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Central Coast August 2020

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Distance Learning / Library School Help / Calming Children / Morro Bay Mystery

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resting flat on the floor.

Distance In this new learning milieu, you

can help by monitoring your
children’s levels of interest and

Learning engagement in adapting to

their new schedule and at-home
materials. The simplest way to

at do this? Observation. Look at

your child’s eyes to see if they’re
following along with the screen.

Home Check if they’re taking notes

or zoning out. Ask questions at
the end of a lesson. While this
may require taking an hour off
by Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra
from work or stepping out for
an early lunch, it’s important to
confirm that your children are
TEN TIPS FOR ONLINE EDUCATION While parents are adjusting to this schoolwork is done satisfactorily,
indeed learning. If you find that
new scenario, it’s also important so that it can receive their
With COVID-19 causing wide- your child is not engaging with
to help kids stay focused on undivided attention. Apps,
spread school closures, children the lessons, don’t be afraid to
learning and avoid overuse of games, and messaging features
across the country are being given contact the school district or
games, social media, and videos. are fun, but they can also prove
alternate resources, some online, teachers to better explore the
With that in mind, here are ten distracting. It may not be an
to study outside of the classroom. issue. Sometimes, easily remedied
tips for families adjusting to the option for everybody, but ideally,
technical problems such as bad
Temporary solutions that are being new reality of learning at home. try to give your kids a dedicated
audio, poor connection, or an
devised for remote education device, such as a school laptop for
1. DIGITAL QUARANTINE unhelpful camera angle can make
range from online classroom tools maximum online learning.
all the difference.
like Google Classroom, to Zoom Consider limiting your children’s
and podcasts by teachers. cell phones and tablets until their 2. MAKE SPACE FOR LEARNING 4. DIGITAL RECESS
Your children will achieve their Make sure that your children take
best work in a quiet, comfortable, plenty of breaks in order to get
and dedicated space devoted
Central Coast Family physical activity and time away

(805) 528-0440
to learning. Ideally, this will be a
from screens. Set alarms similar
Our goal is to connect Central Coast families with the resources they need to thrive! different set-up than where they to those they would encounter
normally play games or watch at school and encourage them to

EDITOR Associate EDITORS television. get up, get some fresh air, go for a
Patrice Horspool Claire & Jack Vogel
Keep in mind that children will be walk or bike ride, or have a snack
in this space for hours each day. so that they are not sedentary for
Watch out for any orthopedic the entire day.
PHOTOGRAPHy ADVERTISING issues that may arise related to 5. FACETIME
Stanley Horspool CC F Inquiries: comfort and posture. In-person interaction is ideal for
For the correct seated posture kids, but until it’s safe for them
for children, the important thing to return to school, encourage
GRAPHIC DESIGN DISTRIBUTION MANAGER is to not let them slouch or hunch your children to video chat or
Out of the Blue ™
Eric Woodards
their backs. Encourage them to
FEATURE & CONTRIBUTING WRITERS maintain a straight back, and to
Jennifer Best, John J. Cannell, Guy Crabb, Kerrin Edmonds, lean on the backrest. They should
Stanley W. Horspool, Karyn Lutes, Rebecca Juretic, CS Perryess not be leaning over excessively or
have a rounded neck while they
Central Coast Family is published monthly with a readership over 40,000 throughout

are seated at a desk.
San Luis Obispo County and North Santa Barbara County.
Most of seated study time should
Find us online:
be spent following a 90-90-90 guideline, with the spine straight
Submission deadline: 20th of each month prior to publication and making a 90 degree angle
Information contained in advertisements and other submissions is accepted in good faith. Publication does not imply endorsement by Central Coast
to the thighs, which rest flat on
Family. Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect views of the publisher. We reserve the right to reject or edit submissions for any reason.
a seat. Knees would be at a right
Material published herein may not be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission. © CCF 2020
angle to the thighs with feet

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text message rather than simply their plans and help them develop
scrolling through social media. a written schedule not only for
You don’t want your children to the day, but for the week as a
feel socially isolated, but at the
same time, you want to protect
whole. Help them prioritize and
learn to create goals, tasks, and
The Village Salon
them from becoming wholly
Stay Well
deadlines, just like adults do when
reliant upon their devices. Sit your they go to work. Tasks that may
children down for face-to-face not have been difficult for them
conversations about screen time.
In order to give them agency,
while attending school in person
can become more challenging
and look good
discuss how much time they think when learning from home, so it’s
is reasonable to spend online and important to reinforce boundaries Get on our safe reopening waitlist!
make a “contract,” committing to and offer incentives for healthy
goals for on-screen vs. off-screen
behaviors. To avoid disruption,
some after-school activities may Call Toni & Toni: (805) 489-5100
be offered via online video apps,
Facetime, or Skype.
Overuse of screen time can have
adverse impacts on young brains,
115 East Branch Street in Arroyo Grande
so it’s essential in these special Even though staying home from
circumstances to be extra careful school might feel like a holiday,
when it comes to the littlest ones. remind your kids that they’re not
As much as possible, parents on vacation. Assignments, grades,
should encourage print and book requirements, and tests like state
reading. If available, request exams, SATs, and ACTs aren’t
textbooks from your child’s school going away just because classes
along with other print materials have moved online.
in order to offset the amount of
online learning they will be doing. 10. DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN Make a Difference!
Studies show that remote Plan off-screen activities for the (805) 781-3226
education can be challenging whole family. Between school
for all ages, but especially young and work obligations, it’s rare for
kids, so do whatever you can parents and children to have this
and always err on the side of much time together, so turn it into
caution. Stimulate self-expression an opportunity for bonding. Write
by having discussions with secret predictions for a TV show
your children about what they that the whole family watches.
are doing, and also encourage Organize a tournament, family
creative writing and imaginative card games, charades, or chess,
story telling. or get outside for a hike or walk
together after school. Follow your
7. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER community’s guidelines for safe
behavior and events, of course,
Remember that you’re not alone
but make sure you still find time
in this journey. Check in with other
for fun with your kids.
parents to see what they’ve found
effective or to ask if they need Without a doubt, this will be a
help. Share your concerns and challenging time for parents,
useful hints. If you need contact teachers, and children alike.
information for other parents or Studies show that screen time
resources, reach out to the PTA or can have both positive and
your child’s school. It is important adverse impacts on kids, and the
that we all work together as a shift to online education will only
community for the good of our increase your child’s time with
children and families. their devices.
YOUR PLAN Reprinted with permission. ©www.childrenand
Good planning can relieve stress Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra is the President of
for both students and parents. Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media
and Child Development. She can be reached at
Check in with your children about

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Library Voice
Check It Out:
August Happenings by Rebecca Juretic

