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Denver Gem & Mineral Shows & Holiday 2004

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The Metaphysical Buyers’ Guide, Fall 2004
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The Metaphysical Buyers’ Guide
First Edition: Fall 2004
The magazine you are holding in your hand is the first of its kind––a fullcolor treasure chest of sources for great merchandise geared especially for the holiday buying needs of metaphysical stores, gift shops, jewelry stores, crystal vendors, book shops and music sellers. Just a casual stroll through these pages will afford the reader a glimpse into parts of the marketplace we guarantee you’ve never been before! Our distribution is twofold: 5,000 copies at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, September 15-19, and 7,000 copies mailed to our exclusive list of store owners all over the U.S.A. Our metaphysical focus makes the Denver show a must, since it is the nation’s largest venue for minerals, crystals, gemstones and jewelry (other than the February shows in Tucson), and its timing makes it a perfect buying opportunity for the holiday season. A number of our advertisers are exhibiting at the Denver show. You’ll find them listed in red in our Denver Show Highlights (pg. 14).. If you pick up this magazine in Denver, we hope you’ll use it as a guide to finding some of the best vendors in the show. And when you go home, be sure to peruse it for some fantastic buys on products you didn’t find in Denver. Many of these vendors offer catalogs or have websites, so check ‘em out! If you’re a store owner who received this magazine in the mail, we hope you’ll look carefully at all the ads. Most of the Denver vendors will also ship to you, and many have catalogs or websites. There are a lot of true original sources represented here, so be sure to use this resource to your advantage. And think about visiting the Denver show next year! In addition to our Fall Buyer’s Guide, we publish the Metaphysical Guide to Tucson, which offers readers access to an even greater number of wholesale and below-wholesale sources for great merchandise. The 2005 Tucson Gem and Mineral shows, held January 29 through February 12, is the largest trade show in the world, with thousands of dealers spread over 25+ locations, and hundreds of thousands of attendees. In Tucson we distribute offer 30,000 magazines. However, our mailing list for that magazine is by request only, so if you want a copy and won’t be going to Tucson, be sure to call us. Also, if you’d like to advertise, please call us about that at 360-756-0607. By the way, we have a great website! The address is When you go there you’ll find our online directory for the best wholesale vendors and dealers in the industry, the most recent issues of our magazines, available for downloading in PDF format, the latest trade show news, and information about how to advertise with us. In addition to our two magazines, we’ll be offering co-op mailings and other direct advertising opportunities. Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think of us!

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RUSSIAN LEMURIAN QUARTZ At Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave David and Catherine at Days Inn #129 520-791-7511 sept 15-20: Denver Gem and Mineral Show Holiday Inn poolside courtyard 101 Gedney St.russianlemurian. Nyack.thecrystalcave. scouring the world for the rarest and most extraordinary minerals... Suite GG. e-mail: cryscave@aol. NY 10960 tel: 845-348-0313. We are metaphysical wholesalers — without the “metaphysical surcharge!” Phenacite TM Morganite Amethyst Ajoite Herderite Tangerine Quartz Euclase Aegerine Imperial Topaz Candle Quartz Kyanite Krystals Gemmy Rhodenite Spirit Quartz/Cactus Shattukite Tourmaline Vesuvianite and many or 6 . we offer you the best in Metaphysical Minerals at the lowest possible www. We specialize in exotic and hardto-find minerals.


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sage. Final touches were added as exhibitors set up. Hotel and Spa. from the individual rockhound selling the treasures he mined himself to world-class diamond traders. The American Indian Exposition a unique show of Native American jewelry and hand(continued on page 17) 10 . which features the entire gamut of the world of stones. will be held in late January through mid February of 2005. healing tools. Over 5. Shah is negotiating for more parking adjacent to the hotel. clothing. drums. Parking is abundant. The second floor. away from downtown and near the Holidome. Mary‚s parallel to I10. Now in existence for over seven years. with dealers from Brazil. More Tucson Show News Atrium Productions has moved its show from the Pueblo Inn to the Tucson Expo Center. Mr. This area has seen an increase in new shows over the past years and now rivals downtown as a major show hub. Although dealers who count metaphysical store owners and New Age collectors among their customers can be found sprinkled throughout the many Tucson show locations. and Mr. Pakistan. just north of St. The Pueblo Inn will still host a gem show. books. as well as many mainstream shoppers looking for the unusual. partner in Intergem. the AGTA. This became a bonanza for mineral dealers. between GLDA’s Holidome and Gem Mall shows. Most of those exhibitors are moving to the Ramada on Freeway. since their prime shows. the New Age Products has become a destination for virtually all the metaphysical buyers who come to Tucson. Vendors or buyers interested in this show can contact Robert Simmons at 1-802-476-4775 for information on selling space. New owner Sudhir Shah will be hosting a new show at the hotel. Duke predicts that this will be a very successful location next year. The second floor will be reserved for buyers only. show dates and products offered at this show. and Martin Zinn Expositions is moving his show Smuggler‚s Inn. GLDA is leaving the Radisson downtown for the new Marriott Starr Pass Resort. The Clarion Hotel will also host another of Zinn’s Arizona Mineral and Fossil Shows. jewelry. most exhibitors are indoors and bathrooms are easy to find. Gem Mall. music. GLDA and GJX are no longer all in the downtown area. GJX now manages the Radisson show in conjunction with their “ultra structure” pavilion across from the Convention Center. The Vagabond Hotel. The Best Western Executive Inn has also changed ownership. Parking is underground. The metaphysical component of the Tucson shows has been growing since the early 1980s. The first floor is a straight gem and minerals show.000 buyers in over thirty separate show venues. has closed and is rumored to reopen as an assisted living facility. India and the USA. managed now by new hotel owners Tucson West Hotel Associates.Tucson Show Update What’s Happening at the 2005 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Over a billion dollars is estimated to change hands during the course of this gigantic and unique show.000 dealers will connect with over 100. the largest trade show on any kind on Earth. home to Zinn’s fossil show. Buyers will find themselves traveling more widely around town. and the impetus for a whole new vector of the jewelry industry––metaphysical jewelry. This two-story hotel is located on the “strip” of trade shows along the I-10 access road in central Tucson. gems. built a new show building on Michigan Street. is filled with dealers offering crystals. the same exit as the La Quinta show. Trade show promoter Danny Duke. Intergem Michigan Street and Tucson Electric Park Shows. The new high-end facility is a few miles west of I-10 on Starr Pass Blvd. dubbed the New Age Products Show. Exhibit and room pricing remains the same as the 2004 Zinn exposition. the one show which offers an entire section devoted to the metaphysical market is the AKS Gem Show at the La Quinta Hotel. These shows are wholesale only with a focus on gems and jewelry. incense. when the energetic qualities of crystals began to become widely known. candles and other products of interest to both New Age and traditional gift and jewelry stores.

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W. 169 Moldavite / T. #68 Barlow's T-12 Tower Crystals T-23 Great Wall Consulting T-25 ROC 3000 T-27 Top Gem Minerals T-30 Crystal Cave T-31 Raiders of the Lost Art Suite B Rhodo Co 21 & 23 Sajen.21 Thunderbird Supply Co. T-29 Heliodor #124 Fine Minerals Int’l #182 Moussa Minerals & Fossils #186 M. 145 Starborn Creations 135 & 137 Tierra Maya R207 Tikka Opals R214 Tom Snider R215 Underground Broker R218 Vasconcelos 1002 Zeppo Merchandisers 103 Colorado Fossil Expo Merchandise Mart/Plaza Annex September 17 .19. T-17a The Crystal Cavern Charlois Rocko Minerals & Jewelry Charlois-2 Fenn's Gems & Minerals H-08 West Coast Mining H-13 Aurora Mineral Corp. Designs R226 TS Babah 247 New Era Gems B400 & 112 Oriental Gemco Inc. 168 Lonestar Trading 2000 & R224 Pema Arts 380 Minec. Inc 250 J. 23 & 24 Pietersite Mining Co. Gems & Minerals #204 Skoublov. 2004 Accents in Sterling 230 El Paso Rock Shop 3000 Alexin Designs 361 Grostone International R202 Black Star Imports. . LLC 30 & 4000A Silver Planet. 120 Crystal Visions R221 Crystals From Heaven R225 Earth-Love Minerals LLC R223 Greater Denver Area Gem & Mineral Coucil Merchandise Mart/Expo Hall September 17 . Villani Crystals 3009 MJ 3 Inc 111 The Jewelry Factory R227 Oriental Gem Co.19. 2004 Pema Arts #20 . Gem and Mineral Shows Highlights Bead Renassiance Show Holiday Inn/Northglenn September 16 . 2004 Coleman Crystal Mines Rosman Co. T-03 Usman Imports #288. T-07 14 Great American Gem Show Best Western Central Denver September15 . Inc. R203 Vendors in RED are advertisers.19. 2004 Morocco Fossils & Minerals Booth 39 Antares Fossils & Minerals Booth 36 Denver Expo 2004 Best Western Stapleton September 15 . Inc. Gene #205 Gemological Center #206 Vasconcelos #207 Vicjon Enterprises/ Peru Minerals #284. Rock Our World Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show Holiday Inn Denver-Central September 15 . 2004 Crystal Springs Mining #104. Look for their ads in this magazine for more information about them and their products. H-21 The Strong Rock T-01 Red Metal Minerals T-05 Underground Broker. Inc. 2004 Cassiar Jade 121 Crystal Courier Imports.K. 2004 Carved Opal and Obsidian Midwest Minerals (wholesale only) Vasconcelos International Gem & Jewelry Show Merchandise Mart/Pavilion Building September 16 .

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INTERNATIONAL ORDERS phone: (303)987-1296 (720)635-1374 fax (303)988-7883 e-mail carvins@lycos. INC. (USA) . Aragonite.PERU MINERALS / VICJON ENTER. Angelite. peruminerals@terramail. CRYSTALS. Serpentine. HANDCRAFTED Fax: 51-442-5496 or 51-548-5220 VICJON ENTER INC. INSECTS and MORE www. Mohaoni Obsidian. MINERAL SPECIMENS.3" to 12" (50+ kinds).Orvicular Jasper. STONE CARVINGS From 1. Pyrite.Jan. 30 to Feb. Opals Blue and Pink.HOLIDAY INN ROOM 290 AND TENT #3 TUCSON: DAYS INN I-10 & CONGRESS . DENVER GEM AND MINERAL SHOW .peruminerals.WHOLESALE Quantity Discounts 16 . ROUGH: Cutting. Onyx.ROOM 124 . Azurite Malachite. TUMBLED STONES FROM THE ABOVE STONES. Carvings. Amazonite. 15 BUY DIRECT FROM THE SOURCE . Calcites.KINO SPORTS COMPLEX Jan 30 to Feb. 15 TUCSON ELECTRIC PARK. Tumbled or Cabinet Specimens: Chrysocolla.

