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Your Expectations - The EFT Foundational Level Exam is intended to test your understanding of the material in the EFT Foundational Library, but may not be exactly what you expect. It’s true that EFT is easy to learn, and even children can use it, but that applies to the basics and doesn’t necessarily produce consistent or deep results. In order to produce the kind of results you need as a professional, you have to go deeper. The videos are absolutely packed with information and anyone who has approached this exam with an open mind has walked away with a surprising amount of new material. We realize that many people just want to pass the exam and go about their business, but we want more than that for you! Our first priority is that you get as much from these videos as possible, and we aren’t comfortable offering Certification without that assurance. By really using the Study Guide and applying yourself to the material, you will walk away with a lot more training, much better results, and with any luck, an EFT Certification to hang on your wall. Here’s a tip: Put all of your expectations, previous experience and preconceived notions aside and expect to learn something new!

Specific Content - There are questions on the exam that will point to specific content from the sessions like key phrases, client responses, Gary’s decision making process, and the techniques or approaches that were used as a result. The easiest way to see how well someone understands EFT is to watch their decision making process during a session (ie. which direction to go, which questions to ask, or which phrases to use). With this in mind, the exam will test how well you can evaluate and understand Gary’s decision making process, because that’s where all the pieces come together. Please use the Study Guide to help you review the sessions thoroughly, and be sure you understand the “why” behind each step. Here’s a tip: Just as looking for new aspects is also a way to test your results, be aware that, in many cases, one approach or technique can be chosen to accomplish several goals. There are other discussions on the videos for which specific content will be used on the exam. All of those discussions are listed in the Study Guide, so be sure you engage yourself with the points being made and do the suggested exercises. If you make the effort to adopt the new perspectives offered, you will remember them much more easily. Memorization - There is a LOT of material on the videos for this exam, but passing it will not be possible by simply memorizing it all. In fact, if you try to memorize everything you will likely fail the exam. Why? Because we are testing your command of the concepts. We are not interested in your ability to memorize. We expect that if you learn it properly and then use it in practice correctly, most of the material will become second nature to you. Further, if you are watching the sessions to see how completely you can understand them, you should be able to remember the key elements of each session even a year later. Just in case, take good notes, review the material again before taking the exam and be prepared to review a session or two in the extra time allotted. Test Anxiety - Test anxiety is a very broad term that can include a variety of different issues. However, we have found that people with any significant test anxiety have a very difficult time passing this exam. They try to memorize the material rather than understanding it, and in general, are worrying too much to think clearly about the questions, or even the material itself during the study process. We recommend that you put your EFT skills to work and handle any test anxiety before you even register for the exam. If necessary, you might enroll the help of someone more experienced. Either way, it will only be a step in the right direction to “do your own work” and use EFT to resolve your issues.


Section 1: The EFT Course
INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS You will find that the videos demonstrate EFT in a practitioner-client setting and that references are made to applying EFT to clients. Please keep in mind that if you are applying EFT to yourself, you are your own client, so you can apply the instructions to yourself accordingly. Please be aware that the term "SUDS" appears in some of our earlier videos which is simply a therapist's term for the 0-10 intensity level. For your reference, SUDS stands for Subjective Units of Discomfort. If you are studying this course with certification as your goal, be sure you know all of the material listed and described in this study guide as well as the following additional material, found in the Tutorial section of our website. Let’s Touch the World Try it on Everything The Importance of Being Specific Aspects Tell the Story Technique

THE EFT MANUAL - PART 1 Be sure you have the most current version of the EFT Manual by downloading it from our website before you begin. From cover to cover, the EFT Manual is loaded with instructions and concepts that are vital to your success with EFT. Start at the beginning, and read through the end of Part 1. Be sure you have a solid understanding of all the topics listed below, and then move to the Videos for Part 1. • The Discovery Statement – This will be much easier to remember if you understand it completely and find your own examples of the concept. (ie if the emotion we call fear were caused by an energy disruption, you might know because your heart pounds faster. The emotion called embarrassment might come with a red face, etc…) “ZZZZT” and energy disruptions – Understand this concept well enough to explain it. 100% Overhaul Concept

• •


so be sure you are familiar with all of the material in this video.PART 1 Please note that although it is assumed on the Videos that you have read the entire Manual. you can continue to Part 2 of the Videos. you should have a thorough understanding of all the information presented to this point. and why we count. and why the sore spot is sore. Once you have read Part 2 of the Manual. Video 1b – In this session on Dave’s fear of water. Adjusted Basic Recipe – Know how and when to use it. the optional liver point. you will want to understand the following concepts as thoroughly as possible… • Testing • Aspects • Persistence • Being specific • Forest and Trees Metaphor • The Generalization Effect THE EFT COURSE VIDEOS . including variations to the Setup. the entire Basic Recipe is demonstrated in action along with valuable examples of aspects.• • • • • • • • Basic Recipe The Setup – Be sure you understand the purpose of the Setup. Pay particular attention to the discussion on imagining an event as a form of testing as compared to actually experiencing the event. This is a very important session. By the end of this video. Part 1. Applying EFT – To prepare you for the live demonstrations on the videos. Tapping Points . Notice how Gary helps the people in the group determine their levels of intensity. you only need to be familiar with Part 1 before you see the Part 1 videos. testing and minimizing pain. Ham Sandwich Reminder phrase – Understand the purpose of the reminder phrase and how to create one for your own tapping rounds. 3 . the “batteries in backwards” metaphor and the concept of Psychological Reversal. Video 1a – Watch this thorough demonstration of the tapping points. Part 1.Know the locations of all the points and as much as you can about the general tapping procedure 9 Gamut Procedure – Memorize all 9 steps. Part 1. why the ring finger is excluded. the Basic Recipe and other important information on the concepts in Part 1 of the Manual. and notice how they describe their experience. Video 2a – EFT is demonstrated in a group setting on stage. why we hum. understand why it is useful.

