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Word from the editor #1

Fallout 3 vs the World today

The Legend of San Andreas


Post-Apartheid Black Gamer


Game of the month: Mini Militia


TIPS: Juggling school, a job, a lover

and video games


Budget Content: Emulators


a winner when he plays a game
and finishes a mission. Although
we face different trials and
tribulations as township kids,
gaming can help us escape
them without having to use
drugs and other substances. I
hope you use this magazine as a
weapon, black child.

*Sheds a tear*
BLERD On a lighter note, I feel very
privileged to be the one to write
TALK this and I hope you continue to
get the next Project Blerd
issues. In this very first issue we
#1 take a look at COVID-19 and
compare it to a very great game,
we argue why GTA: San Andreas
is the best game with a black
I spent hours trying to write a cast, we also take a look at our
very cool editorial but sadly, I Game of the Month and much
don’t have the words to describe more.
how I am feeling right now. I
have had this gaming dream for Get ready for the experience
a while now and I am glad that I that may just last a lifetime and
finally know what to do with it. please make sure you take a
look at the advertisements, you
The primary purpose of this may find something you like.
magazine is to introduce the
black township child who is Thank you for coming to my
facing a life of hardships and Blerd talk.
temptations to the safe haven
called gaming. I have a cartoon
strip of a young man who gets
scolded all day only to feel like


Megaton (A town where
FALLOUT 3 wastelanders seek refuge).
Instead of radiation, we have
the virus and instead of vaults,
Vs we have Quarantines.

Bethesda studios had to predict

THE WORLD the near future, didn’t they?

The game is kinda what the

TODAY. world is since the beginning of
the year 2020 and the virus just
made it what the game is. The
game has Robots and Androids
which is what Elon Musk is
For anyone that never working on, the game has
people who have self-isolated
played Fallout 3 or any
themselves because of the fear
other fallout game will be of the wild wasteland and we
wondering why there are have people who have self-
mentions of the game quarantined because of
COVID19 and the game has
during this
restricted places
time in the where no one is
world and allowed to get
into and that is
now you
what America is
have the trying to do to
chance to Arabs and
know. Mexicans, isn’t
The game is set in post-
apocalyptic Earth, an Earth While some of you are scared, I
where there were wars and now suggest that you get yourself
some of the survivors were hit the game or revisit it instead of
by massive poisonous radiation shitting yourself over something
from all the atomic weapons and you can teach yourself how to
this explains the bomb in pass through.

majority of Black folks could
afford the PlayStation 2. This
was because the prices of the
PlayStation 2 went down as the
retail stores had to clear the old
for the new. I remember I got
mine at the beginning of 2013
which was when the company
stopped manufacturing them.

FIFA was the talk of Katlehong

(still is) and every other
Township, I suppose. Soccer is
the Black man’s favourite sport,
after all and a day won’t pass
THE LEGEND without you seeing 1 or 2 soccer
jerseys. Everybody was talking
OF SAN about the game, game hubs
were full because of it BUT as
ANDREAS. every gamer knows, there are
two types of gamers in the
world. The SPORTSMAN and the
Post-apartheid South
Africa, the rainbow

Black and White children of

South Africa live very different
lives, they also have different
experiences but there is one
thing that they can all relate to
and this is not sports or music.

When the PlayStation 3 was

released, it meant that the

The game was played in the PS2
and PC, as the two were the
major platforms in the township
(even if you had an Xbox, you
had a PlayStation according to
the kids). The game today is still
played and to some casual
gamers if it is not GTA it is not
worth playing.

My question is, do you think that

the gaming industry owes
Rockstar games credit for the
increased console and gaming
PC sales in South Africa?

This means that there is another You can tell us what you think
game that was making its on our social media platform.
rounds on the streets and yes,
you guessed right. It is GTA: San
Andreas. Although not listed as
the best GTA game by critics, it
is still a historical game.

The game has everything that a

township kid can relate to from
BMX riding, train riding, gang
wars, graffiti, arcade to drag
racing. I honestly cannot think
of another game that gave the
township a platform even if it is
not direct.

The game was revolutionary as

it meant that gaming was taking
a big step in the country as the
major population of South Africa
is Black.


consoles. This is a sensitive
POST matter because no black gamer
(male or female) finds that funny
APARTHEID and there is no keeping calm in
a situation like that. Here is

-After a life of
struggling, the
only thing a black
gamer has to offer
himself is a great
setup. This is
something that
he/she has been
dreaming of ever
since he/she laid
his/her hands on a
GAMING is a luxury for people controller or a keyboard.
who grew up in houses living in
-I am pretty sure that black
poverty, this includes most
gamers that grew up under a
township gamers.
low-class household love to look
As a gamer from the township, it at their game collection like a
is typical to live in a home rich conservative loves to stack
where you are not an only child his money in a safe. I know that
and our parents and guardians I do. The average person would
cannot afford our WANTS as look at your game collection and
they have to deal with think “this dude is a child” while
household NEEDS, clothing and another gamer will only think
fees for school. This makes “now, that is wealth”. I look at
gaming a lot more expensive as my collection and think “Yo!
it also has its maintenance, new That is BLOOD, SWEAT &
games and sometimes updates. TEARS” because that’s what it
is. I sacrificed food and a love
In the socials, we see jokes life for this!
about women scratching,
breaking games and smashing

Black gamers stand out from
the society as there aren’t
many, so this makes it hard
for them to have a social life
as they are more concerned
on how to take out the
machine gun at the top of a
building than what they are
doing next weekend or an
increase on the price of
tickets for a concert.

