Houses” submitted under the course title Entrepreneurship (MG-550) is purely original team work done under the

guidance of Mr. Manqoosh-ur-Rehman, lecturer at School of Business and Economics at University of Management and Technology. This project is submitted as the class final project requirement and has been solely produced and compiled by group members.

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Executive Summary
This project has been conducted in order to launch a new business plan. We are going to launch 2D solar cabinet; this is an innovative product with unique features. After having a critical external analysis of the industry, PEST and Porter, we came to the conclusion that there is a large gap in this industry and thus there exist a scope for the new product. After identifying the GAPs we are going to launch our product. We are going to give 2-D solar cabinet in the market; this is a portable refrigerator which will cool and warm the food, water, milk etc according to the desired need. Our company is a newly launched business; we are five partners and are going to work as a private limited company. All partners are contributing equally as an investment in our company and profit and loss will be shared. The company’s rules and regulations are already written and initially we are going to work as a team. The growth of our business depends upon the growth of electronic industry in Pakistan. The past records show that the industry is highly potential and has a good growth scope. The project also contains a complete detail about the working of the product, as well as the company. Complete marketing details are also given in this project. The report includes HR, Marketing, Finance and Operational details for the firm.

Section II: Business Description: Form of Business:
Our business is based upon Partnership. We are five partners in this business and we equally share all the benefits and loss of business.

We are going to start a new business and introduce a product which is very new for Pakistan’s electronic market. Because the business which we are going to introduces require very huge amount of capital for this purpose we decided to start a joint business among five partners. Partners are: • • • • • Mr. Tahir Saeed Mr. Hasib ur Rehman Mr. Faiq Ali Mr. Mubeen Tariq Mr. Muhammad Usman Javaid Khan

Name of Business:
The name of our business/ company is “Star Tech”. The basic reason behind this name, we all five having so much trust upon one another and fully coordinated and joint like the five corners of the star.

Business Description:
Our business is related to 2D solar cabinet (joint form of fridge and oven) assembling. After analyzing the electronic market of Pakistan we came up with the conclusion that there is a big opportunity for the new kind of product which we are going to introduce. The growth of our business depends upon the growth of fridge and oven industry in Pakistan. The past record shows that the industry is highly potential and has a good growth scope. The scale and the need of fridge and ovens are continuously

increasing day by day and it provides a great opportunity to introduce and startup a new business. In our business we come up with a product that is different and unique and will provide ease to family households, business Personnel and most importantly passengers who going outside the city or and the people who want to go somewhere for picnic and spending holidays (within or outside the city).

Product Description:
Name of Product: Company Name: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Color, gray, blue Voltage 12v Capacity 6.litre (4, 1.5 litre bottles) Multifunctional, durable, daily used, medical, restaurant, outdoor, fishing cooler Different size and design available in future Cooling performance range is 5°C to 10 °C and warming range is 40°C to 50°C. Quantity 1 piece in a Carton Weight 6 kg Solar panel18 inches in length and 12 inch in width 12v Battery 1 Controller its Basic function is to control the solar energy and charge the battery, after the battery is charged it will give power to the box 2 Buttons are placed to the left of the box from which we can cool and warm the box according to the requirement The length of the box is 15 inches, width 12 inches and height is 16 inches

2D solar cabinet. Star tech.

Gap Identification:

Everyone in this world wants to upgrade itself either it’s a country or an individual. luxury. After analyzing different markets we find a great gap and high potential growth in electronic market and finalize our product which is related with this market. Section III: Marketing Research & Analysis: Industry Analysis: Electronic industry of Pakistan is having so much potential and acceptance for new businesses. ease. The basic benefit of this industry is a heterogeneous product with very rapid development. So without or shortage of electricity all such products are useless. In this regard the gap which we targeted is. Today everyone wants convenience. In this kind of market technology can change on daily basis. up to date technology for his psychological satisfaction. Likewise other countries the electronic market of Pakistan also consist of very high technological products. Market forces are weak and in this situation even a little innovation can capture a large market share. Almost in every kind of market innovative products introduced very rapidly and we all know that electronic market is one of the most inconsistent market of this world. As we mention earlier likewise other industries this industry is also having so many Gaps. almost all the product of electronic industry fully dependent upon electricity and Pakistan is facing very bad energy crisis these days. So without or shortage of electricity all such .As we all know this is the era of globalization and information technology. Another or we can say the most important gap we find in this industry is energy crisis problem. Most of the products of this industry fulfill their wants and make them satisfied to some extent. innovative ideas and advanced technology. Almost all the products of electronic industry fully dependent upon electricity and Pakistan is facing very bad energy crisis these days. Then we decided why don’t introduce such kind of product in this industry that is not depend upon the electricity and it also gives so much convenience and ease to people on different times. This industry has a great room for such kind of innovations.

Porter five forces model in this scenario is given as: Buyers Suppliers Competition Substitute .products are useless. Porter’s Model: Porter five forces model is an extremely useful model to analyze the outer environment for any strategic analysis. This model takes into account all the five major forces of the market and thus suggest a way to analyze the current situation of the industry. Then we decided why don’t introduce such kind of product in this industry that is not depend upon the electricity and it also gives so much convenience and ease to people on different times.

Buyer: Due to the beneficial and convenient nature of the product. as we all know there are numbers of varieties are available in fridge and ovens but each of them is used for one specified purpose. Most of the suppliers import the end products from China and sale it here in Pakistan. As we all know energy crisis is one of the major issue in Pakistan and at the same time we gives our buyers a product which is not dependable on electricity so this unique feature capture so much interest of our buyers towards our product. There is no concept of backward integration in this industry so far. milk and beverages fresh and nutritionist for the long period of time and ovens being used to make our food hot within few minutes. Another unique characteristic of this product it is not dependent upon the electricity which makes it more beneficial in current situation of Pakistan. New Entry: . Fridge is available for cooling purpose and keeps our food. the buyer shows subsequent amount of involvement in this product. On the other hand buyers switching cost is very high and most of time sales have made on the basis of sensitivity of price and little know how about the product.New Entry Supplier: If we analyze the current market situation of Pakistan the suppliers of any market have very minimum local resources. Substitute: Because this product is very new for Pakistan’s electronics market so there is no near of we can say that direct substitute of our product. 2D Solar Cabinet having the characteristics of both fridge and oven. In case of our product some manufacturers have the resources to manufacture such kind of products locally like at Hall Road we have found very large number of vendors who manufacture and supply such product at the same time.