as Gary addresses the specific event of “shooting the boy”. and how Gary tests for initial and remaining intensity levels. pay attention to the points at which he interrupts Rich to check his intensity. the full Basic Recipe would have produced the same results. How did they discover new aspects? How did they minimize pain? How did they test their results? Part 1. be familiar with the session highlights listed below. Rich – In the part covering his fear of heights. Robert – Clear instructions for using the Tell the Story technique are offered in this session. and know the instructions for the Tell the Story technique as shown in Robert’s session. Video 2b – All of these examples are valuable for newcomers. how does Gary test for initial and remaining intensity levels? Anthony – He shares a story about how he tested his own fear of crowds after an EFT session. Pam . Veronica – cigarette craving and sexual trauma. Ralph – In the work on his cigarette craving. In this session. Please note that although the tapping sequences demonstrated in these sessions are abbreviated. Also. also note the process by which Gary uncovers the sexual trauma issue that may be contributing to the smoking addiction. note how Gary asks about “expressions on the faces” and other details as a creative way to test results and discover new aspects. but the material is not mandatory. 4 . Audios – There is great information on the Audios about the variety of issues that can be addressed with EFT. study the methods and questions used to uncover aspects and test results. Also note how Gary takes the edge off of the emotional pain before asking Robert to recount the details. this session shows an example of tapping on a memory or a thought and then testing it with an actual experience. notice the application of EFT on Larry for his car phobia. but pay particular attention to the following sessions.chocolate craving Becci – rat phobia Finally. At the end.Part 1. Next. Video 3 – These are fabulous examples of addressing specific events and minimizing pain by using the Tell the Story technique. make note of the ultimate compliment Robert pays to EFT. In general. when addressing specific memories.

each of those negative emotions will have a series of specific events behind them. In the How to Proceed section of the appendix dealing with self image. which you should memorize completely.THE EFT MANUAL – PART 2 After watching the Videos for Part 1. Floor to ceiling eye roll – Specifically. be sure you understand the section on secondary gain. Please refer to the following articles on our website or in the booklet that came with your DVDs for further instruction. know how it is done. and how to determine when the skipped points need to be added back in. psychological reversal and energy toxins. continue through Part 2 of the Manual and be sure you develop a thorough understanding of the following topics. THE EFT MANUAL – APPENDICES All of the examples in the appendix will help you understand how to apply EFT in different situations. Also.emofree. but with more experience. or an aspect that can be addressed with EFT. and self image. Energy Toxins were originally thought to be in the way of EFT. 5 . and will prepare you for the demonstrations in the Videos for Part 2. aspects. the instructions say to make a list of “every past negative emotion” and use EFT on them individually. The Importance of Being Specific http://www. as it is only covered in the Manual at this point. you will want to memorize the chart on page 79 for your reference when you start using EFT. and when it is appropriate. but it is no longer addressed as an impediment to EFT. and your work will be much more powerful if you go a step deeper and address the specific events (trees) rather than the emotions (forest).htm Personal Peace Procedure http://www. It is helpful to understand how to identify an Energy Toxin. combining issues. which can be skipped.htm Finally.emofree. Impediments to EFT – This section will add to your understanding of aspects. Shortcut version of the Basic Recipe – Know which points are always used. and will introduce the Collarbone Breathing Exercise. However. As a special note. we have found Energy Toxins to be a potential CAUSE of the issue. Pay particular attention to the material on phobias.

Notice how he switches aspects. but it was her issue about her father’s experience before she was born. Part 2. it is not a technique that you need to know. Veronica – In regards to her “anguish”. it would have appeared that EFT wasn’t working. so study it carefully. and Jason isn’t actually introduced. Kathy – Gary takes the opportunity to demonstrate when you can skip the Setup and how you can tell whether it was effective.THE EFT COURSE VIDEOS – PART 2 Part 2. she mentions her fear of abandonment. Video 2 – Make note of Mary’s Global Planetary fear – Is this a Forest or a Tree? To further demonstrate the concept of Psychological Reversal. 6 . how that is handled. Jason – This is the first session. but watch how Gary tries to help her be more specific and identify aspects. More importantly. However. note that Gary does not know the issue but taps anyway because she is tuned into it. You will find that Gary rarely misses an opportunity to test and he gets more creative with each session. Also note his comments to her about the Forest and Trees metaphor. Video 1 – Every minute of this overview is valuable. she shows us two pronounced sighs near the end of her session which is a definite sign that some of the “zzzt” has been resolved. which is another sign that her energy disruption has been significantly relieved. Because of this skill alone. Video 3 and 4 – Detailed sessions on these videos will show you the EFT process from beginning to end with great examples of how to handle aspects. Sandhya – She came on stage with an issue called “Holocaust Pain” which was not only a global issue. use the shortcuts. she starts laughing at the end of the session. and test your results. be familiar with the following sessions. because EFT is designed to handle PR without having to diagnose it. Gary uses arm testing in the majority of these videos. which is a global issue. but he is wearing a red and white shirt. Marlys – This session on “Love Pain” is another great example of switching aspects and without Gary’s skilled attempts to keep the session on track. In addition. and notice the detective work Gary uses to uncover specific events. his results are incredibly thorough. It will validate your understanding of the EFT concepts to this point and prepare you for the new information coming up in Part 2. Part 2. Gary’s challenge was “being specific where possible” so pay attention to his detective work. and she had no specific events behind it. Finally. Later.

Video 2. persistence is mentioned many times in the material to this point. Part 2. using the adjusted basic recipe. As a special note. Video 8 – Again. Connie M. Video 7 – This video shows some great examples of being persistent. so make note of how that affected her pain as well. She also shares her experience while trying to start a conversation with a doctor who was also attending the workshop.Part 2. getting more and more specific. but may not have been defined in enough detail. her original appearance was on Part 2. Gary opens further discussion on what can happen when someone “kicks the habit” without addressing the cause. Video 5 – When EFT is aimed at a physical issue. and simply exhausting all of the tools in your bag until something works. Video 6 – There is a very important discussion on this video about the cause of addictions. You will see in many of the sessions on these videos. Notice in her session that PR can show up mid-process. – She tells a story about being chased by police and how that affected the back pain she addressed on stage the day before. using the full basic recipe. you will know when you’re done. if someone is reversed against going below a 5 in intensity. using the Collarbone Breathing Exercise. Almost immediately she mentions that her physical symptoms fluctuate depending on what is happening in her life…would that suggest an emotional contributor to her pain? We say yes. If not. with these in particular. Pay particular attention to all of the tools that were used in her session. or if it isn’t working quickly enough. 7 . You might notice how the different aspects are handled in the snake phobia case and how exactly the emotional pain was kept to a minimum. but is not a technique you need to know. for example. using “Tell the Story” on any specific event. being more emphatic. looking for new aspects. arm testing is used to demonstrate the effects of PR on performance in many areas. Notice the various connections people make to emotional events and their level of pain. Drawing from his experience visiting an AA facility. which is often necessary with addictive cravings. although many times it does not need to be identified. Part 2. – There are two Connies on this video and this one comes on stage first with tightness in her jaw. trying it again on a different day. The only time persistence is necessary is when EFT doesn’t seem to be working. For your reference. persistence is demonstrated by addressing PR. Jan’s stubborn chocolate craving is an excellent example of being persistent. Part 2. Also keep in mind that if your testing is thorough. and how they usually involve an intense form of PR. more aspects are more likely to surface later. we assume that there is an emotional issue behind it. but the material is not mandatory. Connie J.

