__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt.


GOD is a title, NOT A NAME, which means “BOSS OR CHIEF WITH SUPERNATURAL POWERS” over some person or persons, some place or places, or some thing or things. ISN’T THE SUN “OVER US ALL”…THE MOST HIGH OF ALL THE THINGS IN OUR DAILY VISION? When NATURE is referred to as God (not “named God”), using the Religionist word and title, it means the GOD OF ALL GODS [NETER SHIL NETERU, OR NATURU SHIL NATURAAT, THE NATURE OF NATURE]. The Angels (Messengers) of the True God (to use the Caucasian power word) are thus the Gods and Goddesses in Infinite-Eternal-Almighty Nature known as Absolute Nature, the ONE SUPREME BEING. So, although Ghost-God is in Absolute Nature also, their “Creation Story” is not ours… LISTEN TO REASON: “GOD” etymologically means GHOST or GHOSTHOOD which is the Death of All Spiritual-Mental-Physical Deaths, so the Scribes of this manual use it with another force of definition and mental Reference…which is, “ANYONE (PERSON) OR ANYTHING (THING) IN CONTROL OF ANYONE ELSE (PERSONS) OR ANYTHING ELSE (THINGS)”, or generally speaking, The Head or Boss Member of Any Group of Persons or Things. We do not worship 3-Ether Ghost God Forces and totally reject them all! GHOST GOD did not create anything from “nothing” like it says in the Caucasian’s Unholy Bible; the truth is that THE SUN grew us all from its emanating NINE ETHER-FIRES FROM ITSELF, visibly seen as prominence, and The Ethiopian Ptahite Race, by Reason, is the most PROMINENT RACE BY NATURE IN ALL WORLDS—ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE; as all of us are direct descendents of The Suns Of Nature in their Most Potent Ether strength in Infinite-Almighty-Eternal-Absolute Nature—this process is referred to as ATOMIC FUSION in mundane science. Now, the same thing happens on a Metaphysical level with OUR FATHER AMUNUBI RAHKAPTAH (AMUN NUBI RUAKH PTAH), also called NETER: A’AFERTI ATUM-RE—WHO IS THE WRITERPHILOSOPHER AFROO OONOO. The Sacred Master grew us all to be like him…by Metaphysical ATUMIC
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FUSION or Immaculate Conception (Natural Insemination) from his own ejaculate (i-jak’ye-lit), The Sea-Man/Seamu [Sem Priesthood] are IMMACULATELY CONCEIVED or fertilized by Ejaculations of Mental Ether-Fire Energy Philosophically called his “Tongue of Fire”, and are gestated in REVOLUTION… WHAT ABOUT “SOLAR BIOLOGY” AS THE DENDERAH? That is Six-Ether science. On the Top Half of The Circle of Existence (Atemta), starting at POINT 6-EAST and ending at POINT 6-WEST (counter-clockwise), the Flesh-And-Blood Gods and Goddesses are born from the PhysicalVisible Suns of Nature emanating higher ETHER-FIRE formulas —thus their SOLAR BIOLOGY RE-PRESENT THE TWELVE DIVISIONS IN ORIGINATION AND DORIGINATION. The strength of Solar Biology is dependent on the ETHER-FIRE FORMULA of the Cycle or Season of Almighty-Absolute Nature when All Space, Matter, and Time exist simultaneously, in degrees. The Top Half of the Circle is thus labeled with the parts of the Flesh-And-Blood body parts of these Pygmy Gods and Goddesses. The problem with overstanding this is that some just see the 360 Degrees of the Lower Circle called The Zoop which encompasses the ZODIAC, OR LEVIATHAN’S ANIMAL POWER THROUGH SEX [LUST]. Re-member, the last six ZODIAC SIGNS are RISING.


Asaru (Osiris), Aset (Isis), Haru (Horus), etc. all occupy position on the PHOENICIAN-EGYPTIAN PANTHEON and
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ZODIAC HALF-CIRCLE (LONG-TERMED ZODIAC) ON THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE CIRCLE OF EXISTENCE, SPECIFICALLY THE LAST 6,000 YEARS OF THE VIRGO EPOCH (3 MILLION YEARS ITSELF), NOT THE ORIGINATING COSMOLOGICAL HALF-CIRCLE (360 DEGREES) ON THE TOP HALF. The Osirian Cycle Myth (A Death Cycle) did not exists until certain Phoenician [both Dravidian/Brown or Albino/Ghost] Dynasties of Egypt, at which time the increasing Spirit Powers and Forces (SIX ETHEREAL) of the Pantheistic PhoenicianEgyptians was supplanting the Pre-Dynastic (Neolithic) Ethiopian-Egyptians Spirit Powers and Forces (NINE ETHEREAL, Nuwbuns, Ethiopian Ptahites, True Africans, not migrants from Asia). Their Pantheon is not ancient at all, thus the Denderah Zodiac or “Circle of Animals” has to be a modern expression, i.e. no older than 6,000 years [or of The Moon Cycle]. The Greek-Egyptians [Gews, Jews] stole all of these sciences from African Peoples—via the PhoenicianEgyptians who preceded them. They only had a partial understanding because of their 333 mentality…we have an Overstanding because of our 999 mentality. Nine Mind you, by definition, the zodiac in mundane astrology is the band divided into 12 equal parts called signs, each 30° wide, bearing the name of a constellation for which it was originally named, but with which it no longer coincides owing to the precession of the equinoxes—thus it’s outdated and obsolete. There was also a 13th zodiac sign, which actually was the 9th Sign of the TRUE Solar Zodiac (some say 10th) and was acknowledged by The Greek-Jew Astronomers (specifically, Claudius Ptolemy in his book Al Magest) called Orphiuchus (and Serpentarius in Latin), meaning “Snake Holder” or “Healer”. In fact, Ophiuchus is a Sun-Sign in the Real Solar Zodiac, i.e. the Sun can be seen against the stars of Ophiuchus between November 30th and December 17th each year. Remember, the Greek Jews were taught astronomy by the Phoenician-Egyptians, and they were taught by the Ethiopians-Egyptians/Africans. In modern mundane astronomy, the zodiacal constellations are characterized, named, and accepted as visual groupings of stars on a twodimensional plane, and with no natural significance. They observe the sky without any perception of its depth perception; two stars that are neighbors in a constellation are usually not even in close proximity to each other if
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seen three-dimensionally. Star clusters and star systems are minor exceptions. All of these pseudo-sciences are spellbinding if not naturally viewed in conjunction with Absolute Nature—which the Pre-Dynastic Ethiopian-Egyptians called Neter Shil Neteru or “Nature of Nature”. According to “THE ROUND ZODIAC CEILING OF THE TEMPLE OF HATHOR AT DENDERAH” by JOANNE CONMAN, 2002:

“The temple of Hathor at Denderah dates from Ptolemaic times, probably the first century BCE. The temple contains two well-known, but slightly different representations of the heavens. There is a round zodiac ceiling and a square zodiac in the outer hypostyle hall. The round zodiac ceiling shows the whole sky as it was understood by both Greek and Egyptian cultures. It shows the familiar constellations associated with the Greek astrological signs along with a number of other figures. They are carved on a disk that is supported by the goddesses of the four cardinal points and eight falcon-headed gods... Along the edge of the circle, there is a procession of 36 figures that represent the spirits of the 36 decan stars, one corresponding to each of the Egyptians’ 10-day weeks. The Egyptians used 36 bright stars that rose in the east just before sunrise to mark the start of their weeks. A new star rose about every 10 days. This outer ring of decans is meant to show the concordance of the decan stars with the Greek astrological zodiac. Certain other figures on the ceiling, such as the Hippo and the Foreleg in the center, are indigenous to Egypt, dating back to the earliest astral records we have, some 2000 years before this round zodiac. Deities indigenous to Egypt that are associated with certain stars or times are also shown on the ceiling. As I will discuss below, some figures remain unidentified.” SEE ALSO: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/zodiac.htm

LISTEN TO REASON: True Solar Biology [Sun Knowledge] entails that we focus on The Suns of Nature, Appointed by Absolute Nature, because it is THE SOURCE OF LIGHT and LIFE—AND IN THAT FACT, THE SOURCE OF OUR BIOLOGY. Focusing on the heavenly bodies like
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planets, satellites, moons, comets, stars (constellations), galaxies, or other UNIVERSE ORBS are secondary to THE POWER OF THE NINE ETHER SUNS OF NATURE, APPOINTED BY ABSOLUTE NATURE—THE PARENTS OF ALL UNIVERSE ORBS IN ALL UNIVERSES. Thus, the figures within the Denderah Circle Zodiac should actually Re-present the various elements of the Father Sun that gave birth to all PERSONS, PLACES, and THINGS as it grows Absolute Nature into Universe Order. When you see the scientific facts, it destroys the Mythology and Spooky (Ghost) Lunar-based Astrology—it only becomes true Solar Biology at POINT 6-EAST (ATUM-RE, THE FIRST POINT OF MANIFESTATION), what they follow today is the science called Astronomy Re-named (Mundane Science) Astrology. Astronomy is the Pantheistic form; Astrology is the Religious (Ghostism) form. All things can be seen in Nature’s Perfect Form, the circle, as The Nine Ball of the Nature Of Nature.

