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20200809-PRESS RELEASE Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

Is covid-19 Infectious

As a CONSTITUTIONALIST my concern is the true meaning and application of the constitution.

* Gerrit, how is Olga doing?

**#** INSPECTOR-RIKATI®, to tell you the truth is has been on my back since I commenced
to research this COVID-19 issue. All home renovations/repairs have been placed on a back
burner. She found that I was a bloke who never was interested in any medical stuff and she often
criticized me for this, now to be so to say obsessed to spend day after day, night after night,
researching the issue.
* Do you think that all your research really is paying off?
**#** We have numerous conflicting claims by scientist and medical doctors and so the best I
held was to do my own research.
* have you got any idea where it is heading?
**#** In my view, COVID-19 is not likely an infectious disease. I recall that many years ago
Olga and I used to watch television, we no longer have done so for many years, however there
was this program “Border Force” which showed people arriving into Australia trying to get items
in that were prohibited. Truthfully, I gained considerable respect for Border Force, at least how
their conduct was portrayed. Anyhow, people would arrive with food and even try to smuggle
life animals, etc, at least as I understand it to be.
This dad, Brad Hunstable shares his heartbreaking message: “Human condition is not to be socially isolated."
His words in a message to me: Let's save lives. Such important mission that needs to be seen by the whole

If you feel lonely, if you feel hopeless... if you feel helpless please seek help. Your life matters.

Brad started a foundation to develop Social & Emotional Learning curriculum for kids. It’s called Hayden's

This is a heart breaking story from a father who’s12 year old son appears to have committed
suicide. That likely was the result because of the COVID-19 isolation.

We need to combine out efforts regardless of which side of the fence you are as to seek to
address the issue of the spread of COVID-19.
In my view, we need to avoid any LOCKDOWN, masks, social distancing where it likely is
totally useless.

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Let us consider the following:
Victorian nurse with coronavirus describes 'devastating' impact of COVID-19 in video
I posted 20200809- 00.33:
Obviously it is of concern to anyone to fall ill however I would like Daniel having gone through this
experience and perhaps still going through to reflect back as to what really might have happened to him. If it
was at the nursing home where so often there appears to be a problem then was it something specific
regarding the nursing home. For example it is commonly known that legionnaires disease or something like
this See Bing about this: "Legionnaires'
disease. The bacterium is found naturally in fresh water. It can contaminate hot water tanks, hot tubs, and
cooling towers of large air conditioners. It is usually spread by breathing in mist that contains the bacteria. It
can also occur when contaminated water is aspirated." As such, what if particular nursing homes have some
problem that causes what is referred to as COVID-19? I understand there is a sharp difference between
outbreaks in private nursing homes with none in public nursing homes. Then what is then the difference in
conditions? Is it that private nursing homes may so to say cut corners and that create conditions as to cause
COVID-19 kind of issues? It is around the world that seemingly most deaths are at nursing homes. One has to
wonder why that is. After all they are supposed to care for the elderly. Is there perhaps a bacteria that
originate specifically in those nursing homes that have the outbreaks perhaps because of some disposal
problem? Perhaps, this nasty experiences you now go through might in the end be life saving for others if you
think positive and explore the causes rather then merely like a parrot go along with whatever anyone else was
claiming. My scribd blog sets out numerous things and perhaps you might explore those issues and very well
come up with some solution that currently might be ignored by most people. In my view the bad issues in life
often have a reason so that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the better parts of life. For you now
experiences it personally you might now be driven to research what it is all really about. And that I view has
been ignored too much by politicians and others. What is the common denominator where nursing homes are
known to have COVID-19 problems versus those who don't? If you now are in self-isolation then this might
just be the start of a new adventure of discovery. There is a lot more to it all but you can venture to my blog
to check it out. Best of luck.
Coronavirus Related to SARS-CoV-2 Found in Chinese Mine in 2013 Was Sent to Wuhan Lab
According to the Times investigation, six workers in China came down with severe pneumonia in
spring 2012 after cleaning bat feces from an abandoned copper mine near Tongguan, Yunnan
The miners fell ill with symptoms similar to COVID-19, including a fever, cough, sore limbs, and
breathing difficulties. Two men died initially. The four who survived men were tested for a raft of
infections, but these came back negative.
Coronavirus Related to SARS-CoV-2 Found in Chinese Mine in 2013 Was Sent to Wuhan Lab
Four of the men were found to have antibodies for an unknown SARS-like coronavirus. One later died.
The coronavirus was not named in the report.
The men died of a fungus according to a recent interview with Shi by Scientific American, but she said
they would have eventually caught a coronavirus had the mine not been quickly shut.
China Claims Unknown Pneumonia Deadlier Than Coronavirus Is Spreading in Kazakhstan
The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan wrote in an alert to its citizens that 1,772 people had been killed by an
"unknown pneumonia," including Chinese citizens, CNN reported
Cases have been rising since mid-June, according to the statement, and 628 people died last month. The
regions of Atyrau, Aktobe and Shymkent were those affected
"The death rate of this disease is much higher than the novel coronavirus. The country's health departments
are conducting comparative research into the pneumonia virus, but have yet to identify the virus," the
statement said, according to the South China Morning Post.