It may be that finding your own issues is more difficult that finding someone else’s.In Clark’s session on his golf score. testing before and after each round. do the Collarbone Breathing Exercise and the Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll at least three times each so they are easier to remember. We’ll continue the instruction on the next DVD set. • Whether you need it or not. try the shortcut sequence. as well as the discussion on finding “your point”. this is the time to try it out! Starting with yourself. • Try it on a few friends or family members • Use EFT on as many different issues as possible • Again. please refer to the Personal Peace Procedure found in the Tutorials section mentioned earlier. If you’re having trouble getting results for yourself. as it points out the possibility for more gradual results with EFT and the need to “be an observer” during that process so you will notice your results. • Be sure you are being specific. Also notice the different aspects and emotions that were addressed in his session. correcting PR and looking for aspects. The discussion on daily tapping for global issues like self-image is highly valuable. but using it now will help you get some practice. so find a tapping buddy and practice on each other. notice the physical and emotional factors that can be addressed with EFT to improve sports performance. In David’s session regarding his fear of public speaking. • Choose a couple more issues. correcting PR and looking for aspects. If you haven’t already. but it is very important that you have some experience under your belt before you move on. If you’re feeling ambitious. testing before and after each round. and experiment with removing the Setup and the 9 gamut. study all the testing methods used to 1) find new aspects and 2) test intensity levels. HOMEWORK Be sure you have read and understand the Tutorials listed at the beginning of this section. 8 . be sure you are being specific. If you’re having trouble finding issues to address. you’re not alone. We will cover this Tutorial later in more detail. • Use the full basic recipe on yourself for a few simple issues and be persistent until you get results.

Gary chose Muscle Testing and Surrogate Muscle Testing as stepping stones in his process. so you will find extensive material in these videos on that option. so no matter how you decide to integrate the material on intuition. but the main purpose here is to demonstrate how using your intuition can magnify the power of EFT. you need not review that material again except for the sections we have noted in this guide. if you are just getting started and applying EFT to yourself. developing your “art of delivery” is the secret to improving your results. is developing your intuition so that you can understand more quickly and more accurately which direction you or your client needs to go. There are many ways to develop your intuition. We also introduce Guessing and Mental Metaphors as options. and the main focus in this video set. In addition to the intuition work. http://www.htm The Movie Technique Constricted Breathing Technique 9 . adding intuition at this point is a natural next step along that path. you may prefer to experiment with the other refinements right away. there are plenty of other refinements and EFT tools to improve your skills. This study guide has been written primarily for Healing Professionals who intend to take the Certification you’ll have plenty to learn. For your reference. When preparing for the exam.emofree. and in our experience. However. and then practice using your intuition at a slower pace. The first building block. and a few of those are presented here. we recommend that you watch all of the Muscle Testing and Surrogate Muscle Testing material once so that you completely understand the rest of the concepts.Section 2: EFT – Beyond the Basics INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS Once you know the basics of EFT. Please review the following additional material in the Tutorial section of our website.

VIDEO 1 Three major concepts are introduced in this video that will be mentioned. but will see more detail on this in later videos. many people do. not THE way… Acupuncturist Michael Gandy introduces three new major points and two alternative points that you can add to your tapping routine as you wish. and then use it on an issue or two of your own to draw your own conclusions about how it compares to physical tapping. you will need to know where to find and how to use all five of these new points. explained and demonstrated throughout the video series. Be sure you completely understand the meaning of these three concepts and have been exposed to the many references found on the videos in this series. Constricted Breathing Technique . so you will see them in newsletter articles and in the more advanced videos. Whether or not you decide to use them. Setup Variations – Note the two variations to the Setup phrase that are introduced during the Imagining the Tapping section.You will want to know… • What are the specific instructions for this technique? • What is the purpose? • When is it useful? • How does this technique relate to emotional issues? 10 . VIDEO 2 Imagining the Tapping – Be sure you understand when it is most appropriate to use this variation. and will need to be at least familiar with them. For the exam. Chasing the Pain – You will want to know… • What are the specific instructions for this technique? • What is the purpose? • When is it useful? • How does this method relate to emotional issues? Shortcuts – You will see some discussion of EFT shortcuts on this video. Here’s a tip: Imagining the Tapping is very useful when you’re lying in bed and need help getting to sleep. THROUGH you rather than BY you… Get yourself out of the way… A way.

The rest of Video 3 shows interesting material. This skill relates to the concepts on developing your intuition.Marla Brucker introduces a challenging exercise on the power of your intention. Surrogate Muscle Testing .VIDEO 3 Official Shortcut Version – • Which parts were removed and why? • Which part is defined as “the driver” and what does that mean? • Which parts can you “save for later” and when do you add them back in? • How does the shortcut compare to the Full Basic Recipe in regard to results? • What can you do if you don’t get results with the shortcut version? Everything on Video 3 Part 1 is worth trying at least once.In this section. Feel free to shorten your sequences as 11 . you can get results with the very brief or very individualized sequences. VIDEO 4 Spoon Bending . but this skill is no longer used in the advanced levels of EFT. including Marilyn Gordon’s hypnosis session and Michael Gandy on muscle testing. Be sure you understand that the Full Basic Recipe can always be used as a fall back. you may notice a strong tendency towards shortening or customizing the tapping sequence with intuitive guidance. Understand the entire discussion on intuition and start to identify your own signs of true intuition. We encourage you to experiment with all of the variations and see if they improve your results. Gary demonstrates a version of surrogate muscle testing that worked for him in his process for developing his intuition. Do not abandon it. NOTE: In these demonstrations. Be sure you understand all of the details of this discussion. The same is true for the Voice Technology segment. The material on Surrogate Muscle Testing is certainly interesting material but not mandatory. If your intuition is accurate. but none of it is mandatory. but is offered as optional material. VIDEO 5 This video begins with a discussion on the shortfalls and potential for inaccuracy with Muscle Testing.

and you can find his more current thoughts in the FAQ section of our website. these concepts.try to find at least five aspects in this session Various ways of Testing Intuitive Setup Phrase Minimizing Pain – Make note of the methods used to minimize Tom’s emotional pain • New Michael Gandy points used Note that Gary says mechanical EFT would probably have worked just as well with Tom. http://www. NOTE: Gary suggests a couple of times that client permission on some level is necessary before surrogate tapping will work. and without. Further. Although there are differing opinions on that subject. “Healing happens on my terms” Finally. identify your own examples of when you have been truly “out of the way” and start to apply that distinction in your EFT work. • • • • • • Constricted Breathing Technique Specific Event Aspects . note the material on Mechanical vs Intuitive EFT. Do you understand why? Gary shares some examples of times when he had no choice but to get himself “out of the way” and you will need to know the details of those examples. • Never question the process (puts you in the way) • Follow what you get • Trust vs.htm VIDEO 6 Here is a very important session with Tom on his fear of public speaking. We recommend that you watch this session a few times until you can recognize and understand all of the following elements in the session. 12 .you The following concepts relate to using your intuition and are covered in a discussion on this video. but be aware that as you continue your training. your intuition will be put to use in other ways.emofree. Please be sure you understand what they mean and identify moments in your own life when you have been operating with. Gary’s thoughts have changed since the filming of that seminar. to completely understand this concept.