WAIT…THE NINTH SIGN “OPHIUCHUS”? YES: “Ophiuchus (known as the serpent holder) is one of the 88 constellations, and was also one of the 48 listed by Ptolemy. Of the 13 zodiac constellations (constellations that can contain the Sun during the course of a year), Ophiuchus is the only one which is not counted as an astrological sign - see below for more information. Ophiuchus is depicted as a man supporting a snake, Serpens; the interposition of his body divides the snake into two parts, Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda, which are nonetheless counted as one constellation…” [wikipedia.org] AND… “The brightest stars in Ophiuchus include α Ophiuchi, called Rasalhague [rās al-hawwa’ “Head of the serpent charmer”], at the figure’s head; and λ Ophiuchi, a triple star, at his elbow. RS Ophiuchi, a star too faint to interest amateur skywatchers, is part of a strange class called recurrent novas, whose brightness increases at
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irregular intervals by hundreds of times in a period of just a few days. Noticeable feature: Barnard’s Star, the fifth-nearest star to the Solar System, lies in Ophiuchus. If we were to observe Earth’s Sun from Tau Ceti, it would appear as a 2.54 magnitude star in Ophiuchus. Mythology: The figure is supposed to represent the legendary physician Asclepius, who learned the secrets of life and death from one serpent bringing another some herbs which healed it (Asclepius had previously tried to kill it). In order to avoid the human race becoming immortal under Asclepius’s care, Zeus eventually killed him with a bolt of lightning, but placed him in the heavens to honour his good works. The involvement in the myth of Chiron may be connected to the nearby presence of the constellation Sagittarius, which was in later times occasionally considered to represent Chiron (who was more usually identified as the constellation Centaurus). It is not, however, easy to find the figure of a man in these stars without some diligence, since Ophiucius is intersected by Serpens, parts of which some people identify as the base of Ophiucius’ torso (making identification of other parts quite difficult), rather than a snake below it… History: This constellation, known from antiquity, is one of the 48 constellations described by Ptolemy. It has also been known as Serpentarius, a Latin form of its name. The most important historical event in Ophiuchus was the Supernova 1604, also named Kepler’s Supernova, whose explosion was first observerd on October 9, 1604, near θ Ophiuchi. Johannes Kepler saw it first on October 16, but studied it so extensively that the supernova was subsequently named after him. He published his findings in a book entitled De stella nova in pede Serpentarii (On the New Star in Ophiuchus’s Foot). Galileo used its brief

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appearance to counter the Aristotelian dogma that the heavens are changeless. It occurred only 32 years after another supernova in Cassiopeia that had been observed by Tycho Brahe; the last supernova before then had occurred in 1054 (see Crab Nebula), and after Kepler’s no further supernovae were observed until 1987 (see Supernova 1987a.” [wikipedia.org]

“Ophiuchus is always shown with his foot resting on Scorpius, the Scorpion [see above]. This is especially apt. In Greek star lore the Earth Goddess Gaia sends Scorpius to kill Orion, the Hunter, who has threatened to hunt down all the animals of the Earth - a tale with resonance for modern times. Scorpius stings Orion, who would have died had it not been for the intervention of Aesculapius (Ophiuchus). Aesculapius gives Orion a sip of the divine Elixir and restores him to health. The even older Babylonian version is slightly different. Here the serpent is Tiamat, the Monster of the Bitter Ocean. Holding Tiamat is Marduk, the Sun God of the Babylonians. They are doing battle together in the eternal fight of good against evil.” [http://www.geocities.com/astrologyconstellations/ophiuchus.htm]


“82. Listen to Reason! NINE-ETHER and NINE-REASON NOOPOOH (Nous) is THE FIRST EMANATION (Primary Creator) for The One Supreme Being (Eternal-Infinite-Unique-Almighty-Absolute Nature), and

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SIX-REASON and SIX-ETHER ZOOPOOH (Zeus) is THE SECOND EMANATION (The Secondary-Evolution Creator) who is called LOGOS by Occult Writers and Philosophers of Mythology and Theology. Nous (Noos) and Zeus (Zoos) are OPPOSITES by Nature and in Nature, and Omnipotent-Omnipresent-Omniscient Nature alternates their existences, meaning, half of Time The Universes of Nature and the persons and things therein are ruled and controlled by SIX-ETHER AND SIXREASON KNOWN AS ZOOPOOH (Zeus); the other half of Time (every other 36,000,000 years) The Universes and their offsprings are ruled and controlled by NINE-ETHER AND NINE-REASON KNOWN AS NOOPOOH (Nous) – The Original Prime-Mover and Originator of UNIVERSE ORDER, that is, The Universes and the original persons and things thereof. Nine-Reason NoopooH is also The Mental Resurrector of DEAD MINDS – those knowing not The True Knowledge of Nature and Its laws. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!” [“INTRODUCTION TO THE NATURE OF NATURE”, BOOK ONE, PAGE 72]

LET IT BE REMEMBERED ALWAYS: YES. Beyond what you physically see as The Sun, it exists in darkness (Jet Black) and is composed of undetectable Ether, a mere theory to the best of their scientists. It is undetectable by those who depend on the light alone for in-sight, not the outsight born of the darkness—and the realization that both of them exists in Absolute Nature as opposites, just as NoopooH (“Noone or Nine Power”) and ZoopooH (“Zoon or Animal Power”) are opposite powers of Absolute Nature that alternate and alterate in Season-Cycles. Our journey is towards Higher Ether on the right [3 to 4, 4 to 5, all the way up to 9 Ether] in darkness, Ether and Gas manifestations, not towards being more elementally solid in light—an illusion called “mass”. Mass is also religiously linked to a spiritual ritual of control to bind your INNER SUN on the day called “SunDay”… RE-MEMBER, A-TUM-RE (POINT 6-EAST) IS SYMBOLIC OF “BIRTH”, A-TUN-RE (POINT 9-NORTH) IS SYMBOLIC OF “LIFE”, A-MUN-RE (POINT 6-WEST) IS SYMBOLIC OF “DEATH”, AND THE SACRED SEAT OF RE, A-NUN-RE (POINT 3-SOUTH) IS SYMBOLIC OF “RE-BIRTH” WHICH MAKES THE SUN EVER-LIVING AS IT RE-CYCLES ITSELF. THE FOURTH RE IS EASY TO FORGET
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OR MENTALLY REJECT—YOU MUST LISTEN TO REASON; THE SUN NEVER DIES PERMANENTLY…IT WAS JUST MADE TO LOOK THAT WAY FOR THEM—SOUND FAMILIAR? Re-member, this process of Almighty-Nature created The Flesh-And-Blood Gods and Goddesses called Ptahites of The Originary and Doriginary Cycle, who Pro-Created (IMMACULATE CONCEPTION) The Ethiopian Race of The Evolutionary Cycle, and Fertilizes DEMI-GODS AND GODDESSES (NOONEBUS) OF THE REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE. The Suns of Nature, True Stars, undergo Scientific Death at Point 6-West [A-Mun Ra Position], where they begin to emanate Negative Six-Ether Energy and creates Evolutionary Spirit Forces (Water Spirits), Mankind Races, and the Negroes (Negative Growth, Dead-Minded Ethiopians) who they controlled through Religion in the Evolutionary Cycle. These were indeed the U.SHUM.GAL who incarnated here after being cast from The Suns of Nature as Six Ether Leviathanite Forces…

