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How Does Manifesting Work? The Secret to Manifesting Your Dream Life The Natural Born Manifestor How Manifesting Techniques Really Work Your Manifesting Booster Rocket How to Become a Super Conscious Manifestor How to Manifest your Ideal Day How to Dream Dialog your Destiny Tap into the Power of Inspired Actions From Zombie-land to the Kingdom of Manifesting Discovering the Secret of Detachment The Power of E-motion How to Make Your Manifesting Garden Grow Manifesting Life's Golden Nuggets All Aboard the Manifesting Train! Exercising your Manifesting Muscles The 3 Step Recommitment Ritual How to Become Unstoppable Failure Is Impossible The Manifesting Meditation

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The Courage to Allow Abundance into Your Life Become a Channel of Abundance How to Become Best Friends With Money How to Experience Abundance Vision The Secrets to Manifesting Financial Freedom How to Eliminate Stress and Manifest Abundance It's Raining Money, Hallelujah! How to Reduce Stress and Create Abundance Are You The Master of Your Financial Destiny? The 8 Secrets to a Rich and Fulfilling Life Have you Taken your Money Shower Lately?

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Two Empowering Secrets to Enlighten your Relationships How to Stop Shoulding on Your Partner How to Give and Receive Love More Effectively The 5 Secrets to Creating Deeper Intimacy Turning Judgment into Love How To Be Independent Of Others' Opinions Love is Purifying How to Be Free of Mr. & Mrs. Fix-It How to Open your Love Valve Unleash the Power of Forgiveness How to Open your Trust Valve 100% How to Manifest your Soul Mate

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frustration. By nature.all that is done by him .) On the other hand. That is why a change of consciousness is necessary before you can change your outer world." ~Brian Adams The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. wealthy clients. we tend to magnetize very difficult and challenging experiences that make us suffer endlessly! In order to manifest what you do want you simply and consistently emit high frequency of thoughts. The fact is if you are able to keep your mind on what you REALLY WANT 24 hours a day. you'll manifest exactly that! There are ancient secrets to remaining focused and reach the spiritual strength needed to achieve this monumental feat and maintain a high and consistent Manifesting Vibration. Your thoughts and feelings create an energetic vibration that is sent out into the world.happens as a result of his state of consciousness.all that comes from him . etc. positive-minded people. big bank accounts. The highest vibrations we have are when we are full of joy. Whatever you continuously focus your attention on. excitement. you could manifest ANYTHING you desired! "Whatever the conscious mind thinks and Page 4 of 67 . producing physical results in your personal world. If you knew how to remain in these vibrations 24 hours a day. or fear.Section 1: The Secrets of Manifesting "Man's chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness. the subconscious identically creates. A Manifesting Vibration is the frequency of energy your body and mind vibrate at which tend to attract or repel the thing you currently desire. This vibration is then reflected back to you by the Universe. you are a manifesting machine who cannot stop manifesting what you are focusing on." ~Neville Goddard How Does Manifesting Work? Have you ever wondered why one person walking down a dark alley at night will get mugged while the previous person goes by untouched? Bad things may happen to apparently "good" people and good things happen to seemingly "bad" people all based upon the level of energy that they are vibrating at the time. when we are sending out the energy of doubt. You are like a radio tower that is constantly transmitting a certain frequency into the Universe. feelings and vibrations about your life. all that he believes is true and consents to. feelings. A man's consciousness is all that he thinks and desires and loves. gratitude. attitudes and everyday energetic patterns. We attract what shows up in our thoughts. All that befalls a man . What you send out is EXACTLY what you get back! Our bodies actually send out a specific frequency of energy. and love. is what you will be manifesting in your life. which if it’s positive will magnetizes back to us similar vibrational experiences (such as great opportunities.

truly open. In fact it can be a direct doorway to knowing the Divine within you. scheming. It simply reveals itself when you realize that you are consciousness itself unfolding reality as you decide to perceive it all around you. The love of your own essence is already inside your heart here now. and that you are the sole conscious creator behind each thought you choose to entertain. that you are guaranteed to manifest the life you desire. The secret is being vulnerable. especially if you "think" that you know who you truly are because you don’t. feelings. and consciously snowball enlightening empowering experiences to you from a more enlightened perspective. more lovable. and is here for you to explore throughout your entire lifetime. You job is to gently unfold it. It happens when you understand certain basic manifesting principles of the Universe. It can provide more evolutionary progress for your soul than anything else you could be doing here on Earth. and discover this dynamic divine being that you truly are.The Secret to Manifesting Your Dream Life There is a way of living your life that is so conscious. Your mind may get "hooked" like Velcro to certain roles. who is willing. “The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear. successful or even more conscious. and cannot be pinned down as something that you understand once and are forever done with it. wanting and ready to be exposed to this true Divinity inside you. This consciousness is truly unknowable. This revolutionary empowering lifestyle manifests when you realize that it happens when you stop efforting. Be curious about it. welcoming this divine warmth to come pouring in. Imagine that you are like a flower unraveling its petals to the sun. One of the greatest secrets to spinning a new web around you is knowing how to unhook your mind from the thoughts it’s attached to. and honest with yourself. behind your mind. You are this Page 5 of 67 . like a spider in its own web. so purely intentional and alive. memories. start weaving the web you want to weave. The reason life can be so challenging is because of one main obstacle. Instead of playing the powerless victim role. and experiences that make it feel trapped. This occurs naturally through knowing this pure divine consciousness that you are. that your thoughts create your reality. Experiencing yourself as a natural powerful manifesting being in this wild and crazy world can be easier and more enjoyable than you think. You get overidentified with your mind and certain thoughts that it becomes attached to or avoids. welcoming the warm rays of light in. and trying to become richer.” ~Brian Tracy The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. It is as infinite as this Universe.

think or believe. Whatever you think about will grow. energy goes! You are always manifesting something. you will automatically attract things that resonate at this higher frequency. whether it is a compulsive worrying habit. The manifesting power is something you cannot lose. or miraculous. or develop.” ~Marcus Aurelius The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. ridiculous. an intimate relationship. amazing synchronicities will happen to you. We are all born with this innate ability to materialize thoughts into physical form and can improve upon this gift by learning how to harness the power of the mind. No matter what you do. When you are "vibrating" with joy. yet it is as natural as the warmth from the sunshine above. It is your essential nature. “Our life is what our thoughts make it. Wherever you attention flows. The key words here are instantly and effortlessly. create. or you will meet that perfect person who introduces you to that group of people you were dreaming of connecting with. all that is needed is a constant positive focus of our energy into the image and feeling of what you want to manifest as if it is ALREADY HERE NOW! The most ironic thing about learning how to manifest is that you already are a powerful manifestor! If you have a mind and a body. To do this. you can never turn off the manifesting valve while you are alive. you will surrender to the manifesting master buried within you. or a large bank account. and trust. enthusiasm. love. The experience of instantaneous manifestation occurs when we release all of our internal blocks and resistances to having what we want.The Natural Born Manifestor Who is the natural born manifestor? It's YOU! That's right you have always been and will always be an amazing manifestor who has the power to instantly and effortlessly materialize any thought into the physical world. and become your experience more frequently down the road. whatever you think about is what is being Page 6 of 67 . Now the big question is. After you have integrated the understanding that you cannot stop from manifesting something. or what you really don’t want? The secret to manifesting ONLY what you want in life comes from shifting into a higher manifesting vibration. Somebody will suddenly call you with the right piece of information you were JUST looking for. Once you understand that you cannot NOT manifest. and feel as if our desire has already manifested in the here and now.. are you manifesting what you really want.. Your life will become a living synchronistic event for you to enjoy! Although you are not always aware of it. your next meal. you are a manifesting machine. This may seem impossible.

How Manifesting Techniques Really Work
Manifesting happens because we are channels for the inexhaustible levels of pure energy found in the present moment of now. With a consistent, relaxed yet focused awareness on what you want (instead of what you don’t want), you will naturally and continuously manifest amazing things. The more present you are, the more your body opens, and the richer your experience of life becomes! The following 3 components make manifesting techniques function. Choose to experiment with one or all, what matters most is that you dive in and explore for many days and weeks on end. 1. Feeling very connected to the Universe in this present moment. There’s not much chit-chat going on up in the head. 2. A strong desire and directed intention for what you want to manifest into the Universe. 3. A belief that says THIS is a magical body-mind and Universe around me in which I can create ANYTHING I consistently dream of. The moment you stop being 100% engaged in what your NOW experience is by getting up in your head about a past or future event, life loses its juicy flavor, direction, and energy because you are coming from a less conscious space. With an open and centered energy, your Manifesting Vibration flows and grows exponentially! Your thoughts manifest from your core self and create your life! You can’t step into the same moment even ONCE! Some say the moment goes by so quickly, that even proposing we can step into the same river ONCE can be disputable. The moment moves and flows much faster than the mind. The mind can never ever catch the present moment. When it actually does catch up, the Mind is no longer there. You reach a state of no-mind or Nirvana! Once you continuously stay in the present moment (for hours or days), you will have a shift in consciousness and your life will never be the same. A dynamic transformation will unfold through you. Miraculous synchronistic events will occur as if they were your “everyday” events. A sense of inner peace will prevail. There will only be time for you to shine, so there can be more truth, vision, purpose and meaning to your life. Everything you want is contained within this moment. Why would you look any place else? There is more manifesting energy in the now-here to use, than you ever could use. The present moment is more amazing than ANYTHING and is the only place manifesting power exists. "Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right stuff" to turn our dreams into reality." ~James Womack

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Your Manifesting Booster Rocket
It's time to grab the reigns of your natural ability to manifest a life you truly desire!! The moment to do this is now, not tomorrow, or one year from now when you have more money, more time, or when your kids have left the nest. The longer you wait, the harder it can become to adventure out of the perceived safety of your comfort zone, and embark on the trip to manifest your dream. The secret to making this shift start happening NOW is engaging your "manifesting booster rocket"! This rocket is a scientific approach to manifesting that incorporates a structured consistent 30 minute daily Manifesting Routine where you consciously visualize and FEEL that your end results are already here now. This can be challenging because the mind is so easily distracted by all the things that make up your life. The fastest way to get your manifesting ship to take off is to jump on your own daily manifesting routine and see for yourself how it reprograms your bodymind to remember how powerful you truly are and supports you in energetically tapping into the inherent manifesting power that always resides inside you. Perhaps you have a lofty goal that feels like it's as difficult to reach as flying to the moon on a paper airplane. Perhaps you want to get out of debt, double your income, become financially free, find your soul mate, run a marathon, write a bestseller, or even become a famous talk show host. If you feel that your dream is too BIG for you to achieve, then it's time to start using super manifesting fuel to get your dream rocket ship to take off. How much of your day do you currently spend on consciously manifesting your desires? Five seconds, one minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes? What are you spending your time doing? Watching someone else on TV live their life's dream? How is this empowering you? Many of us have been caught spending our time on activities that are not directly honing and boosting our manifesting powers. Perhaps you keep affirming that you want to change your life and manifest more abundance, yet you consistently slip back into procrastination and doing activities that may be lowering your ability to manifest your desires. Why does this occur? You may be buying into a little negative "gremlin" voice inside you who is perhaps saying, "You can't do this. You don't have the time, energy, or money to do what it takes to pull this off." Your gremlins act like brakes on your manifest rocket, lowering your overall vibrational frequency which keeps you from manifesting those higher vibrational experiences that you desire. Sometimes this gremlin voice is so quiet that you may hardly notice it until you go deeper inside and become quieter than it. It may be soooo sneaky that it can cause you to stay in a rut or an old addictive habit for YEARS and never venture out of your comfort zone.