Seven Branches Reopen Of course, our library staff can

On July 7th, seven of our library help you to find what you need
branches reopened: Atascadero, in the library, or access our many
Cambria, Morro Bay, Los Osos, San electronic media platforms—
Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, and streaming movies, digital
Nipomo. You will be able to visit magazines, ebooks, audiobooks,
and databases. Extra Fun in Summer Lunches Restorative Partners, the videos
these branches 10:00 am-5:00 pm will also be shared with other
Tuesday through Saturday, with a All library branches will follow Did your child receive a special
treat in their school meal pickup area school districts and juvenile
one-hour window for vulnerable the State and County COVID-19 hall and jail residents as part of
populations from 9:00 am-10:00 guidelines, and the following this summer? We were excited
to partner with San Luis Coast programming.
am. Reopening will replace our precautions will be taken:
curbside pickup services. Stay Unified, Lucia Mar Unified and We also encourage community
Patrons will be asked to maintain Shandon School Districts to members to read and discuss
up to date on the library news at
physical distancing and wear a face include art and science activities in our selected titles: Letters to a or
covering while visiting the library. school lunches. Over 6,000 items Young Farmer--a collection of
No seating will be available for were given out including craft letters from food experts like
Because we need to limit the kits, books and art supplies. A big Alice Waters, Joel Salatin, and
leisure reading, and program rooms
number of people that we can shout out to these school districts Raj Patel; and The Food Activist
remain closed until further notice.  
safely admit to our libraries at for keeping children nourished all Handbook, by Ali Berlow, which
one time, it will be helpful for If you have questions about library summer long. offers readers actionable ideas for
you to place a hold in advance services, feel free to contact your supporting local food systems,
at, call in requests, local library branch, or you can Back to School Help
local farms, and food justice.
or browse online collections in use the “Ask a Librarian” feature As kids head back to school or Copies of Letters and Handbook
advance for the materials you at Just click distance learning, remember that are available for check out at the
wish to take home. on the “Reference” tab. there is free help at library or as eBooks via OverDrive
Brainfuse HelpNow offers study and cloudLibrary. Additional
resources for kids of all ages – even giveaway copies provided by
college students and adults. You California Center for the Book are
can interact with live tutors, get available for pick up at the SLO
feedback on essays and papers, Library while supplies last.
submit homework questions, and
even prepare for standardized SLCUSD high school students can
tests. Just go to and sign up at ww.slcusdfoodservices.
click on “Homework Help” under org for an additional culinary
the “Kids” tab. adventure program that runs July
20th through August 3rd.
Cook Local Ingredients
Our Book to Action program
California Center for the Book is
continues with a new way to
a program of the California
“Discover the SLO County Food
Library Association, supported
System.” The online cooking
in whole or in part by the U.S.
classes premiered on July 20th
Institute of Museum and Library
on YouTube, Facebook, and
Services under the provisions
Instagram. They will feature
of the Library Services and
locally sourced ingredients, tips
Technology Act, administered in
for shopping at farmers’ markets,
California by the State Librarian.
knife skills tips, and more.
Designed by Cal Poly nutrition
students, and in partnership with Rebecca Juretic is a freelance writer and Public
Relations Consultant for the San Luis Obispo
San Luis Coastal Unified School County Libraries. Rebecca can be reached at:
District’s Food Services and

Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 4

On demand, anytime, anywhere eLearning. View how easy, intuitive and engaging
Brainfuse HelpNow eLearning is for all ages and levels.

G o t o : w w w. s l o l i b r a r y. o r g / i n d ex . p h p / k i d s

Aug 31: Competition Deadline Sep 30: Judging Period Oct 10: Winners Announced

Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 5

HEAT EXHAUSTION: Excessive Fast pulse rate
heat can lead to sunburn, heat Inability to get up
cramps, heat exhaustion and
heat stroke. If someone has heat
cramps in the legs or abdomen, If you suspect that your pet may
get them to a cooler place, have have heat stroke, take their
them rest,  lightly stretch the temperature rectally. If their
affected muscle, and replenish temperature is above 105 degrees,
their fluids with a half a glass cool the animal down. The easiest
(about 4 ounces) of cool water way to do this is by using the
It’s hot out there and the soaring Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, water hose. Stop cooling the
temperatures can be dangerous. light-colored clothing. Avoid dark every 15 minutes. 
animal when their temperature
The American Red Cross has steps colors thaty absorb the sun’s rays. reaches 103  degrees. Bring your
people can follow to help stay If someone is exhibiting signs of
Slow down, stay indoors. Avoid heat exhaustion (cool, moist, pale pet to a veterinarian as soon as
safe when it’s hot outside. strenuous exercise during the possible, as heat stroke can lead
or flushed skin, heavy sweating,
hottest part of the day. Postpone headache, nausea, dizziness, to severe organ dysfunction and
NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN OR outdoor activities. damage.
PETS IN YOUR VEHICLE. weakness exhaustion), move
Use a buddy system when working them to a cooler place, remove
Take the Red Cross Cat and
The inside temperature of a car can in excessive heat. Take frequent or loosen tight clothing and
Dog First Aid online course at
very quickly reach 120 degrees. breaks if working outdoors. spray them with water or apply
cool, wet cloths or towels to the This
Other heat safety steps include: Check on family, friends, and course provides pet owners and
neighbors without AC, who spend skin. Fan the person. If  they are caregivers with step-by-step
Stay hydrated, drink plenty of much time alone, or who are more conscious, give small amounts of tips for what to do if a pet is
fluids. Avoid drinks with caffeine likely to be affected by heat. cool water to drink. Make sure
the person drinks slowly. Watch choking, has a wound, needs CPR
or alcohol. If you don’t have air conditioning, for  changes in condition. If they or other care.
Avoid extreme temperature go to public spaces during the refuse water, vomit, or begin to
changes. warmest part of the day. lose consciousness, call 9-1-1. LEARN MORE SAFETY TIPS

The Red Cross has several more

resources for people to learn
how to treat heat emergencies,
Signs include hot, red skin, which including:
may be dry or moist; changes
in consciousness; vomiting and Online and in-person training
high body temperature. Call 9-1-1 courses (
immediately if someone shows takeaclass),
any signs of heat  stroke. Move
the person to a cooler place. A free First Aid App and Pet First
Quickly cool the person’s body Aid App (www.redcrossorg/apps),
by immersing them up to their
A First Aid Skill for Amazon Alexa-
neck in cold water if possible.
enabled devices.
Otherwise, douse or spray the
person with cold water, or cover
the person with cold, wet towels About the American Red Cross Central
California Region: The American Red
or bags of ice. Cross shelters, feeds and provides
emotional support to victims of disasters;
DON’T FORGET YOUR PETS. Check teaches many lifesaving skills; provides
on animals frequently to ensure international humanitarian aid; and
that they are not suffering from supports military members and their
families.  The Red Cross is a charitable
the  heat. Make sure they have organization — not a government agency
plenty of shade and cool water. — and depends on volunteers and  the
Animals can suffer heat stroke, generosity of the American public to
a common problem for pets in perform its mission.
warmer weather. Some signs of The American Red Cross (ARC) Central
heat stroke in your pet are: California Region provides services to the
Heavy panting and inability to calm ten counties across Central California that
is home to more than 4 million people.
down, even when lying down. For more information, please visit www.
Brick red gum color

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Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 7
Fun & Games Jack’s Jokes
Why is math hard work? All those numerals to carry!
What kind of teacher passes gas? A tutor!
School Where was King Arthur educated? Knight School!
Differences SEARCH

Fill empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number per cell).
A number should appear only once in each row, column, and region.