IT’S HARD TO SEE THE SUN AS A GOD—IT IS SO FAR REMOVED FROM WHAT WE WERE TAUGHT. CAN YOU EXPLAIN FURTHER PLEASE? Again, according to the highest form of Reason, which is Sound Right Reason, that is, THE NINE POWER CALLED NOOPOOH whose Ethereal Philosophy-Science is NOONE/NUN, Physical or Visible Creation presupposes and facilitates a Physical or Visible Creator—and that Creator (Grower of All Things into Shapes and Forms of Gases, Elements, Atoms, Molecules, Compounds, etc.) is the Supreme Father Sun called A.NU in Ancient Sumerian Cosmology and Akkadian Pantheism and Re in Ancient Phoenician-Egyptian or Tama-Rean Pantheism; this is Ptah (Ptah-Nun) who created The Ennead and Also Re (Tem, Atum) in The Ethiopian-Egyptian (Memphite) Cosmology (Nuwbah, Pre-Historic Africa). Now the understanding down through Evolution may have changed, but the essential facts are universal. PTAH-NUN, THE NINTH DIMENSIONAL 999 SUN FORCE, IN THE MEMPHITE COSMOLOGY (PRE-DYNASTIC SCIENCE COMPILED BY PHARAOH SHABAKA), SCIENTIFICALLY MEANS “THE OPENER PTAH WHO COMES FORTH FROM THE CHAOTIC
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AND WHAT DO THESE PHASES OF THE SUN MEAN TO US? WE ARE ONE WITH OUR ORIGINAL NINE-ETHER EMANATING FATHER, THUS REVOLVE AS HE DOES. In its many phases of the day THE SUN Re-presents life and light, and it even exist when it is “hidden” in the period of shadow hours, in the darkness of the womb of NUN. It is Ever-Living because when you awake every morning, it is there. The same statement about The Sun would be said by everyone of your family that came before you…living or dead…that is, they all saw The Sun in its strength (at the perceivable time)…IT IS UNDISPUTEDLY THE MOST VITAL OF ALL VISIBLY OR PHYSICALLY SEEN THINGS IN SPACE, MATTER, AND TIME. It is also the Ever-Loving because it does not differentiate between its sons and daughters (things it grew), the ETHIOPIAN PTAHITES and ALL RACES AND LIFE FORMS, RAISING THEM UP IN ETHER-FIRE STRENGTHS THROUGH SOLAR FLARES RAINING DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN (LIKE SUNSPOT 720). Acknowledging this reality alone will cut past 99.9% of the Spookism that plagues the world today in the form of RELIGION [SPOOK WORSHIP]. Things should be getting clearer. THE EVOLUTIONARY QUARTER AND THE LAST MOON CYCLE IS OVER—THIS IS REVOLUTION UPWARDS. Monotheistic Religions are laced with PANTHEISM—however they do not take you past the FATHER SUN to the ONE SUPREME BEING THAT APPOINTED HIM, AS WELL AS ALL HEAVENLY BODIES OR UNIVERSE ORBS EVERYWHERE, AND THAT ONE SUPREME BEING IS ABSOLUTE NATURE OMNIPOTENTLY, OMNISCIENTLY, AND OMNIPRESENTLY. They do however mention in Religion, in a tainted form, that you can’t get to the “father” (THE ONE SUPREME BEING) without going through THE
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SON/SUN, being The Way, The Truth, and The “Light”; the Light and Life in All Persons. These misconceptions are how Religion took control in the MOON CYCLE; via MOON CYCLE SPIRIT BEINGS called GHOSTS who all exist IN NATURE and who very well know that they are not above THE ONE SUPREME BEING…they are too limited to be Almighty-Nature itself, however, they do what they do according to The Nature of Nature, or their Positive or Negative Nature in ALMIGHTY NATURE. In “INTRODUCTION TO THE NATURE OF NATURE” BOOK TWO, page 234, it states quite powerfully:

“347. Listen to reason! In addition, Spirit Beings like to survive well with pleasure and honor, and they can do this best way of Religion; and if your prayer does not enhance this status, it does not get fulfilled. In other words, Human Beings are pawns-to-be-used for their survival as far as Spirit Beings are concerned, and this view and fact can be undenied and verified throughout religious history and Mythology. Of course, the main reason for Spirits causing violence, suffering, and bloodshed is for subsistence known as nutrition plus the fact that some Spirits are SADISTIC – take pleasure in seeing people suffer. So then, the question does arise: Without their Dying Science Religion, what will Spirit Beings do? Well, it is not like Religion is suddenly going to disappear. Religion will REVOLVE into Noone like Religion EVOLVED out of Pantheism. Spirit Beings know THE NATURE OF NATURE much better than Human Beings; therefore, they know indeed what time it is – the ending of The Moon Cycle and the beginning of the Libra Cycle. Let it be remembered always!”

SO HOW SHOULD WE SEE THE NETER [NATURE DEITIES] OF ANCIENT EGYPT? A NETER is an Egyptian Pantheistic Nature Deity Concept also, or what many refer to religiously as GOD(S), the equivalent of the Sumerian A.NUN.NA.QI, and ELOHEEM, DEITIES, ANGELS, are also all comparative examples. The “Left Side Spirits” who are malevolent towards humans are called U.SHUM.GAL under ZU.EN who is PA.ZU.ZU, and the “Right Side Spirits” who are benevolent towards humans are called A.NUN.NA.QI under EN.MAR.DUQ.GAL of Sumerian Cosmology. They
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exist in us in various attributes—and as controlling and programming Ruling Spirit Beings. This term, NETERU, or properly NATURU (Pronounced NA-TOO-ROO), although better than GOD, is still partial in its understanding—overstanding them will let you RE-ALL-EYES that these are NATURE DEITIES that were one with, or expressions of ABSOLUTE NATURE, THE ONE WHOLE AND SUPREME BEING IN EXISTENCE (AND AS EXISTENCE ITSELF) WHO HAS INNUMERABLE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE MEMBERS AND PARTS TO REPRESENT ITSELF. As stated earlier, the term “NETER SHIL NETERU/NATURU SHIL NATURAAT” means “DEITY (GOD) OF DEITIES (GODS)” or “NATURE OF ALL NATURE/NURTURER THAT NURTURES ALL” that encompassed all of them as One, in Nine, and as ALL. THE WORDS NATURE OF ONE NATURE POINTS TO NOONE. Afroo Oonoo further explains in “INTRODUCTION TO THE NATURE OF NATURE” (July 19th 1993) BOOK ONE, on page 11-12:

“J. Since the Writer of this volume is using the English Language to write this book, in order to write this book, in order to NOT confuse the Reader of this presentation, he is using the english-word NATURE for the name of The One Supreme Being, instead of the proper and scientific name of The One Supreme Being Who is also called THE-ALL-IN-ALL. Moreover, this Writer (the Penman and Reporter of this Nine News) does not use the word GOD for the name of The One Supreme Being, because: The word (God) is A TITLE and not a name, as may be verified by such titles as Sun-God, Earth-God, Moon-God, and also Underworld-God, Serpent-God, Sea-God, Ghost-God, and so forth…”

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“…all the praying to whomever you will, changes nothing – Absolute Nature is going to take its course despite what one thinks or believes or tries to do to alter it, and Noone (The Science of Sound Right Reason) informs us what that course is in keeping with The Laws and Cycles of Almighty Nature. Let it be remembered always and let it be known.”

The Latin of Absolute Nature is “Absolutus Natura” which is clearly speaking of The Absolute of All Neteru or Nature Deities (Nine Ether Gods) from which they were personified themselves as Flesh-And-Blood Gods and Goddesses on the Top Half of the Circle of Existence, the First Emanation of The One Supreme Being called NoopooH (Ptah-Nun). External Prayer (Exoteric Teachings) was a tool to direct us inward (Esoteric Teachings)— some only viewed it outwardly. Even in the following ASHUTAT “prayer” called YA NETERU SHIL NETERAAT meaning “Oh Deities of All the Deities”, recited before you begin the entire “prayer” ceremony (Pa Ashutat “The Prayer” Book, page 4-5), it states:

YA NETERU SHIL NETERAAT Oh Deities of All the Deities You all are the Nature above all Nature, You all are life above all life, We are here each day and night, To pray that you all will protect and Guide us through all times.
This was a stage in the acknowledgement of Absolute Nature and The Nature Of Nature, The God in Nature, via The Sun that will take its course in its own Seasons and Cycles. We are all NETERU, ANUN.NA.QI [NOW SEE ANUN and NUN? IT WAS ALWAYS THERE], ANUN.NA, ANU.TU, ELOHEEM (ALUHUM), and ALLAHUMMA—if by
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“86. Most English dictionary meaning of words is not the etymological or original meaning. Searching for, finding, and studying the etymological or original meanings of English-language words are an education in itself, because it opens the the eyes and shows how Caucasians have changed the value, meaning, and purpose of things in order to set up Caucasian supremacy. The word God is an example. In order for the Caucasian to make his creator stronger through belief and deception, he had to state
- 71 -

__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

that it is the One Supreme Being and call it the Almighty, but the definition he gives for the word God is not the complete definition of the One Supreme Being or Almighty. As stated elsewhere in this Booklet, the One Supreme Being is INFINITE-OMNIPOTENT NATURE who has innumeral parts and powers. God, therefore, can only be a motivating and activating part of the One Supreme Being. The One Supreme Being (The Almighty) is ALL AND EVERYTHING EXISTING—living and dead, visible and invisible, male and female, good and evil, flesh and spirit, et cetera. The only name attribute that is sufficient as the right name of the One Supreme Being is one that means ALL AND EVERYTHING EXISTING (All Space, All Matter, All Time, and their products), and the word God does not fit this definition. 87. the word ALMIGHTY means ALL POWERS. Thereby, Almighty further means there are no powers of forces existing anywhere (good or evil, visible or invisible, living or dead) that are not a part of the One Supreme Being or Almighty. Under no circumstances does the word God fit this description of definition of the One Supreme Being or Almighty, especially since Caucasians and their helpers misrepresent God as being all good and all love—all good and all love to Caucasians maybe, but not Darker Peoples. The etymological or original meaning of the word GOD is GHOST, and Ghost is of DEATH. Ghost is God and spirit of cemetery or necropolis. Ghost is God of the dead—mental and physical dead. Ghost is God and God is Ghost. The word GHOST means GAS—it is the gas of death for Ethiopians and life for Caucasians, because Caucasians are its posterity, and this is why American Caucasians put IN GOD WE TRUST on their coins and currency (paper money). Since Caucasians are the posterity of Ghost (God), they are the personification of death, and this is why Caucasians kill other peoples freely and deliberately and think nothing of it.” [BIBLE INTER., BOOKLET TWO, PAGE 53-54]

