The Wilderness Kids Save Christmas Synopsis: Santa has been kidnapped and the WK must rescue him

to save Christmas. Before the Game: Ask each player if they believe in Santa; and if not, why? Reward each player with 1 Style Point (SP) for each answer (unless the justification is the same for another player). Reward the 1st player to answer “Yes” with a bonus SPs (1 or 2). Scene 1: Location: Date: Time: Welcome to Santa’s Village Downtown Kokomo, Indiana December 23, 1950’s 8:00 p.m.

The Wilderness Kids have just gotten off from Elf duty from the annual Wilderness Kids Santa’s Booth. Downtown Kokomo has been transformed into Santa’s Village with the WK’s Santa’s Booth as one of the premiere attractions. . After a long duty of being Santa’s Elves, the WK have finally gotten a break. Before they leave, Scoutmaster Bree has been playing Santa and has announced to the WK’s that he’ll be sending someone over to get them for when he’s ready to take them to their annual WK Christmas Party & lock-in. In addition to their standard WK gear, all of the PC’s are wearing Elf costumes and pocket full of candy canes. Describe some of the sights and sounds of Sights: Snow, Santa’s Village, Christmas decorations (tree, lights, ornaments), Hot Chocolate Stand, snowball fights, Nativity Scene on Courthouse lawn Smells: Pine trees, hot chocolate, popcorn Sounds: Children laughing, crunching of snow, popcorn popping, impacts of snowballs, people singing Christmas songs After letting the WK’s wonder around the square, have them make Perception Checks: 0 They overhear that a cute boy/girl is looking for them to give them a present. If the player leaves to look for the boy/girl, they find him/her with their friends only to make fun of the WK dressed up like an elf. Reward the player with 1 SP. 1 Nothing Special 2 You hear a scuffle in a nearby alley 3 As 2 plus, you turn and see a man dressed in a Santa’s suit being pushed into a car by two men. As Santa protest, one of the kidnappers hits Santa with a blackjack & knocks him out. 4+ As 2 & 3, but you notice the car looks like a 1959 Cherry Red Cadillac Convertible (see for pictures). License Plate “SANTA01”

Let the Players think about what is going on and before they can do anything… Scene 2: Location: Meet Mr. Primm Alley

As the WK’s are determining their actions, they are accosted by a squeaky voice (Mr. Primm): “There you are, I’ve been looking for all of you forever. I can’t believe that you took so long. Where are all of the presents? Don’t you know we’re on a deadline? You were supposed to get everything on your lists. If you didn’t, there’s going to be a sad little boy or girl who didn’t get their Special gift this year, and won’t you feel guilty. You know the Big Guy doesn’t like to be kept waiting. I know he always says that things are okay, but you don’t realize how much pressure he’s on at this time of the year. He needs to save every minute before the 24th if he’s going to have enough time to delivery everything….” Mr. Primm is a short (3’ 1”) Elf with very poor vision (Coke-goggle lenses) who has mistaken the WK for his helper elves. He is absolutely convinced that the WK are his elves won’t believe anything the PC’s do to dissuade him of this fact (e.g., if the WK’s remove their Elf ears, Mr. Primm will accuse the WK of stealing some of the “magic dust” to perform the trick.) If any of the PC’s keeps pestering Mr. Primm, he’ll say stuff like the following: “I know you’re type. You’re the type who’ll forget to take off the price tag before wrapping a present.” If a particular PC continues to pester Mr. Primm, he’ll give them a “special” treat – a Mrs. Claus’s Super Sourballs. If a PC eats one, they cannot talk for the rest of the game (give the PC 1 or 2 SP for this inconvenience). After awhile Mr. Primm will notice that Santa’s sleigh (his convertible) is moving away or if the PC’s mention that they saw him being kidnapped, Mr. Primm will start to panic. The car is about 50’ away and starting to accelerate. Let the PC’s think of how they’ll follow the car or be able to track it. If nothing comes to mind, or if their ideas fail due to poor rolls, allow Mr. Primm to offer the use of a Tracking Bell. It can be thrown @ -2 to hit or shot with a slingshot without any penalties. It attaches on a roll of a 4 or better, but don’t tell the PC’s. If the PC’s miss the first try, the bell is still in their hand/sling-shot (It got stuck). They can try again but at and additional penalty of -2 to hit (e.g., -4 for throwing, -2 for sling-shot). After the Tracking Bell is attached, Mr. Primm pulls out a device that shows a map of Kokomo and a small dot that is moving away (If you have a cell-phone with a map software, e.g., Google Maps) show it to the PC’s. Under no circumstances, will Mr. Primm trust the PC with the device, “Only Head elves are allowed stuff like this. You know that elf technology is at least 50 years ahead of human innovation.” Scene 3: Location: Getting There Alley