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Both CNN and the South China Morning Post reported the statement used the wording "unknown virus." It
was unclear what lead them to make this claim.
The statement said officials have reported hundreds of cases per day in some parts of the country. The
embassy told residents to avoid going outside and to crowded public places. They also advised taking
precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, disinfecting their environment, handwashing, and
ventilating buildings, CNN reported.
However, Kazakhstan's healthcare ministry described Chinese media reports on the "unknown pneumonia" as
"fake news" and "not consistent with reality" on its website.

The ministry said cases of bacterial, fungal, and viral pneumonia, including cases of unclear cause,
were in line with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.
The ministry told Reuters: "The information published by some Chinese media regarding a new kind of
pneumonia in Kazakhstan is incorrect."
According to Reuters, the Kazinform state news agency said pneumonia cases in the country increased "2.2
times" this June when compared with last.
This week, Kazakhstan locked down for the second time in a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus
behind the COVID-19 pandemic.
China's 'Bat Woman' from Wuhan Institute of Virology Says Known Viruses 'Just the Tip of the Iceberg' in
Threat Humans Face
A top Chinese virologist has warned that newly discovered viruses are "just the tip of the iceberg" when it
comes to the potential threat humans face from infectious diseases.
Shi Zhengli, the deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who has been dubbed "bat woman" due
to her team's work on SARS-like coronaviruses in these animals, made the remarks on Monday in an
interview with Chinese state TV station CGTN. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is believed to have
originated in bats, with another animal thought to have acted as an intermediary host.
Shi said her team's 15 years of work on these pathogens has shown other coronaviruses could pose a threat to
humans. "The unknown viruses that we have discovered are actually just the tip of the iceberg,"
Deadly Tick-Borne Virus That Can Be Transmitted Person-to-Person Reemerges in China
The CNA news channel reported 23 people have been infected in the Anhui Province. Five of these patients
died, while two more deaths from the virus were recorded in Zhejiang Province. CNA said a woman in her
60s in Jiangsu Province was diagnosed with the virus after suffering from a fever, coughing and fatigue.
The novel bunyavirus was first discovered in 2009 in the Henan and Anhui provinces. Fatality rates vary
between 1 and 5 percent, with older people more likely to die. "The early symptoms are fatigue and fever;
sometimes there will be a rash," Sheng said.
According to a 2011 NEJM correspondence about the novel bunyavirus, scientists initially thought the virus
could not be transmitted from person to person. However, a cluster of SFTS cases was identified that
appeared to show this route of transmission was possible.
Scientists at the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention found a case where a 59-year-
old man appeared to have passed the virus to his son-in-law, with laboratory tests showing both had been
infected by the bunyavirus. While the father could have come in contact with ticks carrying it, the son-in-law
had no contact with potential vectors or hosts. He had, however, had contact with bloody secretions and
blood that his father-in-law had vomited.