September 17-19. Colorado Fossil Expo: Merchandise Mart. September 15-19. Lastly. September 15-19. Sept. 2004. Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show: Holiday Inn Denver-Central l. For metaphysical gems. Greater Denver Area Gem & Mineral Council: Merchandise Mart/Expo Hall. 2004. International Gem & Jewelry Show: Merchandise Mart/Pavilion Building. Highlights include Rock Our World. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Society retail show at the Convention Center was the busiest of 2004. 2004. September 16-19. Plaza Annex. Shoppers were frenetically spending money and retail exhibitors appreciated the profit margins. 2004 Bead Renaissance: Holiday Inn/Northglenn. if you are looking for unique gemstone carvings. Sept. 17 . though only five dollars. dedicated to gem and mineral lovers of all kinds. and this show is a natural stop when you’re traveling between downtown and the Holidome/Michigan Street area. September 15-19. the Manning House Show was impressive. this show brings in the customers. Consult the 2005 Metaphysical Guide to Tucson magazine for the new location. 16-19. For jewelry in Denver. Hanger #4. Most jewelry is one-of-a-kind. As for show growth. Jim Coleman and Rosman Co. jewelry and crystal.crafts will be relocating again in 2005. 2004. Tucson Electric Park (TEP) wins the award hands-down. Most of the dealers are from overseas. 2004. 17-19. If you’re looking for traditional Southwest inlay designs. Ninety exhibitors have signed up and there will be glass beadmaking demonstrations during the show along with precious metal clay and wire wrapping. keep the “flea market” crowd out. Open to the public. Great American Gem Show: Best Western Central Denver. 2004. Denver Expo 2004: Best Western Stapleton. Show promoter Elizabeth Beunaiche has considerable marketing savvy. Many exhibitors finished their Tucson sales at this retail show after closing elsewhere. Located downtown off of I-10. The best fossil show: in the plaza between the Mineral Council and Intergem Shows. this show is Denver’s New Age epicenter. visit this show next year. Plenty of parking is available. Show Data for Denver. This smaller show has big vendors. The Bead Renaissance Show in Tucson has moved to the Pima Air & Space Museum. filling a unique Tucson niche. Everything from cut stones to finished jewelry is available. If you are a potential exhibitor and do not mind using tents. Ticket prices. Shopping for rare and exotic minerals and crystals? This Martin Zinn show is the place to be. Martin Zinn Expositions. the Intergem show has the widest assortment. the exhibits have an art gallery atmosphere. 2004. J&J Promotions. The assortment of beads covers the entire spectrum and the facility is a fifteen-minute drive up the freeway from the Merchandise Mart. Right across the street from the Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show.

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fountains. clothing. drums. If you’ve never sold. incense. 12. sage. It’s the only place in Tucson where dealers catering to the New Age marketplace are gathered in one location. or if you’re a buyer who is considering a Tucson trip. Vendors at this show sell books. too! Our show is on the second floor of the hotel. 29-Feb. Only a few selling spaces in this show are available each year. Tucson Jan. and the first floor offers an excellent gem and mineral show. mobiles and hundreds of other products. gifts.The 2005 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is coming soon! If your interest is in buying or selling metaphysically oriented products. contact: Robert Simmons Heaven & Earth LLC 1-802-476-4775 info@heavenandearth. And the La Quinta’s ideal location along the “strip” of hotel shows makes for plenty of traffic. 2005 The New Age Products Show has been a unique destination among the many Tucson shows for over seven years.And we get thousands of other buyers. bringing lots of buyers to each 19 . the place to be is the Buyers! Suppliers! New Age Products Show at the La Quinta Hotel 750 Starr Pass Blvd. art. The two shows work in synergy. or bought in Tucson. aura machines. this is a great place to begin! Don’t imagine this is only a place to sell stones and jewelry. making it a must-stop destination for New Age buyers from around the world who come to Tucson looking for merchandise. so if you’d like to know more about getting one.



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✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ Experience Robert Simmons’ hands-on demonstrations of the most powerful stones for the expansion of consciousness. small group workshops. shaman and crystal teacher. creator of the Crystal Ally Cards. shamanic talismans and much more! Plus. jewelry.thecrystalconference. crystal bowls. sound therapy teachers Plus other teachers. as we hold the pattern of healing and awakening ourselves and the planet. healers. c o m *Presenter list not yet A Gathering of the Crystal Community Featuring Half-Day Workshops by these World-Renowned Teachers*: PLUS Crystal Conference 2005 Tuition: $250 ($300 after 5/30/05) Accommodations at the Wyndham Hotel. Burlington. VT To Register: Call 1-802-476-4775 or register online at www. Connect in community to celebrate and learn in a very experiential atmosphere. I’ve learned a tremendous amount and gained enormous amounts of energy and clarity. intuitive readers and stone suppliers Come to Vermont in the the peak of Summer. so contact us for further information at 802-476-4775 or see the Crystal Conference Website: www. Great Britain’s best-known crystal teacher William Jones and Paul Utz. presentations by additional teachers and special events! Robert Simmons. We expect to add one or two more main presenters to this list. call 1-800-942-9423 To See Heaven & Earth’s Metaphysical Jewelry collection online. Call for details! Comments from Past Crystal Conference Attendees: “I had a wonderful time and learned a lot. leader of initiation groups. gems and jewelry Earn FREE tuition or gift certificates by helping us spread the word about the Conference. including the Heaven & Earth collection. will have the opportunity to browse and select from the wares of over a dozen vendors featuring stones. Experience making your own stone energy tools and take home the results! Schedule a personal reading with Naisha Ahsian (call 802-476-4775 before the conference) or other intuitives on site! Select from the finest metaphysical crystals.” “Excellent. author of the two-volume Crystal Healing. the Heaven & Earth Collection of Metaphysical Stones & Jewelry will be there for show & sale! For a FREE Color Catalog of the Entire Heaven and Earth Line. Crystal Resonance Therapy. so early registration is advised. well organized. we plan to offer several full-day intensives and a number of FREE mini-workshops. All this and much more at the Crystal Conference 2005 Attendance at the Conference will be limited to 200 people. shamanic journey facilitator Hazel Raven. or get $50 retail value of H & E Merchandise for each person you register! Crystals and More for Sale at The Crystal Conference Attendees at The Crystal Conference 2005 in Burlington. Vermont Reservations and Information: 1-802-476-4775 or Website: www. h e a v e n a n d e a r t h j e w e l r y. art. July 2005 Burlington. Great Britain’s foremost crystal teacher! Discover new worlds of spiritual experience through shamanic crystal journeys with Herb Stevenson. overlooking Lake Champlain. Vermont.” “Absolutely fantastic!” Store Owners: Earn FREE tuition for the Crystal Conference or FREE Heaven and Earth Merchandise by registering participants through your business! Register five people and come tuition-FREE. food fabulous!” “Couldn’t have asked for a better group of presenters. Book of Stones co-author Herb Stevenson. and join us in exploring the magic of the mineral kingdom.The Crystal Conference 2005 A Four-Day event exploring the leading edge of knowledge and discovery in the world of metaphysical stones.thecrystalconference. Contact us or check our website for the latest developments.thecrystalconference. Listen as Naisha Ahsian guides you through the processes of Crystal Resonance and the Primus Activation Technique Discover the world of Crystal Bowl vibrational tools for sound healing and inner awakening Learn how to make angelic Crystal Elixirs with Hazel Raven. In addition to the half-day workshops by our main presenters. . go to w w w. co-author of The Book of Stones and Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation Naisha Ahsian.” “An idea whose time has come. creators of the Crystal Tones line of crystal bowls.

