0 DOCUMENT PURPOSE The purpose of this Safe Work Practice is to provide the guidance for setting up Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) committee and define their responsibilitie s. 2.0 DOCUMENT SCOPE HSE Supporting Committees are set up to ensure that the Company and Areas HSE pro grams are effective and to encourage participation from employees at all level a nd contractors. 3.0 HSE COMMITTEE The HSE Committee structure complies with Thai Labor Welfare and Protection regu lation which stipulates that an employer having fifty or more employees in the b usiness establishment shall establish a Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Committee in the work place. HSE Committee acts as the steering committee for overall HSE issues in Jambi Mer ang Site. The HSE Committee comprises 2 employers and 2 employees (at operation level) rep resentatives. Employer representatives are from appointment and employees are fr om election according to the Notification of Department of Labor Welfare and Pro tection. 3.1 Election of Employee representative at Operational Level The election of employee representatives is conducted according to the Notificat ion of Department of Labor Welfare and Protection regarding procedures for selec tion of representatives of employees at operational level, dated 23rd of August B.E.2538 3.2 Responsibilities of HSE Committee The responsibilities of HSE Main Committee are as follows: Meet once a month and conduct HSE walkthrough survey monthly. Ensure that HSE inspections and audits are conducted in each area of Jambi Meran g Site and Office as planned Implement any HSE activities assigned by the Management Promote and support HSE programs and related activities Endorse new or revised HSE rules and regulations Endorse HSE related policies, action plan, programs and activities for both work and non-work related safety to prevent accidents, illness as well as unsafe act s and unsafe conditions. Propose and ensure proper HSE training is conducted for management and staff at all level and contractors. Follow up the progress of proposed HSE items. Recommend any corrective or improvement measures to enhance functioning of all a pplicable Law and HSE rules and regulations. Prepare performance report of the committee including problems found and suggest ions for the employer on a yearly basis.

4.0 SCHEDULING, AGENDA AND MINUTES HSE committee is scheduled to meet once a month. The meeting agenda shall be sen t to all members at least 3 days before the meeting as required by Indo Labor La w (The Notification of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, The Committee for S afety & Occupational Health and Working Environment in Workplace, 27th June 1995 ).

1 Meeting Agenda The typical agenda of the HSE committee meeting covers: Review and follow up previous minutes and action items Review and follow up HSE Action plan Health.2 Meeting Minute The minutes of HSE Committee meeting shall be approved by the chairman will be c ommunicated to all concerned staff after the meeting. The meeting minutes of HSE Committee shall be sent to the Labor and Welfare Prot ection Department quarterly and also be kept in the work place at least two year s for review/audit. 5. 4.0 REFERENCE LIST Notification of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.E25 49. Regulation Issue on Safety. . Safety and Environment Performance of the previous month Review Incident/Accident in the area and follow up actions Report the progress and performance of the Area HSE Committees Report the result of planned HSE inspection/audit Follow up the progress of proposed HSE items or corrective actions raised from i nspection/audit Input from committee members.4. Occupational Health and Environment Management B. the Committee for Safety & Occupational Health and Working Environment in Workplace. 27th June 1995.

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