political instability is there in Pakistan now days. social and technological structure of any country. To enter in market and exit from this market is very easy and no restrictions are imposed by any governmental department in this regard. Increasing inflation rate. As we know. Economical. Social and Technological factors. import tariffs and increase in custom duties.5% from its previous rate of 7.There is no kind of entry barrier in this market and this product follows all the legal rules and regulations which are imposed by the government. increasing unemployment. collapsing stock market and other unfavorable economic issues have made the situation disastrous. Some findings of economical draw backs are given below: • • • Inflation rate has raise from 9. political. Unemployment rate has increased up to 8. PEST analysis gives us very important information to understand the economical. . Economical: The economic situation of Pakistan is not very favorable. If this VAT is approved by the government it will negatively impact our business. The market has substantial space for these kinds of innovative and unique ideas. More than 24% of the country population is below poverty line. PEST is the abbreviation of Political. This market has lots of opportunities to grow for new businesses or risk takers within it. It also gives subsequent information for all local and foreign investor either they invest in that particular country or not. Another political threat that may happen is the policies such as: import quotas.5%. PEST Analysis: PEST analysis gives us the information about four major dimensions of any country’s external environment. Our product is directly related with the technological structure of Pakistan’s electronics market.31% to 25% in the last year. Political: In political we have threat of VAT (value added tax). It gives very authentic information regarding business opportunities and growth.

wind energy and solar energy etc. The beneficial and applicable sources of energy are biogas. The advancement of technology and the wide spread of media has captured the mind of the people to a great extent. Technological: In Pakistan the technology. which are using in home appliances these days is very advanced and meet the international standards. In past few years’ very huge advancement have seen in technological field. Now. To keep in mind this technological advancement we introduced a product which is also high technological oriented and having so much potential to capture the big market share with in very short time. We have used solar energy in our product and this unique feature very suitable with the weather conditions of Pakistan. Industries of the country are at the edge of being shut down. The Pakistan rupee has fallen to a record low price. world moves forward to find out some alternatives of electricity and used these alternatives in their products. due to very high cost of production. Man has becoming more and more social and technology oriented. Even now the local companies of Pakistan like Waves. As we all know the temperature of Pakistan quite hot for 7 to 8 months and it temperature ranges between 30 to 45 degree Celsius. Dawlance. Social: Consumer perception and life style are changing rapidly. Mitsubishi etc. By using the latest trend of technology we introduce such product which is not dependable upon electricity. The intense short fall of electricity has doubled the cost of production and has made the situation even worst.• • • The stock market has badly collapsed in the last few months due to uncertain political conditions of the country. coal energy. This kind of weather condition also supported our product in a positive way. PEL etc produces products which are advanced technological oriented and gives very strong competition to international brands products like Phillips. LG. SWOT Analysis: External Threats: .

People are willing to pay more for their convenience. Portable Using solar energy o All the parts which being used in making of product easily available. people are becoming more In these days Pakistan faces problems regarding energy crisis and our product not depend upon the electricity. Pathetic law and order situation. High inflation rate External Opportunities: • • • • • Huge amount of picnic spots in lahore i. Unknown Customer Demand . Not so much convenient in rainy season. It is very big opportunity for our product to grow. Expansion in other cities. Changa Manga. wild life park. Because of innovators. Internal Strengths: • • • • Unique product for Pakistan’s electronic market. Internal Weakness: • • • High dependence on revenue. Not dependable upon electricity. and Safari Park etc.• • • • High interest rates Unstable Political and Economical situation of Pakistan. Jhallo More.e. rising education rate.

Purchasing of Raw Material on competitive or low price. • • • • • • • • IFE/ EFE Matrix: Internal Factor Evaluation: Internal Factor of Evaluation or IFE matrix is an important strategic tool to evaluate major strengths and weaknesses in functional areas of a business. high-quality manufacturing and service operations. Negotiate with big dealers and sell your product through them is another important factor to increases the sales of the company.• Marketing Research Problem Key Success Factors (KSF’s): The factors which are very important for new businesses like us to get rapid success in electronic industry are given below: • Marketing is very important factor to get success in this industry. Minimize the inventory handling cost in order to use some efficient techniques. Making good relationship with suppliers. If company markets its product properly in order to get complete attention of its target market so it will very help full to increases the growth of sales. Deliveries of products on time and cost controlled schedules are also important factors. Quickly incorporate with new technologies and optimize operations. Maintain continuous. Especially the companies like us (Star Tech) who first time enters in this industry and also introduces innovative product so it’s very important for such companies to market its product in an efficient way. Management of the organizations used these tools to list down all . Introduce such products that have advanced technology according to the trend is also very important factor to get success in electronic industry.

43 0.20 0. Internal Strengths Sole Manufacturer in the market Portability Economical Price Uniqueness No Electricity Consumption Trust among Partners Close Proximity to Suppliers Internal Weaknesses Highly Dependable upon Sales Limited Resources Limited Suppliers Market Research Problem Rented Property Total Weighted Score Weig ht 12% 12% 10% 12% 7% 7% 8% 7% 8% 5% 6% 6% 100% Ratin g 3 3 3 4 4 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 Weighted Score 0.50 0.20 0.36 0.30 0. Management of the organization has given weight to all these factors according to their importance.38 0.69 External Factors of Evaluation: External Factor Evaluation (EFE) matrix method is a strategicmanagement tool often used for assessment of current business conditions.the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization in order to make useful strategic plans. Opportunities Expansion Technology Minimization of cost Optimize Production Picnic Spot Energy Crises Threats Economic Downfall Unstable Political Situation Weig ht 12% 10% 6% 9% 11% 10% 5% 6% Ratin g 3 4 3 3 4 3 1 1 Weighted Score 0.29 0.33 0.17 0.17 .44 0.25 0.43 0.25 0.30 0.13 0.40 0. The EFE matrix is a good tool to visualize and prioritize the opportunities and threats that a business is facing.11 3.57 0.

below average (2). • • • • • • • Households Business Personnel Passengers Students Architectures Engineers Doctors etc As we mention earlier our product 2D Solar Cabinet has some features which are very similar to fridge and ovens.14 Huge amount of 1 Substitute 6% 0.e. . As our product first time introduced in Pakistan’s electronic industry for this reason we haven’t find any direct competitor regarding our product. We conclude the end result on the basis of their per year units of production and per year units sold. But for analyzing the trend of electronic market we have taken the past 5 years sales of different electronic companies both local and multinational. We have taken the sales of PEL. To analyze the trend of this industry we have taken past five years data of these companies. above average (3). Superior (4) Market Size and Trends: The market size which we target for our product is big and also has so much potential within it.20 1 Interest Rate 7% 0. LG. Therefore we consider some companies both local and multinational who manufacture freezer and ovens and we consider them as our indirect competitors.Entrance of New 1 Competitors 8% 0. and Philips etc because sales of these companies tell us about the trend of electronic industry or we can say either people are really willing to purchase such electronic products or not. We divided our target market size in different categories i.17 Total Weighted Score 100% 3.15 Poor (1).13 2 Tax 10% 0.