I recall and incident in the newly build Woolworth store in Heidelberg. The woman behind the
counter was cleaning the floor having some broom in her hand and a bucket. I asked if I could
bet sliced meat. She placed the broom and the bucket aside, wearing gloves and announced she
had to get a new package from the back. She did. She then dropped the package on the floor,
picked it up and then placed it on the slice. I objected and then she notice there was still a amount
in the display cabinet and then took this and sliced and packed what I needed. I then paid for it as
the register and went to the information desk complaining that I held this was highly deplorable.
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I heard nothing from it. I weeks later was talking to a staff member at Woolworths Northland
Preston and he assured me to pass on my concerns. Sandy the manager of Woolworths
Heidelberg contacted me and I went down and explained it all. He assured me to give me
feedback. It never came.
This staff member was wearing gloves while cleaning but then wore the same gloves to get the
meat. She used the same gloves to pick up from the floor the meat package. She placed the
contaminated meat package on the slicer, and after I objected she didn’t bother to clean the slicer
first but simply used it for slicing the other meat. And likely did so with other customers also.
It means that building a new store at cost of millions of dollars is not going to change the
unhygienic conduct whatsoever of a staff member. And, the fact that Sandy the manager never
gave me the feedback, he promised to give, underlines that you cannot trust management in that
regard either.

Why is this story important you may ask?

Well you got nursing staff that uses gloves to attend to patients but are they changing gloves
whenever leaving a particular patient and are they changing gloves when they are removing
bedpans before attending to this patient to other needs, such as providing food?
As such, if they are providing bedpans and have their gloves contaminated and then wearing a
mask adjust their mask then they infect in the process their mask. No matter changing gloves the
mask is contaminated and even wearing new gloves the moment they touch the mask the gloves
become contaminated and they then can spread it around. As such if one resident/patient is
infected then the staff attending to this resident/patient can spread it all around to other
residents/patients as well as to other staff members.

As also shown by the above quotation a sin-in-law was infected “He had, however, had contact with
bloody secretions and blood that his father-in-law had vomited. ” As such, it was not droplets or aerosol
infection but actual infection but being in touch with vomit/blood. As with the bedpan staff
attending to a resident/patient may be contaminated if they do not ensure they change gloves and
before putting on new gloves thoroughly wash themselves wherever they might have become
contaminated. And, we must not ignore that the staff member may have become contaminated
outside the working environments doing shopping or even when say putting out the rubbish or
something like that at their place of work.

Let us neither ignore that people arriving into Australia could have contraband or even items not
being contraband that could have in them tick’s or whatever. As such, they can spread a disease
in that manner. Any smuggler of exotic animals could also cause a disease to spread. It would in
my view take merely one bird infected which then drop faces and well the contamination can
spread around. If not but for the person attending to the bird than by any creator then gets in one
way or another in touch with the bird’s faces. Or, one who have the bird as a dinner.

We seems to have certain outbreaks in various parts of the world, not just Melbourne, where
slaughterhouse worker are becoming infected. It then must be questioned if some animal that was
slaughtered was infected and so the carcass and the meat from it caused a spread of the virus. Not
because of aerosol but because of handling the dead parts of the animal. By this a worker might
get some against his face, hair, clothing or whatever and then the spreading starts as unlikely
workers will be aware that they could become contaminated. Those who eat the meat
subsequently, may also become infected (hence the mysterious sources) as ordinary a person
wouldn’t consider that the meat they eat might be contaminated.

