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Responsible Alcohol Sales-It's Your Job & It's The Law!!!

In Texas, you commit a crime when you sell alcohol to a minor or to someone showing signs of
obvious intoxication or impairment.
¾ If you sell to a minor, you can get a fine of up to $4,000 per minor.
¾ If you make alcohol available to minors or allow minors access to alcohol, fines can be up to $4,000 per
minor involved.
¾ If you sell to a drunk or impaired person or to someone showing signs of obvious intoxication, you can
be fined $100 - $500 per incident.
¾ Drunk customers on your premises can be arrested for Public Intoxication and fined $100 - $500 +
local penalties.
¾ The fine for employees & licensees being intoxicated on the licensed premise where they work (even
while not working) is $100 - $1000 & more.
Arrest for any of the above can also mean jail at time of arrest, as well as the risk of license suspension and fines for the business.
ID everyone who looks under the age of 30. Don't sell to anyone under 30 without a valid ID. If someone looks drunk,
refuse the sale and or remove the alcohol. Make an effort to try to keep drunks & impaired persons from driving.
Notify management and or arrange alternative transportation, as needed per your company's alcohol intervention

KNOW THE LIMITS. .08% BAC = DWI or Public Intoxication .
Approximate Blood Alcohol Percentage In One Hour

Drinks Body Weight in Pounds Influenced -Signs of Impairment
100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240
1 .04 .03 .03 .02 .02 .02 .02 .02 Possibly-Loud, outgoing, overly friendly.
2 .06 .06 .05 .05 .04 .04 .03 .03 Converse & observe for prior drinking.
3 .11 .09 .08 .07 .06 .06 .05 .05 Impaired-Speech starts to slur. Knocks things
over. Eyes wander. Louder or quieter. Trouble
4 .15 .12 .11 .09 .08 .08 .07 .06 counting. Argumentative. Shares personal stuff.
5 .19 .16 .13 .12 .11 .09 .09 .08 Legally Intoxicated- Bloodshot eyes and/or
unfocused eye movement. Can't maintain eye
6 .23 .19 .16 .14 .13 .11 .10 .09 contact. Stumbles & Staggers. Abusive &
7 .26 .22 .19 .16 .15 .13 .12 .11 aggressive. Very loud or very quiet. Loses impulse
control. Fights or angers easily. Drops things. Has
8 .30 .25 .21 .19 .17 .15 .14 .13 trouble remembering. Confused. Changes subject
9 .34 .28 .24 .21 .19 .17 .15 .14 frequently or obsesses. Alcohol smell on breath.
Dishevled. Shows signs of nausea or loss of
10 .38 .31 .27 .23 .21 .19 .17 .16 bladder/bowel control.
1 oz. of 80 proof liquor at 40%, 12 oz. of beer at 4.5%, or 6 oz. of wine at 12%
The average healthy person will eliminate approximately one drink an hour.

To figure BAC, subtract number of hours drinking from number of drinks consumed.
.08% of BLOOD ALCOHOL CONTENT or any amount, resulting in a loss of normal use of mental or physical faculties, can result in fines and
penalties. This is only a guide and not sufficiently accurate to be considered legal evidence. The figures you calculate are averages. Individuals vary
widely in their personal alcohol tolerance. General health, genetics, gender, use with other drugs & medications, psychological conditions and body size
will also be influential in individual alcohol tolerance. Food in the stomach will only slow down how quickly a drinker becomes drunk. Food, coffee and
exercise don't make people sober. Only time passage will lower BAC & bring about sobriety.

TABC Certification - Educate Yourself & Your Employees - It's Your Best Insurance Against Fines & Lawsuits