436 16117524 The table which is given above collectively tells us about the past five year sales of PEL electronics in Pakistan’s different cities including Lahore which is our target city.13077670. 8075382.513.672 13926572 30.774. According to the table in year 2005-06 the total sales of PEL in Pakistan’s different cities were about Rs. Then in year 2006-07 this amount gradually increased up to Rs. In this year the total sales of the company was raised up to Rs. 16117524. in year 200708 we have seen more growth and the totals sales of PEL reached up to Rs.11042160.151 8075382 23.719 11042160 23. To understand more clearly we have seen the trend line of total sales of PEL is continuously grow up ward which means people of Pakistan are willing to buy different kinds of electronic instruments for their domestic and for commercial use as well.170. in 2008-09 the total sales of company was slightly increased up to Rs. .935 13077670 23.13926572 and we have seen in table in 2009-10 this amount increased more rapidly as compared to past two years.LG PEL Years 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 Total Sales 23.901.501.

In these total sales LG earned a substantial part of its sales from Pakistan. From year 2005 -2008 the total sales of LG electronics were grow very consistent in a straight line.793.445. This was the very massive change which they have seen from past five years. This change in trend will also very helpful in order to grow of our product.000 then in very next year in 2008-09 this . 26.496.000 21.The table which is given above tells us very briefly about the past five year sales of LG electronics in not even in Pakistan but other countries as well. Philips Years 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 Total Sales 25.436.682. This sudden change tells us about that the trend of purchasing such electronics goods increasing very rapidly as compared to previous years. In 200506 the total sales of Philips was Rs.513. 25445000 then this ratio was increased in 2006-07 when sales grown upward direction and the total collection of sales in that year was 26.596 23.236 We have also taken total sales of Philips to understand the trend in a better way. Then in 2009-10 they have faced very huge change and their total sales increased from $23901672 to $30.682.638.793. In next year the amount of sales were slightly increased up to Rs. The table which is given above has taken sales of Philips in Asia in which Pakistan contribute an important part of their total earning.000 26.496 26.189.

Barriers to Growth: The electronic market of Pakistan has so many opportunities within it for new businesses. As we all know from last few .596 due to some economical crisis in Asian countries especially in Pakistan but last year sales again raised in upward direction and the collection of last year sales were 23. • • • • • We plan to introduce some more unique products in near future.638. As we mention earlier we introduced this kind of product “2D Solar Cabinet” for very first time in Pakistan’s market. and the unique characteristics of our product it is not dependable upon the electricity but using the solar energy which directly come from the sun with the help of solar panel which is placed at the top of 2D Solar Cabinet.236 which was quite better then the last year.20% market share of electronic industry. Growth Potential: We have planned to grow our business. All these unique feature of our product have so much potential to grow in Pakistan’s electronic market. This market has very subsequent space to accept new ideas and technologies. We also make some long term strategies (5 years) in order to grow the products of our company in an effective and efficient way. Expand our business in all the major cities of Pakistan. Registered our business in Lahore Stock exchange (LSE) and Karachi stock Exchange (KSE). It’s also very convenient and easy to carry this cabinet from one place to another single handed. Our product also has the ability to keep cool water and beverages and make the food hot and ready to eat within few minutes according to the demand of user. but on the other hand it also carries so many barriers which create hurdles in the success of business.ratio fell down up to 21. in this regard our all partners and employees align with the mission of our business and develop strategies in order to expand our business all over the Pakistan. We also plan to capture 15% . Export our product to Bangladesh & Iran.189.

Most of the businesses import cheap raw material from countries like China. jugs. Iran. bad law and order situation. PEL etc and foreign companies like LG. microwave ovens. so some time they face import restriction which are imposed by the government. Afghanistan. It might be possible some of our competitors come up with more advance product and create problem in the way of our company’s product growth. India. Philips. Competitors Analysis: There is no direct competitor of our product as we are going to introduce this product for very first time in Pakistan. ice box. Unstable political situation. room fridge are very closely substitutes of our product Market Strategy: Market strategy is a process that allows company to make such strategies that are helpful to increase company’s sales by using its limited . Waves.years the financial system of Pakistan collapse very badly and the worth of Pakistan’s currency declined day by day. In electronic industry there is very huge number of competitors who made the products which are highly related with each other. so it might be possible someone offers same product at very low price as compared to us in near future. As we all know electronic product are so much price sensitive. Haier. • Indirect Competitors: o In Pakistan so much local companies like Dawlance. infrastructure problems are big hurdles for FDI (foreign direct investment) in Pakistan. In case of our business we are not facing any direct competitor but having very huge number of indirect competitors and substitutes. • Substitutes: o Thermos. Mitsubishi etc produces good quality and high variety of fridges. ovens and other home appliances. Energy crisis create another hurdle for manufacturing businesses in Pakistan. Bottles.

Sales & Distribution Strategy and Advertising & Promotions Strategy in order to capture our target market. 30. Doctors. 41-50. students.resources. In our marketing strategy we combine different techniques like Market Segmentation. 51-55 or more Male. Target Market Selection and Description. geographic factors. Market strategy is also very important in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. 21-30. preferences for specific end benefit and media graphics etc. bachelors. We haven’t targeted any particular age group people but all the people who aged among 25-60 or more. Female Above 20. Product Description (Value Proposition & USP).000. 31-40. 20.000-40. “The Key concept of Star Tech’s Market Strategy is to get the complete attention of Target Market” Market Segmentation: When we talks about market segmentation its means divide the market in terms of its demographic factors. Pricing Strategy. Students. Business Personnel. The Main target of our product “2D Solar Cabinet” including family households most importantly passengers and the people who want to somewhere for picnic within or outside the city. Market strategy is very important for small businesses like us (Star Tech) to reach and capture maximum audience with in a very short period of time and also using limited resources. Engineers etc .000 or more Households.000. In households we targeted married couples. Age Gender Income Occupat ion Above 20. Teachers. Demographic Factors: In Demographic segmentation market of “2D Solar Panel” can be divided in the following categories. business Personnel etc. psychographic.000-30.

