Are We Really Free?

Racism has not ended it just gotten sneakier and more discreet. I am happy that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‟s legacy among many others before and after him is still being recognized however if he was still alive today would he be proud? Many have asked that question but I am yet to hear an answer that is not politically correct. (“I think he would be proud but also feel that there is still much to do.” *insert goofy smile now*) How far have we really come? We have a black President; however Palosi had to appoint another candidate under her in the 2nd seat. There was a white and a black candidate and somehow she convinced the black candidate that the white man would be better. But to shut him up she created a „special’ 3rd seat for him; I guess to what, make the black man feel somewhat

import ant? What is he suppos ed to be doing sitting in on some meetin gs every now and again? Polite racism. Racism you are not quite sure of until later on you realize that it was a stab at your own race. For instance, in schools across the United States there are „special’ classes made for blacks and Hispanics to help them learn better in class. On what criteria did they use to come to that

conclusion? To me it is another ploy to separate races even if they „supposedly‟ were doing it with good intentions. A child‟s skin color does not reflect how they will learn. Unless some new technology has come out that proves some kind of microchips have been embedded in our skin I do not think it changes how we learn. Our environment might affect it along with eating habits and people in our lives but skin – no. Build programs meant to enhance kids who have actual learning disabilities not in their eyes „skin disabilities‟! And why is it such a shock that a black person can „gasp!‟ speak intelligently? We do sometimes educate ourselves in between slanging and shootin‟ hoops! No really, we do. Lastly I do want to point out a disturbing practice that is going on in our own community. I am saddened whenever I hear a brotha down a sistah and put the responsibility of why they have decided to

date another race on our shoulders. We are not all collectively bitches. If you want to date other races then do you please; however, I am 100% sure that Dr. Marin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Sojourner Truth did not intend for us to be so loving and open to whites that we start to hate our own people! If you are belittling black women you need to go to your mama right now and slap her or call her out of her name (and hope and pray that you get out of it alive) on top of all the fighters who gave you the freedom to date other races! Do not put that kind of weight on us brothas, it is not helping our community and it is racist. As a whole many blacks have taken life as what it is and is comfortable. Not realizing that just because it is not in front of you it does not exist. Ignorance is not bliss and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. realized that. Do not be a spectator to your own life and what is really going on. So I ask you again, how far have we come?

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