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STATEMENT OF ECONOMIC INTERESTS . 7 cauFoRNA FoR 700. tee ees COVER PAGE r Please type oF pant in ink A PUBLIC DOCUMENT ' Newsom Gavin Christopher 1. Office, Agency, or Court ‘Agency Ni ot use acronis HH < ice of the Lieutenant Governor Dison, Board, Deparinen, Dil, appheable Your Poiton Tl Lieutenant Governo’ ataciment ( ions, Ist belo See attachment Psion: 2. Jurisdiction of Office (check at least one box) zi state ] Judge or Court Commissioner (Statewide Justin) Cimaticouny SEE Coounty of — _ Dory of __ — Dotter BO 3. Type of Statement (check a east one box) a] Annual covered is tanuary 1, 2018, rough 1 Leaving Office: Date Let 5 2018, Check one i through © The period covered January 1, 2018, trough the date of leaving oe 1 Assuming Offce: Date sssumed I © The petiod covered is the date of leaving ofce | trough ] Candidste: Date of Eecton Jf: Schedule Summary (must complete)" Tota numberof pages including this cover page: Schedules attached Fx) scheduie c Schedule D = Income ~ Gis - sched its me, Loans, 1s ~ schedule tached sacked ] Schedule B - Real Property ~ schedule attached Travel Payments ~scresule attached -0r- C None - No repor eve use his sateen 1 ha herein and in eles tue and compote. | sckromle | certty under penaty of perjury under the laws of the State of Califo oan sores 02] 01 [2014 FP Aas Er ave fone ena tee Mine S61 375 27 waretopccngey Gavin C. Newsom Attachment to COVER PAGE Filing for multiple positions, listed below Agency; Position: Agency’ Position Agency, Position: Agency; Position California State Lands Commission Commissioner California Commission on Economic Development Chair University of California, Board of Regents Regent California State University, Board of Trustees Trustee Page 2 SCHEDULE A-1 Investments Stocks, Bonds, and Other Interests (Ownership Interest is Less Than 10%) Investments must be itemized. Do not attach brokerage or financial statements. Intel Corp. {SENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS Computers and Technology Gavin C. Newsom NRG Energy, Inc. Energy [a szoo-sio0%0 Fl sensotteanoca LD) sto.201- sto.000 Gove s1.0c0 200 NATURE OF ikvESTMENT Bq sit CJOher — 1] Pameraip Clncome Receives $0 $456 S income Resend o $500 Hove iepnt a Sta IF APPLICABLE, LIST OATE: 2,8 18 st ACOURED By s2000- $10,000 Li ss00001- 81,000.00 Dy sie. - sto0.oce [Gy over s1.200 000 Ba'sna” "Eom Aedes upon fathers death Cl Parnership © income Recened of $0 S408 income Receved of $500 ar More apt on Sena IF APPUCABLE, UST DATE WRI OF BUSINESS ENT Merck & Co, WANE OF BUSHESS ETT Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation [GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS Drug Manufacturer [a s2.000- $10,000 Ey stecaoot- $,000.000 C1 s10.001 - s109.800 over $3,000.00 Cy Parnorane © income Received of $0» $638 income Received ot $560 ar More to Stee 6) Loomer Ve APPUEABLE UIST DATE r_jte 2, 6 4p ACOURED, DISPOSED ‘GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS Mining 5 s2m00- st000 Ly sneer $1,000 Li srooer -s10eea0 Bi cw ss.c00.000 BATURE OF RWESTENT Acquired upon father's death Di Panorsnp © iste Rectvad of $9» 488 (Gincae Receed at S800 8 More ea on Stemi IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE: yy g yt RE OF BUSINESS ENTITY ‘Enerplus {GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSHESS Energy Li szoan- 510.900 1B stan.00r- $1,009.00 [i st0.01 sto.c0e Clow 51,000 500 NATURE OF INVESTMENT acquired upon father's death Be sex Loner ponte 1D Panersne © income Receved of $0 S436 ‘Oncome Receved 6! $500 oy Mere poe Stee) Veracyte, Inc. ‘GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF TAS BUSINESS Diagnostics 1 s2000 10.000 EF] tessa =n 08 [| sto.001 - s100,000 Bi owe $1,066 008 NATURE OF INVESTMENT acquired upon father's dea! urURE oF MVEETENT Acquired upon father's death C1 Parnernip © income Recened of 30-8408 IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE 21 a8 JAB 2) 2s 48 J 18 Rea Poses ‘caue® aisroseS Comments: — a Page 3 facto rire FC Toee pine: 8652053772 wtp gor SCHEDULE A-2 cauirorniarorm 7 OQ Investments, Income, and Assets _itiallaias SE of Business Entities/Trusts aa (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) avin C. Newsom Name Airelle Wines, Inc. 620 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville, CA 94558 “Rens [Bon ara Reso] C1 Trust, go fo 2 Business Entty. complete the box, then go fo 2 | i Cat 1D Bvanese Entycaniate te bor thon 9010 2 [seen oescartion oF sis ausnces [GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS UF APPLICABLE, ST DATE ae MARKEY VALUE WF APPLICABLE UST ATE F Se ston 48 4B IF) s10001 - 100 000 ReSuREO DIEPaRED 8 /_ 148 NATURE OF INVESTMENT Sco LlPamesnp [Soe Proeictornp (xi SCOM I Ap ranertio (Sole Propetontie [) your eusiness posmon