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Weekly Diary (for information and prayer)

Monday 17 …. 8.30am Prayers in church (Mondays & Wednesday – Friday)
9.00am Old School Nursery (weekday mornings + some pm’s)
Pastoral Visitors meeting 16 January 2011
3.30pm Youth Club (High Lane) … This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit …
8.00pm The Big Read Curate: Mike Newman (428 5212)
Tuesday 18 … 10.00am Acorns Wardens: Andrew Pugh (610 2570) Lindsay Burrows (485 1509)
th Careforce: Jacob Madin (07403 271274)
Wednesday 19 … 10.00am Mothers & Others Bible Study
e-mail: web:
12 noon Holy Communion (Lawrie Adam) & Soup Lunch
2.00pm OK Club
6.30pm All Stars Club (Y 5 & 6)
Thursday 20
… 9.30-11.30am Church Office open A special welcome to today, especially if you are a visitor
• The morning service is usually projected and so no books are required. For those who prefer, printed
2.00pm Church Café sheets are available containing the songs.
3.30pm After School Club (Y 1-4) at The Old School • There is a crèche throughout the service in the lower lounge. For older children there is Sunday School
Friday 21 … 11.30am & 12.15pm Christian Unions at The Kingsway (age 3-9) and Covies (age 10-18). Children leave for these before the reading
7.30pm Friday Club (Y7+) • Prayer Ministry is available at all Sunday services with a particular provision at Communion service.
rd Please move to the front after the service or speak to a member of the Prayer Ministry team.
Sunday 23 … 6.30pm LOST? (Y 10+) meets in the upper lounge • It is our policy not to take public collections, but if you wish to give towards the work of St. Cuthbert’s
please use the offertory box. If you are a tax payer please think about completing a Gift Aid declaration
Ten per cent of all that we receive is in turn given away to the following mission agencies: OMF, CMS &
Crosslinks. We also support YFC/ Covies, Careforce & The Message.
Please pray for • If you know of anyone who is sick or in need of a visit please pass on the details to Liz Duxbury
• noticesheet items must be sent to Fiona - by the previous Wednesday
The Sick ... Val Chalke, Michael Chandley, Nicola Flowers, Barbara Beynon, • Drinks are served after both morning and evening services. Please do join us for a chat
Alan Bonsall, Duncan Trevor, Cynthia Longman,
Joan Wilkinson, Jean Watts, Margaret Brookes, Andy McCormick, Special Prayers for The Second Sunday of Epiphany
Joe & Karen Coleman, Betty Green, Arthur Burslem, Chris Thompson, Almighty God, in Christ you make all things new: transform the poverty of our nature by the
Susi Johnson, Rae Kenny, Rose Battye (slight improvement), Vera riches of your grace, and in the renewal of our lives make known your heavenly glory;
Heritage, Meike Howard (small op due tomorrow), Josie Chambers through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the
(friend of Mary & Liz), Becky Sandiford (op on hip) & Mavis Jackson Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
The Bereaved… The family and friends of:
Harry Thompson especially his wife Christine & daughters Janet & Cathy This Sunday
George Bischert, especially his children, Lesley & Robin 10.30am Ten Thirty Service & HC 6.30pm The Evening Service
Peter Price, especially his wife, Pauline Theme: Value ‘In our Image’ Theme: Is the Lord’s arm too short?
Kenneth Wilcoxson, especially his wife, Kath & daughter Sheila (Holt) Lead: Phil Newsome Lead: Mike Newman
Other… The important referendum being held this week in Sudan Preach: Mike Newman Preach: John Ormiston
Those experiencing difficulties in their relationships Reading: Genesis 1.26-31 Reading: Numbers 11.1-45
Dean & Paula Finnie + Joel & Eli on furlough.