• • Occasion User status Picnics. Majority of people of these groups are so much sensitive about new trend. Preferences for Specific End Benefits: As we all know electricity crisis is the major problem that Pakistan has faced these in these days. Due to this rapid change their definition regarding luxury. Marriages. Very huge population of Pakistan wants to have some product which is not dependable on electricity and give them maximum convenience and ease. In this regard our product having almost all these characteristics which influence these people. middle class and elite class households. Jang) . convenience and ease are also changed. All these changes directly related with business strategies and force them to introduce something new and unique. market can be divided into following categories: World Region Country Cities Asia Pakistan All major cities of Pakistan (Currently Lahore) Psychographic: As we all know human’s life style. innovations and ease. Media graphics: • • • All famous T. Regular users. We targeted the upper middle class. Fm 91.V channels (Initially City 42) Radio Channels (Fm 103. Potential users. Due to this reason we are very much sure people prefer our product for the following specific end benefits. Fm 106.Geographic Factors: In geographic segmentation. and his way of thinking continuously changed.2) Best selling Newspapers (The News. Parties & others. their need.

ice cubes and food hot and cold as per demand and requirement. milk etc fresh. water. Our product offers another unique characteristic to keep food. Our target customer is passengers. We are also targeted sales man of different multinational companies like Pepsi Co. upper middle class and elite class groups and using fridge and ovens on daily basis like family households. passengers. Product Description (Value Proposition): The uniqueness in our product is that we are offering the features of fridge and ovens together.• Bill boards & Hoardings Target Market Selection & Description: We are targeting the people who associated with middle class. The essential key success factors are Innovation and Uniqueness in the product. they are fun loving and want to enjoy every moment of their life. business Personnel. Today households want to be different. and Nestle etc. People (especially women) can carry this product very easily. warm and cold as per demand and need. beverages. The concept of solar panel highly differentiates our product from traditional fridges and ovens. ice cubes. students (who living in hostels). The basic reason to focusing or targeting passengers is their usage patterns and requirement because such kind of product give them so much ease to keep their water. Unique Selling Point (USP): • • • • • A totally new product A very unique combination of two different dimensions (Cold and Hot) No electricity consumption Using solar energy Good promotional activities . pleasure and satisfaction. beverages. it is not depending upon the electricity. Cocacola Company. Technology makes our lives very comfortable and everyone in this world ready to pay for their ease. people who going somewhere for picnic within or outside the city. Another very important feature of our product is.

And will easily Charge a high price later because we will have a substantial competitive advantage.• Strong Research & Development Pricing Strategy: Although our product is very unique and nobody is offering this kind of unique features in fridge and ovens but still we can’t charge as much as we want to our customers. posters in very famous electronic stores of Lahore most busy electronic markets like Abid Market. Hall . If you have huge number of customers but your distribution channel is not very effective so you lose both customer and his believe which is directly associated with its need. strong and effective distribution channel is also very important element in business success. Particulars Box Solar Panel Controller Battery Total Others Total Cost Selling Price Rate Per Unit 5000 1500 1000 1000 8500 500 9000 15000 We are selling our product at a very low price because it is the new product of its kind so in order to enter in the market successfully we are using penetration strategy for our pricing. • We placed our product’s banners. We used Market penetration as our pricing strategy at the beginning. Likewise sales. because we are just starting a new business and at the moment our brand is no well known furthermore the per capita income is not that much in Pakistan and people feel a bit reluctant in spending money. Sales & Distributions Strategy: Sales are the most important factor in any kind of business because only sales tell us either the business exists in future or not.

Assemblers Outlet & Dealers Customers Assembling: In distribution channel the first step is to assemble the all parts of the product in companies’ warehouse. As we mention earlier our product targeting the middle class and elite class group it means it is selective for only two classes. . pricing issues. quality and distribution of our product. Pace. Distribution Channel: We have used private channel and deliver our product to our own outlet in Abid Market and some selective dealers and retail and wholesale store of Lahore. Siddique Trade Center etc.We have used selective distribution strategy. • To increase our sales we also place our product (2D Solar Cabinet) in very famous retail and whole sale stores and plazas of Lahore like Makro. Distribution: The product which we made for the convenience and ease of our target customers is available by using multiple channels of distribution. So we only distributed our product in some selective and well known electronic stores of Lahore. Since timely distributing of product is the basic requirement to promote sales and get confidence of retailers. We also get feedback from our retailers on monthly basis about the complaints regarding our product. We not only distribute our product to retailers but also maintaining an effective communication with our retailers.Road and Township Market etc to reach our target customer which is directly related our sales growth. We have planned to distribute 2D solar cabinet through our outlet at Abid Market and through the big dealers of electronic appliances of Lahore city. Metro. We have used channel for distribution of “2D Solar Cabinet” which is given below.

Advertising & Promotions Strategy: Advertising and promotional strategies are very essential element for any kind of newly operated business either it is related with manufacturing or service providing. Advertising: Advertising is one of the most important things present in or society today. It helps to spread awareness about products or services that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers. The main objectives of advertising and promotions strategies are: • • • • To inform. Advertising consist of two types or we can say that it capture two different form of mediums. Advertising and promotional strategy gives complete introduction and description of product to general public and most importantly to their target market. Advertising and promotions strategies help to keep the consumers informed about whatever new products or services are available in the market. your right to choose'. like an old slogan puts it 'Advertising.Outlets & other Dealers: Then deliver it to companies own outlet and some other famous dealers of electronic industry where our product has placed to capture the target market’s attention. to persuade & to remind customers about your product Create Repeat Exposure and Continued Sales Widespread Name Recognition A single advertising campaign can create awareness. enhance brand image & to increase sales. Customers: After capturing the target market’s attention sell the product to the potential buyers of target market and also getting their feedback to improve the quality and efficiency of product. • Above the line advertising .

show sponsorships. Newspaper Ads. Distribute broachers on traffic signals and different electronic stores having complete information about our product as it is more effective and cheap way to reach our target market. Billboards. We do advertisement and promotion to aware the potential customers about our unique product because we believe that good marketing is something that helps business to grow. We advertise our product by using different advertisement strategies like • • • • • Price Promotion (Discount to the normal selling price of a product). .• Below the line advertising When businesses uses public mediums to advertise their products like Television. We also advertise our product by using both form of advertisement medium like Television commercials. Window displays of shops and stores. Constantly moving Vehicles promoting our Product in big cities of Pakistan especially in Lahore. Point-of-sale displays at different electronics stores. Displaying 2D solar cabinet’s theme on the shop’s name board. We plan to promote our 2D solar cabinet through: • • • Brand endorsement through unique features. Outdoor billboards etc. Ads on Cable. Print media and internet etc so they advertise their products through above the line advertising. Whereas when business uses all the private mediums to communicate their target market which includes direct calling. Fax and E-mails etc then they are using below the line advertising. Promotional Strategies: Promotional strategies are very important to gives complete description and unique characteristics of product to target market. Radio commercials. Radio.

