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0 to 100: Implementing

SAP Self Service in 100 Days

The Towers Perrin
2006 HR Service Delivery Forum
May 21– 23, 2006 - Miami, Florida

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„ Reasons for the Acceleration

„ SAP Enterprise Portal and Self-Services
„ Rapid Deployment Scenarios
„ Putting the basics in place
„ Adding new functionality
„ How to Accelerate ESS and MSS Implementation
„ Prerequisites for rapid implementation
„ Solid requirements is a must
„ Develop in iterations
„ Example of Implementation Plan
„ Example of Team Structure

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Reasons for the Acceleration

„ Limited HR budgets and tighter

„ Desire to see delivered value in
shorter times
„ Minimize organizational change
„ Start small and apply lessons
learned to next phase
„ Reduce risks associated with
large and complex projects

© 2006 Towers Perrin

SAP Enterprise Portal Overview

„ Mature Corporate Portal solution „ Role-based and secure

– current version is 7.0 „ Supports global deployment
„ Designed to work with SAP HR „ Runs on SAP NetWeaver App Server
through ESS and MSS (Java)
„ Supports open standards
„ Includes Collaboration, Search, (SOAP, LDAP, X.509, WSRP…)
Knowledge Management

© 2006 Towers Perrin

SAP Employee Self-Service in mySAP ERP
„ Employee Search
—Who’s Who (incl. Organizational Chart)
—Change Office and Communication data

„ Benefits
—Open Enrollment
—Participation Overview
—Offline Enrollment (pdf)

„ Payment
—Salary Statement
—Total Compensation Statement
—Employment and Salary Verification
—Tax Witholding (W-4)
„ Career
—Skills Profile

„ Work Environment
—Equipment Card (including Equipment
Repair Request)

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Employee Self-Service in mySAP ERP (cont.)
„ Time Management
—Leave Request
—Time Statement
—Clock In/Out Correction – NEW

„ Personal Information
—Bank Information
—Family Member / Dependents
—Personal Data

„ Purchasing
—Optional integration of Self-Service

„ Travel Management
—Travel Planning
—Travel Expenses
—Trips and Expenses
—Credit Card Import
—Travel Profile

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SAP Manager Self-Service in mySAP ERP

„ Employee data review

„ SAP reports (e.g. Headcount,
Time Reports, Qualifications,
„ Team Calendar with employee
attendance review
„ Personnel Change Requests
(e.g. Transfer)
„ Recruitment process
management (requisitions,
„ Headcount planning
„ Compensation planning
„ Budget planning and review

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Rapid Deployment Scenarios – ESS

„ Basic Employee Self-Service

„ Personal Data, Address, Emergency Contact, Dependents, Direct
Deposit, Pay Check Inquiry
— Minimum changes to SAP apps (branding, hide fields, change text)

„ Additional ESS functionality

„ Benefits Enrollment
— Benefits module is configured in SAP HR
„ Skills Profile
— Qualifications are defined
„ Time Entry (CATS) and Time Statement
„ Performance Management
— Performance models are defined
„ Training
— Training catalogues are defined in SAP
„ Internal Recruitment/Mobility

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Rapid Deployment Scenarios – MSS

„ Basic Manager Self-Service

„ Team Viewer, Employee Profiles, Team Attendance, Display
Qualifications, HR Reports
— Manager relationships are defined
— Qualifications are defined

„ Additional MSS Functionality

„ Compensation Planning
— Comp. or ECM module in configured in SAP HR
„ Personnel Change Requests
— No delegation
— No position creation
— Leveraging SAP-delivered scenarios
„ Performance Development
— Performance models are defined in SAP
„ Recruitment

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Rapid Deployment Scenarios – MSS
0 100 0 100
Basic Manager self-service Compensation

Team Viewer, Employee Profiles, Annual merit reviews, bonus

Team Attendance, Display administration, compensation
Qualifications, HR Reports planning, approval and reporting

0 100
Personnel Change Requests

Manager initiates employee changes,

Phase 1 manage approval process and
streamline processing by HR
„ Start with Basic Manager Self-Service
„ Aim for quick wins by providing 0 100
managers with reports and team Performance Development

Annual appraisals, performance

reviews, ad-hoc appraisals, 360
Phase 2+ feedback, workflow and approval

„ Choose additional scenarios based on: 0 100

„ Process readiness (how well is it Recruitment
Create and manage requisitions,
„ Return on investment display candidates, short list/manage
candidate lists
„ Configuration/readiness in SAP

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Prerequisites for Rapid Implementation
„ HR and IT strategies are defined and aligned
„ Business drivers and project economics are understood
„ Portal technology and development standards are in place
„ Corporate branding and web page standards exist
„ Minimum business process changes are required
„ Resources are available and trained
„ Bring experienced external experts
„ Assign full-time business resources to the project
„ Coordinate time of part-time resources (security, testers, etc.)
„ Strong project methodology exists
„ Requirements sign-off
„ Change control
„ SAP Portal Dev. environment is ready before ESS or MSS project
„ SAP and Portal patches are current

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Collect Requirements Quickly but Efficiently

„ Define requirements through workshops

„ Bring key stakeholders together into a workshop environment
to make key decisions
„ Invite technical resources to the requirements sessions to
provide instant feasibility feedback
„ Use screen prototypes and demos to define user requirements

„ Document and sign-off the requirements

„ Write your requirements that both business and technical
people will understand
„ Requirements should be easily converted into test cases

„ Develop a framework for quick decision making

„ Empower Business Owner to make the decisions

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Accelerate Development with Overlapping

„ Define solution components and build them in a sequence

„ Start with a simple or common features
„ Make solution more complex as you go

„ Show your work to the stakeholders for early feedback

„ Address their concerns before solution is finalized
„ Apply lessons learned to the following iterations

„ Have a well-defined development freeze point

Build Demo Refine Test

Build Demo Refine Test

Build Demo Refine Test

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Example of Implementation Plan
for SAP ESS Project

5 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Project Preparation
- Assess As-Is processes
- Define stakeholders
- Refine project scope/plan/approach
- Define change management and com. strategy
Solution Definition
- Conduct requirements workshops
- Agree on iView layouts and flow
- Define solution architecture
- Create functional and technical specs
- Personal Data and Dependents
- Address Change and Emergency Contact
- Pay Check Inquiry and Bank Info
- Set-up QA and Prod. environment for SAP Portal
- Integration, UAT and Regression Testing
Final Preparation
- Training, Communication
- Go-Live plan and checklist
- Implement ESS in SAP Portal
- Production Support

© 2006 Towers Perrin

Example of Team Structure
for SAP ESS Project

Program Sponsor Engagement Partner

Stakeholders Partner


Company Towers Perrin

Program Office
Project Manager Project Manager

Business Owners Portal Administration Development & Configuration Training

Process Owner Portal Admin. Portal Specialist ESS Config ESS Conf. Lead Training Mgr Training Dev
End user rep’s SAP Security Portal Developer Portal Developer
Service center rep. Basis ABAP Dev.

Change Management
Change Mgr Consultant

Note: Not all company resources are required full-time

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Andre Polakoff –

Todd Middlemis –
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