Director youn puswess posmion Cso- sso 1 sro.01 - s100,000 1 ss00- 3.000 [Bl over s:c0.000 0 51.001 - $10,000 (Dy so- sa Ls10.001 - sr00000 Ey ss00- 5,000 lover sioou00 C1 $1,001 - $10,000 or DE Nanette teow Clinvesrment Bg REAL PROPERTY 620 Oakville Cross Road [Resosors Patel Nur ot Seas hdess of Reel Property Oakville, CA ‘eseraton of Business Acviy ae Ey ar her Proce Loser ef eal opty Bgiwvesrwent [REAL proverry Villa Encinal Partners, LP Tare of gions En, iovesnent at ROSE REeSh tala or Seat hes of Real Propey Napa Valley wineries hy of Oe Paces Lacaton of Real Forty BE n oe ie [IPE ya a Escenas | E idi ete Cline oe De poems 4 Cote PI Comments: ec fom 70020112019) Page 4 F99ctltesHelpne BI275.372 wpe ene SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) 4, BUSINESS ENTITY OR TRUS Huntana, LLC 620 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville, CA 94558 ‘arene [snes Aarons Recrabe) caurorwiarorn 700 Hilorook, LLC Vilage at Squaw Valey, Ohmpic Valley, CA 96146 Tareas (hens Ae Acces LI Trust, goto 2] Business Entity. complete the bax, then go fo 2 Trt goto 2B) Business Entity, [GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THiS BUSINESS [GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS Investment in wineries Sports retail I s2am0-st0coo 48 AB dao at0900 s_/48. _j_418 | Rite ssco000 Gaanes—~BirOteD a1 806000 acaumeD —— o1sraseD IF Stoozos +1 consco WJ siccao: $0,000 rs voonce IH over roo 000 Limited Liability Co. Ci arnershio Sole Propsetranip Bi [your suswvess eosmion Member _ a Limited Liabitty Co [Fi ramenrp [Sle Propietrane Gq Limited Liability Co | jour eusiness eosmow Member (so. soe Di s500 - $3,000 i senns senane {Bl s10.001 - $100,000 [over sonooe Tene Villa Encinal Partners, LP. ‘or DR)Names ste below Bovestwens —[) REAL PROPERTY Villa Encinal Partners, LP ere of Duress ery tnvesmant ar SED SP! wink or Seat Adder ot Rea! Propary Napa Valley wineries ‘Descapaon of Buirens ctw hy of Ome Pease Location Real Property [Fj s2.0c0- sr.000 [5 sre.r- s1o.000 (Clover $100 200 Ts0- se Li ss00- 81,000 Diene-stnnan [aiNone or ves Crew. prorery PlumpJack Sport, LLC ame of Susinss Ene. fine Squaw Valley Retail Store Gity or Other Precise Locator of Real Property [J szene-s10.000— IF APPLICABLE, UST DATE Di) stoo01 900 —!— AB JAB. | | & s10.00+ - $100,000 Ye 1 Fy Stoseos ss onon0 aun aR FF Stones stor eo Heamnen | ~oueoeeD [Xd over $3,000,000 TD) over $1,000,000 Chery Omersent oat Cake lremeane | [Cl repey omenspoee strat Chek Crate Cust Coe Dewees Bl ovr Liited Liabiliy Co Clopeyges aerate esos wane overs || te sa stan sees anny een Foy Comments: Pee toro 09 ai Pages reenact nat ca ott Fe tlvee Hpi: 862753772 wpa SCHEDULE A-2 caurorniarorm 700 Investments, Income, and Assets ds of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater eau ci Newsom Moswen, LLC _ 620 Oakville Cross Rd. Oakville, CA 94558 ‘Plumpdack Sport, LLC Village at Squaw Valley, Olympic Valley, CA 94148 TL Tt goto 2 BH Eine Enty compl the Bos, then go fo 2 Sess Enki compos the bo, nan B= 92 Investment in wineries Sports retail | see 418148. ||] Seam “tron 18 48 aoaones —“osrose0 | APY Stoao: steno ACouRED — —BEPORED Te ow $1,000,000 ID] s:00001- 1.000000 Cl Panreanp CS Porn vg bimied aby Co. HIPS vse Ey sac Poneonne 5 ited Listy Co , Member 1 s0- s400 Bi s10.001 - $100,000 5 ss00 - 1,000 Clover s100.000 D2 $1,001 - $10,000 Tear sted alow Ds0- se Dy sto.01- s10,000 Di ss00 1.000 Bi over si0oa00 Dist.00t - s1o.00 Villa Encinal Partners, LP - Egiwestwent —_[] REAL PROPERTY Villa Encinal Partners, LP Lonvestuenr REAL PROPERTY Village at Squaw Valley ‘sossors Barcel Numbor o Seas Acdoss of Rel repery Olympic Valley, CA Beserston ot Suaness Act ot iyo Cer Preane Location Res! Propety Hare of Busnes Ent, Tvestranh a ERLE BaeaT tbe! Soto Aas of Real Proper, Napa Valley wineries © secs se0000 J 188 48. |} fg Sins sextoo 18 148 ace How Sots Ee II ag IE UN TTC eg TT on il Ce ene ee ee te Cen mr dig min oy common; sovcnan mens Page 6 PC Tree epi: B6/275372 wore gow SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Ent (Ownership Interest is SVI Management itities/Trusts 10% or Greater) Villa Encinal Partners. LP. 1920 Squaw Valley Rd, Olympic Valley, CA 96146 620 Oakville Cross Rd. Oakville, CA 94558. ‘eroes (eet Ase Recta) ‘Racoss [Busnes Aes Rete) TE Ths, 990? Busnes En, came he tor ten oto? |] Ll Tat goto? Bil sh meet te 00. er go 2 (GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF TAS BUBNESS ]| foenesac oescaTion oF rs susiness | Hospitality H |} | Wineries ar wasn ae IF APPLCABLE, LIST DATE HJ rage maser vawve iF APPLICA so s1399 s0- 51998 (S220 sto000 ste 3 IR Be Socce 118 siesta eo PP sins so aeauiReo 5 Ove st0%0200 By Ove 0800 NATURE OF IVESTYVENT NATURE OF INVESTWENT Ll Pemerine ] Sole Propretriie ) S- COP |] | 2 Parreri [1 Soe Propose EJ Zee