but will not be tested. NOTE: Be sure you are familiar with all of the different ways there are for minimizing pain and notice how they are applied in the sessions on these videos. Session with Leslye • Chasing the pain – Note how new aspects can show up as pain with a different character and how that applies to Leslye • Movie Technique – Note that there is no discussion of the event or the issue and how Gary handles it with EFT.VIDEO 7 William Tiller offers some enlightening perspectives on the Universe and energy work from a scientific background. and you will need to be familiar with the following elements of those sessions. • What is the significance of Gary occasionally holding his fingers up? • Sending Peace Exercise • Aspects – How many can you identify? • Intuitive Setup – When Gary uses an intuitive Setup phrase. Then there are two sessions that demonstrate EFT over the phone. Session with Gibson • Use of global issues to “take the edge off” • Detective work leading to her specific event • Movie Technique • Testing methods • What is the significance of Gary occasionally holding his fingers up? • Note the discussion on applying EFT when the issue isn’t revealed or even remembered by the client. but will not be on the exam. How does Gary apply EFT in that situation and how does it affect the results? • Also note the discussion on minimizing pain with intense events. however. yet sometimes complicated presentation. VIDEO 8 All of this material is informative and will expand your experience with energy work. This is a very interesting. VIDEO 9 You will need to understand the pros and cons of phone work from the discussion on this video. that Sandi Radomski shares her testimonial that she has used EFT effectively to address allergies. how do we know it was intuitive? How do we know it “landed” successfully? • What is a Reframe? When can they be used? 13 . We do want you to recognize.

• Teach me How – Notice this technique and others that Gary uses to do his detective work. and you can use it with Surrogate Muscle Testing or without. and most people favor one over the others. • Thermometer – Note that this is one of the mental metaphors.This is yet another way to access your intuition. Keep that in mind as you watch the sessions on these videos. Keep in mind that EFT is not designed to lead people in particular directions.NOTE: When applied skillfully. but rather to clear the obstacles so that they can see their own options. Intuitive Setup phrases can help you get to the heart of the problem faster. don’t confuse the Setup phrase with an opportunity to inject your own advice or direction into the session. The goal is always to find a specific event behind the current issues. and you ask them directly. • Mental Metaphors – Be sure to memorize and understand all of the mental metaphors. Mental Metaphors . VIDEO 10 Pay attention to the beginning discussion on key elements of intuition. Be sure you understand how the results with Gary’s shortened sequences would compare to using the full sequence. We recommend that you watch this session a few times until you can recognize and understand all of the following elements in the session. 14 . and also note how Gary uses it in regards to a new aspect appearing in his sessions. How do you know if a reframe landed? You watch their body language. However. • Visual Auditory and Kinesthetic are widely used terms that simply mean seeing. These are the three main ways that intuition can be received. you listen to what they say. How would you know if your guesses were accurate? VIDEO 11 This session with Craig provides great examples of several EFT refinements. Guessing is also introduced on this video as a way to access your intuition. The difference lies in always being aware of how your intuitive phrases are landing with your client. hearing and feeling.

aspects and reframing. Also note the discussion on why addressing the physical sensations can be effective. This session with Martha certainly brings her out of her shell. 15 . but Gary addresses the physical sensations as they show up. and offers Gary the perfect opportunity to test his work.• Specific Event – Can you identify three specific events in this session? What questions or skills did Gary use to reveal them? • Chasing the Pain – Note the extended tapping session in which no issues are specifically identified.Note how Gary combines it with the Chasing the Pain technique.Identify the phrase(s) used as Reframes in this session • Humor – How does Gary use humor in this session? Be sure you understand how humor in this session relates to testing. NOTE: At one point in this session. • Reframe – Be sure you understand the purpose of reframes. Martha has trouble recalling a specific event in regards to her mother. We recommend that you watch this session a few times until you can recognize and understand all of the following elements in the session. To “loosen her up” Gary taps a few points with the reminder phrase “recalling mother issues”. How do we know which Setup phrases are intuitive? How do we know if they “landed” with Craig? • Aspects – Look at each specific event and see how many different emotions you can identify. • Movie Technique . Gary uses intuitive Setup phrases once the session is underway. • • • • • • VIDEO 12 The session with David touches on the oh-so-common fear of public speaking. how to identify one and when to use one. and bingo! She remembered a specific event. We recommend that you watch this session a few times until you can recognize and understand all of the following elements in the session. Constricted Breathing Technique Detective work Specific Events Movie technique with imagining the intensity first Chasing the pain Intuitive phrases – What are the key phrases provided through Gary’s intuition? • Reframe . • Tell the Story Technique • Intuitive Setup – Again.

This is a very interesting experiment. and he will keep trying different things until he has either triggered a new aspect or simply cannot find any intensity anywhere around the issue. • Movie technique/Tell the story • Aspects • Intuitive Setup . but the material is not mandatory. VIDEO 13 As the story of Jane’s traumatic memory unfolds. he asks David to say different words that represent potential new aspects.Note that because David was already in front of an audience. we use a memory or an imagination to bring up the aspects.• Chasing the Pain – How many physical sensations did they address? • Constricted Breathing Technique • Aspects * . his intensity could be tested continuously and accurately. How do we know they were intuitive? How do we know they landed? • “Say this…” ** • Reframes * NOTE on finding Aspects – Although it hasn’t been presented as a technique. we see a beautiful display of the Tell the Story technique. Be sure you understand that Gary is looking for an emotional evaluation rather than a logical one. In order to be completely thorough. • Testing – Note that because David was already in front of an audience. take advantage of that opportunity whenever you can. • Intuitive phrases – Be sure you are familiar with all of the phrases generated by intuition in this session. ** NOTE on “Say This…” – You will see that Gary is creative and quite thorough with his testing. all of his aspects were showing up clearly. We recommend that you watch this session a few times until you can recognize and understand all of the following elements in the session. • “Say this…” • Constricted Breathing Technique 16 . In this session.Notice that she corrected his intuition and he adjusted to her words. and asks him if they “feel” true to him. putting someone in the actual situation that causes them discomfort is the best way to bring up all the aspects. but we never really know if we got them all until the client is presented with the actual experience. Most of the time. Joyce and Michael Gandy – Michael Gandy steps in with his equipment to help diagnose the issues and validate the results. and be sure you understand why.