We distributes these broachers all over the city (Lahore). Broachers/ Leaflets etc. Section IV: Operations: Operational Details: We started our operation from Hall Road because this location is perfect for our business as we can enjoy different benefits here.for every five brochures. Below we give the complete descriptions of these tools in term of per unit cost. POS Material: POS material mean point of sale material this will include: posters and stickers display at some eye-catching positions in different famous electronic stores in Hall Road. box etc.20. Abid Market and Township stores. Therefore we have taken the expertise of professionals of this field. We have found almost all the particulars which are necessary for the making of our product “2D Solar Cabinet” like solar panel. controller. Because we are the innovators of this product and first time launched this kind of product in Pakistan’s electronic market so we haven’t available any kind of previous data to measure and forecast the demand and trend of market. Billboards. To well promote our product we are using different promotional tools like POS material. So initially we will order them for 100. . battery.000 brochures and it will cost us almost Rs. 000/-. Broachers/ Leaflets: We have had a contract with “C-Signs Advertising Company” & they will charge us Rs-1/.• Distribute broachers at homes as well.

Hall Road and Township Market etc. receive. As we mention it earlier our outlet situated in Abid Market and distance between Hall Road and Abid Market not too long so it helps us to minimize our transportation cost and also beneficial for to in order to save our time.In our marketing operations we hire two sales people who go to take orders from the big retailers of Abid Market. Capacity Management tells us about the design and actual capacity of the company. We have two options regarding the availability of parts that are used in our product. Design Capacity: Design capacity is the maximum output of the system means how many maximum units can company has produced. Import raw material from china is costly due to high import duty which is imposed by government as compared to purchased all the parts locally. One option is to import all the raw material regarding our product from china or purchased it from the local market (Hall Road) of Lahore. hold . In case of our company “Star Tech” we have set our design capacity after analyzing all given resources the maximum units which we store. For that purpose we manufactured our product from Mr. Companies can judge the effectiveness of its capacity planning on the basis of its percentage of utilization and its percentage of efficiency. the number of units a facility can hold. hold and store by using its given resources. We have purchased box from Mian Traders. We have decided to go with the second option and purchased all the parts locally and also assembled them by using local resources in order to give customers new and quality product. solar panel and controller from Shaheen Solar Traders and battery from Aftab Electric Traders for manufacturing of 2D Solar Cabinet. This product is first time launched in Pakistan so there is no kind of formal machinery is available to assemble our product therefore all the assembling process had done with hands. Capacity Management: Capacity Management has contains all that activities which are related to. Sultan Akbar. store or produced in a specific period of time.

We have the design capacity to produced almost 625 units of 2D Solar Cabinet in a year but according to the current situation of Pakistan we have faced lots of problems that create hurdle for us in order to meet our design capacity. therefore we are far away from our design capacity and actually the units we produced in given situation are 225 in a year or almost 19 units in a month. Its mean almost 36 units produced in a month. As the flow chart diagram which is .and produced is 425 units in a year. Effective or Actual Capacity = 225 units/ year Utilization: The formula which we normally used to calculate the utilization of any company. Design Capacity = 425 units/year Effective or Actual Capacity: Effective or Actual Capacity is the capacity a firm expects to achieve according to current operating constraints or in other words we can say the units which company has actually produced by using its given resources. Effective Capacity is usually lower than the design capacity. strikes and Absenteeism etc. In current situation we have facing the issue of load shading. factory etc is given below: Utilization = Effective Capacity/ Design Capacity Utilization of Star Tech for 1st year is: Utilization = 225/ 425 Utilization = 53% Supply Chain Management: The operations of supply chain starts from supplies of raw material to delivery of finished product to customer.

As we mention earlier we have the effective capacity to produce units in a year are 225 so we have appropriate stock in our warehouse to produce almost half of the units. Companies store Raw Material (Purchased but not processed). Suppliers: .given below clearly shows the whole process of supply chain management very clearly. Suppliers which are selected by the top management of the company supply the needed parts of the product to the production plant where the production department assembles the all parts of the product. After that the final product distributes as per demand to company’s own outlet and to all the dealers outlets which are also selected by the top management of the Star Tech. Suppliers Assemble Dealers & Outlets Customers Star Tech also follows the same operations of supply chain which is given above. Businesses stored different types of material or parts which are being used in the manufacturing or assembling of the product in its inventory. Companies manage its inventory in order to deal with push and pull supply chain activities. Push supply chain means companies have enough or appropriate material in its inventory before placing the order by customers. Companies also have enough inventories in their warehouses which can easily handle with pull supply chain means the activities starts after placing the order by customers. Work in Process (Undergone some change but not processed) and Finished Goods (Completed product awaiting shipment) etc. We also works on both these techniques in our inventory management so we can easily tackle with all such push and pull supply chain activities. As we know inventory management is an important component of supply chain management. Then retailers of the outlets deliver the finished product to the customer. Inventory Management: Inventory Management is very important factor for businesses and they spends lots of its revenue in order to manage inventory properly.

• We have purchased Solar Panel and controller Rs.000 per unit from Aftab Electric Traders situated in Hall Road.As we all know suppliers are the most important element and play very important part in the success of any business especially the businesses which are related with manufacturing like our business. • • . 1. All these things disturb our entire budget very badly and it was very difficult for us to compete with those businesses that get these things on very economical and cheapest rate. Imtiaz Ali who is the owner of Shaheen Solar Company situated in Hall road.000 per box form Mian Idress who is the owner of Mian Traders situated at Mintgumni Road. It is also very important for us to locate our warehouse and production plant at those places where supplies are easily and economically available. your delivery and distribution plans. Different parts which are used in the making of our product “2D Solar Cabinet” being purchased from different suppliers. We have purchased the box (China made) Rs.000 respectively from Mr.500 and 1. If we do not focus on this thing so it creates so many hurdles in our production and distribution operations. It also plays an important role in order to minimize the transportation cost of businesses. 1. All the parts which are needed in the making of our product not frequently available to us and it also increase our transportation and shipping cost. In which some of them are supplies raw materials. some are supplies the whole part which being used in the manufacturing of product. 4. We have purchased battery Rs. Therefore we rented the place for our warehouse and production plant at Mozang chunggi that is near to both these places. To keep in mind all these factors we have decided to locate our warehouse and production plant at that place which is near to Abid Market and Hall Road because we targeted both these places. So it’s very important for businesses to locate their warehouses and outlets at those places where supplies availability is easy and convenient because all these things are directly related with your supply chain activities. Businesses depend of Variety of suppliers who provide them different goods and services on demand. Businesses that are related with manufacturing mostly depend upon number of suppliers.