CD sta001- se0020 [oven sioneoo s0-s400 5500 - $1,000 Tl esos st0can C1 sto.001 - sto0.000 [Hover $100 .000 71 so- sive i $500 - $1,000 Gi eenne = eennan Ba nvesimen’ CNCML, LP. Hare of Sesnene Eni A nea a PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn Cen. prorenry Shy oroe ‘recae Locatn Real Property [ 2000- s10 1 sto. C]stoocor- ss [Bg over sr.pa0.008 sex i Pemestin Comments: LDiwestuent Gg REAL PROPERTY 360 Howell Mountain Rd S ywin, CA pon of Buess AAR a ‘of Other Precis Location of Real Property Ang Ty sioces = soa i448 _)_)48 Ei Hooeor ton cco neauineD Proper Omesnpoee ot rust [sock] Paterp Lessehol 4 Dotter Fe form 00 03872018) ec viens carte ert FPPC Tee Melpine:865/2753772 woop foe Page 7 Gavin C. Newsom Attachment 1 to Schedule A-2 Investment, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest in 10% or Greater) Villa Encinal Partners, LP 620 Oakville Cross Road Oakville, CA 94558 Reportable Sources of Income Sources ACCESS Destination Services Janie Valach Leonard Hess ‘Ania Furtak Eugene Ludwig Jill Hamer Patrick Horan ‘Samantha Caplan Dylan Haggart Stephanie Nathanson Verity Wine Partners Maverick Wine Company Republic National Distribution Company (Deerfield Beach, FL) Republic National Distribution Company (Grand Prairie, TX) Republic National Distribution Company (Houston, TX) Republic National Distribution Company (Jacksonville, FL) Republic National Distribution Company (Jessup, MD) Republic National Distribution Company (Pensacola, FL) Republic National Distribution Company (Schertz, TX) Republic National Distribution Company (Tampa, FL) Republic National Distribution Company Great Lakes Wine & Spirits Alliance Beverage United Liquors Ltd. National Distribution Co Artisan Fine Wines Classic Wines LLC Bounty Hunter Warehouse Vin Sauvage LLC Premier Wine Group, LLC Paradise Beverages Inc. Tryon Distributing Co. Wine Trends Inc: Slocum & Sons. A. Bommartio Wines Page 8 Sources (cont, Winebow Ine. PlumpJack Wines Vintage Imports, Inc. Liquor Contra! Board of Ontario Mississippi State Tax Co. Premium Brands Mash Food Lab Tokyo Lipman Bros., Inc. LDF Sales & Distributing Inc. Capitol Hustings Co. Inc. Pennsyivania Liquor Control Board Okoboji Wines Southern Beverage Company Hi-Time Wine Cellars Carneros Bevco LLC Glazer's International Wines JJ Buckley Fine Wines Martignetti Companies of NH PlumpJack Squaw Vailey Inn Roanoke Valley Wine Co, The Country Vintner, inc. K & L Wine Merchants Mastros ‘Water Grill Pages SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest Is 10% or Greater) Gavin C Newson vi LP (continued) 620 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville, CA 94558 goto? GH Sisines Enty, complete te bos then 22 ‘GENET=L BESORPTION GF THIS RUSNESS Wineries Siogoet sn000.000 Be) Permersho [Soe Preset CJ ]vour eusiness poston ——__ Ls0- aoe Gi stooor - stoc.000 Di sseo- 1,000 Clover steeon0 O)s1.001 - s10.000 L Nares lied caurorniarorm 700 Name Villa Encinal Partners, LP (continued) 620 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville, CA 94556 _ (heck ene TE “tt go to 2B] Guanes Er, complete he Bow. Mer 90 1 2 [SENERAL OFSCRIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS a Wineries PACT s2ce0 8 aie 8 | 20 RCGURED D lary ‘1.406 000 over 8: o00 020 2 Cl sie Preston CI so-so Ly soc0r - s100,000 Ey sso0- 8.000 By over siooe00 EE 1.0% si0,000 PROPERTY Cliwestuent fal sens eroveRTY 5998 Silverado Trail, Napa. CA 94558 Chwvesrment BX] REAL prover 180 White Cottage Rd, Angwin, CA 94508 iyo oer Peas Locator Real Povey [J] s2000 - 510.500 [Ey ste. - sroo.000 [5] stear- $1,000 coo oaUIRED DISPOSED [Over s+ aoe c20 NGTURE OF INTEREST Ep Prcceny Omnesincions ot Font] Stace 4 Bhisnwote A Doe [7 ewok box actonn sched pong investments oe ey Comments: _j18 __)_148. ono Bue Bip ot Ober Secs Le Propeny LE se a0 so. 200 TE, st9.00¢- st00000 1) $1,000.00 [over st. 00¢ 000 |_{18, 48 NATURE OF INTEREST hover SonesipDees ef Tus! C] Sok] Parrsip 8 Doe ctx atonal shes pong sins os papery Fe eases snc form 08 2038/2038 rec nese mal dee 9 BOY PC Toles pine 86/275 3772 wae fv SCHEDULE A-2 caurorniarorm 700 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) Gavin C. Newsom PlumpJack Management Group, LLC. 