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There are 3 major Tenses

Present Past Future
They are divided into 4 major forms – Simple Continuous Perfect Perfect Continuous The action done in this is simple without anything being said about the completeness or incompleteness of the action The action is mentioned as incomplete or continuous that is still going on The action mentioned is finished ,complete, or perfect at the time of speaking The action is going on continuously and is not completed at this present moment

Simple Present Present Continuous Present Perfect Present Perfect Continuous I love I am loving I have loved I have been loving Simple Past

I loved I was loving I had loved Simple Future

I shall / will love I shall / will be loving I shall / will have loved

Past Continuous Past Perfect

Future Continuous Future Perfect

Past Perfect Continuous I had been loving

Future Perfect continuous I shall have been loving

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ST ST .CAREER DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE Confidence.A MARKET. Fluency and Personality! Present Tense Simple Present I speak You speak He speaks We speak They speak Present continuous I am speaking You are speaking He is speaking We are speaking They are speaking Present Perfect I have spoken You have spoken He has spoken We have spoken They have spoken Present Perfect continuous I have been speaking You have been speaking He has been speaking We have been speaking They have been speaking Past Tense Simple Past I spoke You spoke He spoke We spoke They Spoke Past continuous I was speaking You were speaking He was speaking We were speaking They were speaking Past Perfect I had spoken You had spoken He had spoken We had Spoken They had spoken Past Perfect continuous I had been speaking You had been speaking He had been speaking We had been speaking They had been speaking Future Tense Simple Future I will/shall speak You will speak He will speak We will speak They will speak Future continuous I shall/will be speaking You will be speaking He will be speaking We will be speaking They will be speaking Future Perfect I shall/will have spoken You will have spoken He will have spoken We will have spoken They will have spoken Future Perfect continuous I shall / will have been speaking You will have been speaking He will have been speaking We will have been speaking They will have been speaking We train people to make their Lives! Website – .di@live. ANY QUERIES MAIL US – c. cdilucknow.K. Phone No -0522-2442879 REGISTRED BRANCH – 1 FLOOR NEAR K.

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