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Are you going to let this gremlin win? NO!! Do not settle for a mediocre life by putting your true dreams on hold! It's time to get out on the playing field of life and transcend these gremlins so that you can manifest a life that you LOVE! Did you know that according to a 2004 study by the University of California , the average American watches 170 minutes of TV per day? What would happen if you took that time to VISUALIZE yourself manifesting your ideal dream life? Watching TV is an activity than can lower your overall manifesting vibration because most shows, movies, and programming are focused on a complaint or horrific DRAMA about life. They make life seem more complicated, problematic and teach you only the dynamics of poor unenlightened relationships. If you want to find a divine respectful love for yourself and your mate, read Chapter 11 in our Manifesting Manual on how to Manifest Amazing Relationships. If you really want to perfect the art of manifesting and get your relationship rocket ship off of the ground, it is time to turn off the TV and begin your sacred manifesting routine. The fuel that will make your booster rocket lift off and fly to your dream planet is devoting at least 20 to 30 minutes a day to doing a conscious manifesting routine. The more time you spend using manifesting techniques to reprogram those inner gremlin voices into inner advocates that believe in your mission, the faster you will arrive at your desired destination. Each moment you spend on a manifesting routine overpowers that gremlin energy, and increases your vibrational frequency which allows you to naturally start attracting your desires to you faster and easier. For instance, in 2004 we spent 30 minutes a day visualizing that our desired outcome had already occurred, while following a combination of techniques and exercises taught in our manifesting manual. Within a few months' time we were able to boost our manifesting vibration BIG time! Out of "the blue" we manifested a gift from the Universe for $8000 in cash to buy a brand new state of the art healing spa! We have found over and over that this daily focus is what speeds up our abilities to manifest our desires. What will your life be like if you create your own manifesting routine and follow it for 90 days? What kind of feelings will you have about yourself? Decide the exact time that you will engage in your routine, and write it into your calendar. Today is the day to turn of your TV, and begin a conscious daily routine. You will truly be amazed at how this new practice will shift your life! "The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. The more joyful you are, the more Well-being flows to you." ~Abraham-Hicks

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How to Become a Super Conscious Manifestor You are always manifesting something. The truth is you cannot stop manifesting. whether you are conscious of it or not. to the amount of money in your bank. We get a little of this and a little of that. As the mind wanders and you refocus it back on what you want. "What kind of day do I want to manifest today?" Think about it. and what you want to focus this energy on manifesting in the physical world. When we are unconsciously manifesting. or really trusting it will show up? Are you always conscious of how you are focusing on what you want. the easier it is to consciously choose the energy you want to embrace in each moment. or do you tend to manifest things at an unconscious level out of habit? We are always sending out a vibrational energy into the Universe that boomerangs back to us in the form of physical manifestations which reflect the quality of this vibration. and can create more energy around our dream. The more aware you are of what is happening in the Now. The question is what quality of energy are you putting into the thoughts you want to manifest? Perhaps you are simply humming along in life. You have manifested everything in your life from the shoes on your feet. we don't exactly get what we really Page 10 of 67 . you are more present to each moment of your day. When you are super concentrated on what you want it is like sending out an ultra-strong radio signal to the Universe that is picked up and sent back to you in the form of your manifestation! Whatever you deeply desire to manifest into your life can be yours with these 3 proven steps to become a super conscious manifestor: 1. How would you like to FEEL at the end of today? When we are consciously manifesting. you automatically speed up your ability to attract those things you deeply desire in your heart of hearts. You are a super powerful manifesting being! So if you were to start consciously using this awesome power. or more like a robot as you go through your day on automatic pilot? You have the ability to be super conscious in every moment of your day. what would you focus on manifesting into your life? Are you focusing on what you want from a place of hoping it will occur. You are always refocusing your mind on the amazing wonderful things you desire into your life. to the quality of every relationship in your life. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Increase Your Level of Present Moment Awareness. we are more specific. living in a tick-tock 9 to 5 job with the TV as your companion without consciously asking yourself. Are you truly here now. When you start consciously manifesting. It tends to be more hit or miss. intuitive.

Consciously Focus Daily On What You Want to Manifest. And as we let our own light shine. So every so often ask yourself this powerful question. When you are no longer trapped in the ego game. and things you want. you become fully present to what is present now instead of being trapped in the ego games of yesterday and tomorrow. and easily answer your request in the form of a physical manifestation. When you meditate. Make sure that you spend at least 10 minutes in the morning focusing on what you truly want to manifest. Refocus your Conscious Energy on your Desire Throughout your Day. thoughts. interactions. you are automatically more conscious of what is in the present moment and have the ability to consciously create. As you go through your day.Daily meditation is the key to heightening your conscious awareness of your innermost Page 11 of 67 . it's in everyone. One of the best ways of doing this is to spend 10 minutes visualizing that what you want to manifest has already occurred in the physical world with the support of a guided meditation like our "Manifesting Magnet" meditation. ground you. 2. It's not just in some of us. "We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. "What am I choosing to consciously focus my mind on now?" You will be astounded at how this simple question can refocus your energy on what you want versus the programmed mind returning to focusing on what you don't want. feelings. As we are liberated from our own fear. It's like adding extra income to an investment that you can cash in at the end of the year. it is key to keep refocusing your consciousness and awareness on the kind of experiences. we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. our presence automatically liberates others. and support your manifesting vibration to grow! Use the mind in a focused and concentrated way so that the Universe can hear you.” ~Marianne Williamson The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. This question will re-center you. 3. and patterns. This conscious focus creates an energetic blueprint for your entire day where your mind-body automatically aligns with these energies. Start your day with a conscious manifesting routine like the one outlined in The 90 Day Manifesting Program that came with your Super Manifestor GOLD Pack. resulting in the manifestation of whatever you desire.

and all the amazing moments of your evening. The most important thing is to dive into your inner Fantasy Land and DO NOT hold back! Make sure to use your 5 senses when you describe what you ultimate Fantasy day. email it to us at jafreemargot@enlightenedbeings. Play with it and let your heart be your guide. When you are vibrating at that peak feeling. Perhaps you were near the ocean. in the -. tasted. Know that the more joy you can let in your body today. what was that like? How much money did you make that day? What amazing thing did you do to earn that cash flow? How were your energy. Write about what you Page 12 of 67 . the easier the Universe can deliver it to you." ~Jim Rohn The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. or on the green grassy plains? Perhaps you bought a million dollar house. and emotional states throughout the day? What did you really do for FUN that day? What was the weather like? Who did you spend your day with? How did other people treat you? How did you interact and respond with these people? If this is the most PERFECT day of your life in every imaginable way. It also enables you to know exactly when your dream life has arrived. Start with writing down EVERY detail you can imagine on your computer. You can stay up ALL night if you wish. Perhaps it is because escape is easier than change. This allows you to relax about "making it happen" tomorrow. heard. Go into massive detail about your experience. Describe where you went for lunch. and smelled. you are attracting it to you faster than ANYTHING you could be doing in the physical world. what you did that afternoon. The more you can see. Include the wildest crazy pleasurable details that you can imagine. Imagine the BEST day of your life as if it happened yesterday! Describe every detail with pizazz and vigor in the past tense because it's already happened. taste and experience the sensations of your ideal fantasy day. just write down every small possible detail you experienced throughout the day. Visualizing your greatest fantasy day coming true gives your life direction and purpose. is to imagine how your ideal day will look and feel like. felt. mental.we’d LOVE to read it!! "I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their lives.How to Manifest your Ideal Day One of the most powerful things you can do to manifest a life that you love. open that joy valve now! See if you can truly think outside of your normal box of what is pleasurable to you. the more open your "joy valve" will be tomorrow to let even MORE joy in! Don't wait another moment. how are you going to feel at the end of it? And when you're done. and lets you receive it energetically now! You have our full permission to go for it and invent some really amazing and exotic experiences! Start with what happened early in the morning. feel.

You can manifest anything. in a few months we were sitting in our own hot tub that was completely paid for. "I just manifested The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. When you say out loud. neighbor. "And then what happened?". and even made $70. Every word you verbalize acts like a megaphone making announcements to your body. bubbling therapeutic water. However. you have been conditioned through the words that you say. Dream Dialoging is the science of harnessing your imagination to act and feel as if you have already accomplished your dream. The more you can feel how you actually achieved your goal in your body. "How exciting! Tell me more!". Practicing your Dream Dialog is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to manifest your dreams. You speak about your dream coming true in the PAST TENSE while letting in authentic feelings of EXCITEMENT. Speak out loud. sold a house in 10 days that had been on the market for three months. You can also use an imaginary partner if a physical one is not available. From the time you were a small child. looking up at the stars at night! I just LOVE the feeling of these powerful jets massaging my back and feet! It was sooooo easy to save the money for this and pay for it in cash!" After several dream dialoging sessions with each other. spouse.000 in one day! 3 Ingredients to an Effective Dream Dialog: Page 13 of 67 . Your ideal relationship.How to Dream Dialog your Destiny A Dream Dialog is a conversation with someone (or yourself) out loud where you talk about what you most want to manifest as if it has already happened. After just a few weeks of acting out their Dream Dialog. These questions elicit detail from the Dream Dialog such as. and "Who was with you?" A dream dialog with two or three other people becomes a conversation where everyone’s fantasies come true. or several colleagues is much more powerful than dialoging alone. Work with a Partner or Team. anything you can dream of you can manifest. Several of our personal clients rant and rave about how quickly Dream Dialoging has helped them manifest their heart’s desires. "It is sooooo wonderful sitting in this warm. Many times we laughed and had so much fun saying to each other. the easier it is for you to receive it. Train your partner on how to communicate with you and how to ask you the appropriate questions. we stopped and thought it was too silly to just work like that. the perfect job. 2. they manifested phone calls from Hollywood Producers. RELIEF and JOY! We practiced this before we manifested our hot tub spa. Dialoging with a friend. The basic principle is that dialoging creates an energetic blueprint in your body that magnetizes your dreams into physical reality. a great body. "So how did that feel for you?".

Talk about how you Page 14 of 67 . Be specific about what you are feeling as you are dialoging. caught up in your head. "I felt so rich spending that $5000!" will trigger any hidden emotions around letting in abundance. The most effective way to do this is to proclaim how you are feeling. the words are magnified into every cell in your body. and you automatically switch into excitement mode. speaking out loud keeps you from getting old thinking patterns. 3. you might say.$5000"." "Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the Universe is endlessly bountiful. Also. which your mind often whispers to you internally. It is vital to tap into your emotional body and project feelings into your voice as you act out your Dream Dialog. Saying. Just put forth a clear enough request. and everything your heart desires must come to you." ~Gandhi The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. "I felt so free and exotic when I purchased tickets for my round-the-world tour. For instance.

while doing things out of a sense of obligation drains your energy. feel rejuvenated. and is directly linked to the types of things you Page 15 of 67 . Are you waiting for something to manifest for you or taking massive action steps towards it? The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor..Tap into the Power of Inspired Actions Every action you take sends out an energetic vibration into the world. resentment. An interesting fact is that the word "inspired" was derived from the Latin word inspirare which means to breathe into.. you mold the energetic and physical reality around you. they just get into action and go have fun. Every time you take actions with an inspired expanded heart. Your actions sculpt your world just like a sculptor molds clay to create a beautiful piece of art. and then add a new inspired action the next day. You have the choice to either use your body-mind to actively support your dreams or hinder them. need. Every time you take action from an inspired place. let's observe the kind of messages you are sending out to the Universe. Each time you do something in the world. Think of just ONE action step you could take towards manifesting your dreams. so does inspiration naturally arise inside of you. Perhaps you are wondering how you can begin to feel inspired to take actions instead of sitting around on your couch all day. Action shifts the molecules all around you on a physical level. Actions are an extremely powerful vehicle that when combined with the fuel of inspiration can make anything you want manifest quickly into your life. and desire into your life. the Laws of Attraction apply to your physical actions as well as to your emotional and mental energies. and how much exuberance for life they carry in their hearts. They don't think about doing something. On the other hand. when you take action steps with hesitation. You are literally breathing life into your dreams every time you use inspiration to guide your actions. you're tapping into the boundless energy of your infinite soul. Yes. Take that one inspired step as soon as you can. First of all. Just doing ONE inspired action per day towards your dream life will help you manifest it faster and with more joy. Practice getting in touch with your heart and find out what excites or inspires you in some way. you inadvertently send out a negative vibration which boomerangs back to you in the form of unwanted experiences. Taking inspired action gives you energy. Being inspired is your true state. you inadvertently magnetize more of what you truly want. You are naturally inspired when you are listening to your heart and what it feels compelled to do. Just like breathing is natural and happens of its on accord. or a general lack of excitement. and even more alive. You are always manifesting results. Just notice how children are naturally inspired to go and do things when left to their own devices. heaviness. even the smallest step will do.

doubt. and consciousness to make it happen. Here are 5 secrets to tap into the power of inspired actions: 1. there is a quiet voice that is urging you to take certain inspired actions. writing down a list of your life's greatest inspired actions. If you feel paralyzed or confused about what action steps to take. Some ways to get your pump flowing include: meditating on inspiring people who you admire in your life. "What is one inspired action that would bring me closer to making my dreams a reality?" Then. They just decide to take action on an exciting idea that comes into their mind. and attract what you want into your life! 3. Half the difficulty in feeling inspired is creating the space. pondering. With deep resolution and commitment to being addicted to inspired actions. you may have a rusty inspiration Page 16 of 67 . Your mind is either trying too hard to manifest your desires. you just press on the inspiration pump a few times to get the flow going. "What will happen if I do that?" or "Is there something better that I should be doing?" Your mind is just use to trying to figure everything out instead of relying on your inner knowing. Once you become the observer. learn to quiet your mind through meditation. you will never be bored with life. 4. then you are most probably going to magnetize back to you the experience of waiting a long time to manifest what you want. this occurs when they get into action without hesitating. time. Just notice when you have doubting thoughts like. Every idea can potentially become an inspired one (in some way) even if they do not fully excited you at first. you'll feed the inspiration fire. If you schedule 20 minutes a few times a day into your life to stop everything and ONLY do inspired actions. Inspired action fuels more inspiration. You can easily start moving into inspiration by quieting the incessant chattering of the mind. prime your inspiration pump by simply taking the first action step that comes into your mind without thinking about it. If you have been sitting around unconsciously waiting for life to reward you with goodies. When the inspiration well is dry. and resistance. Commit to being an Inspiration-a-holic. you will be able to hear these words of inspiration and discover the amazing power of living from this place. You will be completely amazed at how this will awaken a flow of inspirational energy. Consciously Create Time for Inspiration. Ask yourself. or asking themselves one hundred questions. Many new and exciting ideas can easily come to you once your energy expands outwards and you feel your heart re-open. 2. or doing one inspired action immediately. Once you move into action with the intention of welcoming as The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.If you are sending out the lazy message of waiting to the Universe. For many people. or paralyzed in fear. Beneath the chatter of the mind. Trust this energy and let yourself get addicted to it at least for a few weeks. Get quiet inside. before your mind starts to question your answer. surroundings. Then you'll naturally start to trust this way of being and living life. Prime your Inspiration Pump.

your energy expands and attracts inspired people. Consciously inhale the most exciting thoughts you can handle for 30 seconds in a row and see what happens.much inspiration as you can handle. thrilling. you can physically access it through your breath. Feel the vastness of the infinite Universe you live in and let any inspiring thoughts arise. You naturally become in touch with that which eternally radiates inspiration from your core. invigorating. 5. opportunities. Then. energizing. When you direct your mind towards your infinite spirit. spine-tingling exciting. Imagine breathing in the quality behind words like exhilarating. Breathe In-spirit. and joy into your daily life. abundance." ~Benjamin Disraeli The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. but there is no happiness without action. focus on connecting with the power of your infinite inner being. Listen to what it says and follow the quiet words of inspiration that arise from inside of Page 17 of 67 . you naturally align yourself with your boundless inner being. and arousing. If your body is emotionally blocked from feeling inspiration. "Action may not always bring happiness. Let your breath be your guide. stimulating.

