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CMC/AS/HL/05/2010-RE January 2011

Date: 10th


Mr. Samit Jain 1159, Sec-14,Faridabad, HARYANA. Sub: Quotation for supply and installation of “Home Lift” for your site at

Dear Sir,

This refers to the telephonic discussion you had with the undersigned followed by meeting regarding your above requirement. Please find enclosed herewith our MOST COMPETITIVE OFFER for 3(Three) Person Home Lift manufactured as per ISO standard, suitable for indoor operation from floor by means of push button station. We trust our offer will receive your favorable consideration and acceptance. We trust you will favor us with your order and look forward to being associated with your organization. Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all times, we remain. Yours faithfully, For CARRY MORE CRANES (AJIT SINGH)

Enclosures : 1. Specifications & Terms and Conditions 2. Comparison between Geared and Gearless Elevator

23. 19. Car door opening warning bell. 14. 1 2. 18. 1000mm width X 800mm depth X 2000mm height. 1350 mm width x1350mm Depth Approx. Through microprocessor panel with sensor control leveling. Inbuilt On top of shaft/Inside the shaft Near the Top Landing/In Machine Room. 0. 16. 21. v). 8X19. Single Phase. 10. 20. 5. Specifications Type of Lift Capacity of Load Travel of Lift Height of M/c room Guide rail Motor Control No. 11. iii). 10. Over Speed centrifugal governor in case of free fall or car moving at higher than allowable safe speed. vii).32m /sec. 17. Not Required Machined MS ‘T’ section. 3. 15. Latest Microprocessor Based AC-VVVF Controller Provided on Ground and 2nd Floor.N o. VVVF Drive 3 (Ground+ 1st +2nd Floor). Digital Up & Down indicator. 9. 50 Hz. 8. Battery operated wall mounted emergency Alarm. MS Sheet for side panels. Overload / MCB protection in panel. 12. of Stations Car ‘ STOP’ Control Shaft Size Car Size Cage Door Landing Doors Door Operation Car Speed Power supply Control Limits Switch ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) Position of machine Position of lift panel Wire Rope Car Construction Safety Features Details Home Lift 3 Person/ 204 Kg. Mild Steel Imperforated Door Manual Wooden Swing Door Manual Door Operation.4mm Diameter. ii). 4. 4 Nos.0 Mtrs. Electromechanical interlocks. i). AC. 6. USHA MARTIN make. 7. 22. FMC . vi). 13. . 220 Volts. AC.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS S. Digital floor indicator iv).

. Specifications Details viii). vi)Provide Landing Wooden Swing Door 24. 27. iii). iv). 28. v). Smooth and jerk free ride. 30% on material supply of 1st Lot.25.S. Emergency stop switch in car. Note: Validity of this offer is 30 days only.N o. 30% clear interest free advance with Purchase Order. 2. Rs.000/(Rupees Five Lac Twenty Five Thousand only) Included Extra as applicable. ii). All civil works including foundation for structure mounting arrangement for fixing doors. Free use of welding set / gas cutting set if required. x). Machine mounting beam to be provided by the client. 3.5. 25. 26. 29. Extra as per applicable. Fireman switch on ‘G’ floor. Single phase power supply to be provided at Top Floor. 10% on Handing over of the lift. Included i). DELIVERY TERMS: 8 to 10 Weeks from the date of receipt of order with advance. ix). Price Erection & Commissioning Excise Duty LST Transportation Customer Scope Works TERMS AND CONDITIONS : PAYMENTS TERMS: 1. 30% on material supply of 2nd Lot (Machine and Cabin) 4. Living accommodation with free water/ electricity for our erection personal at site.

COMPARISON BETWEEN GEARED AND GEARLESS ELEVATOR As per Load:544kg. they cannot travel as swiftly as gearless elevators. Although geared elevators cost less. the motor turns the sheave directly. In gearless elevators.7m/s Particulars Nominal rotate speed (rpm) Motor Capacity(KW) Nominal Current (amps) Oil consumption (ltrs. the motor turns a gear train that rotates the sheave. . which give them poorer performance. Speed 0.) Geared Machine 960 10 23 7 Gearless Machine 120 4 9 0 Note: The principle of these lifts is that traction steel ropes attached to a sheave powered by an electric motor lower and raise the elevator car rather than it being pushed from underneath. in geared elevators.

All spare parts cost should be charges extra as per requirement of parts.WARRANTY: The Home Lift offered are covered by our usual warranty for one year from the date of handing over the Home Lift in good working condition and our liability under this warranty include factored items repair or replacement of all defective parts if any. after that it will be charge at 5% of the total value of the Home Lift and Service Tax as applicable. which may prove faulty during this period including such parts as may be rendered inoperative by wear and tear but excluded such parts as may be rendered inoperative by vandalism. ACCEPTED BY Authorised Signatory For CARRY MORE CRANES (AJIT SINGH) . ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CHARGES: Annual Maintenance Charges is free for 18Months after handing over of Home Lift.

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