Remember. just experiment with your intuition. So…here is a list of the techniques and refinements you should be using in practice before you move to the next DVD section. The good news is that by actually using all of the refinements you have learned so far. Also. you will need to have applied EFT to at least 100 different people. in order to be listed as a Practitioner. you are far more likely to know them for the exam.HOMEWORK: Read and understand the Tutorials listed on the first page of this section. and fall back to mechanical EFT as often as you like. it’s time to really start practicing. Imagining the Tapping Constricted Breathing Technique Chasing the Pain Official EFT Shortcut New Gandy Tapping Points Variations to the default Setup Phrase Movie Technique Tell the Story Technique Minimizing Emotional Pain Intuitive Setup phrases – At this point. see how far you can expand your skills in… Detective Work Specific Events Testing Aspects 17 . find ways to evaluate your accuracy. By the time you have finished the video material in EFT – Beyond the Basics.

and how he combines those tools with EFT for great results. For your reference. http://www.htm Tearless Trauma Technique 18 . so it can be very easy to miss some of the specific information that you will need for the exam. Steps toward becoming the Ultimate Therapist is now entitled EFT . You will need a general understanding of all the concepts presented and how they relate to material in the first two sections. but anyone using EFT without that training will have to develop those skills on their own. In that regard. In please review the following additional material in the Tutorial section of our website. Steps toward becoming the Ultimate Therapist was the advanced material.emofree. so be sure you’re paying close attention. be sure to play along with the exercises for your own experience of the concepts. It will teach you the tools he has used for success in his own life. You can refer to the Palace of Possibilities Handout for additional information. The Palace of Possibilities section is full of insights into Gary’s “art of delivery” and how it developed. A traditionally trained therapist may already know how to identify and bring out core issues. there are some really good discussions that will take your basic knowledge a step further. Gary has said many times that he is not a traditionally trained therapist. but you will find that it became more of a stepping stone for more powerful uses of EFT. Please note that there are several references to the “advanced tapes” or “Steps toward becoming the Ultimate Therapist.Section 3: From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS The Foundational EFT section will be a quick review of the EFT Course material with some deeper examination of the basic concepts. but that material will not be included on the exam. yet he has developed the ability to understand his client’s beliefs and behaviors just as effectively. However.Beyond the Basics. as well as a command of the specific information. IMPORTANT: The style of instruction in this set of videos is very conversational compared to the first two sections. There isn’t as much repetition. Although it may seem redundant.” At the time this video set was filmed. the Palace of Possibilities section offers an extremely valuable starting point by revealing the tools and perspectives behind Gary’s process and his delivery of EFT.

As you watch the videos. the decisions you make will start to bring better results. In addition. Be prepared for questions on this entire discussion. It covers many of the basics that you learned in the EFT Course. so absorb as much new material as you can at this point. testing and specific events will continue to develop through the more advanced levels. why we use the same procedure for every issue. and as you expand your understanding of the basic skills. pay particular attention to the discussions on the following topics: • • • • • • General vs Specific emotions “Appropriate grief” Non-feeling client Physical pain Abreactions Clients with dementia FOUNDATIONAL EFT .” If you have been using EFT with yourself and other people. It will also help you understand how the specific points were chosen. Making decisions about what to do when EFT isn’t working will often require more than the basics. and how Gary came to his own conclusions about EFT. • All the material on aspects 19 . It is important for any EFT Practitioner to know the history and be able to explain it to anyone who is curious about the difference between EFT and TFT.VIDEO 1 This video includes an informative discussion on the development of EFT from Roger Callahan’s work. Once you learn the basics more thoroughly. FOUNDATIONAL EFT . The following points are all important to understand.FOUNDATIONAL EFT OVERVIEW The material in this section was filmed during an introductory workshop attended mostly by healing professionals. you have probably already encountered some obstacles that you didn’t know how to handle. but includes additional discussion on the basic skills that will deepen your understanding and improve your “art of delivery. keep in mind that the basic elements of aspects. You will see from Gary’s example that asking good questions will help you be even more specific and add an entirely new dimension to your EFT application.VIDEO 2 The discussion continues as the professionals in this workshop ask challenging questions. the next step is to learn some detective skills.

and make your clients aware of them. ask good questions. including: • • • • How to measure intensity levels for physical pain The different forms an aspect can take What to do when the intensity level goes up What to do when there is no movement in the intensity level The discussion on the individual results will help you understand aspects and other elements. You will also see a variation presented for handling an issue the client prefers to keep private. It is a brief section. so be sure you make note of anything that’s new to you. With EFT. pay particular attention to the information on aspects and how they relate to physical pain. shortcut. If any of this material is not second nature to you at this point. those shifts are not always obvious (to you or your client). belief changes and/or cognitive shifts. be sure you understand as much as you can about cognitive shifts from the material on videos 3. and 9 Gamut on this video. your job will be to learn how to look for them. For the exam. The exercise on physical pain/discomfort brings up many interesting points. but an understanding of the concepts will. As you make your way through these videos. and some discussion on what the challenges are with that variation. you will notice that Gary is constantly looking beyond the results for something deeper and uses every opportunity to 20 . Results for specific participants during this exercise will not be on the test. so if you do not already have that training.VIDEO 3 Belief changes and cognitive shifts are crucial concepts to understand as you improve your skills. make a note and review as necessary. but be sure you know all of that material. Also. Many professional therapists have been trained to look for insights.4 and 5.• EFT as a placebo or distraction • The example with Dell and his fear of heights • All the material on specific events You will notice that Gary covers the Basic Recipe. Tap along with the exercise so that you have your own experience. and consider them to be important evidence of success with a client. Other important new information would include… • Logic behind why the particular points were chosen • Alternative way to tap the CB point FOUNDATIONAL EFT .

