First-Time Students’ Guide What You Need to Know

First-Time Students’ Flowchart Orientation: Including In-Person Schedule Assessment: Including Schedule Navigating Self-Service Banner How to Register for Classes Paying for Your Classes

First-Time Students’ Flowchart

Due to the current ov erw application s, students helming influx of must subm for admiss it applicati ion six (6) on business d signing u ays prior to s p for an as sessment establishin test and g a SSB a ccount.

APPLY to Gavilan College. Allow 3 business days for your application to be processed.

Complete the Placement Assessment no sooner than 3 business days after submitting your application. Wait 2 business days* after taking the test, then...

Complete the Gavilan College Orientation anytime after submitting your application and before meeting with a counselor.

Establish your Self-Service Banner Account no sooner than 3 business days after submitting your application. Directions on previous page.

See a Counselor for assistance with course registration.
Continuing Students No new application required
Priority Registration available if Orientation has been completed
You may choose to not participate in orientation. Doing this will prevent you from participating in priority (early) registration and prevent you from meeting with a counselor for registration assistance..

Returning Students New application required
Priority Registration not available

* Students who apply in Morgan Hill or Hollister must allow 3 business days.

Orientation is completed online or in person. Visit
New students MUST participate in an orientation session prior to meeting with a counselor. “Everything you ever wanted to know about Gavilan but were afraid to ask.” l How do I plan for my education goals? l How do I prepare to transfer to a 4 year college or university? l How do I know if my classes will transfer? l What are the expectations of college students?

Only those students who complete an orientation are eligible to participate in “priority” (early) registration.

In-Person Orientation Schedule
Reserve your seat today: call 408-848-4723 or complete the online registration form.
Date Time Location

Online: Click on the Orientation link on the

Saturday, June 12 Friday, June 18 Wednesday, July 14 Monday, July 19 Saturday, July 31 Monday, August 2 Saturday, August 14 Friday, August 20 Monday, August 23

10 am-1 pm 9 am-12 pm 1-4 pm 6-9 pm 10 am-1 pm 6-9 pm 10 am-1 pm 9 am-12 pm 6-9 pm

Library, room 171 Library, room 171 Library, room 171 Library, room 171 Humanities building, room 101 Library, room 171 Library, room 171 Library, room 171 Humanities building, room 101 Library, room 171

Gavilan homepage - to complete the orientation or contact the Counseling Office at 408-848-4723.

Wednesday, June 30 12-3 pm

In Person: In person orientations are generally
offered during registation periods prior to the start of the Spring and Fall semesters. Check with the Counseling Department for a schedule.

Assessment/Placement Test
Due to appli the curre catio ns, s nt overwh admis tuden elmin New students who plan to take the Placement/Assessment, please submit your sion ts m g in to to sig ning the colle ust subm flux of Gavilan Application for Admission at least 72 hours prior to your assessment date. ge si up fo it app x r an a li ssess (6) busine cations fo r ss da ment ys pr test. ior

Visit to view the most current assessment schedule. The easiest way to sign up for an assessment test is by filling out and submitting the online sign-up form at Computers available for student use are located in the Career/Transfer Center and Library. If necessary you may still sign up at the Admissions and Records Office on the main campus.

w w w

Students are required to reserve a seat for the date and time they wish to assess. Please arrive 1/2 hour before the testing time to check-in. Doors will close 5 minutes prior to scheduled testing time. A valid picture ID is required for admission to testing room. (Valid picture ID includes current California Driver’s License or Identification Card, Military ID, Passport, or current Student Body Card. (Contact the Assessment Office if you do not have valid ID. Call 408-846-4992 for further direction.) Calculators and/or dictionaries of any kind are not allowed for testing. Cell phones, watches, pagers or any other wireless devices are not allowed in the testing room. Social Security number is required for scoring of exam at the present time. Your GAVILAN ID number is REQUIRED for the Assessment/Placement session. The Assessment staff will provide pencils for students.

w w w w w

Students must have cvompleted the eighth grade to be eligible for assessment services.

Assessment Sessions

Re-Assessment Sessions

June 9 June 9 June 9 June 16 June 17 June 21 June 22 June 24

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Monday Tuesday Thursday

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm 12Noon to 3pm 4pm - 7pm 8:30am - 11:30am 4pm - 7pm 8:30am - 11:30am 1:00pm - 4:00pm 8:30am - 11:30am

Gilroy Hollister Hollister Gilroy Gilroy Gilroy Gilroy Gilroy

MP-100 RM 2 RM 2 MP-100 MP-100 MP-100 MP-100 MP-100

are usually administered at the Gilroy Campus in the Assessment Center MP-101

June 16 June 23 June 23

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

1:00pm - 3:00pm 8:00am - 10:00am 12Noon - 2:00pm

Gilroy MP-100 Gilroy MP-100 Gilroy MP-100

Navigating Self-Service Banner
Creating Your Self-Service Banner Student Account
Please set up your Banner Self-Service account before meeting with a counselor for registration assistance.
• • • • • • • • Register/Add/Drop Classes Check Class Availability and Fees Choose Pass/No Pass Options and Prerequisites Search for classes by time, day, part of term, method of instruction View and print your semester schedule View your financial account and pay your bill with a credit card. View and print grades and unofficial transcripts Update personal information

How to Register for Classes
Go to the Gavilan homepage ( Click on the Self Service Banner icon.