Central Coast Family • August 2020 •
U • Page 8
for COVID-19 updates
for San Luis Obispo
Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 9
Family Life
to deal with a situation. Experts something that you meant to
call it being “dysregulated.” It’s bring to Grandma’s, you could

Help Kids Calm

not effective to try to reason acknowledge that you are feeling
with a child who’s dysregulated. frustrated and say that you’re at a

To discuss what happened, you 4. It might feel a little silly at first,
need to wait until a child’s rational but it teaches kids to pause and
faculties are back “online.” notice what they are feeling.

Rethinking emotions If you see them starting to get

by Caroline Miller
upset about something, ask them
Parents can start by helping what they are feeling, and how
Techniques for helping kids What is dysregulation? children understand how their upset they are. Are they at a 6?
regulate their emotions and emotions work. Kids don’t go For some younger kids, a visual
avoid explosive behavior “Some children’s reactions are from calm to sobbing on the aid like a feelings thermometer
just bigger than their peers or floor in an instant. That emotion might help.
Many children have difficulty their siblings or their cousins,” built over time, like a wave. Kids
regulating their emotions. explains Lindsey Giller, PsyD, a can learn control by noticing and Validate your child’s feelings
Tantrums, outbursts, whining, clinical psychologist at the Child labeling their feelings earlier,
defiance, fighting:   these are all Mind Institute. “Not only do they before the wave gets too big to Validation is a powerful tool
behaviors you see when kids feel things more intensely and handle. for helping kids calm down
experience powerful feelings they quickly, they’re often slower to by communicating that you
can’t control. While some kids return to being calm.” Unusually Some kids are hesitant to understand and accept what
have learned to act out because intense feelings can also make acknowledge negative emotions. they’re feeling. “Validation is
it gets them what they want — a child more prone to impulsive “A lot of kids are growing showing acceptance, which
attention or time on the iPad — behaviors. up thinking anxiety, anger, is not the same thing as
other kids have trouble staying sadness are bad emotions,” agreement,” Dr. Giller explains.
calm because they are unusually When kids are overwhelmed says Stephanie Samar, PsyD, a “It’s nonjudgmental. And it’s not
sensitive. by feelings, adds Dr. Giller, the clinical psychologist at the Child trying to change or fix anything.”
emotional side of the brain isn’t Mind Institute. But naming and Feeling understood, she explains,
The good news is that learning to communicating with the rational accepting these emotions is “a helps kids let go of powerful
calm down instead of acting out is side, which normally regulates foundation to problem-solving feelings.
a skill that can be taught. emotions and plans the best way how to manage them.”
Effective validation means paying
Parents may also minimize undivided attention to your child.
negative feelings, notes Dr. “You want to be fully attuned
Samar, because they want their so you can notice her body
kids to be happy.  But children language and facial expressions
need to learn that we all have and really try to understand her
a range of feelings. “You don’t perspective,” says Dr. Samar. “It
want to create a dynamic that can help to reflect back and ask,
only happy is good,” she says. ‘Am I getting it right?’ Or if you’re
truly not getting it, it’s okay to
Model managing difficult feelings say, ‘I’m trying to understand.’ ”

“For younger children, describing Helping kids by showing them

your own feelings and modeling that you’re listening and trying
how you manage them is useful,” to understand their experience
notes Dr. Samar. “They hear you can help avoid explosive behavior
strategizing about your own when a child is building towards a
feelings, when you’re nervous or tantrum.
frustrated, and how you’re going
to handle it, and they can use Active ignoring
these words.”
Validating feelings doesn’t mean
For kids who feel like big emotions giving attention to bad behavior.
sneak up on them, you can help Ignoring behaviors like whining,
them practice recognizing their arguing, inappropriate language
emotions, and model doing or outbursts is a way to reduce
that yourself. Try ranking the the chances of these behaviors
intensity of your emotions from being repeated. It’s called
1-10, with 1 being pretty calm and “active” because it’s withdrawing
10 being furious. If you forget attention conspicuously.

Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 10

Family Life
“You’re turning your face, and they’re very engaged in. Providing in advance helps avoid meltdowns. Even a small amount of time set
sometimes body, away or leaving a warning before a transition “If you set up a plan in advance, it aside reliably, every day, for mom
the room when your child is happens can help kids feel more increases the likelihood that you’ll or dad to do something chosen by
engaging in minor misbehaviors prepared. “In 15 minutes, we’re end up in a positive situation,” Dr. a child can help that child manage
in order to withdraw your going to sit down at the table for Samar notes. stress at other points in the day.
attention,” Dr. Giller explains. dinner, so you’re going to need to It’s a time for positive connection,
“But the key to its effectiveness shut off your PS4 at that time,” Dr. Problem solving without parental commands,
is, as soon as your child is doing Giller suggests. It may still be hard ignoring any minor misbehavior,
something you can praise, to turn for them to comply, but knowing If a child has a tantrum, parents just attending to your child and
your attention back on.” it’s coming helps kids feel more are often hesitant to bring it letting her be in charge.
in control and stay calmer,” she up later, Dr. Samar notes. “It’s
Positive attention explains. natural to want to put that behind It can help a child who’s having a
us. But it’s good to revisit briefly, tough time in school, for instance,
The most powerful tool that Give options in a non-judgmental way.” to know she can look forward
parents have in influencing to that special time. “This five
behavior is attention. As Dr. When kids are asked to do Revisiting an earlier event — say minutes of parental attention
Giller puts it, “It’s like candy for things they’re not likely to feel a meltdown at the toy store — should not be contingent on good
your kids.” Positive attention will enthusiastic about, giving them engages the child in thinking behavior,” says Dr. Samar. “It’s a
increase the behaviors you are options may reduce outbursts about what happened, and to time, no matter what happened
focusing on. and increase compliance. For strategize about what could have that day, to reinforce that ‘I love
instance: “You can either come been done differently. If you can you no matter what.’ ”
When you’re shaping a new with me to food shopping or you come up with one or two things
behavior, you want to recognize can go with Dad to pick up your that might have led to a different
it and give a lot of attention to sister.”  Or: “You can get ready outcome, your child might Caroline Miller is editorial director of the Child
it. “So really, really focus in on for bed now and we can read a remember them next time he’s Mind Institute, an independent, national non-
starting to feel overwhelmed. profit dedicated to transforming the lives of
it,” adds Dr. Giller. “Be sincere, story together — or you can get children and families struggling with mental
enthusiastic and genuine. And ready for bed in 10 minutes and no health and learning disorders. Reprinted with
you want it to be very specific, to Five special minutes a day permission. ©2020 Child Mind Institute, Inc.
make sure your child understands
what you are praising.” “Giving two options reduces
the negotiating that can lead to
When helping your child deal with tension,” Dr. Samar suggests. celebrate Autumn!
an emotion, notice the efforts to
calm down, however small.  For Coping ahead
example, if your child is in the
midst of a tantrum and you see Coping ahead is planning in
him take a deep inhale of air, advance for something that you
you can say, “I like that you took predict may be an emotionally
a deep breath” and join him in challenging situation for your
taking additional deep breathes. child, or for both of you. It means
talking, when you are both calm,
Clear expectations about what’s coming, being direct
about what negative emotions
Another key way to help prevent can arise, and strategizing how
kids from getting dysregulated you will get through it.
is to make your expectations
clear and follow consistent If a child was upset last time
routines. “It’s important to keep she was at Grandma’s house
those expectations very clear because she wasn’t allowed to
and short,” notes Dr. Samar, do something she gets to do at
and convey rules and expected home, coping ahead for the next
behaviors when everyone is calm. visit would be acknowledging that
Dependable structure helps kids you saw that she was frustrated
feel in control. and angry, and discussing how 570 Higuera St . San Luis Obispo . The Creamery Marketplace
she can handle those feelings.
When change is unavoidable, it’s
good to give advance warning.
Together you might come up with 805 439 . 3292
something she is allowed to do at
Transitions are particularly tough Saturday through Thursday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Grandma’s that she can have fun
for kids who have trouble with doing. Farm to Table + Takeout + Delivery + Haute Catering
big emotions, especially when
it means stopping an activity Talking about stressful situations

Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 11

Local History Monterey Street is getting a makeover.
Buildings are being renovated and the
parking lots are being dug up.

Morro Bay Mystery Buy your copy of Monterey/Marsh Sts

100 Year Book. Remember the past, as
the future is right around the corner.
by Guy Crabb
Enjoy Your Memories!
I am going to take you on a journey taking 200 clams a day; there
to the wonderful city of Morro was a Navy base in town in 1941 Get an autographed copy at:
Bay. I am going to tell you a story so our military could practice w w w. s l o 1 0 0 ye a r s . co m
that will solve a mystery and may beach landings; property lots in
send you on a trip to explore a 1927 sold for $250 or $300 - for an Also available at Barnes and Noble, Crushed Grape, Antiques of Monterey,
cemetery. I hear people are dying ocean view; or Morro Bay Blvd. History Center, Apple Farm, and Boo Boo Records. GUY CRABB PUBLISHING

to get in! Sorry, that’s an old joke. was once called 5th Street.
Anyway… I taught in Morro Bay
for over 20 years and began to But today my story goes back to
research its history so the kids in the very beginning of the town.
my classes could learn about the I’m not talking about way, way
people who helped to found this back, which would have to include
unique seaside city. the story of the ghost that haunts
Morro Rock (another cool story).
I began my teaching career at I’m going back to the person who
Morro Elementary School in 1985. gets credit as the founding father
It was a very beautiful school site. of Morro Bay. He was one very
At lunch, I would sometimes walk enterprising young man by the
around town. I noticed some name of Franklin Riley.
odd-size buildings and others that
were unusual, and I wondered History says Riley came down to to another state or did he die in Then, Kasey started yelling
what businesses were there in the this area of California to search for an accident? Then something else that she found Franklin Riley’s
past. some government-owned land struck me; Morro Bay does not gravestone. Next, she yelled
that was not part of a Mexican have a cemetery. Yes, that’s right. that Franklin was not alone. I ran
I guess it was this same curiosity land grant. He found a nice chunk Some of you know about the across the cemetery to where
that motivated me to write books of land and built the first home secret cemetery a little way out of she was standing, and found an
about the history of downtown in Morro Bay. The location of town, but that’s a private family answer to the mystery of what
San Luis Obispo. I started by his home was just about in the site. After realizing that Morro happened to Franklin Riley. He
reading a book called Morro Bay’s middle of what we know today as Bay has no public cemetery, I was here, buried in the Cayucos
Yesterdays, which was full of great downtown Morro Bay. His home decided to go in search of Franklin cemetery with his beloved wife
information and photographs, was on the strip of land between Riley. Hannah. They did not have the
and I interviewed many longtime Morro Bay Blvd. and Harbor biggest or best marker (or even
residents. Street. My first thought was go to the a clean marker), but here they
cemetery that was the closest were. Their grave marker is a few
Now, I could sit here and tell you Franklin had a family: his wife to Morro Bay. That happens to feet tall and about eight inches
a fishing boat full of stories about Hannah, two little girls, and a boy, be the Cayucos Cemetery off of thick and it reads “Riley” on the
Morro Bay, such as: in 1911, the who were all foster children. He Highway One. This is also where top of the stone and on the front
town had a restriction of only was a bright man who drew out a my father is buried, so one day it simply reads “Franklin 1824
plan for the city. Franklin started when my daughter Kasey and I – 1897” and “Hannah G. 1824 –
his own farm and grew barley as went to go visit my dad’s grave, 1904.”
his first crop. Now once again, I we decided to explore the older
could go on and tell you about grave stones in the lower part of I won’t tell you exactly where it
his idea to plant eucalyptus trees the cemetery. is, so that you can plan a morning
everywhere to block the ocean to explore the Cayucos cemetery
breeze that would blow in and We actually had a great time and learn some cool information
bury his crops, or how he helped looking at all of the old grave about some of the people who
build a wharf, but I want to get stones. It was interesting to learn were founders of our county.
down to the real mystery of my when and where people were Isn’t solving mysteries fun?
story. born before coming here to the
central coast of California. After
After working in Morro Bay for a while, Kasey and I split up and
Guy Crabb retired after teaching for over
years and learning about its great starting searching on our own. I 32 years, most recently at Charles E. Teach
history, I couldn’t help but wonder began to think that Franklin Riley Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. He was
what happened to the founding had just left the city in search of selected as San Luis Coastal Unified School
District Teacher of the Year for 2006-2007.
father. Did Franklin move away new adventures. Reach him at