Perhaps we are trapped in watching the T. alive.V. yet it is microscopic in comparison to becoming the master of your reality and entering the Manifesting Kingdom. No wonder it can be hard to lift your finger. Do you know that according to a 2004 study by the University of California. and abundance.V.V. Most programs are focused on how life is not working and contain some dramatic climax when one of their characters gets in BIG trouble. your magical inner visualization T. If you feel you are in a velvet rut and are simply afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. newspapers.V. goes off. is an activity that lowers your overall manifesting vibration. into the recycle bin! When the outer T. Then. then you are forced to use your mind to create the life you want. 30 minutes? What are you spending your time doing instead? Many of us are spending our time in Zombie-land on activities that are not directly honoring who we truly Page 18 of 67 . Dropping all media input may seem like a radical commitment. If you want to change your life and manifest more love. toss your T.V. hit that OFF button. joy. Check it out you'll see! This is such a big drain on your manifesting energy. the average American watches 170 minutes of T.V.V. T. 5 minutes. it's time to release those addictive zombie-like activities that may be lowering your manifesting vibration. gossip. turns on! If you have no T. The time that you used to waste focusing on entertainment or watching other people's issues and dramas will now be spent manifesting a life that YOU absolutely love! Think about what will happen when you devote even 20 or 30 minutes a day to visualizing The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. for the next 90 days and more! Even better yet. every night.From Zombie-land to the Kingdom of Manifesting How much time do you take each day to focus on consciously manifesting your desires? Five seconds.. and what we enjoy doing. Watching T. or gossiping with a friend on the phone.? They appear to be a dead zombie. we challenge you to unplug your T. and other distracting sources will overload any clear functioning mindset and lower your Manifesting Vibration. use this freed up time to practice raising your vibration by doing your manifesting routine! This will open up a new gateway of energy and propel you forward into the Kingdom of Manifesting.V. and 100% joyful. The incessant accumulation of insignificant information that your mind absorbs from radio. or reading about something dis-empowering on the internet. per day? Have you ever looked at someone who is watching T. then it's time to do something absolutely radical with your life! Immediately stop doing what doesn't make you feel totally excited..V.V. and drag yourself off the couch! If you really want to learn how to manifest miracles.

Several years ago we stopped watching T. We have found over and over that this daily devotional focus is what speeds up our abilities to manifest our desires. Today is the day to say goodbye to Zombie-land by turning off your outer T. They are the children of your soul. This weekend is the PERFECT time to begin. the gremlin voices inside began to quiet and we began to deeply feel the joy of receiving more abundance from the Universe.yourself manifesting your dreams! The more time you spend increasing your vibrational frequency. At first we were not able to quiet those negative "gremlins" in our mind that said we did not deserve to receive more money. and started to focus our manifesting energies on creating an abundance of physical cash in order to purchase a spa. We highly suggest that you make a commitment right now to starting up your own manifesting routine that you are devoted to using daily. we easily manifested the money to purchase our dream spa. Just do it! You will truly be amazed at the results that you see once you start doing your daily manifesting routine! "Cherish your visions and your dreams. we started to spend 30 minutes per day following a combination of manifesting money meditations and techniques taught in Chapter 10 of our manifesting manual. and investing your mental and emotional energy on your manifesting routine. the easier it is to naturally attract your desires to Page 19 of 67 . Specifically.. the blueprints of your future. After a few weeks of using these techniques. Within a few months time." ~Napoleon Hill (author of "Think and Grow Rich") The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.

Every human being at some time has experienced some form of Page 20 of 67 . The easiest way to become aware of an attachment is to notice if you have a contracting emotional charge around a specific outcome. and yet at the same time being completely and utterly at peace with the idea of never manifesting your desired outcome. You want it soooo much that you can almost taste it. I (Margot) used to get attached to having certain people become my clients because I knew deep in my heart that I could help them manifest a life that they loved. lottery jackpot or high paying job you want to manifest. This anxiousness and fear in turn lowers your manifesting vibration. your entire being tenses up. it is the fine art of being detached.Discovering the Secret of Detachment So there you are. and keeps you from receiving what you deeply desire. You have been visualizing. feeling and working on manifesting it for quite a while now. In other words.K.. yet for some reason nothing is happening. sitting with your legs crossed. In fact. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.. How does one know when they are experiencing attachment? You might be suffering from an attachment when you feel that you MUST have or experience something in order for you to feel O. visualizing your new dream house.K. the less likely they would choose to become my client. When I discovered how to be at peace with myself no matter what my potential clients decided. I soon discovered that the more attached I became to working with them. I started to easily magnetize many people who wanted to work with me! The secret to manifesting is gently holding the intention of creating whatever you want to manifest. Should you just throw in the towel and give up? What is stopping you from manifesting what you so deeply desire? Attachment could be the culprit that is blocking your manifesting vibration. The feeling of attachment is very sneaky and can creep up on you when you least expect it. When you get attached to something. if they decided to work with me or not. and you start to become anxious about manifesting your outcome. you are most certainly playing the game of attachment. causing them to feel uncomfortable around me. Do you feel worried or anxious when you think about manifesting (or not manifesting) something in your life? Do you HAVE TO have this one thing to be happy or truly free? If you feel any tight. Many years ago. soul mate. you may be caught in a repetitive cycle of being attached to someone or something without even being aware of it. After a while I learned how to be truly 100% O. This occurred because people were subconsciously feeling my inner tension around them becoming one of my clients. tense or heavy feelings when you think about having (or not having) your desire.

freedom and love for who and what you already are. Using detachment as a technique for manifesting what you want does not automatically guarantee that you will create the outcome you desire. you can relax and allow the Universe to completely and utterly support your manifestation. the perfect outcome will always manifest into your life. Then. truly letting go of a deep desire is a tricky thing to do. yet your body cannot lie to the Universe. Each time you are honestly detached from having your desire manifest. Detachment also enables you to be fully open and receptive. Of course.When you are at peace with yourself AND detached from your desired outcome. The magic of letting go of an attachment only occurs when you truly find this joy. Then you can truly let go in your heart of hearts and no longer care about the outcome. which in turn attracts new opportunities and people to Page 21 of 67 . it will materialize for you much faster and far easier. You cannot pretend to be detached while secretly hoping you will manifest a certain outcome underneath the surface. and gives the Universe more of an opportunity to send you something that is even better than what you originally asked for. Your mind can pretend anything. If you are using the technique of being detached as a strategy for getting what you want. then somewhere inside you are still attached to having a particular outcome. This allows the Universe to create the most beneficial situation for your soul's evolution. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.

Without feelings. Sure. happiness. and try to become like robots that do the “right thing” and are impervious to any wild emotion that comes our way. and suppress our feelings below. bliss. e-motion stands for energy in motion. So it is time for you to take off the armor that has been restricting you and truly FEEL alive again! Start now with this simple exercise. Now think about someone or something that you may be protecting yourself from emotionally. Befriending your emotions simply means giving yourself permission to feel anything. If your body is like a car that is driving you towards the destination of your dreams. and excitement. centered. The secret is accessing a combination of excited. Once let your emotional body be FREE you’ll have all the power you need to manifest your dreams. centered. Focus your attention on your Page 22 of 67 . From the time we were young we have internalized messages from our parents such as. and confident feelings which act like super-rocket fuel and will manifest you towards your dreams faster and smoother. and think we should always remain in control. yet you have little chance of making it happen unless you have the FEELING behind your visualization. It is where the greatest manifesting powers exist in the Universe. It's as if you have created a shield of tight armor around your heart that keeps the feelings under control so that you don't have to feel anything that may be uncomfortable. and confident about a desired outcome? The secret is to first befriend your emotional body. As a society we have been conditioned to remain up in the control tower of our head. So how do you allow yourself to really feel excited. Emotions are truly amazing. then you can also access the feelings of unstoppable success.The Power of E-motion What is an emotion? In the world of manifesting. you can visualize that something is manifesting until you are blue in the face. We may feel uncomfortable with outrageous displays of emotion." Over time. "Stop crying” or “Stop being angry. When you bury negative emotions like sadness or anger. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. you are also squashing the other parts of your emotional body such as joy. The truth is that you cannot fuel your manifesting vehicle if you keep your emotions buried underground. The greatest paradox about this manifesting fuel is that if you can allow yourself to feel an outrageous sense of failure. as well as humble you to make you human. and create the relationships and life that you desire. all you would have is a parked car stuck in the garage. we automatically stifle our feelings. Without tapping into your emotional nature you cannot connect with the people around you. feelings are the fuel that power your manifesting vehicle with the juice it needs to move forward. They are what allow you to tap into the divine experiences in life.

for you are like a new born baby. Now. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. and new to this feeling world. you can feel the lightness of your “True Radiance” shining forth. So be VERY gentle with yourself. Goodbye. Do you feel lighter and have a sense of more freedom? It may be scary at first.Become aware of any armor that you have around your heart. Notice how it feels to be free from this armor. “Thank you for protecting me. If you take a deeper look now inside your heart. The good news is that once you have healed yourself. excitement and centeredness that will propel you forward in manifesting your desires. This radiance has the power to manifest anything that you desire. tell your shields. you will access a new level of joy. The more you can tap into the depth and beauty of your emotional body.” Gently remove this shielding by simply imagining that you are throwing it into a trash can. the faster you can manifest your dreams into your Page 23 of 67 . naked. shielding you from feeling certain things. I no longer need you.

your dream seeds have the proper rich soil in which to sprout and grow into healthy plants and flowers. your dreams and desires are the seeds. The more often you can focus upon and FEEL that your seeds are being cared for. Seeds can only germinate in soil that has the perfect amount of nutrients. it is vital that you create the most ideal environment for these seeds with the proper amount of nutrients. Each time you follow the manifesting routine and do a guided manifesting meditation/visualization. By simply shining your attention on the seeds which you most want to manifest." Another key to cultivating a successful manifesting garden is a consistent watering schedule. your soil may be brittle or lack nutrients. light. So what does it take to create this rich soil? One element that makes soil inhospitable is limiting beliefs and thoughts. When it comes to manifesting.How to Make Your Manifesting Garden Grow One of the most important secrets to cultivating a successful garden is creating a rich environment in which the seeds can grow. the faster your dreams will grow into what you truly desire! Soon you will manifest a garden full of lush nutrient rich plants ready for you to harvest and enjoy! The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. The best way to water your dream seeds is to start your day with a manifesting routine (like the 8 Habits 90 Day Manifesting Routine in your Super Manifestor GOLD Pack) that supports your body-mind and soul in becoming more energetically aligned with your desired end result and manifestation. In order for the seeds of your dreams to blossom and manifest into the world. Take a moment to look deep inside and ask Page 24 of 67 . When you are vibrating at an energetic frequency that is in alignment with what you want to manifest. and the soil is the energetic frequency at which your body-mind is vibrating at. light and water. they will immediately begin to receive more energy and begin to grow. Your mind is the like the greenhouse that tends to filter the light and re-focus it so you can let in the right amount of light and heat. which may cause certain BIG dreams seeds to need more attention or they will dry out and whither away. you in essence are watering your seeds so that they germinate and bloom! Just as gardens love to be watered so do your dream seeds love to be nurtured with daily visualization and positively focused energy. "What negative beliefs or thoughts are stopping my dreams from germinating today?" The easiest way to shift these beliefs and enrich your manifesting soil is to do The Gremlin removal exercise described in chapter one of "The Manifesting Manual. If you are vibrating at a lower frequency. With the right manifesting mindset you will see your greenhouse become a Utopian garden where your dream seeds naturally grow bigger than any weeds that may get in your way. The light that you shower upon your seeds is the light of your own conscious awareness. and water to germinate.

This shift in consciousness will instantly help you start attracting even more riches to you. imagine that you are watching a movie about this past month of your life. What are you seeing? Are you watching something you'd like to rewind and view again and again? Notice if there are gold nuggets of joy. feelings and experiences. trusting your imagination and intuition you'll find more and more of these precious gold nuggets along the riverside. freedom or wisdom already present in this movie. Notice how you have the power to attract anything your heart desires. how fruitful is your search for the "gold"? Are you coming up empty handed. See how easy and fun it is to be super magnetic. See it covering the entire city. free. By just recognizing the gold nuggets that are already present. Sit in the back row of the theater and watch the scenes from each week displayed in front of you. financial freedom. a spiritual experience. enthusiastic and full of inner peace you are magnetizing these directly to you. we are all searching to strike it "rich" in some way. sacred and what you want to manifest. We invite you to take a look at your life and notice how you are sifting through the rocks and pebbles in your daily river looking for the gold nuggets that represent everything good. Whether it is perfect health. We often take the goldmine we are sitting on for granted because our egos tend to focus only on what it wants to manifest next. high energy. After you have watched the movie of your past. or a month long vacation in Hawaii. Thoughts are things and through feeling rich. They are simply hidden or perhaps you have overlooked them. amazing relationships. or finding a few gold nuggets hidden in the sand? What do you have to show for your prospecting efforts? No matter what you find. When you look at your pan of goodies. motivated. I guarantee that there are some nuggets Page 25 of 67 . laughter. By learning how to follow your inner guidance. country and planet! As this The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. inner peace. the good news is that you can quickly learn how to manifest more gold goodies! The first thing is to understand that these nuggets are simply high vibrational thoughts. you will shift your consciousness and realize that you are already more abundant than you previously believed. The first step to finding your gold nuggets is to STOP your old way of searching and take 3 deep breaths. When you are clearly present to the now. now watch the movie of your future! Take 15 minutes right now to visualize yourself on the BIG screen and see yourself as a manifesting magnet for what you want! Imagine that your heart is radiating with gold light and that there is an aura of gold light all around you. Now watch this golden magnetic energy around you grow stronger and bigger. in love.Manifesting Life's Golden Nuggets In the grand river of life. we are all panning for some type of gold.

