Faculty Development (FacDev)
The quality of education depends largely on the qualifications and competencies of the faculty. In view of the faculty¶s vital role in influencing education outcomes, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) requires that teachers at higher education level must have at least masters degree in the fields in which they teach. The Faculty Development Program (FDP) is a critical factor towards building the strong foundation of an educational system to ensure quality education. In previous and current studies, faculty development has always surfaced as a priority concern. Our nation cannot compete with its neighboring countries that are now moving towards offering cutting-edge programs and technologies unless we invest in creating a pool of experts in our academic institutions. This critical mass will then be capable to train and equip students for significant and promising careers in the global market. More that 50% or 70,000 higher education institutions (HEIs) faculty need to upgrade their qualifications and competencies in order to improve the quality of teaching in our HEIs. The vast majority of students in higher education are being taught by faculty who possess no more than the level of qualification for which they are studying. Low teacher qualification inevitably leads to low standards of learning achievement among students. CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 40, s. 2008 which requires all higher education institutions (HEIs) faculty to have at least masters degree shall be fully implemented by AY 2011-2012. Hence, there is need to encourage and provide assistance to HEIs to enable them to meet this CMO requirement.