It also creates an atmosphere of experimentation where “getting it wrong” is not the end of the session. You will also notice that Gary’s set up statements continue to evolve. In your own practice. but he has more experience at this point. see if you can answer it. listening effectively and noticing body language to assess the accuracy of your own intuition. It prepares the client in advance that some parts of the Setup may not fit for them. It can often be the difference between getting great results with a client and just giving up. and come back for more in the Intermediate and Honors Libraries. start using “garbage and gold” Setup up statements so that you can gain more experience with asking good questions. We have found that uncovering the deeper. Note that his “garbage and gold” analogy is an important feature in any stage of developing intuition. but continues on other videos. and most importantly. issues is one of the most challenging.demonstrate how that can be done. and a reliable track record for accuracy. notice all the pieces of information that Gary uses to identify which directions to pursue further. we move on to Beth. apply the ideas in your own sessions. You will need to be familiar with the following elements of her case: • • • • • • All the elements Gary mentioned in his introduction to her case Specific events and emotions “Garbage and gold” Setup phrases Gary’s interaction with Lori about the Setup How do we know which parts are garbage and which are gold? Lori’s body language and comments in regard to his Setup and reminder phrases • What questions did he use to get more specific? One element that could be considered miraculous in Lori’s case is that although she had as many surgeries as possible. Watch this session a few times until you are familiar with all of the following elements: • What kind of pain she is addressing • Her original comments from her seat about the emotions she was feeling 21 . which is the other important case in this section. and the doctors were convinced her nose couldn’t get any better. In these videos. how they react. Pick up as much as you can. and it gives them the freedom to let him know what is landing and what isn’t. Be sure you understand how he prepares his clients. Next. skills you can develop in EFT. she still got relief with EFT. or “core”. yet valuable. but rather a stepping stone towards bigger revelations. The case with Lori’s broken nose begins on this video. pay attention to Gary’s tips on how to look deeper and when he asks the audience a question. He continues to consult his intuition.

Both can happen in the same Setup process. tried some reframes that didn’t land.when and why Pulling tools off the shelf * Gary does not preface his Setup with the garbage and gold analogy. Gary uses a variety of different techniques during Beth’s session to help her release the pain in her body. 22 .• • • • • • • • • • • • • Her work with Gary in front of the group Handling privacy Tell the Story Technique Minimizing emotional pain Intuitive Setup variations* . intuitive Setup phrases to reframe her perspective. Although it would seem that the intuitive Setup phrases at the end made the difference in Beth’s results. but eventually resolved a significantly intense aspect of that event. You might notice that Beth’s demeanor had changed from cautious and tense to trusting and relaxed. but needed persistence to help it subside. As you watch the session. but as he did with Lori. so be sure you can recognize the difference. ** Intuitive Setup variations will start to blend with the reframes in this session. Her physical pain increased (possibly the sign of a new aspect) so he addressed it directly. Both of these segments were probably significant in her ultimate result. He stopped to identify some cognitive shifts and then tried some general. he tries a variety of different intuitive angles and adjusts according to Beth’s reactions. but not generally in the same phrase. be sure you recognize that he would not have been able to start there and get the same results.what landed and what didn’t Reframes** . but there was clearly more work to do. and that the reframes he used at the end of the session would probably not have landed in the beginning. He began the session with a specific emotional event. Watch for the reframe “I could have peace instead of this” and notice how much easier a new perspective lands with Beth after some of the intense emotions are relieved. Keep in mind that the purpose of any Setup variation is to either tune into the issue more vividly or to reframe the client’s perspective.what landed and what didn’t How does he handle reframes and setup phrases that didn’t land Other variations on the Setup Body language Aspects Cognitive shifts and related comments from the audience Tapping without a reminder phrase . notice the relationship between the techniques he chose.

her positive side effects.FOUNDATIONAL EFT .VIDEO 4 Instruction on the Constricted Breathing Technique comes early in this video. and her report of the process. Make note of all the positive side effects that were identified in this section and all of the discussion about them. Also. including the development of the technique.VIDEO 5 Your results with EFT can easily be influenced by your attachment to the results. Gary also reiterates a way to be really specific when using EFT on physical pain. Be sure you understand his decisions on what to address with the upcoming round of tapping • Note that shifting aspects can be harder to identify when the issue is not discussed • Note all of the discussion on aspects and all the different forms they can take • Play along with the exercise for your own experience • Read the tutorial and make note of any new information Don’t miss the segment on Lori’s results. Many people want to get good results. The discussion on addictive cravings is similar to the material in the EFT Course. get relief for their clients. Be sure that all of the instructions and reasons for this exercise are second nature to you. operating from a 23 . it’s important to play along with the exercise for your own experience. FOUNDATIONAL EFT . the benefits. Gary covers the Tearless Trauma Technique. Be prepared with a solid understanding of the following points: • Know the specific instructions • Know the purpose of the technique. and make note of anything you didn’t already know. However. which is also covered in one of the Tutorials. Note any additional cognitive shifts that happen within the group. and when it would be appropriate to use • Note how Gary gets a new measurement after each round. and simply perform well. especially when addressing questions from your own client and assessing your own results. as illustrated in Gary’s story about EFT on the plane vs EFT in the restaurant. but be on the lookout for new information or pieces you may have missed before. so being attached to results is something we experience naturally. Next. The discussion on positive side effects is very important to understand.

24 . RELATIONSHIPS TO ELATIONSHIPS These videos open up conversation and new perspective on how relationships work and how we can relate to them more effectively. However. experimental frame of mind will get you much farther with EFT. ☺ Note any additional cognitive shifts that happen within the group. this material is not required for the exam.curious. However. this material is not required for the exam. DREAMS TO DOLLARS These videos open up conversation and new perspective on how to improve your effectiveness in business. Start to notice how attached you are to your own results and learn how to change your perspective on “failure”…even if it means tapping on it.

The rest of this video expands upon the Writing on your Walls concept. VIDEO 1 Be sure you understand the Palace of Possibilities metaphor and how it relates to comfort zones and the Writing on your Walls. The exercises from this section have been duplicated in this Study Guide for your convenience. so you may already be familiar with them. beliefs… Know the whole list) ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ • Where does the Writing on our Walls come from? Who writes on our Walls? ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ 25 . so be sure you completely understand the following elements: • What is written on our Walls? (cans.PALACE OF POSSIBILITIES OVERVIEW The material in Palace of Possibilities is largely based on Gary’s background before he discovered EFT. However. That is just to be sure you apply the concept to yourself as well as the world around you. so it will be very important to set your previous experience aside so that you can effectively absorb the material. The combination of the tools he teaches in these videos will offer valuable insight into Gary’s “art of delivery” and his process for uncovering core issues with his clients. You may notice that the terms the Writing on your Walls and the Writing on our Walls are used interchangeably. but the exam will not cover that material. The Palace of Possibilities handout is useful for following along and could provide additional perspectives to help you understand the concepts. can’ts. the exam will test your knowledge of the version presented here. The concepts on these videos have been presented in the self-improvement field for years.