LET IT BE REMEMBERED ALWAYS: THE SUNS OF NATURE GROW ALMIGHTYINFINITE-ETERNAL-ABSOLUTE NATURE INTO UNIVERSE ORDER. We are taught that we are in the Love of, Part of, and One with ALL, ABSOLUTE NATURE, and at the heart of that realization is complete peace in the personal will of the Positive Forces of Nature,
- 72 -

__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

NoopooH, and Absolute Nature. Also, by being aware of The Powers of The Sun of Nature (Re, Ra) everywhere and at all times, we dissolve our personal identities into the Divine Source of our existence—our Great Father Sun. This, to some, is called “Oneness”, but it is understood as “Nineness”, and further Overstood as “ALLNESS”. Absolute Nature is the consciousness that sees, acts and lives through all persons, places, and things…because it is All Persons, All Places, and All Things. Everything that happens (or doesn’t happen for that matter) is actually an expression of The All of ALL or THE-ALL-IN-ALL. Ba Kuluwm and Ba Temt-Ta “The ALL” is ALL and does ALL. When one realizes the mystery of the “Oneness” of All Things as “Nineness” or “ALLNESS”, one knows and Reasons that they are none other than a Neter “Nature God” in the Flesh (Revolutionary Demi-God) and that they have always been, and will always be beyond every time and place existing as All in All; then one will OVERSTAND that all your actions are the actions of a Neteraat (Naturaat), and your essence belongs to Absolute Nature. Now, one outside of self (other than self and kind) could easily verbally question another in the actualization of this highly Reasoned type of “UNION”—but that’s based on their own personal insecurity or lack of self-realization. All should feel or experience this divine act among mortals and Gods (be they physical FLESH-AND-BLOOD or SPIRIT BEINGS) alike. And then, those who claim union also doubt others who pro-claim union—a contradiction in itself indeed. We are All In All; various Members and Parts of and within Absolute Nature and with One Central Point of Axial Focus. If a person doubts his/her self, then how do you expect them to trust you, or not doubt you? Be humble and meek (not to be confused for being naïve and passive) and be clear about what your mission and message among them is...if it is clear to you that does not mean it is clear to all.

SO THIS IS NOT A NEW DOCTRINE AT ALL? No, it is what The Sacred Master “came to give”, but it is not adhered to because some ETHIOPIANS want to stay BEHIND THE NINE BALL in Religious Degrees. If we refer to “THE NINE” LIBERATION INFORMATION we see this spoken of by the Nature Appointed Sacred Master Amunubi Rahkaptah long ago…to be specific, 1972 in the below quote from “THE NINE BALL” COUNT IV, on pages 20-21 in the section
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________


SO WHAT IS “NINENESS” OR “ALLNESS” AS OPPOSED TO “ONENESS”? NINE is the very top of THE NINE BALL, THE SOVEREIGN OF ALL NUMBERS BEING THE FIRST; THUS IT IS ALSO “ONE”—AND ALL THINGS ADD UP TO NINE ON THE CIRCLE. NINE, The Creator of All Numbers, in actuality created all numbers or proceeds them—ALL [NINE] existed before the subdivisions [all other numbers]…this is 9 REASONING [NINE RESUNNING] BECAUSE NINE KNOWLEDGE IS NUN. It is the Responsibility of all NOONEBUS to Re-veal NINENESS AND ALLNESS TO HUMANKIND…IT’S NOT A MYSTERY AT ALL.


At the symbolic “Beginning” of the so-called process they (Religionists) called “Creation”, a process that happens only in illusionary Linear Time Realization; every number had to exist already “as NINE” or “in NINE”— all numbers exist IN NINE and are mentally separated from Nine, by perception, as digits, fractions, or degrees of Nine. “One” is just a fractional digit within Nine…SO NINE IS CONCEPTUALLY “ALL” AS FAR AS NUMBERS ARE CONCERNED. Only Nine exists as all numbers…within itself. One can see how “Nine” is the only “One” and thus “All”—herein is

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

the paradox of the Trinity or Triad of Numbers; 1) One, 2) Nine, and 3) All—and these three are one and the same. All Persons, Places, and Things can be numerically represented and created (like Binary Code in computer terms). Thus, “Oneness” could be referred to as “Nineness” or “ALLNESS” because any fractional division of the Complete or Perfect Sum [all] is merely illusion. There really is no separation between Nine, the only true number, and its symbolic children (the other numbers it grew from itself); just as ABSOLUTE NATURE is the Only Reality, the ONE SUPREME BEING and ONLY WHOLE BEING IN EXISTENCE. In actuality, we are beyond numbers, yet numbers Re-Present Mental, Spiritual/Ethereal, and Physical Degrees (Facts or Truths) in All.

CAN YOU DESCRIBE NINE IN EXISTENCE? “This is the wheel of time and existence. That is, time and the many changes that time produces in matter exist in a circle. How we determine this is the right combination of numbers to use on the circle is that the digits must be single and consecutive and must add up to NINE — 9 + 8. + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 72 and 7 + 2 = 9; and the digits must divide the circle into 12 [5] equal parts like the Zodiac, because the digits 1 and 2 are left out In order for the circle to add up to Nine. A circle must add up to nine because a perfect circle is NINE BY NATURE. Evolution starts at 6 on [the] left side of circle of time and goes counterclockwise through 5 and 4 and ends in 3. Six (6) pushes the circle down on the left side and nine pulls it up on the right…” [“THE NINE BALL”, COUNT III, PAGE 4-5]


3 2 4 1




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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

These truths are hidden from the masses—THE SACRED MASTER IS HE WHO IS WHO HE IS, THE FIRST BEGOTTEN OF THE MENTALLY DEAD. The so-called Devil, both black and white, wants you to deny the reality of union with ALL through The Axis (Al Qubt); he wants you to BeLie-Eve that the Sacred Master, our Maku (Har-Makhu) or “Chief”, is just an ordinary physical man that’s just really smart, like their Einstein, a mortal. He’s much more than that—He represents the Head or Center [The Pivot Point] of the ETHIOPIAN RACE ON THE CIRCLE OF SPACE, MATTER, AND TIME OF 72 MILLION YEARS WHICH IS JUST ONE GREAT CYCLE, YET HE HAS THE KEYS TO 76 TRILLION YEARS OF INFORMATION AND OUTFORMATION.

He has always been far ahead of the rest—think about how much he hasn’t Re-vealed…we are his Humble and Meek Students—STILL! ALTHOUGH THEY WANTED US TO TURN AWAY FROM HIM! Re-member, although ATUM-RE is the Point 6-East attribute of Re, which proves he knew he would Rise from Hell and Death, prophetically, we are at the Rock Bottom Point 3-South Sacred Attribute of Re called ANUN-RE! THIS RE IS THAT OF THE BENEVOLENT OR AGREEABLE RIGHT-SIDE A.NUN.NA.QI. He can exist as The Center [Axis] or in Any and All periods on the circumference, and We are various parts of the body of the circle…all 720 Degrees (REFER TO “THE NUN PROJECT: Introduction To Noone/Nun” COUNT I, PART ONE). The Evil Ones, in which ever form they come, does not want you to Re-AllEyes who you are in Re-lation to him, The Axis. Why? Because they want position and power, yet The Circle (NINE IN NATURE) is a geometric form that breeds unity, equality, togetherness, union, continuance, eternity, perpetuity, justice, law and order, rightness, etc.—NO OTHER GEOMETRIC FORM DOES THIS—INCLUDING THE SQUARE MEN IN CUBED HOUSES WHO CLAIM TO BE THEIR BROTHER’S KEEPERS, YET THEY CAUSE HAVOC AMONG FAMILIES BECAUSE OF THE POWERS OF LEVIATHAN CALLED LUST AND

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________


SO, THE SUN IS A GOD APPOINTED BY ALL OR ABSOLUTE NATURE IN OUR SO-CALLED BEGINNING HERE ON EARTH? Yes—and it is done everywhere else because All Space, Matter, and Time is Absolute Nature that makes degree changes simultaneously. Humans think they’re so special—as in separate from nature or superior to Almighty-Nature. What fools these mortals be! The Suns of Nature are called many names: RE, RA, AN.GAL, AN.U, ANNU, SOL, SHAMUSH, etc., or whatever you visually see and identify with using human language, but His Name in the PhilosophyScience Noone is SUPERAN UNONE (SU-PER-AN-U-NON) OF THE GREAT CELESTIAL ENNEAD. By being aware of the Nine Ether Powers of RE/ANU (The Sun) everywhere and at all times, we dissolve our personal identities (EGO) into the DIVINE SOURCE of all we physically see in the form of Light, or Electro-Magnetic Energy, as well as ETHER-FIRE, or what some call ULTRA-GASEOUS MATTER or ECTOPLASM. Our Father Sun is the undisputed Source Of All Life to us here IN THIS PLACE IN SPACE, MATTER, AND TIME—YET MOST OF OUR PEOPLE WANT RELIGION OR SPOOKISM. He was appointed as the MOST HIGH over us all and deserves Re-spect as our Visible-Physical Heavenly Father God-Sun—but not in SPOOKISM nor as THE ONE SUPREME BEING. As all things have dual and multiple qualities, if you are DEAD, THE SUN OF NATURE is The Source Of Death!