$16 CD. o a l a e . ie lubrt t ust ra u l g t w v s r f e t n t r u h u t e b a k o s dp ih ae elcig hogot h lc bi i n i t a g rgeous. c r o d s i l d o l il eie h ihs ult abn itle is a a l b e a a v r c m e i i e p i e Always ask for vial t ey opttv rc. where at xo al n h yuwl fn atsi lpdr o tebs rti qaiy o il id ritc aiay f h et eal ult a telws psil woeaepie. o t n u r b e s s h a l e is n b o c i i .They also work well rnhts ut o ae e t r p l i s c s f o h m n a d p t a i e And they o ee net rm uas n es lk. o! u o l seta is r rprd the same. Mnaa aeprhlsi tefbi o mtra ei a d l s r o t o e n h a r c f a e i l x stence which open a space in which we can connect with our spiritual essence or psychic source. a k n l d n n r d cto. mystical place w e e m r c e a e p s i l . Includes the booklet: A Message from Ancient Egypt for Future Generations. 0-4-83 Unique Beeswax Candles Candle Bee Farm“ beekeeper artisans handcraft exquisite 100% beeswax creations that are non-toxic. od l. Ancient Essence . votives. A P e e t t o o Angelic Beings of Light Enterprises. r p e e t n c a n l d p y i a e e y. A p r i n o t e p o e d a e d n t d y f h es oto f h rces r oae t caiisspotn cide &o wllf.otnmnaa. r d c r t c i n n i t i i g n a c o r atmosphere and well being with the vibrational energ o tebe. Rooms 51-53. 502-254-2099. ad booia atcs i i rfehn t ko ta n ilgcl tak. aic.j s t n m a f w. o t e J Aisle. Namaste! Carved Opal and Obsidian Can you imagine seeing a rainbow in a rock? T a s ht js wa yu gt wt a pee o ribw osda. 541-488-9944 n rcie f h tems uiu vreyo ntrlvlai gas ad h ot nqe ait f aua ocnc ls. www. n oewt apwru aiiyt gon adceree n i h o e f l b l t o r u d n l a n rg Se wt a eeto mcocp. seln sle jwly aalbe Ec pee bgn trig ivr eer vial. By Lois M. Markoe is to new age what M z r i t c a s c l .D. a k t e r a e t r c g i e h r i d s s h e d r o e o n z e n ivda aiiis CoeSoe apa t hlsi pa i u l b l t e . decorative. vrl n hs ik ie. I hshnrd o srnsadtosnso net t a udes f hie n huad f temples tucked into every nook and Frmr dti cnatu a ois fe adls o oe eal otc s t http://aworldofgood. ae lutae oke. Pes cl u a 1877252 fr ae ae t lae al s t -7-8-25 o information on our complete line of Jali-Worked items. t a emnial ard geography because it forms a natural mandala. and metaphysician. animal and gargoyle d s g s A l a e g f p c a e f r a a p a i g d sein. Yo a Ta C i e c The Composer: Award g. ut ht o e ih ic f ano biin DiamondStar Productions is a production company ta mnfcue tospout ta isiehaig ht auatrs ol/rdcs ht npr eln. n vr ic w sl cris wt i te ee is o te hns ta e e l a r e i h t h n rg e f h a d h t hv md i. rsnain f Inc..encourage intuition and provide isgtfrsl-eeaini anwdvnto sse. w l s o l f . jls nw y t rdtoa ae f ai r ai worked silver and gold jewelry can be traced back many centuries in Nepalese and Indian cultures. healing. a d i e .com A B L E . t h oet osbe hlsl rcs Crone Stones Maiden. pillars. winning composer Gerald Jay Markoe has had numerous #1 hits. h p a l rg n c a d b r c e n w t a b i l a t g o yole ei n un la ih r l i n l w. 2004. eio e eoe m l f t s r a i g t e j y o t e r i b w t r u hy ie o pedn h o f h anos hog ot America. Some of the hot new s products for ct iew your store this availableSeason! Holiday du ev o Pr PR We’ve had our advertisers tell us about their best selling items. A v r e y o h n . a l rg e . http://www. W e v r. Doorway Publications and Gifts . This beautiful and powerfl mdtto i hlig pol t cet tnil u eiain s epn epe o rae agbe ipoeet i terlvs mrvmns n hi ie.cronestones.December 15. I i n tso srrs ta isihbtnssedtemjrt o ter upie ht t naiat pn h aoiy f hi lvsi wrhp Ntol i temkn o terrl i e n o s i . Tertpr adplasaedils i kp fo dat hi aes n ilr r rpes f et rm rf. n f a u e 1 p o l . a t m . l r i t a k g d o n p e l n i pa p o u tp o e t o a dg f g v n . The music uses ancient Egyptian scales adcntasotyut asaeo de rlxto ad n a rnpr o o tt f ep eaain n hge cncoses Pret fr cetn a mgcl ihr osiuns. Learn how to heal your body and resolve dff c l s t a i n w t o h r . Kathmandu is also believed to be an Abode of the Gods and abounds with the legends of numerous sages and yogis that have come to Nepal for enlightemn. creation of a personal pyramid. nih o efrvlto n e iiain ytm Coe Soe. Ti bolt rvas sm o te siiul eecss hs oke eel oe f h prta xrie a d p a t c s o t e Ancient Egyptians. Tee cnls br u t fv ih o yteis hs ade un p o ie times longer than other waxes making them an except o a v l e The rich aroma of honey is naturally inl au. cos ups.E h n ey u l y. ih het f iess ia.. u lo h od carvings and jewelry which are imbued with religious mtf. may e r s n i g h n e e h s c l n rg r f e t t e y u h u s i i s n e f r f e d m The elc h otfl prt ed o reo.2 seln sle wih i hni h e u n . albe from New Leaf at 800 326-2665. selget to Btntalesnilol aepeae ml ra. f u f v r. Ph. W ik ae szd fr poe br ad ae al cto cs r ie o rpr un n r l otn wt n snhtc. T e h g l g t o t e h ihih f h f l s a o i h r o e i g e h b t o o Ancient al esn s e pnn xiiin f Egyptian Goddesses and Gods debuting September 15 .The 11 11 : Phenomenon. massage. Take an inward journey to a magical. soyi tl b pol fo aon tewrd ad tr s od y epe rm rud h ol.Your Pyramid of Power i t e F f h . t s ersig o nw ht tee i ntrl poeto. Running time: 53 minutes 45 seconds. i s p o t t c nr a i i y. singing bowls. The precepts of Ptah — Hotep is from a papyrus 4000+ years old. mother and crone — archetypes of ancient female wisdom . CA. and discover other produ t a d s r i e o ee. r n t n s p e l o o i t c r ctitioners. a no o Rainbow obsidian has certainly changed my life! S n e I s w m f r t p e e b c i 1 8 i t e t n v lic a y is ic ak n 98 n h iy i lg o Ciulsln Jlso Mxc. e c . f o p i o i g i s c os f og.o. by Michael Neil Stanton & Zera Starc i d hl This amazing new book chronicles the mysterious phenomenon of 11 11 t a s s e p n t e w r d The : ht w e i g h o l . evte oc n tns Each image evokes an instinctive response. domestic beeswax no atfca adtvsnee t ehneiswrt ad riiil diie edd o nac t amh n apa. to help you stock what your customers want. 3 prean soe.bek f roee hc. a d d fetrs 0 epe f l gs ak f ie n i f r n r l g o s b c g o n s w o a e haunted by it eet eiiu akrud. te lyr o y. Mn pol rpr hr s aua rtcin ay epe eot e t a r i a y p s t v e e t f o t e u e o e s nx r o d n r o i i e ff c s r m h s f s e ta ol. n e i b e c m Av i a l aglcl. present in this golden or call (707) 291-0523 for wholesale orders. L t L i a d Archangel hr ials r osbe e os n Mcal gie yu t te sce ad isiig Ffh ihe ud o o h ard n nprn it Dimension where you may consciously co-create your life. Iv dvtd ae f hqiita. You can view a selection of the reproduced images at www. All women will connect with the triple goddess philosophies enmeshed in the system. e n i h n l c r n i r s o e h a e s f bih clraefudt b icuin o cytlrd rgt oo r on o e nlsos f rsa os o pyxn wih lk acodus a sne. Icue a7rae otmlto f ie sus nlds 5 pg ilsrtdbolt vleenpuhadsoe. T e v b a i n o 5 i i iut iutos ih tes h i r t o f D s embedded in both the words and music to transport y u i t a o h r r a m Tr c s i c u e a i t o u o n o n t e e l Black Star Import partners with over 200 Nepalese s atss t big or csoes te fns hn-ae rit o rn u utmr h iet admd. and women over fifty. isrbd wt a rn tns 3 ocli tns ncie ih red ochre symbol corresponding to one of the three stages of life. LLC. goddess worshippers. conference and conclusion. i h t. juny t te Ffh in ndph eaain ore o h it Dimension. c s n e v c s ff r d Email diveena@diamondstarproductions.. modern-day silversmiths evoke the work o ter acsos b crfly ad dsrmntl f hi netr y aeul n iciiaey hn-utn ad fln gnie seln sle it adctig n iig eun trig ivr no f n i u a d o n t o e . This process acfl n rae pnwr atrs i k o n b i s t a i i n l n m o J l W ok. are based on goddess mythology. In m s i s a c s o r s l e s i h s etr fml wl ot ntne u ivrmt nie aiy il ass i tepouto o ec pee adeeypee sit n h rdcin f ah ic. c e t v t p a e a d w s o . efc o raig aia ancient Egyptian mood for meditation. who identify with the crone — an archetype whose revival as a powerful figure of healing and wisdom are revered by a growing audience. U e s Coe Soe fr a qik msae o i lyus fr rn tns o uc esg.Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt by Gerald Jay Markoe This album is dedicated to those who share my fascin t o w t t e m s e i s o Ancient Egypt . at the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum in San Jose.o l d a d s l d p u e pel ait f adrle n oi ord designs are available including tapers. angel. A Guided Meditation channeled from Archangel Michael by Ronna Herman. i-et rlxto. o n y n h a i g f h i e igious items such as prayer wheels. ANCIENT ESSENSE . ioi pitnsadtnrcdus btas tewo cnc anig n ati rm. relaxation.N oeral eetdy n h eret f as o n ely Continued on page 28 26 .i damondstarproductions. h c s a d worked and polished.o k p t e n .Gerald ain ih h ytre f Jay Markoe. then adorned with a semi-precos gmtn o fsi fo or etnie cle i u e s o e r o s l r m u x e s v o l ction.THE BENEFITS OF F R A N KINCENSE A N D M Y R R H I tee rsy tms wt tras o dsae. o hrte uprig hlrn /r idie Candle Bee Farm. n h it Dimension. n i d m n u p r o o siu proe Poue Dveai afn ats. 9 5 t r i g i v r. net b t s t o h a d g m p o l m .A W orld of Good Kathmandu is viewed as one of the most sacred pae i te wrd I hs a goatcly sce lcs n h ol. Grant. Please come to the Denver Merchandise u M r E p H l . rdcr ien s ie rit musician. t m o c u h c l . Original music by Candace Keach (flute) and Gordon Porth (piano).P t r M n i N w Age Vo c oat s o lsia ee az. So count on a name you can trust to know w l d l v r t e h g e t q a i y. ee od osnn. W e are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing you with getol a agetpie 479897 ra is t ra rc. ah ic eis wt gnie . Astromusic . e ie Magazine. 404 252-8525 www. The Dancer. High atop the Himalayan peaks surrounding Kathmandu. r n aot o getr cnepain o lf sise.candlebeefarm. priual te ol o faknes ad il is atclry h is f rnicne n m r h They have been known to reverse the sympyr. joyful rainbow spectrum. h r rpael i tewids o wy. w o c m i e e i t n t l n s t c e t ae h obns xsig aet o rae something new.

Aside from and illustrative of the author’s thesis. yet the potential is so vast we can’t even imagine it. And he points to the awesome potential we might still realize. The task is huge.” showing how knowledge can come to us “out of thin air” like a bolt of lightning. and which exhorts us to behave in ways which benefit not only our individual selves. the universal.Book Review: The Biology of Transcendance by Joseph Chilton Pearce Review by Robert Simmons Rarely does a single book encompass such far reaching vistas and disturbing revelations as Joseph Chilton Pearce’s The Biology of Transcendence.) 27 . but our entire milieu. according to ancient tradition. Pearce asks the question. and one’s personal responsibility to do what one can to bring it to fruition in ourselves and our world. but ultimately one cannot turn away from its promise. had we but the eyes to see. Pearce shows us that we actually have an additional “brain” in the heart (the heart itself is about 60% neurons) which connects directly to the emotional limbic brain and prefrontal lobes. The Biology of Transcendence offers a feast of intriguing information. mediated and expressed through the prefrontal lobes’ “organ of transcendence. as well as the consequences of the fall into lower consciousness that still rule our world today. “Why. One of the author’s revelations concerns the heart and its intelligence. There is no book quite like The Biology of Transcendence. Vermont.” that we can awaken and save ourselves from ourselves. (The Biology of Transcendence is published by Inner Traditions of Rochester. with a history so rich in noble ideals and lofty philosophies do we exhibit such abominable behaviors?” His answer encompasses the realms of brain. there may be no limit to what we can know. perhaps explaining why many of us can so easily find resonance with the energies of stones. Pearce also shows how the torus-shaped electromagnetic field of the heart extends beyond the boundaries of our skin intertwining us with other people. our planet and the universe. and hinting at the idea that our brains act more like radio receivers than thought factories. If we can learn to attune ourselves properly. Pearce explores the “eureka phenomenon. mind and heart. the divine. It awakens both excitement and dread. discovering that the “kingdom of heaven” is spread out upon the earth. According to Pearce. and that our DNA is itself formed in a hexagonal crystal pattern. He reveals Nature’s awesome plan for humankind. He reveals that the human body is formed in a structure of liquid crystallinity. Thus the heart is the home of compassion. religion and spirituality. it is only through learning and surrendering to the intelligence of the heart. culture and society. In it the author takes his reader on a tour which begins within the human nervous system and goes to the brink of our present understanding and beyond. Everyone knows that the heart has always been the metaphoric home of love and the seat of the soul.

