Prosody and Sound Notes (Poetry) Pg.

799-806 -Prosodia alludes to poetry s origin in song and the oral tradition. SOUND y y y y y y Prosody describes poetry s material medium-employs sound effects, rhyme, and rhythm. More tangible and less transparent that prose. Poetry process through both sides of brain: logical and musical. Onomatopoeia- verbal sounds that are meant to mimic things imaginatively head in the world. Euphony- the impressions of sounds that pleasing to hear. Cacophony- sounds that are unpleasant and grating. Kinesthetic quality- how resemblance between a sound and its meaning is based on the way a particular sound is shaped in the moth, nose, and throat. o R, l, or liquidsroll in flowing movement off the tongue. o M, n, and ng sounds of the nasals. o H, f, c, th, dh, or fricatives, harsh and rasping sounds. o S, z, sh, sh, or sibilants, harsh and rasping sounds. o P, b,t, d, k stops and plosives. Alliteration- the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of successive words (initial alliteration) and within adjacent words (internal alliteration). Assonance-repetition of vowel sounds in a line.

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They are never very welcomed creatures. mirroring the jerky movement or a fly. choppy sentences divided by dashes does. The fly comes in at the exact moment the window fails. . YEATS S O A P S A person longing to live a more simpler life. and the fact that it appears in a death scene emphasizes the negative connotation because of diction like interposed and between heaves of storm. Mortality Not reaching heaven? Insignificance Romanticism/realism poetry. with a fly in the room.when I died) EMILY DICKINSON Critical Thinking Questions 1. 2. 3. Love of Nature Idealistic Readers of late romanticism. S O A P S A person dying. I associate dirty. Clay and wattles made reflect the rough nature of the cabin. gray environments with flies. First person. signifying it as an almost grim reaper sort of character. early realism. The repeated use of the short u sound anticipates the afterlife the same way the short. exemplified by the hard sounds. B.Poem 465 (I heard a Fly buzz . closer to nature. The Lake Isle of Innisfree Pg. On the pavement grey is the harsh reality of the speaker. 802 W. taking away life and bringing death. To declare the power of mortality. To declare wish To reveal To hope First-person Critical Writing I will arise reflects the speaker s vision of moving away.

Kubla Khan SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE The personification of a river through caves.Point Shirley Pgs. The waves / Spewed relics clicker masses in the win exemplifies the harsh characteristics of the ocean according to Plath by the use of p. Boston To complain To express emotion First person Critical Thinking 1. The beauty of nature Romanticism To declare First person . 3. 803 SYLVIA PLATH S O A P S S O A P S A speaker s grandmother lived by a cold shore and her rage because she died. Mortality Man vs. 2. The spit of gravel remains obstinate thanks to the grandmother s love and care for it. Grey waves the stub-necked eiders ride demonstrates the harsh fricatives and sibilants. Nature Grandmother Readers of modern lit.

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