For assembling and storing purpose we rented two warehouses at Mozang Chunggi which is very near to Abid Market. We have established an efficient plan in which we are reducing maximum cost out of every pickup or delivery. this suite has shown a significance reduction in: • • Driver overtime and turnover Mileage and fuel costs . warehouse and production plant are Rs 30.000. As the owners of the company we are aware of the transportation cost that has a major impact on the success of our operations. Hall Road and Township Market etc.000 respectively and we paid security Rs 300. We decided to open our outlet in Abid Market for this purpose we rented a shop in 1st floor of Al-Muzammil Plaza situated at the center of Abid Market. 35. We also take an office consisting of three rooms in Al Tariq Plaza near at Hall Road. competitor and strategy review. outsourcing. logistic system. Logistic Network: The components in logistic network are transportation. With the Roadnet® Transportation Suite (software) we are sure that our logistics department creates the most cost-effective routes. warehouse and production plant. Abid Market is very busy electronic market of Lahore city so it’s easy for us to reach large number of audience and also capture our target market in an efficient and convenient way.000 and Rs 25.000 for outlet. Logistics: The components that are to be kept in mind while developing a logistics strategy. The rent of our office is Rs 25.Location: We are new in this business so after analyzing the different locations of Lahore city we find large amount of clusters related to our product in some big electronics market of Lahore like Abid Market. Additionally.000. Our employees will have the ability to communicate with drivers and make last minute adjustments to the plan as needed. Rent of outlet.

• Employee routing time This software can help us improve customer service and driver communication. routing. We will have the information about the raw-material that whether prices are increasing or decreasing. dispatching and tracking systems designed to make the distribution process more efficient. which gives us the advantage of having up-to-the-minute delivery status. Its applications include planning. we have GPS and wireless communication between drivers and dispatch. Software will give the flexibility to create optimal routes. in summer most people go for picnic or visit northern areas for that demand for our product increases. Materials Handling & Packaging: . Information about the product is very much important. Additionally. loading. productivity and operational efficiency. Information about the trends that are shifting e.g. while balancing customer service needs and time window commitments. We can: • • • • • • Easily maintain customer information Route and get orders out fast Add special orders or off-day deliveries efficiently Respond to customers with accurate delivery information Provide drivers with directions or route assistance when needed Manage daily route exceptions Information: We will keep our information up-to-date because in business information is everything until and unless it is important. it gives the data about the numbers of the product that are finished or are in work in progress. Warehousing.

First of all we have to set a layout for the warehouse. When a new warehouse layout is proposed a detailed planning process should be followed to ensure the success of the project. The selection of the layout should be in such a way that it accommodates new product line and gives the greater flexibility to the warehouse operations. Then the carton is to put in the wooden box and the boxes can be easily placed one above the other in order to utilize minimum space with maximum units. After layout we will go for the packaging material that the carton of the product is designed in such a way that it cover the product from damages like water. heat and fall as much as it can. .

or it follow the terms of partnership or any other legal aspect. gives us some helpful suggestions and guides us in other processes of our business. Akbar Ali as the in charge of our production department. He did diploma in electronics from poly technical college of Lahore and associated with this field from last 10 years. It also clarify is there any activity which is banned by the government. He also works as an expert consultant. All the partners would legally be liable for all the debts and obligations. It contains so many things like government’s rules and regulations which businesses should follow. Because we are very new in this field for this purpose we need to hire some professionals who helped us during different operations of the business. for this reason we negotiated with several vendors. All the partners will act as the head in the company and in future board of directors will be overseeing the company as well as making decisions of the company with the agreement of all the partners. Human Resource Management: Organizational Structure: Our organizational structure is centrally coordinated and all the partners of business equally responsible and shared all the benefits and obstacles.Section V: Management: Legal Structure: Legal structure of the business is very important element for long term existence of the firm. After lots of negotiation and discussion among all the partners we decided to hire Mr. We want that kind of persons who are honest and sincerely associate with us. Our business is based upon the terms of partnership in which five members have an equal share. All the managers would be directly reporting to them. This structure also gives complete information either the business is self owned /sole proprietorship. retailers and some of our friends who associated with electronic industry for many years. . We have signed one year legal contract with our consultants.

Ubaid ur Rehman with him.Zulqarnain Babar is the official consultant of our company and he works as a quality inspector in our company. To make his work more effective and convenient he hired two persons Mr. The basic purpose of HR Department is. Mr. Mr. Waseem Ahmed did B. Mr Usman Javaid Khan is the head of management department and the partner of our business. They helped him in different processes and making strategies of marketing department. to communicate the professional information among all the departments. Sohail Aslam assists him in that department. Mr. Waseem Ahmed with him for proper checks of accounts. Staffing Plan: Staffing plan clearly describe about the departments working in the organization and the people who are working in each of these departments. He hired Mr. Mr. He did MBA professional from LSE (Lahore Schools of Economics) in 2005 and associated with Pakistan Institute of Quality from last 4 years. Waseem Ahmed assists him. Finance & Accounts Department: . Faiq Ali who is one of the partner of our business he voluntary asked for the responsibilities of accounts department. Abdul Qadir and Mr. HR Department is also responsible to make coordination among all departments and also responsible for employees satisfaction. Mr. Marketing department is responsible for the marketing and selling of the company’s product. Faiq Ali is the head of this department and Mr. Tahir Saeed who is another business partner of the firm he asked for the responsibilities of marketing department of the company. Mubeen Tariq and Mr. Production Department: Mr.Com in 2008 from Quaid e Azam College of Commerce and having a two years accounts officer experience in Pakland Scientific Productions. Zain Sabir in marketing department they both work under his supervision.Mr. Hasib Ur Rehman are the in charge of supply chain and Inventory handling Department. He hired a person named Mr. Akbar Ali is the Manager of production department and Mr.

Abdul Qadir and Mr. Zulqarnain Babar is the in charge of Quality Control Department. Muhammad Ayub. Mr. Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman assists him in this department. Mr.Marketing & Sales Department: Mr. Quality Control Department: Human Resource Department: Mr. Mubin Tariq and Mr. Muhammad Raza works in service department. Mr. Tahir Saeed is the head of Marketing & Sales Department. Mr. Mr. Service Department: Salaries: . IT Department: IT Department. Mr. Sayyam Ijaz works in this department under the supervision of them. Faraz Ahmed is the in charge of SC & Inventory Department: Mr. Hasib ur Rehman fulfill the reponsibilites of Supply Chain & Inventory Handing Department and Mr. Usman Zahir. Gulam Abbas. Usman Khan is the head of this department and Mr. Zain Sabir assist him.