Let the Universe fulfill every wish you have and know that whatever you want next will instantly be magnetized to you. see yourself relaxing and enjoying the greatest life you can imagine.golden vibration radiates out into the world. Feel it coming right to you easily and effortlessly. In time you will see many more "gold nuggets" manifesting miraculously into your life! "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Practice this meditation daily and you will see that your ability to manifest becomes stronger every day. Notice how good this Page 26 of 67 ." ~ Albert Einstein The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.

This is the longest route to Freedom-ville. your life will begin to change. I'm sure that you are asking yourself this important question. joy. Do not try… just do it! The Manifesting Train takes those people who are devoted to themselves. The 8 habits Manifesting Routine outlined in our 90 Day Manifesting Program is 100% guaranteed to get you on the Manifesting Train in 90 days or less. You must build up a certain momentum in order to step out of the old velvet rut you've been in and leap out onto the manifesting platform. When you are continuously trying to make things Page 27 of 67 . "How do I get the Manifesting Train to pick me up as a new passenger?" The truth is that the Manifesting Train has already arrived at the station and is waiting for you to jump on board. you’re looking down the wrong train track. To simply climb aboard the Manifesting Train only takes doing activities that will increase your manifesting vibration every single day. Trying to afford a ticket just to get in line so that possibly one day someone might let you on the Manifesting Train. and abundance. This is the most direct passage way to the manifesting platform. and focus their mind on the great feelings of arriving at their desired outcomes. The Manifesting Train does not accept people who desperately “try” to get on the train. Would you like to know about an easy way to jump on the Manifesting Train today? You can create the type of abundance you have always known deep down that you deserved and would some day manifest. All it takes to get aboard this train is to stop trying and start focusing only on thoughts of love. Efforting and Struggling. It invites in those who can relax. It has been waiting since the moment you were born to take you to the Land of Abundance and Joy-Ville! The problem is that you have been hanging out on the train tracks of Trying. One important aspect of this daily routine is to start your day focused on what you do want to create and fully allow yourself to FEEL what it is like to have already manifested The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.All Aboard the Manifesting Train! Are you standing on the platform of the station called "Just Getting By" waiting for The Manifesting Train to come and pick you up and take you to the Land of Abundance? Perhaps you have been battling with this feeling of "just getting by" for far too long. Your mind may be still focusing on playing the acceptable societal game. it accepts people who are 100% committed and devoted to jumping on with enthusiasm and joy! The word “trying” holds a low vibration that is usually followed by an excuse about why you didn’t follow through. You don't actually get anywhere until you start committing to doing something radical. enjoy life. friendship. Once you make a conscious decision to do something different.

you will be warmly greeted by other fellow passengers who have also hopped aboard with you. Once you are FEELING that your desired outcome is happening Page 28 of 67 . it's crucial to actually be able to FEEL what it is like to have already created the abundance you have been searching for. The Land of Abundance is not far away so enjoy the ride!! The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. visualizing what your life will look like (and feel like) once your new manifestation is in place. preferably in the morning. There are many people aboard the Manifesting Train and are excited to take you with them. Start focusing every free moment of your day onto FEELING that your desired outcome has already arrived! It doesn't work to just think about it. your mindbody will throw you aboard the Manifesting Train. When you arrive at your desired destination. Just spend 5 to 10 minutes a day.what you desire.

and just not manifesting a truly enjoyable life that you love. a family member. life empowering energy that will sink into your subconscious and echo throughout your day. It's spring now and time to turn off the T. and start having more FUN! The secret to strengthening your manifesting muscles is to work them out on a daily basis. there is another level of manifesting you could experience if only you just started training your manifesting muscles. the more you strengthen you ability to attract what you want and desire. instead of what/who you do want… then your manifesting muscles are getting weaker and flabbier! The very instant you wake up. to your past exactly as it is. get off that cozy coach. If you can.V. an enemy who was once a friend. Your manifesting muscles will get weak when you do not exercise them regularly. your body. is what this YES is all about. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. start saying YES out loud! It is a super positive. and saying YES to existence exactly the way it is will empower you to transcend the small items holding you back energetically and create a new relationship with them. and for becoming totally free to attract what you truly want! The more you practice saying "yes" to life. it is important to create a daily manifesting workout routine. Saying YES is a great tool for letting go of your current attachment to the way you think your life “should” be. something in your future. a lover. As you speak or think “YES”.com Page 29 of 67 . just like exercising at the gym. Perhaps it’s your current financial situation. feeling like you’re wasting time. and is the one vibration that cannot be repeated too much. an event buried in your past. Some indications that you may be suffering from flabby degenerating manifesting muscles are vague intentions. feeling stuck in the same situations. the people in your life. In fact.Exercising your Manifesting Muscles Are you a manifesting coach potato? While you may already be manifesting some of the things you want. and to any future experiences you want to create!! Feeling excited about your life exactly as it is right now. anything and everything you have ANY resistance to! Whatever we resist persists. where you are in your life today. let your mind also focus on that which you have trouble saying “YES” to in your life. If you’re getting up thinking about what you don't want to do. incessant laziness. who you don’t want to be with. start by saying “YES” to who you are. What does this look like? One of the first steps in starting your manifesting workout is starting your day with a BIG YES! Wake and begin focusing your attention on the energy of "yes" instead of "no". It is the word that every powerful and magical manifesting being uses.

immediately refocus back on the divine being that you are and the perfection of the Universe all around you. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. or experiencing. Proclaim your Recommitment to the Universe. This will send out a powerful message to the Universe which will in turn support you in making your commitment a reality. and how you are different. Then. it's time to do a recommitment ritual to help you get back on track.. Say something like. If you feel that you have strayed from the self-empowering manifesting path." Speak these words from the depth of your soul with passion and sincerity. Notice all the amazing shifts that have happened. Visualize yourself Fulfilling your Recommitment. Take a moment to appreciate how far you have already come on your manifesting journey. It's important to be aware of any tendencies to want to beat yourself up. and now years later you're still waiting for someone to pick you up and take you to your dream life. Just taking a few minutes to get refocused will restart your manifesting engines to create a life you truly desire. Express Gratitude for Yourself. and know that you are already perfect. doing. Then state out loud your commitment to the Universe. Acknowledge that you are doing an amazing job and that everything that is and has happened is perfect. and let them go! That's just an old ego pattern. Maybe you got distracted by something more appealing. Honor who you are in this moment. or just sat down by the side of the road to rest. Allow yourself to visualize every single detail no matter how small. This 3-Step Recommitment Ritual is powerful and for anyone who feels that they have strayed from manifesting their dream life. 2. Look deep inside and determine what you want to recommit to Page 30 of 67 . Soon you will start to manifest amazing NEW things into your life again! So be proactive with this exercise and integrate it into your life at every possible level. If you find that you are being hard on yourself. get curious as to how this attitude could be helping you manifest a higher vibration. an offer you couldn't refuse.. "I am committed to manifesting an amazing relationship or I am committed to eating healthy alive foods every day.enjoy! Your recommitment ritual consists of these three steps: 1. close your eyes and imagine what your life is going to feel like and be like once this recommitment has been fulfilled. Really allow yourself to fully step into this new world where your recommitment has become a reality. 3. After you state your recommitment.The 3 Step Recommitment Ritual So how are you doing with manifesting the life you desire? Are you having fun? Perhaps you have embarked on your manifesting journey and somewhere a long the way you have gotten side tracked.

instead of viewing a difficulty as a roadblock. you could take a walk and think about it. The Universe can easily help you overcome any obstacle that you might encounter. The Universe wants you to manifest your desires and is just waiting for you to ask for help. When you are feeling blocked.” The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Begin today to adopt an unstoppable attitude. Two good affirmations to repeat are “I am completely supported by the Universe” and “The Universe is providing the answers I seek.Writing a letter to the Universe describing in detail what you need and thanking the Universe for providing it at the end of the letter.How to Become Unstoppable The difference between those that succeed at manifesting their goals and those that never quit arrive is truly their attitude. you could get together with some friends and do some brainstorming.Affirming daily that the Universe is supporting you. I suggest that you state out-loud the affirmation. "I am unstoppable" at least 5 times each morning when you first look in the mirror. etc. Once you send out a strong request to the Universe. Some of the easiest ways to send out a request to the Universe include: . you proclaim each day that you are unstoppable. Secondly. . your request will be answered. and that you can manifest whatever you set your mind to achieving.. Many people give up on a goal when they encounter difficulties or obstacles. remember that there is always a solution waiting to be discovered. How do you do this? First. They fall prey to the "I give up" sickness. see it as an opportunity. How can you transform this problem into something that supports you? Make solving the problem fun. Remember what you focus on is what you Page 31 of 67 . or you could set the intention of receiving the answer in a dream. For instance. . Lastly and most importantly begin to ask the Universe for help.Going into a meditative state and ask the Universe for help. and just allow other people to help you discover it.

so you cannot be failure. and notice what your thoughts and actions are focusing upon. Page 32 of 67 . It's the mind creating something that your belief system/ego has labeled negative due to your past programming and conditioning. your attitude. What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? Would you quit your job or write that book that you have always dreamed of writing? The good news is that you just cannot fail in life. So if your thoughts combined with your actions do attract some undesired results to you. All you need to do is be aware. The greatest news is that failure is just an idea that you have about reality. when you are living in the moment. You could say that ANY experience is a potential successful one. The experience you receive will teach you something about yourself. In this teaching. Enjoy the ride! The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.Failure Is Impossible Many people never step beyond their comfort zones because they fear possible failure. you also are given a life experience. Every experience will bring you one step closer to your goal. and are not attached to future expectations. Every time you do something. you can still materialize success. Your material goal may or may have not manifested... that failure is impossible. others or the world. whether you learn from them or not is what determines if something is a "failure" or not. Each experience allows you to acquire important information about yourself. The second piece of good news is that you are a powerful manifestor. Keep redirecting them to what you are learning from THIS now life experience and you will experience success everywhere you are. You are always manifesting some results.. You will always find that life is teaching you something of value. Don't believe what your inner judge says! If he or she decides that your end result was too small or not enough of a success then you might think you are experiencing failure. growth and evolution. than all you need to do is shift your state of mind to start attracting what you do want. Remember the golden rule. Now if you jump into those negative thoughts and start judging your experience you might believe that you are experiencing a failure. then you simply cannot experience feelings of failure. Yet. there is learning. no matter what has happened. yet the real success is that you are free from suffering that your ego would have caused you to experience. and mindset.

the golden energy will flow there. Gently. Allow it to move slowly up into the base of the spine and collect there for 5-10 minutes. warm or very "alive". allow this river to come up and fill every cell in your body with Golden Healing Energy and Light! Your breath is the "pump" for your golden manifesting energy. or a feeling of timelessness. and mouth are your manifesting "projectors" (like movie projectors) that channel the Golden energy/light to form into the images that you want to manifest. Say to your body. throat and brain. "The energy born of love is creative . start to relax your body. heart.The Manifesting Meditation Sitting comfortably on the floor. just relax and enjoy the rest of your day or evening. imagine at the base of your spine a golden river flowing with powerful energy that is gently rising up from the center of the Earth into your body. bone and cell in your entire body to totally let go and relax. with your back against a wall. look around at what you have created. To see how passionate you are. eyes. Use your breath to pull up more energy if you want to. When the body is totally relaxed. Just by focusing on these parts of your body. This is a warm flowing healing energy that is connected to an infinite Source of abundance. focus on it rising up into the makes everything it touches new. See and feel your desired outcomes being created on a big screen in front of you! Stay in this powerful projection state about 10-15 minutes. It is the manifesting energy! Allow it to move up in an 6-8 inch diameter column of light into your solar plexus and stomach. replaying the scenes you love and putting the movie on "still pause" in the scenes you truly love. "relax" and command every muscle. yes very gently. this golden energy is very powerful. you will feel somewhat spacious." ~Deepak Chopra The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Page 33 of 67 . Now. Relax EVERY muscle and cell in your body to the point of becoming very silent and still. and mouth. When you are finished with your manifesting meditation. Your hands. eyes. until it fills the base of your body. Allow the mind to quiet and the body to soften. use each inhale to SLOWLY pull the energy up the spine and on the exhale let the energy move through and out your hands. Then. When it feels like your body is tingling. love and goodness.

