set to zero and the event will start afresh. 15. In case of malfunctions the participant can 'abandon mission'. In such a case the run time will be assumed to be 10 minutes and the score will be calculated.

1. The bot can be powered on-board as well as off-board. 2. No kind of external control will be allowed. 3. All circuitry and sensory equipment should be placed on the robot adhering to the ROBOT SPECIFICATIONS. 4. Participants will have to bring their own programmers, cables and softwares. No programmers will be supplied. 5. Hard coding is NOT allowed. Hard coding is defined here.

Each team should have at least two and at most four autonomous bots. The bots should be capable of detecting and imprisoning fugitives. 1. Each bot must fit in a cube of side 20cm. No part/mechanism of/on the bot should exceed the given dimensions before the commencement of the event run. The bots can exceed their respective dimensions once the event commences. 2. The bots need to follow lines and traverse only along the grid. 3. The autonomous bots should be On board processing bots, i.e., the bots cannot be controlled by a remotely kept computer. 4. LEGO kits or its spare parts or pre-made mechanical parts are not allowed. ( 5. Readymade gearboxes, sensors, development boards can be used but no other part of the robot should contain any readymade components. Simple car bases with no extra features may be used. 6. The bots should not harm the fugitives in any way. If it does so, a penalty will be imposed on the team.

1. The arena is a black plywood surface with dimensions "3.60m X 3.60m" divided into a 10X10 grid as shown in the figure. 2. The arena base will be made of plywood painted black with black matte paint. 3. There will be 3cm wide white (standard white chart paper) lines with a tolerance of 10% on the surface to guide the path of the bots. 4. The bots will be placed at any of the corner cells (1,1), (1,10), (10,1) or (10,10) at the intersection of the white lines. Each of the bots should be placed in different corners before the commencement of the event. If there are two participant bots the robots will have to start from opposite corners. 5. The dimension of the squares formed due to the grid is 30cm X 30cm. 6. The arena will have 20cm high walls at its boundary. 7. There will be four closures placed in the arena at the four corners. These closures are 20 cm high walls having dimensions 79cm X 3cm X 20cm. These will enclose a 2X2 grid. 8. The arena will be having standard classroom illumination. Any extra illumination has to be arranged by the participants themselves.


Fugitive (Side View)

Main Arena (Isometric View)

Fugitive (Isometric View)

• • • • T = Time taken by the bot in seconds to complete its run R = Number of restarts (Restarts, if any, will apply to all the bots.) F = Number of fugitives imprisoned C = Number of collisions with fugitive due to participants fault TOTAL SCORE = (2000-T) – (1200*R) + (600*F) – (450*C)

In case of any doubts regarding the rules of this event, feel free to post on the forum of our website


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