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TOPONYMS purple dye was discovered in that wasteland meaning of desert comes up with defiantly, (which
region, and voila, magenta. came to English in the 1200s from contributes to some hysterical
English abounds with toponyms Old French, which came from the sentences).
– place names we use to Even in the 13th century, some Late Latin word desertum, which
refer to things other than the folks (royalty, anyway) enjoyed meant thing abandoned. It wasn’t We’ll finish with a homonym trio
original place. I hope you enjoy relaxing at a spa. Our modern until the 1700s that the meaning a I find intriguing: by, bye and buy.
considering this smattering of word spa is a toponym taken from waterless, treeless region eclipsed By has been around since Old
toponyms. Spa, Belgium, a town blessed with the wasteland meaning. English was born and came from
mineral hot springs. The town’s a Proto-Germanic word meaning
Paisley – now a distinctive name came from the Walloon The desert that means suitable about, near, or around. Though
shape we print onto fabric, but word espa, meaning spring or reward or punishment (as in we pronounce it differently today,
originally a town in Scotland fountain. getting one’s just deserts) came we find by’s sister (with the same
where such fabric was first made. through French from the Latin meaning) at the end of place
Interestingly, the word paisley Because many of New York’s word deservir (not to be confused names that end in –by. In Yorkshire
comes through Middle Irish from financial institutions ended up with the French word deservir). It alone, there are over 210 place
the word baslec, which came situated along the wall that once meant to serve well. I suppose one names ending this way (Wetherby
from the Latin word basilica, offered defense to the struggling is served well by getting what one and Selby, for instance).
which means that the town was Dutch town of New York, the deserves. But so much for nouns
originally identified by its church. adjacent street was named Wall – the verb desert came through Our modern word buy, came from
Street. That struggling little town the Old French deserter in the another Proto-Germanic source,
Today, the word babel refers to has done all right for itself, to 1300s from the Latin desertare the word bugjan, meaning to pay
a confused medley of sounds, but the point that we now use this (closely related to desertum), for. When it first entered English,
originally it referred to Babhel, toponym to refer to the entire which meant to abandon. This the soft g sound remained at
the capital of Babylon. Babhel American financial world. particular desert is built of the the end of the word, and is one
is a Hebrew word that started word parts de-, meaning opposite of the reasons the past tense,
out as Bab-ilu, an Accadian word My niece and nephew refer to or undo, and serere, meaning to bought includes the letter g. The
meaning the gate of God, which those lovely plastic playgrounds put in a row. Serere also gave completely unrelated word bye is
causes those of my generation to some fast food restaurants offer birth to the word series. a shortening of good-bye, which
wonder what Ricky Riccardo was as king cities. Any of you here was spelled godbwye in the 1570s
really singing about. in California will easily fill in the Now let’s take a look at the near- as a shortening of something else
etymology on that one. homonym pairs form/from and -- the term God be with ye.
Our modern colors burgundy and definitely/defiantly. In my humble
magenta are both toponyms. HOMONYMS opinion, the from and form
Burgundy was originally a region confusion is a matter of typing, Many thanks to sources: OED, Fact Index, Place
Names in England, Wordnik, and Etymonline.
in France named in Late Latin with We’ll start off with a homonym more than a homonym issue. We
the term Burgundiones, which that takes its multiple-meaning just get typing away and muck
translates to highlanders. In time, status seriously. it up. The confusion between
the wine of the area picked up the definitely and defiantly, however,
name, and the deep hue of the Almost all forms of dessert/ is another matter altogether. I’ve
wine gave us the word burgundy desert came to English through been grading English papers since
as it refers to color. On the other French. Dessert came to English the 1970s, and in my experience,
hand, the town of Magenta was in the 1500s, in reference to the these two words were never
where the Sardinians and French last course of a meal. The French confused before computers. The
teamed up to fight the Austrians word it came from is deservir, confusion didn’t even exist with
during the Second Italian War of which (because serving the last the first raft of word processors.
Independence in 1859. The town course involved clearing the I call this phenomenon spellcheck-
was originally named after Marcus table of the previous courses) induced error. It occurs because CS Perryess writes for teens, narrates audio
Aurelius Valerius Maxentius. It translates literally to un-serve, many of us type definAtely instead books, and ponders the wonder of words in a
foggy little town on California’s central coast.
wasn’t until a few short years after with des- meaning undo and of definItely. Our spell-checker Find more at,
the battle that a deep reddish servir meaning to serve. The tries to “read” our intentions and or reach him at

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SEP 26-27

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August 2020 S pecial Family Days
31 1
11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club 2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria 3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG FARMERS MARKETS: 8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade
3:00-6:00pm Grover Bch Ramona Pk 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park
3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park
Birthstone: Peridot 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves
12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo
August is: 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St
Artist Appreciation Month
National Eye Exam Month
National Breastfeeding Month
Home Business Month francis scott key’s
What’s Your Legacy Month Flower: Gladiola birthday (Born in 1779)
National Catfish Month
National Golf Month girlfriends day
National Inventors Month
National Water Quality Month

11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club 2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria 3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade
3:00-6:00pm Grover Bch Ramona Pk 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park
3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park
5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves
12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo
sisters day US coast 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St
guard day

national neil
national chocolate chip armstrong’s dollar day
watermelon day day birthday (US Dollar created in 1786)
(Born in 1930)
columbus’ 1st
voyage (in 1492)
family day wiggle your
national toes day national
kids day lighthouse day

11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club 2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria 3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade
3:00-6:00pm Grover Bch Ramona Pk 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park
3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park
herbert 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves
12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo
hoover’s 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St
birthday hulk hogan’s
book lovers day national
(Born in 1874) birthday (Born in 1953) creamsicle day
national play in the sand day IBM Pc Left-handers
international day s’mores day day julia child’s
of the world’s announced birthday
indigenous people (in 1981) (Born in 1912)
annie oakley’s
middle birthday
national rice children’s day (Born in 1860) national
pudding day relaxation day

11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club 2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria 3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade
3:00-6:00pm Grover Bch Ramona Pk 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park
3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park
5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves
archeology day 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo
2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

roller coaster day davy crockett’s

(Patented in 1898) birthday national national national
(Born in 1786) aviation day national senior citizens tooth fairy day
international radio day day
homeless animals
day bill clinton’s
bad poetry day (Born in 1946)

FULL MOON orville wright’s

(Born in 1871)

11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club 2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria 3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade
3:00-6:00pm Grover Bch Ramona Pk 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park
3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park
5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves
national 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo
1st photo of earth 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St
from the moon waffle day
(by Lunar Orbiter in 1966) kiss & make up day 1st scout camp (in 1934)
mother teresa’s
birthday (Born in 1910)
national banana dream day
split day (MLK Jr’s “I Have a Dream”
speech in 1963)
11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club 2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria
3:00-6:00pm Grover Bch Ramona Pk
national dog day
national national cherry
national women’s
toasted trail mix day turnover day
marshmallow equality day
(Won right to vote in 1920)

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Safety a pediatrician if a child seems ill, before eating (even snacks),
especially with cough or fever. and immediately after coming
Coronavirus in Babies & Kids Doctors in the U.S. and the U.K. inside from outdoors. It is most
have noted that a small number influential when parents set an
of children between ages 2 and example by washing their own
15 have experienced a condition hands well and frequently.
by Aaron Milstone, M.D., M.H.S.

