The Chaplain’s Bulletin for Internal Circulation Only
Volume 1, Issue 1 9 Jan 2011

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 Five Dimensions of Spiritual Exercises by the Chaplain  Seven Principles by Dr Wilfred John

The THEME for us this year is “IN-Reaching and Uplifting. This is the goal for us all to aiming in our weekly chapels and assembly. It is hoped that each time we gather be a time we reach into our soul for reflection and meditation or open our soul so that it can be reached by the Spirit and the Word of God. We who are ministers of the ministries of prayer and the word should be experts in the matters relating to our soul and mind. We should be those who are good at IN -Reaching. We who are taking care of the worship and the sharing of the Word of God should know that those who come to God may approach Him and be touched by His Spirit through our “SERVICE” depending on how it has been offered to them. Do we help people to “Reach IN”? secluded corner everyday during our work and busy schedule. IN-Reaching works hand-inhand with UP-lifting. We lift up our eyes and our soul to worship. This is what the Lord has taught us: to love him with all our heart, mind, and soul. This shall not happen if they are not first IN-reached. Reached, they will be touched and able to Lift up. We who lead the service through music or the Word of God thus also aim for ourselves to become God’s channels through which one’s soul will be UPLifted. It is hoped that every individual in this community will enter in the “SPACE” of worship and come out refresh, IN-REACHED and UP -LIFTED. * * * *

INTO your INNER room

REACHING IN can be done through a good preparation of worship that is not remaining in superficial acts that touch not even the senses of the worshippers if not distract them from trying to Reach In for one moment to touch one’s own heart and that of the Lord. IN-reaching reminds us to turn inside, to catch a moment, to pause for a little while, to retreat to a certain

From the Desktop
This is the first issue of “Inner Room”. The opening up of this “thought space” is to provide a “garden” for mind and soul to meet, and for heart and spirit. I hope that we in this community where hearts and minds are trained could all learn to immerse ourselves in reflective moments. Sometimes this bulletin will excerpt some of the sharing on Thursday Assembly for everyone to digest during the week.

Quotes from the Masters

The individual person is responsible in living his own life and for finding himself; if he persists in shifting his responsibility to somebody else, he fails to find out the meaning of his own existence. (Thomas Merton)

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