Exercise One..

1- Translate the Following: 1- dixerat He or she had said

2- vincemus we will conquer

3- Lusisti you played

4- duxerient They shall have guided

5- negleximus we neglecter or we have neglected

2- Give the future tense and Future perfect in first personl singular and third person plural :

1- mittere " Third conjugation" Future 1st : mittam Future 3rd : mittend Future perfect 1st : misero future perfect 3rd : miserint

2- dare "First conjugation" Future 1st : Dabo Future 3rd : dabunt Future perfect 1st : dedero future perfect 3rd : dederint

3- Defendere "Third conjugation" Future 1st : defendam Future 3rd : defendedn

cucurr.Liberi in ora pelagi ludebant . petiv. solv .The poet wrote a long letter yesterday ..peto. Genitive. puellas ad oppidum mane ducitis O servant.servi.... You lead the girl to the town in the morning ..Principle parts "hya aleet en el supine msh 3alina bs ana katbh e7tyaty bardo" elle m7tot t7teeh 7'at hwa el supine w elle been Qoseen da el verb fl Infinitive 1.vivere "Third conjugation" Future 1st : vivam Future 3rd : vivent Future perfect 1st : vixero future perfect 3rd : vixerint 3.Manere "Second conjugation" Future 1st : manebo Future 3rd : manebunt Future perfect 1st : mansero future perfect 3rd : manserient 5. singular 2.The Childeren were playing on the shore of the sea .petitum "petere" 4.. Third conjugation..solvo . second declension.. actum "agere" 4.Future perfect 1st : defendero future perfect 3rd : defenderint 4.scripsit : Verb. eg .Heri poeta episula longas scripsit . fefell . singularm perfect tense 3.Translate the following then Parse the undelined words : 1. falsum "fallere" 3-ago ..fallo . neuter. third person.curro.cursum "currere" 5.pelagi : Noun. solutum "solvere" 2..

if it came on exam write both of them" Gen plural: imbrium 5. singular. present 4. plural.dos Abl singular: dote Gen plural: dotum 3. Neuter 5. third conjugation.Give the present tense and the perfect tense in the second person singular and third person plural: . accusative. neuter Exercise Two 1.imber Abl singular: imbri OR imbre " The Two are right.vis Abl singular: vi Gen plural: virium 4.legatis copias trans fluvium duxerit The general/ Leader shall have led the troops across the river Fluvium : Noun .ducitis : verb.virtus Abl singular: virtute Gen plural: virtutum 2.saepe aedificia pulchra in oppido struxistis You often built a beautiful building in the town Or you have often built a beautiful building in the town Aedificia : Nound. accusative. plural.Give the ablative singular and Genetive plural of the following nouns : 1. second declension. second declension. second person.Hostis Abl singular: hoste Gen plural: hostium 2.

dicere "3rd conjugation" present 2nd singular: dicis present 3rd plural: dicunt perfect 2nd singular: dixisti perfect 3rd plural: dixerunt 2.pecuni non est virtutis radix pecuniae non sunt virtutum radices 2.scribere "3rd conjugation" present 2nd singular: scribis present 3rd plural: scribunt perfect 2nd singular: scripsisti perfect 3rd plural: scripserunt 3.Change the following senctences from singular to plural ond vice versa : 1.videre "2nd conjugation" present 2nd singular: vides present 3rd plural: vident perfect 2nd singular: vidisti perfect 3rd plural: viderunt 3-spectra "1st conjugation" present 2nd singular: spectas present 3rd plural: spectant perfect 2nd singular: spectavisti perfect 3rd plural: spectaverunt 4.legati multas naves ad insulam mittebant legatus multam navem ad insulas mittebat 3.1.In agris sunt arbores altae in agro est arbor alta .

solis ardoe agrorum segetes urebat The heat of the sun was burning the corn field solis: Noun.4. Nominative. masculine 4.cancelled 2. plural. masculine 3.vir niger . imperfect.hostibus sunt multae naves bonaque arma There are many ships and good weapons with the enemies hostibus: Noun. singular. Fist Class.civi frumentum duc dabat civibus frumenta duces dabant 4. third declension.Translate the following and parse the underlined words: 1. nominative.Romulus erat primus romanorum rex Romaulus was the primary king of the romans erat : Verb esse.3rd person. Genitive. plural.multi fuerunt apud romanos oratores. third declension. feminine 5. masculine 6.Decline together singular and plural: 1. third person. singular Exercise Three 1.pastor ovis custos est pastores ovium custodes sunt 5. ablative.in iuriarum remedium est oblivio Forgetfulness is the cure/ medicine of the injuries Oblivio: Nound. third conjugation. pauci philosophi There were many arator and few philosopheres among the romans Multi: adjective. plural. third declension. perfect tense 2.Heri Romani classem hostium magnam incenderunt The roman have burnt the great fleet of the enemies yesterda incenderunt: verb. singular.

vis magna Singular vis magna vis magna vim magnam roboris magnae roboris magnae vi magna plural vires magnae vires magane vires magnas virium magnarum viribus magnis viribus magnis 3.Singular vir niger vir niger virum nigrum viri nigri viro nigro viro nigro Plural viri nigri viri nigri viri nigros virorum nigrorum viris nigris viris nigris 2.Ars Pulchra Singular Ars pulchra .

lis antiqua singular lis antiqua lis antiqua litem antiqam litis antiquae .Ars pulchra Artem pulchran Artis pulchrae Arti pulchrae Arte pulchra Plural Artes pulchrae Artes pulchrae Artium pulchrarum Artibus pulchris Artibus pulchris 4.Dux strenuus Singular dux strenuus dux strenue ducem strenuum ducis strenui duci strenuo duce strnuo plural duces strenui duces strenui duces strenuos ducum strenorum ducibus strenuis ducibus strenuis 5.

Arma navesque multas habent They have many ships and ships 2.liti antiquae litie antiqua plural lites antiquae lites antiquea lites antiquas litum antiqarum litibus antiquis litibus antiquis 3.Cur amicis nocuinstis ? Why do you hurt your friend Give the english or latin derivatatives of the following words: "Take Care enaha mmkn tege mn Latin To english aw el 3aksss" "F 7agat mmkn ykon leha two meaning.Magna romanorum audacia hostes terret They great courage of the roman terrifies the enemies 3.Translate the following sentences : 1. bs u have to choose the one that look like the main word" Page 46 Solvere : to solve epistula: epistle virtus: virtue defendere: to defend oblivio: oblivion orator: orator remedium: medicine consul: consul civis: citizen .

Page 102 difficitis : difficult varius: various homo: human communis: common incola: inhabitant servus: servant dividere: to divide sedere: to sit stare: to stand prudens: prudent statua: statue frequens: frequent facula: fable verbum: verb defendere: to defend Page 130 fructus: fruit signum: sign providus: provident radix: root ignarus: ignorant sensus: sense versus: verse templum: temple magistratus: magistrate pauper: poor punire: to punish terre: to terrify finire: to finish nuntiare: to report or tell studere: to study page 158 Liberty: libertas .

virtue: virtus citizen: civis peace: pax voice: vox nature: natura dignity: fignitas mother: mater victor: victor brdo ya sub7an allah ! corpse: corpus nomen: name temple: templum w dol hdya mn 3ndy :D Pater: Father frater: brother .

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