Everything is the same until the stringing of the bow except Telemachus doesn¶t know about Odysseus, who

currently looks like an old man, tries to string the bow, but fails. The leader of the suitors, Antimous strings the bow and shoots through the twelve axis. Odysseus pleads with Antimous to have another go. He accepts as Odysseus is an old man and he surely couldn¶t do it. Odysseus attempts and gets it through all twelve axis. Queen Penelope comes down and now has to choose. Odysseus says, I am Odysseus, but she doesn¶t believe him. She chooses Antimous as he is a young, handsome man but the other man is old. Odysseus shouts Athene, and leaves.

"Tell me then truly," said Odysseus, looking around at the mist-covered beach he stood on, "have I really got back to my own country?"

"You are always taking something of that sort into your head," replied Athena. Her grey eyes were unreadable. "Any one but yourself, on returning from so long a voyage, would at once have gone home to see his wife and children. But not you."

"In good truth, goddess, it seems I should have come to much the same bad end in my own house as Agamemnon did, if I had." Odysseus spread his hands placatingly. "There are those who have been lording it in my house these three years."

Odysseus turned." said Athena. what care you for the dalliances of Penelope?" .The goddess laughed. The words seemed to be pulled from somewhere deep within the king of Ithaca. but what of Circe? What of Calypso?" The goddess's slender white arms crossed. his brow furrowed. His eyes stared out at the fog-shrouded sea. "You are afraid that your Penelope has not been true to you." Odysseus nodded slowly and turned away. and her mouth twisted as if she had tasted something sour. you cannot lie to me! It was not only for fear of a spear in your back that stayed you from rushing home at once. "I just need to know if her heart is still with me. "When you have had trysts such as these. "Odysseus." "But is your heart still with her?" Athena asked mildly. "What?" "You wish for her to be true to you.

to do what was needed to return home to Ithaca. a defensive edge flaring up in his voice." Athena's face did not waver. Odysseus threw up his hands. "Jove's redoubtable daughter. and a tunic. filthy." said the goddess with a shrug." "As you will. and in journeying. she bleared his eyes. Help me now as you did then."It was mine to journey. tattered." said Odysseus." She reached out and touched him with her silver wand and took away all his yellow hair." "I see. "It was hers to await my return. hands up in supplication. Stand by my side and put your courage into my heart as on the day when we loosed Troy's fair diadem from her brow. to raise my son. she furnished him with a staff and a wallet all in holes. you are my patroness. . not my mother!" He took a step forward and fell to his knees. and begrimed with smoke. and to lament my absence. changed his clothes and threw an old rag of a wrap about him. "Advise me how I shall best avenge myself. "I will begin by disguising you so that no human being shall know you. I will cover your body with wrinkles. and withered the flesh over his whole body.

you're not changing me back?" "Myself. but he. confused. If she will not have you."In truth. Not only is he well-spoken. at least. "I think she will choose that young lad Eurymachus. slay my wife's suitors. and reclaim my bride!" "Not exactly. you will know in truth that her heart is still with you. The trickster of Greece looked up. I will enter the palace unknown." said Athena. and you wished to know if Penelope's heart is with you. seems the sort who could keep it in his pants when not at home. If she will still have you in this form. looking down at his old beggar's form. "This is your true form now. You asked for my help. ignoring him. "None will recognize me in this guise! Hidden thus." said Odysseus joyously. until the time comes to show my true form." "You." mused Athena. then you will at least have the answer to your question. my inconstant Odysseus.. Perhaps then will you have your youth again.." .

When she was perhaps thirty feet away she paused and looked back. Odysseus jolted from his unconscious state as a crab stalked away angrily.Odysseus was staring wildly down at his withered hands." groaned Odysseus.. but there was no one there." said she. "I wouldn't try going back to Calypso or Circe as you are. her sandalled feet leaving no footprints in the sand." she muttered." Athena simply smiled. not to far from his wrecked ship. "My goddess." he said quietly. Once he arrived he crawled until he collapsed face down in the sand. She looked at him and now the disgust was clear in her grey eyes. dear Odysseus. Even goddesses have their shallow moments. . My patroness. and began to walk away down the beach. Odysseus fought against the waves towards an island. Just ask Eos. "ATHENA!" Odysseus howled. turned her back. her words sinking in. "Sometimes I think Artemis is right about men. Give me back my youth. He tried not to wince from the pain in his reddened nose. "Athena." "Athena. Athena.. "Oh. His old voice echoed down the empty beach.

Your destruction is inevitable. ye who enter here. and held his head in both hands. Blood shot eyes stared back at him as he realized the creature was in fact a giant turtle.' my dear Odysseus. The island turtle tossed its head back and caught Odysseus in its mouth. teeth gleaming like tiny beacons of light in a storm.Slowly. As he stood up. but slid off onto its face. The island. He held onto its head. After what seemed like an eternity. jamming into the warrior's chest. crushing Odysseus' bones. "Lasciate ogni speranza. As he got closer. Judas grinned and licked the blood off his hand. He withdrew his palm and curled it into a fist. His eyes wandered to a gate. His screams of agony fell on deaf ears as blood trickled down his arm. He stared with dawning realization and horror at his own heart slowly pumping in Judas' hand. "I have been waiting for you. His body was beginning to lose all feeling." Out of the shadows a figure emerged. Odysseus observed his surroundings. He tore his eyes from his heart to its holder. "Your journey ends here." "It says. Life's blood dripped from Odysseus' heart. Judas' right hand slid down over Odysseus' chest. Odysseus. vines sprouted from the ground. so do not try anything. voi ch'entrate. Judas closed in on Odysseus. I wonder what it means. he noticed. the great Turtle Island opened its large mouth and allowed Odysseus to exit into an underwater cavern. He noted the eyes and the way it swam through the sea. was not an island at all. With his palm wrapped around Odysseus' heart. "Who-who are you?" Odysseus managed to breathe out. he sat up and looked around. Odysseus noticed writings." Next. "The only reason your . With a thud his body hit hard stone. The entity reappeared." The unknown entity grinned revealing the razor sharp teeth of a shark. "I am Judas. the creature's head rocked back and forth seemingly trying to knock him off. His arms flailing. he yanked it out. 'Abandon all hope. and gushed from his wound. Judas squeezed Odysseus' heart and watched the wonderful crimson liquid scatter all over the bone littered ground." Odysseus felt himself sinking.

Except my sweet Athena." . "See you in Hell. "You won't need this anymore where you're going." He grabbed Odysseus' jaw with his soiled hand. you've survived so long? The other gods had nothing to do with it.still alive is because of my will and magic." He leaned down and kissed Odysseus. "Good night." Judas then ended Odysseus' existence by pulling out a magic thread out of his hair. How else do you think. May the flames of Hell devour your soul and maggots feast upon your flesh. my darling Odysseus.

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