ues Bath Salts and Gourmet salts. i te frt cmlt gie t te ats eiie s h is opee ud o h ntrlhaigpwr o tepikypa ccu. r e d y t ff e d o r s o d t t e r t i e s s e i l n e s Wholesale only epn o h ealr pca ed. Gravestone r Artwear s a t s . Cholesterol. Mermaids and M t i a c e t r s i b i l a t r i b w o c l r. paperback. frodr o dae ctlgcnatu a 8084 o res r elr aao otc s t 0-25 118 or gembooks @aol.H aua eln oes f h rcl er ats e e a i e t e s i n i i r s a c p o o i g t e p i kxmns h cetfc eerh rmtn h rc l pa a a ntrl coetrl ad daee mdc y er s a u a h l s e o n i b t s e i ato adpooe ta ti wne cr i dsie t in n rpss ht hs odr ue s etnd o b tenx hra sprtrfloigtefoseso e h et ebl uesa olwn h ottp f S . immune system dsucin ad iless mn teait. Seil r nraigy eonzn t eeis pca rooms can be made to replicate chambers in salt mns Tee tls ilmntd b lgt bls cet a ie. www.gemguidesbooks. G A M ASl tlsaegnrtn ateedu itrs at ie r eeaig rmnos neet among interior decorators. J h sW o t a d E h n c a t on r n ciae. ne niil. el re o mi e h enjoys knowing her work made you smile. These. and Canada ae icesnl rcgiig is bnft. hs ie luiae y ih ub rae spectacular yet soothing and relaxing atmosphere.S. meaningful and o ut ih! : moving for those drawn into its magic. and decide for y u s l . la lts n auos ullnt evt cloaks comprise the heart and soul of New England s Gravestone Artwear velvet collection. W eo g ois ffer low wholesale minimums. usae yfnto n lnse. continued on page 34 28 . gothic Vi t r a u n a d w l o s a w l a t e b a t f l coin rs n ilw s el s h euiu b t n c l f o e s a d v n s a d t e m s i a d p coaia lwr n ie n h ytcl ei tions carved on 17th and 18th century gravestones in New England. ulse n itiuo o oe 3 yas i te rtie s o e s o s u c f r vr 5 er. Salt diff s r . ri. I y u s e 11 11. ay hrpss pcl health spas and clinics around the U. N t v American spirituality and related New rfs aie A e t p c . please call 416-748-7700 or visit us at w w w. Gamma Salt Crystals Ltd. note cards & original watercolor paints of her magical works. Why is it happening? n oc o e eknd ih What does it mean? Read the book. Linda s works were selected and featured i t e Art Book The Art of Faery by David Riche .com Gravestone Artwear h s d s o e e t a i s c sa icvrd ht t u tomers never have enough 5 by 7 inch velvet sorcere s pouches. Now i s exploding as people caught up in this phenomenon t ae uig te itre t fn ec ohr ad tkn r sn h nent o id ah te n aig 11 11 t a n w l v l O c i v s b e 11 11 is becom: o e ee. Tepitn/raini e ic s ild aac h anigceto s a p a e u F e m d t t n w t a d r s o m a d l g tecfl a eiaig ih ak tr n ih ening behind her. T e P i k y P a c c u i a p a t t a h s t e d s i ch rcl er ats s ln ht a h itn to o big a vgtbe a fut ad a foe al i in f en eeal. t s h r p u i n teteteto crncosrciearasdsae h ramn f hoi btutv iwy iess ad a a atraie tetet fr atm. minerals and gemstones. a r e o e t c m h s a w n e f l s l c i n o FiiFrs. Linda has a new series of five new breathtaking w t r o o s j s r l a e .T i i a p e e s e f e s w c n a l hs s ic h el e a l rlt t. e t e. If you haven t s e i y t a t r r a i g t i b o .Himalayan Salt Cry t l Ti e f r Speleotherapy sa ls o Speleotherapy means to be located in an area with a presence of Salt Crystal Rock and breathe the ionized a r f r i s h a t e h n i g e et I i teaetc i i o t e l h n a c n ff c . s h ealr n-tp ore o books on Crystals and Crystal Healing. yhcl raue n rlin anos f oo Tee setclr pee o Fn At ae cletd hs pcaua ics f ie r r olce worldwide. ros evt n r nprd y eivl aetis pnl fo Iead s hg Cli coss Clna aes rm rln ih etc rse. ooil su e o l ffigies from Salem. Linda s Fantasy paintings feature Fairies. and the Immune System by Ran Knishinsky $9. Prickly Pear Cactus Medicine: Treatments for Diabetes. Vi i o r w b i e a st u est t w w w. Hand screened in gold a d s l e i k . you are p r o t e p e o oref f o e : a t f h h n menon. u h : been growing in strength since the early 90s. t e u i u d s g s a e p i t d o l xn ivr ns h nqe ein r rne n u uiu vle adaeisie b mdea tpsre. Ue n s n lentv ramn o sha sd etniey i Esen Erp a a ntrl hat xesvl n atr uoe s aua elh alternative for respiratory conditions. Candleholders. jewelry and jewelry crafts.k o s w e i s a t d b t t e 11 11 phenomenon has nw hn t tre. 800-765-9823 Faire Foret s Lna Bgs i a Itrainl Fnay Ats ad id ig s n nentoa ats rit n Fudr o Fii Frs W aeclr. 144 Inner Traditions / Bear and Co. fe edn hs ok y u j s m g t 11 11 is contagious. a r e o e t c m F e f e t e a l h r .o.HimalayanCrystalSalts. Prickly Pear Ccu Mdcn . For more information. : i g a f r e t b r c o e w t . n f h rvn ocs eid t ouaiy s ta ec pr o ti patfntosa bt fo ad ht ah at f hs ln ucin s oh od n medicine.o. which gave her interntoa rcgiin ainl eonto.95. 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It is named after Ajo. But I say again. for the changes engendered by Ajoite are great blessings indeed. crown and etheric chakras. It combines the scientific data. For this reason it is an excellent stone for use by channels. From this same find came rich blue and blue green agatized Ajoite. healing. healer and harmonizer of the emotional body. some of these crystals contain Hematite. both of these finds are exhausted and the only Ajoite in the marketplace comes from old stocks from the two African finds. triangles. minerals and gemstones most important for those who use stones as spiritual talismans for self-healing. Crown and Etheric Diamond is a crystal of pure carbon with a hardness of 10––the hardest of all substances. where it was first identified. spiritual teachers or others who have the responsibility of effectively communicating spiritual information. third eye. Ajoites can be very powerful tools. Ajoite is believed to transmute negative energy to positive energy. And one should not resist. wash negativity out of one’s thoughts. including octahedrons. with contributions from several other authors in the field. disperse contracted thought forms that are creating pain. Ajoite forms within Quartz in bright turquoise blue shapes that are said to look like angels. we hope readers will get an idea of the kinds of information offered in the upcoming book. It helps one connect with the Goddess energies. folklore. “There is something profoundly wholesome about Ajoites. Ajoite reminds us of beauty. This is one of the highest stones of angelic communication that I have yet found. and at the same time it stimulates the release and cleansing of emotional patterns or lessons. What it does is select from the mineral kingdom the most significant ones for use by people who want to work with the beneficial energies of stones. Ajoite can cleanse the heart of sorrow. both inner and outer. Occassionally. Ajoite is an important metaphysical stone. This enables one to perceive the spiritual basis of life’s lessons as it guides one to gently but firmly remove old emotional patterning. on the energetic level. mediums. Naisha Ahsian:“The frequency of Ajoite successively activates the throat chakra. Limonite and/or Papagoite. Third Eye (6th). Its sweet vibrations not only soothe us––they also draw out the poison of one’s subconsciously held sorrows. “Ajoite is a strengthener. a happiness that needs no outer reason. assisting one in communicating one’s deepest inner truth. and who want to know more of what they’re about and how to use them. we are gifted with a sense of growing strength and confidence. The most Diamond Key Words: Intensity. fears. They not only help us to release our old grief and pain. As I am healed. the feminine aspect of the life force of our planet. And we’ve added a few extra things. Its crystal symmetry is cubic. co-authored by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. Another small discovery of Ajoite in agatized Quartz was made in Zimbabwe. a metaphysical pictorial encyclopecia of the crystals. Third eye. but once this process has progressed. Meditation with Ajoite can bring both tears and laughter. We must mention that the pictures below are not the ones in the book––those will be much bigger and more dramatic. dispel any amount of negativity. and to relieve unhappiness. and it inspires us to bring more beauty into the world through all the things we say and do. Element: Storm Chakras: Heart (4th). and activates the throat chakra. Its energy supports a sense of nurturance and emotional rescue. meditation and spiritual evolution. January of 2005 is the scheduled publication time for the long-awaited Book of Stones. emotional support. the agatized Quartz displayed much more color. In the words of Robert Simmons. “In regard to the crystals containing ‘Ajoite Angels’. They are quite beautiful and most desirable. it is all but impossible to resist the gentle transformation it brings. Other unusual Ajoites include a very few druzy crystallized pieces discovered around 1998 in Zimbabwe. Its energies are emotionally soothing and healing. From them. The Book of Stones is meant to be a real guide to the people who love the stones.” Affirmation: I open my heart to love and speak its truth with openness and compassion. The fact that we have purposely left out stones that are not useful or are nearly impossible to find means we could offer greater depth of information and more color pictures than would otherwise have been possible. Yet the outcome is a movement towards joy. rage and old woundings. cabochons or beads. tumbled stones. gems. and for this they all deserve to be cherished. spheres or beads contain angels. We also think it’s helpful to write about the stones people are actually going to be able to get their hands on if they want them. and many people report that Ajoite connects them to the heart of the Earth itself. and some of the larger pieces were used to make exceptional Ajoite spheres. even though they are not strictly minerals. From some of these. radiance and sovereignty. The “Angel Wing Ajoites” are some of the most avidly sought specimens of all. This book. Some of it was pure enough to be made into faceted gems. but that these specimens show their forms as a physical manifestation. Whereas the Messina Quartz crystals mostly contained small spots of pure Ajoite. and is much sought-after by crystal lovers. On several occasions. It is a stone of feminine empowerment. as feelings arise in what is often a deep yet gentle release of inner tensions. Etheric (above the head) Ajoite is a blue or blue green copper silicate mineral. and our ability to move forward on the spiritual path. a clear-minded sense of our own goodness. In addition to Ajoite. It is a rare mineral. Exerpts from: Ajoite Key Words: Love. Ajoite can help one awaken the emotions of compassion and forgiveness––first for oneself and then for all beings. “Our book doesn’t cover every mineral that exists.” What follows below and in the continuing pages are some exerpts from the upcoming book. It clears and activates the throat chakra. They can harmonize the energies of any chakra. ALL Ajoites are the expression of what we would term ‘angels’. feathery threads of pure copper emanate in patterns suggestive of wings.” Radha: “Ajoite in Quartz emanates one of the sweetest. but also in the grounding of that guidance through communication or teaching. All of Ajoite’s work is accomplished in the most soft and loving manner. and Diamond crystals are found in a variety of forms. most nurturing and loving energies of any stone in the mineral kingdom. mythology and intuitive information about stone properties with vivid color photographs of each of the 250+ stones which the authors have selected.The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian beautiful and plentiful Ajoite specimens in Quartz crystal points came from the Messina Copper Mine in South Africa. Crown (7th). aims to be the diginitive book for crystal-lovers. There are also chapters about doing crystal body layouts and the shamanic uses of stones. and open the floodgates for the ocean of love to lift one to the higher planes. It is a pure bearer of the vibrations of the Earth mother. I heal others. Arizona. “On an emotional level the effects of Ajoite are multifold. and call forth the truth from oneself and others. These emotions are key in the healing of the many conflicts that exist on all levels of human life. Throat (5th). like metals and a couple of man-made stones that matter for metaphysical purposes. As of this writing. both within oneself and throughout the natural world. Its frequencies not only assist in opening to guidance from higher realms. They can clear the auric field and align the Light body with the physical. It is indeed a delight to discover within the structure of the crystal the feathery blue ‘wings’ and sunburst patterns which make one immediately aware of the higher beings manifesting through these stones. Ajoite can engage inner vision and higher understanding as well as the emotional self. I maintain that ALL Ajoite crystals. (continued on page 46) 30 . Goddess and Angelic connections. Element: Storm Chakras: Heart. and is most frequently seen as an inclusion in Quartz. I have seen people break into tears the first time they hold a piece of Ajoite.