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, GA 94123 ‘sons [Dies aos FEAT] TT] Tut goto? Gl Susiness Ent complete te fos ther goto 2 Egal Investors, LLC 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123, arose (osnessAasres Ace) ONC Test 9902 BE Banas Ent, compet he bx, then go fo 2 [GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSHESS Hospitality Management Compai (GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSHES Hospitality Management FAIR WARKET VALUE IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE: IF APPLICABLE, IST DATE so st.sce 5} s2c00 $0,000 ] s'000: - $100 s00 | sso0001 - $1,002.00 Ey Over $1000 000 7) $2200 - st9.00 18 _j_s48 | s:0.00% -s100.000 ACUIRED ‘DSPOSED, 5] stoo0c1 ~ $1,009,000 IE Goer $000,200 Li Parreranip [Sole Propet Limited Liability Co. Limited Liabilty Co. see | ae Bene Finan ante $500 - $1,000 (OvER 00,000 Tl er.00e sv.can Fa so- s1so C1 sra00s -s100000 sso s1.c00 Cover sieo.o00 Clvere Bd Naer eet er GPG Enterprises LC Elivesrweny CO) ReAL eRoweRy PlumpJack Management Group, LLC wy, Fea Hospitality Management Company Description of Bases Avy at bd mvestwent —C] REAL pRoPeRTY | Balboa Cafe Mill Valley Partners, LLC Restaurant Investments Gayo Oba Prats Locate crea Prope 9 2 tik rete Loreto ct Real Proven Fy Stoms sso a0 1348 548 | Seas ane LE i Be fooeas 2s anon ACGUMED DEPOSED 0 ReauRED — Bs EI Pree Omer Cl Propeny OunesDees ot rut] Steck) Pa Limited Liability Co. Tse CD Parnenne Limited Liability Co. 1 setae Homer C1 toseanaa Blom tec te itor! sche pang ineumens or ore FPPC Tose Hpi: 865275972 ww ope oe (Comemenias MUTI TLILE EE TIE NTE ATLILELEELEE Gavin C. Newsom Attachment 2 to Schedule A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) PlumpJack Management Group. LLC 3201 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94123 Reportable Sources of Income Sources CNCML, LP Balboa Café Partners, LP, LLC Villa Encinal Partners, LLC Pistol Vineyards, LLC Sentinal Hill Vineyards, LLC Merijack Partners, LLC Thirteenth Vineyard, LLC MC Cobblestone Capital, LLC Meriweather Companies Page 12 SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) PlumpJack Management Group. LLC (continued) 700 Meee) 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123 ‘eens [Bosees AIG FEES) Rae [BGR TITS ATOR] TL} Tass goto 2G Busnes Ent, complete te ox than goto 2 ||" Trest goto 2 C1 Busivss nti, comple the box, then go 2 (GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS [GENERAL GESORIPTION OF THiS BUSINESS FAIR MARKET VALUE IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE 118 [Aen secon Ci Panersnie ] Sole Proprietorship [Ds s1.08 17] s2200- 10.000 LV singot - stoeco0 [D]s100001 - s1,000200 Foner $3080 200 48 __)_/48 7CBURED irene) 1 sto00r - s100000 Clover sieo.00e 1 s0- siso Ci s500- s1,000 Givens - senna (Ci s0- suse Dsio00 1D) ss00 - $1,000 Cover sicoo00 isco sroean [REAL eRoPERTY leside Investors SPE, LLC Bugness Emig, Finvarerenl 1 BEE Gina or Stas haben ot Ret Property Deseipton of Business Aci Tipe of Bommens Ent, Fineonaat hy ar Oter Precse Location af Real Property x st0, JJ 18. 18 laeees ir eee ee Limited Liabilty Co. Bote Comments: La essen Dower TD check tox eins scales repoting vestments ar ral property reve form 79 ans/2038), ec aves advent Fc Tlie Hlpne: 86S/275977 woop oe Page 12 SCHEDULE A-2 yiarorm 700 Investments, Income, and Assets vesaescehialh of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Intereat is 10% or Greater) Gavin G.Newsom__] PlumpJack Management Group, LLC (continued) 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123, nek one TH Ts. go 2B) Business cry, complete te box then go f0 2 fr TAC DESCRIPTION GF THIS BUSINESS GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS t Faye marae vauve WF APPLICABLE IST oat ra warner vue a I so- 3100 Costas I S200" stooce $000 soo IF sioaos- ston oo0 Hoon -sieo2 5) stoo001 31 [5 Gwe $1,000 000 {ID s:00.001 - s1,000.600 TE over sr.0ca.a00 1 Pammernip(l Soe Propretoene (J. i rebeane C) Se Popneonne C} your eusINESS POSTION tH eens eae Dy s0- sae Disto001 IE} ss0- 51,000 Glover sio0 000 C1 $1,001 - $10,000 1 s10.001 - s100.000 Tl over sico000 Li ss00- $4,000 TaN Bginvestwent [J es eRoPeRTY MC Cobbleston Capital, LLC ae g Bees i Tinea a Hote! exeapior of Banines Rey ge Sy an ber Panen Coe of el ropey Se Bg westwent —[]Reat propery Sunset Bar, LLC ‘ssersors Pavel Number or Suact hades of Real ropory Bar FAIR MARKET VALUE wat & UARKET VALUE IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE: Bi Sieos sono ah p48 | Soc tase AB 18 Fy stone ‘snomnoo peace — ore | | Simor aoe AemuRED ~BAFORD 6 over s.000c00, TE over sto0s ace Bl Prepery Oncecehpitendt of Tust — [] Stock] Parnarship Chums ony Lite iit Co, ATURE OF INTEREST [Popes Onrernitores trust C] Sick Parmertip Limited Liability C Cesena a Bote Limited Lebiity Co Cl eneeh wot stttions seneduessporg investnarts era rpery [eek sox # sor schedules reporting vesiments ot propery read Comments:___. form 7002038201) ec hee mais aaa ppc Fc Toles Help: 86/2759 72 wate fo SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership interest is 10% or Greater) Christopher Thomas Revocable 2008 Trust 3201 Fillmore Street, San Francisco ares ©" Trt go to 21 Business En. comple the Box then go 02 [GENERAL DESCRIPTION GF TWIG BUSINES IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE: 148. 