laugh. or protecting what the ego wants. In fact. the more it actually gets pushed away from Page 34 of 67 . play and stop trying so hard to get somewhere "better" than here now.Section 2: Manifesting Abundance The Courage to Allow Abundance into Your Life Did you know that right now. and abundance of the Universe wants to flow into your life? All you need to do is open up. One sacred secret to manifesting abundance is having the courage to allow things to come to you. and learn how to allow it in! You may ask. firm energy that actually radiates from the heart when called upon. This courage is not an aggressive sort of energy. It simply takes the courage found in the heart of that childlike energy inside you who can surrender. This is where true courage comes in. in fact it's incredibly easy. You can simply surrender to the Universe The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. The heart is where courage is always found. The blessed news is it's truly effortless to receive all forms of abundance which the Universe is always channeling your way. Courage is a strong. you don't have to suffer at all. "How do I do that?” You may not be aware of that subtle part of you that is trying. We all want the effortless flow of abundance where we are allowing it to manifest for us graciously. Just look out into the billions of stars at night. When the heart relaxes. This means giving up impatience. in this very moment. striving and getting out of the way so that the Divine omnipresent flow can enter. all of the financial security. An interesting aspect of this Universe is that the more you push or force something to happen in your life. To truly manifest abundance. divine prosperity. and scheming to get abundance to enter your life. but one where you can completely trust and open yourself up to receive what ever comes your way. and there is a deep natural strength that emanates from within. efforting. meaning heart and from the old French word "corage" which was used to describe passions of the heart. it opens.” ~Anais Nin The word courage is derived from the Latin word "cor". It's not hard to relax. relax. pushing. It takes deep courage to stop the efforting game that's continually pushing for some greater experience to manifest into your life. this is a truly abundant Universe naturally! A small part of you may be afraid to let go of striving and simply allow abundance in. pushing for something to happen never achieves what you truly desire in life. and truly surrender. It takes courage to stand up naked in the crowd and trust in the Divine without relying on strategies of defending.

or pretending we need to be.. true love. you are enough. joy. Don't force it or try to make it happen. a Samadhi experience. and they see your innermost Being as rich and luscious as a warm homemade chocolate cake! When you step into the energy of courage. and easily welcoming this new manifestation in. if we have the courage to pursue them. Letting in abundance is as easy as knowing these rich friends are always at your door knocking. so easy. wait and relax.that is abundant and just beyond your normal field of vision. You don't need any reason to deserve abundance. and dream relationship will miraculously show up. “The creative process is a process of surrender.. Think about one thing right now that you really want. and so effortless to invite and allow this new form of abundance in. What would you do? How would you mentally and emotionally prepare for this encounter? Remember. you don't have to force them come in. appreciating everything you see? Hang out in this vibration for 90 days and all the financial prosperity. These are just games which make it difficult to receive.” ~Julia Cameron What would it be like for you to say YES to being courageous today and open up to feeling the abundance all around you.. not control. etc. a new electric car. they WANT to come in! Just walk over to the door with an open heart and let them in! What would your most profound and self-revealing conversation sound like with them? What questions would you need massive courage to ask them? It's good to know it is so natural. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.” ~Walt Disney What would it be like if you knew 3 mysterious super wealthy divinely spiritual selfrealized guests from a foreign land were coming to visit you at home tonight? Imagine they are standing at your front door holding the greatest gifts you could imagine. passionate's there ready to be invited in. knocking and waiting for you to let them in. a hot new relationship. Choose something that you want more than anything! Perhaps it’s a large sum of money.. Just imagine your heart is already expanded. full of outrageous unstoppable energy. consciously open up your heart and feel the courage inside that will allow it to enter your life. and see that it is already everywhere in your life... Page 35 of 67 . You are the Divine. this needs to come from a relaxed space of trust. “All our dreams can come true. isn't that enough? Many of us have been trapped in egoic games of not deserving. you will inhale the yummy smell of this desert. do. or have something special to deserve great abundance. Look. Who would you be if you just relaxed deeper into this feeling for 48 hours? The secret to allowing abundance into your life is to devote each day to opening to this feeling and letting yourself relax deeper into the courage that you will receive what you truly desire.

Fully Acknowledge. The word "abundance" comes from the Latin root meaning "to move in waves. Feel how truly abundant life already is. The secret of feeling your abundant nature is to open your heart. and Embrace Your Abundant Nature. Let in the abundance of joy. flow. You have already been and will always be blessed by the abundance of the Universe. opportunities. Consciously open the door now. planets. money. You may have partially closed the door to feeling this abundance due to past conditioning or scarcity thinking. and fully embrace the abundance that has already blessed your life. the more abundance you'll attract. Then. and proclaim the truth to the Universe by stating." This means that to tap into abundance is to let yourself move. Earth. the abundant Universe is always here now. imagine that EVERYTHING in the entire Universe is pouring into your heart. and receive it. Accept. and undulate with life. Remove any shielding around your heart and imagine throwing it into a big fire. grow food for you. open up. you become a channel of abundance for yourself. Become like the natural waves in the ocean and surrender to this water-like flow of energy inside you. inviting this abundant Universe into your heart. Feel this abundance of support at your very core. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. "I am a truly abundant being!" Shout this message out over and over until you feel that it has penetrated deeply into your soul. and laughter into your heart. flow. and all its people. and supply water to drink. ideas. It is a state of being that can only be found from journeying within. and people to help you tap into this natural abundant state. and the abundance of people on the planet to create things for you. undulate. and everyone around you. all the Page 36 of 67 .Become a Channel of Abundance Abundance is the inherent nature of the Universe. Let your armor melt away. We live in a truly abundant Universe where there is an abundance of things. To experience this abundance. trust. Here are two exercises to help you tap into your natural ability to channel abundance into your life and into the lives of others: 1. With even a few hours of pure gratitude. ideas. a wellspring of love. like a river overflowing with the spring run off. love. and opportunities all around us. friends. Even though you may not feel it all the time. and abundance will start overflowing inside you. breathe deeply and physically open your arms wide. The more gratitude you have. joy. If you aren't feeling abundant you are simply not paying attention to what you are grateful for. You need not search for abundance outside of yourself. Welcome the abundance of air that surrounds you. simply let go. With each in-breath. Your real life is like a dancing river of energy that will continue on well after your body is gone. The Universe is always sending you a plethora of energy. pleasure. When you open yourself up to the abundance vibration.

Become a Channel of Abundance for Others. the more you will naturally feel this abundance inside yourself. Just imagine what your world will be and feel like when everybody FEELS that there is an abundance of love. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. If you cannot do it for them. Since abundance is a flow of highly charged positive infinite energy. or sharing something beautiful you have created like music or poetry. You'll spontaneously feel better when you reconnect with this joy of giving freely. unconditionally giving your love to someone lacking love. feel this energy. energy. do if for yourself. We invite you to do a random act of kindness for someone (anyone) this week and step into being that bright guiding light of abundance that you are. One of the best ways to remain in the flow of abundance is to practice giving to others from the place of deeply knowing that you are an abundant infinite being that will never die. so that you can feel more abundant and free! There are endless ways to share yourself and reveal this feeling of abundance inside. and you'll see how easy it is to become a channel for abundance in your life. fear. and joy to share freely.2. and share it with others. money. Be the first to start the trend! All greed. sharing new inspirational ideas with others. emailing others inspiring information. and lack will be eliminated when we all share freely from this truly abundant state. the more you open Page 37 of 67 . A few ways that you can be this channel are giving your time spontaneously to someone who needs it. giving gifts to people just for fun. Practice it with everyone that you meet. It will be impossible to have another war.

what would they look like? How old are they and how are you treating this person called Money? Are you needy or demanding in any way? Do you think. Either way. feel and experience money as if it were a person. So for now. Is it O. and refocus on what a trusting healthy abundant relationship with money is like.. “I have to have more of you”. cancel. just say “cancel. You can relax into knowing that the perfect amount of money will always be there for you no matter what. and you always focus on what you appreciate about them instead of what you dislike. you know that you can relax about money and know it will always be there for you. for you to really love money? If not.. See yourself now walking hand-in-hand with money. let's imagine that you are best friends with Money! What would this kind of relationship look like? One important element of being someone’s best friend is trust. Imagine for a few moments that you can see. One thing to realize is that money is just an energy that can form into whatever you would like it to be. see how good it feels to imagine having an abundance of it in your life. Take a moment right now and open up your heart to a healthy abundant relationship with money. honor and appreciate them for what who they Page 38 of 67 . or Ms. When money is your best friend. just like a best friend! Notice how good it feels to have money as a true friend. and that they will do whatever they can to support you. or “I’m never going to see enough of you?" Or perhaps you have a fairly healthy relationship with Mr.How to Become Best Friends With Money What is your relationship like with money? Are you just barely on speaking terms or are you best friends with money? Many people have unhealthy relationships with money that hold them back from manifesting the kind of financial freedom and abundance they deserve. you truly respect. Secondly. You don’t try to change them. Money is at your side. cancel”. This element of trust shifts your vibration and allows for more money to pour into your bank account.K. it’s important to evaluate and understand your current relationship with money. You trust that this person is going to be there for you when you need them. If any negative thoughts about money come. yet you don’t really trust that they will always be abundant when you are in need of it. when you are best friends with someone. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. When you can truly relax with money you'll see that it is always supporting you no matter what occurs in your life. Money. supporting you and providing for you so that you can experience the joys and growing opportunities of life. If money were a person.

flowing in several areas of your life. doubt. It is truly miraculous when someone decides to start seeing their world is full of joy and abundance today. It is O. creativity. poverty and lack. You can experience an abundance of love. and to truly FEEL the awesome divine energy that surrounds you and permeates your very being. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. and the list goes on and on and on. It doesn't matter if you have lots of money or if you are still dirt poor. If you are wearing scarcity glasses.K. You can still step into abundance consciousness now and begin to FEEL your life is rich and full of amazing opportunities. imagination. You no longer have to settle for a hard-working tough unloving life where you are just getting by. space. laughter. support. This FEELING will attract all the money and goodies you desire. As you see only what’s missing. you are unknowingly focusing on what isn't working and worrying about what is missing or lacking in your life. positive thinking. peacefulness. deprivation and financial challenge? Or are you wearing your Abundance Vision spectacles and experiencing an attitude of gratitude that truly recognizes the divine wealth throughout your day? We invite you to get really curious about HOW you are usually seeing the world around you. Page 39 of 67 . playfulness. money. worry and scarcity. health. you have worked hard and you truly deserve to take an abundant vacation.How to Experience Abundance Vision What kind of glasses are you wearing as you go through life? Are you wearing poverty consciousness glasses that only reflect back to you thoughts of lack. friends. It may surprise you to find that it is already here. The great news is that you can choose to take off those old glasses and exchange them in for NEW Abundance Vision! These super clear abundance consciousness glasses have powerful lenses that allow you to perceive what is working. your body-mind and emotions are permeated with the neuro-chemicals that create the experience of more fear. to receive these things. When you have a low vibration you can only manifest experiences that reflect back that frequency of difficulty. What matters most is that you DO NOT postpone another moment of your life and put on your abundance vision glasses today! (And don’t take them off!) Make this positive transformation right now by choosing to say “NO” to poverty thinking and see where the abundance in your life is right now. what you are thankful for. It doesn't really matter what has happened to you in the past or is still happening in your world. Remember that abundance comes in many forms. where you are successful in life.

Allow yourself to feel expansive inside within each form of abundance you find. like attracts like. You will be amazed at how quickly you start to manifest even more abundance to you in the form of financial freedom. incredible health. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Practice using your Abundance Vision by getting out a piece of paper and writing down all the different types of abundance that are in your life right now. The more you recognize and give gratitude for the abundance that is already a part of your life. feel and attract to Page 40 of 67 . amazing relationships. the more abundance you will see. In our first manifesting law of attraction.Here is an exercise for you. Focus on how good it feels to have this abundance in your inner world and you’ll simply manifest more of it in your outer world. or tons of enthusiastic energy.

no matter how much or little you have in the bank. This may attribute to why most The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. the more you will attract the situations that create that in the world. The first is that you create such a trusting. food. Notice what happens when you feel yourself receiving a check for 5 or 10 grand a month EVERY month for the rest of your life! Visualize yourself relaxing and enjoying your life resting in the feelings of true financially freedom! The second way to achieve financial freedom is to create a source of income that exceeds your monthly expenses. you become aligned with your life purpose and start taking inspired actions on it! This higher vibrational way of being will always bring in more joy. In other words. The interesting thing is that the feeling of being financially free can be challenging to create when there is barely enough money to pay for bills. You may have a million dollars in the bank or owe the bank a million dollars. Let yourself FEEL what its like to have all your financial income provided for even if you don't get out of bed today! Keep imagining how wonderful life is when you have a monthly passive stream of income. This higher vibrational shift occurs when you step out of your comfort zone and start making a daily personal contribution to the community around you from your heart. You realize that everything in this material world will always come and go. relax. the more you can relax and receive this small feeling of being financially free. and income. the world and everyone in it. even a few hundred dollars of residual passive income each month can give you a small feeling of relief! Since whatever you focus on grows. "What am I going to get out of this?" Now if you want absolute financial freedom you will want to integrate these two methods above. True financial freedom means that you are free from money on such a deep inner personal spiritual level that transcends it all. It is about taking inspired actions from the spiritual perspective of asking yourself.The Secrets to Manifesting Financial Freedom Financial freedom comes in one of two ways. loving and freeing relationship with money that you are not attached to how much or how little of it you have. and heat. When you are just getting by. and you are still emotionally at peace with yourself. This happens through energetically raising your vibration to such a high level that you physically start manifesting more money into your life. Make the time to stop. This is a big stretch for most people since many would rather die than try something new and leave their comfortable financial rut. peace. and feel what it's like to know that the Universe is taking care of Page 41 of 67 . so why be attached to money? It's much easier to find a healthy relationship with money that enables you to be spiritually alive and free inside. "How can I help my community?" instead of ego-based thinking of. rent. so why be attached? Even your body will be gone one day.

