MODULE 4 – Resources for Wyoming Entrepreneurs Table of Contents 1. Performance Objective 2.

Resources for Wyoming Entrepreneurs Performance Objective: The business counselor will demonstrate knowledge of, and ability to refer clients to, WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz specialty programs, well as resources from outside organizations. Evaluation: 1. Understanding and using the WyEn.Biz Client Success System flow chart 2. Correctly answering case study questions (Case Study 1) 3. Achieving at least a 50% referral rate to other specialty programs, and services from clients returning appointment evaluation postcards. How You Will Be Trained: 1. Read Module 4 in its entirety. 2. Accumulate brochures from all relevant outside services. Read the brochures and keep them for reference. 3. Co-counsel with other business counselors. While observing the sessions, list on a sheet of paper what specialty programs were offered during the session. Ask the business counselor later why the client was referred to these services and not to others. The secret to successful referrals is an understanding of the client’s needs. 4. Review and learn how to use the WyEn.Biz Client Success System Flow Chart.


Resources for Wyoming Entrepreneurs
The knowledge and willingness to refer clients to other specialty programs is necessary for three basic reasons: • to serve the client's best interest, • to serve the Center's best interests, and • to make your work more personally rewarding. Client Benefits Clients who take advantage of all of the specialty programs that are applicable to their businesses are more likely to resolve problems, overcome obstacles, and be more successful. For example, let's use a woman business owner who approaches WyEn.Biz for marketing help. Mary Money may be guided by her business counselor to develop a marketing plan. For this plan she will need market research, so a Market Research Center report is ordered. Mary is very pleased with the help she has received and her initial need has been met after three appointments and receipt of the MRC report. But you should NOT let her stop here! She might be interested in marketing to the government (GRO-Biz) or exporting (International Trade specialty). She might need additional information on hiring employees (HR specialty) or sorting out some issues with her QuickBooks system (QuickBooks specialty). Mary could even get very interested in an upcoming conference such as the IDEA Expo. Perhaps she would like to compare how her business fares financially by taking part in a Financial Health Checkup. When Mary's success becomes well known, she will love to be interviewed by the local media—or be featured as a success story for WyEn.Biz, Wyoming Business Council or the Small Business Administration. WyEn.Biz Benefits WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz is dedicated to supporting economic development of small businesses in Wyoming. True development cannot be credited to WyEn.Biz efforts if a client is only seen once or twice. Our partners require us to report statistics that document the delivery of services. These reports include the number of long-term clients serviced, client capital investment and growth in the number of employees. WyEn.Biz will more easily meet or exceed its "deliverables" if you take the time and make the effort to refer clients to other programs and services. Personal Benefits You will find that your work is more personally rewarding when you see someone succeed based on your advice and efforts. Money cannot buy this

feeling! You will become more valuable to the network, and may receive positive publicity, if your client is interviewed by the media.

Module 4 Training Checklist • Business Counselor ____________ • Read Module 4 ______ DATE • Read Brochures from other programs ______ DATE • Co-counseling with Training Coordinator. Observe referrals to Other Programs ______ DATE


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