18 (Penner C1 Sale i st.00r - stoo.e00 Fy ss00- $1,000 Bi oveR $100.00 i sso - grace F1s0- soe D1 s10.901 - s100.000 Cy sse0- s1.c00 Clover siee.000 Geena eran [bd Naess blo Falstaff Management Group: Newigat Rartoers LLC. PlumpJack, Inc.. GPG Enterprises, LLC; PW Partners Lc i Blivestwens —[[] neat pRoveRry See attachement are of Susess Frey, # near Atuncars Pavel wnat or Shas Abbas of Real Prosety LDiwvestwent Drea PRoPeRy RSLS Bea Wile or Sete Addis of Real Prpony Cy or Citar 2recae Locator of Rea! Progeny “Otter Prd Location Rel Property Grose, ants te 8 C1 over $1,000,000 eS ec rtet — Clond — E] ptt Hscoans sno 48 p48 Evens s1o00¢00 aeaueD —BSPORED bce sr o0de00 [Pome Omertoees tC Sock] Fate lotr Ci stosk oe fst! shades aon nstnant or pr Ceaser Dormer Diese eck to aon shes ering ena re ope Comments:/ll ust investments listed on altached Schedule A-2s comments: ust inve a ea eau ee form 2000482025) rc asic tricone gr Page 15 nC Tobtre Mein 66/2737 wpe or Gavin C. Newsom Attachment 3 to Schedule A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts {Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) Christopher Thomas 2009 Revocable Trust 3201 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94123 See altached Schedule A-2 Page 16 SCHEDUI Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) Falstaff Management Group, Inc Rare 3201 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 Gl business En, compete the box, hen 96 urorniarorm 700 LE A-2 Balboa Cafe Partners, LP 3201 Fillmore Street, San Francisco. CA $4123 ‘iaerees (Busnes Brees R=epaBe] Ist go fo 2B Business En. TAC DESCRIPTION OF THis BUSINESS Restaurant management Sie 0 1148 ID ssssor-sicoa00 cout Ci rarsersne Sale Restaurant a gna vA 18 118 | iseoseD | [5g Penmeenin 1 le Propstorip [] zg LD) sta00s - s100.000 Bi over sien ono s0- siso 1] ss00- s1.c00 so-so D s10.01 - s100.000 ss00- $1,000 [Bl over s1co.000 Denes etme [nore or (x) Names listed below Balona Cafe Paciners | P [a nvestuen Balboa Cafe Partners, LP Drea. prorerry check Clinvesrmenr Ga] REAL PROPERTY 3199 Fillmore Street arg @ Bagseve Er, ntmeR Ea Restaurant (Balboa Cafe) hy of Gmar Preeae Locator Real Proseny (s200e = sro.000 D)stoocr sto ooo fa owe sno s00 Clery Onerpbend Tent (Sect i Patanin tease Tomer Comments: 48 _ 48 All investments on this page held by CT2009RT Tone of Sesness En Aetna w Atinsare hare! wurde ar Sens Aisees o Real Property San Francisco, CA 94123 Beseraton of Busnes Ac ge iy or Cher Pace Loca of eal Property $2000 $1000, siga0%- $108 690 _j48 __p_148. [Dj so001 - 1.000.000 AcauiIRED gover soca NATURE OF INTEREST LlPepery Owrernpibeed ot ast] Stock) Pamnershe Eevee 2 ote Frc tom 700 208/208) *P0C fee Mepne: BEE/2753772 wpe oe Page 17 SCHEDULE A-2 catirorniarorm 700 Investments, Income, and Assets aia of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) Gavin C. Newsom Newgat Partners, LLC 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CAS4123 Tareas nets Ran SET ‘ce one te Tiwe gow 2 — & ben st ‘Bar management | [GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSHESS Bar ae ars va ‘ H faa00 sr, Soe: ores st Eirememe Cl sae Popmiosne_ 6.iited Liabilly Co NaTURE OF IvESTMENT IP Pornership [1] Sole Proprisiship fj Limited Liability Co. | Member Cs sss Csro.001 ston,000 {Gy sto s1.000 Hoven sioo00 CO s1.001 - 310,000 Lis0- soe i so.001 - $100,000 i ss00 1,000 Clover sreos00 D s1.001 - $10,000 Cinero er Pierce Street Partners, LLC Eqnwesrment [J REAL PROPERTY Pierce Street Partners, LLC Detoscors Pare numar er Seat Aedes o Real Popa Bar LDnwestwent aca, 3138 Fillmore Street issessor® Parcel Number or SirecsAaess of Real Property San Francisco, CA 94123, Desens eT Deeion of Bass Nya hi MARKET VALUE Ir APPLICABLE, IST OATE: ar mar wn IF APPLICABLE, IST OATE szs0s- 5 $2020 -$10000 Fy Sioensawoze 1 /M8. __j_j48. | | F}stosar- sroooca 148 __)_)48. ‘AcauineD ~oisoseD | | srena0r- 1,000 600 ‘ACoURED ~EISFORED over 81,000 800 Lleropery Gwnesipteed ont] Steck CJ parmenip ||] Preanty Gwnerninteed ot ust C] stock] Parmar Tenterden Hid Lab CO. Jot ananas —5 Dome [chee box # atonal schedules reporting vesrans 9 el propery ne x Cenc tox sastonal eonecles paring nvestnets os! propery Comments:-Al! investments on this page held by CT200SRT fom 7000182019) ae src hae mai nose opE EO Page 18 FC tlh tree Meoline: 86/2753772 wowwfopcca gov SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) SE PAW Partners, LLC 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA $4123 Fasreas Bais AaessAczatade) “TE Tat 90 2 Business erty, complete he ox then go fo? ‘GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THiS BUSINESS Retail wine pam wr ates IF APPLICABLE, UST DATE Beem i138 4B 15 stoo.a0¢ “4.000.000 5 Over $1000 090 Di ramesnp C) sae Limited Liabilty Co. | sory (2) Member s0- 5490 1 sto.s01 -sto0.000 $600 $1000 Glover s100 000, Dl scot - 810000 re een Azo 700, LLC 