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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Stanger, Patti. Become your own matchmaker : eight easy steps for attracting your perfect mate / by Patti Stanger with Lisa Johnson Mandell. p. cm. 1. Man-woman relationships. 2. Love. I. Mandell, Lisa Johnson. II. Title. HQ801.S759 646.7'7—dc22 2009 2008037963

ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-5994-8 ISBN-10: 978-1-4165-5994-9

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The Five-Second Flirt This is a sure man-catching technique that’s been passed down in our family for generations. It works every time. A great time to try it is when you already have a date, and I’ll tell you why: women feel the most content when they’re getting plenty of attention from men—they’re no longer in heat. If you already have a date, you feel more confident, even if that date is just with a friend. Because your vibration is content and confident, you’ll send off a very attractive signal to the opposite sex. There you are, sitting at the bar waiting for your date to arrive, you’re smiling, smelling good, and feeling sexy. There will probably be a lot of single men around you (men who are not wearing wedding rings). Notice the one guy in the room who you’d really like to meet, and make sure he’s not with another woman. Catch his eye and hold his gaze for five full seconds, while giving him your most radiant smile. Then flip your hair and turn away. This might seem awkward, but you can start by practicing in the mirror. If you still feel terrified, practice this on men you don’t find attractive—you have nothing to lose since there’s no risk. When you give a man the five second flirt he will either walk over to you to start a conversation, or he won’t. If he comes over to you and offers to buy or refresh your drink, you might have a potential mate on your hands. If he doesn’t offer to do this after ten minutes of chatting, he’s an inconsiderate narcissist. Move on. But what if he never comes over to you after the five second flirt? What’s that about? There are four reasons for this:

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1. He’s married or in a relationship. 2. He’s playing on the other team (he’s gay). 3. You’re not his type. You’re blonde, and he goes for brunettes; there’s nothing you can do about that. Forget about him. 4. He’s a Passive Aggressive and wants you to chase him. If you do talk to him, he’ll end up giving you his business card and asking you to call him. He’s not worth your time.

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