The SoundMind Meditation System Harness the Power of Your Mind BETTER THAN HOLOSYNC and HEMI-SYNC

! This is absolutely the best Complete Meditation program. I have found and I have tried many of them. Here is the description given from SoundMind: This is a four-level meditation course, each program uses the gentle sounds of rain layered with the subtle yet powerful binaural audio entrainment technology which takes you from the Beta brainwave state all the way down into the low Delta brainwave state, the deepest meditative trance-like state of awareness. The SoundMind System uses the same scientifically validated technology as Holosync, Hemisync, or any binaural audio technology program, only at a fraction of the cost. This technology is simple to use and inexpensive to create, so why pay thousands of dollars for an expensive mult-level system? Our technology is equally as effective as any of the other programs. More expensive programs simply have higher marketing costs and overhead and a much larger profit margin. This is a four-level program designed to take you to progressively deeper states of meditation. It is offered as a set of high fidelity mp3's. They can be played on an ipod or other mp3 player or burned to CD's using itunes or another mp3 to wave converter for use in a portable CD player. We found that most people converted the CDs to mp3s to use in their iPod so we are offering this as a less expensive option than paying shipping fees and waiting for CD's that you will most likely only use once to load onto your computer. Note: The effectiveness of binaural audio is the same for .mp3 files as it is for compact disc (.wav files). How the technology works... In a sense these soundtracks are a guide that will help to “meditate you”. The program takes full advantage of the benefits of binaural audio research and uses this technology to synchronize your right and left brain hemispheres. The two separate background stereophonic binaural audio tones will “entrain” your brainwave patterns while white noise layered with the sounds of rain in a Vermont forest provide a soothing foreground to produce a meditative Ganzfeld Effect. (see Wikipedia for definition of Ganzfeld Effect)

the higher frequency waves are the smaller lapping waves and the ripples on the water when the wind blows across the surface. Under natural circumstances a detected phase difference would provide directional information to alert the listener. The perceived binaural beats contribute to the hemispheric synchronization causing the desired meditative and hypnogogic states of consciousness. The reason for this is physiological. the larger the amplitude of the sound waves. one in each hemisphere. when a binaural beat is perceived there are actually two standing waves of equal amplitude and frequency present. III Advanced and IV Master User. In keeping with this physiological structure. The frequency of the lower of the two tones is what is called the carrier frequency. producing the sensation of a third 'beat' frequency. However. is heard. the brain detects phase differences between these tones. When tones of two different frequencies are presented. The lower the carrier frequency. and audio with embedded binaural beats has the ability to induce and improve such synchronized states of consciousness. Each ear is 'hardwired' (so to speak) to both hemispheres of the brain. An example of this found in ocean waves. The lower frequency waves crashing on the beach are the huge giants and tsunami’s that contain immense power. When each ear hears an independent distinct tone. Synchronized brain waves have long been associated with meditative and hypnogogic states. This program is a progression of four levels: I Adjustment. The lower carrier frequencies are much more powerful to entrain our brainwaves. So. The binaural beat is perceived by the listener as a distinct rhythm or pulsing sound at the frequency of the mathematical difference between the two auditory input tones. Brain function in general is also enhanced through continued use of binaural audio by increasing the cross-collosal communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It is advised that the listener start out using the I Adjustment program and move subsequently through the entire sequence to Master User. The mathematical difference between the tones waxes and wanes as the two different input frequencies mesh in and out of phase. As a result of these constantly increasing and decreasing differences. an amplitude-modulated standing wave or binaural beat. a perceptual integration of the two tones takes place.Binaural audio theory can be explained easily. II Intermediate. The reason for the gradual progression is for the . one to each ear. This frequency is what determines the “power” of the soundtracks. Each hemisphere has its own olivary nucleus (sound-processing center) which receives signals from each ear. the brain processes this anomalous information differently when these phase differences are heard with stereo headphones or speakers. The same is true of the carrier frequency. there are two separate standing waves entraining portions of each hemisphere to the same frequency. The power of the larger waves is vastly more intense than the power of the ripples on the surface.

to virtually every hormone your body needs.. In order to synchronize the right and left sides of our brain." and the more of it you have. DHEA level is a key determinant of physiological age and resistance to disease. Advanced and Master User levels. DHEA. 12Hz for alertness and concentration. when they're high.5Hz for enkaphalin release which helps reduce stress. After an extended period in the Beta state (normal working consciousness) the ratio between potassium and sodium is out of balance.listener’s safety. or source ingredient. A brief period in Theta (about 5 . 7.83Hz the Earth’s Schumann Resonance for enhanced serotonin release and mood elevation. the more stressed you feel. the brain can only handle the “smaller ocean waves”. It also interferes with learning and memory and is. and melatonin.. These are the neural pathways that connect the right and left hemispheres. As we start out. and enhanced well-being: cortisol.D. Giampapa. M. This is the main cause of what is known as "mental fatigue". Vincent Giampapa. As we get used to the beginner levels of the SoundMind program. healthy. the body is at its peak—vibrant. you're more susceptible to aging and disease.the more susceptible to disease you are and the faster you age! Another hormone. DHEA is a precursor. Cortisol is the "stress hormone. revealed that Binaural audio technology dramatically affects production of three important hormones related to increased longevity.) Recent research performed by Dr. The sodium & potassium levels are involved in osmosis which is the chemical process that transports chemicals into and out of your brain cells. Your brain cells will reset their sodium & potassium ratios when the brain is in the low frequency theta and delta state. 2. and able to combat . Cortisol is a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands. cortisol is the major age-accelerating hormone. As we start listening to the binaural technology. The beat frequencies go through various stations. is also produced by your adrenal glands.15min) can restore the ratio to normal resulting in mental refreshment. Each time we use these soundtracks we are giving our brain a workout. When levels are low. stress. the brain must create a bridge of communication. 4. bad news for your health and your well-being.. According to Dr. pain. in general.5Hz . DHEA. a prominent anti-aging researcher and past-president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. our brain makes new pathways in order to make this synchronization easier and more efficient.5Hz for the production of endogenous opiates. anxiety reduction and a complete euphoria and endorphin release. All of the program soundtracks start at a 12Hz beat frequency and gradually decrease to a frequency of 2. we can start putting more power through these neural pathways until the brain reorganizes itself to be able to handle the larger “Tsunamis” found in the Intermediate.