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123, Taras Bosness Ras AcoeoDT TT] Tat gee 2G Susness Enty. compl he box then Retail wine 48 tt I so- s+ s00 I) s2c00- $1.00 I sta.001- s100.000 IE) st20001 - $1,008,000 TE Over s.000 200 MM ecnene Ea Limited Liability Co. Di s0- sae D ss00- $3,000 Disenns sina a sio.00t- s100.000 Dover $100 000 or El Names beled below Bgmwvestuent — D)aeaL pRoPerTy, LLC ig # Bee EO, FPEEPEE. sac Retail Wine Store Deserpion of Business Aciiy a hy 2 Omer Predae ocaon Real Property (jszoon aroma. te ICABLE, UST OATE: 18 48. over $1000 000 tH Ci Preoery Ovneanpoeed of Tost stock] Patent Disunat lone Lied Libity Co, (creck ef atonal sheds eorrg iventnen ore propery Comments:_ll investments on this page held by CT2009RT_ Page 19 Omer 3204 Fillmore Street ane of Buses Era ingestant a [Brea proverry CA94123, Desengian of Busines Acty at iy 2 Sines Prose Lasaton of Real Propay Gr0ee s00%0 Bsisoor- soe ooo 7) over $1,000,000 [1Prcsery Owrersinideed of ust stock] Patnorstip 6 [a teaserag 6 _ as EU EEE 1 oneek soe ado! sche reporing vererents oe! po ~ Form 700 0182018) £90 Tee alpine: 86295-3772 west oe SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) caurorniarorm 700 Name Gavin C. Newsom | PlumpJack, Inc. 3201 Fillmore St, San Franci CA 96123 TD Ts goto? Burnes erty comple he Bos, ton go fe? (L1 Tast pote? DB susiness Enty consi to 00x then go © 2 GENERAL SESCRPTION GF WHS BUSNESS [GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THiS BURINESS ] Retail wine | ait Hy Ht ot IF APPUCABLE, UST DATE: Yea manner vaive UF APPLICABLE, UST DATE 1118 som soso 4848 ean 5) siooes sreo0%0 aoaumes — —BePOseD toes [| $100 001 - $4.20.000 Dl Patnerstip [Sse Propisttip [}— fe eoeanne Elsa Pema 6 S.Comporation Cy s0- ses Dy sro00r - siooe00 Fy ssc0 - $1,000 Glover 10.000 Ci s1,001 - $10,000 D s0- 400, By s10,001 - $100,000 Ty ss00- 51.000 Dover sion c00 i ss00t - s10.000 BiNore cr] Names ies tao [giwesrwent [REAL PRovERTY, LLC iar of Buses San Francisco, CA 94107 Retal Wine Store en ot Banos Aly Sesenpton of Busnes Acti ge Oly.a eer Pracan Locaon Real Progeny FAIR MARKET VALUE piles Tes oes deter Ssvosa 18. 18 || 54 Soto soa ag Bison “scone Hecina” wares ||P este arene tate — alae Hee toss low eres satuRe oF wenest vaTune oF ntEREST (een carenketee teat Cent Crate | [Theron one ose tra Cleanse Pe tessanaa Comer esses (5 omer Limited Liability Co Comments: All investments on this page held by CT2009RT Page 20 pram 09 sre tpne: 862953972 wtp so SCHEDULE Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) PlumpJack Associates, LP 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123, ‘eens (Bess Faso Teco) Wine retail (}so-si90 [By szco0 so sionor [F saceor-s {Ove stan co 48 __y_ 48. aE DsPOseD | Pant _ Propictrie (— so-so CO ss00- s1,000 Gist -sinann 1 s10.001 - s100.000 lover 810000 Nore or] Names ists below A-2 wrorm 700 CALIFORNI Name Gavin C. Newsom "TH st, got 2 a [GENERAL DESORPTION OF THIS PUSRESS I 2.00 - sto.000 1118 sae: ACGURED TE over $1,900,000 Paneer) Sole Propretorenn 1 sto.00t- s100.000 Clover sieo 00 T)s0- 00 Li ss00-- 1.000 Desa inane Fame o Busness Ero fingesmont, az Dene est Warder oP Stee nade of Rea Proce Retail wine store iy of Ser Poses Lacaton of Res! Popey Py Sse senoco et Ch opry ane Ci stocn S. Corporation Cl ransenne Pome comments! investments on this page held by CT2008RT Page 21 COinwvesmenr I] REAL pRovenry Sica 148 Covers: 00.00 Cl Prnery Ownessnpeed ot rutt —C] Seek] Parneraip iene Dow Speke ator sneer gonna meses orl en) Ferm 70 zou) rracnavsEratt ecettppe sot PC Tole en: 866/275:3772 wr ope ase 3 SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) Jennifer Siebel Newsom Blind Trust 80 E Sir Francis Drake, Larkspur, CA $4939 [Bl Tut got 2) Business Entry. compte te bos, then so 122 FAIR MARKET VALUE IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE: [so- sree 1D} 2000 si.000 Cy stocor-sieaac0 {[] stooo% -scao.00e Cy overs 000 008 48 DePosED 18 ACBURED I Pasmraho ] Sle Prsietoahp. []— [yout BUSINESS POSTION TTT i sra00r- 00800 BH Ovex sooo Pa nvesmwent —— L] sen erceeny See attachment REGS Seal oder ot Stee Rides of Rel Propeny By 3 Oho Proce Locston Real ope [szose soe Clove seid B18 Le crak on ¢ sonst cess roping inesimants 5! pope: estates Gomments:_1'ust investments on attached Schedule A-1s Page 22, MINT Name Gavin C. Newsom Orch one 3 oa go 2 usmess Eri complete the br, ten go 6 2 [GENERAL DESCRIOTION OF THIS BUSHESS | 148. FAR MARKEY VALUE [so sv e00 I} $2.00 - se.c00 IZ] siacor-sr00000 IC] sto. 00: -$1.00.600 Ey overs: 200000 148 BePosED, Li rsrsente C] soe Popeonne 1 sto.001 - stoo.000 Glover $100.00 Ey s0- s100 IE} ss00- s1.000 1 $1,001 - $10,000 TP Names ned ew DDiwesrwens REAL PRopeRy Fines Enay Finest ‘earpaon of Sunes Act ar iy or Ober Proce Locabon eal Property FAIR MARKET