E. Grids and Energy Tools Pre-Publication Orders Are Being Taken NOW! Contact: P.9 4 2 .Coming January. Box The Book of Stones Will Feature: Heaven & Earth Publishing Special Offer: Order Ten or More Books and Get an Autographed Copy FREE! (Pre-Publication Orders Only) Tucson 2005 Show Jan. Montpelier. Wholesale $18.95. at 22nd St. Body Layouts.Holiday Specials! book. 12: The new La Quinta Hotel. Robert Simmons.t h e c r y s t a l c o n f e r e n c e . Herb Stevenson and More! Details at: www. Rms. Hazel Raven. VT 05651 USA Ph: 802-476-4775 Fax 802-479-5923 email: info@heavenandearth.9 4 2 3 . Only the hotel NAME has changed. Elemental Correspondences. 207-209 Ph 520-624-4455 I-10 Access Rd. 2005! Be among the first to offer this instant classic! The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian The Book of Stones A Metaphysical Pictorial Encyclopedia of Minerals & Gems by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian Scientific and Metaphysical Information on Over 250 Stones Full-Color Pictures of Each Crystal. mythology and metaphysiBuy Five or more by Melody and Katrina Raphaell! cal energies of the Starborn copies of The Crystal Stone of Transformation. (Starr Pass Blvd) This is our usual location.00 (Distributor prices available) The long-awaited definitive book on the most significant and powerful stones in the mineral kingdom is scheduled for publication in January. Chakra Correspondences. 2005 A Metaphysical Pictorial Encyclopedia of Minerals & Gems Retail Price $29. Beautiful visionary art! Endorsed tory. July 2005 Featuring: Naisha Ahsian.O. Gem or Mineral History. If you sell Moldavite. it’s a must! Ally Cards and Get a The Crystal Ally Cards MOLDAVITE FREE Demo Deck! Buy Five Copies of Earthfire and Get an additional autographed copy FREE! Buy Five Copies of the Moldavite book and Get an additional autographed copy FREE! Coming Soon: The Book of Stones A Metaphysical Pictorial Stone Encyclopedia! Reserve your copies! Crystal Lovers! Come to the Crystal Conference. Key Words and Affirmations Easy Instructions on How to Use Stones in Meditation.8 0 0 . Heaven and Earth Publishing’s Bestseller List! Earthfire Robert Simmons’ award winning prophetic visionary novel about bookstore owners who find the key to global awakening! A New Age classic! The most popular crystal oracle deck and The definitive book on the his. c o m or call 1 . Folklore and Legend . 27-Feb.

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more. Mystical Narmada River Shiva-Lingams. ad eeyn e tre eln u utmr bu t n vroe t i d o e Then they called back and ordered two or three re n. et o: W onderful and rare okenite geodes. more wholesale suppliers and advertising opportunities. n ay mr. hexagonal rough ruby crystals. daofis ad mn etc or when in Tu s n P e s co. Himalayan quartz cytl.yemr. t s ad t a d i v s o s o t e h g e s l a d a l w o e t c mo i n iin f h ihr ef n los n o o m n c t t e e v s o s The stone invokes safety and prouiae hs iin. ct. Dsoe Ida mx mnrl fas Ntrl rc rsas icvr ni i iea lt. Tanzanite is quickly becoming one of the most valuable gems in the world. lapidary and metaphysical products. after 18 months. t h r wigpplrt o tnaie ntrlcytl aebcmn n ouaiy f aznt. w lk ti oe ld ih ai. i m n d ff r n s o e . and our 3 inch Heaven On Earth wand pendant has done exactly ta. Spheres.50 each. e c . and serves as a reminder to do yu pr t cet hae o erh W ern oe i a or at o rae evn n at. Champagne color. hoe rm ers nes are..B frtems pplro aloriesaeor rdcs y a h ot oua f l u tm r u LOTUS MOON KEYCHAINS with metaphysical charms @ $6. aua rsas r eoig hre t fn a te ae otn dsryd t poue adr o id s hy r fe etoe o rdc f c t e g m s o e f r j w l y. double terminated Nepal tourmalines.metaphysicalguide. Star Corundum massagers. the Heaven On Earth has outsold everything else we make by almost 3 to 1! This wand is an empowerment tool.lotusmoonsarts. This design popped through while our creative team ht was working on something else. on opis Cli coss kkpl. h eh e ad e ie hs n! B u g a s b u l c a a e s o e a d a H r i e d ale ls. p i t .hs hv be a ln tm bs sle fo te oe. aua. and it immediately twinke wt mgc O. u.. h ny te es n ht it r imn. nai. Each keychain has a pewter charm hanging on the bottom with over 50 charms to cos fo:hat. n a y i eet tns Ve v t p u h s S e l n s l e p n a t . K l m n a o Ta z n a W i h t e g o h l n s f t i i a j r . 360-647-7550 or www. o o ie w satd tlig or csoes aot i. Gorgeous variety of pendulums and wands in stone. I t e m t p y i a aetd e tns o eer n h eahscl ram tnaiei si t b tesoeo mgc I i si el. New Era Gems Tanzanite — Precious Stone of the Millennium is the most rcn soe t b idce it te Peiu Soe. 2005. p r m d . Pes cnat u fr al yu rqieet b eal a lae otc s o l or eurmns y mi t nationalminerals@yahoo. tcin ad cn ass i cnrnig apcs o te sl. bowls. aig n s n uplifting experience. and. r s a v s o s h p r a t n t cytliin. ig. Ta z n t i u i u a i i o l f u d i o e l c t o . merkabas. u a o n n s o l f o r e u r m n s f r Aesthetic top quality Indian Zeolites. apie emerald and ruby. It comes in many colors.I mean.Tee ae en og ie et elr rm h Lotus Moon collection. c r i g . Room 124. ooei as rgnle. o naie s nqe s t s ny on n n oain n t e p a e o M . o n s y a i s a v n s t . continued on page 36 Visit www. this is the one name upon which y u c n r l Yo c n c u t o u f r a l o y u r q i eo a e y. Other popular items with similar pewter charms are our bookmarks in a gift box for $8. metal and wood. what s n t t l k ? Anyway.. gems. eet tn o e nutd no h rcos tns Te ol ohr gm o ta ls ae daod sphr. t.00 a wl a batfl jwl tn baees wcam fr s el s euiu ee oe rclt /hr o $12. tumbles. aznt s ad o e h tn f ai.dlhn. le ae gt tns n ekmr i mond in the middle.Product Reviews continued Cry t l Vi i n : Heaven On Eart W and Pendant sa sos h Magic in the Making Some products simply take on lives of their own. from January 25 to February 15.00. r n s a d e rle National Minerals The Most Tr s e a d R l a l S u c f r Two Decades! utd n eibe ore o For premium quality Indian minerals. cabs. lae meet us at Smugglers Inn. 34 .ya. most notably a wonderful violet-blue color.e Lotus Moon i f m l o e a e b s n s b s d i t e s aiy prtd uies ae n h Pacific Northwest creating a variety of unique handmade pout. and who knows? Maybe it is helping us all create Heaven On Earth! 888-400-5601 or w w w.agl. w for trade show news. ih red. These fun key chains are made w t a l rg v r e y o c l r u h n b o n g a s b a s ih a e a i t f o o f l a d l w l s e d from all over the world. eto n a sit n ofotn set f h ef This gem is truly a unique wonder of the world. trig ivr edns ig n a rns ec.fiis sn mo.

