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1) What is the largest ethnic group in Texas? • Anglos (48%) 2) Will African- American population in Texas increase, decrease or stay the same? • Stay the same-roughly 11.5%? 3) Most of the African-Americans came here between 1836-1860. True or False? • TRUE!! (They came as slaves) 4) What happened to the African-Americans after the Civil War? • Many left Texas because of the Jim Crow laws. 5) During the 1940’s, Hispanics replaced what group as an ethnic minority in Texas? • African- Americans 6) What city has the largest Asian-American percentage in Texas? • Houston 7) What percentage of people in Texas lives in an urban setting? • 83% 8) Since what year have the majority of Texans lived in urban areas? • 1940’s 9) Demographic change in Texas will make taxing policy more regressive or less regressive? • LESS regressive; MORE progressive 10) Although it’s hard to characterize/stereotype. Hispanics, most Hispanics have a more positive or negative view of government? • Positive (+)

11) The Texan creed is the same as the American creed, but it favors what? • Individualism & liberty 12) The Texas Rangers were brutal to enemies. True or False? • TRUE! 13) The Texas Rangers were loyal to friends. True or False? • TRUE! 14) The Texas Rangers are controversial among modern scholars. True or False? • TRUE!! (Cool vs. dirty tactics) 15) The first real economy in Texas was what? • 1) Cotton 2) Cattle 3) Oil 16) Today the economy in Texas is described as-based on one product or diversified? • Diversified, and contingent on education 17) The Texas Constitution-was a reaction to Reconstruction? • YES! 18) Did the Texas Constitutions give more or less power to the state government? • Less 19) In its history, how many Constitutions has Texas had? • Six! 20) The American Constitution, is it long and specific or short & vague? • Short & vague 21) The Texas Constitution, is it long & specific OR short & vague?

Long & specific 22) If you see a short constitution, does that mean the intention is to give the govt. more OR less power? • MORE 23) In Texas, is the governor strong or weak? • Weak 24) Why has the plural executive been criticized? • Because they don’t have appointing power, they have difficulty setting a policy agenda 25) The power of the comptroller & the Lieutenant governor rival the power of the Governor. True or False? • TRUE! 26) The Constitutional requirement for 140 days bi-annual sessions helps explain why the Texas legislature is considered a what? • Part-time, non-professionalized citizen legislature. 27) Did the creators of the Texas Constitution want it to be that way? • Yes! 28) In Texas, court judges are appointed or elected? • Elected 29) How many times has the Texas Constitution been amended? • 432 times!!! 30) The Texas Constitution, does it mandate a balanced budget? • YES! 31) In what year was a serious, comprehensive revision of the Texas Constitution undertaken? • 1974

32) Why did the one major effort to rewrite the Constitution fail? 3 reasons: • 1) Right-to-work clause 2) The legislature acted as the Convention 3) The 2/3 requirement-only 118 out of 121 votes 33) The Plural Executive, the non-professionalized legislature, and elected judiciary increase the influence of who? • Lobbyist/interest groups 34) From 1874-1986, Texas was a two-party state, with a vigorous twoparty competition. True or False? • False; it was a one party state-Democrat 35) From 1987 until now, Republicans have slowly taken over Texas politics. True or False? • TRUE! 36) Part of that change in Texas over the last 25-30 years can be characterized as what? • A de-alignment (NOT a secular realignment) 37) In Texas, do lobbyists have a lot of influence over the executive branch? • YES! 38) In Texas, do lobbyists have a lot of influence over the legislative branch? • YES! 39) In Texas, do lobbyists have a lot of influence over the judiciary branch? • YES! 40) In the Texas Judiciary, is partisanship relatively important? • YES, because in Texas, you MUST win the Republican Primary to enter the race in the open election for judge. 41) In the Texas Legislative, party considerations, are they usually maximized or minimized? • Minimized

42) What do lobbyists provide legislatures with in Texas? • Information 43) In a home rule city, the power to govern is granted to who? • The city itself; they have their own charter 44) Name a city that has home rule. • Houston 45) Name an example from Houston’s home rule policy. • State/clear program 46) Do counties have home rule? • NO! 47) How many counties does Texas have? • 254! More than any other state! 48) Who functions as the legislative level in the county government? • County judge 49) Who functions as the legislative body for the county? • Commissioner’s court-made up of 4 members 50) Most big cities in Texas use what form of city government? • Council-manager 51) Whose the chief law enforcement officer in the county? • The Sheriff 52) The process of annexation involved enlargement of a city’s corporate limits by incorporating surrounding territory into the city. True or false?

TRUE! 53) Which of the following type of election do not involve city wide voting? • Single-member district 54) In a strong mayor-council, the mayor is elected how? • City wide 55) Do single-member district elections increase or decrease ethnic diversity? • Increase 56) Do at-large or at-large-by place elections increase or decrease ethnic diversity? • Decrease 57) What is the most common type of special district called? • School district 58) What are the 3 kinds of local government? • City, county, special districts

04/11/2007 20:55:00

04/11/2007 20:55:00