ACCORDINGLY, ISN’T THE SUN ALSO SUBJECT TO SCIENTIFIC DEATH? I THOUGH IT WAS “EVER-LIVING”? Yes, it is Ever-Living—SO ARE YOU. All things have to experience Scientific Births, Youthful and Adult Lives, Old Age, Deaths, and Re-births—this is all the processes called AGE AND EXHAUSTION. By Age And Exhaustion Nine Ether became Six Ether, and the same goes for Six Ether and Ghost comparatively—it is all a matter of timing in Almighty-Nature’s
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

Seasons in Cycles. THAT IS IN SUN KNOWLEDGE, BIRTH (ATUMRE), LIFE AND OLD AGE (ATUN-RE), DEATH (AMUN-RE), REBIRTH (ANUN-RE), IT IS AN EVER-LIVING AND EVER-DYING PROCESS OF ALTERNATING CYCLES OF ABSOLUTE NATURE— LIFE (MIND) AND DEATH (SEX). The FATHER SUN RE/RA or ANU has a life span or cycle of years in which to occupy Space, Matter, and Time, so it is a being that is designated to exist (live) in Space, Matter, and Time, or it is allotted to exist within a certain period of time to Rule The Heavens HERE—as all SUNS OF NATURE are born [grow or expand] and die [Super Nova], which is contract into itself into nothingness [IMPLODES OR COLLAPSED INTO A VACUUM OF ETHER/ANTI-MATTER] from which it explodes to start over again. It RE-CYCLES ITSELF BY THE LAWS OF ABSOLUTE NATURE, AS THE VISIBLE-PHYSICAL GOD IN NATURE. Now let’s be real—whoever sees this as blasphemous is truly not Walking In The Light of THE SUN OF NATURE. In religious connotations, GOD (LORD, JESUS), ALLAH, JEHOVAH (YAHWEH), etc. all have life spans or are allotted certain amounts of time for their existence—AND WHEN THEIR TIME IS UP, THAT’S IT! TRUTH IS TRUTH…

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

LISTEN TO REASON: first of all “Death” is not some menacing hooded skull who carries a sickle to reap souls—there’s more to it than that symbology. Everything that dies (goes through a process of life decay) is IN NATURE and IS NATURE—that is the NATURE OF NATURE. All things go through Scientific Death or transitions of LIFE DECAY, just as all things must have periods of loose relaxation or rest (sleep) for rejuvenation—this was called EVOLUTION. Absolute Nature is no different—again, all things that die Scientific Deaths are in ABSOLUTE NATURE. The Evolutionary Cycle was indeed the period of the death of the universe, and the CYCLE OF THE DEAD; all things SUPERNATURAL, Spirit, Human, and Sub-Human. This is why the TRUE CULTURE SCIENCE CALLED NOONE/NUN is the Science of Beginnings and Endings, or Life, Death, and Re-birth. It is so necessary to balance out these false teachings of the Evolutionary Quarter (Cycle) and The Moon Cycle by THE POSITIVE POWERS AND FORCES OF ALMIGHTY-NATURE CALLED SOUND RIGHT REASONING.


ABSOLUTE NATURE does not move per se; it is all movement and all non-movement. ALL does not travel or traverse the sky per se like The Sun, although it does symbolically Re-volve in the form of the perfect form of the SMAT CIRCLE OF ORDER, as The Sun moves in a circuit; all things travel in ALL…AS ALL. The symbolism of The Sickle (Sick-EL) is disclosed as the Arch of Evolution (1/4) on the Bottom Left of the Circle of Existence, in which Death Rules through Death Spirit Forces and Mankind Races…and when one describes death they see a pale white, frail or skeletal figure, hooded (to hide from the sun), etc.—this is winter on the CIRCLE OF EXISTENCE…

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

“3. EVOLUTION is THE DEATH AND SLOW DECAY of A UNIVERSE. There are galaxies of Universes throughout existence just as there are galaxies of stars throughout a Universe, and when a universe dies, that death is evolution. Hence, evolution is continuous decay and not improvement as Caucasians would have us BELIEVE. Caucasians are GHOST PEOPLE called WHITE PEOPLE. A UNIVERSE is a BALL OF ETHER whose diameter is in the range from 3 trillion times 6 sex tillion miles to 3 trillion times 9 nonillion miles and whose insides are dotted throughout with LIQUID SOLID BALL GROWTHS. 4. According to A LAW OF NATURE IN THE CODE OF THE OPPOSITES, every thing that lives must die, be it flesh or spirit, visibly or invisible, and a Universe is no exception, although it is the biggest existence that can be called a living being. A Universe is living at one time and dead at another time; it is in order at one time and in disorder at another time. When a Universe dies, evolution begins, and evolution is six, and six is THE ZODIAC, the animal world. Death of a Universe takes the forms, of animalkind and the power of NECROMANCY. 5. According to A LAW OF NATURE IN THE CODE OF THE OPPOSITES, there must be those who represent the Universe in life and those who represent it in death, because a being who represents life by Nature can not really represent death also, for the formula of life is the opposite of the formula of death. Therefore, since the Prime Mover in matter was NINE ETHER who put matter in the orders called Universes, it stands to Nine Reason that those ORIGINAL living beings in the Universes would naturally represent the living Universe, and those
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

ORIGINAL living beings were Wooly-Haired Ethiopian Pygmies and their descendants called PTAHKIND. Hence, mankind represents the Universe in death which is evolution.” [“THE NINE BALL”, COUNT II, page 5-6] SO BASICALLY, DEATH IS A QUARTER IN THE LIFE OF ALL PERSONS, PLACES, AND THINGS? Yes—even in their Biblical reference, use Sound Right Reasoning. The Cycle Of Death is THE EVOLUTIONARY CYCLE (Quarter or “The Fourth Part” of Space, Matter, and Time In All Existence):

Revelations 6:8 [KJV] “8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth…”

The duration of Death’s existence is dependent on the purpose of a person, place, or thing in Nature…some beings Personify Life, and some Personify Death. You can not claim Eternal Life without realizing the lack of the power of Death over you…because you have to reason its season is over…same with Hell, although the majority of minds on this Orb Earth are still in Hell. Do not contract with Hell and Death and they have no power…even The Dead are “in Death”…

Revelations 20:12-14 [KJV] 12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. 13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

THE SUN REPRESENTS NINE THAT BRINGS JUDGEMENT BY FIRE? YES—YOU CANNOT GET A LARGER “GREAT (9) BALL OF FIRE” THAN THE SUN OF NATURE! THE FATHER SUN OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM is Re-presented by the number NINE because ALL SUNS ARE NINE BY NATURE—who are The Most High, The Highest of Perceptional Reality to Physical Beings or by using your so-called normal Five Senses (to them). The Sun Loves All and gives life to All…and how much it loves you personally is seen in the amount of itself in you, and so by Nature our Ether Formula is stronger—again, if this sound racists, take it up with The Sun of Nature! This is not an attempt to be racists, and only Religionists (Lovers of The Spirit Dead and Physical Dead) would be angry at these facts…ALL TRUE ETHIOPIANS SHOULD ACKNOWLEDGE THE FATHER SUN OF NATURE, AS DESCENDENTS OF LIVING NINE ETHER SPIRIT FORCES, AND ALL REVOLUTIONARY MINDS, CALLED NOONEBUS, REASON IT SO. ANY BOOK TEACHING ETHIOPIAN LIBERATION INFORMATION FOR THE LIVING IS A BOOK OF LIFE…AND ALL FORMS OF ETHER ARE VARIOUS STAGES OF LIFE AND DEATH. RE-MEMBER, SIX ETHER = LEVIATHAN = RA = DEATH = SEX = AMEN RA:

“[7] 6. THE TRINITY referred to by the Ancients and in mankind’s religions are simply Nine Ether, Six Ether, and Ghost. Nine Ether in death is Six Ether, and Six Ether produces Ghost, the last stage of Evolution in CONSCIOUS GASES. The basic THREE in Ethiopian Culture is ALL SPACE, ALL MATTER, AND ALL TIME, because these three existences comprise, constitute, and generate everything. Ghost, also called God and spelled with capital G, is the perfection of death, because Six Ether is death and Ghost is the last stage of it, which means Ghost is the apex or
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

highest point of Six Ether. Ghost is CONSCIOUS DEATH GASES. GHOST is conscious gases that have no SUN HEAT GENES left within its formula, thereby it is white in color. Of course, white is the last stage of color as Ghost and its posterity, the Caucasian Race, are the last stage of Evolution.