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wrdba (utclua) adsot jz wt atuho bus ol et mliutrl. ree n e tts n h former Soviet Union. aa. Although rhodochrosite is found in many places on earth. Though once a symbol of power in r ital nnw n h ntd tts China s Han dynasty. s t r. o e afeigo cnetdest tesiiul teeeetl adt temsia ff r e l n f o n c e n s o h p r t a .h n t u t o s n l d d l a e i i : w cinastarusa. The most famous occurrence.Gdds.originalsource. W ith some practice. w e wr adlv i Ciaaogawneflcrl o casclytandfl atss ok n ie n hn mn odru ice f lsial-rie ok rit w o c e t o r b a t f l g f s W e a e e c t d t i t o u e a u i u a d v r s eh rae u euiu it. you will see water spouting upward cos ah rs ade r l a i g h a i g e e y. and keyboard synthesizer h htmc et f s i t r i t n l e u a i g c n a . Argentina. opsn xro dinary sound paintings. s h aes f ui nod hr o L t n p s i n o S a i h c a s c l g i a bus sie gia tnls o pao f a i a s o n p n s l s i a u t r. a d a c seeta mgs s el s ltig al agns aog. S p e b r 1 . F l l r s g e t t e h g e t e w t r. Lotions and a wonderful Smokeless Sage mist. t d y t e b s n i p p l r a o g F n S u p a t t o e s f r oa h ai s oua mn eg hi rciinr o i s a i i y t m k w t r d n e . a g l c n e m t e t y m l t n o g s a o h n . t a en f u d i t e U i e S a e .com Rhodo Co. was one of three performers selected from hundreds of talented musicians worldwide to perform for the awards ceremony at INATS W et A m l i i s r s. a s i a nei c o r a d m r . Africa. w l h n i g . B s ie eeto t h ra et W estern Central Denver. P e s v s t w w. F r t f l w t w t r. Odr80SGae r lo vial t ra rcs re 0-AE 007 Spirit Dancer Sage PO Box 644 Sedona AZ 86339 (2)2273 98 8-56 cniudo pg 4 otne n ae 4 36 . Rhodo Co. u t . Come see our hdcrst n loie rm w d s l c i n a t e G e t American Gem Show. This CD s a very unique compilation of instrumental genius. s x p o e e e t i g i a b s . It has been producing roohoie fr oe sxy yas Mn Cplia i hdcrst o vr it er. il ih ae a r s e c b a s h n l . Hn cs wt a rc gen ptn fns. Mexico. ia ailts s known for the red.5 ic ie ad at ih ih re aia iih1 nh diameter.La Ventana 1st Runner Up.Tibetan Dragon Basin e A C i a S a — The Original Source 10 years ago. As we continue our search for deeper meaning and wholeness. I i b s k o n f r r r s f r . hn. and then rub wet palms t blt o ae ae ac is.Today. Our Rare Essence i c n e o l c i n i h n r l e w t t e f n s i g e inescleto s ad old ih h iet nrd et. oe. s r n s c o k . i k e f i n .com and www. i i silcniee arltvl rr mnrl I hsbe t s tl osdrd eaiey ae iea. W e have always believed that jewelry should not only be beautiful and enhance the wearer.Mtia. on n h ntd tts Arg n i a J p n C i a G e c a d a f w s a e i t e etn. h l m n a .Riki Newell . ol. An increasing wide array of bulk herbs and bulk ns sg aeas aalbea getpie. eel rae rm i er ih oi aet. l c r c u t r.1 . etme 5 9 Spirit Dancer Sage i t e m s r l a l s u c o f e h s h ot eibe ore f rs sage. aohn. Sii Dne ht ae ude o we rs ris prt acr Sage has recently expanded their sage off r n t i c u e eig o nld products such as Sage Massage Oils. but more importantly. lv i te peet ad evso te ftr. Each year we return to the same wild sage bushes a d s l c t e l a e w t t a i i n l N t v American ritn eet h evs ih rdtoa aie ul ad mtos ta hnr te pat ad alw i t as n ehd ht oo h ln n lo t o r g n r t f r h a t y g o t . is the source for ul r o o h o i e a d f u r t f o Argentina. ry for over 30 years. n moh az ih oc f le.n t um n a i t N w l c e t s f o h s h a t w t a s n c p l t e c m o i g e t a retls. r xie o nrdc nqe n ey p ca gf. pink and white striped rhodochrosite ta i fsind it bas bws bxs cbcos ht s ahoe no ed. Most rhodochrosite occurrences a e i t e f r o c y t l . we left behind our comfortable t hn tr lives and moved to China to begin an amazing journey of discovery. W eo eeeae o elh rwh ffer everything from wie sg bnls t set gas o s og u urn ie f rdcs nlds etc yhcl o/es n C l s i l i a e a w l a c o h n . las n ce sre. n a t e t w o Andalgala. n o h y t c l h a i g p o e t e o s o e a d m t l W e have been inspired by symbolic jeweleln rpris f tns n ea.Kona Ln Dn. t e r y h i b a o W et African style djembe drums. l e y l d u t r. let us conois tne t lan fo te ps. i a f o o c v t p d p s t f u d i M n s lw r ae ye eoi on n ia C p l i a . 520hi n oe 290-0859 Open Circe i p o d t p e e t o r u i u c l e t o o C l i J w l y a w l a l s ru o rsn u nqe olcin f etc eer s el s other Mythical and Divinely inspired jewelry. t e t s et nw o aet om h batfl saatts ad saamts ta poue te euiu tlcie n tlgie ht rdc h b l s-eye patterns. Peru. t e l n e y u e e s n e l n n rg okoe ugss h ihr h ae h ogr or lf. r n h om f rsas however. L Ventana (Spanish for The W indow ) leads with the haunting sounds of a N t v A e i a f u e A t e l y r o m s c u f l . 8076 iu o er rm h at ie n h rsn n niin h uue 0-28032 The Original Sourc . I s r c i n i c u e . COVR Vi i n r Award W i n r ( e t W orld Music of 2004) Riki soay ne Bs Newell. Orcretln o pout icue Cli. Catamarca ailts er h on f Province.tecaatrsiso ti ipesv boz bsn il it nw s ug ig h hrceitc f hs mrsie rne ai a e v r u l y u k o n i t e U i e S a e . His New W o l J z i a e l c i f s o o n w a e rd az s n cetc uin f e g. and have been designing with this deeper use of adornment fra ln. t e e s an elegant weaving aie mrcn lt. carvings and jewelry.

East Montpelier. Pink & Blue Opal Emerald Jet Ask us about the Crystal Conference 2005 Gaia Stone Nuummite Azeztulite Aquamarine Morganite Lilac Lepidolite Peridot Pink Lazurine Charoite Visit Our Website: w w w. email: info@heavenandearth. VT 05651. h e a v e n a n d e a r t h j e w e l r . c o m Lithium Quartz Pietersite Seraphinite Prophecy Stone Apophyllite Ethiopian Opal Indigo Kyanite FREE 120-pg Color Catalog! Call for our FREE 120-pg color catalog! We have the widest array of unusual and metaphysical stones anywhere! Phenacite Tanzanite Larimar Moldavite Libyan Gold Tektite Tibetan Tektite Cinnabar Quartz Ajoite (Zimbabwe) Herderite Chrysoprase Titanium Quartz Beryllonite Siberian Blue Quartz Blue Halite Amber Alexandrite We Specialize in hard-to-find.Heaven & Earth’s Rock Collection Gets Bigger Every Year! Call 1-802-476-4775 or email info@heavenandearth. high-energy stones! Fulgurite Angel Aura Quartz Aqua Aura Quartz Elestial Calcite Green. fax 802-479-5923 Address: PO Box 249.

More Jewelry. for our FREE 120-pg color catalog! Heaven & Earth Iolite Aquamarine Nuummite LLC Gaia Stone .heavenandearthjewelry. even Moldavite incense. More Energy Heaven & Earth has the largest array of Metaphysical Jewelry and Stones Anywhere! Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation We offer a wider array of Moldavite than anyone else. oils and books! Adularian Moonstone Amethyst Golden Labradorite Ajoite (Zimbabwe) Visit our website: www. pyramids. beads. Merkaba stars. faceted gems.More Gems. nugget necklaces. tumbled pieces. carvings. including fine raw Pink Lazurine Oregon Opal Aqua Aura Azeztulite Chakra Jewelry Siberian Blue Quartz Herkimer Jewelry Call 1-802-476-4775 or email info@heavenandearth.

Ankhs Sacred Symbols: These & Many More! Rainbow Serpent PO Box 249.heavenandearthjewelry. plus Unique Designs & Gem Combinations! Blue Sapphire* Yellow Sapphire* *Russian Lab Grown Gems Alexandrite* Padparadscha Sapphire* Ruby* Call 1-802-476-4775 or email info@heavenandearthjewelry. tumbled stones. VT 05651 Ph 802-476-4775 Fax 802-479-5923 Heaven & Earth LLC . More Fun! Heaven & Earth Offers New Stones in Vivid Hues. More Beauty.More Color. East for our FREE 120-pg color catalog! Labradorite Herkimer “Diamonds” Celestite Jewelry Synergy & Ascension Cinnabar Quartz Jewelry Blue Aragonite Healers’ Gold We sell loose Healing Hands Pentacles Merkaba Stars Goddesses. spheres and raw stones too! Rhodocrosite Rainbow Moonstone Seraphinite Moonstone Turquoise Lilac Lepidolite Lapis Lazuli website: www. Angels.

(Formerly Holiday Inn Express) Tucson Location: La Quinta 207-209 Crystal Tubes Filled with Gems and Stones. Box email: info@heavenandearth. for High Energy and Beauty Crystal Vial Pendants 36 Varieties. E. Herb Stevenson Call 1-800-942-9423 for information . Priced from $10 Crystal Lovers: We’re planning the Crystal Conference 2005 Possible Speakers: JaneAnn Dow. Hazel Raven. VT 05651 Ph: 802-476-4775 Fax 802-479-5923 website: www.O. Robert Simmons. Rms.heavenandearth. Naisha Ahsian.Heaven & Earth offers over 100 Varieties of Gemstone Wire Wrap Pendants Priced mostly from $6 to $10 Contact us for a FREE Color Catalog of over 2000 Items Heaven & Earth . Montpelier. Display Cards have Metaphysical Information on the Back Our #1 Bestsellers! P.

