Deonar Slaughter House Protest Few Facts about Deonar Slaughter house • • • • • • It was built with keeping in mind

the meat requirement of Maharashtra citizens and to certain extent Indian citizens only. From its current meat production capacity, deonar is currently exporting 60% of its meat today Deonar Slaughter house cuts all the animals that are available to them, they cut cows, Buffalos , goats and all the animals that you can think of Current utilization of water in deonar is 20 lac liters Currently most of the part of the week deonar is supplied with Electricity, where as many places in Maharashtra are facing large power cuts In spite of being Asia’s biggest slaughter house It is currently running in losses

What are BMC’s Plans? BMC plans to modernize Deonar Slaughter house at the cost of whopping Rs. 125 crore. After this modernization BMC plans to export this meat to other countries as well. And they think that after this modernization it will be in profit (I really wonder if it is running in loss now then why they are running it in first place) What this means to a citizen of Mumbai, Maharashtra and India • • • • • • • After the modernization , there will be more animals being cut daily at deonar slaughter house More Meat exported to other countries, making this a big business Which would mean meat becoming Expensive in all areas in India More and more Since more cows and buffalos will be cut, all the daily necessities will become expensive like milk , butter and other milk products Utilization of water will increase to 1 crore liters Increase in consumption of daily electricity

According to the scientists deonar slaughter house is one of the major reason of the earth quakes in latur and tsunami that happened in India. The Waves gets produced when these animals cry while they are cut and these waves contribute in the vibration of earth while earth quakes. And there are many more facts to this which we would come to know through discussions. I strongly protest MCGM’s decision to modernize Deonar slaughter house. I have created an online petition for the same, which can be accessed through below link. Request you to kindly sign this petition.

This protest should be extended to everybody, Hindu, Muslims, Sikh and every Indian and every person who loves animals and believes in Ahimsa - Non violence. What we can do best to protest this, protest the politicians who support this decision of BMC and declare that ”I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A GOVT WHO SUPPORT THIS KIND OF CRUEL AND INHUMAN ACITIVITIES AGAINST ANIMALS THEY HAVE RIGHT TO LIVE THEIR LIFE TOO LIKE US” Forward this to as many people as you can, this would be a great help to human kind.

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