Zulqarnain Babar Mr. Sayyam Ijaz Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman Mr. Waseem Ahmed Mr. Akbar Ali Mr.000 8.000. He managed all the accounts of the company under the supervision of Mr.000 8. salaries and their respective departments.000 10. he charged Rs 15.000 5. In production department another person who helped him named Mr. Sohail Aslam.The table which is given below gives complete description about the employees. Gulam Abbas Mr. Mr.500 Finance & Accounts Department Marketing & Sales Department Quality Control Department Human Resource Department Supply Chain & Inventory Handing Department Service Department Total salaries Explanation: Mr.000 8. He was associated with this industry from last 10 years. Sohail Aslam Mr. Zain Sabir Mr. Abdul Qadir Mr. . Departments Production Department Designatio ns (Head of Dept) (Employee) (Accounts Officer) (Sales Man) (Sales Man) Quality Inspector (Employee) (Employee) (Messenger) (Peon) (Gun Man) (Loader) Employees Name Mr. He is responsible all the production process of the firm in which he supervised the assembling process of 2D Solar Cabinet. Muhammad Raza Salarie s 15. Waseem Ahmed working in accounts department as an accounts officer.000 5. Faiq Ali. He helped him during assembling process he charged Rs 10. who is the head of accounts department. Usman Zahir Mr.500 101.000 12.000 6.000 6. Muhammad Ayub Mr.000 10. Salary of Mr Waseem Ahmed is Rs 10.000.000 in order to gives his services.000 8. ABC associated with production department in our firm.

Salaries of Mr.000.000. In very same department Mr.000 from us. They are under the supervision of Mr. Mr. Mr. Usman Javaid Khan. Ubaid ur Rehman charged Rs 8.000 and 5. Muhammad Ayub fulfills the duties of messenger in company. Usman Zahir is the gun man of company and Mr. Gulam Abbas fulfills the duties of peon. He charged Rs 8. Zain Sabir both are working in marketing department. He is responsible for the quality of our products and charged Rs 12. He managed all the collaborative activities under the supervision of Mr. Usman Zahir and Muhammad Raza are Rs 5. Muhammad Raza mostly works in warehouse of the company and he load and unload the inventory. who is the head of Marketing Department.500 respectively. Mr. . Ubaid ur Rehman working in HR department. Salaries of Gulam Abbas. His salary is Rs 6. he keeps and manages all the previous data of company in store room. who is the head of HR department. In service department we hired four employees. Tahir Saeed.000. He managed all the advertising and promoting related activities of firm the company. Zain Sabir are Rs 8. Mr Zulqarnain Baber works as an official consultant with us.000 each. Hasib ur Rehman. Mr Sayyam Ijaz working in Supply chain and inventory handing department under the supervision of Mr.Abdul Qadir and Mr. Mr.000 for his services. Abdul Qadir and Mr.Mr. 6. Mubin Tariq and Mr.

Responsible for assisting in the raw materials inventory accuracy. Plan future manufacturing programs to obtain maximum value from production resources such as equipment. IT Department. Job Description and Specification Production Department: Job Title: Departmen t: Reports To: Manager of the Department Sales and Marketing – Lahore Production Director Job Summary: Responsible to maintain production procedures and to maintain high standards of manufacturing operations. Supply Chain & Inventory Department and Service Department etc. Plan. prioritize.Job Description & Job Specification (JDs. analyze. • . product quality. Finance & Accounting Department. Quality Control Department. HR Department. In these departments includes Production Department. JSs) We have seven different departments in our company and each department has deal with different operations and activities according to the requirement. and safety Duties and Responsibilities: • • • • Maintain a safe and organized work environment. machines and testing as well as personnel. and facilitate all lean efforts within Operations. Lead efficiency improvement within the manufacturing processes. reliability. Marketing & Sales Department. coordinate.

Job Description for the Sales Representative: Job Title: Departmen t: Reports To: Sales Representative Sales and Marketing – Lahore Sales Manager Job Summary: Responsible of all sales activities are to meet both personal and organizational goals. Maintains accurate records of all sales activities including sales receipts. Work within the sales team for the achievement of customer satisfaction. . Assists in the company’s marketing plan. Should have excellent presentation and communication skills. Develops Marketing plan and insure its implementation. revenue generation and long term organizational goals. Should have excellent convincing abilities. Complete understanding about selling and pricing of the product. Duties and Responsibilities: • • • • • • • Develops annual business plan with sales manager which includes detailed activities to follow during the fiscal year and set the targets. Responsible for clients dealing and developing relationship.

Analyze financial statements and manage risks. Provide executive summary report to the senior management. Job specification: • 3 to 5 years of experience in sales and marketing department. Job Specification: . Job Description of Account Officer: Job title: Department : Reports to: Accounts officer Accounts Accounts Manager Job summary: The basic function of the account officer is to maintain the Accounting related record and schedules on daily basis. • Willingness to travel and work with different teams within the country. tax and third parties Duties and Responsibilities: • • • • Forecasting sales to optimize scheduling. Active accounts reporting procedure on daily basis Participate in the sales and pricing strategies and product expansion on the basis of accounts.• Participates in the activities related to clients and company employees such as training. Responsible of all the internal and external reporting deadlines of loans. • Strong understanding of customer’s relationship Management and supplier relationship management.

Strong grip in computer handling software’s. Job Description for Human Resources Job Title: Departmen t: Reports To: Human Resources Manager. clients etc. Motivate employees on their performance. Business or Economics. . and health. Strong analytical skills. Duties and Responsibilities: • • • • • Responsible of conducting interviews and negotiating salaries. Ability to manage multiple priorities within given framework. Keep in touch with recruitment agencies. Job summary: Human resources manager is responsible for all the activities related to the Human resources of the company which includes Recruitment. and employee counseling and performance appraisal. Development. Accounting. safety issues. Ability to learn additional applications as needed. Human resources Director Human Resources. Strong communication skills to develop relationship with the other members of the community such as Banks. educational institutions etc. 2-5 years experience in the accounts department.• • • • • • • MBA or higher degree preferably in Finance. Teaches the workplace ethics. Training. To guide and train the employees of the company.

Responsible for terminating the employees. High team work skills. Job specification for Human Resources: • • • • • 5-7 years experience in the field of HR management in any home appliances company with in a country or globally is a plus. Good in communication and negotiation skills. MBA with specialization of HR management (additional diplomas related to the field will be preferable).• • Planning. labor relations and compensation. supervising and coordinating the activities related to employment. . Expert in employee law and employee relations.