Safeway Certifications
(512) 996-0909

IMA 1234 OLD MAIN STREET ANYTOWN. When in doubt. Does it have a TX flag and seal? Does it have the TX hologram? 7. TX 12345-0000 Ima Sample Ima Sample PROVISIONAL DRIVER LICENSE ID EVERYONE WHO LOOKS 30 OR YOUNGER TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY NO ID = NO SALE. Davis Jr. TX 12345-0000 2. issued. 9. Dudl up s Thomas CLASS: C DL: 1234 5678 Dudlups Thomas ID: 12345678 CLASS: C DL: 12345678 DOB: 09-10 -66 HT: 5-05 ID: 12345678 DOB: 01-02-30 HT: 5-11 DOB: 04-28-66 HT: 5-11 EXP IRES: 0 9-10-07 E YES: BLU DOB: 01-06-64 HT: 5-5 EXPIRES: INDEF EYES: BLU EXPIRES: 04-28-03 EYES: GRN REST: A SE X: F EXPIRES: 01-06-03 EYES: BRN SEX: M REST: A SEX: M END: DONOR: YES SEX: F END: SAMPLE. The business can lose its license. ** All other forms of ID become invalid if the bearer is found to be a minor.. IMA 1234 OLD MAIN STREET 1234 OLD MAIN STREET 1234 OLD MAIN STREET 1234 OLD MAIN STREET ANYTOWN. SAFEWAY CERTIFICATION CLASS’S TEXAS ALCOHOL SALES ID CHECKING GUIDE If the ID doesn’t look like one of these**. Check expiration date. IMA or older SAMPLE. Does the DL or ID look and feel like a credit card? Check the front/back. IMA SAMPLE.000+ taken to jail immediately. Victims of irresponsibly sold alcohol can sue the people & businesses who made the sale. First two digits= Yr. TX 12345-0000 ANYTOW N. Is it issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety? 6. CHECK THE ID: PROV ISIONA L DR IV ER LICENSE Dudlups Thomas CLASS: CM DOB: 01-02-85 DL: 12345678 EXPIRES: 01-02-03 HT: 5-5 1. Do they add to 10. Is the first “i” in the word “Directive” missing the dot on the back of ID/DL? 13. don’t serve or sell .com . Ask questions like: How old are you? What is your DOB? 10.. Does the back of the DL or ID have a magnetic strip & bar code? 12. IMA 1234 OLD MAIN STREET or older 1234 OLD MAIN STREET ANYTOWN. Check the AGE. the seller can be fined up to $4.. IMA SAMPLE... TX 12345-0000 ANYTOWN.LearnTABC. IDENTIFICATION CARD Thomas A. ask for back up identification. TX 12345-0000 Ima Sample Ima Sample Ima Sample Ima Sample June 2001 MINOR (UNDER 21) DRIVER LICENSE MINOR IDENTIFICATION CARD TEXAS TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY UNDER 21 DR IV ER LICENSE VALID UNDER 21 IDENTIFICATION CA RD VALID Dudlups Thomas UNDER 21 UNTIL 01-02-02 CLASS: CM IF AGE Dudlups Thomas UNDER 21 ID: 12345678 IF AGE DOB: 01-02-81 DL: 12345678 DOB: 01-02-81 HT: 5-11 EXPIRES: 01-02-03 HT: 5-11 DONOR: YES EYES: BLU IS 21 EXPIRES: 01-02-03 DONOR: No EYES: BLU SEX: M IS 21 REST: SEX: M SAMPLE. 1 or 2 and have 8 digits? 8. OR the buyer is underage or intoxicated. Check the audit #. 14. June 2001 5.. IMA SAMPLE. Add the last four digits of the audit #. ARE THEY 21? (Must be born on this day or before 1986) Ima Sample 3. EXPIRED = NO GOOD. Does the DL or ID # start with a 0. TX 12345-0000 ANYTOWN. Is the person sober & safe or a danger to the public? 11.. TX 12345-0000 ANYTOWN. YOU could be sued or go to jail! ADULT DRIVER LICENSE ADULT DRIVER LICENSE ADULT IDENTIFICATION CARD ADULT IDENTIFICATION CARD June 2001 June 2001 TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY TEXA S DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY TEXAS TE XA S DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY DRIVER LICENSE IDENTIFICATION CARD DRIVER LICENSE Thomas A.. 20 or 30? © ID CHECKING GUIDE Courtesy of: SAFEWAY CERTIFICATION CLASS For Superior TABC Certification Training visit www . Davis Jr. When in doubt. Does the PICTURE look like the person? DONOR: YES EYES: BLU REST: SEX: F SAMPLE. PROVISIONAL DRIVER LICENSE 4. Next three digits= day issued.