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ST-HB-MVP: Dotworkz S-Type Heater & Blower Camera Enclosure with MVP

Versatile, Virtually Indestructible Features:

and Ready for the Extreme • Enables all IP and analog cameras to operate in average weather condi-
tions and in temperatures ranging from 30° F to 95° F
Not just a camera enclosure but a • Thermostatically controlled heater automatically activates at 40° F and
engineered outdoor housing system that deactivates at 60° F while blower remains on at all times, keeping
cameras cool and fog free
is designed to expand all indoor camera
• Vandal tough, lockable casing designed to protect valuable electronics
models into complete rugged outdoor from vandalism and theft
system solutions. • Multi-Volt Platform makes for effortless installation
Virtually Indestructible: We produce the • Heavy duty, Non Metallic, Non corrosive, flame resistant, Polycarbonate
world’s toughest enclosures. They will Thermal Plastic alloy case
• Housing is IP67 rated: airtight and sealed against outside air, dust,
not corrode, rust, leak and have proven to insects, water/salt water and other conditions
withstand a whole world of abuse. • Extends the life and operating temperature of all stored electronics
No matter the climate we take outdoor • Internal mounting space for IP hardware: routers, cell networks, NVR,
temperature protection very seriously:
Extreme Hot climates, Cold climates, Marine
IP 67
hard drives, UPS, WiMax, mesh hardware, etc.1
1 depends on camera being integrated

and everywhere in between.

Description: Specs:
The S-Type HB with MVP outdoor camera protection Operating Temperature (Absolute):
system is designed for all brands of traditional “brick” or -40° to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
static cameras. The Heater Blower protects camera and
Operating Temperature (Recommended):
de-fogs the outer lens in temperate climates.
0° to 120°F (-17°C to 49°C)
The Heater/Blower keeps your camera system in an ideal
MULTI VOLT PLATFORM temperature range of 30° F to 95° F. To combat the cold, Power Consumption:
the unit’s heater automatically activates at 40° F and 2 amps @ 115 VAC typical at full load
• Universal input voltages option 220 deactivates at 60° F with a thermal cut-off assuring safe Input Power Source options for MVP:
VAC, 110 VAC and 24 VAC/VDC heating operation. The blower remains on at all time, 24VDC/VAC, 110 VAC, or 220 VAC
keeping cameras cool and fog free. Outputs for Camera Power for MVP:
• 24 VDC /12 VDC camera and
Our S-Type housing utilizes all the features of our popular IP: 12VDC, 24VDC / AC (CCTV): 12VDC, 24VAC
component power D Series products into a complete airt/water tight system Internal Power Available for Camera:
• Easier, faster installation process - solution for today’s sensitive CCTV, megapixel, HDTV or 2.25 amps @ 12V or 1.1 amps @ 24V
other long body cameras with room for wireless radios,
less time celluar routers, encoders and small form NVR devices.
Shipping: 24” x 10” x 10” - 11 lbs (5 Kg)
Standard with Engineered and
• Works with most camera brands and Now with our MVP option the S-Type HB is the most
models versatile outdoor housing/camera protection system on
the market.
in the US
innovative remote video solutions 866.575.4689