With all of the sobering news adults and children; shortness called pediatric inflammatory If your child refuses to wash their
about the new coronavirus and of breath is more likely to be multisystem syndrome, or PIMS. hands, it may help to motivate
COVID-19, the disease the virus seen in adults. Children can have Some, but not all, of the children them with a small reward, such as
causes, worried moms and dads pneumonia, with or without with PIMS had tests showing they a sticker. In any case, recognize all
can generally feel better about obvious symptoms. They can also had exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the efforts in washing their hands.
one detail: At present, the disease experience sore throat, excessive coronavirus that causes COVID-19. If soap and water are not available,
seems to be much milder in fatigue or diarrhea. Doctors are urgently trying to the next best option is approved
babies and children. However, determine if and how PIMS and hand sanitizer containing at least
However, serious illness in COVID-19 are related.
it’s important to understand children with COVID-19 is possible, 60% alcohol.
recent reports about pediatric and parents should stay alert if PIMS can cause inflammation of Other Prevention Tips for Families
inflammatory multisystem their child is diagnosed with, or the blood vessels throughout
syndrome, or PIMS, a very rare Cough and sneeze with care.
shows signs of, the disease. In the the body. The inflammation can Encourage everyone in the family
condition that might be related to study, 10% of infants with a positive limit blood flow, damaging the
exposure to the coronavirus. to cough and sneeze into tissues,
COVID-19 test became critically ill. heart and other organs. PIMS has instead of hands. Throw away
Generally, COVID-19 symptoms Severe illness rates were lower features in common with toxic used tissues and wash hands after
are milder in children than in in older children, but there were shock syndrome and Kawasaki each time.
adults. In a recent study published rare cases of children in each age disease. Certain symptoms may
in Pediatrics of COVID-19, 90% of group requiring hospitalization, mean an inflammatory problem. Keep hands off faces. Parents
those who tested positive for the and one 14-year-old who died. Look out for: abdominal (belly) should remind children to avoid
disease had mild symptoms, or pain, vomiting and diarrhea, a red touching their face as much as
It’s important to follow guidelines possible. It can help if kids carry
none at all. rash, red, cracked lips, red eyes,
if you think your child is sick with a toy that will keep their hands
high fever, swollen glands on one
Fever and cough are common COVID-19. Caretakers should busy, but parents should wash
or both sides of neck, and swollen
COVID-19 symptoms among both trust their instincts and contact those toys regularly.
hands or feet.
PIMS, like Kawasaki disease, is Keep things clean. Wipe down
very rare. But if your child has toys and surfaces your child
these symptoms, call your doctor. touches regularly, especially
PIMS may be treated with a when traveling or when near a
plasma transfusion to reduce person who is sick. Clean surfaces
the inflammation and protect at home and store cleaners in
the heart and other organs from cabinets that are either too high
possibly lasting damage. for your child to reach or are
secured with childproof cabinet
Immediately contact urgent care
if you notice these symptoms
in a child: difficulty breathing or Address anxiety and stress.
catching breath, inability to keep Talking things over as a family
down liquids,
new confusion or can help identify specific fears
inability to awaken, or bluish lips. and clarify facts. It also helps for
families to discuss a plan in case
Children are exposed to COVID-19
someone gets sick, or if something
when virus contacts their eyes,
else happens that interrupts the
nose, mouth or lungs. The best
normal routine.
way to prevent children from
getting COVID-19 is to avoid Children will look to you when
exposure; avoid people outside deciding how to feel about
of your isolation pod. COVID-19. If you feel calm and
prepared, they are likely to feel
Teach kids to wash their hands
regularly, with soap and warm
water, for at least 20 seconds.
Help them keep track of time by
Aaron Milstone is an Associate Hospital
singing the ABC song, which takes Epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital and
about 20 seconds to finish. Kids professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins
should wash their hands after University School of Medicine.
using the bathroom, sneezing, Reprinted with permission. © 2020 The Johns
Hopkins University, www.hopkinsmedicine.
coughing, or blowing their nose, org/health.