They are also seen as

“Nerdy” as they are informed
in history and current affairs.
If you look at gaming pages
-Growing up in a home with a lot on the social, there are memes
of siblings means that nothing is about COVID-19 because they
really yours (sometimes, they are familiar with from Resident
wear your underwear) unless it Evil or Plague Inc.
is your facecloth or nothing.
This makes it hard for you to
play all day, so getting your own
console makes up for all the
times you did not get to.
Resulting in you losing your
social life for gaming. It is nice,
to be honest.

I still wonder why there aren’t
many Black South African clans
or gatherings as I have been
looking forward to joining them
my whole life and I hope this
Journal motivates some to be
established in the near future.

my fellow high school
Game of the classmates and I would play
when there wasn’t a teacher in
month #1 class. Great times.

Mini Militia.

The game is a 2D multiplayer

shooter on mobile and it
features an online random
multiplayer and WLAN which
allows you and 14 friends to
play solo and in teams. The
game is not based on the
number of kills you need to win
but it has a time limit that is
limited to 15 minutes and it is
Our first ever Game of the Month
fun because you can kill as
is not really a usual title but I
much as you want in order to
am sure that you have played it
prove a point and reign
or heard about it from little kids.
It may be a dead one but it can
be easily revived like the
gaming community did with the
first Counter Strike.
With a wide selection of maps to
Mini Militia (or Doodle Army 2) is battle it out on, the game sets
a personal favourite of mine and the bar high when compared to
I had great dreams for it when I the new battle royale games you
first discovered that esports is a find on the internet because you
thing and believe it or not, I had don’t have to wait for an update
a little thing where a group of

in order to decide which map is campaign or faced off with the
your favourite. master robot “Mecha Doodle”
and this should be proof that the
multiplayer option is good
enough for every player.

Another standard of the game is

the gamer tag you start off with.
What I like about it is that the
developers actually troll you for
being new to the game. You
start off the game with
“NOOBIE” as your game tag and
some (which is me) never
You can get the game for free
change it in order to troll you
on the Google Play store for
and the developers.
your Android device and for your
IOS device, you can get it on the
App Store.

Editor’s Preferences.

AK47 or M16?

- Definitely the AK47

Favourite Map?

- No Escape

Gamer tag?

The campaign is an endless - Purpismyname, Duh.

swarm of robots and I have
never heard anyone say that
he/she has completed the


just started, then you should
Tips: Juggling take my tips.

School, a Job, A
lover and Video
- If you are still in high
Games. school and probably a
senior, there is no need to
worry. High school is
kinda like the test phase
Well, this is a very of your life and I
difficult task, it really is recommend that you only
study for 2 hours a day, do
but relax. I got you.
your house chores for
School and work require you to
focus most of the times, lovers
want you to give them your
attention while you just want to
game all your problems away
(The problems are definitely the
first two).
another 2 hours (or less)
and then start gaming for
the remainder of your day.
More hours gaming and
less hours studying.

- If you’re in varsity or you

have a job then get ready
It becomes a huge problem
to malfunction. Really.
when you first encounter these
but if you have been doing it all
long enough, you just learn to
make time for them all. If you

TIP NO.2 whatever it is that you are
doing. Boom! More time gaming.
- Lovers are weird, to be
honest. In my previous
relationships, they would
often complain that I don’t
answer calls or respond
on time when they text
but how am I supposed to
when the objective of the
game is to rescue
hostages while I am given
limited time? Some are lucky though, their
lovers are willing to learn
gaming and instead of the lovers
bitching about attention, they
come to their place and game
with them.

The answer to this problem is

easy. Tell your lover you are
busy and you will text or call Use the tips effectively.
after you are done with

46% of black citizens are
BUDGET unemployed and most of them
are the youth. Those who are
employed barely get by with
EMULATORS. their incomes as they have
families to look after. With this
in mind, do you think that the
average black man can afford a
I haven’t finished playing the current gen console? No.
original Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time and I have been
raiding dungeons for a very long
time. I only have Ganon’s Castle
to complete before I finish the
game as a whole and this means
I only have a few days left
(unless the game is a

The existence of emulators

revolves around nostalgia for
those who were fortunate
enough when the emulated
consoles or handhelds were
Since it’s 2020 and the game released. When you look at this
was released back in 1998, you in a black African perspective,
are probably wondering why I the only time these games could
am busy playing a game this old be played was when there were
when I can play and write about spare coins for the arcade.
the recently released Last of Us
part 2 or a game that you can
play on a current gen console.
Well, the answer is simple, the
main audience of the magazine
is less fortunate.

If you are worried that the
games will not feel like real
gaming because they are on
mobile, you can get the
emulators on your Desktop or

Happy gaming and thank you for

Since we are way behind on
reading our Budget Content
gaming, we don’t have to catch
up because the journey is a
really long one and it will be
really hard to keep up.

Before you start buying your

own current and last gen
console, why not head over to
your Google play or App store
and check out the emulators
available there and find a retro
game to enjoy because the older
games are hidden gems.

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Project Blerd issue#1


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