This is when you will be truly physically financially free! With the right tools. product. and creates a monthly passive/residual income. In other words. the more people in the world you can help to become financially free. and have that income to support you while you are building your passive revenue stream. you are not paid on the number of hours you work. Starting at 5-10 hours a week you will see your passive income stream increase each month! It's actually desirable to have another job where you can meet people. share this opportunity with them. is healing for you as Page 42 of 67 .. We suggest that you choose a way to contribute to the world that heals the world. there will be enough momentum in your team to carry every person's residual monthly income to reach financial freedom! The greatest thing with building a passive income stream is that you can do it part time. and attitude. the more they will help you achieve financial freedom! The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. your income will soon exceed your monthly expenses. Think about it this way..people are still not financially free. You are paid on the number of hours all the people on your team are working for you! You will leverage your time and energy through creating a team of people who are selling your product or service because they want to receive a passive income too! As the affiliates on your team invest enough energy and time to grow their businesses with you.

this type of stressed individual will miss out on great opportunities that the Universe is presenting them right now. The golden key to moving out of scarcity consciousness is to stop the mind completely in its tracks and relax the body! The more you can relax your physical body. What happens to you when you become overly stressed out? Your brain shuts down. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. and receive the abundance that is here now. There are of course positive and negative stresses. financially free. They keep walking straight ahead. A negatively stressed out person often functions like a horse with Page 43 of 67 . If you want to take back the reigns of your life understand one simple concept. or abundant.How to Eliminate Stress and Manifest Abundance Is daily stress impacting your ability to manifest a life you love? When expectations are not met. This makes you into a manifesting magnet! Just think about it. it is your mind's perception and interpretation of the event occurring that is creating the tension inside. and more stress does not make anyone successful. and can't perceive what is actually happening around them as they make up stories in their head about where they're actually going. the opposite is true. This lack of money vibration is a feeling they continuously regurgitate in their bodymind. the latter from fear. the mind tends to respond with tension and stress. the more you can emotionally be open and trust the Universe. This just creates more stress. Learning how to reduce stress is the key to manifesting abundance in your life. One comes from joy and excitement. Stress will lower your ability to relax. they are sending out a negative "desperation vibration" which lowers your ability to attract positive things to you. and you begin to just focus on survival mode. Many people become stressed out because they feel they always need more money. In fact. You are no longer relaxed enough to fully experience the vastness of abundance contained in the Universe in this moment. They believe that that they must work harder in order to be truly successful. The stressful event that is actually happening is NOT the actual cause of your stress. enjoy life. As a result. They measure their success with the amount of money they have or don't have in the bank. and you're forced to experience an unknown situation. Furthermore.

just notice that. They are $100 bills raining down!! They start increasing in numbers now. Hallelujah! When was the last time you saw money falling from the sky? One great way to increase your ability to manifest large amounts of money is to use the power of visualization. What are you going to do with this money? Think about it. Then imagine small little pieces of paper are coming from those clouds. This is all in your imagination so just allow yourself to fully explore these super wealthy sensations. Let yourself feel the freedom of having GREAT abundance. your house. what would you do? Go ahead and take ONE action towards that today!! We dare you! To manifest your dream life. simply imagine that you are looking up at the big blue sky. with only a few small puffy clouds in the distance above. simply start living your dream as if its already happening.It's Raining Money. It's a gorgeous day. the entire neighborhood.. You are now in the midst of a major money downpour! They are landing all over Page 44 of 67 . millions and even billions of bills are floating down! Notice the smell of these crisp new bills.. and your whole city! How does it feel to have those softly float down and land all over you? Do you feel abundant and free? If not. thousands. Enjoy!! The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. The Universe is providing you with more money that you have ever desired. You are richer than you have ever imagined. First of all. If you could make your one personal heartfelt contribution to the planet with this abundance.

A negatively stressed out person often functions like a horse with blinders. Meditation gives you the gift of observing your thoughts and allowing them to pass over you like a cloud. In this process.How to Reduce Stress and Create Abundance Is daily stress impacting your ability to manifest a life you love? You bet!! When expectations are not met. One comes from excitement. So the key to moving out of scarcity is to stop letting the mind stress you out with its negative thinking. the opposite is true. It is the attachment to thoughts that creates the stress. it is your mind's perception and interpretation of the event occurring that is creating the tension inside. the mind tends to respond with tension and stress. and you are forced to experience an unknown situation. They think that they are a success or failure in life based on how much money is in the bank. and you begin to just focus on surviving. What happens to you when you become stressed out? Your brain shuts down. In fact. when you are stressed. the latter from fear. This just creates more stress. Many people become stressed by money. financially free. They believe that that they must work hard in order to be successful. The first step of this routine is to meditate for at least 15 minutes per day. you allow your thoughts to just exist without getting attached to them. You are no longer able to fully perceive the vastness of the Universe. The good news is that you can easily reduce your levels of stress by adopting a healthy daily routine that helps you harness the wild horses of the mind. and can't perceive what is actually happening around them and make up stories in their head about where they're actually going. So what can you do to take back the reigns of your life around stress? Understand one simple thing. a stressed individual will miss out on great opportunities that the Universe is presenting to them. or abundant. The stressful event that is actually happening is NOT the actual cause of your stress. So go ahead and see how meditation can help you stop feeling stressed! The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Just think about it for a minute. Learning how to reduce stress is key to manifesting abundance into your life. There is positive and negative stresses Page 45 of 67 . the more you attract prosperity to you. Furthermore. Stress will lower your manifesting vibration and make it harder for you to have a life you love. They keep walking straight ahead. The measure themselves by the amount of money they have. or feel a true sense of relaxation in your body. As a result. you automatically send out negative energy which lowers your ability to attract positive things to you. The more you relax and trust the Universe. and more stress does not make anyone successful.

bank account etc) will naturally expand from increasing the wealth on your inner world. Meaning when you are constantly feeling at peace. Simply adopt this magical manifesting mindset and awaken the manifestor within you! Again this is done by creating the most exuberant mental and emotional experience that you can imagine right now! There are MANY benefits to adopting this new mindset. I realized that I had a choice about how I approached money. Imagine that you are generously and joyfully spending as much money as you can and giving it away to everyone you come in contact with!! What is it like to be financially free and full of abundance? Yes. It is always available to you. The abundance in your outer world (your material possessions. lack and need. One person told me that just imagining that they won the lottery helped them release their obsession with winning it every week! And what happened is that they started to create more money since they weren’t wrapped up in those repetitive feelings of poverty. I could create a NEW relationship with it. Relax into this expanded Page 46 of 67 . love. The moment I got up in the morning I was doing this frantic "doggie-paddle" to stay afloat so that I could pay the bills and just get by. and you will be the master of your financial destiny. I realized that this struggle was manifesting simply because it was exactly what I was focusing upon. Then it happened one day in mid-paddle. instead of struggling to survive. free. Are you ready to stop struggling with your inner world and start relaxing into it? This is the first step to creating a NEW empowering relationship with money. yet start right now by focusing on the FEELING of what it would be like to have an unlimited supply of money available to you right now. You may have to stretch your imagination to connect with this intention. and rich with the simple things you have now. and abundance in EACH moment. At this same moment I realized how to become the master of my financial destiny. confidence. not from panic and fear. Set the intention to become the master of your inner world. I felt so financially stuck that it seemed like I was constantly drowning inside. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Now this is something to get excited about! Right now. you do DESERVE to have this feeling daily!! I believe that you are the possibility of having an experience of unlimited energy. one that was based on abundance and self-worth.Are You The Master of Your Financial Destiny? I remember a few times in my life where I believed that I was not "destined" for great things. It comes from a place of joy and effortless ease. You now carry a great secret to becoming a money magnet and attracting all the income you need. you’ll see a GREAT abundance manifest into your outer world. Sure enough I manifested some pretty frustrating situations. you can experience inconceivable wealth my friend. joyful. At one point.

You have this one body. For instance. Forgive somebody who has wronged you in the past. Create time everyday to connect with people. When you live your life fully without holding back or holding on. the sky. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. this one mind. When was the last time you walked outside in nature. and have a NEW experience of this world we live in. and connected with the trees. etc. while forgiveness brings you peace and joy. you automatically manifest more prosperity because you are open and ready to receive new opportunities. Clear out some space in your busy calendar so that you can enjoy life today. newspaper. We never really know how long we will be a part of this planet. and yourself. Do something this week that you have always wanted to do. Call a friend or family member and tell them how much you love them. and how they have enriched your life. and this one soul. You are consciously participating in life! Everyone is attracted to this type of energy because deep down they too want to be engaged. Grudges only drain and harm you.The 8 Secrets to a Rich and Fulfilling Life Life is not a dress rehearsal. Each moment of life is extremely precious because this exact life will never be repeated and it could be our last. 2. Here are 8 secrets that will reconnect with the fullness and richness of life you deserve! 1. meet someone new. 5. instead of waiting for a better tomorrow to arrive. 3. We rarely take time out from our busy lives to connect deeply with ourselves.. 4. the flowers. As a society we are either working or entertaining ourselves. or the cell phone. Making this choice to participate energizes you.? When was the last time you spent quality time just hanging out sharing inspiring stories. nature. You can easily move forward and take inspired actions every day instead of procrastinating because you are so excited that you just can't help it! When you jump on to the playing field of your life you become very attractive (like a magnet) because you're not just watching life from the sidelines. having fun and laughing with your spouse or children? Quality time means we are truly ALIVE and happens only when we are engaging in a meaningful and real dialogue without the distractions of the TV. and actively participating in their life. go skiing. sending out a strong manifesting vibration to the Universe. inspired. start learning a foreign language. learn to belly dance. You have this one opportunity to live an extraordinary life that you love. yet have previously feared or resisted doing. fly a Page 47 of 67 . you could take a pottery class. etc. write a poem.

Begin manifesting your dreams. "For yesterday is but a dream. Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. It often takes supportive partnership to help you overcome the obstacles blocking you from manifesting your dreams and desires. or trusted friend to make those dreams come true. Look well.6. to this day! Such is the salutation of the dawn!" ~By Kalidasa.C. 8. Just say "no" to activities and tasks that no longer inspire you! Delegate or eliminate energy drains from your life so that you can take time to relax and smell the roses. 7. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. instead of dreaming about your dreams. therefore. Write down your dreams and work with a coach. mentor. But today -.well-lived. Indian poet 1200 Page 48 of 67 . Take time out to admire the sunset each day. And tomorrow is only a vision. This helps you reconnect with the awe and beauty of the world we live in.

The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. the richer the society becomes. YAHOOOOO! WE ARE RICH!! Take a mental photograph of the moment. Continue to shower yourself with these bills while doing your millionaire money dance! Next. The more it moves the better. It has functioned as if there were five thousand rupees . or better yet 500 one hundred dollar bills? As your manifesting vibration increases. Put your favorite celebration music on and watch the bills falling from the sky! Let go and play! Grab as much money as you can on the floor. moving. We did this exercise with $20. the more money is created. Could you imagine being showered by 500 one dollar bills. head. shoulders. and body.000 and took a picture of each other and put it on our Manifesting Dream Boards. jump up in the air and shower yourself again! Notice what it feels like as the bills are gliding over your face. That's why it is called currency: it has to remain like a current. YOU ARE RICH! Ask them how it feels to be showered with money and take a picture of them laughing and rolling around in all this money. If I have one rupee and it goes on moving and it moves to five thousand rupees. holding the image for at least 30 seconds in your mind.Have you Taken your Money Shower Lately? You'll find this exercise and many more money powerful manifesting techniques in the Manifesting Manual E-book. The more it moves. we invite you to use bills with higher denominations. take turns having each person lie on their back as everyone else sprinkles money over Page 49 of 67 . Then have everyone throw all their bills into the air and scream. Everybody chants to the person on the floor many times. Feel the abundance all around you. After we did this exercise our income increased by 200% the following month! "The purpose money is to go on moving from one hand to another hand.just one rupee!" ~Osho. This is a super fun and freeing experience that will raise your Money Vibration and show you that your thoughts and feelings are what manifest results in your life!! Here's what you do: Get 3 or 4 fun friends together and have each person bring over 100 one dollar bills.