7. Nine Ether produces the Ethiopian Race and Nine Ether is LIFE AND GROWER of the Universes and thereby is the Prime Mover and Original Order. The Ethiopian Race is the personification of THE ORIGINAL CREATOR called PTAH. Six Ether produces the Phoenesian, Indian, and Mongolian Races and these races are ORIGINAL MAN — the personification of THE SECONDARY CREATOR called RA. Six Ether is death and the secondary Creator whose creation is the changes in Original Creation called EVOLUTION. Ghost produced the Caucasian Race, and Ghost is THE TERTERARY CREATOR called GOD whose posterity is the Caucasian Race and whose creation is the changes in Nature which the Caucasian Race produces. [8] 8. Ghost and the Caucasian race are THREE in the sense that they exist on the circle at the number 3 and the Caucasian Race’s degree of Intelligence is limited by his nature to 333 of the perfect number 1000. The Caucasian Race is the moon cycle man who was extracted (ghostized) from the Phoenician and Indian races as a result of disobedience to the laws and commandments of the SUNGOD. There is no difference between what the Caucasian calls HOLY GHOST and any other GHOST. Ghost is the same in composition no matter where it is. Ghost is from the CAVE, THE GRAVE, THE DEAD. See the booklets called BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS for further information. The Ethiopian Race is Nine Ether in flesh and blood and therefore is

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

NINE. The Phoenesian, Indian Races, and Mongolian Races are Six Ether in flesh and blood and are thereby SIX. The Caucasian Race is Ghost in flesh and blood and is underworld THREE and best wielder of THE TRIDENT the pitchfork of the Devil. The UNDERWORLD is the bottom half of the circle of space, matter, and time.


9. The Caucasian Race is a feminine race, meaning, it is THE FEMALE OF THE RACES, this is ONE reason why it is able to attract the other Races by Nature as thoroughly as it does, but the basic reason is NECROMANCY (the power of the dead) which the race by Nature uses to spellbind and fascinate Darker Peoples of the Earth. The dogma of Caucasian power of the dead is his and her various religions including CHRISTIANITY —the doctrine [9] of the dead and the practice of VAMPIRISM. The Negro preacher today is a hangover from slavery and a continued product of slavery, because he was FIRST made by the Caucasian during slavery for the purpose of protecting the slave master by keeping the slave pacified with GOSPEL which means GHOST SPELL so that the slave would not become violent against the slavemaster. In short, the Negro preacher is a product of slavery, and his job is to keep Wooly-Haired People non-violent against WHITES and dead to our own culture and way of life. The words CHRIST and GHOST mean the same, so CHRISTIANITY means GHOSTIANITY and CAUCASIANITY.

10. The Caucasian Race is a MONSTER called BEAST in his own
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

spiritual book known as the HOLY BIBLE, and this means the race has the nature of a beast and it is empowered by spirit forces called DRAGON and SERPENT who is also called LEVIATHAN, and Leviathan produces Ghost spirit. Most Wooly-Haired People are under the impression that a monster must be hideous and of huge individual stature. In many cases the Caucasian defies this description and thereby deceives the Ethiopian into thinking that the Caucasian is not a monster from the cemetery. A good-looking monster can easily deceive most people whom he has taught that a monster must be UGLY; DRACULA isn't.

11. The root of the word CAUCASIAN is the word CARCASS, and carcass is a corpse or dead body. Therefore, the name Caucasian [10] tells us that the Caucasian originated from the dead and the spirit of the dead called GHOST, and GHOST is God spelled with a capital G. Of course the Caucasian Race is white people, because Ghost is white. We also reiterate, white people are GHOST PEOPLE because their spiritual origin is Ghost, but their physical origin is the Phoenesians and Indian Races. We again repeat, for further information on this subject see booklets known as BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS written by AMUNUBI RAHKAPTAH, one of the teachers of the scientists who write these booklets THE NINE BALL.

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

12. The Caucasian Race is sometimes called THE ARYAN RACE and the. Aryans were an EAST INDIAN TRIBE, one from which the Caucasian Race was derived, and this is why the original language of the Caucasian Race was INDO-EUROPEAN, meaning, Indian language varied by European (that is, Caucasian) tongue and teeth. The Caucasian Race is the personification of death and this is why individuals of it kill innocent people and give it little, thought. The booklets mentioned in the preceding paragraph will give you more details on the identity and purpose of the Caucasian Race.” [“THE NINE BALL”, COUNT III, page 7-10]

WHAT DOES THE ACTUAL SUN HAVE TO DO WITH THE EMOTION LOVE? The sun is the catalyst (Grower) of all agreeable e-motions like True Love or Care—that is, if you do not fear it killing you! We are in the Cycle of Love [The Power of the True Sun], not the negative reflection of it called Lust [Moon, Sex, Death, Evolution]—the source or focal point of Rome-antics. People closer to the Equator who live in warmer climates are generally more caring towards each other by the Forces Of Nature—those of colder climates or in frigid-aired mountainous regions tend to be the opposite.


The Earth Tribes and Families in warmer climates are by Nature nonviolent, loving, and caring people who acknowledge The Sun as the Source of All Life. Being agriculturalists who farm and grow foods from the Earth, they knew that The Sun was an important, if not the most important VisiblePhysical Thing in Existence. Those who are indigenous to, or migrated to colder mountainous climates [i.e. the Biblical Canaanites, Amorites, Horites of the Caucacus Mountains] experienced an almost immediate change in this

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

natural “warm temperament” called Love—as emotions are partially influenced by temperature—especially if genetic predispositions or degenerative mutations have an effect on the Mind and Body. Ether is also the Mental Energy that all True Suns emanate outward—its heat affects you physically, and its Ethereal Energy affects your mind e-motionally as well. This is what they claimed happened to Libana (“Milky White”, Canaan of their Bible), the Pale Man’s Adam (Edom/Idum), who is actually called Cain in the Genesis allegory, the Pale Albino Group of Hindus, when they were rejected and cast away from his physically darker Earth Family from the Greek Aegean Islands. It affected their nervous system which in turn affected his genes and that created his disagreeable mind-set from his lowered countenance, as well as the subsequent negative attitude of his posterity towards everyone else…that of hatred for other humans, inferiority complex resulting in wanting to act superior called Wrong Racism, lustful sexual activity for power, male gender dominance from his sister not even wanting to go with him, disappointment in life’s circumstances resulting in anger, anxiety to prove others right or wrong, etc.; all essentially because he was not shown Love, which affected his seed’s collective psyche and allowed him to be possessed by multi-dimensional Six Ether Beings. This is your Biblical version of Columbine because his countenance was “fallen”…i.e. lack of acceptance equals negative emotions:

Genesis 4:5-7 [KJV] 5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell . 6 And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? 7 If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

- 87 -

__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

NINE MIND YOU, THIS IS ALL CAUCASIANS WHO ARE CALLED “CAIN”—NAME PLURALITY IS THE KEY TO OVERSTANDING THE CAUCASIAN’S BIBLE. If you look close CAIN…CANAAN or “Dual Cain”, yet he was actually the third because Seth/Sith/Sythians/Set was the second Cain Group, which is why the biblical names of both of their descendent lists are close to identical (Genesis 5). When Adam and Eve made it back to the Garden of Eden (Africa and Asia) in the Person of Cain, they were called Set (Seth, Sith, Setan) which means Serpent. The Biblical story of Cain, who killed his brother Abel, draws from the same brother conflict of EN.QI and EN.LIL and Osiris and Set. It biblically referred to as one’s “countenance being fallen” just as the Six Ether Beings possessed Cain and his seed because he was “wroth” with the circumstances of his father, mother, brother, and sisters (wife-to-be). Are we, as Nine Ether People of the Sun, willing to take responsibility for this exchange of emotions in this story? Do we take credit or blame for the PsychoVampire’s disposition? If we claim that these stories are about our race, then we have to by obligation, but the fact is, they are not our story. These things are reflections of the Season-Cycles of Nature…the orders of the boundless universes. LET IT BE KNOWN: IN REALITY, THESE BIBLICAL STORIES (ALLEGORIES WITH SYMBOLIC MEANING) WERE INTERPOLATED WITH MYTHS AND FABRICATED OVER MILLIONS OF EVOLUTIONARY YEARS, AND RE-CYCLED BY ALL MANKIND GROUPS (RACES WITH GENUINELY STRAIGHT HAIR) AS THEIR PHILOSOPHY-SCIENCES EITHER WAXED (BECAME THE DOMINANT SCIENCE) OR WANED (BECAME THE OUTGOING SCIENCE) BY THE CYCLES AND SEASONS OF NATURE. THE STORIES ARE MEANT TO BE VIEWED MULTIDIMENSIONALLY. REALIZING THIS IS A PART OF “GIVING UP THE GHOST”…

