FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS CODE : ELE3103 COMMENCEMENT DATE : 22 FEBRUARI 2010 Learning Outcomes 1. Compare features of language and communication. 2. Explain how sounds are produced in the English sound system. 3. Produce accurate English sounds in discourse. 4. Analyse the different types of morphemes and word formation processes. 5. Analyse sentences in relation to their word-order and the groups of words they contain. 6. Transfer knowledge of semantics and pragmatics in different contexts. 7. Assess own language progress through reflections/journals. This coursework addresses Learning Outcomes 1, 2, and 3. Coursework Objectives To enable students to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. examine the features of the spoken language and how it is connected with demonstrate a good understanding of the English sound system through the use explain how sounds are produced in the English sound system with relation to read and write phonetic transcriptions based on the IPA system. identify the causes of errors in spoken English made by Malaysian speakers of communication. of the International Phonetic Alphabeth (IPA). the speech organs. NAME : SEMESTER OPTION MAJOR : FIVE : RBT 1

DUE DATE : 19 APRIL 2010

English by compiling relevant materials and extracting main points contained in the compiled materials. 6. produce a speech based on a selected theme and deliver the speech with correct pronunciation.

Read critically three articles on the types of language errors made by Malaysian speakers of English in terms of the spoken language and the causes for these errors.1 Group work i. ii. Ask each student to read the passage aloud separately. Select three students from a different class and provide them with a reading passage of about five hundred words. This coursework aims to develop an understanding of the English Sound System based on the Received Pronunciation (RP) model and create awareness on the common errors made in spoken English by Malaysian speakers of English.2 i. ii. 2. ii. . Extract the main points from the collected articles and present them in non-linear form using graphic organisers. fish-bone. 1. You are required to record the reading session either using a video or audio format and this recording shall be submitted together with the coursework in CDform.1 Individual work i. you are required to identify errors made in the spoken language by Malaysian speakers of English. Assignment Task: To demonstrate your understanding of the English Sound System. point form. Procedure 1. etc. Extract the main points from the articles and transform the content into non-linear form using graphic organizers such as tables.0 2. Collect two articles on the features of the spoken language and its connection to communication.Project (100%) A good knowledge of the English Sound System will be very useful in producing accurate pronunciation which will result in meaningful discourse.0 1. clouds. You are also required to produce a ten-minute speech to be delivered using accurate English pronunciation.

The cover page should have the following information. sports. Please indicate the references for the materials you have collected in the reference section. size 12. 5.2. Identify at least TEN errors made in terms of the English sound system (based on the Received Pronunciation model) in the reading aloud session and transcribe the errors. 3. Lecturer’s name f. late submission will be downgraded to the next band. Name b. Index number and IC Number c. language. ii. 2. A copy of the reading aloud session in audio or video format must be submitted together with the assignment.1 Individual work i. 4. Select a suitable topic from any chosen theme (e. All written work should be type written with double spacing and Arial font.g. Class/Group/Intake d. 8. Without an approved extension of time. Title of assignment e. 3.0 3. You should strictly adhere to the deadline given. You are required to apply your knowledge of the IPA to pronounce the words in . Deliver the prepared speech in a ten-minute individual public speaking session. 9. a.iii. 7. You may present the extracted main points in the form of a graphic organiser or any other appropriate format. Include a reference list of the sources of information using the APA format. Date of submission 10. Detailed requirements for the Assignment 1. iv. 6. No duplication of assignment from other coursework is allowed. education) and prepare a speech of about 500 to 600 words for a public speaking sesssion. Analyse the causes for the language errors from your reading of articles in 1. Your portfolio must have a cover page and a content page. your speech accurately during the public speaking session. A good assignment should show: iii. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

effective and appropriate use of language Marking Criteria The assignment will be marked against the marking criteria set for this coursework. excellent selection of important points from the collected materials 2. excellent analysis for causes of the language errors 4. well-organised and coherent content 6. Prepared by. sound and effective delivery of the prepared speech 7. clear and accurate explanation 5. Verified by ____________________________ ( Vijayan Periasamy ) ____________________________ ( Head of Department ) . good ability to identify errors made in spoken English 3.1.

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