As such, instead of LOCKDOWNS, mandatory gloves, curfews, etc, we need to look at the real
possible sources.
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As with the “Legionnaires' disease” where “The bacterium is found naturally in fresh water.
It can contaminate hot water tanks, hot tubs, and cooling towers of large air conditioners.
It is usually spread by breathing in mist that contains the bacteria.” We may a similar more
reasonable possibility that the same is eventuating with COVID-19. As such, we should not fear
those infected neither threat them as lepers, but make sure that appropriate (real)
QUARANTINE facilities are provided, this so that spreading is restricted to an absolute
* I must admit your reasoning appears to me to be realistic. But, will politicians and medical staff
bother to consider this?
**#** I for some months contemplated to prepare for a legal showdown. I yesterday made an
FOI request to Premier Daniel Andres as to the advice he claimed to rely upon. Let us attempt to
be ever another Hayden Hunstable (by whatever name this child may be known) who will seek
to find a solution against this isolation forced upon him/her, because politicians and the medical
profession let them down. Let us not forget how horrible it must have been for the 8 year old
daughter to discover her brothers body in those circumstances. We owe it to our children and
society at large as well as to the elderly that we do not go about with blinkers but remain open
minded and consider also opposing views.
Forced vaccinations now can be legally stopped-no quality control for 32 years Wide ramifications for
old kodger, August 8, 2020at 11:26am
since my last post here is not listed, I can only presume that I omitted to click “post
comment”. Therefore herewith a repeat of that post plus an addendum : –
Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.
You Sir are more than one breath of desperately needed very fresh air.
Further, what does O.W.B. stand for in this instant?

Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B., August 9 at 3:46pm

O.W.B. is an order that stands for "The Order of the Wattle Blossom For the upholding
the civil rights, and political liberties of Australians, inherent in the Commonwealth
Constitution." Dated 1 September 2011.
I conducted until 2019 for 37 years a special life line service under the motto (registered)
MAY JUSTICE ALWAYS PREVAIL® where I would assist/represent people (FREE
OF CHARGE) a CONSTITUTIONALIST and (now retired) Professional Advocate in
litigation, etc. many contemplated suicide, murder and even mass –murder but none ever
proceeded with it when i became involved in their cases. Without any religious input, my
slogan was to them Assist others as I assisted you. Some even decades later contact me to
let me know they are assisting others as I assisted them. At my blog it can be shown that
more than 6 months prior to the 6 human beings murdered in Bourke Street, Melbourne I
warned all Federal and State politicians to prevent motor vehicle to enter via the
tramstracks to commit mass murder. It was ignored. On 21 December 2016 again I issued
my warning but again it was ignored. ON 20 January 2017 the mass-murder eventuated.
Then politicians like (then) PM Malcolm Turnbull and Premier Daniel Andrews were so to
say falling over each other for photo opportunities as to pretend they cared. Well if they
really had done they could have avoided it.
The current disease is terrible in particular for those who are dying before their time,
however we must not be complacent that somehow the government knows it all. As I
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understand it from numerous medical reports/videos a virus is not infectious. As such you
cannot transmit it from one person to another. Viruses exist in every human being. If
therefore it cannot be transmitted then the question should be asked “What then causes this
disease?” Why is it that reportedly none of the about 186 State run nursing homes have
been affected by COVID-19 but only privately nursing homes? Could it be that as with the
legionnaire disease regarding water towers there was a “bacterium” the cause the same
could be with this so called COVID-19? If so then could it be that the source could be, just
to mention a possibility, the surgical mask that are made in the slims in Mumbai there they
are dumped onto the ground? After all the “bacterium” in those slums when infecting a
facemask may just cause the spread of this disease. In Slovakia and other countries already
way back in February/March they rejected deliveries of face-masks, etc, because they were
contaminated. I view it not just important but essential that anyone who has a view can
express this and not that Tech corporations can sensor it, this as because of the posting by
others I have gained a considerable understanding not to have blinkers on but to consider
whatever anyone else is posting. Being open minded is what is essential so we might just
discover the real cause of what is called COVID-19. To the credit of the Chinese, without
seeking to indicate they are faultless) the some months ago put a cartoon video out warning
that it was aerosol transmitted, but the American likely would ignore this. I wrote about
this many months ago and now suddenly in Victoria they raise the issue it could be aerosol
also. I a few days ago came across a video by lawyer Serene Steffaha about the Biosecurity
Act and regardless if I may or may not fully agree with some statements in my view I
compliment her for her exposure. By each placing our own views in post, regardless if we
agree with each other or not, we combined work to come to some possible consensus that
ultimately may safe many lives. We are in it together and let us resolve it together. Thank
you “old kodger” for your question.