The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. You are truly FREE! Know that you are 100% responsible for what you are experiencing in each new moment. notice how your relationship already feels lighter.Section 3: Manifesting Enlightening Relationships Two Empowering Secrets to Enlighten your Relationships You can create a divine and powerful relationship with ANYONE. this is the perfect time to practice creating more enlightening relationships. no matter how stuck and wounded your connection is. Instead of trying to change them or think about how you could make them better. Since the holidays can often bring up old relationship arguments and personal issues. and giving you a big THANK YOU HUG! Look into their eyes and see how their eyes are soft. This is always a choice. let your body soften. more free. and at ease. appreciate them for who and what they truly Page 50 of 67 . You can always choose inner peace. As you dig up a few things. laughing. Notice how quickly your judgments and walls of defense melt away. Imagine that this special person you've been having a challenging time with is standing in the room with you and start thinking about a two to three things that you can appreciate about him/her. relaxing and appreciating you. lightness and freedom. relax and truly feel how these aspects are TRUE about this person. Then visualize them walking over to you. The next time you see this person in real life. Give it a few moments to sink into your cells. Simply apply these actions to the people in your life and you're guaranteed to create an empowering relationship that you can truly enjoy! Secret #1: Constantly reframe your mind to focus on what you LIKE or LOVE about the person. The first step to apply these two secrets and see actual results is to visualize yourself experiencing them in an imaginary future situation. Secret #2: Remind yourself that no one has the power over you to MAKE YOU FEEL or THINK anything you don't want to.

go through each one and see how they are all about you! Notice that every “should”. 2. For example if your judgment is. “How can I be more loving?” and write down the new empowered commitment. is disguised as a part of your life your “should” be improving yet are avoiding. Make a list of all the “shoulds” you have about this person. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.He or she should be more loving. behavior and attitude you want to implement in your life beside it. The exercise below is especially designed to help you stop the old habit of judging others in your relationships. 1.He or she should make more money. What “shoulds” are in your present relationships? Become aware of your “shoulds” and the power you are giving them. say or believe? We've found that judging your partner will stop you from manifesting the relationship of your dreams. Take each “should” statement from the list. which is directed towards your Page 51 of 67 .He or she should love me more.How to Stop Shoulding on Your Partner Does your intimate relationship ever get rocky? Do you ever judge your partner as being wrong about what they think. I will send him light and love. This is the most profound and the hardest work in this exercise.He or she should be more intimate. Really look at yourself. Notice that anytime you “should” on someone it is ALWAYS about YOU! 3. “He should be more loving”. . a "should" is running the show. ask yourself the question. and the first secret to dropping your judgments is to learn how to break out of the old habits of “shoulding” on your partner. After you have an EXTENSIVE list of all the shoulds. . . For instance. Every time you feel angry or upset at somebody. Uncover the “shoulds” in your relationship. Here are some common "shoulds" in intimate relationships: .He or she should work harder around the house. and change “they should” to “I want to” “I will” or “I am going to”. “Every time I start judging how my husband avoids cleaning the house. . Change the wording in the “should” statement.

empowering. Sure we can come close to it and create great poetry that points towards love. that you cannot get hurt in any relationship or situation if your heart truly remains permanently open. Drown your ego in loving thoughts. Eventually. 2. there is one precious thing that has always opened the doorway to higher understanding. label as a certain thing. Let your heart simply be open. With love all things are possible. with enough relaxation. relax your body and open your heart completely. yet it always falls short of the perpetual expansive experience of love. Love is the most powerful energy in this Universe. love cannot be contained or even defined by words. Remember one thing. this energy will soon permeate every cell in your body. If you think you are too poor. Let go of any limited ideas about love.How to Give and Receive Love More Effectively Looking back at the many troubled times in our lives. The vibration of love is hugely magnetic. the more you attract love from others and manifest loving. busy. lost or frustrated to trust love. so to master it is to master your experience of the Universe. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. The energy of love is the only thing you need to solve every problem you have. Let love guide you. Don't have any ideas about what it is or what it is not. The moment you start trusting the expansive magic of love is the pivotal day when everything will completely change for you. a soft gentle feeling of lightness and love will come pouring in. 3. Love is one of those intangible states that we tend to categorize. the more love you will have to give to yourself and that one special person. When you let your ego drown in self-loving affirmations. you are simply making up excuses to hide another day in your imagined smallness. The first step in giving and receiving love effectively is to make the commitment to being open to love. When you are met with difficult people and situations. Make the commitment to remaining open. ideas and fantasies. and put into a box. This is openingly and unconditionally giving and receiving the energy of love. The more you love and accept yourself exactly as you are. Yet. and abundant situations to you. as if it were as vast as the infinite Universe that surrounds us. Below are 4 simple steps to give and receive love more effectively: 1. and you will always find your way. Page 52 of 67 . Trash this thought immediately and understand one simply thing: That the more you practice sharing love with others. Eventually these loving ideas will make you into a "love-magnet" allowing you to realize that you are simply the Source of love itself. Just feel what love is like in your body and heart. The belief that you can only love and be loved by one person is one of the greatest limiting thoughts society has "hypnotized" us to believe about love.

it is not irritable or resentful. It does not insist on its own way. 4. Every time you notice yourself entering that contracted zone. Blessedly. just focus on opening up your heart and sending out the vibration of love. When you become an example for how to be a living source of love.Love has this amazing "snowball effect" where it becomes bigger. let love be your guide. the mountains. but rejoices with the truth. Then. love does not envy or boast. the more that it's used. hopes all things. endures all things. Whatever you do today.. and soon you will be bathing in the magic of this energy all day Page 53 of 67 . believes all things. your child. Love never dies. This will get your love engines started again. the ego is often tempted to play its old games of blaming and judging others for not giving it what it thinks it wants.. etc. you can always choose love even when your ego wants to go off into limiting thinking and contracted feeling states. Practice choosing to respond to all situations with love. Whomever gets hurt simply has a closed heart and has not yet connected to the infinite supply of love inside them. it is not arrogant or rude. Love bears all things. Think about one thing that you love like your dog. "Love is patient and kind.. the sun. and full of joy you are.. Yes. vibrant." ~The Bible. it does not rejoice at wrong doing. Consciously Choose Love No Matter What. they see how alive. one day they too will choose to follow you along the path of unlimited love. Let go of that ridiculous fear of hurting someone because you started loving everyone. Corinthians 13 The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. and soon the energy of love will naturally overwhelm any contracted old ways of being. Feel how much you truly love this person or thing.

Yet. game and typical automated response to the world. If you knew the greatest secrets to manifesting an amazingly intimate relationship this week.. this is your chance to transform your connection with others. intimacy in the beginning can feel uncomfortable and exposing because it forces you to release your story. Know that you can create some form of intimacy with EVERYONE you meet just by being open. and this intimacy can be actualized in your physical relationships. Intimate relationships are the ULTIMATE teachers. you have just become even more enlightened and free. that the Universe is ready for you to be intimate with it right now! Every moment contains this opportunity for a deeper connection with it. especially the ones you let in to see and feel your soul. you are focusing on what you don't want and attracting more of that to you. if you continue to choose opening. Sure. intimacy contains both negative and positive aspects depending what you choose to focus on. Intimacy forces you to be REAL! You are pulled out of your safe velvety rut and are stepping onto the true playing field of life again. Revealing yourself is how you get others to reveal themselves. Realize one thing. or the most scary and vulnerable. For whatever you put your attention on expands and grows. The world is your mirror. Like everything in life. This is the freedom from your typical suffering where you hide and play small because you don't want to hurt them. Sharing your heart with another can be one of the most blissful experiences on the planet. Once you do this you will have amazingly successful relationships with everyone. It's time to truly be free! Here are 5 amazing secrets that will profoundly deepen your intimacy with others and help you manifest more amazing relationships. In intimacy (into-me-you-see) you are revealing your deepest truth inside your heart. would you use it? Well.The 5 Secrets to Creating Deeper Intimacy Creating an empowering. Our experience of this world is deeply defined by the relationships we have or don't have with other people. so why not focus on what will bring you more love and intimacy? Anytime you think that you cannot be intimate or that other people are not allowing you to be more intimate. and honest. others will start OPENING to you and reveal themselves more intimately with you. loving and fulfilling relationship with someone is one of the most amazing things we can learn as human beings.enjoy! The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.. being real. If you are diving inside to truly know yourself and being more intimate with yourself each Page 54 of 67 . and relationships you have are your reflections in it. Your soul learns sooo much by revealing itself on these deeper levels and will grow exponentially. When you realize this and start applying it. you can only experience freedom and immense growth from it.

Be as raw and real as possible with every human you come in contact with. We know that you will be astonished at how quickly ANY relationship can be transformed. Reveal yourself without hesitation. but once you get to the top the view is beautiful. 5. (no matter how many years it's been stagnant) with these 5 secrets. just because it FEELS good! When you actively practice these five secrets you will see your relationships start to blossom and have the fragrance of a million rose gardens. 2. It doesn't matter if it's your spouse. Speak what is most true in your heart. Drop being responsible for their reaction. and approval to others as they are. Know that whatever triggers you is not about Page 55 of 67 . "Love is like a mountain. Look for yourself in the reflection of this relationship "mirror"." ~Daniel Monroe Tuttle The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Be radically honest. friend. 3. Constantly send messages of acceptance. hard to climb. Always be a voice of love for the world. and say that which makes your heart open. expand and relax. or boss. appreciation. 4. intimacy can be found when these five truths are followed every day. it's about YOU! You can naturally and effortlessly make the commitment today to be more intimate. and choose those feelings which bring you more connection and inner peace. Feel what you are feeling.

enjoy! “If you change the way you look at Page 56 of 67 . You can't judge someone when you are consciously focused on accepting them exactly the way they are. ugly. This new commitment of sending love to your mate or fellow man/woman on this Valentine's day can shift your life and theirs..Turning Judgment into Love As you go about your daily life today. the things you look at change. Putting a stop to the Big "J" (judgment) is extremely simple. All it takes is to develop a new habit of sending out acceptance and appreciation. a bad driver. Notice how YOU feel after you imagine this for them. It is impossible to attract great things to you when you send out so much negativity towards others. and will make a profound difference in your life as well as the entire vibration of the planet. too fat.. It's very simple and easy to give love. The next time a person you see in the grocery store gives you a nasty look or that driver cuts you off imagine a golden light of abundance surrounding them. notice how you think about those other people who may cross your path.” ~Wayne Dyer The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Just open your heart and start to think about even ONE thing that you could appreciate about them. Imagine what our world would be like if everyone was consciously sending each other acceptance and appreciation! There would be no more war or inner conflict. think about what kind of energy you are sending out to the world? When you walk into your favorite store. And if you're ready for a BIG shift in your life. or rude? Judging others is a sure fire way of lowering your manifesting vibration. Do you spend even a few moments judging them? Did you think that they are a terrible dresser. It's all about your vibration. The more you judge. We would all live in total bliss together! I invite you to practice this exercise today. Focus on sending others warm loving energy from your heart expands your mind. and how you can shift it by what you focus upon. and your ability to manifest the dream life you desire. do it through the next 90 days. the more contracted you become.

What's the worst thing that could happen if you decided to let go of other people's opinions about you and choose to love yourself JUST AS YOU ARE 24-7? One of the greatest secrets to transcending this game is that other people's opinions of you are only a reflection of what they see (or don't want to see) about themselves. It hasn't realized that there is an infinite source of love beneath it at your core. and instead just practice loving yourself as you are. think highly of you. they may not love. Another secret to dissolving this old unconscious ego pattern is to deeply look within and truly ask you. Do you really need other people's approval.How To Be Independent Of Others' Opinions Do you ever find yourself wondering what other people think about you? Perhaps you may notice that your mind may tend to be a bit obsessive and compulsive about certain thoughts. you have signed up for prison and have taken a vow to not freely speak your truth. and opinions that others may have about you. and honor that their beliefs are truly limiting thoughts about themselves in the end. Notice if you are hiding behind any walls of fear. and once you consistently realize this and openly shower this love upon yourself and others. then their love is not unconditional love from their heart. then you will be safe. free or O. You want them to like you. Let their opinions form freely. loved. imagine what your face will The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Everyone is a mirror for each Page 57 of 67 . If you care too much and become afraid of making others angry or upset with you in some way. You believe that if they like. you'll be free from everyone's opinions forever. Their beliefs about you are a deep unconscious projection of themselves onto you. and that you can have access to it at anytime. and appreciation from the outer world. and start being radically honest with others today! If you feel stuck with taking this leap of faith. just to avoid looking inside themselves. or appreciation first before you can give it to yourself? Absolutely not! Who you are is the energy and consciousness of love itself. beliefs. or perhaps not think negatively of you because of one small and simple reason. Be unguarded from their opinions. Your ego was "programmed" by society to need approval. the ego is no where to be found.K. This can occur when you meet someone you look up to and you want to create a good impression. acceptance. or approve of you. love. The ego is a very ironic creation. As soon as you commit to the lightness and openness of your own being. It's about as real as your own shadow. "Why do I really care what others think of me?" Is it because if you don't care. So help out your fellow human and give them their projections and opinions back to them! For 2008 don't take on ANYBODY'S projections or opinions about you! Stop the relentless ego from scheming to get others to like you. respect or want you anymore? If that's true. acceptance. and yet we build our entire relationships around its illusionary reality.

