URBAN DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS 1) STADIUM MASS Stadium Mass: To the extent feasible, the stadium should be integrated into the fabric of downtown. It should not stand alone as a dominant object. The apparent height should be reduced by depressing the stadium into the ground. 2) STADIUM EDGES Stadium Edges: The edges of the stadium site should be developed as "urban edges." That is, buildings with active uses should come up to the street; or, at least, landscaping against a curtain wall should define the site edge at the street. On the eastern edge, the B & 0 Warehouse should be preserved, if possible, or active uses in buildings be planned, if necessary. In any case, the western, northern and eastern edges should be planned with the pedestrian in mind. 3) COMMUTER RAIL Commuter Rail: The site should be planned to maintain and enhance the commuter rail systems, both for baseball games and for commutation. 4)CAMDEN STATION Camden Station: The Station shall be preserved and restored for an attraction and as a railroad station, if possible. The area immediately to the south of the station from the building to Conway Street extended should not contain major structures but should be developed as a plaza, serving the commuter rail and the station. 5) PARKING Parking: A total parking strategy should consider the following: a) Efficient operation such that traffic is dispersed onto the main access routes as quickly as possible. b) Discouragement of game-oriented traffic traversing residential neighborhoods. c) Minimization of conflict between vehicles and pedestrians. d) A major garage should be considered between I395 and the B & 0 Warehouse south of Conway, Street extended. This facility should be designed to serve traffic to and from 1-95, thus keeping vehicles off downtown streets. e) Any surface parking developed south of the stadium should be limited in size to a size that would allow efficient unloading after games. After evaluation of an optimum size, it may be that not all the
GSD 7212 Introduction to the Practice of Architecture Design Program - Oriole Park page 1

land need be acquired now.. an existing strong urban edge on the east side of the site. It should be noted that two developers have been seriously interested in the warehouse building and site: Oliver T. 9. Retail shops of the outlet type (ala the previously proposed Harbor Exchange). Also. Conway. 2. Restaurants and bars. Among them we offer the following for consideration. especially to visiting teams and the media. The B & 0 Warehouse and proposed baseball stadium would produce an effect of unity because of their similar scale. escalators).e. 5.g. Carr/Chessie in the late 1970's and the Harbor Exchange proposal of the mid-1980's. ramps. 4.000 + sq.) of the warehouse building realistically suggests a combination of reuses.. 3.. retaining the warehouse building presents a unique opportunity to gracefully integrate the proposed baseball stadium into its urban surroundings/context. not be available for parking. the warehouse building acts as a buffer that helps to soften the impact of the disproportionate scale and potentially oppressive mass of the baseball stadium to the residential scale of the Otterbein/Inner Harbor West community on the east. B&O WAREHOUSE OPPORTUNITIES URBAN DESIGN OPPORTUNITY From an urban design standpoint. 6.Oriole Park page 2 .g. team and stadium management offices). ft. ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY The large volume (430. Sports club (similar to the Hit and Run Club at Memorial Stadium). Maryland Sports Hall of Fame). buildings and streets). Hotel catering to the sports market. 7.g. Sports Museum (e. Ancillary stadium functions (e. therefore. GSD 7212 Introduction to the Practice of Architecture Design Program . f) It is anticipated that the two City-owned blocks north of the stadium will be developed with underground parking and the two blocks bounded by Howard.g.. allows the melding of the stadium with the essential grid of downtown fabric (i. 1. 8. Stadium circulation (e. Offices (e. The retention of the building. maintenance and storage facilities). Exhibition space (ala some Festival Hall functions). Sharp and Pratt will be used for the expansion of the Convention Center and will..

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