Go to the Gavilan homepage ( Click on the Self Service Banner icon. Click on Login to Gavilan Self-Service Banner. Enter your “G” number and PIN. Click Login.


New students must file an application 72 hours prior to registering. If you have already received your nine digit “G-Number” (ID) and temporary PIN, start at step #3 (below).

3. 4. 5.

On the Main Menu page, select Student. On the Student Menu page, select Registration. On the Registration page, Click on Add or Drop Classes.

1. Get Your “G” Number:

Go to the Gavilan homepage (www. Click on the Self Service Banner icon.

2. Click the link that says Get Your Gavilan ID and PIN.
a. Enter your name exactly as it appears on your school records. b. Enter your social security number. c. Enter your date of birth. (mm/dd/yyyy) d. Click on Get Gavilan ID and PIN. e. Write down your ID (‘G-number”). Write down your PIN. This is a temporary PIN. In the next step you will create your permanent PIN. If you are unable to access your Gavilan ID# and PIN call the help line at 408-848-4736, Mon-Thur, 9 am - 5 pm. f. Click on Close Browser Window. You will then return to the main menu.


On the Registration Term page, select the term from the drop down list for which you will enroll (e.g. Fall 2010).

7. 8.

On the Registration page, select Add or Drop Classes. On the Add or Drop Classes page, enter the CRNs of the courses you wish to register for and select Submit Changes.


From the main menu, click on Login to Gavilan Self-Service Banner and enter your ID number and temporary PIN. You will then receive a message that your PIN has expired. Enter the old/temporary PIN number first, then choose a new six digit number that you will remember and enter it on the next two lines.
Login Verification Change PIN

Re-enter Old PIN: New PIN: Re-enter new PIN: (First-time users: enter your temporary PIN) (Pin must be 6 digits long)



9. If Status=**Web Registered** then On the next screen, enter a security question. It should be something that you have successfully has an answer that does not change and you will always know (for example, registered for the ‘What is my mother’s maiden class(es). name?” or ‘What town was my Login Verification Security Question and Answer If you forget your PIN, you can reset it yourself without calling for assistance. sister born in?’) On the next Enter your personal Security Question, along with the Answer. This will enable you to reset your PIN and gain access to your line, enter the answer. Once information. To help you to remember your answer, limit it to 30 characters, limit spaces, and do not use special characters. You can change your security question and answer, as often as you would like, after you have successfully logged into GavSSB. you submit this question and Enter Question: answer, you will be welcomed 10. To pay for the class(es) you have registered for, go to the bottom of the page and Answer: to your personalized Banner select Registration Fee Assessment and you will see your account balance Submit account! information and payment instructions.

How to make a Payment in Self-Service Banner
All students, upon registration, will be required to pay in full within a short period of time in order to stay registered for classes.


Go to the Gavilan website and click on the Self-Service Banner link. Log in to Self-Service Banner. Enter your Gavilan ID and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). When finished, select Login.
User ID: G00 PIN:

Don’t let this happen to you!
Students who receive financial aid will be expected to pay any fees that are not covered by grants and other aid. If you are unsure if you qualify for aid or the amount you will be expected to pay in fees upon registration, visit the Financial Aid Office on the main campus or view your financial aid status on Self Service Banner. To check your registration status, go to and log in to Self Service Banner. Go to: • • • Student Menu and click on Registration Select Active Registration (if you do not see your classes listed, return to the Student Menu and select Student Account to view your account balance.)


(i.e. G00xxxxxx)

Forgot PIN?


Click on Student Tab or button. Then select Student Account the 4th option on the page. Then, on the next screen, click on Account Detail for Term.


Last Day to Pay


On the Select Term window, select a term. e.g. if you want to see if you owe money for the fall, select Fall 2010 and click the Submit button.

Students who register between the following dates must pay their bill in full before the drop date/time in order to remain in classes.
May 10 - June 17 June 18 - July 1 July 2 - July 15 July 16 - July 29 July 30 - August 12 August 13 - August 26 August 27 and after Thursday, June 17, 4 pm Thursday, July 1, 4 pm Thursday, July 15, 4 pm Thursday, July 29, 4 pm Thursday, August 12, 4 pm Thursday, August 26, 4 pm Day of Registration


Account Detail for Term (view your balance due). Click on the Pay Now button to make a payment online.

• • • •

Net Term Balance means what you owe for that specific term. Net Balance for Other Terms means what you owe for any other terms. Account Balance is the total amount that you owe. Click on the Pay Now button to make a payment online.

De-Registration will occur and Registration (Self-Service Banner and In-Person) will be closed from 4-9 pm on each deadline day. We are anticipating that more students than ever will apply to Gavilan College and we expect classes to fill quickly. For best selection, register early, but be prepared to pay by the payment deadline.


You can pay with American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa (including debit cards) to make an online payment. Enter data and click on the Submit Payment button.

Payment of fees can be made in the following ways: Self-Service Banner You can pay with American Express, Discover,
Mastercard or Visa (including debit cards.)

In Person at the main campus or at the Hollister or Morgan Hill sites. By Mail Include your Gavilan ID number on the check and mail to:
Gavilan College Admissions and Records Office Attn: Diane Sousa, Student Accounts 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd. Gilroy, CA 95020

Gavilan College 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd. Gilroy, CA 95020 Main Campus Gilroy: 408-848-4800 Hollister Briggs Site: 831-636-3783 Morgan Hill Site: 408-782-2873

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