- 88 -

__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

“I. What is the mystery behind the curse of Canaan? 15. Canaan was a branch of the Phoenician People. The curse of Canaan is a fabricated story designed by its authors to degrade the Ethiopian (the Wooly-Haired People) during the Moon Cycle. We have been taught in the western hemisphere that Canaan was cursed BLACK and his hair made KINKY as a part of the curse. This untruth was created to explain off the existence of the Ethiopian’s odd Wooly Hair and Black Skin and at the same time provide a basis to heap the hates and force the desires of mankind upon the Ethiopian. 16. But this Booklet tells the Ethiopian that he and she is neither Phoenicians nor a branch of the Phoenician People, but evolutionary descendents of the African Pygmies who had Wooly Hair and Black Skin from original Creation. In fact, all people had black skin at their ORIGINAL beginning. The authors of the book of Genesis had to find some way to bring the Ethiopian into the biblical picture, and they figured that the Canaan prevarication was the best way to do this, because it would also give the Great Ethiopian an inferior complex in years to come. Mankind hates and oppresses the Ethiopian so much, because his and her origin is not the same as man, as is revealed in this Booklet, and the uniqueness of the Ethiopian’s hair bares this out.” [“BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS” BOOKLET ONE, page 14]

We see The Sun as a Re-flection of the True Love that Religionists claim The Most High has given the world—again; this is not how the Phoenician-Mesopotamians or PhoenicianEgyptians, who were Mankind Races, saw the sun in Pantheism. To Ethiopians it is symbolically THE MOST HIGH ANU or Re that so love the world that he gave this only begotten SUN—part of himself, the only sun in this particular solar system (or to our present knowledge), so it is only begotten (unique), that who-so-ever has faith in it’s power will not die, but be healed by it’s very Re-generative powers; Eternal Life. DON’T YOU SEE WHERE THEY GET THEIR
- 89 -

__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

RELIGION FROM? The Sun indeed has the power to heal the Earth and Re-grow or Re-plenish but not by the power of a Spook God. It is the beacon of True Love. This is the celestial body that utilizes Emotional Atomic Fusion…all beginning with Point One, which is Divine Love or True Care. RE-MEMBER, our entire physical makeup began with the elements that formed within its center by Elemental [EL-E-Mental] Atomic fusion billions of cycles of years ago. Re-member well, all elemental and ethereal “portions” of us came from The Sun, physically and spiritually (E-lements and E-motions, BODY AND SOUL)—as well as all segments of all persons, places, and things, broken down to their lowest elemental forms, originated in the SUN RE’s bosom. We are Sun People, grown by the Powers and Forces of The Nine Ether Suns of Nature—yet, even a sun in its final stages of nuclear production is called a “White Dwarf”, which is to say, an Albino-Stage Star, then a “Neutron Star”.

SO THE SUN IS MISINTERPRETED…LIKE ETHIOPIANS, HIS CHILDREN ARE? Yes…instead of acknowledging The Sun of Nature, Appointed by Absolute Nature, outright, as the Celestial Power it is, Religionist of today would rather clandestinely worship other lesser Universe Orbs (Spirit Forces in nature like Ghost) that mimics the qualities of The Sun [The Moon God Sin] and other nature forms [Dead Stars/White Suns]. This is “SPOOKISM”…

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

WE REPEAT: The SUN RE is Hyper-Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional, existing in multiple states at once, including in you because everything you are physically made of (Elements and Ether) was grown within it. Before we acknowledge the best in each other, part of The Father Sun of Nature, rather than empower the whole, we direct our focus, energy, and love (care) to an Invisible Spook Force outside of ourselves, who doesn’t even have the nature of a human because he isn’t human. Thus the Visible-Physical Sun, not the word GOD, is a physical Re-presentation of the power of THE MOST HIGH ANU or RE or whatever you identify with to name that Great Nine Ball in the sky. This is why, deep inside of our people, we cling to the story of Jesus, whether the false Image of the Beast or the so-called Real Messiah 2000 of years ago—because we inherently know that he Re-presents the BRIGHT MORNING STAR OR RISING SUN RE [Revelations 22:16]—a Son of The SUN RE…The Light Of The World, etc. However, in Religion they direct you to the dying phase of the sun called AMEN AT POINT 6-WEST WHERE IT “SETS”. Re-member, the original concepts called “Sun Worship” was the worship of the inner SUNS OF MAN; AND THIS SEAT OF THE SUN IS IN ETHIOPIANS METAPHYSICALLY CALLED OUR “SOLAR PLEXUS” BECAUSE WE ARE THE ORIGINAL PERSONIFICATIONS OF THE SUN CALLED PTAH, CONSEQUENTLY, THE THRONE OF THE MOON-GOD IS IN MANKIND METAPHYSICALLY CALLED THEIR “LUNAR PLEXUS”. You belong to a greater Earth Energy System as well as a much greater Cosmic Energy System…you only lease the physical body so-to-speak for a short linearly perceived time—WE ARE ASCENDING INTO LIFE NOW…NOT DESCENDING INTO DEATH…

“32. Our Ethiopian ancestors (the African Pygmies) in their aeriform (Nine Ether) GREW the Universe and the Universe is the Suns, Planets, Satellites, et cetera, so why should we EVOLUTIONARY PTAHS confine ourselves to one spot on this Planet when our ancestors made it and we were in North America long
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

before the Indians. However, it is reasonable and practical that as our own cultural resurrection progresses, many Ethiopian farmers, tradesmen, technicians, and all types of workmen necessary to help build the economic and military independence of our motherland Africa, will repatriate to that continent in their right minds for that purpose. 33. Since evolution is REVERSING, the Caucasian (the ghost man and woman, the white man and woman) will start returning to the graves and caves from whence they came, and this means the atmosphere of the present cycle will continue to grow stronger making us wiser via Nine Ether, our Ethiopian Forces in Nature. The foregoing means that Caucasian ruling power will decrease and Ethiopian ruling power will increase as we Ethiopians rise like the Sun from the grave of ignorance called MENTAL DEATH. The Caucasian is too powerful to fight him with arms at this time, so, our answer is fighting ignorance with knowledge and destroying idleness with productive constructive activities. Ignorance and idleness are two VERY destructive forces which are very detrimental to our progress toward liberation. We Ethiopians can not afford ignorance and idleness and achieve the independence of mind and body we need for survival and proper well-being.” [“THE NINE BALL”, COUNT I, PAGE 21-22]

IS OUR INTERNAL SUN ENERGY SYSTEM WHAT THEY WANT TO CONTROL? Yes. The energy or power that the Psycho-Vampires (Evolutionary Spirit Forces) want to control is in you…called your Soul, YOUR INNER SUN POWER. Tamahus/Kalanis have a Moon or Lunar Plexus that only Reflects your inner Central Sun or Solar Plexus’ sunlight as they take or “possess” your Soul/Sol, which is to take control of, or to hold as in ownership by possession. Thus, when the sun hits them it doesn’t light up their Inner Fire. Re-member, Soul is Sol (i.e. the difference between “color” and “colour”), who is the SUN RE or ANU in you (not to be confused for
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

SIX ETHER OR GHOST POSSESSION); thus the Outer Sun lights the Inner Sun that draws the Geo-Magnetic and Ethereal Energies it emanates and sends in its rays. The Sun Re is touching you with his Rays/Re’s to raise you [the Hands of Atun-Re, the Highest Sun] by REASON—AS A SON OF RE.

SO THE PHYSICAL GHOST-MAN KNOWS THIS? Yes. Beyond the fictitious and scare tactic-induced imagery, when you look closely at the Physical Devil’s appellation “Lucifer”, which in actuality first shows up in the English King James Version of 1611 [1 + 6 + 1 + 1 = 9] BECAUSE THE NAME IS HAYLAL (HELEL) BAR SHAKHAR BAR EL [ISAIAH 14:12-16], it essentially means “Light Bearer (Luminary) by way of The Moon”, which many state means he has some type of hidden “knowledge or intellect”; however, a “Light Bearer” cannot be the originator of the light or knowledge that is used against you, because he himself only externally holds the fire in the form of a symbolic torch that must be lit or ignited on the exterior side, meaning it is not internal. A fire also needs sufficient combustibles or fossil fuel, and most of all, oxygen in order for it to burn. It is no co-incident that HALAL is the Islaamic equivalent of Koshering meat and foods ritualistically to HAYLAL (Moon Crescent, Islam’s most used symbol). So you are the “True Light” that the LUCIFERIAN “possesses” to rule—it is your God Power, your very Soul that they carry and wield to thrive in the world. This is the only way that the Evil One can transform himself into an Angel of Light [2 Corinthians 11:14]. This is what happens to Black Freemasons who become blinded by the light of the Great White Brotherhood—they become possessed by a trickle down “contract” from the top levels of the Dis-Orders (Osiris) that they spiritually tie into—Haylal [ZU.EN, The Devil] himself…through God. To be specific, Negro Freemasons align themselves with a foreign spirit force called Ghost, who is Ghost-God, which is what the “G” stands for in the middle of the
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