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The Showplace is known to supply other dealers and olcin n other shows with wonderful rough rock. greens and o s el ih oi erhtnso tercretgaeplt. r nld: Madagascar Minerals. al -0-5-42 44 . W e w l b i The Holiday Inn Central from September 13-19.u a m s y h is rnig odot lot overnight. Ti i te acey ta peae hm t ssan lf atr dah s ta h cud hs s h lhm ht rprd i o uti ie fe et. eea rsas r laig neetn cl trsadptnilypwru tosfrproa adpaeayhaig ue n oetal oefl ol o esnl n lntr eln. Some items are e. immune system and digestive tract. geodes come in 5 sizes 1-1 1/2 .adalaedsge t bigwnefltogt evs r ae sn el evs n l r eind o rn odru huhs a s a l w l h n i g i t a y r o i t e h u e T e e a e n w c l r t i s as ml al agns no n om n h os. acs goe as cle bekyu on. The Magdalen Manuscript b Thomas Kenyon. ers ad n eiain evs ah ie s ae n-tatm. Sc qaiyda ult elr h r i e t o r e o h a e i l h y e l u h u l t e le s i c u e The Gem Shop. The common thread seems to be the balh ff c f h e h n s s n q e ancing and harmonizing of chaotic energ T e c y t l i a t r e d m n i n l s my. Awaken your innate preto wt te ee nw ad eqiie vbain o voe prl ad qat e f c i n i h h v r.algtpt ec et i etn n a ri f ih hog h et els ih ah ah o u cnflo f s a o l w. a d o e n j s e The Tr n a r m i e e t o n r e . 377-4804 W ardell Pottery and Metalwork h s e p n e t e r a r a y p p l r l n o i s ia xadd hi led oua ie f np rtoa tlswt anme o nwmsae frtefl The Amethyst Bowl -A C e r C n e t o t S i i . A l v s d e i h s s r i e o e 2 0 y a s o l e . g o v . I e h n e i n r k o i g in m t y t v k s e e i y n n u t v b l t t nacs ne nwn " t e j u n y f o h a t t h a . (207) 386-0089 or www. Cedarburg WI 53012. i i i m n c a a p r. l evc.i avr lgtfursetgoe Ulk te ed. a n o b i ian spheres & eggs. T e f r t p i t n s l . o r eitain r hw e eurd otc: rnc os W64N723 W a h n t n Ave. lo ald ra or w s ey ih loecn ed. f i h a d p a .young-design. t e b g n i g o t e e d n o t m . reflecting the ancient wisdom of unity and the modern understanding of interconn c e n s . n re act. f o d ff r n c u t i s l k C l s i e s l c u . they have added blessed b . 2005 9:00am ld 8 0 p ( o r m y v r a d a e s d s r t o ) T e Tucson Showplace houses :0m hus a ay t elr icein. 845-246-9177 The Genesa Cry t l is a sacred geometric symbol: four woven circles forming a sa s h r c m o e o s x s u r s a d e g t t i n l s This is an elemental geometry pee opsd f i qae n ih rage. C y t l To e a s o e s t e l t s i s u d i n v t v rsa n s l o ff r h a e t n o n . Now available in second printing through New Leaf and orders@tomkenyon. f o C y t l To e .S Mary Magdalen s p r o a s o y o h r t n r c r l t o s i w t Yeshua ben Joseph. Inc. A e h s e o e s r n t a d i t i i e a i i y . l y e f a c t . W e a s c r y r i b w. Mary Magdalen was the Holy Grail.0 at oe f hi urn lz aae hlsl rcs o ie ei t 40. The Tucson Showplace i l c t d a 1 3 S F e w y Av . designer cabochons. hearts and meditation. W est Coast Mining. A s i i ula oncin o prt rm rsa ns prt al ehnigcytliebig o pr qat adaehs. Amethyst is naturally infused with pure qat. ln h odn ec. 1 1/2— 2 . fine minerals and crystals. Woeae pie fr tls bgn a $. Contact Us: Young Design. A H g I i i t o e ial od o n hs h einn f h nig f ie ih ntae o t e Temple of Isis. i t r s i g s u petdes sd rud h ol. o eal. s e d s r b s t e a c e y t a s e a d Ye h a p a t c d o wr s h ae t h ecie h lhm ht h n su rcie. C n a t Ve o i a W o d . urz rsa ol.hnsadmdtto lae. the cup that carried the f h b o d o C r s . Remember to call ahead and place your order because if you get to the show late what you need might already be gone. 2 2 1/2 .The Strong Rock c r i s t e b s s p l o M x c n r c s & m n r l . P o e s o a h a e s a d t o e i t r s r f s i n l e l r . U e a o n t e w r d G n s c y t l a e p e s n . h qaiydaeswoaeadrc suc frtemtra te sl. The over 30 messages can be ordered on 3 e roy at n ry sur tls hat. oe o ep t a uvvd vr 00 er f is t b f n l y t l n w. A s t e e g o e a e v r e s t b e k a d c m a a r a o a l p i e These lo hs eds r ey ay o ra n oe t esnbe rc.. and a larg e sz. o ht e ol me hsdsiyadlyatalo lgttruhtedahram. hr r e oos hs e s n a w l . nie h Ccnt goe ti goe hv lgt cytl clie isd ad ae vr lgt oou eds hs eds ae ih rsa acts nie n r ey ih. Ph: 262-377-1181 Fax: 262sigo . endocrine glands.95 U. i t i .amse ee urz a t r n rgizer and conductor.I adto t sc ainl ie ih ubr f e esgs o h al esn n diin o uh messages as expect miracles and believe in Angels . given by her and reprinted here. ie il e n w ae otie i te bg tn i te prig lt aog te woe fne e r usd n h i et n h akn o. And the long-prophesied sun that was born to her was a girl lo f hit named Sar h. 2 1/2 2 3/4 . oeue n atoms.o d a s e g v i . finished goods. with images and textures accompanying and complimenting each $18. e o n z h o t i g n r n u l z n ff c s o The Amethyst Bowl as an important catalyst that expands and focuses intenf to. h m t y t o l s v i a l n a i u t l s n l d n l t n o n bottom and Practitioner. The lae aemd uigra lae. h r s a s h e i e s o a y blo tegoer ta i a tevr cr o tesrcueo cls mlclsad o f h emty ht s t h ey oe f h tutr f el. W e c r y are h et upy f eia ok ieas ar mn tpso mtrassc a Paokoe altpso clie ribwosd a y y e f a e i l u h s e c c r . The Burrow C l e t o . wordfr. w t R b n s Egg Blue and Bermuda joining the blues. In the Magdalen Manuscript.ti prl rybw ly nacn rsaln rde f ue urz n mtyt hs upe a ol supports expansion of the crown chakra. The Showplace is open January 29 through February 13. Piritas de Navajun. j s s u h o S a r P s s oae t 50 rea e ut ot f tr as B v . i e e e t t . The Amethyst h ore rm er o ed" fe ald h lnet ore" B w i p r s a s o h n v b a i n a d i e e t v i w r i g w t t e s e e a s sol mat o t i g i r t o n s ff c i e n o k n i h h k l t l y tem. Rare Earth Mining. o t n c l e t e " o g s j u n y . a d u i u d s l y . lo ar ano r d a d g e n c l i e These calcites come from 1 inch 9 inches.n o a i e qat cytlbws Frdtis cl 1803899. selenites and many more things. with hands. esnl tr f e ati eainhp ih known today as Jesus Christ.e n x u s t i r t o f i l t u p e n u r z cytl T e A e h s B w i a a l b e i v r o s s y e i c u i g f a a d r u d rsa. and as always. Ossola Minerals. gold and silver jewelry. geodes. T e e e t o t e m c a i m i u i u . n h s n e e te i t e c r t v e e t o s u d r c g i e t e s o h n a d t a q i i i g e et d n h u a i e ff c s f o n .Ec tl i md oea--ie qae ie. T i w d v r n nqe ipas h s i e a iety allows for one stop shopping equipped with ample customer parking and shutt e s r i e N p e r g s r t o o s o f e r q i e . a d The Caprock.

It lends strength in high-pressure situations and enables one to respond to stressful experiences with grace. pink. does not detract from the powers one may still access through the proper use of Diamonds. Used in meditation. influencing them to act in synergistic union. Worn in everyday life. particularly at the forehead. by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. knowledge and sovereignty. Diamonds are colorless stones. Diamond is a tool one can use to evoke the inner king and/or queen. In other cultures. Tibetan Tektite and others. In meditation. Libyan Gold Tektite. those archetypal beings within the self that convey power. Azeztulite. although it can enhance their protective aspect. strengthening and cleansing it. Diamond crystals are preferable to cut Diamonds because the natural shape acts to strengthen and harmonize the energies that move through the stones. fire. It is less effective with grounding stones. with access to the divine realms a fading memory. radiance of Light. Intensity is a key word for Diamond. This can activate the energetic circuit between these two vital centers. transforming into carbon dioxide gas. in our times. Better still is placing one Diamond crystal at the third eye and another over the heart. purity and enhancement of love. “On a spiritual level. When spiritual insight is combined with the wisdom of the inner king/queen. the third eye is the ideal spot. snakes. “Diamond crystals can enhance and magnify the energies of other high-vibration stones such as Moldavite. Diamonds have long been valued for their magical properties. orange and even red. “Faceted Diamond gems can be used to infuse the aura with full spectrum Light energy. “Diamond can assist one in activating the prefrontal lobes of the brain. they needed such crowns. Diamond encourages one to perceive how life’s trials and lessons can be put to positive use. Diamond crystals are transducers which can make the high frequency vibrational energies of the spirit realms more available to the conscious self. However. This is one reason why Diamonds are set in crowns. faithfulness. we have found these stonesto be powerful stimulators of the 3rd eye and crown chakras. green. Diamonds were believed to offer access to Divine energies. and Hindus over fifteen centuries ago believed the stones provided their owners with protection from evil spirits. illness and other dangers. heating them to very high temperatures where oxygen is present can cause them to vanish. Exerpts from The Book of Stones. and strong enhancers of the energies of any other stones used with them. Radha: “Long held in the treasuries of kings and queens. In our own intuitive work with Diamonds. They seem to emanate more energy for their size than any other stone with which we have worked . exhibiting brilliant inner fire when faceted into gems.” Affirmation: I call forth clarity of vision. Celestite. The crystal lattice of Diamond is very strong (the strongest of any stone. The fact that most royalty has passed away. which served rather like antennae for attuning to the divine channels of information and authority. Putting such a stone near the brain. Diamonds are found in many colors––yellow. Since kings and queens were often viewed as intermediaries between the human and divine worlds. poison. especially the crown and etheric chakras. “For metaphysical use. Diamonds enhance one’s inner vision and stimulate the imagination. Diamond crystals will facilitate the entry into meaningful visionary states. courage. hence its hardness). and keeping the natural form provides a macrocosmic resonance with the Diamond’s microcosmic structure. They are excellent for use in elixirs to promote the opening of the crown and the manifestation of high–frequency energy into the body. the seat of most paranormal abilities and visionary consciousness. as was intended by Nature. can enhance one’s inner vision and intuitive connection with the higher domains of spirit. brown. Herderite. Diamond can also be a stone of spiritual initiation. In fact. the result is clairvoyance (clear-seeing) and a sense of calm certainty about one’s desires and proper course of action. by teaching us that our behavior in these situations will reveal our true inner beauty. Although Diamonds are highly stable under most conditions. Classically. Diamond crystals can be worn anywhere on the body and will effect the entire energy system and auric field. Diamonds were believed to provide victory. and sovereignty of Self. continues on the next page) 45 . in which the outer kings and queens have been lost. blue. (This article. Diamond aids us in becoming beacons of Light and models of fortitude in times of adversity. Raw crystals can be used in healing to bring clarity of energy to any area of the body or any level of the energy field. The radiant fire of faceted Diamonds reflects all hues and frequencies of energy into the aura. It is only through our trials and lessons that our spirits become strong and vibrant.” Naisha Ahsian writes: “Diamond carries a high frequency of energy which stimulates and opens all of the chakras.(continued from page 30) cubes and amorphous shapes. Phenacite. They can accelerate one’s evolution and open the doors to psychic powers as well. they can intensify one’s ability to focus consciousness on manifesting one’s goals and dreams.