As the players watch the Tracking Bell, they soon realize that the kidnappers are headed out of town. Mr. Primm looks at the WK and says, “Do you know how we’re going to get there?” Let the WK discuss it for awhile. If anyone suggest using reindeer, Mr. Primm looks a little nervous, but eventually will pull out a strange looking whistle. He’ll mumble before using it like, “They don’t like it when I use this. I know I’ll be the one blamed for this, even though it’s all of their (as he glares at the WK’s) fault. Maybe if someone else will play it, they won’t get mad at me.” Any player with a performance skill roll of 3+ can call the reindeer without any problem. A roll of a 0 results in the PC needing to do a defense roll as the reindeer target the player from above (0 damage, but it’s not fun being covered by reindeer dung). A roll of a 1 or 2 calls the reindeer, but Mr. Primm is the target. If Mr. Primm uses the whistle, he’ll call the reindeer, but will be covered by their droppings, which doesn’t help his mood. After the whistle is blown, tell the PC’s that a few minutes pass. Have all of the PC’s make a Perception Check (2+ needed to notice the reindeer). If someone wants to try and jump onto a reindeer when they’re landing and before they stop, make a 2xDEX , Athletics or Acrobatics check at 4. Anything lower means they failed and are hit by the reindeer as they land take 4-roll non-lethal damage (e.g., roll of 1 = 3N damage). As the reindeer land, have all of the PC’s make a 2xDEX , Athletics or Acrobatics check at 3. Anything lower means that they didn’t get out of the way of the reindeer and have taken the difference in non-lethal damage (e.g., a roll of a 1 = 2N damage). PC’s get bonus to roll for the following: +2 if they see reindeer coming +2 if they specifically mention going to side of alley Ask each PC what reindeer they’ll be riding – 2 SP if they mention one of the following: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder (Donner or Dunder) and Blitzen (Blixem or Blixen), only 1 SP for Rudolph. If the players can name off all of the reindeer, give them all a bonus SP. Any feeding of the reindeer will give WK bonus to Animal Handling and ride +1 for candy canes +2 for jawbreakers When reindeer take off, make a 2x DEX , Athletics or Acrobatics check at 3 or fall off +2 for any PC that does a Animal Handling roll (or Charisma roll) of 3 before mounting +2 to roll if the specifically mention holding on or holding reins If anyone fails this roll, they take 3 – roll N damage. If you want to make things interesting, the reindeer take off and the PC has their foot caught in the reins. Each turn

they need to make a 2xDEX, Athletics or Acrobatics check at 3 (no bonuses) or take additional damage. Describe the ride to the farmhouse. If any PC indicated that they didn’t believe that Santa couldn’t exist because it would take too long to deliver the presents, have time seem to slow down while on the reindeer. If the WK question Mr. Primm about this, he’ll first explain it’s magic. If pressed further, Mr. Primm will say something like this, “I’m not exactly certain how it works, and you’d have to ask the technicians back at base. I heard one of them saying it was something related on how the cosmic rays interfere with the magnetosphere in the North Pole has genetically altered these reindeer and the grains that they eat. Somehow, when the reindeer run, they’re start generating some magnetic field or bubble around them that allows them to achieve a speed near the speed of light. I don’t understand half of it, and decided on going into management. Calling it magic seems a lot easier and doesn’t give me headaches.” Scene 3 Location Rescue “Abandoned” Farm House