Compass and Square—meaning the degrees they were given were a mask of the true or Greater Mysteries of the Ancients and further to the True culture of Ethiopian-Egyptians. G-O-D IS “GOD OR DEVIL”. Re-search and Reason it out… Thus we are the True Light or Real Luminary that they call the “Illuminati” or “Enlightened Ones”, but with “Right or Correct Knowledge” which existed as darkness first, and he only stole the title from us like the mythological story of Prometheus (whose name is said to mean “forethought”) who steals the fire from the Gods—YOU. The symbolism speaks for itself with the “light” being the “knowledge one possesses”, OUR LIGHT IS BY ALMIGHTY-NATURE VIA THE SUN OF NATURE CALLED REASON, AND THEIR LIGHT IS BY NEGATIVE POSSESSION BY MOON POWERS CALLED GHOST. They are very limited in perspective to all of the known information and outformation in The Cosmos. Metaphysically, there are 1) what you know, 2) what you don’t know, 3) and what you don’t know you know…both. 999 Mentality Ethiopians have the mental potential above all races. If you stop feeding THE VAMPIRE your inner power, he self-destructs—you don’t have to do anything but Re-flect the True Light or True Love like the SUN RE does. Re-member family, you are The Light, and you have the power over All Things—because The Most High is in you; the Kingdom of Heaven is in you, as well as all around you—this is the “hidden” inner teachings (esoteric) in Religion. Thus the correct term that replaces “Illuminati” should be “Endarkened Ones with the Black Light”. Resist The Devil and he will flee from you—he has no power over you, nor can he stand in the True Light of The Sun, which is actually unseen as Black Light [yet real] and beyond what is visible and limited in frequency…to them. If you only identify with the physical body on this side of elements, you won’t perceive it. Re-member, all True Suns Are Jet Black and emanate Nine Ether, because their true bodies are JET BLACK…

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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

VORTEX SEATS? The 9 Vortices of energy appear as spirals and are vital force centers that superimpose various glands of the body and your own inner Central Sun [Seat 4, Solar Plexus, Seat 3 to Hindus]. This complex series of vortices, the human aura system, provides a cumulative cosmic record of our lives from the very beginning of our existence—it is all recorded in light, or rightfully, energy. Even before our first conscious physical earth incarnation, we existed as unique ethereal life-force entities whose destiny was growth and unlimited potential in ALL (refer to the question: “HOW DOES AN INCARNATION TAKE PLACE?” in BIBLE INTER., BOOKLET ONE). Our multiple lives, or “classes” in the schools of universal existence, and the discarnate growth intervals between them, are all recorded in the aura as components of the master plan of ABSOLUTE NATURE. Growth in existence has unlimited possibilities [or potential] if we stay in tune with the power source of our soul’s life NOOPOOH. This cannot be fully achieved as an individual; it is best done collectively with those in whom you share the strongest genetic and spiritual connection to— although you are intrinsically connected to ALL. Out of this need to be Reminded of HU created us, rules, codes, laws, regulations, etc., are established, from which order is kept in the universe—or in it’s multidimensional realization called the “multiverse”. The Evil One loses by his mere EGO and PRIDE [cold e-motions] that resides in his or her chest as the allegorical smokeless fire [NAAR EL SAMUWN], meaning, the Ghost Man has a LUNAR PLEXUS which only negatively reflects or mirrors THE SUN IN YOU [AL (AN) NUWN OR EL NUWR]. It may appear to be a contradiction that cold emotions could emanate from a source of smokeless “fire”, however, the moon reflects the sun’s emissions or converts light, heat, and positive gases (or ultra-gaseous matter) called Ether [9-Ether] into poor light, limited heat, and negative gases called Fog [6-Ether or 3-Ether Ghost]. Death is a “cold-burning” in the process of Death or Life Decay in Space, Matter, and Time. Its light and heat is lesser or is insignificant in comparison to the SUN RE in you because it is non-luminous or reflective of the True Light. Likewise, every positive, benevolent, or agreeable emotion has a negative, malevolent, or disagreeable reflection, and visa versa. Rejection of negative emotions is what is needed to bring emotional balance. Destruction of
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

negative emotions is not needed, nor is it logical, but a conversion and Replacement [Mental Transmutation] is necessary though Metaphysical Alchemy or practicing the Commandment-Laws of Nature for this Revolutionary Cycle as found in the “INTRODUCTION TO THE NATURE OF NATURE” BOOK TWO. All negative emotions can be transmuted into positive ones—thus, we Sun People control the negative emotional reflections of Moon People by our actions, whether in thought or deed—we control them when we are Mentally Empowered. This polarity shift can be achieved by Sun People positively radiating Divine Love [Sun Knowledge], not the Lust of the Flesh [Moon Knowledge].

WHERE IN THE BIBLE CAN I FIND OUT ABOUT THE INNER ETHERIC “LIGHT”? AGAIN…The Bible is not a validation of any reality that we can validate through Sound Right Reasoning. Although many truths are in it, WHEN USED AS A REFERENCE INTO THE CAUCASIAN AND HIS GOD’S MIND, we must realize that it is the tool of Leviathan and Ghost—the tool of NOONEBUS is Sound Right Reasoning. It is obvious that you will not, nor should you, just listen to our word on it, check it out for yourself—verify, validate, and REASON IT OUT. The religious teachers are not going to teach you this truth that the Inner Light is there! They will pass this over as Paganism, The Occult, and Satanism. However, The True Light [9 Ether Jet Black Light Emanation] within is almost always equated with the Inner Sun or the Solar Plexus Energy Vortex Seat…even in the so-called Holy Bible. RE-MEMBER, THE SUN CONTROLS THE MOON AND ALL THINGS, SO THE MOON’S LIGHT IS TEMPORARY AND A WEAKER (IMPURE) FORM OF THE SUN’S LIGHT. HERE ARE A FEW REFERENCES TO THE LIGHT WITHIN:

Psalms 37: 5-6 [KJV] 5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. 6 And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

John 11:8-10 [KJV] 8 His disciples say unto him, Master, the Jews of late sought to stone thee; and goest thou thither again? 9 Jesus answered, are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world. 10 But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.

Matthew 5:14-16 [KJV] 14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. 15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 13:43 [KJV] 43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Daniel 12:1-4 [KJV] 1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. 2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. 3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. 4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.


291 The female of Haylal’s seed will remove the females of Kadmon’s seed. Men will seek to be with Nakhash’s seed. 292 For they want what they want; they want to be as Anaq, wife of Nakhash, 293 But in one day will light and fire come, the light for those stern against Anak, also said in tones Anaq, wife of Nakhash. 294 Fire for those who follow her, Anaq, wife of Nakhash.

The True Light will come to those stern against Anak, the wife Nakhash [curse them both]—so start rejecting these emitters of the power of LUST that corrupts your very mental power. This is a message a call for the Re-jection or depravation of these Adverse Forces. The “macho-man” or “ladies’ man”, whose mission is to achieve the “3 f’s” with women (find’em, f’em, forget’em), is an illusion perpetuated by LEVIATHAN! You can consciously “contract with Divine Love” [Nine Ether Light], which is adverse to The Lust of The Flesh [Six Ether Poisonous (Poison-Nous Called Zeus, Logos, and Ra-Howa) and Smokeless Fire], starting with loving The Divine in you [your true self that exist as part of ALL], then The Divine that is reflected in others like you [your kind] and radiated outward [your aura] to everyone you spiritually touch. THESE ARE ALL ATTRIBUTES OF THE PHYSICAL, AS WELL AS ETHERIC SUN. All things came from the SUN RE. The True Light is really black in manifestation, which is all of the electromagnetic and geomagnetic frequencies combined and from which it can be separated by a
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__________THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, Pt. One__________

prism to manifest visible white light of limited frequency ranges. Let the True “Light In You” [Black Light Energy (Dark Matter) that shines in the darkness of the body] radiate Divine Love from yourself, to your own kind, and to the Mother Earth in whom we are all connected to. Don’t lust after the things of this world because lust is the antithesis of Divine Love or True Care for Self and Kind. Just as True Love or True Care is for the most part unknown or foreign to the world, The Sun in its strength is blinding to the eyes at first—after a while you get use to it. We will win…one way is to control our own energy—NINE ETHER ENERGY IS THE POWER OF TRUE LOVE OR CARE, SIX ETHER ENERGY IS THE POWER OF SEX OR LUST. IF WE “GIVE UP THE GHOST” LIKE THE GHOSTMAN’S UNHOLY BIBLE AND RELIGION THAT ARE SO INFUSED WITH LEVIATHAN’S NEGATIVE RADIATION ENERGY CALLED LUST!

TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NUN PROJECT: Walk In The Light Of The Sun, COUNT II OF 9, PART TWO… www.getfrombehindthe9ball.com

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