* Well the Tech giants of the internet appear to remove videos that are not to their mantra.
**#** In my view the Federal Government must make clear to those Tech giants that if they
desire to use Australia for their publications they must allow all opposing views to be accessible,
other than material that would be in violation to Australian law.

HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National
Australasian Convention)
What a charter of liberty is embraced within this Bill-of political liberty and religious liberty-the
liberty and the means to achieve all to which men in these days can reasonably aspire. A charter of
liberty is enshrined in this Constitution, which is also a charter of peace-of peace, order, and good
government for the whole of the peoples whom it will embrace and unite.

Therefore, any Tech company that removes videos not because they are in violation of law but
merely because they do not like an opposing view should be facing legal action with millions of
dollars fines if a court finds against such Tech company. We now find that those Tech companies
were removing videos of lawful products being promoted merely because they prefer another
product to be promoted, that I view is discriminatory and should not and cannot be accepted. It
stifles communication and deny open debate. It denies people to make informed decisions
because they only can access one version and denied opposing information as if the Tech
companies are appointed as supervisors to dictate what we may or may not be entitled to see.
If therefore the Federal government provides legislation that for each offense there is a
conviction a fine of $5 million can be ordered by the court, then the Tech companies may quick
smart change their tune.

p6 9-8-2020 © G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

A 1st edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0
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We now have that Tech companies are for example removing videos of doctors who explain their
experiences with HQC because as I understand it the Tech company has an opposing view that
benefits pharmaceutical companies, even if this means people lose their lives in the meantime,
due to the denial of proper communication.
Let it be clear to remove videos that for example might claim COVID-19 is not an infectious
disease merely because the tech company has different views is a very dangerous and sickening
game they are playing where in the end it may turn out that indeed it is after all not an infectious
disease at all. They are interfering with the political rights of citizens because by the one sided
restrictions they deny citizens to have an across the board information to be able to make an
informed decision to petition their representatives.
*.Other than a tick or spreading in hospitals/nursing homes is there other ways to spread it?
**#** We cannot ignore that mosquito’s suck blood and so they could transfer it from one
person to another. We were in a summer period when COVID-19 came around but now we are in
winter and that drastically changed it all. As such merely going into the back-yard or front-yard
could be sufficient to get a mosquito to well infect you. That might be why there is an escalation
of positive test (regardless if they are COVID-19 related or not. the entire
LOCKDOWN/CURFEW would not make one of iota different to this and neither wearing some
mask or face shield or social distancing. And, if you got a pet animal that goes out venturing in
the garden then you can in that regard likely become infected. As such instead of concentrating
on an infectious disease it would be better to consider other options which by the above
quotations show they are reality when it comes to transmissions.
One also may have to consider that blood-banks may also have a problem to establish if blood
donated might not be contaminated and so they might cause a person given blood to become
*. Would this mean also we better no longer eat any meat, just in case the animal was infected?
**#** I am no health or food expert but perhaps making sure it is cooked appropriately might be
sufficient to kill of any virus. I understand there are publications that claim COVID-19 or for that
any virus cannot handle heat. If that is true, to which I do not express any opinion, then well let
the experts address this issue appropriately.
*.I understand that during the CURFEW Premier Daniel Andrews reportedly without gloves or
mask in the night went to Tullamarine Airport and thanked the pilots, etc for delivering about 21
planeload of people.
**#** Well, I read it were actually electronically instruments not people and there are images
published on the internet about this. Obviously this is of concern as if there was any tick or other
creature in those parcels then we might just get another large outbreak. Were those planes and
their cargo decontaminated as after all creatures could have settled in the boxes before having
been loaded onto the planes? How did Border Force, if at all, decontaminate it properly? Are we
facing COVID-19 LOCKDOWN 3.0, this as result of another mysterious explosion of disease,
caused by these secret plane loads of items? Moreover why this during a curfew? After all those
instruments as I understand it had nothing to do with COVID-19. So people are essentially
imprisoned without any court having made such an order, and I view it therefore is
unconstitutional and a violation of the BioSecurity Act 2015 (Cth) to do so. I appreciated
Lawyer Serene Teffaha to expose issues about this also. Here we have the Chief Commissioner
of Police endorsing the Police to smash car windows, where in my view it is all unconstitutional
and unlawful. Yet, a man feeding his father’s horse during the night is fined for violate this
unconstitutional CERFEW, but the Premier can go about during that time to welcome pilots, etc,
from a state actor, a foreign country, that may constitute treason and yet that somehow is ok.