________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ • Examples of the Writing on your Walls – these will appear throughout the first video. If someone said that you were exceptionally attractive. Gary has mentioned a few times that our reactions are emotional rather than logical. ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ • How does the Writing on your Walls relate to the truth? What does “your version vs my version” mean? • The difference between someone’s words and how you interpret them – Note the question “…which means what to you?” The key to understanding the Writing on your Walls is realizing that everyone’s interpretation is unique. what would your Walls say to you? ______________________________________ • By this point. provides a fabulous door to tappable issues. so be on the lookout and keep a list of as many as possible. Also notice how Gary helps people dig a little deeper by continuing to say things like “because…” or “what does 26 . Tossing the ball example Singing example – Notice how it’s easier for some people to identify specific events from their past that have contributed to the Writing on their Walls. Here’s a hint: Any material on Grandma Effie is important. • Consulting the Writing on your Walls – Gary opens with some insightful comments about his challenges in presenting new material because each audience member will have their own unique interpretation of the same input. and others can’t seem to go any deeper than a general statement. Pay attention to that section and see how may examples you can identify from your own life where the Writing on your Walls has created a similar challenge. Be sure you understand that the Writing on our Walls is in charge of all things emotional…and by the way.

Many people have adopted the Choices Method (and other variations) to “install positives” or focus on the positive rather than the negative. but rather it will disarm the negative influences. political parties or even lifestyles are also examples of how our beliefs and values can change. can change – The tooth fairy example is a great illustration. The purpose of a reframe is to introduce new possibilities rather than to decide on a new direction.that mean to you?” (in earlier examples). so try to identify which audience members need to go deeper and see how far Gary gets with his questions. Note that EFT does not install anything new. It will be helpful to make a list of the examples offered on the video. The fribdipple example – Note the comment on how the Writing on our Walls will come out of our mouth and reveal what is affecting our potential. and using words like “maybe” or “consider the possibility” with your reframes will keep you from misusing them. ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ 27 . From there. and allow our naturally positive nature to surface. • My consistent thoughts become my reality – This small section contains a valuable piece of EFT wisdom that you will need for more advanced work. note how easy it is for people to rely on their own Writing as though it were the only truth. but there is an art to that application which we will address in the Intermediate Library. You will encounter this with clients and possibly with yourself. NOTE: Keep in mind that using reframes can easily be mistaken for an opportunity to install new beliefs. or new beliefs. or your truth. we can use the other tools to install new Writing. as well as any others you can find from your own experience. new choices. which will follow later in this section. but people who have changed religions. Further. You will learn later that specific events are the best targets for EFT. Installing new beliefs should follow the instructions for designing proper affirmations. • Examples of evidence that the Writing on your Walls.

it will be valuable to spend some time with the Writing on your Walls concept. the material will be easier to remember. and give some thought to how it could affect relationships. If you can produce examples of how this applies in your own world. Gary’s perspective on arguments. follow along with the discussion on the video and look for some new insights to add to your Walls. Try to observe people or clients with a wide variety of belief systems and notice how their reactions and decision making 28 . the exercise has been borrowed from the handout and duplicated below. ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ Note the introductory comments on affirmations and tail-enders and how they relate to the Writing on your Walls. On a final note. Using your first response only. note the interaction between Gary and Beth as she comments from the audience on global economics. AHA! Exercise: For your convenience.• Conflicts between positive and negative Writing How do we satisfy our own conflicts? To understand this concept better. take 10 seconds to complete the following sentences: Physically fit people are: _____________________________________ Salespeople are: ___________________________________________ Elvis Presley was: __________________________________________ Filthy rich people are: _______________________________________ Then. relationships or anything else…find three positive and three negative for the same one. Be sure you understand the use of traditional affirmations without EFT. money. Also. decisions and other parts of everyday life. make a list of conflicting beliefs you might have about weight. for the most thorough training. You will need to be prepared with the content of that discussion. and the comments on how understanding the Writing on your Walls can influence relationships. how vividly imagining an experience can help. Note how surprised one audience member was to learn that poor people can be evil or greedy or any of the other adjectives used in the exercise. how repetition is used to overwhelm the tail enders and how noticing new attitudes along the way will reveal what is happening to the original conflict on the Walls.

In the discussion that follows. and they fail to step outside those boundaries to see the whole picture. To have some more fun with it. Most people interpret the meaning of this concept based on what is already in their own experience. Being able to step outside your internal world and recognize all the other possibilities without fear or discomfort will greatly improve your skills as an EFT Practitioner. They might be prepared for more information about what their parents said to them or they might be applying it to clients instead of themselves. it is important to participate in the exercises on the video so that you have your own experience and can absorb as much as possible. so play along and look for new insights. We all have the potential to miss part of the material because of the Writing on our Walls. and miss the possibility that a different truth could be equally as valid. be suspicious that the Writing on your Walls is somehow affecting your learning process.processes differ as they process new input. The discussion with Beth referenced above is a fabulous example of someone who isn’t seeing past their own Walls. In this Study Guide. one person might completely miss the “tossing the ball” example because it doesn’t fit their interpretation of the concept. 29 . If you have trouble memorizing or understanding certain parts. Someone else might be used to making all of their decisions based on what’s “right” or “wrong” in their experience. VIDEO 2 The AHA! exercise continues at the beginning of this video. you might consider having a dinner party and putting them all in the same room. and make sure you know the material in each section. so it would be a valuable exercise to put yourself in her shoes and recognize when you might be doing the same thing. and may also improve your well being. ☺ For this reason. For example. notice how much easier it is for people to share specific. and they mentally “check out” during parts of the material. You might keep this exercise on the shelf for times when you get stuck. ☺ BEWARE The Writing on your Walls can be a difficult concept to absorb completely. tappable events. or rather what is already written on their own Walls. and it can be extremely difficult to recognize when you’re doing it. be sure that you review the lists of important material.

My mother always said: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ My father always said: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Pay attention to Gary’s comments on parents’ intentions and be sure you understand the comments that follow about the distinction between what someone says and how it is interpreted. ERASE and REPLACE – Now that you know about the Writing on your Walls and how it may be limiting you. be sure you do the same to get the full experience. and be prepared for questions on the following: • How can the Writing on your Walls be weakened? • The Ultimate Eraser Replacing negative contributors with something positive is the entire focus from this point forward. When Gary asks the audience to say words out loud. Learn about the ways that negative contributors can be erased.This is a very important section in understanding how your system processes language. Be sure you understand the concept completely and be prepared for questions on the following elements: • • • • Habitual vocabulary What does it mean to internalize a word? Conditioning your system Why might a therapist feel low at the end of the day? 30 . this section will address what to do next. There are several tools presented in detail and you will need to know them all. Watch your Words .