So it will make our cost of production very high and that thing will disturb our entire budget very badly. Iran etc. Taxes: Taxes are another big problem for businesses.Section VII: Critical Risks: Potential Problems: It is very important for the businesses to keep in mind all the potential problems and risks that they face in future. Inflation rate. As we know the big portion of raw material that businesses used in their operations imported from China. Due to this financial crisis foreign investors not ready to invest even a single penny in our country. So the expected problems which we consider to undertake are given below: Financial Problems: The first and most important problem is financial problem. Early identifications of these problems is important because if we will face such hurdles in future so at that time we will able to take some action in order to avoid these problems. India. Government of Pakistan now increases the duty of such imports. . Bangladesh. It also very important to keep these things at front because we started a new business by using our own limited resources and budget constraint is also there. Raw Material Problems: As we know prices of raw material that we use in making of our product are continuously increases as the result of this inflation we will face shortage of raw material in future. As we know in these days Pakistan facing the worst financial crisis of its history. As we mention this problem earlier at different places. It will also make our cost of production so high. Like other businesses we also keep in view all these potential problems that we might face in near future. In our case different items that we used in our product. They also imposed Value Added Tax on different things that make the entire situation more threatening and uncertain. in which mostly are import from china. unemployment rate are continuously increases which makes the entire situation more horrible.

It will create a problem for us. Industries crack down. The value of Pakistan’s currency continuously falls down and investors not ready to invest in this situation. Continuously increase prices of petrol and CNG more contributed in pricing problem. If we increase the price of our product so it will decrease the buying power of consumer. . But in future there is a possibility that someone will manufacture the similar product and sell it at competitive price. Unstable political situation also contributed in favor of these crises and make the entire environment very uncertain. Obstacles & Risks: As we all know the financial situation of Pakistan is not so good for the new businesses like us. Distributer Demand: In future there is a possibility that our distributers could demand more commission. Infrastructure problems and pathetic law and order situation also can’t be neglected.Competitors: Now nobody is manufacturing the product “2D Solar Cabinet” which we first time introduced in Pakistan. Economical and Law and Order situation of Pakistan will make the entire environment more crucial in future. Law & Order Situation: Poor law and order situation also the major problem that Pakistan businesses have faced in these days. Worst Political. Pricing Problem: Due to the bad economic condition of Pakistan everyone has pricing problem. Almost every type of business irrespective how big or small it is feels very insecure while doing business in Pakistan. high inflation and unemployment rate create more hurdles for businesses. Suppliers: Due to continue rise in inflation. there is also a possibility in future our suppliers also increase the price of components that we used in manufacturing of 2D Solar Cabinet.

We also faced some problems regarding marketing research. outlet. office or production plant to tackle with this problem we placed fire alarm at different places that will help to immediately evacuate or leave the building or affected place via shortest and safest route in order to safe our most important assets which are humans. If we discover a Fire in our warehouse. because we are launched this product at very low level only in Lahore. Contingency plan is being used by government or even businesses who want to be prepared for anything that could happen doesn’t matter how rare that incident will occur. There are three phases of contingency plans: • • • Response Phase Recovery Phase Reconstitution or Restoration Phase We increase the price of our product in such uneven circumstances.As our product is unique so we also faced some sort of demand problems at start. our company stance to that issue will be positive we will talk to their leaders and will try to compensate as much as possible. without knowing the whole market situation of this industry in Pakistan. our dealers will demand for more commission or worst economical crack down will occur so under such uneven circumstances we will increase the price of our product to tackle with such problem. We also placed fire extinguisher in order to handle such disastrous situation. Like if the price of raw material will increase. Contingency Plans: A contingency plan is a plan which gives you safest alternatives in order to deal with specific situation when thing could go wrong. If all Workers strike and demand for the wage increase. . On a Partner’s death we will first search for the new partners for investment if unfortunately that’s doesn’t happen then we will manage our investment with the remaining partners of the country.

Damages Assessment teams will also helpful to deal with such uneven event. Therefore we have given appropriate training to some of our employees. .

business description and industry analysis is done by all partners and this is the initial step taken by partners together. By analyzing the whole situation we bear the loss in our business up to 3 years. procurement and assembling which is done by usman khan. our office and our production plant all are rented. warehouse. By adapting this strategy we will sell our all rights of our company and remaining resources to big venture existing in our related industry and straight away shutdown all the operations and activities of our business.Section VIII: Exit Strategy: As we mention earlier in our financial projection that we start this business by using our own resources without taking any loan from banks or any other financial institution. Without advertisement our product is having no market. After that time it will very difficult for us to manage such expenses like administrative expenses. After that it will very difficult for us to continue our activities because the reason behind this step is. so advertisement is taken care by akber ali and all of the five partners are deciding media. Then comes the responsibility of HR department to hire the people which are to be handled by Usman khan. After that planning of research and development is done by Usman khan because he has a good knowledge in this field. Budget planning which is the next step is done by Tahir saeed and Mubeen Tariq. Next is the stage of capacity management. . mubeen tariq and sayyam ijaz. our outlet. utilities expenses. Form of the business. Section IX: Milestone Schedule: PERT: The first task is the proposal of the business which is done by all core partners of the company. salaries of employees etc. To keep in mind “worst come worst scenario” if we will not find any sufficient acceptance from our target audience regarding our product then the exit strategy we will adopt is “Buyout Strategy”.

Industry analysis is very important factor to analyze the trend of industry which we have targeted so this portion has completed by Tahir Saeed and Mubin Tariq. Then the planning regarding Research & Development has been done by Usman Khan. Because our business is based upon the partnership so both tasks including form of business and business description have been done by all the partners of business. Last stage of the PERT is financial record keeping which is to be done by Waseem ahmed. We have a forecast of the demands and also contingency plan if this doesn’t work out. we are going to be handling our inventory voice verse by the inventory management department. The basic purpose of the planning was to analyze all the technical and physical aspects of the product which has going to launched first time in Lahore market.We are first time doing an innovative business so in order to survive in market quality of the product is to be maintaining with the quality standards. . CPM: Manpower Plans: The proposal of business plan has been made by the contribution of all the partners of the business.

Budget planning has told about how we allocate our resources in order to get maximum return. Akbar Ali is the manager of Production Department of the company. . He managed all the activities of production department with the help of three employees who have working under his supervision. So Usman Khan and Faiq Ali both have made very comprehensive budget plan of the business. Usman Khan also managed the duties of HR Department in order to hire suitable candidate for each department that is involved in the different operations of the business and he also maintain strong coordination among all the departments.

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