vA IF APPLICARLE, LIST OATE: [Fj s2000- s10.000 [Ey s.008 “ston 000 a I. Acai ~ DISPOSED (}stooar sono TE] over $1,000,000 [Trevor Guero mat Stock [] Patrership onc Frm 700 (208/239) ec aasien tmaladventtppe ‘orc Tobe wpe: 86672753772 wpa Pe THOMAS F. HYDE ATTORNEY AT LAW STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE, FOR JENNIFER SIEBEL NEWSOM BLIND TRUST am the trustee of the Jennifer Siebel Newsom Blind ‘Trust (the “Trust”). I have not revealed any information to Jennifer Siebel Newsom or Gavin Newsom concerning replacement assets (assets that have been purchased since the creation of the Trust) held in the Trust except for information required und PPC regulations concerning blind trusts and the minimum tax information which li totals of taxable items from the Trust and does not describe the sts only the ource of any individual income. Further. the Trust is in compliance with the FPPC Regulation '35(b) concerning blind trusts. 1 declare under penalty of perjury that the fo 19th day of February, 2019 at Larkspur, CA. going is truc and correct. E-MAIL: TOM@ILYDEI.AW.COM Page 23, Gavin C. Newsom Attachment 4 to Schedule A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) Jennifer Siebel Newsom Blind Trust 80 E Sir Francis Drake Larkspur, CA 94939 See attached Schedule A-1s Page 24 SCHEDULE A-1 Investments Stocks, Bonds, and Other Interests (Ownership Interest is Less Than 10%) Invostments must be itemized, ‘Do not attach brokerage or financial statements PT Waae OF BUSINESS FATTY Barclays Bank 8.125% 700 CMe NN RM Name Gavin C. Newsom ‘GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSHESS Financial Services FAIR MARKET VALUE J s2000-- 10.000 By sont 51020000 Bi s:900" - s102000 ower $1,000,000 NATURE OF INVESTMENT, iisca* ™ efoneretewed Stock 1 Parcerenie © Income Receied of $0 e488 ‘S ncore Reseed of $500 a Mare apron Soe) IF APPLICABLE, LIST OATE Bone Ae se DISPOSE RIPTION OF THIS BUSINESS FAIR MARKET VALUE 7] s2.000-- s1.000 Fy stoaoes- $1,000 000 LD s10.08 - s100.000 ove $1,000.908 NATURE OF INVESTMENT Dsea Done a Dy Pamershis © came Recoved of $2 = 488 Gincame Received of #560 0 Mare ecco Sei IF APPLICABLE, UST OATE i j4h yA ‘ACGURED DISPOSED TaVE OF BUSHESS ENTTY HSBC Holdings PLC 8.125% ‘GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS BUSHESS Financial services WAVE OF BUSHESS ENTITY ‘GENERAL OESGRPTION OF THiS BUSI FAIR MARKET VALUE L] s2000-- sro.0c0 BQ s10001 - 109.00 Li stcooo:- s:.coccco — } over $1000, 000 CSE" ™ Spon Preteed Stock Hy Pamerenc © income Receved of $0 $489 G Income Reseved ot $550 7 Moe iepot a nee IF APPLICABLE. LIST DATE, J__jMB __t_} 48 FAIR MARKET VALUE ) s2000-- s:0.000 Ey stoa00s - $1,000,000 D s10.001 - $100,000 Di over s1.c00.000 Term [el eos EAE ev Ti Pamersnp Cincom Receved of $0 $438 {income Reseved 6 $500 or More eon Ss IF APPLICABLE, UIST OATE: J_J4B __j_1.18 ACoURED Disra: NAVE OF BUSHESS ENTITY ‘Glenwood Partners Il, LP {GENERAL GESCRIPTION OF TH BUSNESS Investment Fund aR MARKET VALUE Cy s2000- sto.00a Gi stea.00r §: 200008 10001 - 109.008 [over s1.000.000 NATURE OF INVESTMENT Chsec Jone — [ Pararshi © income Receved ot $0 8408 1B Income Reseed of 8560 ar More (Raton Sree IF APPLICABLE, LIST CATE F BUSINESS ENTITY DESCRIPTION OF TAS BUSHES FAIR MARKET VALUE Lsz000 -s:0.000 i stan.001- $1,009,000 Li stocor - steac00 Gi over #000000 NATURE OF INVESTIENT Disoa Cy ote au Di Pamersnp Cincom Recenes of $0 $488 { incame Receives 6! $500 ar Mare gon Soma IF APPLICABLE, LIST DATE: lal —oeggi tt PILL A LIL A Comments: Page 25 Form 7000387209) recast savntige a1 FPPC Tobe Hep: 867275377 ww pee SCHEDULE A-2 Investments, Income, and Assets of Business Entities/Trusts (Ownership Interest is 10% or Greater) Club E 1m 30 Francis Drake Blvd, PO Box 437, Ross, CA 94960 caurorniarorm (QQ Name Gavin C. Newsom Tn go 2 Busnes erty compte Eon te Go oducion company —l [Ll Penverne [-]Sae Propitorne (gg timited Liability Co. _ J vour ausiness rosmion SPO SM ratese C1 sae Ppp (J - Founder/Chairperson ere aeertestesciiee een eee eee Cs0- see Bl srooor - ston000 Li s0- soo Cy s.001 - s10,000 i ss00- 000 Clover sia Ey ss00- s1,000 By over si00 000 51.001 - $10,000 Elvene or De Names ites bow Deloitte_ C1 $1,001 - $10,000 Chowestoenr Cl] neat PRoPenry Khnvesruent [reat proverry lane o Sagres Pom, gaa 6 ot Sagas Eni esi we SERS RIG AtnBe @ Stee hide rea Pope SERS PRIN Seas ote Prseny Deserption of Business Aetiwty sr il Description of Business Activty af BaP er Pts Leste eu Popty Sarat Or Pres Later net Ponty Fam manner Vatu IF APPLICABLE UST DATE Fale maRKE VALUE IF APPLICABLE, LIST BATE HSioan sonore 88 48 | | Sis sone a] restorer 0800 mowameo —osroseD ||P syenoor + en Chowr sr oacc [oer ss sooaco NATURE OF wTEREST ATURE OF WTEREST Li ropeey Owreepoees Tat] Cormnentis ||Croneny omentetoed nt C] shiek C] Patnoais