FCP keyboard short cuts VIDEO PLAYBACK SHORTCUTS VIEWER: spacebar - play and pause j - play in reverse l - plays

forward k - pauses and j+k is slow backwards (play if held and by frame if tapped) and ditto for l +k forward. opt + i -removes in point opt + o - remove outpoint opt + x - removes both in and out simlutaneously x - places in and outs of a clip at edges simultaneously

TIMELINE: shift + delete - rippledeletes selected clips hold option when you drag one clip onto another, it swaps them instead of overwriting up arrow and down arrow - curser to top of or bottom of timeline, in cut increments ; and ' - same as above fn + up arrow or down arrow - top or bottom of timeline shift + left or right arrow keys - to top or bottom of timeline by 1 sec increments "command + +" or "command + -" -zooms you in or out timeline or image shift + z - fit to window in timeline or in canvas shift + option + z - fits selected clips to window in timeline shift + command + a - deselect all begin typing a number and hit enter - takes you to that minute/second/frame in the timeline. if you hit period "." that will stand in for "00" so 1.. is one min in type +1.. thats going to bring the playhead to 1 minute further into the film

go to the "edit tab" and alter "preview pre roll" and "preview post roll" control + l will allow you to loop this playback endlessly and as that loop occurs you can perform roll edits or other keyboard shortcut edits without stopping playback.splits all clips where the play head is parked like a doubleblade tool fn + f10 is overwrite fn + f09 is insert hold down on the option key and you have the freedom to altere the in or outtimes of a clip.to move clip up and down in timeline with a clip selected type in a number and it will move that direction (until it collides. dragging it without effecting elements linked to it.and a number and thats how many min/secs/frames it goes 1.separate tracks and it wont shift right or left at all! also try option+ up arrow or down arrow . would be 1 second v . so editing while something plays shift + \ .jumps you to the closest editpoint to the play head and select that edit point. \ .will playback or playback a loop of the in and out points . stopping when it does) no need to put a + before positive.with an edit point selected it knocks as default. go into user preferences to change.roll tool and hold down < or > and you roll one frame per click if you put playhead where you want an edit to go and the select the edit point of a clip press e it will extend that clip so its edit ends right where playhead is.n . now up and down arrow keys can go up and down by edit points wkeeping the point selected with the editpoint selected < or > roll the edit forward or backward by one frame and with shift it moves by default value of one frame at a time. 5 secs is a long time though. r . control + v .. back 5 secs and thenplays.snapping on and off hold shift when dragging a clip up or down . but you must put a before negative < or > nudges the selected clip one frame forward or backward on timeline shift + < or > nudges by the default value of 5 frames click on the edge of a clip and type either + or ..

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