I just watch what they do. The next time you find yourself psychically reaching out to see what someone thinks about you." ~Andrew Carnegie The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. become like a hollow flute and let their beliefs (positive or negative) flow right through you. "As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say. you are wasting precious time which could be spent loving and accepting you just as you are. simply ask yourself. naturally being a guide on the path for others to follow.look like after 20 years of Page 58 of 67 . "What opinion do I really want to have about me?" Then. By caring "too much" about what others may think about you. Doing this action repetitively will allow you to truly step into your power and become the radiant divine being that you are. Then. imagine seeing your face after 20 years of expressing your divine brilliant light that has melted through your ego.

car. Love acts much like a fire. or something. your clothes. Once you have loved another person truly. house.for that opens the gates to letting in the loving.. After much practice and many moons of purifying yourself with love. will seem like it belonged to a makes everything it touches new. Only through letting in love everyone be free from pain completely. Not living everyday in love only happens when one is resisting.. and feelings of abandonment you have recycling inside you.Love is Purifying Give yourself space to let in love. Let yourself love someone. will burn away the coldness and confusion. it must open its petals wide to catch the sun's warm rays of succulent light. doubt. is a million times more valuable than all the total of all the pain you had in your entire life. that once it's spark turns to a flame. and protecting their ego from pain and fear of getting hurt again.. your life will not be wasted. insecurity." ~Deepak Chopra The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. like the lotus flower that blossoms out of the mud. you will look back at your past and see that your pain was sooooo very small. fear. healing. Love will purify the negativity. look around at what you have created. person. The pain you once identified as your own. And you'll see that the pain you went through also gave you the courage to ignite that damp buried flint deeper inside you. Whether it be a plant. Being completely defenseless and open will release the tension from every cell in your body-mind. To see how passionate you Page 59 of 67 . purifying yourself and everyone around you with pure love. let go and just trust love! Try to just love anything. Remaining open is what brings your mind. distant and detached from who you truly are. "The energy born of love is creative .. A life seeking love is like finding the map and not the treasure. defending. or even yourself. bringing a brilliant light into darkness hiding everything. giving love and letting in love will create a deep purification through to your very core. heart and being into this very moment. consistently and fully (and are also letting in love). animal. an effulgent fire. relaxing vibration of LOVE! Relax. You will know that even the smallest amount of love you have experienced. Remain open. It will be a glorious day when you can look at your life and know it is an eternal blossom.

or yourself. Fix-It comes from the mind's addiction to finding perfection. This incorrigible "Let's Fix-Them" energy will only lower your intimacy. Trying to fix others only makes them feel more imperfect. feelings of connection. the more unhappy we feel about our life as it is. Get curious about why you want to fix whatever you want to fix. Once you let go of having to help. friend. you often create emotional tug-a-wars by trying to fix someone who really hasn't asked to be fixed. Fix-It actually have good intentions about helping yourself. & Mrs. and inadequate. The birth of Mr. the more problems start manifesting within the relationship. if you see someone lying down in the gutter in need of help. However. Fix-It: 1. co-worker. improved. Here are 3 easy steps to liberate yourself from Mr. 2. Mr. or family member become a better person. Mr. Fix-It are those parts of our minds that tend to focus on what needs to be changed. or micro-managed in some way. Offering support without attachment can be very empowering for both parties whereas offering help with an attachment can feel extremely non-supportive and will often back-fire. Have you ever noticed how easily you can feel alienated when someone is trying to fix you? The more we tend to focus on what NEEDS fixing within our partner and ourselves. or Page 60 of 67 . if you feel that they are only saying "yes" to please you (and really do not want your help). you can then ask if the person would like support. and Mrs. and Mrs. How is it going to impact you to fix this "supposed" problem? The important thing is to really get curious about your motivation and notice if you have an emotional attachment to a specific outcome. If they want support and it feels empowering to assist them. & Mrs. yet this person only hears the message as a complaint or criticism against them. & Mrs. The more you want to fix someone. you are free to offer your assistance. Do you need them (or yourself) to be a certain way for you to feel OK inside? If you do have an attachment. The mind is constantly thinking about what is not "right" in someone. use one of the letting go of attachment exercises taught in The 90 Day Manifesting Program to let it go. controlled. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. The more "fix-it" energy is there. and wants to help "fix" it. To paraphrase Stuart Wilde. Fix-It create the MOST amount of havoc in intimate relationships. Determine if your assistance is truly wanted.How to Be Free of Mr. and they do not reach up to grab a hold of your hand when you offer it to them. it is best to let go of the whole idea of "fixing" them. the more they respond with the tendency to defend their turf and try to prove that they are right and do not need fixing! In the end. and love that you have with others. partner. Fix-It Mr. incomplete. Nobody likes to hear the message that there is something inherently wrong with them.

for them to not want to be helped because the person's soul is on its own path. Fix-It will create an immense change in your vibration. and needs to learn a personal life lesson from the "unwanted" situation that he or she is experiencing. we must learn how to forgive. As you let go of the Fix-It habit. your ability to empower others will skyrocket. Every time you want to fix Page 61 of 67 . Refocus your mind on what you love about the person that want to fix. Enjoy the ride!! "If we really want to love. You may be surprised at the changes that occur when you change your focus. Keep your mind focused on why this person is really an amazing human being and what they can teach you. You will be amazed to discover the joy and powerful creative energy that is hidden behind this identity.K.then they do not want support at that moment. take a moment to list at least 5 things you love. respect. or appreciate about the person. or Mrs. and you will attract the relationships you want with effortless ease. 3. Remember that it is O." ~Mother Theresa The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. Letting go of Mr. If you find yourself wanting to fix a person. just focus on the divine beauty that is already a part of them.

" ~Nirmala The Enlightened Manifestor – "Love is allowing what is and fear is resisting it. When you see or think about someone. Practice doing this with the driver of the car in front of you. imagine that you are sending them a ball of warm gentle energy from your heart. You can do an inner journey to heal past relationship wounds inside your heart and manifest your soul mate at the same time! Click here to find out more information: www. yet because of past wounding around relationships you may not even notice them. yet as long as your love valve is open. It ranges from 1% to 100%. If you find it challenging to find or manifest your soul effortlessly receive and give LOVE! This may surprise you. It's only when you close off your heart and shut it down trying to protect yourself from pain that causes a negative relationship to develop. Check and see how open is it right now? How open is it on your average day at work? If you find your heart is ANYWHERE less than 100%. Now imagine that your heart has a "love valve" on it. your colleagues at work. Shower them with love!! Allow yourself to feel what it is like to send people this loving energy.Manifest-Soul-Mate... you cannot get hurt in any relationship. focus on sending love to everyone you meet. You will be amazed at how you feel after just 24 hours of consciously doing this exercise. Here is a powerful technique for keeping your heart open to love: For the next 30 days. and as long as your heart is open your relationship will remain positive. you may already be very close to knowing your soul mate. With an open love valve your partner. In fact. your spouse. This valve measures how much love you are giving and receiving. the faster you will attract your soul mate and/or recognize him or her in your life. the person in front of you at the grocery Page 62 of 67 . The more love your heart radiates. it's because your heart (love valve) is partially closed. you are missing out on the purpose of your life. friend or family member can be in the worst mood and say/think whatever they want. etc.How to Open your Love Valve Your heart is a powerful manifesting vehicle.

the moment you let go of an "ugly" past event through the act of forgiveness. The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.Unleash the Power of Forgiveness Spring is a great time of year to practice the beautiful and liberating art of forgiveness. Release those Repressed Feelings. you are often holding onto the negative emotions that are attached to that experience. Just write about the past event without censoring. and go on with our life. When you hold onto a grudge. The act of forgiving another will liberate your energy. One simple way you can do this on your own is emotional release journaling. Forgiveness is derived from the word to "give". Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. a ton of energy is freed up to focus on manifesting what you desire in this now moment. Unleash the power behind forgiveness today by taking these two powerful steps: 1. continuing to be angry or upset with somebody else because they have wronged you only hurts you in the long run. Then burn what you have journaled and proclaim out-loud "I let this go". There are many techniques that can help you release pent up emotions from the past. This holding on to the past combined with negative feelings about the experience lower your overall frequency at which you vibrate. Many of us do not have the ability or opportunity to fully feel and release negative feelings that arise when someone mistreats or hurts us. Since it takes much energy to hold on to the past. When you hold on to how someone has hurt you. If your repressed emotions are very strong or feel overwhelming. and cause us to continue to carry a grudge about the past. put on a brave face. you actually tie up part of your energy in the past. it may be best to get the support of a trained professional to help you let them go. and set you free to experience more of the beauty of life. hindering your ability on some level to manifest more "goodies" into your life. allowing you to attract into your life more of those amazing situations and experiences that you have been desiring. Margot is a powerful healer and can lead you through her special healing process where you will release these pent up emotions so that you can begin to forgive. The act of forgiveness dramatically increases the energetic frequency at which your body-mind vibrates. As a culture we have been taught to repress our feelings. Write until you have emptied everything out. The problem is that these feelings fester deep inside of us. Do not read it once you have finished. If you are carrying a grudge against Page 63 of 67 . Yes. be it big or small you are in essence carry a heavy burden in your heart that is negatively impacting you on many levels. The first step in forgiving is letting go of these negative feelings.

Choosing forgiveness means choosing freedom and liberation from the past. and liberate your manifesting energy. You will be amazed out how this declaration will start to create a snowball of high vibrational feeling states in your Page 64 of 67 . and say to arrange a free 10 minute phone conversation to see how their healing techniques can work for you! "Forgiveness is the final form of love". In every moment. ~Reinhold Niebuhr The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor.2. you have the opportunity to choose forgiveness over resentment. Jafree or Margot can help lead you through a powerful proven healing process (over the phone) that truly works! You will let go of any blocked old emotions. proclaim this forgiveness out-loud to the Universe. contact Jafree or Margot directly at Info@EnlightenedBeings. healing or forgiving somebody in your life. free your heart. The easiest way to do this is to visualize the person in front of you." Just feel what it is like to make this proclamation. If you are having difficulty letting go. Consciously Choose Forgiveness. If you are interested. resulting in the manifestation of more positive and desired experiences into your life. "I forgive you completely for the past. Once you decide that you are going to forgive. Notice the powerful shift in your energetic body that arises once you commit to forgiveness.

Take a few moments to check at which number your Trust Valve is set at RIGHT NOW. This is your Trust Valve. trust is the center of the heart and automatically connects you with the energy of your soul. Trust comes naturally when there is a deep spiritual connection and knowing. the Universe and everyone in it. life. So it will make up many stories. you need to acknowledge that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. not on Page 65 of 67 . Base your decisions on your feelings. Are you at 100? If not. In the middle of the dial is the word "Trust". People only seek to control because they are living out of their fear-based ego instead of from a place of love. The ego is very vulnerable and insecure. and the Universe. This knob is what measures the amount of trust you have for yourself. life. what would 100 feel like? If you are under 100%. When we trust this spiritual aspect of our true selves. and into the hearts of everyone around you. The ego will always try to be in control of everything in your life. This exercise may be challenging. feelings and beliefs you need to let go of (or say NO to) in order to feel 100% trust for yourself. notice what thoughts. see if it actually FEELS good to trust yourself. To keep your trust valve open 100% open. others. and everyone in it. Trust opens us up to the flow of divine abundance in our lives. and reasons to not trust yourself. and everyone in it. especially when you are trusting life 100%." ~Wayne Dyer The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. While the need for control is the foundation of the ego/mind. we give up our need to control life and each moment becomes a deeper experience of relaxation than the last. excuses. This brings peace to your mind. Trust allows us to let go of control and truly find freedom within each moment of our lives. These stories are stopping you from manifesting the most amazing life possible! Even though your mind may believe that trusting yourself is a foolish thing to do. yet imagine what your face will look like after 40 years of not trusting! Your happiness is based on the amount of trust you have for yourself. At the very root of trust you will find freedom and expansive feelings. "Do not abandon trust when your ego thinks things should be different than they are.How to Open your Trust Valve 100% Imagine that in the middle of your chest is a dial that goes from 1 to 100. and use selfdoubt and negative thinking as a way of protecting itself from pain.

A soul mate is someone who you experience a deep intimate connection and profound synchronicity with. it is very possible that a mini-defense wall was put up that is not allowing you to FEEL the deeper intimate soul connection you have with them. Many people who are together for years often find themselves feeling stuck. The truth is there are many people on the planet who can fit into this description of being your soul mate.. and is busy trying to protect itself from getting hurt again. blocked. You may also feel like you can share anything you are experiencing in your life without editing your words or holding back in any way. The wall blocks both the positive and negative experiences. If you have been with someone for many years and you still feel that they are not your soul mate. When you are The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. If your heart is still holding onto previous wounds or negative experiences from relationships in your past. There is this simple presence together. we may need to redefine exactly what qualifies someone as a soul mate. Always remember. You can often have the feeling that each moment truly feels "timeless" together. or blaming their partner for not being able to move deeper into the relationship. leaving you completely void of personal intimate relationships. They may find that the intimacy between them has become a game of shielding oneself. your inner world manifests your outer world. So what is stopping you from manifesting your soul mate? Often the negative experiences from the past can block our heart from trusting love. This again is caused by unhealed wounds from the past and can be changed through healing your heart and re-connecting your soul with their heart in your inner world. You can have this deeper profound loving connection with many of them. You don't have to yearn and search for years to locate that one and only one person (out of 6. Even though you may not think you have a "wall" around your heart. The melting and healing of even the smallest of walls is one of the greatest keys to manifesting your soul mate. The interesting thing is that this wall doesn't allow in any pain or feelings of being loved.How to Manifest your Soul Mate First of all. They may experience a variety of negative thoughts and feelings about their partner and themselves. it may feel that it's TOO dangerous to let love in. This happens more frequently than you think. and a closeness that allows you to relax with this person and fully be yourself. and create an impenetrable wall of defense blocking your soul mate from finding you. and experience this satisfying soul connection with them every Page 66 of 67 .. and upon your first meeting you may feel as if you have known each other for many years.5 billion) if you wish to experience a fulfilling love life. you can always practice letting more love in.

com Page 67 of 67 .EnlightenedBeings. If you would like more information about manifesting and enlightenment. he or she will manifest into your outer world! When your heart is open and ready to receive the experience of being loved without fear of abandonment. or pain. Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher The Enlightened Manifestor – SuperManifestor. your soul mate will resurface and show up physically in your outer world. please visit our website Many blessings to you.experiencing a deep loving intimate connection with your "inner mate". rejection.

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