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"After attending an electronic commerce course, you and a friend plan to build

an e-commerce website to sell handicraft products and souvenir to local and

international customers. Please draft your business plan."

Key element of a business model :

5. Competitive advantage
Our company’s competitive advantage is excellent customer service. This
attention to service begins with answering any questions during the initial phone
inquiry. We can also follow the acquainted customers to be sure that they are
satisfied with our products and help them whenever they are in need.
Another advantage of our company is the low price with the same quality of
products. As being the distributor that has close relationship with the craft villages,
advertising for them, we are certain to have the competitive price in comparison
with other distributor.

6. Market strategy
Our company will strive to develop the most recognized and trusted brand for
Vietnamese survenir products on the Internet. To expand our customer base and to
extend the image of the company, we plan to aggressively promote the
“” brand through a combination of online and traditional media
advertising, public relations and participation in trade shows. The company also
plans to expand our affiliate and co-branded online website strategies through
agreements with a range of destination websites.
The company will be promoting our website over the Internet through:
• Banner advertising
• Providing a small percentage of the sales for search engine on
that list “” one of the first 30 results when searching.
Internet advertising is an obvious choice because that is the nature of our business.
Marketing will also be done through printed media such as national newspapers
and magazines. Newspaper and magazine ads will be used since our customers
include business people who read various publications. Television advertising will
be used in certain markets, as our website will be targeting large cities with a great
number of businesses. We can also advertise our company and our product
through variety of trade exhibitions or fairs.

We can classify marketing strategies as following:

 Short – term:
In the first year of operation, we have determined that we will invest much more in
the cost of marketing and advertising to introduce the company’s image to
customers. Content of this strategy includes:
- Attracting customers as much as we can (including: seller, buyer and
- Catching the taste of customers about craft art products.
 Medium – term:
In the next two to three years, as customers were familiar with the brand name or
reputation of the company were affirmed, the advertising costs will decrease, costs
for marketing activities will stimulate consumer increase. Competition in this
period will be fiercer. Content strategies in this period are:
- Diversify the lists of products according to the customer needs.
- Concentrate expanding relationships with much more partners (or
supporter, vendors …)
- Establish close relationships with local transportation, expanding
cargo locality.
- For foreign customers, still need referral ads promoting products
through supplementary sources and activities.
 Long – term:
After three years of operation, the company’s name became familiar to customers,
increasing profitability scale sales, marketing costs are maintained at an average
rate. The contents of our marketing strategy this time will include:
- Diversifying the lists of products.
- Expanding scale of operation: open more investment advisory
business products of craft villages, promoting active transportation
- Being an open source to increase choices for customer.
- Maintaining relationships with existing sources of foreign
Positioning Statement
Products and services of “” will address the need for assisting
customers in explore more about the culture of Vietnam than other kind of
business currently can.
Pricing Strategy
The company sets its pricing based on what competitors are offering, and cuts that
number in 20%. This kind of price will attract many customers.
Sales Strategy
Our company supplies a series of service that is in need for sales. We will contact
with the transporter to provide different kinds of shipping that can cover the whole
world, bring the best satisfaction to the customers anytime anywhere.

Strategic Alliances
The company has strategic alliances with Network Systems, Software
Developers, and Custom Designs. These alliances are valuable to us because they
will allow the company to utilize the knowledge and resources of these firms with
no additional cost to the business. We plan to also form strategic alliances with
search engines such as Yahoo!, Google to promote the website worldwide as well
as to promote in Vietnam
The company also plans to pursue strategic relationships with leading destination
websites and media companies in order to increase traffic to its website. For
example, some website introducing Vietnamese culture, some website for specific
customers like: for oversea Vietnamese, for young and rich
Vietnamese, etc. By aggressively pursuing new relationships, we believe we can
accelerate the acquisition of new customers and increase usage of our online store.

7. Organization development
Organizational Structure


Administrtion Sale & Customer Web

Accounting marketing service operation
department department deparment department


The owner will be sole manager while the company gets established. Due to the
fluctuation in operational factors, some work will be carried on by students who
are young, energetic and enthusiastic, coming from a great number of famous
Vietnamese universities desire flexible hours (for example: administrator, web
operator, customers’ service staff and inventory staff). All employees will answer
directly to the manager. By having smaller shifts, this will also save in the
compensation needed for employees, such as insurance.
Personnel Table:

No Position
of staff
1 Manager 1
2 1
and accountant
Salesperson and
3 2
PR men
4 Web operator 1
5 2
service staff
6 Inventorial staff 1
Total 8

8. Management team:
The Founders and Management Team
E-Return's founding team represents a solid mix of professional experience and
qualifications necessary to develop, launch, and grow an innovative technology
and services company in a new logistics environment. MN2C founding team and
current management includes:
• Cuong Nguyen Hung, President —Mr. Nguyen's background is in
managerial administration at He has advised emerging-
growth and established companies in the services and technology industries
on information technology, operations, and marketing strategies. Mr. Ray is
pursuing his M.B.A. degree from the Monas University.
• Ngan Bui ThuMarketing and Sales —Ms. Bui has marketing and sales
experience both in customer care service & online martketing . At VTG,
she was in charge of consumer service program. Ms. Bui is pursuing her
Marketing Msc. at the University of Amsterdam.
• Nguyen Cao Van, Director of Finance —Mr. Cao 's experience includes
audit and financial analysis with His experience includes
initial and secondary public stock offerings. Mr. Romano completed his
Business Administration degree at the Foreign Trade University.
• Minh Nguyen Tuan, Director of Web operator —Mr. Nguyen
experience includes designing, implementing, and managing operations of
website. Mr. Nguyen has a Business Administration degree from the
Foreign trade University and is pursuing his Master degree.