Unhinged,  All  Right:   Jared  Lee  Loughner  

By  Jane  Gilgun  




  Summary     The  acts  of  violence  that  Jared  Lee  Loughner  committed  are  so  horrible  to  think  about  that  I   had  to  write  my  analysis  in  the  form  of  a  poem.  I  have  interviewed  about  150  men  who   have  committed  violent  acts,  most  in  prison,  some  for  life  for  being  serial  murders.  Through   these  interviews,  I  have  developed  an  understanding  of  what  violence  means  to   perpetrators.  In  this  poem,  I  apply  what  I  know  about  violence  to  what  is  known  about  the   life  of  Jared  Lee  Lougher.     About  the  Author     Jane  F.  Gilgun,  Ph.D.,  LICSW,  is  a  professor,  School  of  Social  Work,  University  of  Minnesota,   Twin  Cities,  USA.  See  Professor  Gilgun’s  other  articles,  books,  and  children’s  stories  on   scribd.com,  Kindle,  and  iBooks.  

Unhinged,  All  Right:   Jared  Lee  Loughner  
He  was  unhinged,  all  right,   Jared  Lee  Loughner,  that  is,   in  a  state  of  dysregulation   as  they  say  in  psychology   meaning  he  couldn’t  think  straight   dysregulation  hurts     and  so  the  dysregulated  seek  to  soothe  themselves     Some  people  talk  to  others  about  what’s  bothering  them   and  work  things  out     some  get  drunk,  high,  drive  or  buy  recklessly,   fixating  on  how  others  are  hurting  them   or  how  they  can  hurt  others   to  feel  better     or  just  do  what  they  want  to  feel  better   telling  themselves  that  those  they  use  and  abuse   are  enjoying  themselves     Psychology  says  they  have  issues  with  executive  functions     meaning  lack  of  planning   unable  to  control  impulses   and  not  being  able  to  foresee  consequences     Jared  Lee  Loughner  thought  straight  enough   to  plan  murder   persisting  in  buying  bullets   after  he  failed  at  the  first  Wal-­‐Mart   and  getting  a  black  diaper  bag  to  boot  to  hide  his  booty   persisting  in  getting  to  the  supermarket   for  a  $14  cab  ride   after  his  father  chased  him  into  the  desert   wanting  to  know  what  was  in  the  bag     Jared  Lee  Loughner  soothed  himself  with  rants   against  the  currency  and  linguists   why  is  6  called  6  and  not  16  anyway?   he  soothed  himself  some  more  when  he  posed   wearing  a  red  g-­‐string   his  Glock  beside  his  crotch   took  photos  that  Wal-­‐Mart   developed  for  him   that  he  picked  up  hours  

before  the  hour  he  opened  fire   he  thought  straight  enough   to  say  good-­‐bye  to  friends  on  Myspace   and  post  a  picture  of  himself  in  the  g-­‐string   with  his  Glock   hours  before  he  opened  fire     Oh,  yes,  Jared  Lee  Loughner  was  dysregulated  all  right   and  didn’t  think  straight   except  when  thinking  straight  enough   to  hone  in  on  his  target     right  through  the  brain   that  beautiful  woman  with  a  fairy-­‐tale  life   what  a  guy   to  murder  a  nine-­‐year  old  girl   eager  to  learn  about  the  US  government   to  murder  a  wise  judge,  a  young  social  worker     old  women,  an  old  man   wounding,  maiming  life  forever   he  was  afraid  to  murder  his  scary  old  man   who  yelled  at  him     The  rageful  rhetoric  of  fringe  groups   got  the  attention  of  Jared  Lee  Loughner   gave  his  life  meaning   that’s  the  ultimate  self-­‐soothing   shoot  them,  kill  them,  maim  them   take  advantage  of  their  defenselessness   walk  in  on  them  meeting  and  greeting   in  the  open  air   grin  and  fire   30  rounds  in  seconds   and  then  grin  into  the  camera  at  the  cop  shop     He  did  it.  Mission  accomplished   just  a  niggle  of  a  conscience   made  him  look  like  an  idiot,  a  fool,  a  jester   on  front  pages  and  webites  throughout  the  world   but  he  was  planfully  dysregulated   had  selective  executive  function  issues   sought  to  soothe  himself   choosing  an  easy  target   someone  who  succeeded  where  he  had  failed   succeeded  at  school,  in  love,  in  a  vocation   while  he  failed  at  school,  in  love,  in  a  vocation   he  believed  his  father  hated  him  

if  his  own  father  hated  him   no  one  would  ever  love  him   My  God,  what’s  a  guy  to  do?     Take  drugs,  drink,  find  satisfaction   in  the  rants  of  fringe  groups   choose  as  your  favorite  YouTube  video   a  man  in  a  dark  hoodie   a  garbage  bag  for  pants   a  skull  mask   burning  the  American  flag   in  the  Arizona  desert       Jared  Lee  Louis  is  a  man,  after  all   what  kind  of  world  is  it   that  a  woman,  a  woman  is  so  successful   beautiful,  a  great  job,  married  to  an  astronaut   has  it  all   that  is  not  right   he,  Jared  Lee  Loughner,  a  man   he  deserves  what  she  has     a  mere  woman  doesn’t   bitch,  whore     She  doesn’t  deserve  anything   except  a  bullet  in  the  head   she’s  the  government   she  tells  me  what  to  do   says  6  is  6  and  not  18   forces  me  to  use  paper  money   not  gold  and  silver   how  dare  she?   She  can’t  tell  me  what  to  think   She  is  not  the  boss  of  me   take  her  out   take  them  all  out   satisfaction  at  last   all  eyes  on  me   I  count   don’t  I?   I’m  the  man   aren’t  I?    

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