Next Sunday
10.30am Ten Thirty Service 6.30pm The Evening Service
Theme: Responsibility, You are Free Theme: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Lead: Catherine Johnson Lead: Mike Newman
Preach: Phil Newsome Preach: Bachelard Kaze

St Cuthbert’s Houseparty
If you have not already decided to attend the 2011 St Cuthbert’s
Houseparty please think seriously about doing so as it represents an
unrivalled opportunity for the church to be together in way that is not
normally possible. Full details are contained in the comprehensive
leaflet which is in the Foyer. Any further questions please see the
planning team – Amanda Fish, Debbie Thomas and John Berry.
MBG Abney 5K Trail Run
A meeting for men from both inside and outside the church : The next run / café is on 05 February at 9.30am. Full
o This month we meet for a short study on John the Baptist followed by a visit to The details and registration for the run is available at
Printers Arms. See Rob, Gary or Mike for details. Start time – 8.15pm at church in the Please do tell others about both
lower lounge these community focussed events and think about
o Advance notice that next month we will be visiting Khandoker in Didsbury again for coming to one or both yourself.
our renowned Curry Night on 16 February
Marriage Course
Ecumenical Service Dave and Jo Clark will be running another marriage course at
This year the joint service to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will be held at St Costa on Tuesday evenings starting sometime in February. This
Mary’s Church at 5pm on Sunday 23 January with speaker Mike Lowe time the focus will be on those either preparing for marriage or
within the first two years. If you would like to know more
Club 55 + watch out for further notices or have a word with Mike
Enjoyed a very good meeting with Dean and Paula Finnie on
Wednesday and now look forward to their next meeting at Confirmation Service
2pm on Monday 24 January with guest speaker, Jacob Madin A reminder that Bishop Robert will be joining us on Sunday 18 September at 10.30am for a
service of confirmation and affirmation. Perhaps 2011 is the year you wish to commit
PCC meeting yourself fully to Christ or to renew previous vows. Please speak to Mike or the Wardens if
Monday 24 January at 8pm in The Upper Room. Main you want to investigate the possibility further.
discussion theme – Pastoral Care. Papers have been
circulated. Please see John Berry if you need any further information. Bible Reading Initiative
Over the forty days of Lent we are hoping to encourage as many people as possible to share
Pop Connection together in working through Tom Wright’s Lent book on the Gospel of Luke. If you want
We are supporting Cheadle to join us, please order your copy direct from Amazon or have a word with Malcolm or
Heath School by hosting two Mike who should be able to source you a copy for around £5. We also intend to use this
concerts both on Thursday 27 January at 2.30 and 6.30pm (note revised time) respectively material in some of our home groups this term and provide feedback in Sunday services
as part of their music / CD project with Andy Silver and the Pop Connection. Admission is during Lent.
by ticket – cost £1- with proceeds going to the Eden Bus Project. We will also need
stewards and other helpers. For more details please see Mike or the Wardens. The Finnies
Keep in touch with the Finnie’s via
Church Café 27 January o Facebook – Dean Finnie
Because of the Pop Connection concert, there will be no café on this day, though o Blog – Facing the mountain
complimentary drinks will be available after the concert ☺
Kairos Supporter’s Evening Please remember to keep valuable personal items
To be held on Saturday 29 January. Please book in by email to (especially handbags) with you at all times whilst in
the church building or ask someone to put them in a
Alpha Course secure place. Unfortunately in the past, items have
If you or anyone you know is interested in finding our more about been stolen by opportunists who see the church as an easy target. Please can we remind you
the Christian faith, then please think about the next Alpha Course to be vigilant in this matter and not put temptation in the way of anyone choosing to visit
which starts on Thursday 03 February at 7.45pm. This is a chance our church building. Thank you.
to ask about and, if you wish, discuss the evidence for the Christian
faith and the practicalities of living as a Christian. It has proved Old books
helpful both for those thinking about becoming committed Mike is slowly clearing out books from the church office and has placed several which are
Christians and those wishing to move on in their discipleship. surplus to requirements in the hall. There is much choss, but some helpful stuff. Please
More details from Pauline and Mike. help yourself