• Shifting sources • Gary’s examples of how he manages input • Neutralizing negative input from clients 31 .Examining the Sources for the Writing on your Walls is another important section.• How to replace or downplay negative words • Specific words and their suggested substitutes – Several of these words are addressed on the video. so be sure you make note of all the options and all the discussion for each word and then complete the exercise with words that were not addressed. Pay attention to the following concepts: • Positive and negative sources • Writing on your Walls is happening constantly throughout the day because…. Can’t: ________________________________________________________________ Problem:______________________________________________________________ Stressed:______________________________________________________________ Depressed:____________________________________________________________ Struggle or fight: _______________________________________________________ Break (as in habit):______________________________________________________ Anxious:_______________________________________________________________ Exhausted or tired:_______________________________________________________ Failure:________________________________________________________________ Lonely:________________________________________________________________ Overwhelmed:__________________________________________________________ Rejected:______________________________________________________________ Cold Calling:___________________________________________________________ Shifting your Sources .

The points below are covered in Gary’s introductory remarks. Be sure you understand how the true affirmation is “highly reliable. you may remember from earlier discussions that consequences or an “or else” element can help teachers. VIDEO 3 On this video. Also. Make note of these points in particular: • The true affirmation – Gary uses a quote about affirmations to make a specific point. and based on impeccable logic. Be sure you know the content of that story including all the challenges and how they relate to the important message it illustrates. buts” as an alternative to “tail enders” • Note the comments on overriding tail enders with repetition vs using EFT and why people tend to give up • Advertisements . and all of the material is important. we explore Affirmations in more detail. we get into the heart of Affirmations. parents or people with authority to write on your Walls with more power. Be sure you understand all of the discussion and examples on the video about each element.” • Tail-enders and how they work • When would an affirmation become uncomfortable to say? • How tail enders compete with affirmations • The violation of other truths (ie Writing on your Walls) • How affirmations can present tappable issues • The role of EFT with tail-enders The story about Coach Hammerschmidt is an inspiring illustration about how people can write on our Walls.Why do corporations spend so much money on them? What are the various ways they use and design ads to write on our Walls? • Repetition and emotion • Writing ads for yourself – instructions and benefits • Note the example involving romantic conflict and know all the elements. • Note the use of the term “Yes. and how to use them. Next. how they work. The next story about climbing to the top of the pole includes a very important message. easy to use.Affirmations – Here is a useful introduction for more thorough discussion that will follow on the next video. but will not be on the exam. 32 .

you will not find the results you expect when using EFT for tail-enders. 33 . Be sure you understand… • • • • • Variations in the process Oreos The significance of the tailor Craig salad How consistent thoughts can show up in reality. Be sure you understand the following: • • • • Tail-enders vs Specific events What questions does Gary use to get behind the tail-ender? When do you stop asking questions and start tapping? Examples from the audience of tail-enders and Gary’s suggestions Tranquilizers Basic training NOTE: This section will show you how to properly address a tail-ender with EFT. If you miss the point of this section. Why is it so important to observe the process? • Adding Imagination What is the significance of imagining your results in advance? Once an Affirmation has been constructed properly. and what happens if you picked the wrong goal? How would that compare to will power? • Exciting vs Believable • First person.Mechanics of Affirmations • Want vs Should How would you know the difference. he asks the audience to share some of their own tail-enders and opens discussion on how to address them with EFT. Usually. so Gary shows how you can ask questions to get to the specific events behind them. even as they are changing. After Gary recounts his story on using affirmations with losing weight. the initial tail-ender will be too general for effective EFT. Gary continues his story about losing weight with some valuable examples on how to be an observer in the Affirmation process. present tense Are you lying to yourself? • Wants vs Don’t Wants Focus Words • Be an Observer Identify as many examples of being an observer as possible from Gary’s experience with losing weight. the tail-enders will start to appear.

When you consider that a properly designed affirmation will bring up tail-enders. NOTE: Once again. you have the beginnings of a great detective tool…and you may recognize parts of it in the “Say this…” technique. Be sure you see the similarities between those and the other daydreaming examples used in Gary’s experience with income and losing weight. your results with EFT may not improve as much as they could. recognize the core issues and keep improving your results with EFT. if you are used to applying affirmations differently.Make note of Gary’s comment about using Affirmations as a launching pad with EFT. and it would be great experience to test Gary’s theories for yourself. and put your previous experience aside. VIDEO 4 Be sure you understand the section on Reticular Activating System (RAS) and be prepared for questions on the following: • • • • • • • • • • Mechanics of the RAS How the antenna works How does it relate to affirmations? $100 bill example “The way to do whatever you want already exists…” Checks in the mail Grocery store analogy Right brain vs left brain Pessimists The story about Jimmy Slavinsky and the big league hit 34 . be sure you make that distinction. The Palace of Possibilities section has provided a solid foundation for you to develop this approach with your clients. then be prepared for questions on daydreaming and its significance to the Affirmation process. but proper visualization can also help with other parts of EFT. so work with the concepts until you can design quality affirmations. ask good questions. but this section will not be covered on the exam. Daydreaming – This is an important addition to any affirmation. If you miss any of the concepts in this material. and that a tail-ender combined with really good questions will lead through the Writing on our Walls to specific tappable issues. because it pulls several important concepts together. and it provides the basis for Gary’s success in finding core issues. The section on TV techniques is useful. Pay attention to the lemon exercise and the home run story.

you are far more likely to know them for the exam. Look deeper into Aspects Being more specific/Getting to specific events Asking good questions Using EFT on physical pain Garbage and gold/Intuitive setup Pay attention to what is landing with your client Persistence Tearless Trauma Technique Identifying and discussing cognitive shifts Examine your own attachment to results Use Writing on your Walls concept to examine issues Use Affirmations/Tail-enders to look for core issues Use Affirmation process to move toward at least one goal and use EFT on your own tailenders Pay attention to your sources Start identifying conflicts in yourself and your clients 35 . HOMEWORK: Read and understand the Tutorial(s) listed on the first page of this section. and they encounter exactly the same challenges…tail-enders. the principles found in Law of Attraction and The Secret are actually newer versions of RAS and the Affirmation process. the attraction will work. Again. it operates by acknowledging the issue first. you would need some other way to override. Our experience shows that as long as the tail-enders are eventually disarmed. By the time you have finished the video material in From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities. find some new people or new issues and be as persistent as possible with your EFT application. try again with the issues that stumped you before and use your new tools to see if you can get farther. If you can. by actually using all of the refinements you have learned so far. people have challenged EFT because it focuses on the obstacles and might counteract these other principles. overwhelm. often faster. way to wipe them out. If not. On the contrary. you will have some new tools to help you go farther in your EFT sessions. but as you have learned here. Hopefully by this point. Without EFT to disarm the competitive tail-enders.Since these schools of thought became more popular. EFT is simply a more direct. you can see how properly applied EFT can make the process of attraction more powerful. So…here is a list of the techniques and refinements you should be using in practice before you take the exam.NOTE to Students of The Secret and/or Law of Attraction . or otherwise address them.

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