Diente a Cone x -| | ternte ome Chem g ass states prin mann essen, | |) pe of tn wis rng rine pty Comments: ———_— 5 om 7020382919) Page 26 rire toe spine at] 378 wetppe SCHEDULE C caurorniarorm 700 Income, Loans, & Business ff satan Positions fia (Other than Gifts and Travel Payments) NAVE OF SOURCE OF INCOME ‘The Representation Project Gavin C. Newsom NAVE OF SOURCE OF INCOME, PlumpJack Management Group, LLC 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, PO Box 437, Ross, CA ‘RODRESS (Buamess AcaczeAecoab) 3201 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123, BUSINESS ACTIVITY F ANY OF SOURCE BUSES ACTWITY, ANY. OF SOURCE Nonprofit Hospitality management company YOUR RUGNESS POSTION YOUR BUSINESS POSTION Founder GROSS INCOME RECENED [C)ss00- sexo Cy st. - sro.080 i ss0005- s1e0 00 Tloves $109.00 CONSIDERATION FOR WHICH INCOME WAS RECEIVED Cisaary [E) he income = Business Postion Gry (Bl Spouse's or regintereddomeste paar’ weame ‘Far settemployes ws Schedule 82) GROSS INCOME RECENED (ss02- sx000 By sto001 - 00000 CCOKSIDERATION FOR WHICH INCOME WAS RECENED Ci sais [Dive sem = Suanees Postion Oi Dsx001-s10c00 Dover s100 00 1 Spouse's «reir donee sarrarsneame (Forsetamsioyed se Scredde 2) Clean es an 10% cuerpo are Cl patna er 10% owners. Fe 10% or ee Osan —— - Diss ot a 1 Goo epgrent ff i ton rayne aan commission's? Renal iam, each sue: [i ceonmsion or) Renta nce, i wh sc $1620 mom Clener Dow, maar You are not required to report loans from a commercial lending institution, or any indebtedness created as part of a retail installment or credit card transaction, made in the lender's regular course of business on terms available to members of the public without regard to your official status. Personal loans and loans received not in a lender's regular course of business must be disclosed as follows ‘RODRESS (Business Aaarass Accootabo) HIGHEST BALANCE BURING REPORTING PERIOD Li sss0- s1.000 Lis00t - sto.000 Li s:2.001-- sroo.000 Ti over s100 000 Comments: Page 27 INTEREST 8 TERM (erherasr} [Nene Dnere 1 ern eience (ea ren i Cl ovnanie a 2 oT TTT TIT rector 70 208/238) rec adic tot sovceapece tot FPPC Tore eine 88/2753772 wane se Ps SCHEDULE D Income - Gifts cauirorniarorm 700 ‘Name Gavin C. Newsom Souther California Edison [NODRESE (ese Ans Aeon) 2244 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770 INE OF SOURCE (Wat on Acronym) Keesal, Young & Logan [DDRESS fusress Aas Accopabe) 450 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133, BBUSNESS ACTWITY, F ANY, OF SOURCE BUSNESS ACTIVITY F ANY GF SOURCE Utilities Law firm DATE (rmigaiy) VALUE —~~—~COESORIPTION OF GTS) BATE (mai) VALUE ‘DESCRIPTION OF GIFT) 326,18 56.72 Food & beverage 6 20,18 55.99 Champagne David W. Driscoll NAME OF SOURCE (Mot an Acronym) Mark Arabo ADDRESS (Business AaareesAecopone) 130 Darthmouth Rd #5, San Mateo, CA 94402 [ADDRESS (Business Astoes Focoptaie) 15825 Yokohama Ct, San Diego, CA 92120 a STAT WF ANY, OF SOURCE NIA RTE wea) VALUE 6, 8,18 50.00 Fs RERCRPTION OF GFTIS) Champagne Nonprofit i ‘TE (wedi) VALUE DESCRIPTION OF GIFTS) 82 150.00 Spirits a NAME OF SOURCE (Wot an Ae Michael E. Fox, Sr. NAME GF SOURCE Wet a Acoryn) California Chamber of Commerce [ADORESS (Buaness AdareceAeceiote) 14751 Quito Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070 ‘RODRESS (Business Actes Acco) 1218 K St, Ste 1440, Sacramento, CA 95814 [BUSINESS ACTIVITY F Any, OF SOURCE USNESS ACTIITY, Favs OF SOURCE Philanthropy Nonprofit DATE (mma) VALVE DESCRIPTION OF GFTIS) DATE (nmiaaiye) VALUE eS 68,18 349.99 Champagne 10,17, 18,103.23 Lunch ec fo 70820182019) rec asics tai ncveeIap 28° rc tales R61275.772 war top coe SCHEDULE D Income - Gifts DP NAME-OF SOUREE Kaleb Pulaskis Tn Ac) Cee Ng Name Gavin C. Newsom Ali Jananait ESS Gusrens Adios Aczopote) (Business Aes Acca) 8724 Rosewood Ave, West Hollywood, C/A 90048 ‘BOSNESS ACTITY, IF ANY, OF SOURCE DATE (mma) VALUE DESCRIPTION OF GIFTS) ‘ATE (wmayy) VALUE DESCRIPTION OF OIFTIS) 10,18, 18 5120.00 Baseball hats 12,17, 18 90.00 Holiday fruit and nuts EEL pss ete reteegiseestsensos = NAME OF SGURGE pa a Aeon) Mary & David Boies 333 Main St, Armonk, NY 1050: BUGNESS ACTIATY. ANY. OF SOUF Law firm DATE (reetdyy) VALUE 5 (Buess Adress Acct) DESCRIPTION OF GFTIS) ‘Andrés Manuel Lépez Obrador ZODRESS (usnass Acura Acspiba) Mexico City, Mexico BUSINESS ACTNITY, IF ANY, OF SOURCE President of Mexico DAE Geneaiy) VALUE ~~ DESGRIPTICN OF GIFTIS) 12,11, 18 300.00 Wine 14,2918 120.00 Jaguar Figurines, » . al AL ARLEN Eee See Sete eee 1 NAIE OF SOURGE (or an Acronym) TRESS (are hates Aozora [RODRESS (Busnose ress Fe abe) STW, PANY, OF SOURCE SUBIRESS ACTINTY. F ANY OF SOURCE Comments: DATE tomas) VALUE ‘DESCRIPTION OF GIFTS) Page 29 Fen farm 702018208) ctl tree lpn: 6/275 372 wtp oe

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