each one serving as a platform from which to launch one’s consciousness to a higher level. In fact. visions and power dreams. In return. promoting psychic perception.A. Its effect on the third eye is to affect a (continued on next page) 46 . Through this grounding of the Light body. Its crystal systems is hexagonal (triagonal) and it often crystallizes in short prisms. It stimulates and expands every chakra and energy pathway in the body. This can sometimes bring spontaneous experiences of telepathy. and for bringing one’s Light body into harmony and conscious connection with the physical. strong enough to activate the third eye.” This is because of its appearance. They can be used as conduits for communication with spirit guides. Russia. allowing one’s consciousness to plunge through unending corridors of sacred geometric forms. These stones can give instant cleansing to the auric field. Norway and the U. “There are some subtle differences between Phenacite from the various locations. Its pulsing energies are so strong that they can be felt at the third eye.5 to 8. Norway. prophetic vision or remote viewing. Switzerland. enabling the physical self to manifest a much broader spectrum of energetic frequencies. Phenacite varies greatly in form from one location to another. “Phenacite is truly the supreme stone of the third eye chakra. Zambia. Sri Lanka. interdimensional travel. one‚s spiritual path is made increasingly clear. or even groups of people at a time. This cleansing is a spiritual initiation that will make room for new levels of learning and growth. angelic beings and other entities of the higher domains.S. Yet Phenacite also can be used to awaken all of the latent special capacities housed in the prefrontal lobes. It activates the third eye. However. manifestation from Spirit to the material realm Element: Storm Chakras: 3rd eye (6th). It opens the interdimensional portals for inner journeying. or even Tourmaline. and to bring back information for the benefit of those on the physical plane.Phenacite Key Words: Innervision. as it provides a doorway to expanded spiritual understanding. Mexico. such as Quartz. the crown and the etheric chakras above the head. experienced crystal workers should be able to travel in the Light body throughout the kingdoms of the higher realms. In working with these stones. beliefs and ideas. “Phenacite allows one to rapidly access higher levels of awareness and guidance. Phenacite has been found in Brazil. It is an excellent meditation stone. Tanzania. the newest and most advanced parts of the brain.” Radha tells us: “All of the Phenacites emanate powerful and high vibrations. Madagascar. Naisha Ahsian: “Phenacite is an activator of the Light body. Because Phenacite varies so greatly in form. Light Body activation. The stimulation of the third eye offered by Phenacite is stronger than one receives from virtually any other stone. They are very beneficial for Light body activation. Phenacite from Brazil is the most consistently pure and high in its energy pattern. psychokinesis. it is easily mistaken for other types of crystal. It is a rare mineral. not its energetic qualities. Topaz. one may undergo a series of initiatory experiences over a period of time. Sitting in meditation with one Phenacite on the forehead and another on the crown can link these two chakras and provide the user with a profoundly pleasurable sensation of energy during the meditation. crown chakra and inner visioning capacity of just about anybody. With the aid of stones such as these. for each is a powerful generator of pure White Light energy. Soul Star (8th) Phenacite is a beryllium silicate with a hardness of 7. Zimbabwe. especially in wellformed crystals with transparency. its name is derived from the Greek word meaning “deceiver. even by many people not normally sensitive to crystal energies. Crown (7th). Phenacite asks that you apply your newfound spiritual understanding to clear your life of limiting patterns.

in addition to the third eye. along with Moldavite. causing a flush of pure healing energy. This material is more grounded than other Phenacites. the highest order of angels. angelic connection. “Seraphinite stands alone as the premier healing stone of this age. It stimulates the entire energy body. and the decoding of the patterns there. as well as any systemic illnesses relating to cellular regeneration. Scolecite. wholeness. Libyan Gold Tektite and/or Golden Labradorite. African Phenacites from Zimbabwe and Zambia combine the power of Russian and the smoothness of Brazilian Phenacite. it seems to act like fertilizer on grass. laced with shimmering patterns of silver that move with changing angles of reflection or shifts in the light. It is an excellent stone for those who feel disconnected from their physical selves. Its vibration is perhaps not as ‘smooth’ as the Brazilian. Its high frequency energy can stimulate the kundalini energy to rise up the spine—progressively activating each chakra along the way. perhaps more than any other type. “Phenacite’s connection with the higher realms makes it a powerful tool for manifestation of the inner image or etheric pattern in the outer world. Seraphinite’s true purpose is to bring Light into the physical body. For enhancing one’s ability to manifest through the will.clear opening. For manifestation of creative projects. Azeztulite. A third Russian Phenacite locality produces Phenacites bonded with Seraphinite. “Seraphinite is the most effective stone I have felt for cellular regeneration. but its power is undoubtable. Element: Storm and Earth Chakras: All Seraphinite is a variety of Clinochlore with a hardness of about 4. Elestial Calcite. These are excellent for combining the high vibrations of Phenacite with the healing energies of Seraphinite.” Radha tells us: “Seraphinite is among the most powerful stones for bringing all the elements of the non-physical bodies into alignment along the I AM column 47 . Phenacite. This stone is an excellent vehicle for discovering and processing disease related to other lifetimes. Brookite. Papagoite and other highvibration stones for activation of the upper chakras of the body and the etheric chakras beyond the body. and they work very well in energy tools. round and emerald cut. Russian Phenacite has a lot of raw power. Their main drawback is their rarity and cost. Wearing Phenacites in jewelry keeps one in a constant state of underlying connection with the higher worlds. It also activates the throat chakra for clear communication of the information one receives through visionary experience.” “Phenacite is one of the Synergy Ten Stones. allowing new patterns to be created more easily. Seraphinite derives its name from its perceived link to the Seraphim. and may the Light it beholds be reflected and magnified in the outer world. they are the least expensive Phenacites. regeneration. Satyaloka Quartz and Tibetan Tektite. Phenacite should be combined with Heliodor. pairing Phenacite with Zincite is excellent. Danburite. It is a direct link to accessing the energetic structure of the DNA. “Faceted Phenacite gems offer an increased focus and intensity of energy. found in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia. Herderite. “Seraphinite acts as a trigger. For bringing prosperity and financial abundance. causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away. This is perhaps the most powerful grouping of stones yet discovered for positive transformation and upliftment. Tanzanite. allowing them to understand more fully the true nature of physicality. combining Phenacite with Yellow Sapphire and or Tsavorite Garnet is highly recommended. Seraphinite can assist one in clearing the genetic matrix of all outmoded patterns and tendencies. It also harmonizes with Natrolite. and the sensation it engenders is quite pleasurable.” Affirmation: “I open my inner eye to visions of the spiritual domains. It is the tool most suited to bringing the physical body into line with Light energy. It is very useful in aiding in the energetic support of the heart and lungs. Merkabite Calcite. There is also a type of Russian Phenacite which is intergrown with Fluorite and Aquamarine. This stone is resonant with the realms of the angels—particularly those that are concerned with restoring the planet and humanity to a state of health and balance. oval. Naisha Ahsian writes: “Seraphinite is a gem variety of Clinichlore that exhibits gorgeous silvery wings of light throughout a dark green matrix. It is characterized by its deep green color. For those on a budget.” Seraphinite Key Words: Self healing. On a physical level. though its effect on the third eye is still strong. surpassing most raw pieces. The best cuts art trilliant. Most are 1/4 inch or less in size. but they are still quite powerful. Colorado Phenacites are excellent little cubes of high frequency vibrations. expressing it through us as glowing health.

with a hardness of 4 to 5. These stones emanate an energy that resonates strongly with all levels of the angelic domain. doing it to the best of one’s ability. even to the highest. It brings the instant sense of ‘we’ to any human encounter. Strombolite allows one to lighten up and relax. giving the imagery of “lightning bolts. If this is done. and its beautiful green shades show how well it is suited to the heart chakra. politicians and even salesmen. and to assist others as well. The attention drawn by Seraphinite when it is worn comes from its attractive energies as much as its beauty.” Strombolite Key Words: Humor. This is a stone for those who are in positions or responsibility and may tend to take themselves or their work too seriously. Herkimer Quartz. It also allows one to remember that even serious work can be approached joyfully and playfully. Scolecite. Azeztulite. Old fracture lines in the stone are often filled with white Calcite. friendliness. so that one is open to the energies of others. Wearing Seraphinite imbues the auric field with the vibrations of wholeness and well-being. “Seraphinite easily harmonizes with the vibra- tions of other high-energy gemstones. “Strombolite also emanates an energy of magic. It can move blocked energies in the meridians. Phenacite. The color ranges from grayish purple to deep purple. “Strombolite emanates a very social. Carrying it along with Black Tourmaline builds a bubble of purified power around the wearer. It suggests that if one wants to reach the Light. “Strombolite is a stone of humor. In fact.” The only known location for Strombolite is New Mexico. one has to ‘lighten up. friendly energy. and instead encourages one to laugh in the face of disappointment.’ It is an excellent stone to place discretely around the area where a social gathering will take place. Tanzanite. “Strombolite helps one to educate others through humor. It can re-direct elemental energies so that one can accomplish such feats as weather control (in small areas).” 48 . and can be used alternatively or in conjunction with accupunctire for this purpose. It is an excellent stone for teachers. making it easier to accomplish almost any worthy ambition. It punches a hole in denial. Natrolite. It enables relaxation. “It is no mistake that Seraphinite’s name derives from the Seraphim. In addition. although Strombolite is not a stone of limitation or self-discipline. Strombolite would like to see people laughing in the face of just about everything. combined with humor. Those who wish to meet with the angels in meditation or the dream state are advised to use this stone to facilitate the necessary energetic attunements. Radha: “Strombolite carries an energy of optimism. regardless of outside circumstances. It reminds one that one’s needs are always met. relaxation.” Affirmation: “I move through life with relaxed good humor. It also harmonizes with Phenacite. as it helps them create an instant rapport with students. It can be used to channel energies from the invisible realms in order to create something new on this plane. Furthermore. Azeztulite and Tanzanite. it facilitates a kind of relaxed command of one’s powers that what results is self-mastery––the goal of a true magician. It is ideal for those who wish to coax rain from the clouds through the powers of concentration and visualization. Naisha Ahsian: “Strombolite brings a frequency of enlightened leadership and organization. It is useful in helping shy people to reach out and make new friends. one will likely find that ‘the ice was broken’ much more quickly than is usually the case. ready to make friends with each person I meet. or any other part of the body where enhanced and harmonized energies are desired. and through appealing to their positive hopes and ideals. dissolving the feelings of ‘us’ versus ‘them. and so are unable to take action at all. wholeness and regeneration.’ The fresh perspective brought by Strombolite is the one through which one sees the cosmic humor in one’s own situation and in the human condition. Danburite. but also those who behold it. Danburite. Tibetan Tektite. It helps one to see that even uncomfortable and difficult situations and experiences have a higher purpose. It crystallizes in massive form and is found in blocky chunks ranging from baseball to boulder-size. Crown (7th) Strombolite is the name for a variety of spurrite. Strombolite reminds one that to laugh is to live. Scolecite. It inspires one to carry on with one’s work. It can work in much the same way for public speakers. for the wellness of my body and the evolution of my soul and spirit. “Strombolite’s vibration is at once friendly and potent. It helps to bring down the barriers between groups. and it affects not only the wearer. this stone can be beneficially utilized on any chakra.of the spinal cord. such as Moldavite. Tibetan Tektite and Charoite. magic Element: Wind Chakras: Root (1st). It is both centering and energizing at the same time.” Affirmation: “I call forth the patterns of healing. It combines with Moldavite to produce balance and confidence through times of transformation. even if some desires are unfulfilled. Seraphinite is very evolved and will bring the user along rapidly in his or her own evolution. It is an excellent stone for those who are terrified of failure or making mistakes. and to see the hand of the highest good within the myriad events of life. Petalite. Its good-humored energy helps one to cheerfully get on with whatever karmic obligations one carries.

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