the faster you will progress. but THIS IS NOT NECESSARY.77%.77%. however if you feel any discomfort. or whenever you feel like meditating.. Several people had increases of 50. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (December 11. on the other hand. over 68% had increases in DHEA levels. After 4 months of Adjustment. Many had improvements of 100. Melatonin levels increased an average of 97. We make less of it as we age. Many people use meditation cushions or sit Indian style or in a half or full lotus posture. you may try using the next level of the program. Start by sitting in an alert posture with the spine straight and perpendicular to the floor. and melatonin: In just three days. with positive changes in 68% of the people. everyone knows. DHEA acts as a buffer against stress-related hormones (such as cortisol). 200. You may use a chair or whatever else you find aids your comfort while meditating.. even 300%. the inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of your life and greatly accelerate the aging process. was down an average of 46. Cortisol. New research also reveals that it is a powerful antioxidant. The more often you sit. So how does Binaural audio technology affect levels of these three substances having so much affect on the quality (and length) of your life? In a before and after study of 19 people using Binaural audio technology the following changes were noted in levels of DHEA. which is why as you get older and make less DHEA you are more susceptible to stress and disease. In fact. discontinue use and . 1986) found that a 100 microgram per deciliter increase in DHEA blood levels corresponded with a 48% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease —and a 36% reduction in mortality for any reason! DHEA is very important! Melatonin. Continue using I Adjustment for a minimum period of 4 months. Using stereo headphones.47%.disease effectively. Continue this practice once or twice daily. with an average increase of 43. listen to the I Adjustment program for the entire one hour program. cortisol. even 90%. is a hormone that helps to create restful sleep. with positive changes happening in over 73% of the people. it is even more powerful than Vitamin E. and should not be the primary goal of meditation. 60. and since during sleep many important rejuvenating substances are created in the brain. and with several people having decreases of 70 or 80%. Description of the Listening Procedure.

The brain is not equipped to be able to handle the deeper tones of the advanced carrier frequencies without a gradual adjustment. The Attention soundtrack is used whenever mental focus and concentration is needed. The carrier frequency of IV Master User of 35Hz is quite low and will continue to be beneficial.. Please Note: Epileptic patients are advised NOT TO USE ANY BINAURAL AUDIO SYSTEM. Repeat this 4 month process for each subsequent program level until you are using IV Master User. !!!WARNING!!! Do not start with the advanced programs. as this technology may trigger the onset of epileptic seizures. If you do. you will find the mind becomes very quiet. may be used as often as needed... or as its own stand-alone meditation aid. Learning Aid may be used while reading or studying to help in memory retention. You may not feel acute symptoms of disorientation. SoundMind is fully compatible with your own meditation practice.. however you may experience mental fatigue from working out too hard. and a sense of disorientation. As you develop distinct awareness of the four parts of the breath cycle. this will allow the soundtrack to have the intended effect while not distracting your attention away from your tasks. The breath awareness technique will take persistent practice to master but is one of the . Simply watch the breath as it comes into the nostrils and then again as is goes out of the nostrils. Simply listen to the track following the above instructions. However. The listener is advised to keep the volume at a very low setting. the track can be used indefinitely beyond the 4 months. Be aware of the instantaneous change of direction from inhalation to exhalation and then again from exhalation to inhalation. BONUS SOUNDTRACKS INCLUDED FOR ATTENTION AND LEARNING The bonus soundtracks Attention and Learning Aid. The SoundMind program can be used in conjunction with many other techniques of meditation. The track may be set to repeat indefinitely. Simple breath awareness is a useful tool to help concentrate the mind while using the SoundMind program. They will be ineffective if used too quickly as a result of the side effects you may experience. you may experience nausea and dizziness. Continue this process until you are consistently using the next level of the program. Pay attention to the sensation of the touch of the breath as felt on the outer rings of the nostrils. Awareness of the natural flow of breath is a very useful tool and an excellent daily practice to be used in conjunction with this system.revert back to I Adjustment for another month of use.

THIS IS A WONDERFUL MEDITATION PROGRAM. For lots of cool meditational tools like Hemi-Sync and other meditations as well as some amazing .most effective and commonly used techniques of meditation throughout the world. the least you can do is SEED GENEROUSLY so that others may also benefit from this amazing technology. This is a rather large download.demonoid. and as you are receiving it for free. please check out my other torrents: http://www. I have tried Holosync and Hemi-Sync and actually prefer SoundMind over both of them.

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