As the WK approach the farmhouse, have the WK make perception checks: 0 The WK has misjudged the height, have them make a a 2xDEX , Athletics or Acrobatics check at 3 or fall off, taking 3 – roll N damage (but they get 1 SP) 1 Notices farmhouse, detached garage and barn 2 As 1, tire tracks into garage & light from shaded window (kitchen) 3 As 1 & 2, but also notices doors to coal chute in house 4+ As above, but also notices footprints of 2 men dragging 3rd man to coal chute Once the WK’s arrive at the farmhouse, Mr. Primm is primarily concerned with staying with the reindeer and getting the sleigh ready. He’ll get the sleigh ready by pressing a button and the car will start to transform into a sleigh (e.g., think like a James Bond movie, ski’s drop from the bottom as the wheels are raised and enveloped by the body.) He’ll give help to the WK if they need it or if it’s something related to Santa (e.g., if the WK decide to enter through the chimney, he’ll have something that will allow either split the party; or he’ll have something that only works 1-way (i.e., they could enter that way, but not leave)). The farmhouse looks abandoned, but there is evidence that it is occupied. There’s faint smoke coming out of the chimney. The farmhouse is a 3 bedroom house with a basement. Walking outside will not require any DEX, Athletics or Acrobatics check. Running outside will require a 2x DEX, Athletics or Acrobatics check at 3 or fall due to slipping on packed snow/ice. Damage due to falling is 3 – roll N damage.

When the WK’s arrive at the farmhouse, they will make noise. This will put the kidnappers on alert. If the WK are not quiet, the one of the kidnappers will come outside. Otherwise, after three (3) failed stealth rolls will result in a kidnapper going outside. Stealth rolls outside require a success of a 3. +8 if inside/behind garage or barn and not moving +6 if inside/behind barn or behind garage and moving +4 if inside garage and moving +4 if behind fence and not moving +2 if behind fence and moving +2 if outside and not moving +4 if no stealth rolls have been failed +2 if only 1 stealth roll has been failed +2 if walking in snow, but must make DEX/Athletics/Acrobatics check first to avoid falling Stealth rolls increase in difficulty by 1 if the PC has a light source has fallen (from running, walking in snow) After three (3) failed stealth rolls, a kidnapper will leave the house, all PC’s need to make a stealth roll at this time needing 4 successes as modified above. If WK are spotted, the kidnapper will yell at the kids. The kidnapper will reach into his jacket at this time, but will not pull out his weapon unless he sees more than 1 WK. Kidnappers: Ally 1 Archetype: Criminal Motivation: Greed Style: 0 Health: 4 Primary Attributes Secondary Attributes Body: 2 Charisma: 2 Size: 0 Initiative: 4 Dexterity: 2 Intelligence: 2 Move: 4 Defense: 4 Strength: 2 Willpower: 2 Perception: 4 Stun: 2 Skills Base Levels Rating (Average) Brawl 2 2 4 (2) Firearms 2 2 4 (2) Intimidation 2 2 4 (2) Larceny 2 2 4 (2) Streetwise 2 2 4 (2) Talents: None Resources: None Flaws Impulsive (+1 Style point whenever his impatience gets him into trouble) Weapons Rating Attack Average Notes Colt Pocket Model, hammerless 2L 6L (3)L * Punch/Kick 0N 4N (2)N Grapple (touch attack) 4 2

*The Colt Pocket Model, hammerless has a safety feature. It cannot be fired unless the trigger is pulled while the grip safety is pressed. The kidnappers are unfamiliar with this gun and will lose their first attack with this weapon. (You may also have the kidnappers accidentally shoot themselves with the 1st shot instead if the WK need help). Also, the Kidnappers are more willing to try an intidate the WK instead of shooting them. The Kidnappers don’t want to be shooting all over the place in case it brings the police. Depending on how the WK’s confront the kidnappers, Santa is downstairs in the back room of the farm house. If the WK’s disable the kidnappers, Santa will leave a present for the Police with the kidnappers left outside of the Police Station. Any WK affected by the sourballs, Santa will make them some Hot Chocolate that will restore their ability to speak. Finally, as a reward for saving Santa, each WK should receive a special Christmas gift (e.g., for your science nerd – the Atomic Energy Lab)


Garage 3’ Fence


Tree Door Window Each Square 10’ x 10’

Each Square 5’ x 5’

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