Ryanair was set up in 1985 by Tony Ryan to operate low-cost flights from Waterford and Dublin in the

Republic of Ireland to London. In its initial few years of operation, it struggled financially. Michael O'Leary, now Chief Executive of the company, was Ryan's financial controller at this time, and persuaded Ryan to let him try and redress the situation. O'Leary developed a strategy heavily influenced by Southwest Airlines in the US, the world's first low-cost carrier, and not only stemmed Ryanair's losses, but turned it into a huge success. Now, Ryanair is the World’s favorite airline and operates more than 1,400 flights per day from 44 bases and more than 1100 low fare routes across 27 countries, connecting 160 destinations. Ryanair operates a fleet of 250 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with firm orders for a further 64 new aircraft (before taking account of planned disposals), which will be delivered over the next 2 years. Ryanair currently has a team of more than 8,000 people and expects to carry approximately 73.5 million passengers in the current fiscal year. Low-cost airline Ryanair is a rising star in the skies of Europe. It challenges many received ideas but its brand remains bland. The skies of Europe used to be overcast, as monopolistic national companies were twisting the rules of market economy. With governments and the European Commission now actively promoting competitiveness, the aggressive low fares are attracting a new segment of cost-conscious passengers, which were largely left out of the market. Ryanair is serving this segment of market offering enviable level of quality at very competitive price. Our key objectives are: - low fares - industry-leading customer service - frequent flights on short-haul routes - low operating costs, addressing aircraft and equipment, personnel productivity, customer service costs and airport access fees - taking advantage of the internet and - commitment to safety and quality maintenance In order to achieve these objectives, at Ryanair we created quality policy which implementation is constantly monitored and necessary actions are being taken.

All our employees are informed about our quality policy and trained to work and behave in accordance with it.For our shareholders. .1 on-time record. No employee/director should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation. In our company is present pleasant atmosphere and appropriate culture and we care about motivation and satisfaction of our employees. We have also some additional policies such as Ryanair's policy of using small regional airports for its operations helps keep costs lower but also means less traffic congestion for passengers traveling to the airports and less chance of delays. All employees/directors should endeavor to deal fairly with customers.For our suppliers. In 2010 more than 90% of our flights were on time.Our quality policy is divided according to our groups of stakeholders: . Ryanair does not seek competitive advantage through illegal or unethical business practices. Our success is due. but also a winning combination of our No. our friendly and efficient people and our new Boeing 737-800 series aircraft. waiting in lines and gives passengers a more comfortable traveling. The Company is committed to generating sales through price. . Frequent. abuse of privileged information. concealment. In sum. and we are very committed to constant quality improvement. our brand positioning is: reaching destination safely at the lowest price and on time. reducing the required time. from top management to bottom level employees. Our quality policy is implemented very much in depth. accurate and understandable manner. Ryanair is dedicated to providing a reasonable return on investment by pursuing sound growth and earnings objectives while exercising prudence in the use of assets and resources. Ryanair gives additional value to its costumers with posibility to check-in online. or any unfair dealing practice. Ryanair is committed to fulfilling their needs in an honest and fair manner. misrepresentation of material facts. . quality and the ability to fulfill commitments. Ryanair is committed to obtaining the best value on the basis of open and truthful communication. we have developed very good communication among all levels of employees. not just to low fares.For our customers. such as meals. short-haul flights mean that the airline does not need to provide services which would be expected by passengers on a longer flight. Ryanair is committed to disclosing the results of operations on a timely basis and in a fair. competitors and employees.

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