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Local Resources
2nd FRI every month at 3:00 pm: PAWS TO am: Santa Maria Parks & Rec Dept offers free Helping Hand at Pat’s Place in Nipomo
READ at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades docent-led nature walks in Los Flores Ranch, Recreation Community Rm, 671 W Tefft St,
Ave. Come share your stories with an adoring 6271 Dominion Rd, Santa Maria. Cost: free. Ste 2, Nipomo.  Toys for kids with all types
listener. Cost: free. Contact: 528-1862. Contact: 925-0951. of disabilities to check out. In-home appts
Feeling hopeless, desperate, or alone? avail. Cost-free! Contact: 547-1914 or www.
Every WED 3:00-4:00 pm: PAWS TO READ at 2nd MON every month 6:30-8:00 pm:
Concerned for someone you care about?
Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Ave. Read to Caregiver Support Group at Cayucos
a dog who loves to listen to children. Cost: Community Church, Ocean Ave & S 3rd St. Every TUE 5:30-6:30 pm: Citizenship Classes
free. Contact: 528-1862. Free support for caregivers helping with at SLO County Library, 995 Palm St, SLO.
long-term illness, memory loss, dementia, All classes are bilingual, with all materials
Every SUN 12:00-4:00 pm: Family Funday at
and Alzheimer’s. Contact: 458-7484. covered in 8 classes. No registration required.
Bang the Drum Brewery, 950 Orcutt Rd, San
Suicide Prevention Luis Obispo. Enjoy the patio to play family- Every MON 10:00 am-2:00 pm: Remain Cost: free. Contact: or 781-4187.
Mental Health and friendly games and drums! Cost: free. Food Independent Despite Vision Loss at Santa Every FRI at 7:00 pm: Senior Ballroom
Emotional Support and craft beer available for sale. Contact: Maria Terrace, 1405 E Main St. New ways of Dancing at Madonna Inn. Look left of the
Free or 242-8372. doing daily tasks are taught by the Braille bandstand for sign: Dancers. Dance, chat and
Confidential Institute, such as home management, listen to good music. No fees; no dues; just
24 hours of every day
Every FRI 6:00 am-4:00 pm: Early Bird Flea
traveling, and using talking library books. fun! Contact: 489-5481 or
Market at Santa Maria Fairpark, 937 S
A program of Transitions Mental Health Association
Contact: 462-1225.
Thornburg St. Browse vendors with antiques, Literacy Council for San Luis Obispo County
fruits, vegetables, new and used items, and 2nd & 4th MON every month at 6:30 pm: MOPS has an ongoing and urgent need for volunteer
2nd & 4th SAT every month 12:00-4:00 more! Cost: free. Contact: 258-1765. (Mothers of Preschoolers) meet at Pacific tutors and offers free training in SLO. Contact:
pm: Railway Historical Museum at Santa Christian Church, 3435 Santa Maria Way, 541-4219 or
Every FRI 10:00 am-12:00 pm: Zen Doodle
Maria Transit Center, 400 E Boone St, Santa Santa Maria. Childcare is provided.  Contact:
Adult Coloring Book Group at Art Center 1st THU every month at 6:15 pm: Commission
Maria. This bimonthly opening features 934-3491 or
Morro Bay, 835 Main St.  Relax and unwind on the Status of Women meets at Coast
a locomotive, boxcar, caboose, railroad
with the new adult coloring books. Cost: free. Every TUE 3:00-6:00 pm & FRI 3:00-5:30 pm: National Bank, 500 Marsh St, SLO. This
artifacts, interpretive exhibits, vintage rolling
Contact: or 772-2504. Teen Wellness Program at Arroyo Grande advisory group to SLO County Board of
stock, and a diorama to explore. Cost: free.
EOC Health Services Clinic, 1152 E Grand Supervisors identifies issues of concern to
Contact: 714-4927. Every MON 2:00-5:00 pm: Historic Tour of
Ave. Health services, including reproductive women not the focus of other advocacy or
Architecture at Monday Club, 1815 Monterey
Every TUE & THU: Youth Aikido Classes at health, in a safe environment to screen, advisory organizations. Contact: 788-3406.
St, SLO. Cost: free. Contact: themondayclub
Budo Ryu, 3536 S Higuera St, San Luis Obispo. assess, and provide intervention. Appts or 541-0594. Morro Bay Museum of Natural History
Kids have fun, stay fit, make friends, gain life preferred. Contact: 489-4026.
skills, and learn to deal with bullies without Every THU at 10:15 am: Tiny Tunes Music & Adventures With Nature & Mind Walks
1st WED every month at 9:00 am: Senior schedule is at:
becoming one. Aiki-Mites (age 4-6) class Movement at Music Motive, 3440 S Higuera
Health Screening at First United Methodist
is 3:00 pm TUE. Aiki-Kids (age 7-12) TUE & St #130, SLO. This parent participation Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens
Church, 275 N Halcyon Rd, Arroyo Grande.
THU at 4:00 pm. Pre-registration only. Cost: program for ages 1-5 includes activities based offers free services: Senior Connection to
Free and low-cost services for ages 50
$50-75/mo. Contact: 544-8866 or www. on music psychology and child development. connect callers with local resources; one on
and older: blood pressure, pulse, weight, Cost: $80 per mo. Contact: 543-0377. one Medicare help, referrals for long term
cholesterol, screening for anemia and
Every WED 10:00-11:00 am: Growing With 2nd FRI every month at 1:00 pm: Book Group diabetes, nutritional counseling, and medical care, and help with billing and appeals; Vial
Baby Class at 1230 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo. at Cayucos Library, 310 B St. Join other referrals. Contact: 481-2692 or 788-0827. of Life kits with medical info for emergency
Pediatric nurse practitioner and lactation readers to discuss whatever you’re reading responders; a Senior Resource Directory for
1st WED every month at 12:00 pm: Disabled SLO and SB counties, and more. Contact: 925-
consultant Andrea Herron answers questions and to discover, ponder, and share insights
American Veterans luncheon at Veterans 9554 or
about feeding, crying, and sleep for babies about what others are reading. Cost: free.
Memorial Bldg, 313 W Tunnell St, Santa Maria.
0-10 months. Dads are always welcome! Call Contact: 995-3846. Hospice of SLO County provides free grief
Contact: 345-0402.
to reserve a spot. Contact: 543-6988. Every THU 6:30-9:30 pm: SLO Chess Club counseling, individual and family support,
Every WED 5:30-7:00 pm: Widowed Support counseling, crisis intervention, and wellness
Every TUE 7:00-9:00 pm & SAT 2:00-4:00 pm: meets at Carl’s Jr on Santa Rosa St, 1 block
Group at New Life Church, 990 James Way, education to those with a life-limiting illness,
Basic Safety Class at SLO MakerSpace, 81 S W of Foothill, across from Cal-Poly. All ages.
Rm 14, Pismo Beach. Offered by Hospice of their families, and the bereaved in SLO and
Higuera St, Ste 160 & 180, San Luis Obispo. Get Cost: free. Contact: 441-7210 or
SLO Co. Contact: 544-2266 or Paso. Contact: 544-2266.
acquainted with the space and equipment Every SAT 10:00 am-2:00 pm: SLO Chess
before using the facility. See website for Every TUE at 7:00 pm: Al-Anon Family Volunteer as a Good Neighbor!  Make a
Club meets at the big board on Morro Bay
dates and classes. Cost: free for Members Support Group at Luis OASIS Senior Center, difference in the life of an older or disabled
Embarcadero at west end of Morro Bay Blvd
and all SLO County Library cardholders. 420 Soares Ave, Orcutt. Contact: 937-9750. adult. Training is monthly at Wilshire
(down the stairs). Cost: free. Contact: 441-
Contact: 439-2727 or 7210 or 3rd WED every month at 7:00 pm: How to Community Services, 285 South St, Ste J, SLO.
Every THU 10:00-11:00 am: La Leche League Survive Divorce seminar at SLO Women’s Contact: 547-7025 x 17.
3rd WED of every month at 6:30 pm:
Mother Support Meetings in North Co, SLO, Community Center, 1124 Nipomo St #D, SLO. Volunteer at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art!
Prepared & Natural Childbirth Classes at Twin
AG and SM. Breastfeeding and parenting Tips for handling family law issues. Cost: $10. Stop by at 1010 Broad St (Mission Plaza) or
Cities Community Hospital, 1220 Las Tablas
support and information offered. Cost: free. Contact: 544-9313 to register. email for information
Rd, Templeton. This six-series class includes
Contact: 242-2294 or lecture, hands-on demos, and technique RISE offers: weekly drop-In support groups about multiple volunteer opportunities.
MON-THU 8:30-11:30 am: Walk-In Legal Clinic practice. Cost: free. Contact: 434-4654. for sexual assault survivors; 24 hour crisis
San Luis Obispo Senior Center offers health
in 3rd Floor Atrium of Courthouse Annex, line; advocacy; peer counseling; prevention,
2nd THU of every month at 6:30 pm: screening, legal services, meals, exercise,
1035 Palm St, San Luis Obispo and Paso empowerment and education. Contact: 545-
Breastfeeding Basics at Twin Cities bridge, and bingo at 1445 Santa Rosa St.
Robles Courthouse, 901 Park St, Rm 112. Get 8888 or
Community Hospital, 1100 Las Tablas Rd, Contact: 781-7306.
help with divorce, child and spousal support, Templeton. Learn about practical aspects Every SAT 11:00 am-3:00 pm: ADOPT A PET at
domestic violence, guardianship, civil Central Coast Astronomical Society sponsors
of feeding your newborn from a Lactation Petco, 2051 Theater Dr, in Paso Robles. Cats
harassment, and name or gender change. a Dark Sky Star Party every month at sunset.
Consultant. Cost: free. Contact: 239-4443. from NCHS and dogs from Short n’ Sweet
CCAS sponsors guest speakers and public
Every TUE & THU at 1:30 pm: Divorce & Child Dog Rescue. Contact: 466-5403.
Every THU-FRI 12:00-5:00 pm & SAT 11:00 education programs. Find the CCAS event
Support Workshops at SLO Court Support am-5:00 pm: Exploration Station Interactive Every MON 2:00-4:00 pm & WED 3:00-5:00 pm: calendar, location and weather condition
Services, 1120 Mill St, Ste A, San Luis Obispo Science Center welcomes families at 867 Jacks’ Adaptive Toy Lending Library-Jack’s updates, and local resources at: www.
and Paso Robles Courthouse, 901 Park St, Ramona Ave, Grover Beach. Cost: $2-3. Helping Hand at Central Coast Gymnastics, 21
Paso Robles. Help for divorce, child support, Contact: 473-1421 or Zaca Lane, #100, San Luis Obispo. Traditional
custody and visitation orders. Overview of San Luis Coastal Adult School’s Parent
and adaptive toys for children with all types
legal process followed by form prep and 2nd THU of every month 6:00-7:00 pm: Grief Participation Program offers Core Parenting
of disabilities to check out. In-home appts
questions. Cost: free. Contact: 788-3418. Support Group at Central Coast Hospice, 253 and Enrichment classes at centers in San Luis
available. Cost: free! Contact: 547-1914 or
Granada Dr, Ste D, San Luis Obispo. Free for Obispo, Morro Bay, and Los Osos. Parent and
1st & 3rd SAT every month at 2:00 pm: FAMILY
anyone suffering the loss of a loved one who child activity classes, individual peer support,
MOVIE at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades is in need of support. Contact: 540-6020. Every TUE 2:00-5:00 pm & FRI 4:00-7:00 pm: and education for parents and caregivers.
Ave. Enjoy popcorn and a G/PG movie. Call for Jacks’ Adaptive Toy Lending Library - Jack’s
2nd SAT of every month FEB-NOV at 9:00 Contact: 549-1222 or
title. Cost: free. Contact: 528-1862.

Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 21

Local Resources
options are Tuesday/ Thursday or Santa Maria Public Library. Interactive

Alternative Education
Monday/ Wednesday with a Friday student-parent-teacher partnerships
enrichment day. Contact: 548-8700 provide educational resources, a
or mentor teacher, and eligibilty for
sports, clubs, and activities. Students
Wishing Well School offers non-
may qualify to enroll in community

on the
profit holistic Waldorf education
college as well as secondary classes.
in Los Osos with part or full-time
Contact: 937-2051 x 2761 or x 2762.
preschool, and full-time kindergarten-
7th grade, and 1st-7th two-day Templeton Independent Study

Central Coast home school enrichment. Contact: High School. WASC accredited. or 235-4401.
Children’s House Montessori School in
Weekly meeting with teacher.
Opportunity for early graduation
and concurrent Cuesta College
Atascadero strives to help each child
enrollment. In Templeton and SLO
reach his/her greatest potential, by
at Los Ranchos Elementary School.
embracing learning and appreciating
Contact 434-5833 or tae.tusd.
and respecting the world. Contact:
466-5068 or
Trivium Charter Schools in Lompoc,
Central Coast families are fortunate to have a wide variety of quality Montessori Children’s School in San
Santa Maria, and Arroyo Grande
Luis Obispo seeks to inspire a passion
choices for their children’s education. Following are some options for for excellence, to nurture curiosity,
offer a hybrid program of classical
those seeking secular alternative education in our region. project-based classes 2 days per
creativity and imagination, and to
week and homeschool 3 days
awaken the human spirit of every
For more information about local private, independent, nature based, child. Ages 3-12. Contact: 544-6691
per week. Contact: 489-7474 or
and religious schools, visit:
West Mall Alternative School.
Parent Participation of San Luis grades K-8. Contact: 938-8934 or Central Coast Montessori School in
Independent Study Home School
Coastal Adult School offers core Morro Bay offers a rich, individualized
in Atascadero. Contact: 462-4238
classes to enhance parenting academic environment to promote
Summit Academy charter school or
skills, meet other families, and independence and optimum scholastic
serves K-12 grades, and provides Alternative.
allow children to play with peers. achievement. Contact: 772-9317 or
personalized home-based learning Paso Robles Joint Unified School
Also enrichment classes such as
that fosters investigation, skill District Home School & Independent
Spanish, Cooking, and Gardening, Heritage Montessori Preschool
development and creativity, and Study Program serves K-8th grade.
and a Cooperative Preschool at in San Luis Obispo provides an
lifelong curiosity. Contact: (818) 450- Students and parents work one-on-
CL Smith. Contact: 549-1222 or enriching and loving environment in
9810 or one with teachers, receive lesson a beautiful country setting. Waldorf
Nature Based Schools plans, textbooks, and teachers’
Charter Schools and Montessori based for ages 2.5-5
editions for all subjects. Classes,
Outside Now provides summer, after- years. Contact: 235-5589.
enrichment activities, and field trips
CAVA – California Virtual Academies school, and private nature-based Academics and More is a Homeschool are also offered. Contact: 769-1675.
and K¹² give kids the chance to education in San Luis Obispo County. Helper class for 7th-8th grade at
learn at their own pace. Online Contact: 541-9900 or Homeschool Organizations
Ludwick Community Center in SLO.
schooling is aligned with California Offered in partnership with City of Homeschool Association of California
state standards. Teacher support as Delphinus School of Natural History
is a unique, regional, outdoor science SLO, this class includes a convenient is an inclusive organization offering
needed, meetings and work samples cost-effective way for students to campouts, conferences, statewide
required quarterly. Contact: (866) program in San Luis Obispo, for
elementary through middle school gain access to a tutor, community support, a website with excerpts
339-6790,, or involvement, assistance with their from education code books, and
students. Programs are engaging,
Family Partnership is a tuition- interactive, student driven, and school work, time management and links. Contact:
free K-12 independent study public designed to foster self-expression organization skills, and more. Contact:
California Homeschool Network is a
school serving Santa Barbara, San and environmental stewardship.
grassroots organization formed to
Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties Contact: Public Schools educate and protect the rights of
with home study schools in San Luis parents. Contact: (800) 327-5339 or
Obispo (1981 Vicente Dr), Morro Bay, Independent Schools Montessori Resource Center is a
Solvang, Santa Maria, and Cambria. Clarity Steiner School in Nipomo tuition-free public school in Morro
Meet with teachers weekly and turn offers Waldorf education for first Bay for K-5th grades through Homeschoolers of the Central Coast
in work samples. Contact: 348-3333 and second graders. Class meets four Family Partnership Charter School. Yahoo! group meets regularly: groups.
or days per week. Contact: 929-6878. Contact: 348-3333 or fpcharter.
org. the_Central_Coast.
Olive Grove is an independent study Santa Lucia School on 5 acres in
home school with sites in San Luis Templeton has provided peace Parkfield Elementary School is Santa Maria Inclusive Learners.
Obispo (165 Grand Ave), Santa Maria,education for over 25 years. a one-room school in San Miguel Yahoo! group with free homeschool
Lompoc, Los Olivos, and Santa Integrated curriculum founded on providing a unique, child-centered enrichment and support: groups.
Barbara. Meet with teacher weekly. life experiences, in-depth study, education customized to student
Enrichment classes also offered. and active immersion in the arts for abilities and pace. Hands-on inclusive_learners.
Contact: 543-2701 or sbceoportal. grades 1-8. Attendance Mon-Thu instruction, exploration, and Templeton Unified School District
org/losolivos. with homeschool Fridays. Carpooling speakers focus on the inner K-8 Home Schooling program.
development of each child.
Orcutt Academy Independent Study encouraged. Contact: 434.2217 or Contact: 434-5840 or
Contact: 463-2331 or rskepins@
is affiliated with Orcutt Academy
Charter School at 500 Dyer St. This SLO Classical Academy. is a private
free program offers home study and school offering part time or full time Santa Maria Joint Union Home School. Please submit updates, corrections, or news
blended classroom/home study for classical education in SLO. Part time Accredited high school program at about resources to:

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Central Coast Family • August 2020 • • Page 23

Coast Family ™
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Our goal is to connect
Central Coast families
Central Coast families?
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extraordinary value. Our loyal readers are relatively
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Our readers live and visit throughout San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara Counties in California.

Distribution (population 400,000+) : Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Avila Beach, Cambria, Cayucos, Grover
Beach, Guadalupe, Los Osos, Morro Bay, Nipomo, Orcutt, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo,
Santa Margarita, Santa Maria, Shell Beach, and Templeton.

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