p7 9-8-2020 © G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

A 1st edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0
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I understand he caused the Parliament to be suspended, or whatever, even so the British Court
made clear that the prorogue of the British Parliament in a time of crises (BREXIT) was
unconstitutional because it prevented the parliament to maintain oversights of the Government.
In my view during a time of crisis we must never prevent the parliament to hold the Government
of the Day accountable. Essentially, we now have entered a time of DICTATORSHIP and the
police are in my view acting as thugs for a constitutional terrorist. They as I notice from a vido
considerable harmed a woman on the demand she shows her identification, this even so as a
pedestrian she doesn’t have to do so where there is no specific control order against her.
Likewise when somehow orders were issued by the Health Officer to lock up residents of 9 high-
rising flats, in my view that was merely a so to say “fishing expedition” without any legal
validity. As Lawyer Serene Teffaha seems to explain the BioSecurity Act 2015 sets out certain
requirement to be followed before a control order can be issued. As such no random order
against an entire family at a flat without any evidence that they might be infected. And, even if
there had been a certain evidence, not that I seek to indicate there was, then the requirement for a
control order against each and every person of that household would have been required.
*.Oh boy this really is something.
**#** I am working on putting a challenge in the courts and well need to make sure to get the
facts rights before filing my case. I succeeded in both appeals on 19 July 2006 against
“compulsory” part of voting and so know too well I can succeed provided I do so to say my
homework. Hence, I value the contribution of my readers to provide me with all kinds of internet
links to articles and videos. Obviously best is YouTube videos which I can download as I only
can refer to videos I which I have a copy on my back up hard-drive stored in a fire-proof safe.

I read that allegedly Premier Daniel Andrews had some 30 odd trips to China. Considering that
“external affairs” is for the Commonwealth then this about every 2 months travel to China may
in my view make him a Chinese bot. Just ask yourself where there is a CURFEW and a
LOCKDOWN against ordinary law abiding citizens then why all those electronics for something
nothing to do with COVID-19. Unless obviously it was all staged and the CURFEW was not at
all about COVID-19 but rather was planned so he could obtain equipment of a foreign power in
secret to be arriving, well he may have desired it to remain secret, and so build perhaps a foreign
power ability to take over the State. And by having the Parliament suspended he avoids the
parliament to put a vote of no confidence against him. One obviously has to question why the
Federal Government stand aside instead of having been on top of this all? Are they implicated in
it all, I wonder?

We need to return to the organics and legal principles embedded in of our federal
This correspondence is not intended and neither must be perceived to state all issues/details.
Awaiting your response, G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. (Gerrit)
MAY JUSTICE ALWAYS PREVAIL® (Our name is our motto!)

p8 9-8-2020 © G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

A 1st edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0
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